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2 ENGINEERING-TIMESProjectsNatural Gas Treatment and its challengesREVAMP. OMV increases capacity of Aderklaa I plantVIENNA (Peter Pospisil). In May2006 Pörner Vienna was awardeda contract to provide selectedengineering servicves to revampthe natural gas treatmentplant ‘Aderklaa I’ operated byOMV Exploration & ProductionGmbH in Gänserndorf, Austria.After more than 2 years the objectivewas achieved to increaseprocessing capacity from 1.3to 1.9 million m3/d gas. In theproject valued at EUR 28 million(total installed cost) Pörneracted as subcontractor to primeengineer, Black & Veatch Co.This company with its headquartersin Kansas City / USAhad already built up the plantsAderklaa I and II and is a worldleader in natural gas processingand sulphur recovery units.Technological challengesDue to the fact that the acid gasgathered cannot immediatelybe sold because of its compositionthe gas treatment plant isused to remove unusable portionssuch as CO2 that reducesthe calorific value as well as sulphurconstituents from the gas.The resulting H2S is an utmostpoisonous gas being very corrosiveto common carbon steels.The acid gas is treated in severalstages:• separation of free water, gascondensate and solid particles• removal of acid gas by aminetreating (MDEA)• drying of salable gas bymeans of triethylene glycol(TEG)• adjusting the hydrocarbondew point of the salable gas• utilization of hydrogen sulphide(sulphur recovery)FEED und EPCMThe Front End Engineering Design(FEED) being the basis ofthe subsequent EPCM implementationwas prepared by Pörnerin close cooperation withBlack & Veatch. Pörner’s scopeof work basically included thefollowing: preparation of applicationdocuments, support incost estimating, civil engineering(foundations, piperacks,pump house with gantry craneand HVAC), undergroundpiping, electrical, instrumentationand control systems,expediting and inspection ofmechanical equipment as wellas preparation of the operatingmanual for OMV.The equipment was procuredand installed under considerationof all relevant regulationsand standards such as PressureEquipment Directive (DruckgeräteverordnungDGVO), Regulationon Explosive Atmospheres(VETAX), ATEX Productand Operating Guidelines aswell as OMV works standardsand pipe classes.The finalsIn August 2007 constructionwork started at the site, havingits peak in May 2008 when theplant was shut down. Approx.3,500 running meters of pipewith up to 16” / 900 lbs wereinstalled and 189 tie-ins hadto be executed. The fact thatthe four weeks’ shutdown timewas strictly adhered to, the remainingwork was performedduring normal operation andthe plant commissioned inJuly 2008 schedule deliversproof of thegood American-Austrian cooperation.•LINZ (Eugen Gotter). Colas S.A.Boulogne-Billancourt, a globallyacting construction corporation,is leading in producingroad and building constructionmaterials. At the Gratkorn location/Styria,Austria it operatesa plant to make bitumen emulsionsfrom polymer and oxidationbitumen.In March 2007 Pörner Linzwas awarded by Colas a contractto perform general engineeringservices includingauthority engineering for modernizingthe raw materialand finished product storage.In an efficiency analysis theproject team could spot potentialsavings both for energyconsumption and the productionprocess itself. For thisreason the scope of serviceswas considerably extended.By optimizing loading andunloading times, heating cyclesand by using a heat recoveryunit that was implementedin this sector for the firsttime, operating costs couldsignificantly be reduced, powerdemand per productionhour even by 80 %. The heartof the heat recovery unit is abitumen/thermal oil/watercooling cycle that treats allBitumen efficiently storedModernization saves80 % of energyVIENNA (Werner Gindl). OnJune 6 th , 2008 both the OR-hot process water self-sufficientlyfrom the energetic pointof view.Thanks to a high degree ofcommitment and experiencethe Pörner engineers from Linzcould cope with the challengessuch as thermal design of theheat exchanger including specialmeasures to be taken asPlanningRealitywell as transition of the batchoperation into a continuousproduction process.The project was implementedduring running operationwithout any incidents. In lateJune trial operation started,thus completing the first stageof the modernization concept atthe Gratkorn location. •Breaking new ground in engineering: The PDMS planning tool was usedfor arrangement planning, piping and electrical engineering in Linz forthe first time. Based on very vivid and realistic plans the design reviewmeetings proved to be very efficient. Customer wishes could be consideredalready at the planning stage so that the plant was set up without anyconsiderable additional costs and time for modification.General planning for DONAUCHEM GmbHSafe chemicals fillingGANIKA 2 plant of DONAUKANOL and the ANORGAN-IKA 3 plant of DONAUCHEMGmbH were commissioned inan official ceremony.Almost every Pörner colleagueknows how to get toPischelsdorf since the ORGAN-IKA 2 plant was built up forDONAU KANOL by Pörner onthis area in 2007 and just in thevicinity Austria’s first bioethanolplant was put up for AgranaAG by Pörner as well. In October2007 DONAUCHEM GmbHawarded Pörner with the follow-uporder for general planningof the ANORGANIKA 3plant. Beside the preparationof the plant concept, the scopeof work covered preparationof the permit