May/June - Memphis Zoo
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May/June - Memphis Zoo

Creature Feature(Grus canadensis)Adult cranes have a very largewingspan — up to 6 1/2 feet,perfect for soaring, just likeeagles and hawks.Sandhill Cranesby Abbey DaneIf you’ve been following our CreatureFeatures recently, you’ve been sharpeningyour knowledge of the upcominginhabitants of Teton Trek, opening inOctober. This issue features sandhillcranes, another future resident of theMemphis Zoo.These cranes are often confusedwith the blue heron. These birds can bedistinguished by their flying techniques.The crane flies with its neck stretched out,and the heron bends its neck into an “s”shape when flying.Sandhill cranes have a very largewingspan — up to 6 1/2 feet wide! Theirwings are perfect for soaring, just likehawks and eagles. Their flight seems tobe almost effortless as they hunt forprey. They use very little energy, onlyoccasionally flapping their wings.Sticking together as a family, sandhillcranes mate for life. Their offspringare referred to as “colts” and are fed byboth parents until they are able to feedthemselves. The parents will remaintogether throughout the year, evenmigrating together. In the wild, cranescan live to be about 25 years old andhave been known to live even twice aslong in captivity.“We’re excited to have this exhibitof animals native to our own backyard,”said Herb Roberts, Curator ofBirds. “Many animals of our Zoo canonly be found by leaving the country.But the sandhill crane, as well asgrizzlies, elk, timber wolves andtrumpeter swans can all be foundright here on American soil.”Visit the Zoo this fall to learnmore about these amazing birds andget a first hand look at the animalsof Teton Trek. Look for our featureon grizzly bears in the July/AugustExzooberance.3

Edzoocation‘09 •- •øprogramsDiscover more programsand get more information•-•rHomeschoolWorkshopsDat e s : See b e l o w10 a.m. to 2 p.m.$25/m e m b e r s , $35/n o n m e m b e r s ,$5 o f f if pa r e n t assists•øMother’s TouchCome find out why it is bestthat some animal babies only get toknow a mother’s touch.May 4 — PreK-K and 1st-2ndMay 6 — 3rd-4th and 5th-7th•sStroller CubsDat e s : See b e l o w10 to 10:45 a.m.$5/m e m b e r s , $15/n o n m e m b e r s(i n c l ud e s o n e a d u lt a n d Zo oa d m i s s i o n)Recommended ag e s: 18 m o n t h s -4 y e a r s o l dMay 18 — “Erick’s Hungry Winter(A young elk’s tale)”by Lois L. SandoThere’s always something funto do at the Zoo! Come join usand our animal friends for storytime as we explore the animals ofthe Tetons in anticipation of ournew exhibit, Teton Trek, opening inthe fall. Classes include story time,animal visits and play time withother children. Adult supervisionis required.•-Zoo Trekkers10:30 a.m. to n o o n$10 m e m b e r s /p e r c h i l d (i n c l ud e s o n ea d u lt a n d Zo o a d m i s s i o n)$20 n o n m e m b e r s /p e r c h i l d(i n c l ud e s o n e a d u lt a n d Zo o a d m i s s i o n)*$5 f o r e ac h a d d i t i o n a l a d u lt*Ag e s: 5-9 y e a r s o l d•r•- •s•rMay 2Animal AcrobatsWho are the greatest tightropersand swingers of the trees inthe animal kingdom? Join us as wemeet some amazing acrobats upclose and personal.June 6Can You Dig It?They do not need shovels andflashlights to get around underground.Learn about animals that prefer tolive below ground and get a chanceto feed our marvelous meerkats.July 11It’s Not Who butWhat’s on TopShells, quills and scales areessential to helping you come outon top. Join us as we dive into thewondrous world of animal armor.•ø•s•ø•sJunior Zoo Crew10 a.m. to 1 p.m.$30/m e m b e r s , $40/n o n m e m b e r sAg e s: 10-12 y e a r sRe g i s t r at i o n De a d l i n e:Wednesday b e f o r e t h e p ro g r a mNu m b e r o f Spac e s:20 c h i l d r e n p e r sessionMay 2 — OrnithologistsJune 6 — Marine BiologistsJuly 11 — Entomologists•rBadge-In-A-Day10 a.m. to 1 p.m.$25/m e m b e r s /p e r c h i l d(i n c l ud e s o n e a d u lt)$35/n o n m e m b e r s /p e r c h i l d(i n c l ud e s o n e a d u lt)Mu s t meet m i n i m u m 15 pa rt i c i pa n trequirement f o r p ro g r a m to ta k e p l ac eMu s t reserve t w o weeks in a dva n c eNu m b e r o f Spac e s: 30 Gi r ls o r Cu bSc o u t s (d o e s n o t i n c l ud e pa r e n t s)This program will give yourscout the opportunity to earn abadge while participating in funand educational activities, includingcrafts, live animal visits, experimentsand tours. Please visit theZoo’s Web site for available badges.All participants are responsiblefor acquiring the earned badgethrough their local council.Call (901) 333-6765 foravailable dates.BEAR AWARENESS WEEKMay 12-16No r t h w e s t Pa s s ag ea n d Ch i n a Exhibit11 a.m. to 2 p.m. e ac h dayIn l c u d e d w i t h Zo oa d m i s s i o nMigration Day at the ZooSat ., May 1610 a.m. to 2 p.m.In c l u d e d w i t h Zo oa d m i s s i o nJoin us as we focus on the bearsof the Memphis Zoo and around theworld. We’ll celebrate bears throughstorytelling, enrichment, chats withkeepers and docents as well aseducational demonstrations.We’re combining InternationalMigratory Bird Day and World Turtle Dayto celebrate them together on one fabulousoccasion: Migration Day at the Zoo. Join usas we learn how and why these amazinganimals journey around the world everyyear to complete their migrations.Information line: (901) 333-6600 • Registration line: (901) 333-6765 • is required. Prices are subject to change. The Education Department reserves the right to cancel a program due to insufficient registration.

