Valtra N Series Brochure - TRP

Valtra N Series Brochure - TRP


2VALTRA NValtra has been manufacturing tractors since 1951 and has established a reputationfor reliability, versatility, durability and its Nordic roots. These factors separate Valtratractors from the rest. Valtra tractors are designed according to the specific needs ofeach customer and built to last in even the most demanding weather conditions whileoperating efficiently in the toughest work conditions. Valtra is a reliable partner whosehigh-quality products, innovative technology and efficient customer service ensure thehighest levels of customer satisfaction.The well being of people and the environment are a matter of honour for us. Inkeeping with our values we interact closely with our customers and partners. Valtra’soperations are customer-oriented. Unlike other major tractor manufacturers, Valtramanufactures tractors on the basis of individual customer orders.CONTENT:Valtra à la carte service 3Valtra N – A new kind of tractor 4-5HiTech 6-7Versu 8-9Versu Direct 8-9 10-11Direct AGCO Sisu Power Engines 10-11 12-13AGCO Transmission Sisu Power Engines 14-15 12-13Transmission Valtra ARM driver’s armrest and main controls 14-15 16Valtra Hydraulics ARM driver’s armrest and main controls 17 16Hydraulics Valtra TwinTrac 18 17Valtra TwinTrac forest SVC and SVC360 and cabs 18 19Valtra AGCO forest Parts and SVC Valtra and SVC360 customer and service cabs 19 20AGCO Valtra Power Parts and Partner Valtra customer service 21 20Valtra Optional Power Equipment Partner 21 22Optional Technical Equipment information 23-27 22Technical information 23-27

3VALTRA NTHE VALTRA À LA CARTE SERVICEThe idea behind the Valtra à la Carte Service is simple: whenyou have the best tool for the job, you get the best result.Finding the best tool means defining your individual needs andhaving a tractor tailor-made to match them exactly. Every Valtratractor is built this way.With the Valtra à la Carte Service and together with our dealer,you can define and build the perfect tractor for you. Theselection covers over half a million possible combinations andspecial Valtra features, for every preference and every possiblefield of work.Twenty years ago Valtra– then known as Valmet –stunned the tractor worldby introducing colouroptions. Offering customersthe chance to choose theirown colour also began thesystem of custom buildingtractors based on individualcustomer orders.

4VALTRA NVALTRA N – A new kind of tractorNordic practicality at its bestThe Valtra N Series is a new kind of tractor that combines the very best ofperformance and specifi cations in a balanced and functional package. Customers canchoose the options they require starting from the base HiTech model up to the topof-the-lineDirect model. The Valtra N Series represents Nordic practicality at its best,encouraging year-round use even in the most demanding conditions.DESIGNED AND BUILT IN-HOUSEThe N Series embodies Valtra’s manufacturing philosophy. All primary modules are designed andbuilt in-house. This includes the engine, chassis, transmission, powertrain, rear axle, hydraulicsand cab. Our suppliers are internationally recognised leaders in their fi elds.

VALTRA N – your versatile companion 5VALTRA NNew spacious andquiet cab (68.5 dB)Superb lights can befurther enhanced withupper driving lightsand Xenon workinglightsExcellentvisibilitySeat rotates 180-degreesTwinTrac reverse-drivesystem optionalN -SERIESRated output /Max output (ISO 14936)HiTechhpN82 88 / 88N92 101 / 101N101 110 / 121*N111e ECO 124 / 124POWER 122/ 133*N121 133 / 144 *N141 150 / 160** transport boost on speed rangesH2, H3 and H4 (50 km/h versions also H1)Excellent for frontloaderwork.Factory-fitted frontlinkage and frontloader – even onthe same tractorVersu and Direct:Cooled and assistedbrakesHigh groundclearance andflat bellySeveral front axle options,also suspendedLift capacityat rear up to8100 kgVersu and Direct:Separate oils for the hydraulicsand transmissionVersuhpN122 133 / 144*N142 150 / 160 **transport boost on speedranges C and DDirecthpN122 133 / 144*N142 150 / 160 **transport boost on workarea C and D over 17 km/h

