World Urban Forum ReportGender, Local Governance andViolence Prevention

Gender Local Governance andViolence Prevention• 3 year linkage project funded by theAustralian Research Council andVicHealth (May 2006 – April 2009)• Led by Dr Carolyn Whitzman, SeniorLecturer in Urban Planning, University ofMelbourne• 4 LGAs in Victoria – Casey, Loddon,Bendigo and Maribyrnong

Gender Local Governance andViolence Prevention• To develop local and state ‘gendered’policies and programs that preventviolence• To critically investigate the divide inresearch and public policy betweenreducing violence in the public and theprivate realms

Gender Local Governance andViolence Prevention• Gender – “violence and fear of violence isseen as a major factor preventing the fullparticipating of citizens, particularly women,in public life” (Whitzman, 2006)

Gender Local Governance andViolence Prevention• Local Government – Together with theWorld Health Organisation, manyinternational bodies have begun to recognizethe value of understanding interpersonalviolence as inextricably connected to thesocial, political and economic structures inwhich individuals live and that any successfulviolence prevention initiatives must addressthese structural factors as the key tosolutions. (Hayes, 2006)

World Urban Forum Learnings• Coordinated action led byLocal Government• “Bottom up” approach –listen to the women• Integrate violenceprevention into existingstructures – make it apriority, not an “add on”• Make use of keychampions within thecommunity and withinCouncil

World Urban Forum Challenges• How to turn experiencesinto public policy so theybecome acknowledgedas rights• Strong support for a“bottom up” approach topublic policy –participatory actions• Need full support acrosslocal government(including Councillors)and community agenciesfor responses to besustainable• Multi-faceted approaches

Where are we now in Maribyrnong?• Identified in Council’s Safer CommunitiesPolicy and Action Plan 2003-2006• Family Violence Working Groupestablished in August 2005 as asubcommittee of the Maribyrnong SafetyTaskforce• Action Plan developed for coordinatedaction• New Western Region integrated familyviolence partnership established in July 06

What’s next for Maribyrnong?• Participation in the advisory committee• Mapping / audit of policies and programs• Workshop with key stakeholders todevelop local initiatives in relation toviolence prevention• Commence re labeling policies andprograms to include a focus on violenceprevention• Develop a local evaluation based on thestate wide evaluation framework

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