17 ptSUMMER 2009Send your child to the wildest camparound: ZOO CAMP! Campers willexplore the fascinating world ofanimals while participating infun games, crafts, tours, keeperchats, live animal visits andinteractive experiments! Parentsmust provide a non-refrigerated,non-microwavable lunch.PreK-K(Child must be 4 years old by the first day ofregistered camp and potty-trained to attend.)Colors and PatternsJune 1-5, June 15-19, June 29-July 3, July 13-17, July 27-31Come explore the colors andpatterns of nature’s animals.Learn how color, spots and stripescan be helpful to an animal.Growing Up isHard to DoJune 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10,July 20-24, August 3-7Explore the world through the eyesof cubs, chicks, ponies and many more.Egg-Cellent AdventureJune 1-5, June 15-19, June 29-July 3, July 13-17, July 27-31Campers will learn all aboutbabies that hatch from eggsthrough games, crafts and tours.By the end of this camp, yourchild will be an “eggs-pert!”Animals on the MoveJune 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10,July 20-24, August 3-7Swinging through the trees,running on the ground or glidingthrough the water — discover howand why animals move so differently.Sense-able AnimalsJune 1-5, June 15-19, June 29-July 3, July 13-17, July 27-31Ever wonder how animals seeafter dark, hear under the water,and feel without fingers? We willsee how humans and animals make“sense” of things as they explore.Z oo ampsCJune 1 - August 7; Monday through Friday9 a.m. to 2 p.m. — Aftercare 2 to 5:30 p.m.$160/members; $190/nonmembersAftercare: $80/members; $85/nonmembersPrices per childRegister by calling (901) 333-6765Choose program for the grade the camper is enteringfor the 2009-2010 school year.1st-2nd GradeWhat a Watery LifeJune 1-5, June 15-19, June 29-July 3, July 13-17, July 27-31From sea lions to penguins, fishand turtles, your child will learnwhat animals need to live in awatery environment.Backyard BuddiesJune 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10,July 20-24, August 3-7From opossums to owls, spidersto snakes, your child will investigatethe animals that live rightunder our noses.Fire & IceJune 1-5, June 15-19, June 29-July 3, July 13-17, July 27-31Imagine living in a place whereit can get as hot as 134 degrees orin a place where the temperaturedrops to 31 degrees below zero!Discover what extreme living islike in this exciting camp.Winged WondersJune 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10,July 20-24, August 3-7Explore the lives of birds, batsand butterflies, and find out whatmakes them so special.3rd-4th GradeToys and TreatsJune 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10,July 20-24, August 3-7Have you ever wondered whyanimals need toys and treats? Inthe zoo world, it is called animalenrichment. Submerge yourself inanimal enrichment and watch theanimals enjoy it.Alien InvadersJune 1-5, June 15-19, June 29-July 3, July 13-17, July 27-31Aliens have landed! Not thegreen space creatures — we’re talkingabout rats, kudzu, sparrows,German cockroaches and Englishivy. Come explore why some plantsand animals can cause harm to theenvironment.Let’s Hear it for Herps!June 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10,July 20-24, August 3-7What are herps? A herptile is areptile or amphibian. Explore theadaptations, habits and diets ofthese fascinating creatures andalso the predators that dependon them.5th-7th GradeDr. ZoolittleJune 1-5, June 15-19, June 29-July 3, July 13-17, July 27-31Have you ever sung with a sea lion,rapped with a raptor or chattedwith a cheetah? Unlock the doorsof animal communication as youbecome Dr. Zoolittle.Animal MysteriesJune 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10,July 20-24, August 3-7Ever wondered where the mythof the unicorn began or if dragonsreally exist? Come learn about realsea mermaids and more as we explorenature’s greatest mysteries.Don’t wait!Enroll now!Space is limited!7

