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4 The Mover ● November 2014 ● paySteve Jordan, EditorIkeep hearing on the radio that commentators aresurprised that the UK is enjoying good growth forthe first time in years, but that wages are not yetrising. That seems to me to be perfectly logical.Of course, I didn’t go to college to learn economics sowho am I to pontificate when the likes of Robert Pestonare puzzled, but things seem to me to be following aperfectly natural course.We have all been treading water for a long time. Manyof our partners overseas are still finding things tough.In the UK we are a long way from being out of the roughbut at least it does seem as though we might at least beable to see the fairway if not quite reach it with a pitchingwedge. But when money is tight we all tighten our beltsa little, we stop doing things, we ask the R&D departmentnot to have any bright ideas not because we are in troublebut just because we are not certain what the future holds.When there is a glimmer of hope, however fleeting,we relax a little. Rather than say no to everything, westart to think, well maybe we should. Maybe we shouldlet that old van go; maybe we should take on some parttimehelp; maybe we should spend a little more onadvertising; or maybe we should update our website tosomething that works a bit harder for us. What we don’timmediately think is maybe we should pay our staff more.Of course we should pay our staff more, just as soon aswe possibly can because they are the people who havekept us going during the dark days. But as sensiblebusiness owners we all know that it is our primary dutyto secure the future of the business for without that,everyone’s out of a job. Employees who are businesssavvy, know that too. They are prepared to wait. Not forever, but a while at least.The fact that the UK wage rates are not racing ahead Isee as a testimony to the modern British mentality. Unlikein the past, people now seem to understand that youcan only get higher wages after you have earned higherprofits – not before. With that comes a responsibility onbehalf of the bosses: to respect that trust, and not exploit it.Steve Jordan● The winning team from NRG Fleet Services, left to right: Rob Colby, Jon Siviter and Russell Marksteinwho also collected for Phil Hinks.Pickfords Golf Day raisesover £7,000 for the NSPCCPickfords recently hosted dozens of clients, suppliers andpartners at a corporate golf event and dinner, raising over£7,000 for its partner charity, the NSPCC.This year’s event was held atthe Shendish Manor Hotel& Golf Course in Apsley,Hertfordshire, featuring18 holes across the 5,660 yard, par70 course.Twelve four-player teams,including representatives fromDHL, Riverside Truck Rental, TORFX and Twenty CI, competed forthe coveted 1st place trophy, whileindividual players bustled for theNearest the Pin and Longest Drivetrophies.After an afternoon of swinging,chipping and putting in the autumnsunshine, guests were ushered intothe hotel suite for an awardsceremony and three course dinner,followed by a raffle, auction and around of ‘sit down’ bingo, all tohelp raise money for the charity.The organisers took the opportunityto promote the NSPCC, invitingStewart Perry, FundraisingExecutive at the NSPCC, to talk aboutthe charity. Pickfords’ LyndseyDaykin also showcased Pickfords’new cartons, which feature theNSPCC’s ‘Talking PANTS’ visual.The cartons are part of a campaignto raise awareness of this importantNSPCC project.“... we had a greatday’s golf andtogether we raiseda significant sum tosupport the NSPCC’sfuture projects.”Russell StartManaging Director Russell Start,who was in the team that scoopedsecond place said, “We wereoverwhelmed by the generosity ofour sponsors this year, we had agreat day’s golf and together weraised a significant sum to supportthe NSPCC’s future projects.”Get on The Mover websitesuppliers directory for free.E-mail:

Channel IslandsTrade RatesEffects received at our Portsmouth receiving facilityGuernsey & Jersey0 - 500cuft £1.70 per cuft501-1000 cuft £1.50 per cuft1001 - 1500 cuft £1.30 per cuftAlderney, Sark, Herm rates on request.Contact Information:Adam Palmer - White & Company PLC, Dundas Spur, Portsmouth - 023 92 984 605Quotes: Hammer - White & Company PLC, International House, Pitronnerie Road, St Peter Port,Guernsey. 01481 736 868 s.hammer@whiteandcompany. co.ukGrant Binnie - White & Company PLC, 2 St Peters Technical Park, St Peter, Jersey01534 484 002 Customs Documentation - Channel IslandsAll goods received at our Portsmouth Channel Islands Receiving Facility mustbe already wrapped with an inventory and accompanied by full delivery detailsWhen shipping goods to The Channel Islands, Customs require three copies ofyour company’s invoice stating country of origin & value - for new effects onlyIf goods are from a foreign destination, we need to be advised if the effectsare in free circulation or under transhipmentFull valued inventory must accompany the shipment at all timesJersey only - Jersey Customs forms must be completed and received prior toreceipt of effects at PortsmouthThe only genuine ‘self resourced’ daily service to The Channel IslandsFull origin services available on both Islands to FIDI FAIM standard

6 The Mover ● November 2014 ● UKBox companyhelps youngpeople finda homeAnationwide charity thatprovides support for homelessand vulnerable young peopleis offering moving companies theopportunity to buy competitivelypriced corrugated boxes and at thesame time help people sleepingrough find a bed for the night.Depaul UK provides over 125,000‘bednights’ a year and has helpedmore than 80,000 people since itwas founded in 1989.A new fund raising enterprise,The Depaul Box Company, begantrading in April 2013 and suppliesa range of boxes to people movinghouse as well as made-to-measurecases to commercial customers.All profits are used to help youngpeople find a bed for the night anda place to call home.Joseph Howes, Executive Directorof Fundraising & Development forDepaul UK said, “Instead of justrelying on donations, we wantedto broaden our horizons and actlike a business to raise money,rather than a charity. So we thoughtout of the box. Everyone associatesthe homeless with sleeping onboxes, so why not sell boxes tohelp the homeless?”Depaul boxes carry the charity’sbranding and can also be printedwith your company logo, etc.Typical lead times are around fourdays with delivery availablethroughout the UK.● For more information callThe Depaul Box Company on:020 7939 1270.● Glasgow Team Leader Thomas Harvie.Doree Bonner Internationalhelps Scottish referendumDoree Bonner Scotland was delighted to play a role in therecent historic Scottish Referendum on 18 September.The company’s branches inGlasgow and Edinburghwere tasked with thelogistics operation at themain Counting Centre at the RoyalHighland Centre in Edinburgh.Steven McGregor, Manager of DoreeBonner’s Edinburgh branch workedclosely with the City of Edinburgh’sproject team during the advancedplanning stage.“Please pass ona massive thanksto the teams fromEdinburgh andGlasgow for all theirhelp over the pastweek ...”Lesley McMillanTeams from both Glasgow andEdinburgh assisted with thepreparation of the main referendumsite, bringing equipment frommultiple locations across Edinburghto ensure the correct layout for thecount, which took three days beforethe referendum and a further twodays post referendum.A dedicated support team ofvehicles, team leaders, drivers andporters were in place from theWednesday to the Friday andincluded a night shift team forreferendum night. The main taskwas to ensure the efficient receiptof ballot boxes from arriving vehiclesand a rapid distribution to thecounting halls so that the ballot couldtake place as quickly as possible.The nature of the work meant thatsecurity was high with all DoreeBonner staff having pre clearancefor the project.In addition a ‘Fast Response’removal team was on standby torelocate the operation to analternative site in the event of a majorincident at the conference hall.Lesley McMillan, from the City ofEdinburgh Accommodation teamcommended Doree Bonner on asuccessful conclusion to the project.“Please pass on a massive thanksto the teams from Edinburgh andGlasgow for all their help over thepast week. They worked really hardand still managed to keep smilingthroughout.”Got an event coming up?Put it on the online events diary – just e-mail REMOVALS& STORAGEJOINS AIMDoncaster-based AAARemovals & Storage hasbecome the latest memberof the Alliance ofIndependent Movers.AAA began trading in 2007and offers nationwideremovals using 7.5 and 3.5tonne vans. The company alsoprovides warehouse storage, selfstorage and document storagefacilities.“It’s built up goodmomentum so withAIM’s help I’m surewe can turn it intoa growing andthriving business.”Steve EdmondsonSteve Edmondson at AAARemovals said, “I’ve kept thebusiness small up until now, butrecently decided to allow it toexpand. It’s built up goodmomentum so with AIM’s helpI’m sure we can turn it into agrowing and thriving business.”AIM Director Steve Huggins said,“We are delighted to welcomeAAA to the Alliance and lookforward to helping Steve and theteam achieve their goals.”The Alliance of IndependentMovers was created to assistremovers of all sizes, to grow andexpand their businesses whileoffering their customers a highlevel of service. For the mover withlimited resources, or even largermore established businesses, AIMcan offer a wide range of benefits.● The Depaul Box Company boxes.● Steve Edmondson. ● November 2014 ● The Mover7NEWS: UKPPS Crate Hire movesto new homeCrate rental specialist PPS held an open day on11 September to celebrate the company’s move fromits head office in Leicestershire to new larger premisesat Marchington near Uttoxeter.● Some of Bishop’s Move’s new DAFs.After a buffet lunch 80guests were given a tourof the new plant to see atfirst hand the impressivefacilities which, as well as storage,include a repair workshop and 24/7washing and sterilising line.The new distribution centre willmore than double PPS’s capacityand enable it to further improve itscrate hire services to all sectors ofthe business.Joanne Moss, Sales Director, atPPS said, “As a business involved inthe removals sector we were awareof the challenges that we would facewhen moving not only our wholewarehouse but our offices too. Withthis in mind we chose Britannia● Washing and sterilising works 24/7.Premier Removals in Burton-on-Trent to organise our office move.We have been providing them withour crate hire service for a coupleof years now and know the highstandard of service they provide.”“We were extremely pleased withthe service and all our staff wereable to sit down at their desks andstart work on Monday morning.Although there may still be a fewcrates left to unpack!”“There are exciting times aheadfor PPS as we continue to grow thebusiness from our new home,” saidJoanne.Bishop’s Move invests£1.2 million in new fleetBishop’s Move, the UK’s largest family owned removalcompany which is this year celebrating its 160th year inbusiness, is pleased to announce the investment of£1.2 million in 13 custom-built DAF vehicles.After looking at variousoptions, Bishop’s Movebrokered the deal withRyder trucks to supplythe order.Eight vehicles were deliveredbefore 1 September, 2014, with afurther five scheduled to be deliveredbefore the start of 2015. The £1.2million investment in the Bishop’sMove fleet is in addition to the£150,000 already invested in therefurbishment of its existing fleet atthe backend of 2013 and early 2014.This significant investment followsthe arrival last year of two Euro 5DAFs at 7.5t weight and a DAFXF105.460 Euro 5 Super Space cabArtic unit and step frame trailer.The investment in a two-yearperiod will exceed £1.4 million.Bishop’s Move saw the recoveringhousing market as an ideal time toinvest in and expand its fleet andoperations.“We pride ourselves at offering aprofessional and efficient service toour customers, and this investmentenhances our commitment to offeringa modern, robust, efficient service toour client base,” said Alistair Bingle,Bishop’s Move Managing Director.John Mason bakes off for MacmillanThe John Mason fundraisingteam held a company BakeOff for the Macmillan CoffeeMorning on Friday 26 September,2014. A total of £180 was raisedby the Bake Off and a raffle. Thewinners of the Bake Off wereRichard McAleese with hiscaramel chocolate éclairs whichwon the taste category and MikeDann who won the presentationcategory with his butterflychocolate cake.

8 The Mover ● November 2014 ● INTERNATIONAL● Left to right: Manuela Henk, Ludwig Henk and Tom van den Berg, Manager QHSE, UGRN International Head Office.Henk International are the firstin Germany with OHSAS 18001Henk in Düsseldorf, Germany, has become the first company in the country toachieve OHSAS 18001, the Standard for Occupational Health and Safety.According to the company’sManaging Director, ManuelaHenk, it has the potential to savelives. “Process optimisation inoccupational health and safety makesour business safer for both customersand staff,” she said. “The moving industryis and always will be a sector where intensephysical work cannot be replaced bytechnical means.”Manuela spent 44 weeks working withher team on a more effective way ofsafeguarding the health and safety ofstaff and on implementing the plan. Shewas assisted by Tom van den Berg fromUniGroup Relocation Network (UGRN)in Weesp, the Netherlands, who is anexpert in this field.Henk International has over 80employees and has been carrying outoffice and private moves for over 50 years,both within Germany and internationally.When carrying out the transport ofhousehold goods and office furniture,technical staff members are faced withvarious potential accident and risksituations. The company said that thiscertified self-commitment to activelyprotect health and safety will reduceoccupational accidents and makeprocesses run more efficiently.The programme has provideddocumentation and special trainingincreases safety awareness for the movingcrews and they are taught to think aheadand pay attention to the correct techniquewhen carrying out physical tasks. Thetraining also makes them aware that thecompany cares about their well-being.The company said that it believes itssafety systems benefit customers too asprocesses are efficient and reliable andstaff well-prepared.“Process optimisation in occupationalhealth and safety makes our businesssafer for both customers and staff ...”Manuela HenkHenk International’s consultants nowcreate risk and danger analyses for eachmove. Additional safety briefings providebetter protection for technical staff andprepare them for any risks. Occupationalaccidents and sick leave have beenreduced, and there has been a decreasein occupational illnesses, such as backproblems caused by lifting.The company has over 20% of stafftrained in first aid so that at least one firstaider is present for each move. On a recentdelivery in Düsseldorf, one of the crewmembers had a heart attack in the street.He fell to the ground and lostconsciousness. His colleague noticedthat he was no longer breathing and, as afirst aider, immediately applied CPR. Atthe hospital he received an emergencyoperation and is now on the road torecovery. The first aider, Christian Brojek,has been with Henk International for sevenyears as a team leader for overseas moves.With its newly developed occupationalhealth and safety measures, HenkInternational has achieved two positiveresults: the staff are more aware ofpotential risks; and the company can covera wider range of requirements fromcorporate customers. Those clients thatrequire integrity and transparency fromtheir suppliers can be sure that the servicesprovided by Henk International are carriedout using safety-first processes forpeople, equipment and the environment. ● November 2014 ● The Mover9GOODS IN TRANSIT & STORAGE COVER FROM BASIL FRY & RSATHE HOODS TO SHERWOOD ORTHE NIGHTINGALES TO FLORENCE?When you’re moving all kinds of people to allkinds of places, you need expert protection.Basil Fry & Company are the leading brokers for removals and storageinsurance. Our comprehensive portfolio of products includes a UKor worldwide goods in transit policy, bespoke commercial combinedschemes and exclusive removal operators’ vehicle policies. So whereveryour customers take you, you can be sure our protection is on board.To get our dedicated team working for you call01372 385985, or nd us at & Sun Alliance Insurance plc (No. 93792). Registered in England and Wales at St. Mark’s Court, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1XL.Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

