Inform 87.pdf - Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

Inform 87.pdf - Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

NewsDivine Mercy –God’s Gift for Our TimeThe New Zealand Apostolic Congresson Mercy (NZACOM) held at St Bede’sCollege in August followed congressesheld around the globe over the past threeyears. The World Apostolic Congresson Mercy held in Rome in 2008 madethe urgent and universal call to becomelymphodemia at the shrine of DivineMercy in Krakow, Poland in 1981.“Of special note was the presence,singing and enthusiasm of a largedelegation of over 100 Samoans from NewZealand, Australia and Samoa,” says Pat.“Several attendees from the local Catholiccommunity were unaware of the calland urgency of Divine Mercy and werecaptured by this message and mission.”Further details: of mercy in these days, accordingto the model established and proclaimedby St Faustina Kowalska 1905-1938.“Her famous diary Divine Mercy in MySoul is one of the greatest spiritual classicsof all time,” says Pat Barrett, NationalCoordinator for NZACOM.Up to 500 at St Bede’s attendedMasses, Eucharistic Adoration, talks,presentations, films, and witnesses to andfor mercy. This conference followed thesame objectives of WACOM - “attendeeswere exhorted to proclaim mercy; first asa way of life, second, as a message andthird, as a devotion,” says Pat.Bishop Barry Jones celebrated theopening Votive Mass of Divine Mercywith Archbishop Alapati Mataeligaof Samoa, and coordinator for DivineMercy for Oceania, Fr Patrice Chocholski,Secretary General for WACOM fromLyon, France, and a dozen other priests.Fr Patrice spoke of the need for modernwitnesses to Divine Mercy in a worldinfused by hate, revenge, and self.The high calibre of keynote speakersincluded Fr Rory Morrissey fromAuckland, Msgr Bill Middleton of Christthe King Parish, Burnside, Fr AntoineThomas CSJ of St Teresa’s Parish,Riccarton. Also John Canavan director ofDivine Mercy Publications, Melbourne,and the inspirational American DeaconBob Digan, husband of Maureen Digan,who received the miraculous cure ofLeft to right, John Canavan, Pat Barrett(NZACOM Coordinator), Tommy Canning (Artist),Fr Patrice Chocholski (WACOM Sec Gen.), JohnFowler (Apostles of Mercy Aust.), Fr AntoineThomas CSJ and Big Digan (USA) enjoying theCongress.St Bernadette’s, Hornby youth groupat their camp celebrate a $3100 grantfor resources and to strengthenlinks with groups such as ICPE whorecently visited from Wellington.“Fr Paulo is a wonderful advocatefor youth,” say Steve and WendyEntwistle. Since he arrived inHornby seven years ago children’sliturgy has grown from 5 or 6 to 30or 40. Some of these have progressedinto the youth group, and now leadthe liturgy. “Our sincere thanks tothe Tindall Foundation who haveclearly made youth a priority.”Benefactor Diana Lady Isaac cuts the centenarycake. Later she was presented with flowers byMaureen Whiting.St Ita’s CentenaryExactly 100 years to the day since it wasopened by Bishop Grimes, Mass wasconcelebrated in St Ita’s church.Formerly at Hinds, Mid Canterbury,it was closed in 2005 then gifted toDiana Lady Isaac who relocated it in2006 to the Heritage Village in theIsaac Conservation and Wildlife Trustoff McLeans Island Road, Harewood,Christchurch.Sylvia Watson played the organ for thefinal hymn Song of Joy featuring wordsspecially written by her for the 75 thanniversary.Current and former parish priests concelebrateMass once again in St Ita’s church, left to right,Fr Geoff Gray, Msgr James Harrington, Fr KevinBurns, Fr Bernie Goulding and Fr Pat Crawford.INFORM DECEMBER 2011