SPECIALDREW SMITHMAY87Memorial DayWeekend5/21 - Zoom through the Zoo5/22 - Zoo Brew5/23 - Zoo Grass5/24 - Members Night5/25 - Memorial DayFind details for thisaction-packed weekendon page 4.Chef’s DinnerFeaturing Chef Erling Jensen,In Situ Wines7 to 11:45 p.m.$125 p e r p e r s o n o r $1,000 f o r a p r i vat eta b l e o f 8This event will feature a five-course mealprepared by celebrated chef Erling Jensen.Each course will be paired with delectablewines by Chilean winemaker In Situ. Hostedin the Northwest Passage UnderwaterViewing Room. For more information, call(901) 333-6572.JAY ADKINS8Mother’s Day SnoozeMAYSold Out!Act now to reserve your spot at the Father’sDay Snooze.28Raising for Rhinos6 to 10 p.m. Members On ly$10 per p e r s o nMAYAlex Droma from the Uganda WildlifeEducation Center will be speaking about rhinoconservation efforts in Africa. This event willinclude a silent auction of artwork by some ofthe Memphis Zoo’s own artists, as well astalented animals! All proceeds will go towardrhino conservation. Light refreshments willbe included.may30 or 6JUNHorticulture Walking Tour:Early Summer Blooms8:30 to 10 a.m.$5 f o r m e m b e r s a n d $20 f o r n o n m e m b e r sPr e-r e g i s t r at i o n r e q u i r e d f o r v e ry limited s pac eJoin us as we visit areas of the Zoo that aboundwith early summer color. We’ll see and discussthe plants of the butterfly garden, the AfricanVeldt and some of our tropical beds in their earlystages. Our walking tours take place outside,rain or shine. Please dress appropriately.JUN19Father’s Day Snooze6:30 p.m. to 9 a.m.$50/m e m b e r s a n d $60/n o n m e m b e r sAg e s 5 a n d u p (a d u lt s m u s t ac c o m pa n y c h i l d r e n)Buy Dad a wild night at the Zoo for Father’sDay. Fathers can spend the night with their sonsor daughters on June 19. We’ll learn all aboutanimal fatherhood, tour part of the Zoo on amoonlight safari and play some exciting games.Farm Porch PastimesOnce Upon A Farm1:30 to 3:30 p.m. In c l u d e d w i t h Zo o a d m i s s i o nMay2 - Ice Cream Making2 - Music with Folk Instruments3 - Making “Green” Totebags9 - Ice Cream Making10 - Painting Demonstration with Betsy Bird16 - Ice Cream Making17 - Making “Green” Totebags23 - Ice Cream Making24 - Painting Demonstrationwith Betsy Bird25 - Ice Cream MakingStay tuned toJune6 - Music with memphiszoo.orgFolk Instruments for more fundown on the farmJulythis summer.4 - Music withFolk Instruments