6VALTRA NHITECH – the base model offers excellent featuresand a wide range of power optionsN 82, N 92, N 101, N 111e, N 121, N 141The HiTech is the base model for the N Series and offersa choice of power ranging from 88 to 160 horsepower.The enhanced driving comfort of the HiTech is based ona computer-controlled shuttle and three-step powershifttransmission. Combined with a heavy-duty mechanicalgearbox, the powertrain offers 24 or 36 gears in forwardand reverse. Up to 11 different ratios are available forworking at 4-11 km/h, which is ideal on fi elds.The work hydraulics on HiTech models utilise a gearpump with an output of 73 l/min (90l/min option) andmechanically controlled valves. Electronic hydraulics areavailable for front-loader work. The lift capacity of theelectronic Autocontrol linkage ranges from 40kN (N82 andN92) up to 77kN on larger models.The layout of the cab on HiTech models is the same as thaton other N Series tractors. The most spacious cab on themarket is well equipped, and options include a forest cab,reverse-drive system and cab suspension (not availableon N82-92 models). Noise levels inside the cab have beenminimised and are further reduced if you specify the lowrev111e EcoPower model. In Eco mode the engine speedis kept below 1800 rpm, and work can be performed withlittle engine noise thanks to the tremendous torque.HITECH FEATURES:Electrohydraulicforward-reverse shuttleGenerally considered the best shuttleon the market, it allows you to changedirections fast and smoothly. The easyto-usehandbrake is integrated withthe shuttle lever.Automated transmissionThe HiTech model also offers excellentopportunities to enhance the useof your tractor through automation,including two automatic powershiftprogrammes, preset powershift afterchanging driving directions and uniqueAutotraction.Turbine clutchoptional on models N82-N121N82 and N92 HiTechThe top features of the N Series arealso available on lighter models.N Series and SVCThe SVC cab offers supreme visibilityand is available on HiTech models.ForestIdeal for forest work direct fromthe tractor: fl at belly, high groundclearance.


8VALTRA NVERSU – Don’t just drive it. Experience it.N 122, N 142The power, usability and intuitive handling of Valtra Versumodels create a truly unique driving experience andincrease productivity.HIGH-QUALITY VALTRA TECHNOLOGY,TAKEN TO THE NEXT LEVEL.Valtra Versu tractors have been designed above all to makeit possible to work long days effi ciently and without gettingtired. The automated transmission and assisted brakesmake driving easy.The fi ve Powershift speeds in each of the 6 speed rangesgive you an impressive 30 speeds in both directions. Eveneasier is the automatic function between the C and Ddriving ranges. So you have just the right speed for any kindof fi eld work or transport.Everything is in here but the gear shift lever. Now youcontrol the power transmission with only 3 shifting buttonson the patented, ergonomic Valtra armrest - independent ofyour working direction.The new Versu models have more power and considerablymore torque than previous models. They are suitable forall agricultural and contracting work. And, like all Valtratractors, they are custom built to match your individualrequirements.OTHER STANDARD FEATURES ENHANCINGPRODUCTIVITY AND COMFORT INCLUDE:the most powerful and complete hydraulics, with separateoil from the transmission oil. To increase effi ciency stillfurther, you can select the genuine TwinTrac reverse drivesystem, a 50 km/h transmission, ground speed PTO, frontaxle and cab suspension, front loader, front linkage andmany more options.With a custom-built tractor and the power and usability ofVersu, you’ll experience control, driving and productivitylike never before.The Versu powershift transmission offers an unprecedentedrange of features to make your work easier:• Five-step powershift, speed change 128%• EcoSpeed transmission allows 40 km/h atjust 1650 rpm• Creeper gear standard• Speed ranges overlap• Unique Autotraction facilitates easy stopping andstarting under load• Two automated HiShift programmes,also for shifting between C-D ranges• Possible to preset speed when switching drivingdirections with shuttle• Automatic four-wheel-drive and differential locking• Advanced traction control uses sensors• U-Pilot Headland Management SystemValtra Versu 40 km/h, 50 km/h and 40 km/h EcoSpeed