Pastoral Planning Office“A full church is betterthan half-full ones… this is a brilliantopportunity for us all,” aparishioner told BishopBarry Jones at a packedSt Peter’s parish hall,in Beckenham, duringa question and answersession led by MikeStopforth, the Bishop’sDeputy for the DiocesanPastoral Plan. TheBishop was launchinghis Provision of SundayMass in the CatholicDiocese of Christchurch,which sees the amalgamation of severalparishes over the next three years. It isthe final chapter in a process that beganin May 2009. By February 2014 therewill be nine pastoral areas comprising24 parishes (down from 48) alongwith ethnic and Maori communitiesand chaplaincies. It sees the requirednumber of priests drop to 30 from 39(as at September 2010) and proposes 29fewer Sunday Masses overall. Eighteennew parishes have been formed, six willhave a parish priest and an assistantpriest, the others only a parish priest.“The plan will ensure we are notreacting to circumstances as we focus onthe mission of the Church,” said MikeStopforth. Bishop Barry called over ninemeetings last year inviting responses,Sunday Eucharist the Heartbeatof the Local Churchof which 150 “excellentand helpful” submissionswere received. These werestudied by a planningcommittee of clergyand laity. After vigorousdebate, re-drafts andmeetings with the Councilof Priests, the Bishop haspromulgated the final plan.Where two or moreparishes combine they willform a new entity, withone finance committeeand one parish council.The locational name of theparish will describe thegeographic area or where a parish priestresides in the presbytery beside whatwill become the main church of the newparish. No existing presbyteries will besold.A new patronal name will be soughtfrom parishioners by the Bishop. He willalso rely on the “wisdom and generosityof spirit of parishioners” to propose Vigiland Sunday Mass times, taking intoaccount the needs of the whole pastoralarea.The meeting heard there are nineseminarians currently preparing forthe priesthood, with at least two othersexpected to join them next year. Asurvey of parish councils four years agorevealed no strong call for ordaineddeacons. Since then a programme ofpreparation for lay ministry formationhas been run by the Catholic EducationOffice. Lay volunteers now support thehospital chaplaincy and continue totake Holy Communion to house-boundparishioners.“These changes will mean sorrowand sadness on the one hand, but aswell, new opportunities to advance themission of the Church,” said BishopBarry. The Pastoral Planning Office isdistributing resources to assist parishesthrough the changes.Pip Toomey makes a point to Tim Fahy,chairman of St Peter’s, Beckenham ParishCouncil and of Christchurch SouthPastoral Area.Ian and Suzanne Bell are delighted to haveRory Paterson Dominic & Orr Dominic as the Orr Catholic as the Catholic representative representativesof Bell, Lamb and Trotter Funeral Directors Limited, assisting them toprovide a caring, professional service that is a unique and fitting tribute,reflecting your loved one’s life, personality, beliefs and culture. INFORM DECEMBER 2011

Br Frank Brennan SM, left, celebrates changes in the diocesewith John Hermans, right, and Fr Simon Eccleton, ParishPriest of St Paul’s Dallington, soon to become the new parishof ‘Mairehau’ along with Burwood and Mairehau parishes.Parishioners came from all over thediocese to meetings in Timaru, Hokitika,Rangiora and Christchurch to learn aboutthe new parishes.New parishesin the followingPastoral AreasFebruary 2012Christchurch Central & HillsChristchurch EastChristchurch NorthSouth CanterburyFebruary 2013Christchurch WestMid CanterburyNorth CanterburyWest CoastFebruary 2014Christchurch SouthFurther room only: A packed St Peter’sHall listens as Bishop Barry Jonesexplains Sunday Mass is at the heart ofthe life of the Church.INFORM DECEMBER 2011