JUNE ‘09 MAY ‘09Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayFarm PorchPastimesFarm PorchPastimesFarm PorchPastimesMembers NightFarm PorchPastimesBirds & BeesHomeschoolWorkshopsStroller CubsFarm PorchPastimesMember Preview:May 15-22Summer Zoo Campsbegin in June!Check page 7 for more information!Chef’s DinnerZoom throughthe ZooRaising forRhinosMay 1 2Mother’s DayZoo SnoozeZoo BrewFather’s DayZoo SnoozeJunior Zoo CrewZoo TrekkersFarm PorchPastimes3 4 5 6 7 8 9HomeschoolWorkshopsGeri MeltzerFarm PorchPastimes10 11 12 13 14 15 16Bear Awareness WeekMigration Dayat the ZooFarm PorchPastimes17 18 20 21 22 2324 25 28 29 30HorticultureTour31 June 1 2 3 4 5 6Summer Zoo CampWise and WildWednesday7 8 9 10 11 12Summer Zoo CampHorticulture TourJunior Zoo CrewZoo TrekkersFarm PorchPastimes14 15 16 17 18 19 20Summer Zoo Camp22 23 24 25 26 27Summer Zoo Camp28 29 30 July 1 2 3 4Summer Zoo CampBirds & BeesopensZoo GrassFarm PorchPastimesFarm PorchPastimesIndependence Day

Kids’ Activity PageDIDYOUKNOW?Summeris finallyhere!YOUR ACTIVITYSit under a tentSleep all dayWear t-shirts and sandalsEat lots of ice creamGo to the poolTake a vacation... and you know what that means: time for all your favorite summer timefun! You might actually be surprised to learn that some animals spend thehot season a lot like you do. To see how, match your activity with the animalactivity that is similar. Then see if you can find an animal that does thatwhen the weather gets too warm. The first one has been done for you.CheckoutSummerCamp!Animal ACTIVITYWade in the waterStay under the treesMigrateShed furEstivate (summer hibernation)Store fatAnimalSnakeSnow leopardHippopotamusBeeGila monsterSwan• Bees estivate when it gets toohot — estivation means sleepingfor a long time. By slowing downand staying still the bees are ableto stay cool.• Snow leopards trade outtheir winter coats for summer coats.• Gila monsters store fat intheir tails during the summer tohelp them survive in the winter.• Hippopotamus like to wade inpools of water or mud to cool off.• Swans migrate to cooler areasfor the hot summer months.• Some animals are endangeredbecause they are over-hunted ortheir homes are destroyed. TheMemphis Zoo is working yearroundto help protect these animalsthrough conservation andeducation!Make Summer Zoo Camp one of your favorite summer activities and geta chance to see all of these animals and so many more!Check out page 7 for more details on our topics and how you can sign up.Since 1983, Kirby Pines has served someof the Mid-South’s most influential people and hasrightfully earned the title “Memphis Most Golden Retirement Community”.Here, our residents have found a lifestyle unlike any other. Living in themaintenance-free and worry-free environment of Kirby Pineswill allow you to spend time doing the things you want to do.Whether you enjoy traveling, volunteering, playing cards,or dining with friends… the possibilities are endless! Makethe most of your retirement and leave the worries to us. Weencourage you to tour our community and catch a glimpse ofthe carefree lifestyle that over 750residents have chosen.3535 Kirby Road • Memphis, TN 38115 • (901) 369-7340 • www.kirbypines.com12

Birds & BeesOpening Memorial Day WeekendMember Sneak Preview: May 15-22As a Memphis Zoo member, you get to see asneak preview of this interactive exhibit andexperience the fun before anyone else!Exzooberance is mailed with a bulk permit and cannot be forwarded.© Copyright Memphis Zoo 2009CHANGE Service RequestedRequested in-home dates May 1-52000 Prentiss PlaceMemphis, TN 38112(901) 276-WILDNon-ProfitOrganizationU.S. PostagePaidMemphis, TNPermit No. 1124

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