application andguide planning for mechanicalequipment, civil, structural,HVAC, automat ionand instrumentation,electricaland piping.The modernplant,c o v e r i n gan area of9,000 m²,serves tomix anorganic liquids, suchas acids and caustic solutionsto mixed products, e.g. liquidfertilizer, or to fill them up forshipping.Of course, to engineer a plantfor handling and processingof dangerous goods requiredto strictly adhere to Austrianregulations and guidelines forprotecting systems and instrumentsin order to ensure safeplant operation.Because of the high commitmentof the project team theproject could be implementedwithin 10 months only – fromthe concept up to contract awardof all mechanical and electricalwork as well as the subsequentseven months’ installation periodwith commissioning.The result of the work provedthe efforts of all parties involved:production could starton time in April 2008. •Anorganika 3Organika 2

FeuilletonENGINEERING-TIMES 5FIRM´S OUTING 200835 years Pörner - An engineering company on tourVIENNA (Margot Simonis).The board of management andworks council of Pörner IngenieurgesellschaftVienna (Austria)invited their employeesto a five day excursion to Sicilyunder the motto “Pörner celebratingits 35th anniversary”–in return for the high personalcommitment of each employeecontributing to the constantgrowth of the Pörner Group.On April 29 th 2008 evening acharter plane took off at Bratislavaairport, on board 110 travelers.Three busses drove theweary tourist party to Campofelicedi Rocella, a small village30 miles east of Palermo. Largepalm trees, hot and salty airwere the first greetings of Sicilyin the darkness of a mild springnight. Only a short nap laterwe were welcomed by brightsunshine, a great relief after thefrosty temperatures in Austria.Sicily with a size of 25,000km² (one third of Austria),about five million inhabitantsand a long and eventful historyis worth seeing. Various peoplesleft their traces in the stonylandscape: Graeco-Romantemples and theaters in Syracus,Taormina and Piazza Armerinaas well as huge stonebuildings of the Normans inMonreale and Cefalu or thecastle Caltagirone put up by theArabs deliver proof of the centuriespassed by.We had the choice betweenfive different excursions. Manyof us visited the capital Palermoand Monreale, a place of pilgrimagewith its famous cathedral.There we unexpectedly got intoa Sicilian folk festival – typicallyvivid and colorful.Others set out early in themorning on a special trip toMount Etna, with its 3,345meters the highest and oldestvolcano in Europe. The mountainroad crosses a big fieldof lava from 2002 for severaltimes - a clearly visible sign forthe enormous power betweenthe tectonic plates of Africa andEurope. And then up on thetop the landscape is dusty anddead. Quite disconnected fromreality you feel like being on themoon, except for the garish redladybugs sitting on frozen snow.On our way back we passedsmall villages built up on therock faces. There, far inside thecountry, people took cover frompirates in the Middle Ages.In the afternoon some of ourcourageous co-workers crossedthe canyon of Alcantara. Othersvisited the island Vulcano.The healing effects of thermalsprings and sulphurous mudwere already known to the Romans.On Sunday evening we saidgoodbye to Italy, but not withouttasting the excellent foodand wine once again. And at theend, all of us agreed that we gotto know not only the beauty ofSicily, but also each other betterduring these few days. •Jumping into the floodsEDL sponsoring triathlonLEIPZIG (Ulrike Fischer). It isquite known that EDL againand again breaks new groundwhen implementing projects.However, EDL is not only activein the plant engineeringsector, but also open to otherkinds of activities. So theswimming contest withinthe 2nd Middle GermanCompany Triathlon wassponsored by EDL togetherwith Leuna HarzeGmbH. The competitiontook place in Rossbachnear lake Hassesee (Saxony-Anhalt)on July 12th,2008. More than 120teams of different companies(among them TOTALRefinery, DOMO,DOW, Leuna Harze),institutionsand sports clubsparticipated inthe competitionthat also servedas a platform tobring companiesfrom Middle Germanytogether in asporting environment.Unfortunately,EDL could notselect a team forthis year’s triathlon.But their daywill come. •CONTINUATION OF PAGE 1: CHOREN SUNDIESEL ®sioned. Meanwhile, the nextplant units are shortly beforetheir hot commissioning. At thesame time the first optimizationswith respect to availability,ease of handling and safetyare being performed.Biofuel made fromwood chipsNow, CHOREN andEDL intensively workon the completionof the plant together with Shellthat has been supporting theCHOREN process as technologypartner and since 2005 also asinvestor.First process stageCarbo-V ® -gas productionIn a few months, sellablediesel fuel, alsoknown as SunDiesel ® ,shall be produced in afour-shift operation.©CHOREN IndustriesThe output of the Freiberg plantwill completely be taken over byShell. It is expected that furtherand even higher investments insimilar plants will follow. Fuelquality in conjunction with climateprotection is not only wellreceived by politics, but is alsoattractive from the economicpoint of view. EDL is proud ofhaving contributed by its engineeringand process know-howto this development. •Project managerH. KoschExterior view of theBeta plant in Freiberg©CHOREN Industries

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