Stratus Technologies partners with Infinity Healthcare Solutions to ...


Stratus Technologies partners with Infinity Healthcare Solutions to ...

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Stratus Technologies partners with

Infinity Healthcare Solutions to resell

availability products with its services

Stratus continues expansion into HIS marketplace with a range of

uptime and virtualization solutions

Maynard, Mass., Feb. 10, 2009 – Stratus Technologies announced today that it is partnering

with Massachusetts-based Infinity Healthcare Solutions to resell Stratus hardware, software and

service products for uptime reliability as part of its portfolio of offerings. Infinity Healthcare is an

IT services provider specializing in systems integration, software development, and quality

assurance for healthcare providers and vendors.

“The healthcare industry is under pressure from all sides to convert administrative and clinical

services to electronic formats, while being armed with one of the lowest IT budget-to-revenue

percentages of any industry,” said Charles Williams, president of Infinity Healthcare.

“Outsourcing system and software integration projects to specialists like Infinity Healthcare are a

cost-effective way of addressing many pressing IT issues. Part of the value we can bring, together

with Stratus, is to help ensure IT infrastructures are resilient and resistant to outages, a growing

concern as the industry transitions from paper to computer-based management practices.”

Stratus products and services address end-user requirements for business-critical and mission-

critical uptime support for Windows and Linux applications, as well as virtualization software:

• Continuous availability delivered by Stratus medical grade servers, field proven for

delivering the uninterrupted 24/7 access to digital data and information to ensure quality

of care, workflow efficiency, automated decision support, effective management and cost


• High availability delivered by Stratus Avance software, an easy-to-use, cost-effective

product delivering 99.99 percent uptime (less than one hour of downtime per year on

average) using commodity x86 servers.

• ActiveService architecture, a unique combination of capabilities that enable built-in

serviceability, self-monitoring and diagnostics, and proactive remote support and

troubleshooting by Stratus service engineers.

Stratus Technologies sells through select channel partners such as Infinity Healthcare, as well as

through Dell Inc., Dell partners, and direct.

About Infinity Healthcare Solutions

Infinity Healthcare Solutions is an emerging healthcare technology solution provider. Infinity’s

experts specialize in systems integration, application development and workflow process

improvement. To learn more about Infinity Healthcare go to

About Stratus Technologies

Stratus Technologies focuses exclusively on helping its customers keep critical business

operations online without interruption. Business continuity requires resiliency and superior

availability throughout the IT infrastructure, including virtual environments. Stratus delivers a

range of solutions that includes software-based high availability, fault-tolerant servers,

availability consulting and assessment, and remote systems management services. Based on its 29

years of expertise in product and services technology for total availability, Stratus is a trusted

solutions provider to customers in health care, financial services, public safety, manufacturing,

transportation & logistics, and other industries. For more information, visit

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