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In Österreich vertreten durch: Katrin Kowalski-von Hermann

A 5350 Strobl, Oberes Aigen 223, Tele + 43-6137-5604, Fax: 06137-20156 Mobile: + 43- 6644931256,

E-Mail: homepage:

STS Student Travel Schools AB Kyrkogatan 48, 411 08 Göteborg, Schweden FN 5560839358, Bolagsverket, Stockholm

Dear colleagues and friends, I put a newsletter together from the ET, if you like, feel free to forward it to

the other students or nat. parents of your students. As I was not an escort, I just have 2 nice reports of 2

nice students of mine and as well some pictures 2 students sent me over..

But I would love to thank both escorts Maja and Kristina for doing a great job! And Thomas the gorgeous

driver and as well Johanna Brage from the HQ for setting all together.

Mail from Chloe Hooke

European Tour 2007

June 26 – July 15

Hi Katrin,

The Austrian students left Salzburg to the

Eruopean tour:

From left: Helena, Will, Anthony, Chloe

and Louise

Just a quick reply,, Helena and I are at an internet cafe before

going out to a disco tonight. This is the first chance we have

had to get on the internet. Wow! The trip is fantastic. Our

leaders are nice and well organised, we have made several good


Berlin was amazing, and I learnt so much interesting

Arrival in Berlin

history. The concentration camp was pretty horrible, but we learnt so

much and are glad we went. Prague was stunning - especially at night

with all the lights. Vienna was great as usual. Helena and I spent our

day, because there was no tour, showing a bunch of friends around, we

did Schonbrunn (Helena, Louise and I did the Tiergarten since we

were already inside the palace), and then went into the city, caught a

tram and visited Parliament, Volksgarten, Heldenplatz, the Roman

Ruins, and Stephansdom. They all liked this! Then was Budapest

which was beautiful, and the Hungarian horseshow which

Berlin wall

we all really enjoyed! Lots of us bought big whips, which are really fun

to crack (I bought one for my brothers (and me :) ) ). And I even went on a horse which was cool because the

last couple of times I have been on a horse, I have either fallen off or almost fallen off. It was good to overcome

this! Now we are in Lido di Jesolo, a seaside, holiday town

which is pretty cool. Last night I swam in the ocean for the first

time in sooooooo long! It was really warm too! Today we went into

Venice which was gorgeous, we had a guided tour that was very

interesting (did you know that the palace sinks 1mm per year, and

that some of the houses sewerage systems drain into the canal?), and

a gondola trip which was very cool.


Tomorrow I think we will be lying on the beach, maybe hire a paddle boat, or a bike thing which 4 people

ride, and enjoy relaxing.

Hope everything is going well with you! Bussi, Chloe

A report from Louise Ryan

June 26th, Day One

Chloe, Helena, Louise, Will and Anthony flew to Berlin to meet up with the rest of the group.

While waiting for everyone else to arrive in the evening we looked around Berlin and took some photos.

June 27th, Day Two

We were up bright and early ready for a fully packed day with our two hour sightseeing tour of Berlin, a visit

to Checkpoint Charlie Museum and a Concentration Camp.

The activities on that day were very overwhelming but also educational. The feeling of walking on the grounds

where so many people died for invalid reasons is haunting, but is at the same time a huge eye-opener to the

evil things that have happened in the past and still happen in some places today. By coming face-to-face with

something that has affected world history so drastically we discovered how amazing human kind can be.

June 28 th, Day Three

We were once again up bright and early for a full day of travelling in the bus to Prague, with our fantastic bus

driver Thomas.

After about two hours of travelling we stopped in a beautiful area called Spreewald and had a boat ride. From

there we travelled to a city in eastern Germany called Dresden. The city was very heavily impacted by the war,

but has now been restored to its original state and looks more beautiful than ever.

From this beautiful city we travelled on to Prague, only to be delayed on the German-Czech border for over

two hours!!! However everyone was very patient and about 2 hours later we arrived in Prague.


June 29 th , Day Four

Before our tour through Prague on the morning train we witnessed a theft from some tourists on the underground.

This made us stay very aware of what was happening for the remainder of our time in Prague. The

city tour was very interesting; we saw a lot of this beautiful city. In the evening we went to a Disco which is

one the biggest in Eastern Europe.