HAPPENINGSBroken Bay Institute Sydney offered a Spring e-conference in thecomfort of the Sisters’ House, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, StAlbans. This year’s theme was Following Jesus – Matthew. Re-viewat www.matthew.vividas.comInternational retreat director and author Margaret Silf led threeseminars in November. Themes explored included “finding a truecourse in a changing world” and “discerning the movements ofGod in our hearts and lives”. Also hosted by the Sr Eveleen RetreatHouse, now at Mary Potter Community Centre, was a retreatwith Macrina Wiederkehr OSB. Sr Macrina led reflection on “themedicine of deep listening”.St Patrick’s Choir hosted an evening of song and poetry at StPatrick’s Church, Greymouth. Proceeds went to the Kate BarronTrust, Christchurch earthquake victim.Thanks for higher learning were given at the Annual AcademicMass held in October at St Teresa’s Church, Riccarton. The Masswas attended by those who have benefited from life at university orpolytechnic and was followed by supper at Kolbe House.The Catholics Returning Home teamwas delighted to offer an extra session inNovember because of unexpected demand.Please continue to pray for the success of this programme. Haveyou invited someone you know to come home? For details phoneLyn on 352 9674 or visit to the Father’s Heart was the theme of the Christchurch DoveRetreat Day held at St Christopher’s Anglican Church, Avonhead.Take It. Treasure It. Pray It. Fr Trevor Murray gave insights into thenew translation and guiding principles of the revised Roman Missalat Christ the King Parish Centre, Burnside.Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship continued to explore its 2011theme: “The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit” with a gettogetherat St Gregory’s Parish Centre, Bishopdale. Also a one-dayconference “Healing and Hope” was offered for men who have beenchallenged by the effects of the earthquakes.The Diocesan Liturgy Commission hosted a workshop for liturgycommittees and musicians at Our Lady of Victories Church & ParishCentre, Sockburn. The Commission explored some of the revisedmusical settings of the Mass, discussed the role of sacred music andthe value of chant in the Mass.John Paul II Centrefor LifeSandra Martin and Carmel Malonediscuss the new Trust Bishop BarryJones has established at the John PaulII Centre for Life in Idris Road. After fiveyears under Family Life International,the diocese, with generous assistancefrom the Little Company of Mary, hasestablished the trust.The Centre offers “0508 HERE 4 U”a service to meet the practical needsof women with a ‘crisis’ or unplannedpregnancy. “It has been a blessing to seeso many women in this situation chooselife for their babies,” says John Kennedy.Not only a ‘bottom of the cliff’ service,the Centre’s educational side includes:- Catholic media comment oncurrent ethical issues- Educating young Catholics inthe Church’s teaching- Training engaged and marriedcouples in natural familyplanning- Marriage and family lifeeducation- Helping parents prepare theirchildren for puberty andbeyond.Join the weekly Mass for Life, HolyHour for Life, quarterly Vigils for Lifeand Candlelight Family Vigils. Tel. 351 3225Opus Consulting: Proudly Supporting Catholic Schools INFORM DECEMBER 2011

Around the ParishesThe New EvangelismExplained“One of the Church’s best messengers”according to Cardinal George of ChicagoArchdiocese, visited Christchurch atthe end of November. Fr Robert Barron(below) is internationally recognised asan inspiring teacher.The US TV personality fromMundelein Seminary, Chicago presentsthe Catholic faith reliably and clearly.He led the retreat for our clergy andpresented a seminar at Christ the Kingparish, Burnside.Responding to the call of both PopeJohn Paul and Pope Benedict for prieststo use technology in the mission ofSpecial Year of Faith2012-13A special Year of Faith announced byPope Benedict XVI will begin on 11October, 2012, the 50 th anniversaryof the opening of the second VaticanCouncil. It will conclude on 24November, 2013, the feast of Christ theKing. It commences four days afterthe start of the 13 th Ordinary GeneralAssembly of the Synod of Bishopson the New Evangelisation for theTransmission of the Christian Faith inRome.The purpose of the Year of Faith isto help Catholics appreciate the gift offaith, deepen their relationship withGod and strengthen their commitmentto sharing faith with others.spreading the Gospel he founded offering a daily blog,articles, commentaries and weeklysermon podcasts for over ten years. Hehosted Catholicism, a groundbreakingten-part documentary series and studyprogram about the Catholic faith.Verbum DominiWorkshopOn Saturday 24 September 2011 theVerbum Domini workshop was heldat St Gregory’s Parish Centre. BishopBarry spoke on the paper VerbumDomini and his depth of understandingand comprehension of the paper wasappreciated by all the attendees. BishopBarry’s interactive approach to thepaper meant all those attending gotto share their own understandingand develop a greater appreciation ofGod’s Word and the Catholic Church’stradition.After Bishop Barry’s talk concludeda time of Lectio Divina was shared byall. This special time spent in God’sPresence gave all a chance to put intopractice all that Bishop Barry shared.ClergyappointmentsBishop Barry Jones has announcedthe following priestly appointmentsto take place on the weekendof 28-29 January, 2012 (Residencein brackets).To the existing parishes of:Kaiapoi and Rangiora - Fr DenisNolan, Parish Priest (PP) (Rangiora)Fr Augustine Palayal AssistantPriest (AP) (Kaiapoi).Sockburn & Darfield - Fr MichaelPui (PP), Fr Paulo Filoiali-i (AP).Fr Paulo will continue as ParishPriest of Hornby and reside inHornby.North Canterbury and ChathamIslands - Fr John C O’Connor (PP)Addington - Fr John CraddockSM (PP) from May 2012; Fr JohnJolliffe SM Administrator February–May2012.To the new parishes (from 25 January,2012) of:Cathedral - Fr Christopher Friel,Administrator; Fr Christopher Orr(AP).Woolston - Fr Daniel Doyle (PP)Mairehau - Fr Simon Eccleton(PP) Fr Job Thyikalamuriyil (AP)(Burwood)New Brighton - Fr Bryan Parish(PP)Bryndwr - Fr Rick Loughnan (PP)Timaru and Waimate Fr PeterCostello (PP); Fr Kevin Foote (AP)Opihi - Fr Brian Fennessy (PP)Mackenzie - Fr Jim Nicholas (PP)INFORM DECEMBER 2011

