Common Core State Standards for Mathematics - Levittown Public ...
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Common Core State Standards for Mathematics - Levittown Public ...

Common Core StateStandards forMathematics

Standards provide a shared vision of whatstudents should know and be able to do. Standards provide a shared vision forteachers and administrators Common Core State Standards establishconsistency across the states2

National standards adopted by 46 states States choosing to align their standards to theCommon Core Standards have agreed that thecommon core will represent at least 85 percent oftheir state’s standards in ELA and mathematics

• Aligned with college and work expectations• Focused and coherent• Include rigorous content and application of knowledge throughhigh-order skills• Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards• Internationally benchmarked so that all students are prepared tosucceed in our global economy and society• Based on evidence and research

Focus and coherence• Focus on key topics at each grade level.• Coherent progressions across grade levels.Balance of concepts and skills• Content standards require both conceptual understanding andprocedural fluency.Mathematical practices• Foster reasoning and sense-making in mathematics.College and career readiness• Level is ambitious but achievable.

Math Changes•Fewer topics; more generalizing and linking of concepts•Well-aligned with the way high-achieving countries teach math•Emphasis on both conceptual understanding and procedural fluencystarting in the early grades•More time to teach and reinforce core concepts from K-12•Focus on mastery of complex concepts in higher math (e.g., algebra andgeometry) via hands-on learning•Emphasis on mathematical modeling in the upper grades6

Levittown Public Schools7

About the programenVision Math Pearson• Program being used across the country which deepens conceptualunderstanding by making meaningful connections with Students• Revised to align to Common Core Standards• Delves deeper into topics to achieve mastery• Research basedHighlights:• Home/School Connection for each Unit• Individual Lessons for Student/Parent References• Daily Home Connection/Home Activity• Differentiated Instruction• Incorporates Reading Comprehension and Problem Solving• Problem Based Interactive Learning• Assessments with Items Analysis• Performance Assessments• Online componentSuccess for every student!8

What has changed…ManipulativesSupplementalVideosLanguageResourcesAccessibilityTHEN...• Hands-on manipulatives foruse in the classroom• Some VHS/DVD available tosupport topics, however didnot exactly match lessons.• Lack of emphasis onconsistent vocabulary•Textbook/Workbook•Books taken homeNOW…• Technology for easy hands-on lessonswith teacher strategies and digitalmanipulatives• Interactive videos aligned to eachconcept• Unified language across the grade levels• Colorful, interactive paper lessons in lieuof textbook assignment.•Online resources to supplementinstruction•Lessons sent home daily with suggestionsfor home connectionSuccess for every student!9

Typical Classroom Lesson• Literature connection at the start of aunit• Read Big Book• Interactive Math story• Teacher directed opener on each sheet(hands on)• Video explaining topic• Guided practice• Independent work• Word problems• JournalSuccess for every student!10

Assessments and Follow Up• Quick Checks• Home internet feedback•Homework•TestsSuccess for every student!11

Home School ConnectionSuccess for every student!12

Home-school Connection• Student worksheet with parent connection located at the bottom• Unit opener page• Internet connection• Fun manipulatives• Games• Helpful videos• Quizzes• Homework sheets• Printable student worksheet• Glossary of termsSuccess for every student!13

Home-school ConnectionSuccess for every student!14

Home GamesSuccess for every student!15

Additional Home School Connection activitiesSuccess for every student!16

Student Log-in• Easy Log-In• Log-In ID’s are provided by the teacher to each student• Click “To Do” to enter assignment pageSuccess for every student!17

Assignment PageSuccess for every student!18

Unit VideosSuccess for every student!19

enVision Math on the go…ParentsSuccess for every student!20

Troubleshooting Ideas•Check your web address•Go to enVision website for help•Be sure that your browser is updated to most recent version (Firefox 4, InternetExplorer 8/9, etc.)•Check user name and password•Call the Pearson Help Desk at 800-234-5832Success for every student!21

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