10VALTRA NDIRECT – Extremely easy to useN 122, N 142Valtra Direct models are equipped with the Nordiccontinuously variable transmission, the easiest to useCVT on the market. So instead of concentrating ondriving you can concentrate on your work.REVOLUTIONARY EASY-TO-USE CVTThe Nordic CVT transmission is controlled in mostsituations with the drive pedal and speed management onthe patented, ergonomic Valtra ARM armrest. The reliableCVT is designed to be effective also at very high as wellas low temperatures: fast starts in Nordic cold as wellas heavy pull in Mediterranean heat are easy tasks. Dueto four work areas low as well as high speed working isachieved with maximum transmission effi ciency. A provenand easy to use power shuttle unit guarantees effi ciencyin both driving directions. When you’re using the frontloader, a hydraulic assistant automatically increases RPMsto improve loading performance; a turbine clutch functionhelps keep a fi rm grip on the ground. Another remarkablething in the Direct is the precision of movement. That’s totalcontrol.Direct tractors could not be simpler to drive: turn on theengine, choose the direction you want to drive in and pressthe drive pedal. Your work is made even easier with the“active stop” function on Valtra Direct tractors: when youlift your foot off the drive pedal, the tractor comes to a stopand remains in place without you having to use the brakes.When working all you have to do is select the appropriatedriving range and let the tractor take care of the optimaleffi ciency between the engine and transmission. If neededyou can also set the engine speed or driving speed, eithertogether or individually.To make driving as easy as possible, all the main controlbuttons and switches are located on the Valtra ARM driver’sarmrest. Regardless of which direction you are drivingin, all the controls are at hand. Valtra has taken steplesstransmission technology to a new level by combiningease-of-use, power for work and driver comfort withoutsacrifi cing powertrain effi ciency.DIRECT FEATURES:Speed balance forward/reverseWhen the switch is in the centreposition, the driving speed in forwardand reverse is the same. Rotatingthe switch reduces the speed in thechosen direction by 10 to 90 percentwithout affecting the driving speed inthe other direction.Automatic traction control –turbine clutchThis knob allows you to use the initialdrive pedal movement to adjust theamount of torque. By pressing thedrive pedal you can control preciselythe amount of torque going to thetyres in order to maximise grip.Semi-automatic and manualmode drivingIn semi-automatic mode the CVT leverallows the driver to adjust the ratiobetween the transmission and theengine speed. When driving in manualthe transmission ratio is selecteddirectly using the CVT lever.Engine brakingThree positions: enhanced, normaland rolling. The rolling mode isrecommended in slippery winterconditions.


12VALTRA NAGCO SISU POWER ENGINESAGCO Sisu Power tractor engines are off-road engines thatare designed for use with demanding implements. This canbe seen in their sturdy structure, durability, reliability andextremely strong torque.ENGINE POWER AND TORQUEN142All N Series tractors are powered by AGCO SisuPower Common Rail engines that feature a number ofrefi nements for further improving ignition and loweringemissions. These refi nements also improve the traditionalvirtues of AGCO Sisu Power engines, which are nowquieter, more fuel effi cient and powerful than ever.The new generation of Common Rail engines featurethird-generation Electronic Engine Management (EEM)developed by AGCO Sisu Power. EEM technology offersmany advanced functions, such as low idle (650 rpm) whenthe handbrake is applied and transport boost, which isavailable on all models apart from N82 and N92.N Series tractors are powered by a 4.4 or 4.9 litre AGCOSisu Power engine. The 4.9 litre engine (N141, N142) hasmany of the same components as AGCO Sisu Power’slarger 7.4 litre engine. The engine on N142 models featuresfour valves per cylinder, which further improves the fl owof gases in the cylinders. The engine on N82 and N92models features mechanical fuel injection. All Common Railengines feature a transport boost function for increasedpower when transporting. The model range also includesthe N111e model powered by a fuel effi cient EcoPowerengine. The wet cylinder liners are centrally supported,which is a unique solution in engines of this size.• Extremely durable and reliable• Low maintenance costs - 500-hour oil change intervals• Low heat load extends lifespan of engine• Common Rail engines meet EU stage 3A and EPA Tier IIIemissions standards• High torque at low revs• Quiet and pleasant engine sound• Excellent cold-start propertiesPower (kW)StandardTransport boostTorque (Nm)StandardTransport boostEngine rpm


