2014-02 Boppin Tots February Newsletter


2014-02 Boppin Tots February Newsletter

Winter2013/4What’sNew forBoppinTotsthiswinter?Helo&welcometoourFebruarynewsleterHereyou’lfindoutwhat’sbeengoingonatBoppinTotsinrecentweeksandwhatyoucanexpectcomingup!Februaryhasarived ."Tobethemud,thebog,themire;TosoakthebonesinFebruary–"andtheweatherisstilpretydismal.Stil-wehavePLENTYheretokeepyousmiling!OurJanuarysessionshavebeenablastandthere'splentywherethatcamefrom!Whynotpopalongtoasessionsoonandletusbringsomesunshineintothesedarkrainydaysforyou?Sowhychooseus .how aboutdrop-in,pay-as-you-goservice?45minutesguaranteedmusic,fun&movement?Cateringforyourdifferent-agedlitleonesunderoneroof?Generoussiblingdiscount?Orhowaboutthefactthat-quitesimply-BoppinTotshasbeenentertaininglitleonesinthelocalareaforalmostfiveyearsnow -whynotcomeandseewhyourcustomerscomebackweek-afterweek!***BOPPINTOTS-DULWICHANDHERNEHILL***Duetotheoverwhelmingsuccess&popularityofFi'sDulwich&HerneHilsessions,BoppinTotsisdelightedtoannouncethelaunchofadditionalsessionsatbothofthesevenues.From Tuesday4thFebruarytherewilbetwosessionsrunninginDulwichat9.30-10.15am and10.30-1.30amwhile,from Friday7thFebruary,therewilbetwosessionsrunninginHerneHilat10.15-1.00amand 1.15-12.00pm.We'redelightedthatwehavebeenabletoofferthesedoublesessions-whynotcomeandvisitussoon?***BOPPINTOTS-HALFTERM***TherewilbenoWestNorwoodsessiononMonday17thFebruarybutAli’sothersessionswilcontinueasnormalinhalfterm (Wednesday-WestWickham 10.00-10.45am andThursday-Beckenham10.00-10.45am and 1.00-1.45am.Niki’ssessionswilcontinueasnormalthroughoutthehalfterm (Tuesday-Sidcup10.00-10.45amand 1.00-1.45am,Wednesday-Chislehurst10.00-10.45am andThursday-Bexleyheath10.30-1.15am)Fi’ssessionsremainunchangedthroughoutthehalfterm,includinghernew doublesessions.(Monday-Penge10.00-10.45am,Tuesday-Dulwich9.30-10.15am and10.30-1.30am andFriday-HerneHil10.15-1.00am and 1.15-12.00pm)Vicky’ssessionsalsoremainunchangedthroughoutthehalfterm (Monday-Bromley10.00-10.45am,1.00-1.45am and1.15-2.00pm,Tuesday-Orpington10.00-10.45am and 1.10-1.55am,Wednesday-Bickley10.00-10.45am,Thursday-Bromley10.00-10.45aand 1.00-1.45am ,Friday-Orpington10.00-10.45am and 1.10-1.55am)Alpricesremainthesame.Pleasenote-oldersiblings/childrenarewelcomebutwilbechargedappropriately.***BOPPINTOTS-BEXLEYHEATH***PleasenotethatduetothegrowthoftheBexleyheathsession,theaccesspointhasnow beenchangedtothecentralhalentrancewherethereisagoodspaceforbuggiestobekept,therebykeepingtheroom clearofthem andgivingmoreroom forBoppin!

Boppin Tots is a fun and exciting drop-in, pay-as-you-go music group for 0-5.Parents/carers are expected to be in attendance at all times and aretherefore responsible for their own child(ren). We firmly believe that thewelfare of everyone attending Boppin Tots sessions is paramount; thefollowing policy is in place to ensure that we adhere to this.This policy, specifically about photography at Boppin Tots, complementsour existing safeguarding policy for children and vulnerable adults.Our child protection policyThis policy applies to all staff, including session leaders, party hosts andadministration staff, or anyone working on behalf of Boppin Tots.The purpose of this policy:to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults who attendBoppin Tots sessions and/or parties with regards to photographicimages/filming;to provide Boppin Tots staff with the overarching principles that guideour approach to child protection; Boppin Tots believes that a child oryoung person should never experience abuse of any kind. We have aresponsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young peopleand to keep them safe. We are committed to practice in a way thatprotects them.We recognise that:the welfare of the child/young person is paramount;all children, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage,religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, have the right to equalprotection from all types of harm or abuse;working in partnership with children, young people, their parents,carers and other agencies is essential in promoting young people’swelfare.Boppin Tots Safeguarding 20132

Here at Boppin Tots we appreciate that parents and carers,understandably, love to record those precious moments of theirchild’s life either through taking a photograph or using acamcorder. Additionally, Boppin Tots may want to takephotographs for publicity purposes or for our own records.Since the introduction of the Data Protection Act (DPA) in 1998,care needs to be taken over photographs or film footage ofpeople. This does not mean that photographs should not betaken or that filming is prohibited but there are certain protocolsthat must be followed to comply with data protection legislationas well as safeguard children.So what about data protection considerations?In 2005 the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) dispelledthe myth that the law prevents taking photographs insituations such as toddler groups. Photographs taken purelyfor personal use are exempt from the Data Protection Act.Where the DPA does apply, for example, when images are usedfor publicity on a website or in the media, the ICO says that‘if the photographer obtains permission from the parent orindividual to take a photograph, this will usually be enoughto ensure compliance’.Where applicable, Boppin Tots will either a) seek thecompletion of a parental consent form granting permission orb) seek the completion of an ‘opt-out’ form.We are committed to reviewing our policy andgood practice annually.Boppin Tots Safeguarding & Photography20133

So are there any safeguarding concerns in taking photographs?Boppin Tots tries to adopt a simple approach to photography duringthe sessions/parties. During the pay-as-you-go sessions, we arehappy for photographs to be taken of individual children forpersonal/home use only. At parties, this is at the discretion of theparty hosts/parents/carers present. If, however, Boppin Tots hasconcerns about what is being photographed/filmed and thedestination of the images, we reserve the right to request you stoptaking photographs/filming and delete the existing images.Boppin Tots believes that gaining permission to take photographs isnot only a matter of good manners but may also ensure the safetyof children. For example, a woman fleeing domestic violence maynot want her current location advertised inadvertently through aphotograph appearing on the mother/toddlers website. We firmlyrequest, therefore, that photographs which clearly display childrenother than your own, should not be used on any social networkingsite or displayed in such a manner which may lead to theidentification of the children involved, without gaining the parentalconsent of the child.Boppin Tots would ask parents/carers to take photographs at anappropriate time and in an appropriate manner so as not to disturbthe session. There are certain occasions where it may not beappropriate to take photographs, and Boppin Tots would requestyour co-operation on these occasions.When using photographs of children and young people, Boppin Totswould attempt to use group pictures wherever possible and neveridentify them by name or other personal details. These detailsinclude e-mail or postal addresses, or telephone numbers. If anyphotographs are published inadvertently on our website, publicityor via any social networking site, and a request is made for theirremoval, we would be happy to comply as soon as we are able todo so.We are committed to reviewing our policy andgood practice annually.Boppin Tots Safeguarding & Photography20134

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