10 The Mover ● November 2014 ● INTERNATIONALLD Lines suspendsFrance-Spain’Motorway ofthe Sea’France’s LD Lines haswithdrawn its three-timesweekly ’Motorway of the Sea’(MoS) between Nantes-Saint-Nazaire in France and Gijon, inSpain because it is no longereconomically viable despitehigh load factors.Late August, MD ChristopheSantoni warned that theservice’s days were numberedif an agreement couldn’t bereached on either prolonging thepublic subsidies it has benefitedfrom over the past four years andwhich ended earlier this month oran alternative business plan found.Launched in September 2010,the service was a pioneer of theMoS sustainable freight transportconcept focussing on taking trucksoff congested roads.Separately, DFDS has announcedit has started consultations withFrench unions about plans to closeits Le Havre-Portsmouth ferryservice at the end of 2014 due tocontinued losses.Advertisein The Mover and get a free banneradvert on● The first of the new vessels will be delivered in 2016.Finnish cargo companyfirst with LNGContainership, a logistics company in Helsinki, has orderedfour dual-fuel container ships making it the first short-seacontainer operator in Europe to run its ships on LNG(Liquefied Natural gas).Our “new ships will notjust meet, but exceed allenvironmental standardsin the Sulphur EmissionControl Area (SECA) where weoperate,” said Kari-Pekka Laaksonen,the company’s CEO. “The enginesare also Tier III compliant with theupcoming IMO emission regulationsfor NO x.” The company is alsoplanning to invest in an LNG-poweredtruck fleet in Finland, Russia andthe UK.The first two vessels will be deliveredin 2016 with the remaining two a yearlater. All four ships will use LNG butwill also be able to burn conventionalmarine diesel oil/heavy fuel. Eachship will accommodate up to 639units of 45 foot containers and havea total capacity of 1,400 twenty footequivalent units (TEUs). They willalso be able to accommodate up to300 refrigerated containers.The total value of Containerships’investments for land and seaoperations will be approximately€250 – 300 million. “This is a hugeleap for a family-owned company,”said Mr. Laaksonen. “Instead ofcalling the new environmentalregulation an obligation, we see itas a big opportunity for sustainablegrowth. Our aim is to double bothour volume and turnover within sixyears.”Team expandsinto CanadaYogesh Mehta, Chairman of theTeam Group, has announcedhis purchase of a majorityshareholding in Quality MovingManagement, Inc (QMM)headquartered in VancouverBC, Canada.The purchase, which includesmanagement shareholdersTim Nager, Scott Shaw and RoyPhelps, all long-standing membersof QMM’s senior managementteam, was completed on Friday 12September, 2014.QMM is the largest Allied VanLines franchise in Canada, andWestern Canada’s leading assetbasedcorporate moving specialistwith major operations located inVancouver, Calgary and Edmonton,and has enjoyed a highly successful18-year period of growth since itsinception in 1996 under founderKevin St. George.“I am extremely excited to havebeen able to bring QMM into theTeam family, and I see this as asignificant step in both organisations’development, specifically inrespect of supporting our clients’requirements in Canada,” saidYogesh.Tim Nager, President and ChiefOperating Officer, confirmed that“It will be business as usual”,following the successful conclusionof negotiations.● Yogesh Mehta.EUROMOVERS InternationalWorldwide Movers AllicanceA friendly Networkwith a Family SpiritEUROMOVERS International SA13, Rue Edmond Reuter · L-5326 Contern, LuxembourgPhone: +352-26 70 16 56 · Fax: +352-26 70 16 57The EUROMOVERS Network, now in existence for over10 years, is proud to count partners in more than 30countries in Europe and Overseas.Throughout the years, the network has developed astrong, international recognized partnership. Originallycreated by likeminded European Movers who wished toco-operate with others under the same standards, visionand banner, it has developed to an exclusive Circle ofExperts with strong coherence, co-operating with afamily spirit.Email: info@euromovers.comWeb: www.euromovers.comRecognized TrademarkCo-operation and AssistanceSpecial rates and ConditionsPowerlanes and Groupage ServicesExchange of Knowledge and ExperienceParticipate in Corporate AccountsHO's Sales AssistancePartner-to-Partner Sales AssistanceMarketing, Public Relations, WebQuality Training EnvironmentInternational Matrix CertificationArea Coverage ● November 2014 ● The Mover 11NEWS: INTERNATIONALThe EuropeanConnectionTony RichmanDriverless vehicles on ourroads a step closer● The European Union aims to have 8-9 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020.EU-funded driving systemto boost electric carsWhile electric cars are on the rise, many drivers are stillconcerned about running out of juice. Six partners fromGermany, France, Austria and Spain have cut theconsumption of electric vehicles with a new intelligentenergy management and recovery system.The OpEneR team (OptimalEnergy consumption andRecovery) has developednew functions andconnected components and systemsbetter to allow the driver to receivebraking tips based on traffic flowsand advice on the best route to limitenergy use. Up to 30% of energy canbe saved without losing much timeon the way. The new solutions willbe progressively commercialisedand integrated into production ofnew models, making electric carseven greener.Greener, safer and smarter routesEngineers and researchers haveworked to improve the electricalpowertrain, the regenerative brakingsystem, the navigation system andthe surround sensors. They havedeveloped a networked architecturewith various functions that connectthese elements with each other.For example, the ‘eco-routing’function considers the specificneeds of an electric vehicle whencalculating the most energy efficientroute. An adaptive cruise controlguarantees an economical semiautomateddriving style. It is basedon radar and video systemssupported by enhanced map dataincluding information on inclines,declines and speed limits. Car-toinfrastructurecommunicationprovides information about trafficlight status. User-friendly signalsappear on the large display as partof the dashboard, so that you knowwhen to lift the pedal as you approachtraffic lights, city boundaries, speedlimits or other vehicles.Following a period of further roadtesting, the system is expected tobe progressively integrated intoproduction as from 2015 onwards.The European Union aims to have8-9 million electric vehicles on theroad by 2020.Under the new EU research andinnovation programme Horizon2020, €5 billion will be invested inelectronic components and systemsvia a public-private partnershipECSEL (Electronic Components andSystems for European Leadership).● For more information visit or the US, Google’s launch ofa test project featuring its ownself-driving pods has fuelledthe heated discussions aboutdriverless vehicles. There’s fearof privacy being violated, hackerstaking over control of the car, andloss of personal freedom behindthe wheel. On the other side,there’s been much enthusiasmfor the technology which couldpotentially solve the huge problemscoming from crashes, worseningtraffic congestion and gridlock.For me, this polarised debateconjures up two images –computerised artificial intelligencesystem HAL 9000 becoming anantagonist murderouslyattempting to take control of thespaceship in 2001: A SpaceOdyssey; and then there’s KITT,the black Pontiac Firebird TransAm that safely transported dogoodaction hero Michael Knightin Knight Rider!A new White Paper, ‘Hands offthe Steering Wheel – The state ofautonomous vehicle governmentpolicies, testing projects – andwhen these vehicles will likelymake it to roads’, explores the morerelevant polarising issues andwhat to expect in coming years.Since Google’s announcementin May, there’s been a wave ofdebate and analysis over thisground-breaking technology andwhen it’s likely to show up in largenumbers on our roads. BeyondGoogle, Nissan and other car andtruck makers are making boldstatements about it, and studieswere released in the summersharing perspectives fromconsumers and transportationand technology experts.Highlights of the White Paperinclude details on States thathave adopted autonomousvehicle testing programs andpolicies, along with where it standsin the US government and othernations; and, Google’s role intesting such vehicles or evenpotentially entering the automotivebusiness with its own car!The concept is not new; GeneralMotors has played a key role in thehistory of autonomous vehiclesdating back to its 1956 shortmovie, Key to the Future.Technology suppliers like Ciscoand Continental are also playingan important development role.‘Hands off the Steering Wheel’also presents the latest inacademic, engineering, and policystudies on the subject matterfrom organisations including:the Institute of Electrical andElectronics Engineers; theSociety of Automobile Engineers;and, Navigant Research. Publicopinion trends are also exploredand are likely to influenceautonomous vehicle resistanceand support in the near future.The White Paper, written byJon LeSage, editor and publisherof the weekly Green Auto Market,and media consultant at LeSageConsulting, digs deep into thesubject-matter. The consultingpractice creates content, marketingcommunications, and marketintelligence in clean transportation,advanced and autonomousvehicles, and urban mobility.Whilst the characters of HAL9000 and KITT come fromscience fiction, the topic of selfdriving,autonomous vehicleshas lately been stirring morepassionate comments on socialmedia, blogs, and editorial thinkpieces than anything else seenfor years with debate havingeven gone viral on the Internet.Ships and planes already makeuse of ‘auto-pilot’: perhaps we inroad transport need to stay currentand well informed on where it allstands.

