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Created 2011-10-05


Summer is rapidly approaching and it will soon be

time for your departure to Malta! Here is some

useful information for your stay.


You will stay together with your new friends at a

Club called Ramla Bay Resort. This is a nice hotel

situated on a secluded peninsula on the northern

coast of Malta, overlooking the picturesque islands of

Gozo and Comino. Ramla Bay Resort has three pools;

two outdoor sea water pools and one indoor sea

water pool. It also has its own beach strip, a very rare

thing for a hotel on Malta. You will share a room

with 3-4 of your friends. The rooms are nice and are

all equipped with A/C, TV and have en suite

bathroom. Ramla Bay Resort offers a wide variety of

sports. Whether you just want to snorkel in the clear

sea or else ride the waves on one of their wave

runners, Ramla Bay Resort offers it all. The included

meals, breakfast and dinner, will be taken at the hotel

restaurant and served as a buffet. The hotel has a

café and a snack bar at the pool for lunch. There is

also a mini store at the hotels to buy ice cream and

other snacks. The hotel offer a laundry service which

is pretty expensive so we advise you to bring

detergent and do some washing up in the basin.


You will be escorted to Malta by an STS leader from

your home country. When you reach your

destination, you will meet students from different

countries. The leaders will be there to look after you,

on the free time activities, evening discos and on the

trip back to the centre afterwards.


The tuition will take place at one of our two schools;

both located 15–20 minutes from hotel. The

experienced teachers are all from Malta with TEFLqualification.

Lessons can take place in the mornings

or in the afternoons. Please, remember to cover up

with a t-shirt and normal shorts/skirts or similar

during the classes since the schools on Malta are

catholic! No bikinis/beach wear are allowed!


• Visit to Valletta market and beach excursion

• Harbour Cruise along the beautiful coast outside


• Excursion to Comino with a visit to the Blue Lagoon

• Beach Party with food and music

• Two weekend beach excursions (only for the

students staying three weeks)


Sicily: A full day to the Italian Island Sicily. Enjoy

a visit to Taormina, Catania, top of the Etna volcano

etc. Please purchase this prior to departure.

Spirit of Malta: An evening event on board of a

catamaran where the students will enjoy swimming

and dancing. A party you can’t miss! approx €25

Fernandez Cruise: The cruise includes visits to

secluded bays, caves and we drop anchor in the

beautiful Blue Lagoon were you will enjoy the

magical crystal clear waters. This is for you how

likes sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming.

approx €35

Gozo Jeep Safari: This is a full day tour to Malta's

sister island, Gozo. approx €50

Splash and Fun Mediterraneo Marina Park: Splash &

Fun is a park which offers different kinds of water

slides and pools. The Mediterraneo Marine Park is

a unique opportunity for students to admire, learn,

enjoy and interact with Dolphins, Sea Lions,

Parrots, Iguanas and more. approx €21


To make the transport to and from activities and

school as smooth as possible, STS uses a private bus

company for all transports. You have to make sure to

pre-book this before departure!


Bring a beach towel, sun protection and a cap. It is

very important that you protect yourself from the

sun, even if you already have got a tan. It is also very

important to drink lots of water during your stay.

Bring water bottles on all excursions and activities.

There is always a risk of getting a cold in the warm

climate so we recommend that you bring

Paracetamol and nose spray.

Ramla Bay, Phone: (+356)-2281 2281

We wish you a sunny, fun and educational time at

Ramla Bay Resort!

Created 2011-10-05

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