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'demo' tool for channel partners - Stratus Technologies

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Stratus Avance update supports more hardware, eases

installation, adds ‘demo’ tool for channel partners

High availability software offers simple, cost-effective uptime and

virtualization for small, mid-sized business

MAYNARD, Mass., Dec. 21, 2010 – Stratus Technologies has released a new revision of

Avance high-availability software that increases the total number of server platforms supported to

40 and makes Avance easier to use for small and medium-sized businesses. Demonstration

features in the updated revision also help Stratus4Uptime channel partners more effectively

demonstrate Avance capabilities to prospective customers.

As the industry’s most affordable and reliable solution for keeping critical applications running,

Stratus Avance software satisfies the demanding computing and budgetary requirements of the

small-to-medium business (SMB) market. It quickly and automatically creates a high-availability

computing platform from general-purpose x86 servers to deliver 99.99 percent uptime, or less

than one hour of downtime per year.

New features in this latest Avance software release include:

A “fault insertion” tool in the management console, making it easy to remotely

demonstrate Avance’s comprehensive fault management capabilities ;

Simplified installation and virtual machine creation processes;

Enhanced SMTP support of e-Alerts

Software certification for HP’s seventh-generation DL360-G7, DL380-G7 and ML350-

G6 servers;

Software certification for Dell’s R310 and R510 servers, and the Dell PERC H200

Storage Controller (non-RAID only);

Software certification for Intel servers SR2600URLXR, SR1625URR,


“Competitiveness in business today depends on agility and staying abreast of rivals large and

small,” said Roy Sanford, chief marketing officer for Stratus Technologies. “Stratus Avance

software gives small and mid-sized companies an affordable way to greatly improve uptime and

agility for their critical applications with no penalty from increased complexity. This update helps

ensure they can run Avance on the platform that best fits their need.”

About Stratus Technologies

Stratus delivers uptime for the applications its customers depend on most for their success. With

its ultra-reliable servers, software and services, Stratus products help to save lives and to protect

the business and reputations of companies, institutions, and governments the world over. To learn

more about worry-free computing, visit www.stratus.com.

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