12 The Mover ● November 2014 ● MCRORYS VERSUS NGRSMcCrorys wins case against NGRSOn 22 September, 2014, McCrorys Removals Ltd of Nottingham won its case againstthe National Guild of Removers (NGRS) in the Milton Keynes County Court.The NGRS had beenclaiming a sum of over£14,000, plus interestand costs from McCroryson matters relating to a Free TrialOffer the company accepted in 2011.The Judge dismissed the claim.In April 2011 McCrorys agreedto a free trial offer to become amember of NGRS. The offer gavethe company free membershipuntil the end of the year afterwhich it would be entitled to twoyears’ follow-on membership at adiscounted price of £3,384 includingVAT. It was a requirement of theoffer, however, that McCrorysinform NGRS by 18 November,2011 if it did not wish to remain inmembership after 31 December,2011. McCrorys failed to do thisor pay the £3,384 in outstandingcharges after the passage of thedeadline.Subsequently NGRS brought theaction and increased its claimagainst McCrorys for the full,undiscounted costs of two yearsmembership amounting to £14,076including VAT as it claimed it wasentitled to do in accordance withits rules. McCrorys paid the admittedsum of £3,834 on 20 December,2013.On 22 September, 2014 NGRSclaimed the remaining £10,242including VAT plus costs andinterest. District Judge Bennett,sitting at the Country Court atMilton Keynes, dismissed theclaim from NGRS and ordered theassociation to pay costs to McCrorysof £4,917.20. McCrorys wasrequired to pay NGRS £295, thatbeing the fixed cost of issuing, whatin the Court’s opinion, should havebeen a Smalls Claims Track case.Commenting after the judgement,Patrick McCrory from McCrorysRemovals Ltd said: “The comment,by District Judge Bennett, that theNGRS claim was ‘whollyunmeritorious’, sums up the opinionthat McCrorys Removals Ltd alwaysheld, on this case.” McCrorysRemovals has uploaded a detailedblog about its experience of being● Left: Patrick McCrory.taken to court at Mover also asked NGRS fora comment which is publishedverbatim below:Dear Mr JordanFurther to your email dated 29 September, asking whether we had anycomments on the outcome of the court proceedings against McCrory’sRemovals, I am conscious that you are likely to have been given anextremely one side [sic] version of events from those looking to publicisethe dispute; no doubt with a view to furthering the malicious campaignagainst NGRS. I have therefore set out below the factual background anddetails of the actual proceedings.Having been provided with the information below, I trust that shouldyou deem this dispute between two companies to be “newsworthy” or ofinterest to the industry, any article with be factually correct, balanced andreflect the issues. That said, I should also mention that I fail to see how acontractual dispute between two companies could be newsworthy or ofinterest to the industry; there are often disputes between companies orindividuals, just as removal companies may have disputes with theircustomers. If those disputes cannot be resolved, the courts may berequired to decide the issues. Perhaps you could clarify why a disputebetween NGRS and one of its 200 or so members, could be considered“newsworthy” or of interest to an industry or [sic] more than 4000removal organisations? It may also be worthwhile posing the question asto what McCrorys or any other removal company would have done if oneof their customers had refused to pay for a job or service which they hadprovided...The Free Trial Offer1. On or around 21 April 2011 McCrorys signed the NGRS’s “Free TrialOffer Rules of Membership 2011” (“the FTO Rules”). The Free Trial Offeroffered McCrorys the opportunity to experience the benefits membershipof the NGRS’s organisation free of charge for a limited period [sic], namely,until 31 December 2011. McCrorys was also provided with and signed acopy of some “Frequently Asked Questions” and answers.2. It was a term of the FTO Rules that if McCrorys did not wish to remainin membership of the Guild after 31 December 2011 it was required to givenotice to NGRS no later than 18 November 2011: clause 6.2. warning ofthis deadline was also repeated in the Frequently Asked Questions.3. Clause 3.2 of the FTO Rules provided that:These Free Trial Offer Rules of Membership shall apply only to theInitial Membership Period and any subsequent Membership Periodshall be governed by NGRS standard Rules of Membership in placefrom time to time, a copy of which will be provided to the Member atthe Compulsory Seminar4. This was in essence repeated in Annexes 1 and 2 of the FTO Rules,which provided respectively that:The 99 Day Super Saver Subscription package is subject to theNational Guild of Removers and Storers Limited Rules of Membership2011, a copy of which will be provided to the Member at theCompulsory Seminar (or upon the request of the Member) save asvaried by the following provisions…The Follow On Membership Subscription Package is subject to theNational Guild of Removers and Storers Limited Rules of Membership2011, a copy of which will be provided to the Member at theCompulsory Seminar (or upon the request of the Member), save asvaried by the following provisions…5. Annex 2 also set out the benefits of Follow On Membership:The Member shall be entitled to the following, in addition to thebenefits of Membership as set out in clause 2 of NGRS Rules ofMembership 2011:24 x Month Interest Free Membership Payment Plan100 x Peace of Mind Packs…McCrorys’s Follow On Membership6. McCrorys did not inform NGRS that it wished to terminate itsmembership. Accordingly, following expiry of the Free Trial Offer periodof membership on 31 December 2011, McCrorys entered into a further24 month period of membership, commencing on 1 January 2012.7. In accordance with Annex 2 of the FTO Rules, on 12 January 2012NGRS invoiced McCrorys requesting the first monthly instalment of theFollow On Fees. McCrorys refused to pay this instalment, and deniedmembership of NGRS.8. NGRS replied to McCrorys on 20 January 2012, explaining thatmembership had continued as McCrorys had not terminated the agreement ● November 2014 ● The Mover 13LEGAL: MCRORYS VERSUS NGRSby 18 November 2011 as required by the FTO Rules. As no payment wasreceived, NGRS again wrote to McCrorys on 14 February 2012. This letterprovided that:In accordance with the Follow On Membership Subscription, wesent you an invoice dated 12 January 2012 requiring payment of themembership subscription fees. We are concerned to note that youhave failed to make any payment of the Membership Fees or set upthe required standing order. In those circumstances, you are inbreach of the Membership Rules.The Follow On Membership Subscription Fee of £125 per monthprovides a substantial discount on the standard subscriptionmembership. However, you should appreciate that any discountsare strictly subject to the member complying with the membershipRules…So you are fully aware of your potential liability, should you fail toremedy the breach, the annual subscription costs will default to thesum of £5200 plus VAT; the annual inspection fees will default to£200 plus VAT; and the annual Ombudsman Fee will default to£465 plus VAT9. Again, no payment was made by McCrorys. Notwithstanding thisMcCrorys continued to advertise its membership of the Guild on itswebsite up to August 2012.10. McCrorys also continued to utilise the NGRS’s “For Sale/Wanted”listings.11. On 21 September 2012 NGRS’s solicitors, Coyle White Devine, sentMcCrorys a letter before action. In this letter, NGRS requested paymentof the full, undiscounted Subscription Fee.The Proceedings12. Given the stance taken by McCrorys – refusing to pay the membershipfees to which it had contracted to pay while still advertising membershipand using the benefits of membership – NGRS was left with no alternativeother than to issue court proceedings.13. It will be noted that NGRS repeatedly sought to avoid having to issueproceedings. To this end, it will also be noted that the court proceedingswere issued on 1 August 2013, 18 months after having first raised the issueof non-payment in January 2012.14. Having refused to make any payment whatsoever to NGRS and filed adefence to the claim, at a court hearing on 12 December 2013:a. McCrorys admitted its liability to pay the Follow OnMembership Fees and agreed that it had entered into the24 months Follow On Membership Period; andb. The Judgment was entered for the admitted sum of £3,384.The Defence15. Whilst the Defence was difficult to follow and in parts whollyunparticularised, MrCrorys raised numerous ill-founded allegationsincluding:a) That the invoice dated 15 July 2013 was not sent;b) That NGRS’s delay in presenting the 2011 Rules was a form ofmisrepresentation, notwithstanding the acknowledgment thata copy of the 2011 Rules were provided to Mr Patrick McCroryat the Seminar, in accordance with the agreed terms of the FreeTrial Offer;c) That the 2011 Rules were not incorporated into the contractbetween the parties;d) That the requirement to pay the Full Subscription Fee was apenalty and is unenforceable; ande) That certain clauses of the 2011 Rules were unfair under theUnfair Contract Terms Act;f) That certain clauses of the 2011 Rules were unfair under TheUnfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations.16. McCrorys also sought to make a counterclaim against NGRS but onceagain, this was wholly unparticularised and raised numerous ill-foundedallegations.17. It is telling that on 14 April 2014 McCrorys discontinued its illfounderedcounterclaim.18. It is also telling that 2 days before the trial of dispute, McCrorysdiscontinued all of its ill-founded allegations in its defence, except for theallegations that the 2011 Rules were not incorporated and/or that the feesclaimed were a penalty.The Hearing19. At the hearing on 22 September, NGRS’s claim was dismissed but, itwas not because McCrorys succeeds on any of the issues raised in itsdefence. On the contrary, the District Judge dismissed the claim solely onthe basis of her own interpretation of the contractual provisions of theFollow on Membership under the FTO Rules at that time.20. It should be noted that the interpretation of the Rules by the DistrictJudge was not a point raised by McCrorys, at any stage; it was certainly nota point raise [sic] in its defence. On the contrary, the legal representativesof all of the parties, as well as McCrorys and NGRS had consistently readthe clauses as meaning that the fee was a “discount”, which reinforcedthat that was the natural reading of the words.Summary21. As will be clear from the above:• McCrorys had refused to pay any membership fees whatsoever,yet was still advertising membership and using the benefitsavailable to paying members;• NGRS is not litigious: it was necessary to issue courtproceedings against McCrorys in circumstances whereMcCrorys had refused to pay any membership fees whatsoeveryet was still advertising membership and using the benefitsavailable to paying members;• Court proceedings are always a last resort: NGRS sought toresolve the matter with McCrorys for 18 months before issuingproceedings, which were only issued as McCrorys had refusedto pay membership fees yet was still advertising membershipand using the benefits available to paying members;• Court proceedings are not a “cash cow” for NGRS, as haspreviously been alleged; there is always a risk of losing, a riskthat a Defendant will not pay and the fact that the full costsincurred are never recovered in any event;• NGRS has always stated that it is the courts which determineany disputes and that each case is dealt with and addressed onits particular facts and merits;• The only “winners” from this (and almost all) litigation arelawyers; both NGRS and McCrorys have paid legal fees whichhave not been recovered.22. Whilst McCrorys will no doubt seek to put its own “spin” on theoutcome of the hearing, to follow up its other ill-founded and defamatorystatements, the simple fact of the matter is that the dispute arose solelybecause of the conduct of McCrorys and its refusal to comply with what ithad agreed.23. Finally, I should also mention that in light of the manner in which thecase was determined, NGRS is currently considering whether to appeal;as I have said above, the interpretation by the District Judge was not aninterpretation ever contemplated or even argued by the parties.Yours sincerelyJon MartinMembership Secretary

14 The Mover ● November 2014 ● INTERNATIONALBill GraebelhonouredBill Graebel, CEO of GraebelCompanies, Inc. has beennamed as Global MobilityProfessional of the Year in theAmericas by the globalorganisation, Forum forExpatriate Management (FEM).Bill was honoured with theExpatriate Management &Mobility Award (EMMA)achievement at the organisation’sannual Summit and awards dinnerin Orlando, Florida USA onSeptember 18, 2014.At its global Summits, the FEMorganisation brings together Fortune500 and Global 100 relocationexecutives to discuss their mobilityprogrammes and findings from theorganisation’s annual survey report.The Summits are capped with ablack-tie awards dinner that honourindustry leaders and programmes.An independent panel of judgesfrom a wide spectrum of industriesfrom around the world reviewnominations and select eachcategory’s award winner. Collectively,the panel of judges for the GlobalMobility Professional of the Yearsaid, “William Graebel is clearly aleader in the industry with hisinvaluable contributions throughhis extensive industry boardmemberships in the global mobilityindustry worldwide.”“It is with humility that I acceptthis prestigious recognition from theForum for Expatriate Management,”said Bill. “For over a quarter century,it has been my mission to make adifference in our industry and topositively impact our clients andtheir relocating people’s livesworldwide. It is in this same regardthat I am dedicated to bringingoutstanding career opportunities toour unmatched workforce on sixcontinents.”Crown releases latestin Perspectives seriesCrown World Mobility has recently released the latestin its Perspectives series: World Mobility Perspectives:Who cares about expatriate compensation?It is available now to downloadfrom Crown’s website Perspectives seriesshares industry insight with worldmobility professionals, showcasingthe depth of knowledge Crownhas accumulated over the years.The information provided is abeneficial tool to organisationsand provides them with thenecessary knowledge to makestrategic plans.Crown says that a little-knownfact about expatriate compensationis that it involves fact-finding anddigging deeper, and is a continuallearning experience. Dependingupon the number of payrolls, thirdparty payments and accountspayables parties involved, it canbe a very complex process.This paper, written by EleanorUngemack, provides backgroundinformation on expatriatecompensation. It asks: why shouldwe care about it? – and what makesit cool?It also defines the mostcommonly used compensationterminology that every globalmobility professional should beable to both understand and use.The article ends with top tips forcompanies in respect of managing,and staying compliant with,expatriate compensation.“This article gives globalmobility professionals a primerfor getting their hands aroundexpatriate compensation,” saidEleanor. “Companies are increasingtheir focus on tax compliance,managing costs and mitigatingrisks. Better understanding ofwhat international compensationinvolves, its complexities, theterminology used and bestpractices for a compliancedrivenapproach is a must. Thisarticle serves as a good refresherfor the experienced globalmobility team member, and abase for newcomers.”● For more information anything everpublished in The Mover.Use the search box on● Ocean Three alliance.CMA CGMannouncesOcean ThreeallianceThe CMA CGM Group, the world’sthird largest container shippingcompany, has signed agreementswith CSCL and UASC to create theOcean Three alliance, pendingagreement from the FederalMaritime Commission.The agreements provide for acombination of vessel sharing, slotexchange and slot charter on the Asia-Europe, Asia-Mediterranean, Transpacificand Asia-United States East Coast trades.The services are:• On the Asia-Europe trade: four weeklyservices, which complete the two existingservices, thereby offering six departuresper week;• On the Asia-Mediterranean trade: fourweekly services, two to the Mediterranean,one to the Adriatic and one to the Black Seathe only one on this market;• On the Transpacific: Four weekly servicesto California and one service to the PacificNorthwest (United States and Canada);• On the Asia-US East Coast trade: Oneservice via the Suez Canal and one servicededicated to the Gulf of Mexico.The agreements on the Transatlantictrade are being finalized and will soon beannounced.CMA CMG says that this new offering willcombine both speed and reliability.Rotations will be optimized with calls in allthe biggest Asian, European and NorthAmerican ports, using trans-shipment hubscommon to the three partners.“The number of weekly calls proposedand the transit times will be among thebest on the market, thereby responding tothe expectations of our clients,” saidRodolphe Saadé, CMA CGM Vice Chairman.“We are very pleased to have signed thesethree agreements with such reputablepartners, whom we both know andappreciate. This will allow us to propose toour clients a high quality and reliablealternative to what exists on the market.”

16 The Mover ● November 2014 ● FEDESSA EUROPEAN SELF STORAGE CONFERENCEOn 1 October over 380 self storage owners, managers,investors and suppliers descended on Stockholm for theannual FEDESSA European Self Storage Conference andTrade Show. Report by Rennie Schafer, Chief ExecutiveOfficer of the Self Storage Association UK Ltd.FEDESSA inStockholmThey were treated to twofull days of education,networking andentertainment at theRadisson Blu Waterfront in the heartof Stockholm. This year’s conferencefeatured a range of business speakersand industry workshops along withthe largest dedicated self storagetrade show ever held in Europe.The conference opened with akeynote session from Caspar Berry,former professional poker playerand now successful entrepreneur.He covered the topic of businessrisk and how you can evaluate therisks you take in your self storagebusiness every day and understandyour risk/reward profile.The day continued withpresentations and workshops onlegal issues in self storage; buildingbusiness income levels; a majoroperator’s perspective on theindustry; and the future of marketingand communication. Two speakers,whom delegates particularly enjoyed,were Michael Tate from StorageKing Australia and futurist JohanRonnestam. Michael gave somereally practical tips on how to improvethe profitability of a self storagebusiness and Johan gave a detailedinsight into how people arecommunicating in the digital ageand those innovations coming intoplace now that will change how wemarket our businesses in the future.The day finished with drinks in thetrade show and then a wonderfuldinner at the Opera Terrace. Thismagnificent venue took in thescenery of the old town in Stockholmat night and provided entertainmentfrom members of the SwedishPhilharmonic Orchestra performingimpromptu renditions across theages, from Smoke on the Water andRun DMC, to Bach.The conferenceopened with akeynote sessionfrom Caspar Berry,former professionalpoker player andnow successfulentrepreneur.Day two opened with EmmaSinclair, formerly of Target Parking,who was the youngest person inthe UK to float her company on thestock exchange. She talked aboutchallenges in car parking that aresimilar to that in self storage andhow her business overcame them.The day continued with an amazingfirst-hand account of the floods inCopenhagen and how City SelfStorage dealt with its self storagecentre being inundated with water.The independent operators paneltalked about how they do battle withthe ‘big guys’ and focus on localinitiatives to make their business aleader in their area. The Europeanself storage survey was launchedand there was analysis on theindustry by a group of valuers fromacross the world. Par Magnussonfrom RBS gave an insightful● Rennie Schafer.FEDESSA AWARD WINNERSBest UK Facility Independent Operator Sponsored by Rooks Rider SolictorsStore and Secure, CastlepointBest UK Facility Major Operator Sponsored by Basil Fry InsuranceLok ‘n Store - MaidenheadBusiness Initiative Award Sponsored by Active Supply and DesignSafestore with online space estimator and booking toolCharity Initiative of the Year Sponsored by Reason Global InsuranceCity Self Storage’s local charity support programmeManager of the Year Sponsored by RADical Systems’ Space ManagerAli Velayat of Big Yellow UKBest European Independent Operator Sponsored by Rooks Rider SolicitorsStore and Secure, Castlepoint, UKBest European Major Operator Universal Storage ContainersBluespace Self-Storage, Barajas, Spain ● November 2014 ● The Mover 17REPORT: FEDESSA EUROPEAN SELF STORAGE CONFERENCE● European Awards dinner.● The largest dedicated self storage trade show ever held in Europe.commentary on the Europeaneconomy and what to expect in thecoming years. The days’ sessionswere wrapped up with the popularround tables, where delegates getto spend one-on-one time with thespeakers and industry experts anddelve into issues in more detail.The conference culminated withthe gala event for the industry, theFEDESSA European Awardsdinner. This year’s awards saw arecord number of entries, all ofwhich were of an exceptionally highstandard. The judges congratulatedall the finalists and the winnerswere announced (see table).The dinner finished up with aSwedish ABBA tribute band thathad almost everyone on the dancefloor enjoying themselves,particularly some of the awardwinners celebrating their victory!Next year’s FEDESSA EuropeanSelf Storage Conference will be heldat the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolskyin Amsterdam, on October 6 and 7.There is also a special executive skiworkshop being held in Chamonix,France on February 11 and 12. Thisis an exclusive event with verylimited places, for more informationand booking forms go to● Conference round tables session.The days’ sessionswere wrapped upwith the popularround tables, wheredelegates get to spendone-on-one time withthe speakers andindustry experts.