Around the Parishes“The pioneers left us theBasilica – a magnificentsymbol of their faith.Modern Catholics likethe church to be therefor weddings andbaptisms and they loveto send their childrento Catholic schools, butwill they support theChurch financially asthe pioneers did?” askedArchbishop Charles Balvo,Apostolic Nuncio, celebratesMass at the Centennialof Sacred Heart Basilica,TimaruFr Pat BreezeSean Brosnahan, at theblesses Maristlaunch of his book Thinkingplaque Timaruabout Heaven. It traces acentenary of the Basilica ofthe Sacred Heart in Timaru,which was opened on 1 October 1911.A festive centennial weekend featured music from the choirand orchestra of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament,Christchurch and the Angelo Singers from Roncalli College.Fascinating historical artifacts were displayed including thechristening gown of the oldest parishioner, 95 year old MaryHall.A priest’s Mass celebrated by Bishop Robin Leamy SMrecognised the Society of Mary’s service 1869 – 2006 withpriests ordained in the Basilica – Msgr Gerry O’Connor, Frs LeoMcAteer SM, Geoffrey Gray, Brian Fennessy, Chris Friel andPatrick Breeze SM.“Parishioners supported the celebrations with all our heartsand souls,” said Maree McKenzie. “Thanks be to God for ourheritage of faith.”Fr Rodello Renpillo WelcomeFr Simon Eccleton, Fr Gerry Nemi and members ofthe Filipino community welcome Fr Rodel Renpilloat Christchurch Airport on Show Day. There was ashared meal with him after the Vigil Mass at Christ theKing parish, Burnside, where he will be working withMonsignor Bill Middleton.Fr Rodel was ordained in 1999, has a degree in massCommunication, has worked in television, and producedTV and radio programmes for his Bishop. “Mabuhay”, FrRodel! INFORM DECEMBER 2011

SchoolsFinal Co-Location AssemblyMarian College and St Bede’s College senior students, left to right, GodfreyRedoblado, Jordan Toa, Megan Attewell and Olivia Morgan at a moving finalassembly to complete their co-location since May. “The sentiment expressedshowed that this situation we were faced with had been successful,” says StBede’s Rector, Justin Boyle. Together the schools have raised a remarkable$15,000 for CanTeen.Temuka MacKillopFeast DayTemuka Parish celebrates the firstofficial feast day of the new Saint Maryof the Cross MacKillop. “Friday night’spot luck tea was extremely popular,”says Helen Mackle. A Holy Hour andMass were celebrated in the newlydedicatedChapel of Saint Mary of theCross MacKillop. It features a beautifulcrucifix carved from a piece of timberfrom the old St. Joseph’s Convent.Mary MacKillop, writing from theMother House in North Sydney to SrRaymond in Temuka in 1888, 123 yearsto the day said, “Do the best you canwith the means at your disposal, andleave all the rest calmly to God.”Gifts to CelebrateThe gifted and talented Shannon Hegarty,left, and Georgia Bellett.It is rare for a school to celebrate twofirst places in a national competitionwith over 1,200 competitors. However,Villa Maria is proud of the successof Georgia Bellett and ShannonHegarty (Year 13) in the New ZealandAssociation for Gifted Children’scompetition. Georgia gained first placein the Awareness Art section, whileShannon penned her way to first placein the Writing category.Entries were received from over 90schools – a record number in the threeyears of the competition. The judges’gave accolades for Christchurch studentswho entered. “Some Christchurchteachers had gone to extraordinarylengths to ensure their pupils’ workwas entered following three largeaftershocks just before the competitionclosed,” said competition organiserRachel Pound.Opus Consulting: Proudly Supporting Catholic SchoolsINFORM DECEMBER 2011

