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Wireless Pneumatic DDC Thermostat Retrofit ... - Millennial Net

Wireless Pneumatic DDC Thermostat Retrofit ... - Millennial Net

Wi-Stat IIIp -

Wi-Stat IIIp - Revolutionary BreakthroughThe World’s First Wireless DDC Pneumatic Thermostat– Direct Digital Control– No mechanical parts– Solid State Technology– No Calibration– Bi-Directional Wireless– Part of an extensive family of compatible energymetering, monitoring & control, EMS solutionsImproved control, flexibility, visibilityReduced operational, maintenance and service cost

Improvements over Existing Pneumatic Operationswithout a costly full DDC renovationBecause its Wireless• Over-the-air programmingand adjustment• Remote wireless set pointcontrol• Programmabletemperature setbacksand other energy policies• Smart grid readyBecause its Pneumatic• Continuous branch-linepressure monitoring• Leak detection and statusnotification• Leak compensatingoperation

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