18 The Mover ● November 2014 ● INTERNATIONALEuropean RoundupFrance passes electricvehicle charging lawA new law that provides tax cuts forcompanies to encourage them tobuild electric vehicle chargingstations has been put into effect inFrance. The French governmenthopes that the new legislation,adopted by the Parliament on 23July, will accelerate the installationof infrastructure needed for a widerroll-out of electric cars in the country.To take advantage of the tax cuts,companies must be operational inat least two regions in the countryand ensure a balanced developmentof charging points in the areasconcerned. The new measureforms part of a bigger plan that willsee ministers voting on an EnergyTransition law in October. If ratified,France aims to set up seven millioncharging stations by 2030.EU Commission grants€11.9 billion fortransport projectsThe European Commission hasinvited EU Member States to tableprojects aimed at improvingEurope’s transport network.This is the biggest sum everallocated to transport infrastructure.Member States have a deadlineof 26 February 2015 to submitprojects.The funding will be mainlyearmarked for the nine basictransport corridors forming theSingle Market’s economic backbone.End of mobile roaming charges delayedThe EU is considering delaying the elimination of roaming fees forusing mobile phones in EU countries. It could be delayed, in whatwould be a win for big European telecoms operators, at the expenseof consumers.From July this year, web browsing costs were halved and callingcosts were cut by a quarter, putting the EU one step closer to abolishingroaming fees completely. And in April, EU lawmakers overwhelminglyvoted to abolish roaming fees by 2016, marking the first step in thelegislative process.But a new draft document suggests that the date is yet to be confirmedleaving open the time for the ‘roam like at home’ goal. Industry sourcessay ending roaming charges is not in doubt, it is just the timing.New EU rules foralternative fuelsinfrastructureOn 29 September, new EU ruleswere adopted to boost the use ofalternative fuels for transport.Member States must ensurethrough national action plans thatrefuelling and recharging points foralternative fuels (electricity, gasand hydrogen) are being built ontheir territory to ensure EU-widemobility. To reach full interoperability,these refuelling and rechargingpoints have to comply withcommon standards, including acommon plug for rechargingelectric vehicles, as well as userinformation.Undeclared workincreased with theeconomic crisisThe amount of undeclared work inthe EU increased during theeconomic crisis according to theEuropean Economic and SocialCommittee (EESC) with an estimated€2.1 trillion of income lost toundeclared work annually*.In recent years, the most notableincrease in undeclared work tookplace in Slovenia and Spain,according to the most recentEurobarometer survey (Spring2014). Denmark, Sweden, and Latviaon the contrary have experienced adecrease.*How they know is a mystery as it’s undeclared!Belgium - Court ofAppeal: VAT reversecharge – PenaltiesA recent court case of the BrusselsCourt of Appeal again shows howexpensive it can be for businessesnot to apply the reverse charge andthereby not self-account for theVAT due on incoming invoices. TheCourt ruled that proportionalpenalties are applicable even wherethe VAT was fully deductible for thecompany that had to apply the VATreverse charge.Denmark - smart newresting place to helpdriversThe new rest area Kongsted N onWest Motorway (E20) westbound,in Denmark, is being equippedwith a new, smart parking system,which can count the number ofplaces available and put themessage out on the boards on thehighway. This gives truck drivershelp in finding a place to park whenthey need to keep their rest breaks,which otherwise may well be aproblem - especially on busymotorways.“This new system will help truckdrivers to quickly find a parkingspace when they need to rest,” saysproject leader Raza MuhammadRoad Directorate . “We knowit can be a problem fordrivers in that they mustoften run in vain andspend time searchingwhen they need to findavailable parking.” ● November 2014 ● The Mover 19NEWS: INTERNATIONALGraebel is thought FEM’s leaderGraebel Relocation Services Worldwide has been awarded first place inthe Thought Leadership category at the Expatriate Management &Mobility Awards (EMMA) presented in Orlando in September for itsAnnual Relocation Policy Summit Research Summary.The 27-page report providesresearch that isbenchmarked with prioryears’ studies, relocationindustry statistics, and the company’smarket intelligence documents.Collected data including polls fromthe 92 executives of the Fortune 500and Global 100 was based on theparticipants’ identified topics priorto the Summit that was held at theorganisation’s world headquarterslast February.The Forum for ExpatriateManagement’s (FEM) global summitsprovide a forum for human resourceand talent management executivesto discuss their corporations’ mobilityprogrammes and to review findingsfrom the Annual Survey Reportconducted by FEM. A jury from awide spectrum of global industriesindependently review nominationsand select each category’s awardwinner. The judges said: “TheGraebel Relocation Policy Summitresearch provided rich and currentdata on global mobility issues fromcompanies and experts. Theirapproach and the outcome publishedwas a differentiator.”Bill Graebel, CEO, who was alsorecognised as the Global MobilityProfessional of the Year by FEMsaid: “Winning first place is atestament to our team’s tireless driveto provide globally active companieswith leading-edge information thatwill help keep them ahead of thecurve in their industries. 2014 marksthe eighth consecutive year of theGraebel Relocation Policy Summit.We are pleased to host this annualforum for human resource andtalent management executives,“Winning first placeis a testament to ourteam’s tireless driveto provide globallyactive companieswith leading-edgeinformation ...”Bill Graebelbecause we believe that this enablesthem to probe challenges, and sharesolutions as they network with peers.This research study is a compilationof their findings. I would personallylike to thank everyone for theircollaborative efforts that have led tothis prestigious honour from FEM.”Last year, Graebel Relocation heldits successful Summit researchplatform in the EMEA and APACregions.● Electric car charging in Potsdamerplatz, Berlin.Berlin approves incentivesfor drivers of electric carsA new law on ‘electromobility’ was approved by the Germanfederal cabinet on Wednesday, 24 September, 2014. The newmeasure is expected to come into effect in early 2015 and isset to expire on 30 June, 2030.Its scope covers battery poweredvehicles, as well as especiallyenvironmentally friendly,externally chargeable hybridcars, and fuel cell vehicles. Forplug-in hybrids, carbon dioxideemissions are capped at 50g perkilometre or a minimum 30km rangeon purely electric power (40kmstarting in 2018). To a large extent,this established minimum range forelectric power is enough to covershort day-to-day journeys.Free parking and access to bus lanesUnder the new law, vehiclesapproved in Germany are intendedto receive special identification viatheir number plates. Cars approvedoutside the country are alsoexpected to be given certainbenefits. Because they cannotreceive a German number plate,the legislation says they will beidentified by a special sticker. Thisis meant to ensure that electricvehicles can be easily recognised intraffic by police and others on theroad. The law will also allowmunicipalities to reserve parkingspaces at charging stations forelectric vehicles as well as providefree parking.Local authorities can also dole outspecial access and transit passes(in areas sensitive to air or noisepollution) as well as opening buslanes for appropriately labelledvehicles, when conditions allow.Final decisions, however, are in thehands of the relevant traffic controlauthorities.By the end of 2014, 17 productionmodels made in Germany will bereleased on the market. 12 morewill follow in 2015.Voerman achieves ISO 18001In August 2014, after quite a short period ofpreparation, Voerman International (TheHague) received the ISO 18001 certificate.This certification is better known as OHSAS,the international applied Standard foroccupational health and safety managementsystem.CEO Robert Jan Voerman and Quality ManagerRené Postma said that this is a milestone inthe history of the Voerman Group. “This is agreat achievement and gives opportunities ina broad scale of moving,” said Robert Jan.According to René Postma the certificategives a good basis from which to enrol this toVoerman’s global subsidiaries.The OHSAS certificate was handed over byQHSE manager Tom van den Berg fromUnigroup Relocation Network HQ in Weesp.OHSAS 18001 connects well with the otherstandards such as 9001 + 14001 so quality,environment and safety are not controlled byone system.● Tom van den Berg, Manager QHSE, UGRN (centre) presentsVoerman International’s OHSAS 18001 certificate.

20 The Mover ● November 2014 ● DIRECT VISION CONCEPT LORRIESDirect Vision lorries wouldsave hundreds of livesA longer, more aerodynamic cab with better vision for lorry drivers could save thelives of hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians, according to a new study by academicsat Loughborough University’s Design School.The proposed new cab,80cm longer with arounded nose, smallerdashboard, expandedglazed areas, and a slightly lowerdriver position, could drasticallyreduce blind spots around the lorry.The ‘Direct Vision’ lorry conceptwould increase the driver’s field ofview in front and to the sides of thelorry by 50% compared to today’slorry designs and could save thelives of cyclists and pedestrians.The Direct Vision concept aims to reduce thedriver’s reliance on mirrors, in favour of greaterdirect visibility and fewer blind spots.The Direct Vision concept lorrycab is 80 - 90cm longer than aconventional cab and featuresa rounded nose, smallerdashboard, expanded glazedareas and a slightly lowerdriving position.That’s the major finding of astudy by Dr Steve Summerskill andDr Russell Marshall, from theLoughborough Design School, thatwas commissioned by Transportfor London (TfL) and Transport &Environment (T&E). Dr Summerskill,Project Lead of the ‘Direct Vision’concept, said: “Blind spots can be asignificant factor in fatal accidents.The study shows that the size ofthese blind spots can be minimisedthrough improved cab design, thereduction of cab height and theaddition of extra windows. This is akey moment in the definition of truckdesign legislation at the Europeanlevel. Our work is being used todemonstrate that improvements tovehicle aerodynamics must go handin hand with improvements thatallow heavy goods vehicle (HGV)drivers to have improved vision ofvulnerable road users around thevehicle.”William Todts, Senior Policy Officerat T&E, said: “Not only drivers, butpoliticians too need vision. It’sincomprehensible that we allowhuge 40 ton mammoths on our roadswithout making sure the peoplebehind the wheel can actually seewhat’s going on. After decades oftinkering with mirrors, we need totake this once-in-a-generationopportunity and make direct visioncompulsory for new lorry designs.”The study comes at a time whenthere is increasing concern over thenumber of deaths among cyclistsand pedestrians involving HGVs.Last year, for instance, nine of the14 cyclists killed in London involvedHGVs. In July, supermarket giantSainsbury’s unveiled a high-techlorry for service in London, andMayor Boris Johnson announcedmoves to ban some lorries from thestreets altogether. LoughboroughUniversity says that today’s outdated,brick-shaped lorry cabs are part ofthe reason why lorries have a deadlytrack record. The cab design forcesthe driver to sit on top of the enginein such a high position that much ofwhat happens around the cab isinvisible to them – the so-calledfatal blind spots.According to the EuropeanTransport Safety Council, lorriesare involved in around 4,200 fatalaccidents in Europe every year.Many of these fatalities, almost1,000, are vulnerable road userssuch as cyclists and pedestrians. Incountries with high rates of cycling,“After decades of tinkering with mirrors,we need to take this once-in-a-generationopportunity and make direct visioncompulsory for new lorry designs.”William Todtslorries are often the single biggestthreat to cyclists. In Belgium, 43%of cycling fatalities involve lorries,in Holland 38% and in the UK 33%.The study analysed 704 accidentsinvolving HGVs and found that 31%of road fatalities were caused bydrivers pulling away, 19% werecaused by left turns, 7% by rightturns, and 25% from driversreversing. Surprisingly, vehicleschanging lanes were responsiblefor half of all accidents, but nofatalities.The analysis indicates that ‘criticalblind spots’ in current models cannotbe compensated for by the use of alorry driver’s mirrors, because ofthe time lapse between checkingthem, making observations throughthe window, and then pulling awayfrom a junction.“If this time period is four seconds,this is enough time for a cyclist toundertake the HGV, with the driverbeing unaware of his or herpresence,” the paper says.There are two legal roadblocksholding back safer, more fuelefficientlorries. Firstly, unlike forcars, Europe has no rules guidingwhat a lorry driver should be ableto see with his own eyes (directvision). Instead, European rulesfocus on indirect vision (throughmirrors), but while mirrors areuseful, the multitude of mirrors andtheir often distorted images are nosubstitute for decent direct vision.Secondly, the current EU law onweight and dimensions of lorries hasforced a design that has particularlylarge blind spots. Europe hasproposed changing this law to allow(but not mandate) slightly longer(80-90cm), more aerodynamic lorrydesigns. New designs would needto comply with additional safetyrequirements but these still need tobe developed. ● November 2014 ● The Mover 21THE FIRSTCHOICE• FULL DESTINATION SERVICESTHROUGHOUT FRANCE• IMPORT AND CLEARANCE VIA UKPORTS - FCL, LCL + GROUPAGE• EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE AGENTRATES TO HELP YOU BOOKMORE TRAFFIC• SPECIALIST FRENCH SPEAKINGMOVE-COORDINATORS, ACCESSDIFFICULTIES NO PROBLEM!• BENELUX, SWITZERLAND,GERMANY ETC ALSO SERVEDTHE FRENCHSPECIALISTSinfo@moveitchannelmoving.comwww.moveitchannelmoving.comM049