Missed the Battle of the Basilica? This outstandingdocumentary around the post-earthquake work onthe Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament can still beviewed at youth and young adults Mass followedBishop Barry’s last catechesis session for 2011at St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Manchester Street.Celebrations concluded with a BBQ and a chance tofarewell the 2011 Mission Team.Rosary House Spiritual Life Centre continues itsministry of planned retreats with a six-day retreatguided by Fr Roderick Milne sm. The focus was onJohn’s Gospel through the eyes of John Varnier,the founder of L’arche and co-founder of Faith andLight.HAPPENINGSHazaribag Day at St Matthew’s Parish, Bryndwrprovided financial support for Fr BernardDonnelly’s work at the Jesuit Mission in India.Cakes and sweets were sold and parishionersenjoyed morning tea.The journey through the RCIA process wascelebrated with the Mass of the Neophytes byBishop Barry at St Matthew’s Church, Bryndwr.Those involved in the RCIA programme in the lastyear along with sponsors, godparents and familyjoined together to mark this occasion.It was off to Woodend for CYT Jam Camp foryears 7 & 8, who gathered together for music,games and the opportunity to learn more aboutJesus.Waiting for the birth of a new creation was thetheme of three Advent and Christmas meditationsled by Joy Ryan-Bloore at Rosary House SpiritualCentre.Sounds Catholic broadcasts on-line and on-airSundays at noon and 10pm on Plains FM 96.6.Recent programmes include highlights from therecent academic Mass at St Teresa’s, Riccarton;Bishop Barry’s presentations of the future provisionof Sunday Mass in the Diocese and choral musicfrom the Cathedral Choir concert in St Mary’sPro-Cathedral, Manchester Street. Podcasts ofprogrammes at Robert Barron, Chicago-based teacher and TVpersonality gave a down-to-earth approach toeffective evangelisation at an evening seminar atChrist the King Parish Centre, Burnside.The Korean Catholic Community Church, NewBrighton was farewelled prior to its demolitionwith a service of thanksgiving in October.Parishioners gave thanks and shared theirmemories of the Church and community.The 25 th Anniversary of the Assisi World Day ofPrayer was held at the Peace Bell in Hagley Parkwith the theme, “Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims ofPeace”. This afternoon of reflection and prayerfor peace and justice was held in partnershipwith the Christchurch Interfaith Society.Website messagesThe diocesan advertisesevents happening within the diocese.As a parish, school, or church groupyou are welcome to advertise events.You can list your event from the link onthe home page under ‘events’.10 INFORM DECEMBER 2011

Milestones Earthquake FarewellsA registered nurse, Sister PaulinusKeating LCM, passed away in PrincessMargaret Hospital in October, aged 90.She was in the 68 th year of her ReligiousProfession.A proud Coaster from Greymouth, shewas the 7 th of 10 children.She was known as an efficient wardsister and spent many years as a theatrenurse. She held positions as CommunityLeader and Matron of Calvary HospitalChristchurch. After retiring from nursingshe was involved in pastoral careespecially with the aged and infirm.Many relatives and friends werepresent to farewell a much loved andfaithful sister. May she rest in peace.LytteltonVicar General Fr Rick Loughnan prayswith parish priest Fr Denis Nolan at aliturgy of Thanksgiving and Farewellin the car park of St Joseph the Workerchurch, Lyttelton in September. Fr Denisrecalled the 29 parish priests and twoadministrators who served in the churchover 146 years, and the Sisters of Mercyfor 121 of those, since its opening in1865.KoreanCommunitySumnerParish priest Fr Denis Nolan and BishopBarry Jones listen to a sonnet by KevinO’Connor at a liturgy of Thanksgivingand Farewell for Our Lady Star of theSea church, Sumner (1913-2011). Hiswords echoed from the beloved church,“… ninety-nine years she stayed andnourished young and old who caredby pointing her bricks and sealing herleaks”.Pic:Earthquake Korean farewell.JPG“Patricia lived the LCM charism throughher patient acceptance of suffering,”says Sr Helena Kearns LCM about SrPatricia O’Sullivan LCM, who died inChristchurch after a long illness.She was in the 45 th year of herReligious Profession and aged 71 years.Her Taranaki family all travelled toChristchurch for her funeral at the endof August.She had been evacuated fromNazareth House to Nelson after theFebruary earthquake, and returned toChristchurch only three weeks before hersudden Comparing death.notes May at she Arise now conference rest in peace.Fr Matthew Kim and Fr Rick Loughnan on a beautiful spring afternoon lead aliturgy of thanksgiving and farewell at the Korean Catholic Community Church inBower Avenue, New Brighton, prior to its demolition. Originally the property of theRedemptorists, then private investors, the Korean community had purchased andimproved the property.Trusted care for our Seniors.• Companionship• Meal Preparation• Personal CareEach Home Instead Senior Care franchise office isindependently owned and operated.Call for a free,no-obligation appointment:Christchurch(03) 384 8484• Light Housekeeping• Shopping & DECEMBER 2011 11

NewsPilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of PeaceSunshine blessed over 60 people from many denominationswho gathered around the Peace Bell in Hagley Park,Christchurch. They prayed for peace and an end to violence, sothat all will be free to profess their religion and faith withoutfear or harassment.The event was organised by the NZ Catholic Bishops’Committee for Interfaith Relations in conjunction with theChristchurch Interfaith Society on the 25th anniversary of the“Violence never again!War never again! Inthe name of God, mayevery religion bringupon earth justice andpeace, forgivenessand life, love!” PopeBenedict XVI, Assisi2011Assisi interfaith gathering for peace.Bishop Barry Jones lit a candle,after he had spoken of creatingscapegoats. “When something goeswrong, the community turns on aninnocent group, because somehow itis seen as different to the majority,”he said, citing the abuse of theFilipino community living in the Bayof Plenty because the grounded shipRena had Filipino crew.Pope Benedict XVI, following Pope John Paul II’s exampleon three previous occasions, brought religious leaders withhim on pilgrimage to Assisi. For the first time, among the 300gathered, were four philosophers who do not identify with anysingle religion.Book review: The Faith of OurFathers – David McCarthyThe Faith of Our Fathers not only tells the story of Maristambitions in education but also gives us a wide understandingof local Catholic society. “Here is a book that weaves theinteraction of ambition, expectation and Catholic culturetogether, giving the reader a very clear picture of the Bedeancommunity,” says Barbara Te Miha. One hundred years ofSt Bede’s College bound into 459 pages of history, research,biographies and the professional development of young menand priests.McCarthy’s meticulous research and detail makes for veryinteresting reading as he divides a century into decades.One senses what McCarthy describes as “the indefinablerelationship between teachers and boys beginning theirjourney to manhood” is not only about the formation of boysbut of priests as well.Fr Rod Milne SM, involved inteaching music and drama, foundthe task of teaching the recordera very painful experience, andthe accompanying photo of onesuch session, tells its own story.He went on to help found L’Archehomes in Kapiti and was awardedthe QSM for this and his work ineducation.Overall this is a story aboutwhanaungatanga, belonging to the Bedean family. TheThe Faith of Our Fathers.450 pages. Author: DavidMcCarthy. Published bythe Centennial OrganisingCommittee, St Bede’sCollege. The book comeswith registration forthe centennial, 25-27May 2012. Contact TinaMcKay (03 375 0647).ceremony marking the end of Year 13 when young men aredivested of their college ties that are replaced with those of“old boys” underwrites this. Those young men who marchedaway to war, and others whose lives were also tragicallycut short, remain forever members of the St Bede’s Collegewhanau.St Bede’s College began in 1911 with Rector Fr CharlesGraham SM who absconded from his duties in 1923 anddisappeared into the Canadian wilderness, where he marriedthe former matron of the college. There they raised a familyand he continued his remarkable teaching career. In 2011,his 84 year old daughter and her two sons returned toChristchurch where they were warmly welcomed back intothe Bedean fold. An extraordinary story from an extraordinarycollege.“The art of living well and the art of dying well are one”.The annual day of prayer to Respect Life held in Octoberfocused on this year’s theme of respecting and protectinghuman life by the way we care for the dying. It encouraged usto consider what it means to die well.12 INFORM DECEMBER 2011

