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The Abortion Pill in Early Pregnancy - CommonHealth

Under‐the‐Tongue Misoprostol UseThe Abortion Pill in Early Pregnancy

IpasP.O. Box 5027Chapel Hill, NC 27514©2009 Ipas.Produced in the United States of AmericaThe illustrations and/or photographs used inthis publication are for illustrative purposesonly. No similarity to any actual person,living or dead, is intended.MifepristoneWhat is medical abortion withmisoprostol?Medical abortion is the use of pillsto end an early pregnancy safely andeffectively. Misoprostol causes bleedingand cramping, similar to a heavy periodor miscarriage, leading to an abortion.MisoprostolCan I use the abortion pill?The information in this pamphlet isfor women who are less than 9 weekspregnant. Your health-care provider canhelp you determine how many weekspregnant you are.Some women should not use the abortionpill. Tell your health-care provider aboutany current or past health problems andany medications you are taking before youtake the pills.

How do I take the pills?Step 1:Put the 4 misoprostol pills under yourtongue. Do not chew the pills. Hold the pillsunder the tongue until they melt or for 30minutes, then swallow whatever is left.Even if you bleed after the first set ofpills, you should still take all the pills.In the space below, write down when youtook the first 4 misoprostol pills.Date:Time:Step 2:Wait 3-4 hours and put an additional 4misoprostol pills under your tongue. Donot chew the pills. Hold the pills under thetongue until they melt or for 30 minutes,then swallow whatever is left.Step 3:After 3-4 more hours put an additional 4misoprostol pills under your tongue. Holdthe pills under the tongue until they meltor for 30 minutes, then swallow whateveris left.In the space below, write down when youtook the second 4 misoprostol pills.Date:Time:In the space below, write down when youtook the third 4 misoprostol pills.Date:Time:

How should I take care ofmyself?Your health-care provider will talk withyou about how to take care of yourself.Ask any questions you have so you knowwhat to do.••You can do your daily activities whenyou feel you are able••You can eat the food you normally eat••You can bathe, shower or swim••You need to take all the medicinesyou were given••Do not do hard physical activities,such as heavy lifting, for 2 to 3 days••Do not wash inside your vagina afteryou go homeis a medicine for pain.Takepill(s)times a dayforday(s).How do I know if the abortionworked?If you experienced bleeding and cramping,your pregnancy symptoms have decreased,and you no longer feel pregnant, theabortion has probably taken place. Returnto your health-care provider in 2 weeks toconfirm that the abortion was successful.It is possible that the medicine may failand you will still be pregnant after takingthe pills. This happens to about 1 or 2women out of 10. If this happens, furthercare will be needed.When can I have sex again?You can have sex whenever you feelcomfortable.When can I get pregnant again?You can become pregnant again as soonas 10 days after the abortion.How can I NOT get pregnant?If you do not want to get pregnant, use acontraceptive method. Talk to your healthcareprovider about contraceptive optionsand your menstrual cycle. You can startmost contraceptive methods at the sametime you take the abortion pills.

When should I seek help?If you experience any of the followingsymptoms, see your health-care providerright away:••Excessive bleeding or soaking morethan 2 sanitary pads per hour for2 hours in a row, especially if youhave dizziness, lightheadedness andincreasing tiredness.••Fever any time after the day you finishthe third set of pills.••Unusual or bad-smelling vaginaldischarge, especially if you also havesevere cramps or abdominal pain.••Severe belly pain any time after theday you finish the third set of pills.••Feeling very sick with or without feverany time after the day you finish thethird set of pills.••Persistent severe nausea or vomitingany time after the day you finish thethird set of pills.If you do not experience bleeding, orhave very little bleeding within 1-2 daysafter taking all of the misoprostol pills,this is not an emergency, but it may meanthat the medicines didn’t work to endthe pregnancy. Contact your health-careprovider right away.Please contact your health-careprovider if you have any questions.

Your follow-up visit is scheduled for:In case of emergency, please contact:Health-care Provider:Phone number:Referral Hospital Address:MABOOKMOS-E09

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