22 The Mover ● November 2014 ● IAM CONFERENCE 2014Reflections onIAMThere are plenty who will criticise IAM. Many of thosecriticisms are valid. But I will not be joining theirnumber. On the contrary, I’m a fan. By Steve Jordan.Ihad been to IAM before, thoughnever for the whole conference. Iknew what to expect, sort of, but Iwas surprised nonetheless. I wassurprised by the size of it, theprofessionalism, the quality (andabundance) of the food, the attention todetail, and the care taken by most people(though not all) to keep arrangedappointment times. After 40 years ofconference going, I am not easilyimpressed – but I was.The venue was the Marriott World Centerin Orlando, Florida. It’s a cavernous,energy-sapping place, that reminded meof Ceausescu’s palace in Bucharest. Butwith 2,000 business-hungry moverssettling on the place, what else could itbe? The hotel was perfect. Bijou andcharming are never going to work. It’s aplace to do business, to work hard, it’snot a holiday. Most importantly it was bigenough to keep everyone together, unlikelast year in Vancouver when delegateswere spread over five hotels and hadmost of their meetings on street cornershalfway between somewhere andnowhere.The Marriott is a palace of varieties set,as most hotels are in Orlando, amid acresof nothing. That is both a blessing and acurse: organisers like it because it helpsprevent people from wandering off asthere’s nowhere to go nearby; but thedelegates do feel a little trapped. It doesn’tseem as though you have visited America,just the Kingdom of Marriott.But, I repeat, this is not a holiday.Delegates are there to work and TerryHead and his team did a marvellous job ofproviding every opportunity for commerceto flourish. Take the welcome breakfast,for example. I expected, perhaps, a crustycroissant and jam with a few projectedpictures of last year’s event. Not a bit of it.At 8.30am I walked into a room occupiedby the best part of 2,000 people all sittingdown to an individually served hot breakfastwhile being transfixed by an audio visualshow and stage presentation that wouldhave rivalled the Hollywood Oscars. It wasa standard of performance that did notflag throughout. Head to head, continuousbanter between Terry Head and ChuckWhite, with audience participation andlive video links on a range of subjects,was hilarious even though I had no ideawhat they were taking about. Great theatreand stunning graphics.Navigating the labyrinth might havebeen a problem were it not for someconsiderate planning. The hotel mapwasn’t much help but the signage aroundthe hotel, and the ubiquitous hotelmarshals, more than compensated. Therewere also some nice touches too includinga themed jigsaw piece on every delegatebadge to be inserted in a puzzle in theexhibition hall; a device to encouragedelegates to visit the exhibitors and givethem some reward for their enterprise.The fact that some people still had theirpiece at the end of the conference seemedto me to be a little mean spirited,particularly as most had visited theexhibition anyway. Surely we have notall grown so curmudgeonly that we can’ttake time to play an innocent game whensomeone has been sufficiently innovativeto think of it. Some, obviously, have. Shame.I walked into a room occupied by thebest part of 2,000 people all sittingdown to an individually served hotbreakfast while being transfixed byan audio visual show and stagepresentation that would haverivalled the Hollywood Oscars.But the reason for anyone to visit IAMis the people. It is a place where all reserveis abandoned. As a Brit I always feel thatselling is a subtle, gentle process. Not atIAM. It’s the reason you are there. Youdo as much of it as you can before theopportunity evaporates for another year.It reminded me of a swaying, swirlingshoal of fish all reliant on each other, allfeeding voraciously before the planktonwas exhausted.● Above: the hotel bar;top right: the EUROMOVERSteam dressed up for the lastnight; above right: theMarriott World Center.Welcome night ● November 2014 ● The Mover 23REPORT: IAM CONFERENCE 2014ExhibitionThe criticisms hurled at IAM by so manyfor so long are valid. It is a seething massof moving humanity. It is a continuous ratrace of meeting after meeting all completedwith speed-dating efficiency and littleapparent sincerity. The business sessionsare attended only by an elite few withspecialist interest. The bar at night is ascreaming rabble that builds in a crescendoas the alcohol level rises to its inevitableconclusion. People do hold conversationswhile looking through each other in casesomeone more interesting, or potentiallyprofitable crosses their view, and showlittle concern about breaking off inpreference for something potentially better.It is impossible to hold a conversation formore than a few minutes without someone,not part of the discussion, interruptingand, sometimes, joining in. People dopretend, it is all a play, adrenalin rules,then the curtain comes down.People do hold conversationswhile looking through each otherin case someone more interesting,or potentially profitable crossestheir view ...But I like it. I didn’t think I would, but Ido. There is a strange honesty about it asif niceties of social intercourse have beenabandoned for a while and everyone canrelax focussing on a common strategy: togo home with the possibility of becomingricher than when they came. Americaseems to be the perfect place. That IAMis considering venturing further afield inthe future seems to me to be unwise: someof the commercial, unabashed, strippedawayrawness of it could be lost.... where else can you have theopportunity of rubbing shoulderswith all your potential customersand suppliers under one roof?There are plenty who whinge aboutIAM. It seems to be cool to complain. Butwhere else can you have the opportunityof rubbing shoulders with all your potentialcustomers and suppliers under one roof?It must be virtually impossible to attendand not benefit in some way. But to getthe most out of IAM you do need to work;and the harder you work, the luckier youget. And rather than complain about theirsore feet, their aching backs, the missedappointments, or even the undercuttingcompetition (the mover’s mantra), perhapspeople should reflect upon the privilegethat attending such a powerful gatheringundoubtedly is. And let’s appreciate theeffort, dedication, and skill that the IAMteam puts into making it work.

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26 The Mover ● November 2014 ● IAM CONFERENCE 2014Business reportIAM 2014Steve Jordan attended the IAM conferencein Orlando for The Mover.The opening presentationsummarised new initiativesand events from the world’slargest moving organisation.Here are the highlights.AFW Scholarship FundNew students and donators to the Alan F.Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund wereacknowledged at IAM by Heather Engle,the organisation’s president. The fundwas named after the founder of theHousehold Goods Forwarders Associationof America (HHGFAA).Heather said that since 2004 the fundhas made $5,000 awards to 62 students toencourage them to study transportation.Ten new awards were made in Orlando.All funds are donated by IAM membersin either bronze, silver, gold or platinumcategories with the platinum categoryrepresenting a donation in excess of$5,000. During 2014 there had been atotal of 40 donations allowing the fund tocontinue its aim of awarding up to tenscholarships every year.Applications for scholarships areaccepted from IAM members, theiremployees and their dependents. Anyoneinterested should go to and look under the ‘affiliates’ tab.whom he had worked for many years.Paul Klien was the President of FINK inBrazil and one of the founding membersand the first president of LACMA (LatinAmerican & Caribbean InternationalMovers Association). In the early 1970she founded the Brazilian Institute ofFinancial Executives with the aim ofbringing Brazil into the rank of developednations and was instrumental in the“This meeting has becomea marketing meeting. It’s thepeople who are doing the sellingfor their businesses who areshowing up here.”Terry Headmodernisation of the country. He died inMarch 2012. Receiving the honour onhis behalf Laura Ganon, the CEO of FINKthanked the IAM committee and theLACMA board that continues Mr. Klien’svision. “He had always been an inspirationto all of us,” she said. “He told us thateverything we do we must do with ethics,quality and respect.”● Below: Randall Groger;right: Laura Ganon.IAM honours Randall Groger and Paul KlienThe IAM Hall of Honor started in 2008 asan initiative to commemorate, to paytribute and celebrate the contribution madeby individuals in the moving industry. In2014 Randall K. Groger and Paul RichardKlien were added to the existing list of 42people to have been inducted since thestart of the programme.Randall Groger served on the IAMExecutive Committee for ten years leadingthe Association through its name changefrom HHGFAA and the restructuring ofits membership categories. He served 30years’ in the moving industry workingespecially in the defence and governmentsectors and is currently owner of RKGAssociates which he founded in 2008.Receiving the honour Mr. Groger saidthat he was very proud to have receivedit and thanked the committee for theirendorsement and the staff at IAM with ● November 2014 ● The Mover 27REPORT: IAM CONFERENCE 2014● Left: Terry Head;below: Adam Lowy ofMove For Hunger.Crown Relocations wins Move for Hunger award.Crown Relocations was awarded the titleof Move For Hunger Mover of the Year2014 at IAM in Orlando. Move For Hungerworks with moving companies to collectunwanted, non-perishable food itemsfrom its customers and deliver them tolocal food banks throughout NorthAmerica. Presenting the award, theorganisation’s Executive Director, AdamLowy said that in just five years since theformation of the organisation 600 movingcompanies had been involved in theprogramme and a total of 3.8 million mealshad been delivered. Crown Relocationshad been responsible for supplying around70,000 of those meals.The state of IAMTerry Head, IAM President gave a briefoverview of the organisation at theconference in Orlando. In his presentationTerry looked closely at the make up ofthe IAM membership and introduced newinitiatives that mark landmarks in theorganisation’s development.Attendance in Orlando was in excess of2,000 delegates reflecting a cross sectionof IAM’s 2,400 company membershipsin 179 countries. Terry said that themembership had changed over recentyears with the majority of the coremembership being located outside theUSA with the largest concentration ofmembership in Europe. Governingmembership is still dominated by USbasedcompanies which is somethingTerry is hoping to change in the future.“Some of the things we are doing that areof benefit to non-traditional military orgovernment movers will bring more peopleup from the core to the governing ranksof IAM membership,” he said, addingthat although the membership is stilldominated by agent companies, there arenow more relocation companies and othersegments are coming into membership.Two major changes in the attendanceat IAM in recent years have been thegrowth in the number of technologycompanies demonstrating the increasing“He (Paul Klien) told us thateverything we do we must do withethics, quality and respect.”Laura Gannonsophistication of the industry and the trendtowards the convention being a salesenvironment rather than one for trafficmanagement. “This meeting has becomea marketing meeting,” he said. “It’s thepeople who are doing the selling for theirbusinesses who are showing up here.”Enhanced communicationCommunication is important and IAMhas increased the number and type ofcommunications with members. One keyarea is the Social Café on the IAM websitethat is both a communication tool andbeing used to drive business. “You will seethings on the Social Café first,” said Terry.“If you want to be the first in your companyto know about things, this is where youwant to be spending your time.”RPP includedReceivable Protection Program waslaunched in 2007. Terry explained that ithas been a very viable program for thepeople who elected to be part of it allowingthem to recover funds owed by companiesthat stop trading. “We are now making thisan inclusive member benefit,” he explained.“From 1 January, 2015, everyone will beincluded in the RPP. It will also covermilitary and government traffic. This is abig step for this Association because theexposure there is huge. But hopefully,with the right number of people and theright reserves we will be able to covermore claims for more people.”Other initiativesTerry explained a number of otherinitiatives, all of which he said weredetailed on the ‘affilliates’ section of theIAM website. These include: thedevelopment of the International LogisticNetwork (ILN) for everything that is nothousehold goods; the Mentor Matchprogramme available through the SocialCafé to allow people with specific skillsto share their experience with others; andthe Shippers’ Association, a cooperativebuying programme that returns dividendsto its 200+ members.A new initiative is ‘IAM Here to Help’affiliation, a philanthropic organisation thatwill support natural disasters around theworld using the facilities and cooperationof IAM members. “Every time there is adisaster in the world people get in touchwith me and ask how they can help. Thisis the means that will allow you to do so.”Terry also explained that there are nowover 300 people enrolled as IAM YoungProfessionals (YP). “These people arebooking business. If you don’t have a YPin your business you should because youmight be losing business.”IAM expansionIAM is establishing a presence in Asia witha representative, Rob Ferone, in Singapore.This is a prototype organisation intendedto provide IAM services to members intheir own times zone. “If it works wehave plans to expand it into Europe andperhaps Africa,” said Terry. “This is alsoa step towards potentially taking ourannual meeting overseas and Asia isprobably our number one target area.”Planned IAM meetings are: 2015, SanDiego in a completely refurbished Hyatthotel; 2016, New Orleans; and 2017,Long Beach, California.

28 The Mover ● November 2014 ● IAM CONFERENCE 2014Moving for theladiesWhat started as a social gathering on LinkedInthree years ago is developing into a tour de forcefor women working in the international movingindustry. LIMA (Ladies in Moving), has the backingof IAM and has already recruited over 200 membersworldwide. Steve Jordan offers a male view.It was the brainchild of MarinaSvetlichnaya from Art Relocation inRussia. She recognised that women,working in a male dominatedindustry, could benefit from a littlecohesion. If nothing else, swapping storiesand expanding their bank of like-mindedcontacts worldwide, would provideincreased knowledge and addedconfidence.LIMA held a two-hour business sessionduring the IAM conference in Orlando towhich I was invited as a visiting journalist.As I entered the room, as the sole maleparticipant, I began to understand whatMariana had in mind. When the balanceof the sexes is significantly skewed eitherway it can be a little intimidating – even(perhaps especially) for a chap as we areless used to it than the ladies.The meeting was facilitated by AlexandraBorovkova also from Art Relocation. Shesaid that it was sometimes hard for womenworking in a man’s business. The purposeof LIMA was to make it easier bynetworking and finding reliable agentsworldwide that women could use withconfidence. She also said that it was theintention to form an executive committeeto manage the organisation and askedfor ideas about how best to proceed.Alexandra then introduced a series ofspeakers each who gave her ownimpression of the role of LIMA and itssignificance. Barbara Sevelli from theGoslin Group said that there was a needto encourage a mentoring programme;while Anne Van Gils said the membersshould share experiences of working in amale dominated industry, for example,when requesting flexible working toaccommodate child care.Georgia Angell, from ForemostForwarders said that LIMA should bemore than just a social thing. It neededstructure, a mission statement and bylaws.While Evelyn de Jaen, General Managerof LACMA said that most companiesalready have women in leading roles andthey don’t need to prove anything.It’s obviously early days for LIMA and,as a man, I am not sure I am entitled toan opinion and certainly not to criticise.Marina and her team have obviouslydone a good job in sparking interest andrallying considerable support. But takingan objective view, those who are cryingfor more structure are not wrong. Themeeting was a very relaxed affair withlittle of the stage management we havecome to expect elsewhere. LIMA has alogo, proudly displayed, but Alexandrasaid that the final design was still flexible!Perhaps a decision should have beenmade before presenting it at IAM. Firstnames were used throughout forintroductions: great if you know thepeople but tricky for a newcomer. Andafter three years I was surprised thatmore of an organisational structure hadnot emerged already.“It is sometimes hard for womenworking in a man’s business,the purpose of LIMA is to makeit easier ...”Alexandra BorovkovaThe proceedings were also dramaticallyfemale. Well of course they were. That’sthe idea surely. They concluded with araffle with donations of expensive-lookinggifts – including handbags, chocolatesand object d’art from around the world –with each giver and receiver earningstage time for a short company profileamid exclamations of approval from theaudience. It was a nice idea and aninteresting way of creating bonds across● Above: AlexandraBorovkova; above right:Marina Svetlichnaya;right: Georgia Angell. ● November 2014 ● The Mover 29REPORT: IAM CONFERENCE 2014“LIMA helps women expandtheir list of contacts.”Marina Svetlichnaya● Top: Barbara Savelli(with Anne Van Gils):above: Evelyn de Jaen,General Manager of LACMA.continents but it did go on a bit. Too muchof the same at every meeting could riskthe organisation losing credibility in mymyopic male view. But who am I to say?The whole point is for ladies to supportladies and they know the best way to dothat I suppose.“Most companies already havewomen in leading roles and theydon’t need to prove anything.”Evelyn de JaenTalking to other women at IAM, somewho attended the LIMA meeting and somewho didn’t, the jury seems to be out.Some were wholeheartedly supportive,recognising that women experienceddifferent pressures at work that neededto be acknowledged and addressed;some who felt very comfortable workingin an increasingly less male dominatedindustry and wondered what all the fusswas about.I think it’s fine. If LIMA is needed, andinitial reaction suggests it is, it will thriveand I wish it good fortune. If it is not, Iguess it will find its own level. Either way,I trust that this rather frank report, froman unavoidably male perspective, doesn’tmean the door is closed to me at futureLIMA meetings. Maybe I should wave awhite flag as I enter next time.