CYT WYD Madrid“I was fortunate enough to be able to join the ChristchurchDiocese pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Madrid, thanksto generous sponsorship from St Mary’s parish. During thefour weeks in Europe we visited some amazing locations. InMadrid we joined around two million other young peoplefrom all over the world to learn more about and celebrate ourCatholic faith. I would highly recommend any young person tojoin the next pilgrimage to WYD in Brazil.” Nick AshleyMy year on Mission Team…What a year! This year has been truly the most exciting of mylife. After moving from Tauranga to a very unfamiliar landI soon fitted right in. Being a part of youth ministry in theChristchurch Diocese has been wonderful. Sharing my faith,travelling all over the show, learning lots of cool stuff and experiencinga deepening in my own faith life. A great opportunityI will be forever grateful for. – Stella BrennanFree studyIntroduction to Spirituality for Youth Ministers beganin October, a paper in the Certificate in Catholic YouthMinistry. The course has seven papers in Scripture,Theology and Youth Ministry. Contact Chris Lysaghtto enrol in the future.God’s Precious Infants“It has been the constant teaching of the Church for 2000years that the killing of an unborn child is a serious offenceagainst God, the author of life, and a violation of the inalienableright to life of the child,” says Ken Orr, spokesperson forRight to Life. “We have endeavoured to respond to that call.”In May 2005 the Society sought a Judicial review of theperformance of the Abortion Supervisory Committee (ASC) inthe District Court in Wellington. They sought legal recognitionthat the unborn child was entitled to protection under theNew Zealand Bill of Rights.The Court of Appeal found that the unborn child was not ahuman being until it was born and did not have a right to life.They also found that there was no requirement that abortioncounsellors should be independent of abortion providers. Thisjudgment was upheld by the Supreme Court.On 13 March 2012 the Supreme Court will hear an appeal onthe grounds that the ASC does have a statutory duty to holdcertifying consultants accountable for the lawfulness of theabortions that they authorise, “and that there is reason … todoubt the lawfulness of many abortions authorised,” says Ken.Bishop Barry Jones and Fr Pat Kennedy are patrons ofRight to Life. The Society has invested over $100,000 in legalexpenses to date and incurred costs awarded by the Court ofAppeal to the Abortion Supervisory Committee estimated at$80,000.CYT Revolution CampRevolution camp was a great success. Sixty Year 9 and 10students from all over Christchurch spent a weekend of music,prayer, games and sacraments out at Woodend ChristianCampsite. A highlight was Adoration on Saturday night.Young AdultRetreatThirty young adults enjoyeda peaceful weekend awayat Wainui in early October.It was led by FrAnthony Maryfrom the Communityof St John,who focused on theBeatitudes.JAM Camp“The weekend went with precision timing and we had sucha great time,” says Olie Hickman, Youth Group Leader of StMatthews, Bryndwr. Over 100 young people enjoyed a greatweekend at Woodend Christian Camp in November. “Jesus andMe” took a different significance when Fr Filipo CSJ talkedabout Mary and the Rosary. Now JAM also means ‘Jesus andMary’.Carmel Youth MassFather Antoine Thomas from the Community of StJohn celebrated the annual Youth Mass at the CarmeliteMonastery. After Mass supper with the sisters featured a WYDpresentation.INFORM DECEMBER 2011 13