June 30 th , Day Five

We travelled to Vienna.

July 1 st , Day Six

We spent the day in Vienna and as we had no tour in this beautiful

city, the Austrian students, namely Chloe took the role as

tour guide for a group of students. This day was a lot of fun

and we saw a lot, including an Apfel Strudel Show and the palace

of Schönnbrunn.


July 2 nd , Day Seven

We had a full day in the bus travelling from Vienna to Budapest and then a city tour.

July 3 rd , Day Eight

We went to a Putza Show in Hungary and saw an amazing sight of man riding horses while standing up. One

of our escorts, Maya also managed to win a free bottle of wine by

knocking a bottle of a ledge with a whip. Well done Maya! In

the evening we went to another disco in Balaton; a small town in

Hungary where we stayed the night. All students had a lot of fun


Tired angles

July 4 th , Day Nine

After a very late night we once again were out of bed very early to be ready to leave Hungary at 8.15am. However,

after the previous eventful night some of us didn’t manage to get up in time for breakfast and were a little

bit late! We travelled for the whole day and arrived in Lido di Jesolo in the early evening.


July 5 th , Day Ten

We took the boat to Venice; a beautiful city with a very rich history.

After our city tour in the morning, we then had a gondola

ride and free time.

La Gondula

July 6 th , Day Eleven

Now more than half way through the tour, we were all very tired

after so much travelling. This day was free to do what we wanted

in the town of Lido di Jesolo. Almost everyone slept in and then

went to the beach or to a Water Park nearby which was said to be

very good.

In the evening we were again allowed to go to a disco which was next door to the hotel where we stayed. This

wasn’t nearly as good as the one in Hungary, but was also a lot of fun.

July 7 th , Day Twelve

Another full day of travelling to Switzerland

July 8 th , Day Thirteen with an escort

After a brief hike in the morning, some of us continued hiking for

the rest of the day. The rest however, stayed in Zermatt and did

some serious Swiss Chocolate shopping after having eaten a very

good lunch of Swiss Fondue.

Helena and her chocolate

July 9 th , Day Fourteen

We once again said goodbye to another beautiful country and

had another full day of travelling to Paris. When we arrived in

France for a brief stop, we were told at a McDonalds that we were

not permitted to use the toilet, and were sent out of the restaurant!

We arrived in Paris around 5pm, and had a quiet night, as

we were staying in the ‘rough area of town’ as stated by the tour leaders.

July 10 th , Day Fifteen

We had a great city tour of Paris and then joined the queue for the Eiffel Tower for about 2 hours. After seeing

some magnificent views we had free time to see the sights of Paris. Many went to the Lurve and saw the

famous Mona Lisa.

July 11 th , Day Sixteen

This day was spent at Eurodisney on the outskirts of Paris. The highlight of the

day was the roller coaster, which was a lot of fun.

July 12 th , Day Seventeen

We travelled to Amsterdam with a brief stop in Brussells, and all had a great Belgian

Waffle and saw the statue of ‘The Peeing Boy’ and stroked the statue which is

believed to bring good fortune.


July 13 th , Day Eighteen

We travelled in and spent the day in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

We first payed a visit to the House of Anne Frank, and the rest of the

day was spent seeing the famous Red Light District of the city and

just having fun! In the evening we played a game of Rounders in the

park nearby the hostel which was also enjoyable.

July 14 th , Day Nineteen

We spent the day travelling to the resort in Denmark. When we arrived we were allocated cabins with three

students sharing with the leaders! The next and last day together

was free, and most students ice skated for the day. We had two

injuries from this activity though with one student having to get

stitches and the other with a sprained wrist. This didn’t keep them

from coming back to the ice though! In the evening we played

some games in the mist of all the mosquitoes and had a quiz about

the places visited on the tour and prizes were given.


July 15 th , Day Twenty

We travelled to Copenhagen where half the group left and the tour

ended for the Austrian Students. We got our plane back to Austria and arrived safely at around eleven in the


Overall this tour was a once in a lifetime experience and was shared within a great group of students from a

rich variety of countries. This once in a lifetime experience had been unforgettable and we all have STS to

thank for that and our parents for giving us the chance to experience something to amazing.

Louise Ryan

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