30 The Mover ● November 2014 ● ON THE ROAD● Labour wants walking, cycling and public transport to be attractive options.HGV safety equipment to becompulsory says LabourThe Shadow Transport Secretary, Mary Creagh, has vowed thatsafety equipment to protect cyclists will be made compulsoryon HGVs if Labour wins next year’s UK General Election.She has also criticised thecurrent coalitiongovernment for scrappingroad safety targets andletting HGVs travel faster on singlecarriage roads.While speaking at the LabourParty Conference in Manchester inSeptember she shook things up bypromising a ‘Big Change’ to the UK’scurrent transport policy including‘London style’ transport powers toother areas of the UK. She also tolddelegates, “We deserve to travelsafely at all times, but this governmentscrapped Labour’s road safetytargets and increased the speedlimit for heavy goods vehicles onsingle track roads, which will leadto more deaths.”Continuing her speech the ShadowTransport Secretary said, “Labourwants walking, cycling and publictransport to be attractive options.Long before lycra and bike helmets,everyone used to cycle. I want everychild to have the chance to learn toride a bike safely, and we want to“I want every childto have the chanceto learn to ride a bikesafely, and we wantto see more peoplecommuting to workby bike too.”Mary Creaghsee more people commuting towork by bike too. That is why thenext Labour government will ensurethat all HGVs are fitted with safetydevices to protect pedestrians andcyclists.”A press release issued in December2013 by Ms. Creagh’s officeannounced that it wanted HGVoperators to sign up to a voluntarycharter to make a number of safetyimprovements on new and existingvehicles. The release said that thevoluntary charter was an immediatestep that will be backed up bylegislation making these safetymeasures compulsory for HGVs, ifLabour wins next May.Ms. Creagh said, “If Labour winsthe 2015 election, and the sectorhasn’t responded, we will legislateto make these safety featurescompulsory. Solving the problem ofcycling safety needs education,enforcement and engineering.Labour’s HGV Safety Charter is animportant first step on that journeyand we encourage businesses tosign up.”In December Labour said that itwanted HGV operators to sign upto a range of safety measures bythe middle of 2014. These includedrear-view cameras, reversing alarmsand day time running lights. Thisseemed to be impractical both asthe charter was not enforced and itwould have been impossible tocomplete all the work in such ashort time anyway. By the end of2017, Labour wants all HGVs fittedwith in-cab warning systems fordrivers, side-guards and blind-spotelimination devices - an equallyimprobable goal for all HGVs in justthree years.Ms. Creagh also confirmed theparty’s backing for the High Speed 2rail project, suggesting it willtransform the country. She washowever cautious and said thatcosts needed to be kept undercontrol. As well as improving thecapacity of the railways to helpdecrease freight traffic on the roads,it is also planned for a cycle track torun alongside High Speed 2.Editor’s NoteI don’t know about you but, as a cyclist,I don’t fancy the idea of riding along a cyclelane with 300mph trains hurtling by. MaybeMs Creagh has never actually ridden a bike!Clampingin Londondrops by 80%Data recently released byLondon Councils shows thenumber of clamps fitted tovehicles in 2013/14 fell to1,656 - down from 8,273 theprevious year - a drop of 80%.The figures also show penaltycharge notices (PCNs) issuedby London local authoritiesand Transport for London (TfL)for minor offences fell to theirlowest level in five years (downby more than 10,000 to 992,516for 2013/14). This decreasecoincides with the number ofappeals lodged with the ParkingAnd Traffic Appeals Services(PATAS) also falling to a five-yearlow, down more than 1,000 to54,129. Over the same period,almost half of all parking appealswere won by the motorist – 47.8%.Julian Bell, Chair of LondonCouncils’ Transport andEnvironment Committee (TEC),said: “These figures showboroughs have moved away fromclamping as a method of parkingenforcement and are focussingtheir resources on methods whichallow traffic to keep moving. Thereality is now clamping is onlybeing used in special cases andagainst the most persistentoffenders.”Latest approved ATFs (August 2014)Name Location Email TelephoneQueensway Commercials Rochdale 01706 641 286Crossroads Truck and Bus Boroughbridge 01423 320 220Howarth Brothers Oldham 01706 847 514Scania Newbridge 01313 332 362 ● November 2014 ● The Mover31WWAd:Layout 1 14/2/14 10:57 Page 1???Lost forwords?Don’t waste time tryingto come up with wordsfor your new website orbrochure.Words are our business,so call The Mover andget the professionalsworking for you.We’ve got the words to get things movingCall +44 (0) 1908 695500

32 The Mover ● November 2014 ● THE VV-PLANETHE VV-PLANE:TRANSPORT REVOLUTION?On 26 September, 2014, The Mover was invited to witness the inaugural flight of a revolutionarynew concept in long distance transport that could solve the problem of delivering householdgoods to remote locations: the VV-Plane. Here is Steve Jordan’s take on what could be the mostdramatic shift in transport since the invention of the railways.Every international movingcompany has at some timestruggled with deliveriesto remote regions.Magazines such as The Mover revelin stories of containers beingdelivered, against the odds, onhome-made rafts, by helicopter, orby intrepid drivers braving some ofthe world’s most dangerous roadsto reach the interiors of SouthAmerica, Africa, China or the frozenwastelands in Canada or Russia. Buta new invention just might makethese type of deliveries, not just ofpersonal effects but of generalcargo, as common as a Waitrosedelivery van.It is the brainchild of engineer,inventor and entrepreneur ThorstenU Reinhardt who, through hiscompany 4 x 4 Aviation, has taken acompletely new look at the way inwhich these deliveries are madeand has invented a method that hebelieves will be cheaper, faster, morepractical and safer than a truck.Thorsten came up with the ideawhen he was living in Bolivia, alandlocked country. Here, he said,the cost of the most basic goods is50% higher than in Europe despiteheavy government subsidies. Goodscan be transported easily by ship tothe nearest port, but it’s whathappens from there that costs themoney and takes the time.To solve the problem, Thorstenhas invented a new type of aircraft.Anyone who remembers GerryAnderson’s Thunderbird 2 will befamiliar with the idea. It’s a verticaltake-off and landing (VTOL) craft thataccommodates, within its fuselage,a standard 20ft container. The planelands on top of the container, locksit in place, and delivers it directly toits location without worrying aboutthe dilapidated (or non-existent)infrastructure below. No runways,no terminals. It’s a simple idea, somemay say an obvious one, but thereis some pretty clever technologygoing on behind the scenes to makeit work.At the heart of the concept is arevolutionary propulsion systeminvented by 4 x 4 Aviation that isalso attracting the attention of someof the major car manufacturers. It’sa hybrid system that uses acombustion engine to power agenerator that stores its energy inbatteries in the form of a pressurevessel that, in turn, powers electricturbines. Software, also developedby 4 x 4 Aviation controls the powerunits through micro-controllers with“The difficultpart is knowinghow to do it. That’swhere the fundinghas already gone.I now know howto do it. That iswhy I only need anadditional £3.5m.”Thorsten U Reinhardtfew mechanical components: that’swhat makes the system unique. EachVV-Plane has 16 engines operatingin clusters of four. Clusters of smallengines are recognised as beingmore efficient than single largeengines (a principle that is commonthroughout industry for computers,heat exchangers, separators, etc.).Thorsten says that he requires ameagre £3.5m to complete thedevelopment work and build thefull size prototype. He believes thatthis will be achievable within threeyears of securing the funding.Questioned about the modestfunding requirement Thorsten said:“The thought process has alreadycost more than £2m. The difficultpart is knowing how to do it. That’swhere the funding has already gone.I now know how to do it. That is whyI only need an additional £3.5m.”Once the design is perfected andproven he intends to allow planes tobe built, essentially from kits, locallyto where they are needed benefitingfrom local government finance.“Because there are very fewmechanical parts it will be possiblefor these developing countries tomanufacture the VV-Planesthemselves while we support themtechnically. We are looking to produce ● November 2014 ● The Mover33NEWS: ON THE ROADEnginesCombustion engineThe engine is a multi-staged (gas and steam) thermodynamic process machine built fromoff-the-shelf components that will be able to achieve 75% fuel efficiency with zero emissions.Energy storageLightweight, double-walled pressure vessels allowing a fast charge and discharge of stored energy.Reinhardt electric turbineInternal blades connected to electric motors that function as outer runners and stators.Powered by an on-board generator or temporarily from batteries charged by the generator.Facts & FiguresWing span: 11.9mFuselage dimensions: length: 15.2m, width: 2.7m, height: 3.5mEmpty weight:3,000kgMaximum take-off weight: 10 tonnesMaximum distance:3,300km (2,050 miles)Maximum speed:330kmhFuel consumption:65litres/100kmCost: £380,000Operational lifespan: 20 years● Left: CGI rendering of how the VV-plane will look;below left: Thorsten U Reinhardt with the scalemodel at the test flight; right: the scale model aboutto leave the tarmac on its demonstration least 30 aircraft a month initiallyin this way.”Each aircraft will have an operatingrange of 3,300km at an averagespeed of 300kmh. They will eachcost approximately £380,000 andhave an operating lifespan of 20years. This compares favourablywith the cost of buying and runningtrucks. They will not need pilots.Maintenance costs will be low.One potential problem area ispayload. The first craft will be able tocarry a container weighing no morethan seven tonnes which gives apayload of around five tonnes. Thismight be a problem for someindustries, but for movers, it’s ideal.Most household goods containerswould have a net weight of no morethan three tonnes so it is possiblefor the removal of household goodsto be one of the first keyapplications for this newtechnology. Thorsten also has plansfor the development of lightweightcontainers that would increase thepayload but reduce the intermodalflexibility.The test flight was successfulalthough it was only of a smallscalemodel that rose a foot or twooff the tarmac at Lydd airport inKent, fluttered around a little, andlanded again – twice. But it diddemonstrate the principle. Somewill read this article and scoff. Whynot use a helicopter or an airship?Well, both are much more expensiveto build and require highly trainedpilots. Some will say it’s a crackpotidea that will never work. Well,maybe. But those people shouldremember that those are almost theexact words that were said to FrankWhittle only a few decades ago.We live in a world that is changingmore rapidly now than ever beforeand that acceleration will continue.A visitor to our world from only 20years ago would hardly recognise itin terms of technology. If Thorstenis right, and he gets the backing heneeds, we could easily be on thethreshold of a transport revolutionthat will change the way goods aremoved around the world and affectthe lives of millions of peopleespecially those who currently livein its most remote regions.Don’t you think it’s exciting thatthe removals industry, for once,rather than struggling to shrug offits image as a bunch of semi-skilledhumpers, might one day help tolead the way towards somethingextraordinary?Germany to introduce roadtax for foreigners from 2016The German Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrint, hasunveiled plans to introduce a toll on foreign-registeredvehicles using the country’s roads from 2016, dismissingconcerns in Brussels and neighbouring countries that theplan could breach European anti-discrimination laws.The tax will be applied toall vehicles above 3.5tonnes and will includecars and could even beextended to motorcycles. Whileforeign drivers will need to purchasea vignette to use the roads, Germandrivers would see that cost offsetby a tax discount. Shortly after theannouncement, the EuropeanCommission stated that, itgenerally welcomed plans to fundinfrastructure investment fromlevies on road users, however, itwarned that a tax targeting aspecific group could be seen asdiscriminatory and therefore becontested.During a meeting betweenFEDEMAC and Siim Kallas, thecurrent Commissioner forTransport said that the Commissionwill be closely following thedevelopments in Germany, in orderto insure that Community law isrespected and no discriminationagainst non-Germans occurs.Germany has had a distance-basedtoll system for trucks for years,but is one of a few Europeancountries that doesn’t charge carson its highways. Most of itsneighbours, including France,Austria, Switzerland, Poland andthe Czech Republic, have tollsystems for private cars that don’tdistinguish between foreignersand nationals.Dobrindt said that calculationshad shown the measure couldgenerate about 600 million eurosof extra revenue, to be invested inthe maintenance and constructionof Germany’s roads. The ministersaid that, if implemented, the newroad toll would correct what hedescribed as a “fairness gap”, anapparent reference to the fact thatGerman drivers have to pay roadtolls when driving in neighbouringcountries such as Austria,Switzerland and the CzechRepublic. Currently drivers fromthose countries have to pay nosuch toll in Germany.However, even German legalexperts expressed doubt that thegovernment could make the planEU-proof.Austria and the Netherlandswarned recently that they wouldtake the plan to the EuropeanCourt of Justice if it discriminatedagainst non-Germans. AlexanderDobrindt, Germany’s TransportMinister and a member of theBavarian Christian Social Union,insisted on Monday that his expertshad taken the Commission’scomments into account and thatthe plan wouldn’t breach EU law.The planned law has not onlycaused controversy at Europeanlevel but also in Germany itself.Despite the strong support of theCSU, Chancellor Merkel hasclearly stated that she is opposedto it and does not intend to provideany support for it. The issue is ofgreat importance to Bavaria dueto the large traffic of foreign driverson its roads.FEDEMAC will be closelyfollowing the situation and willinform members as soon as newdevelopments occur.

