Stratus Medical Grade Servers Deliver 24/7 Online Information ...


Stratus Medical Grade Servers Deliver 24/7 Online Information ...

Stratus medical grade servers are designed to prevent failure and downtime. That sets them apart

from conventional high-availability servers, which are designed to recover after a failure has

occurred and disrupted operations. The specialized architecture, complete component redundancy

and self-diagnosing and servicing features of Stratus servers provide uptime reliability in excess

of 99.999 percent – less than five minutes per year in continuous operation.

“When all your physicians are relying on electronic charts and documentation, you can’t afford to

have the system down at all,” said Ryan Bonner, IT manager for the 80-employee Orthopedic

Center of St. Louis. “That is the reliability Stratus medical grade ftServer systems provide. We

have had nothing but success with it.”

More than 400 Stratus ftServer systems are installed in hospitals, clinics and physician practices

worldwide. The company allies with leading software providers and systems integrators,

including firms such as Agfa, Sage and JJWild/MEDITECH, to deliver comprehensive, resilient

system solutions to the healthcare industry. Further, as virtualization technology sweeps through

IT data centers everywhere, the need for a trustworthy physical host platform has never been

more necessary.

According to Mark R. Anderson, CEO of AC Group, “Healthcare organizations face numerous

issues and problems on a daily basis. One area of growing importance is technology uptime when

mission-critical clinical applications are deployed. Based on our research, if a system is not

available a minimum of 99.99 percent (four 9’s) of the time, healthcare organizations will not

consider the application reliable enough to use in the future. Based on our published study, Cost

of Downtime, every “9” below the 99.99 percent costs the average 300-bed hospital more than $3

million per year and over $1 million for the average 50-provider practice. Given the cost of

downtime, we recommend that all of our clients seek out hardware vendors offering a minimum

uptime of 99.999 percent.”

This trend in the healthcare industry also increases pressure upon the IT organizations and

professional staff charged with supporting computer-based operations. “A confluence of

healthcare market forces – not the least of which are payer and federal mandates – are causing

rapid growth in information technology infrastructures, along with increasing responsibilities

assigned to the IT professionals who must manage these infrastructures,” said Alan Gilbert,

healthcare practice leader for Stratus. “But while the infrastructure and responsibilities expand, IT

staff size likely remains the same. The reliability and self-managing features of Stratus medical

grade servers leave staff free to attend to more urgent demands upon their time.”

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