Advent Reflectionswith the Communityof St JohnEvery Friday night during Decemberthe Community of St John invitedeveryone to St Teresa’s Parish,Riccarton, to prepare for the comingof Christ at Christmas. They enjoyedteachings, reflection time, Adorationof the Blessed Sacrament and theSecond Rite of Reconciliation, to allowGod to break through pre-Christmasdistractions, to focus on the realityof the message of the Advent season– God’s coming to earth.Christmas 2011Children gather round the crib tosing ‘Away in a Manger’.LOLA woman goes to the Post Officeand says, “May I have 50 Christmasstamps?”“What denomination?” the tellerasks.“Oh my gosh, has it come tothis?” the woman asks. “Give me6 Catholic, 12 Anglican and 32Baptists.”St Francis’ devotion to the Christ childIt was St Francis of Assisi whoemphasised the humanity of Christ’sbirth in the concrete form of the mangerscene with live people and animals.He introduced the tradition of theChristmas crib in Greccio, a quiet littleItalian town.St Francis had a very special love anddevotion for the Christ child. He spokeof Christmas as a feast of gentleness,humility, generosity and above all,poverty. His 13 th century world had lostits sense of the spiritual meaning ofChristmas.In a cave in the hills above Greccio,Francis prepared a manger with realpeople and animals. When the people ofthe town heard what was going on theygathered together and made their wayup the hillside with torches toward thecave. On a table above the manger Masswas celebrated. Beneath the improvisedaltar lay the figure of the infant Jesus,surrounded by an ox and donkey.St Francis of Assisi’s heart burnedwith love, hope and renewed faith atthe great gift of Christ. May we havea nativity scene in our own homes toremind us of this great gift of love.Christmas Carols Continue“We always have a good crowd. People love it,” says Sr Helena Kearns,LCM. Favourite Christmas carols ring out at the Little Company of Mary inNovember, at the Mary Potter Community Centre.Carol evenings have been running for over 21 years, originally to cheerpatients at Calvary and later Mary Potter hospitals, and now residents ofMary Potter Villas and friends. Singing was led by Mrs Patricia Norris,mother of a former staff member, accompanied on guitar by her talentedgrandson, Dean.14 INFORM DECEMBER 2011

What’s on?Baby Gear Needed John Paul IICentre for Life urgently requires goodcondition high chairs, baby baths,bassinettes and prams. Contact CarmelMalone 351 3227 or drop off to 88 IdrisRoad 9.30am – 4.30pm.What’s on?St John the Baptist ScholarshipBishop Barry Jones invites applicationsif you would like to undertake full timetheological studies at Good ShepherdCollege or Catholic Discipleship College,Auckland in 2012.Apply and music plannersin parishes - enter your details in anew database and our Diocesan LiturgyCommission will it to communicateregularly training opportunities andnew developments. Complete the onlinequestionnaire, or contact the parishpriest for one.Good Shepherd College Aucklandoffers papers for post-graduate part-timestudy online. Contact: Fr Merv DuffySM of Christmas Closure TheCatholic Development Fund office willclose on Thursday 22 December 2011at 2pm and will reopen Wednesday 4January 2012. CDF Online will also beclosed during this period.AnniversariesCelebrating our heritage50 year anniversary of the 1962 thirdform classes at St Mary’s College,Christchurch – 10-12 February 2012.Contact: stmarys1962@gmail.comGolden Jubilee of St Pius X, Tokoroa– parishioners and friends, past andpresent, are invited to celebrate theGolden Jubilee of St Pius X, Tokoroa,Saturday 3 March 2012, with afternoontea at 3.00pm, followed by Mass withBishop Denis Browne and the JubileeDinner at 7pm.St George’s Catholic Church,Te Kuiti, Centenary Celebrations,Saturday 10 March 2012 beginningwith Mass at 10.00am. or phone Ngaire 07 878 6938.St Patrick’s Dominican College,Teschemakers centenary 23-25 March2012. Judy 3859954 or Joyce 942 7424.Catholic Cathedral College(Encompassing Xavier and Sacred HeartColleges) 25 th anniversary – Easterweekend 2012. Contact: Justin or checkfacebook.150 th celebrations of the founding of theSisters of Our Lady of the Missions(rndm) – 14-15 April 2012. AddingtonParish Church and Hall.St Bede’s College Centenarycelebrations have been re-scheduled for25-27 May 2012, starting with Mass onthe feast day of St Bede.Catholic people, thought, action, prayer,and music on air. Sounds Catholic isnow on twice everySunday - middayand 10.00pm onPlains FM, 96.9. hour every first Friday 7-8pmat Christ the King church, Burnside.Apostles of Divine Mercy pray forreprieve from earthquakes.Rock Climbing – Experiencedmountaineer Fr Antoine Thomas fromthe Community of St John leads a rockclimbing group on Friday evenings.Contact frantoinethomas@gmail.comThe Newsletter of the Catholic Bishop of ChristchurchA quarterly newsletter published by the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch.Ensure any photos are ‘attached’ to the email rather than embedded in thearticle. JPG format is most suitable for photos.Deadline for next issue: Friday, 24 February 2012Contributions may be sent at any time to:The Editor, Gerard DuignanP O Box 4544, Christchurch 8140027 540 8265 • (03) 355 3988Email: • Website: INFORM DECEMBER 2011

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