34 The Mover ● November 2014 ● ON THE ROADApple iWatch couldimpair driving performanceThe Institute of Advanced Motorists is warning driversabout the potential risks associated with using smartwatches while driving.● Scania launches Road to Work scheme.Scania acts to combatUK driver shortageWith Skills for Logistics predicting an LGV driver shortage of120,000 by 2020 Scania is launching a new initiative to attractnew drivers to the industry.The Road to Work schemehas been designed tobring new drivers into theindustry quickly andsustainably and equip them withthe specialist skills required byprospective employers.Where there are vacancies thescheme can enable job seekers toacquire an LGV licence with fundingsupport provided through existinggovernment schemes. Scania isalso working with industry partnersto identify suitable employedcandidates wishing to transfer fromtheir existing roles to a new careerbehind the wheel.“There’s no doubt that the UK isheading for a serious drivershortfall and that urgent action isrequired,” said Scania (GreatBritain) Limited’s Driver ServicesManager Mark Agnew. “Road toWork is a flexible programme thatwill also work for clients eager tobring apprentices into theirbusiness that ultimately end upwith an LGV licence. Moreimportantly Road to Work is a routeto developing professional driverswho are ready for the workplace.This is much more than a licenceacquisition course; it is bespoke toour clients’ needs.”The latest piece of wearabletechnology from Applewill allow users to makeand receive calls, checktheir messages and monitor theirhealth by operating the device ontheir wrists. However, the IAMwarns that this could significantlyimpair driving performance – beinga major cause for distraction androad accidents.Existing research conducted by theIAM simulator study on smartphoneuse between 2006 and 2010 founddistraction from a mobile phonewas a contributory factor in 1,960road accidents which resulted ininjuries; this figure includes 110fatal accidents. Having a wristwatchlinked to users’ mobile phones onlysuggests a higher proportion ofdrivers’ performance will besignificantly impaired.Constant alerts will requiremotorists’ regular attention. Asopposed to using a legal hands-freepiece of equipment the iWatch willrequire drivers to use two hands tooperate the device – impactingspeed, lane position and time spentlooking at the road.The Department for Transport hasannounced that using an iWatchwhile driving will carry the samepenalty as using a hand-held mobilephone of three licence penaltypoints and a £100 fine. Where amotorist uses a mobile phonecausing death by dangerous drivinga harsher sentence of two yearsimprisonment is enforced.“Enforcement will bedifficult for the police,but powers exist toseize and interrogatedevices in the eventof a serious crash.The very device thatdistracted you alsohas the power toconvict you.”Neil GreigNeil Greig, IAM Director of Policyand Research said, “An iWatch hasthe potential to be just as distractingas any other smartphone device.Enforcement will be difficult for thepolice, but powers exist to seizeand interrogate devices in theevent of a serious crash. The verydevice that distracted you also hasthe power to convict you.”Take control of Driver CPCWell-run haulage firms are taking control of Driver CPC and making it part-and-parcel of their operation, says the Road Haulage Association.Quality firms of any significantsize will be doing annualtraining as a matter of policy,and it recommends that approachto the whole industry.“RHA members are talking moreand more about the value of DCPCtraining to their businesses andplanning the courses that will bestsuit them,” said RHA Director ofPolicy, Jack Semple. “It is very clearto us that well-presented coursesgo down very well with drivers andtheir employers. Driver feedbackdemonstrates that time and again,whether the training is done in-houseor by third parties.”Mr. Semple said that like manythings in life, some trainers arebetter than others. But those driversand employers who take DCPCseriously soon identify who deliversgood courses and who doesn’t. Thereality is that there are many excellenttrainers, delivering courses that areboth enjoyable and informative. “TheRHA’s Driver CPC quality trainingcompetition, which is open to alltrainers, seeks to promote goodpractice and we will continue withthat theme”, he said.According to Mr. Semple, DriverCPC, which is a form of continuingprofessional development (CPD), ishere to stay. “That does not meanthat it is perfect and we will beworking with the government andmembers to make it work betterfor the industry,” he said. “I amconcerned that, while there are manyhigh-quality open courses, smallerfirms have less opportunity thanlarger fleets to tailor the training totheir needs. We will be looking to seewhat more can be done to improvethe options available to smaller firms.”● Jack Semple. ● November 2014 ● The Mover 35 ● The Task Force will help the government with options for meeting the2020 RED renewable transport fuel target.New Transport EnergyTask Force establishedA new Transport Energy Task Force has been established,building on the LowCVP’s recent studies on fuelsdecarbonisation (Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership).The Task Force will help thegovernment to examineand formulate options formeeting the 2020 REDrenewable transport fuel target anddetermine how low carbon fuelscan help reduce greenhouse gasemissions from UK transport in theperiod to 2030 and beyond. TheDepartment for Transport (DfT) hasasked the LowCVP to help managethis work.The first meeting of the Task Forcewas held on 29 September anddrew on the expertise of a broadrange of stakeholders, includingrepresentatives of: environmentaland societal NGOs, oil, biofuel andadvanced fuels industries, agriculturalindustry, alternative fuels sectors,investors and the automotiveindustry. Also engaged in the TaskForce are representatives fromacross government including DfT,Treasury and the Department ofEnergy & Climate Change. Futuremeetings will be similarly composed.The Task Force will comprise a highlevel group and a number of workinggroups. The high level group hasan independent chairman - ChrisMottershead of King’s College, London.This group will provide direction toworking groups on key questionsand issues and review outputs.The Task Force will seek specificallyto answer the following questions:• What trajectories and mechanismsare needed to ensure the UK meetsthe 2020 RED target for transportsustainably and cost effectively,and so that transport continues tomake an effective contribution togreenhouse gas emission reductionsto 2030, and beyond;• What objectives, targets andtrajectories could the UK adoptbeyond 2020?• What are the likely impacts ofdifferent pathway options (to 2020and 2030)?• What evidence is available andrequired and what criteria shouldbe used to assess options?• How to maximise the use of themost sustainable renewable fuelsand the opportunities for UKindustrial growth, e.g. by supportingexisting UK investments made insustainable biofuels, and stimulatinginvestment in advanced fuels?The Task Force will explore thepotential for consensus amongstakeholders and, potentially, provideadvice and input to further workcommissioned by the DfT, othergovernment departments or theLowCVP with respect to roadtransport energy policy.The establishment of a collaborativebody to look at the future for lowcarbon road transport fuels wasone of the recommendations of theLowCVP’s report ‘Investing in theLow Carbon Journey’ that waslaunched at the Annual Conferencein July. The Transport Energy TaskForce is scheduled to report itsfindings to the Department forTransport by March 2015. CRATE HIRE WANT IT MOVEDWITH CARE?THEN CALL0845 459 0079OversizedVehiclesMake the right moveand contactPPS for crate rentalsEuropeanGroupageCovered Classic& PrestigeMaking transportation really simple» Reliable » Secure » Cost effectiveBook on 0845 459 0079 a quote or advicecontact us. We’ll always gothe extra mile.

36 The Mover ● November 2014 ● BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS● Checking grammar and spelling in business communications is vital to maintaining professional credibility.Going through a bad spellWhile some can be very minor and easily overlooked, others are glaringly obvious and can ruin any company’s credibility when madein important marketing material. What are they? Typographical errors: typos to you and me. By Charlotte Roe, Business Writer.The sad thing is most typos aremade not because the personwriting can’t spell or usegrammar, but because theyhaven’t bothered to check. This flippantapproach to their own company’smarketing material sends out a messageto potential clients: ‘We can’t be botheredto get the detail right for our own company,so what makes you think we’ll give aflying frog about yours?’Okay, so that might sound a little overthe top; we all make mistakes. But Irecently heard someone say that a typois not a small detail if it’s the only thingthat people see. No matter how goodyour business, how compelling the salespitch on your flyer, how poetic theintroduction on your website, if there isan obvious typo sticking out like a sorethumb then you may as well not havebothered.One flyer that dropped on our doormatthis month, from a company that we shallnot name, states in bold proud letters onthe front “Free month advertising”. Surely,what they really mean is, “One month’sfree advertising”, don’t they? On thesame flyer it says that the company is soconfident that it can improve our businessit’s offering “exclusive advertising on it’swebsite”. They may be confident aboutwhat they can do for our business butthis miss-placed apostrophe makes meless so.It’s not just typos in marketing materialthat can damage a company’s credibility,it’s mistakes in other correspondence suchas e-mails and letters as well. E-mails inparticular seem to be littered with typosdue to people being over eager to respond,overlooking the need to check what theyhave typed before they hit the sendbutton.The use of ‘text talk’ in e-mails is anotherthing that gets my goat. Abbreviationssuch as ‘c u l8r’ are fine if you are e-mailingor texting your best friend, but for ane-mail being sent from your businessaccount? Surely it is not that much effortto type those few extra letters if it meansthe difference between someone readingit and thinking ‘fool’ and someonereading it and thinking ‘professional’.As a writer I am probably more pickythan most when it comes to typos andthe proper use of the English language.In my office we have a policy of checkingevery piece of work three times: once bythe person who wrote it and then by twoothers as well.My advice is to slow down a little.Is the e-mail, flyer or brochure thaturgent that you can’t take a minuteto check it before it wings its way outinto the big wide world?● Charlotte Roe.Every day I come across more peoplewho agree that mistakes on a company’swebsite, flyer or in its brochure canmean they decide to take their businesselsewhere. My advice is to slow down alittle. Is the e-mail, flyer or brochure thaturgent that you can’t take a minute tocheck it before it wings its way out into thebig wide world? If you’re not sure aboutwhat you have written, get someone elseto look over it. Don’t just think ‘that’ll do’- because most of the time it won’t.

T R A D E S E R V I C E SONLINE RATES, SAILINGSCHEDULES AND SHIPMENTTRACKINGWORLDWIDE FCL, LCL ANDAIRFREIGHT SERVICESAt Simpsons we want you to get the bestservice, so we’ll allocate you a personalco-ordinator for your shipments, from startto finish.AND WE WON’T BE BEATEN ON PRICE*Pinpoint the best pricedworldwideremovals providerP R O F E S S I O N A L S E R V I C E SExport and Import trade services available.Groupage services to Australia, New Zealand,USA, Canada, South Africa, SE Asia, Dubai, MiddleEast, Malta and Cyprus.Regular weekly departures.Full destination services, or up to arrival port only.Receiving from 07.30am to 4.30pm Monday toFriday (must be booked in advance).Call the trade desk on 01322 386969E:* Subject to the following conditions: A copy of the lower quote to be providedThe lower quote must be freely available to any trade user. The quote date must still be valid.Excludes European shipments

38 The Mover ● November 2014 ● Half Page Vertical:Layout 1 12/10/14 19:29 Page 2Branch Manager SydneyCommercial Moving Sales focused Service Orientated On-going career developmentGrace Group is recognised as Australia’s largest removaland records Management Company in Australasia withoperations in 40 locations throughout Australia and NewZealand. We are one of the largest independent movingbusinesses in the Asia Pacific region. At Grace we offer apeople centric approach to business, a strong growthorientation together with career developmentopportunities.Reporting to the Regional General Manager, thischallenging and exciting role will see you responsible forthe achievement of budgeted revenue and profit, qualityof service and overall development of the business unit.You will manage the activities of the sales, customerservice and operations departments and lead these teamsto success.To be successful in this role you will ideally possess thefollowing attributes: Previous management experiencein Business and Commercial moving Experience in profit and loss management A good grounding in sales Project management skills an advantage Excellent communication skills – writtenand oral Ability to motivate, lead and managepeople Excellent administrative skills Motivated self-starterIf you are a hands-on Manager, committed to providingour commercial clients with first class service and ready tojoin a well-known and established company in Australia,please email a cover letter and resume to:Lyn Wallace, Human Resources Manager – Only applicants who meet the criteria will be contacted. Registered charity numbers 216401 and SC037717

40 The Mover ● November 2014 ● PEOPLEElizabeth Kockenpromoted at GraebelElizabeth Kocken has recently been promoted to the position ofGlobal Talent Management Director for Graebel in the USA.She will now be responsible forthe implementation of thecompany’s international talentmanagement and programmes.Elizabeth has been with Graebelfor five years and has been steadilypromoted within the humanresources team having started asa human resources generalist, thensenior human resources generalist.Most recently, as the global humanresources manager she has beeninstrumental in the design andexpansion of cost-effective globaltalent management programmesin the Graebel regional centres inPrague, Singapore and Shanghai.● Elizabeth Kocken.Job vacancy at John Mason InternationalInternationalSales Consultant(Surveyor)John Mason International have a currentjob vacancy for an International Sales Consultantbased in London and the Home Counties.You will work with our prospective customers,to understand their needs and estimate the volume ofgoods to be shipped before developing a solution.The role will require flexible working days/hours.You will need to be process driven and tech savvy.Experience in the International Moving industry is a plus.Competitive salary, bonus and company car.Please reply in writing with a CV to:David OzardGeneral ManagerJohn Mason InternationalEmail: david@johnmason.comNot just inLondon, BournemouthDunfermline FarnboroughForres Jersey & GuernseyKnaresboroughLancasterLeedsPlymouthPortsmouthSouthamptonSouthseaTelfordWinchesterWe cover the UK inour OWN vehiclesThe White & Co Mystery MoverWhite & Co Ad.indd 1 10/02/2012 13:10SALESREPRESENTATIVEOver’s of Camberley is looking to recruita sales representativefor its Farnborough branch.This is an excellent opportunity for an ambitious,sales-based individual to join a family-run businessthat’s been operating since 1857. A proven background withinthe removals industry is required for this role along withexcellent communication skills and the ability tosecure sales in house. A competetive salary packageis available, plus commission and a company car.Congratulations to Peter Varall from Castles in Deal who correctlyidentified Colin Chapman last month. It’s actually the second timePeter has won the White and Company Red and Black watch, provingthat it’s still worthwile having a go even if you are already a proudowner. This time you have five people snapped at this year’s IAMconference. All have name badges but the gentleman second from theright has his beer glass in the way. Can you put a name to the face?Answers please to the first instance please e-mailyour application to Graham ● November 2014 ● The Mover 41NEWS: PEOPLEPuzzles1 2 3 4 5 6 789 101112● Angie Boreham.Angie Boreham joins FoxAngie Boreham joined Fox Moving and Storage on 1 Julyas Corporate Account Manager and Business Developer.She will represent Fox inLondon and the HomeCounties, monitoring theservice delivery of all keyaccounts, VIP and high profilebusiness in that area. Angie is a veryexperienced moving professionaland will also carry out surveys andsite visits as part of her customerservice role.Angie has been in the removalsbusiness since 1985 when shejoined the Fine Art Division of TransEuro. During her 15 years at TransEuro she worked in several otherdepartments and found enoughtime to have three children. Shehas experience in dealing withEuropean moves, air freight, sales,marketing, storage, specialisedmoves and has worked alongside theeditor of The Mover, Steve Jordan,at Avalon Overseas dealing with thePeter van den Bergjoins Tippet Richardsonprivate, international migrantsection.The last ten or so years have seenher involved with running aspecialist trade packing company,serving the international movingindustry, with a large, regularportfolio of well known movingbusinesses, particularly in theLondon area.She felt that the time had come tomove back to what she knows best,the international corporate marketand, having built a long workingrelationship with Fox, took up a newposition with the company. She willhave a strong interest in the USmarket and is responsible also forpromoting the Atlas Brand, sinceFox is the UK licensee for AtlasInternational, now a rapidlyexpanding international network, aswell as one of the largest US van lines.Peter van den Berg has joined the international team at TippetRichardson in Vancouver. Peter has over 20 years of internationalbusiness experience, specialising in the relocation, logistics andtransportation industry with a very successful record ofaccomplishments.Peter was born and raised in the industry, as the fourth generation inhis family’s national and international moving company in theNetherlands. After graduating from university, Peter earned severaldiplomas from the FIDI Academy. He has practical experience inpacking and loading, dispatching, traffic coordination, managementand relocation.13 14 151917 181620 2122 23ACROSS1 Garden watering device (4)3 Someone skilled inshooting (8)9 Arranged neatly (7)10 Gena Lee ___ : actress (5)11 Enhancements (12)13 Neat and concise;irritable (6)15 Struck by overwhelmingshock (6)17 Bump (12)20 Speak withoutpreparation (2-3)21 Sterile (7)22 Went beyond a quota (8)23 Movement of water causinga small whirlpool (4)DOWN1 Weighing the most (8)2 Economise (5)4 ___ Bocelli: Italianoperatic singer (6)5 School for youngchildren (12)6 Civilians trained assoldiers (7)7 Religious sisters (4)8 Unfriendly (12)12 Elastic (8)14 Modern type of paint (7)16 On fire (6)18 Observed (5)19 Rich savoury paste (4)1 5 8 28 64 27 25 2 9 8 14 93 53 66 2 9 1

