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Avance software as SMB availability alternative - Stratus Technologies

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Aberdeen Group report points to Stratus Technologies

Avance software as SMB availability alternative

Analyst: Solution’s performance and simplicity offers

cost-effective uptime for business-critical applications

MAYNARD, Mass., July 29, 2008 – Stratus Technologies Avance software meets a growing need for

affordable, high availability computing solutions tailored to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs),

according to a recent Aberdeen Group Market Alert.

Citing data from a benchmark survey of 120 organizations, Aberdeen identified a spending pattern that

established availability as the goal behind major IT purchases. Stratus ® Avance software is designed to

provide high availability in a simple, cost-effective form by linking standard x86 servers without

clustering or a storage area network (SAN).

“Companies using or considering application and IT infrastructure monitoring and management solutions

are doing so largely to maximize the availability of business-critical applications,” according to the

Market Alert, titled “Stratus Technologies Avance: New Alternatives for High Availability.” Avance, it

said, “could aid many companies in their pursuit of greater availability, reliability, business benefit, and

value from their IT investments.”

Aberdeen reported that 80 percent of companies considered “best in class” are implementing monitoring

and management solutions to improve application availability. It also cited maximizing information

availability, managing infrastructure complexity and pressure to meet internal service level agreements.

Avance provides levels of application availability superior to, and without the complexity of, high-

availability cluster solutions for Linux and Windows applications. Avance installs in less than 15 minutes

after a customer enters three commands. Once installed on two Ethernet-connected x86 servers with

operating systems, a customer can be deploying virtual machines in even less time with the embedded

Citrix XenServer virtualization engine and point-and-click wizards.

“Aberdeen’s research findings clearly illustrate the growing demand for high availability computing,

which reaffirms Stratusassertion that the Avance software is the right availability solution at the right

time in the marketplace,” said Susan Deeney, Stratus director of Avance worldwide channels program.

Avance is part of a continuum of solutions that Stratus offers to make high-availability virtualization a

reality at any company regardless of its size or technology expertise.”

To read the full report, please visit: www.stratus.com/news/analysts/index.htm.

About Stratus Technologies

Stratus Technologies focuses exclusively on helping its customers keep critical business operations online

without interruption. Business continuity requires resiliency and superior availability throughout the IT

infrastructure, including virtual environments. Stratus delivers a range of solutions that includes software-

based high availability, fault-tolerant servers, availability consulting and assessment, and remote systems

management services. Based on its 28 years of expertise in product and services technology for total

availability, Stratus is a trusted solutions provider to customers in manufacturing, health care, financial

services, public safety, transportation & logistics, and other industries. For more information, visit


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