42 The Mover ● November 2014 ● DATESFreeLineageAdsDiaryDatesE-mailyourDiary Dates ads up to 20 words for sales and wants are free in The Mover.E-mail your advertisement to valuable additional income byhelping your customers save moneyon household bills (they’ll love you!) 01403 330097, 07791 310363.LOOKING TO SELL YOUR REMOVALSAND STORAGE BUSINESS?PLEASE CALL 07831 255986 IN FULLCONFIDENCE FOR A QUICKDECISION.CITY & WEST END RELOCATIONS LTDcompany name for sale,sensible offers invited.Call Kevin or Alan: 0208 443 3122.DRAW BAR TRAILER FOR SALEMarsden Vanplan 4 container. Goodsolid condition, £4,000 ono.Tel: 01902 714555 MOV NUMBER PLATEfor sale, £11,500 + VAT ono,Call Brad 07990 576936.LEYLAND DAF 1997 12 TONNEMOT Aug 2014 - 5 container,regularly serviced and inspections,£3,500 + VAT.Call 01279 726641PORTERS WANTED for respectableBAR removals company in HP3 area.Experience not essential but ideal.Call: 01442 256229;Email: REMOVAL COMPANY,in the Somerset area, is looking for anexperienced HGV driver.Please call Henrietta on01225 314433.WANTED: 7FT STORAGE CONTAINERSAny quantity and location considered.Will collect.Please phone 01747 822077,e-mail - TOP SPEC REMOVAL VAN,1250/1450cube Vancraft or similar,LEZ compliant, w.h.y?e-mail david@easy2move.comEXPERIENCED HGV DRIVERS NEEDEDfor BAR registered removalscompany in Hemel Hempstead area.Call: 01442 256229;Email: FOR SALEM Reg, Leyland DAF 12,500kg,3 container van. Tax and tested,£1,750 + VAT.Tel 01452 6176007.5 TONNE DRIVER/REMOVALSPORTER required for family run BARmember in CM16 area.01279 882822 ext 603 Jayne ArnoldMV03ERUnovelty number plate for sale.Call Mr Taylor on 01354 695698.WANTED STORAGE CONTAINERS5,6,7ft. Any amount, collect fromanywhere.E-mail: or telephone: 01745 591339.LOOKING FOR CLASS 1 OR 2 DRIVERFOR FULL-TIME JOBLocal and long distance work.Call Scott on 0208 892 8931 or e-mail DAF 75Sleeper PSV’D Great Condition4 Pallet+Space 2,000ft 3 . On Air.Walk in Tail. £15,500.Tel: 02891 271734.REMOVAL TRUCK NEEDEDLow profile body/drop well, big cab2 bunks (not a pod). Side doors,low mileage. Cash waiting.07774 937947, pkiddy@aol.comor www.balloonfantasia.comNUMBER PLATE C4SES on retentionfor sale £6,000 no VAT.Tel: Michael on 020 8 492 9740.STORAGE CONTAINERS FOR SALE250 cubic feet each, good condition,based in Devon.£80 PER CONTAINER.Call 01803 665535.NON HGV DRIVERS/PORTERClean driving licence required,BAR registered removals companyin HP3 area.Call: 01442 256229;Email: (EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL)AND HGV DRIVER REQUIREDBirmingham area.Call 0121 400 2000 ore-mail IT TECHNICIANRequired for Croydon-based removalcompany. References required.Contact: 0208 633 1800lynn@diamondrelocations.comCOMMERCIAL SALES PERSONRequired for Croydon-based removalcompany to generate new business.Contact: 0208 633 1800lynn@diamondrelocations.comFEDEMAC General Assembly21 – 22 November, 2014, Reims, FranceIMC 4th convention28 – 30 January, 2015, VietnamEUROMOVERS16 – 19 April, 2015, BarcelonaBAR Annual Conference21 – 23 May, 2015, BelfastFEDESSA European Self Storage Conference6 – 7 October, 2015, NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam100 QTY STORAGE CONTAINERS8’ X 7’ X 5’ FOR SALE, £60.00 each.Ready for collection or delivery.Call Kim 01257 484353WANTED 3-4 PALLETREMOVAL TRUCKSleeper and side doors required,valid MOT, ideally 2003 or newer andLEZ compliant. Cash buyer waiting.Ring Adam on 01497 831 507 or07717 323 356.2001 RENAULT MIDLUM 7.5TREMOVAL VANExcellent condition, £5,000 or nearestoffer. Owner retiring.Call 01278 684161REMOVAL/LIGHT TRANSPORTBUSINESSEst 20yrs. Retirement sale, netting45k includes Iveco Hi Cube, asking30k, Dorset.Call 07500 337560MAN TGA XXXL DRAWBAR TRUCK400 BHP VBG hitch. Euro 3 Marsden4 pallet + space. Demount body,extra body if required. Taxed.Tested. £8,750 + VAT.Contact PLATES:M3 VES (MOVES) M3 VER (MOVER)CALL MIKE ON 07973 848883HGV DRIVER AND PORTER WANTEDExperience essential. Local and longdistance work. Family run firm in Torbay.Please LOADING RAMPSRa’alloy removal ramps, £350.Please contact me for picturesand sizes.Liam: 07807 243670, REMOVALS& STORAGE KENTExperienced Class 2, 7.5T driversand porters/packers required.E-mail for application form.COMMERCIAL MOVES SALESPERSON REQUIREDTo generate new business,experience required, Enfield area.CVs to brad@bradanuk.com01992 630710LinkedIn profile:Steve Jordan, Editor and Publisher at The Mover MagazineFollow us on Twitter:@The_Mover_MagLike us on Mover Magazine ● November 2014 ● The Mover 43DID YOU KNOW?/PUZZLESWe’ve dug up a fewfacts that we thoughtyou may (or may not)find interesting.There are about 50 species of lobster,including the hunchback locust, the velvet fanand the musical furry.Holding the key of a church doorwas once thought to be a remedy againstthe bite of a mad dog.The Moon and the Earth both orbit a commoncentre of gravity located about 1,000 miles belowthe surface of the Earth.The word ‘time’ is the most commonlyused noun in English.Until 1900, most of the world’s tobaccoproduction was used as snuff,rather than smoked.Brazil isn’t the world’s biggest producerof Brazil nuts – that’s Bolivia, which producesabout 50% of the world’s supply.Four is the only number whose valueis the same as the number of letters in its name.In Canada, due to a chronic shortage of coinage,playing cards were once used as currency.PuzzlesolutionsH O S E M A R K S M A NE K I N I I UA L I G N E D N O L I NV M H R D I SI M P R O V E M E N T SE S A R I SS N A P P Y A G H A S TT C I A A RP R O T U B E R A N C EP Y A L T O TA D L I B A S E P T I CT I L Z N E HE X C E E D E D E D D Y9 7 1 5 8 4 2 6 38 3 5 2 1 6 7 9 46 4 2 9 3 7 5 1 81 6 3 4 5 8 9 7 25 2 7 6 9 3 4 8 14 9 8 1 7 2 6 3 52 8 4 7 6 1 3 5 97 1 9 3 4 5 8 2 63 5 6 8 2 9 1 4 7Are you asupplier tothe movingindustry?Get on The Mover websitesuppliers directory for FREE.E-mail:

44 The Mover ● November 2014 ● are booked per unit ormultiples thereof, and run for a minimumof 12 months. 1 unit measures30mm (height) x 60mm (1 column).Leatherbarrows• Weekly service • UK based vehicles & crew• UK collection/delivery • Competitive ratesCall Richard on 01202 service toSWITZERLANDevery week• Continuous receiving of full& part loads at all depots• Delivery within four to nineWorking days• Customs clearance service includedCasey’s London Memb No: GO13Contact Tom on 01273 391777email: WORLDWIDE RELOCATION • FINE ART & ANTIQUES SHIPPINGMALTA & GOZORegular groupageevery weekFull destination services020 8832 2222Stephen Morris Shipping Plc, Unit 9, Ockham Drive,Greenford Park, Greenford UB6 I www. + E DRIVERSAND PORTERSREQUIREDAnnual contract based on52 weeks’ pay,35 weeks’ work, 17 weeks’ leavePlease send your CVto Matt De-Machen atmatt@matthewjamesremovals.com1 UNIT ADMONO: £120 PER QUARTERCOLOUR: £150 PER QUARTER ● November 2014 ● The Mover 45MARKETPLACEBELGIUM • LUXEMBOURGGERMANYNETHERLANDS • DENMARKTRADE FULL AND PART LOADSHenneken International MoversWeekly back loads to HollandThe UK Movers Since 1870Worldwide removals • Domestic removals • Office removals • StorageE-mail: ldejong@henneken.nlInternet : www.henneken.nlGoudstraat 512718 RD Zoetermeer, The NetherlandsTelefoon: +31 (0)79-361 13 68Serving all your tradeshipping & storageneeds since 1991Israel» Regular Groupage Service» Full or Part Loads» 15 Day Transit» Full Destination Services» Receiving depot in London...or we collect» Competitive Rates & Great ServiceRussia» Weekly Road Service – 8 Day Transit» Full or Part Loads» Express Transit 8 Days ONLY» Swift Customs Clearance» Full Destination Services» Receiving depot in London...or we collect» Competitive Rates & Great ServiceBritanniaBradshawP O R T U G A LMAINLAND & ISLANDSALL EUROPEWeekly Serviceto/fromPortugalAsk us now!!!Tel: +351 21 923 6550Email: No. D052T 020 8804 7700E Israel@dolphinmovers.comE russia@dolphinmovers.comwww.dolphinmovers.comRegular TradeServices toSOUTHERNCYPRUS& all other majordestinationsFull & part loadsMemb No: GO13Contact Justine or Will on01432 377477email:

46 The Mover ● November 2014 ● ITALY AUSTRIA 01732 358900 ‘WHEN SERVICE MATTERS’Guaranteedweekly service toGERMANYevery week• Continuous receivingfrom nationwide depots• Full and part loadsto and from Germany• Dedicated timescalesMemb No: GO13Contact Richard on 01509 632850email: german@gbliners.com2 UNIT ADMONO: £240 PER QUARTERCOLOUR: £300 PER QUARTERTRADESTORAGEDepots in London NW10and Hemel Hempstead.Clean, Secure, Alarmed.Rates negotiable.Cash incentives available.Please call Paul on07971 577 997Take a half-page ad or more and get a free linkto your website on advertisementsE-mail or contact Nikki Gee on01908 695500 for more information or to make a booking.All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.Overseas subscriptionsThe Mover is distributed free of charge to UK movers. Annualsubscriptions are available in Europe and the rest of the worldat a cost of £100 per year. E-mail orcontact Nikki Gee on +44 1908 695500 to subscribe.Copy datesBooking of adverts: 1st of the month preceding publication.Artwork for adverts: 8th of the month preceding publication.EnquiriesAll enquiries to:Nikki Gee, The Words Workshop,26 Swanwick Lane, BroughtonMilton Keynes MK10 9LD.Tel: 01908 695500; Email: NOTE:Advertising rates cover the cost of advert insertion only.Advertisers should provide their own advertising artwork. TheMover can generate new or amend existing artwork for anadditional charge. All advertising must be paid for in advanceby credit card.For details of advertisingopportunies, please call Nikki Geeon +44 (0)1908 695500or e-mail

Trade SecretsFind out what you can achieve on-line withour trade groupage shipping services,and make sure you’re in the know.We’ve been in the business for35 years and offer frequentsailings on all routes to majordestinations worldwide.We’ll arrange shipment on the vesselpromised and nominate reliable FIDIagents at destination. With depots inLondon, Manchester and Glasgow weoffer a competitive groupage solutionwherever you are located.At Anglo Pacific we understandyour business and will ensurethat your goods are handledprofessionally from start tofinish.Visit our website or simply callour friendly experts andget the facts.Memb No: A026Our Services Money back guarantee in the event of delayed delivery (terms & conditions apply) Continuous receiving in London, Manchester and Glasgow Worldwide LCL, FCL and airfreight services Regular groupage services to Australasia, North America, South Africa, S.E. Asia, Dubai, Cyprus On-line sailing schedule updates and shipment trackingFREEPHONE 0800 707 6093Or visit us at London, Manchester, Glasgow

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