14VALTRA NTHE TRANSMISSION makes the tractor what it isAll Valtra N Series tractors come with an electrohydraulicforward-reverse shuttle that offers the same power whenworking in either direction.HITECH• Multistep transmission designed and manufacturedin Finland• 3 powershift speeds, 36F+36R gears• Turbine clutch available as an option (N82, N92, N101,N121)• Versatile automation, Autotraction• Ground speed PTO available as an optionVERSU• Semi-powershift transmission designed andmanufactured in-house by Valtra• 6 speed ranges, 5 powershift speeds• Speed change with 5 powershift speeds: 128%• Creeper gear standard• Versatile automation, up to 10 gears automatically• New smooth Autotraction control• Ground speed PTO available as an optionDIRECT• Stepless transmission (CVT) designed andmanufactured in-house by Valtra• 4 work areas• 40K Eco and 50K Eco options• 3 driving modes designed for the needs of differentcustomers• 2 driving speeds and 2 engine speeds can be storedin the memory• Ground speed PTO available as an optionDIRECTValtra Direct represents an innovative approach to CVTs,designed By Valtra in Finland to be used also in extremetemperatures, hot and cold. Unique features include threedriving modes, turbine clutch function, ground speed PTOand hydraulic assistant.The summing up of speed (CVT) is achieved usinga planetary gear set, without the use of ring gears.This keeps the design relatively straightforward and uncomplicated.The combination of four work areas togetherwith the hydrostatic variator gives an impressive eighteffi ciency peaks. All four work areas start from zero.Oils for the hydraulics and transmission are separate, whichprevents potentially dirty hydraulic oil (e.g. from implements),circulating through the hydrostatic variator. Heatexchange between the two oils also occurs through thetransmission housing, allowing the transmission oil to preheatthe hydraulic oil. A useful feature in colder climates.The four individual work areas are each designed to suit themain work types that a CVT tractor is expected to performwith the top speed (40 or 50 km/h) being achieved at 1600engine rpm. Work Area A delivers a pulling force of up to200kN, which can be used together with a ground speedPTO driven trailer. Within the four work areas (ABCD) relativelylow pressures in the hydrostatic variator are possible.This ensures high transmission effi ciency, even at crawlingspeeds and in hot climates.Valtra Direct is equipped with the Valtra Powershuttle andeffi ciencies are identical in both driving directions.

STEPLESS DIRECT– 3 driving modes, 4 work areas15VALTRA NAUTOMATIC MODEengine speeddriving speedSEMI-AUTOMATIC MODEdriving speed,cruise onengine speedtransmission ratioMANUAL MODEengine speed, rpm cruise ontransmission ratiodriving speedBasic principle is simple: usingthe highest possible transmissionratio to optimise fuel usage.In heavier conditions automaticschange the ratio to keep the setspeed (engine revs increase).Drive pedal works as usual,asking for engine revs. CVT-leveradjusts the transmission ratioin relation to engine revs. Themore rear the lever is, the morerevs are available to reach acertain speed. If speed is fixedby cruise, then moving the leverrearwards lowers the transmissionratio and increases theengine revs at the same time.Transmission ratio is controlledsolely by the CVT-lever. Noautomatics are applied, but thetractor stops when braking.E.g. in many PTO applicatiionsthe speed can be controlledeasily by the CVT-lever, andif you need to stop you cansimply apply the brakes (ValtraAuto Traction feature).WORK AREA A HEAVY DRAFT / SPECIAL CROP0-9 km/hCan be used for the heaviest works, like low speed tillageor special crop harvesting. It is ideal when highest pullingforce is needed continuously, or when most precise speedadjusting is needed. Extremely high pulling forces can bereached with PTO driven trailers.WORK AREA B FIELD WORK0-18 km/hIs the universal fi eld work range, which is ideal from seedingand faster tillage up to different forage operations.Easy control of different operations (like harvesting speeds)is essential.WORK AREA C FAST WORKING0-27 km/hIs ideal when transporting on fi eld conditions, for manymunicipality applications as well as effi ciently starting withheavy loads.WORK AREA D ROAD TRANSPORT0-50 km/hIs for road transport use at high speeds.Note that all the work areas have different top speeds on40 km/h and 50 km/h transmissions.

16VALTRA NVALTRA ARM DRIVER’S ARMRESTAND MAIN CONTROLSErgonomics and design go hand in handThe armrest incorporates a wide range of ergonomiccontrols, all positioned in a logical manner forconvenient use. There is no other similar control systemon the market that offers the same level of operatorcomfort. The unique handrail structure gives the drivera firm and steadying grip when operating the hydraulicpaddles, or for raising the armrest when turning theseat through 180° before utilising the TwinTrac reversedrive system. The Valtra armrest is truly impressive,fully integrated with, and complimentary to, the otherfeatures of a Valtra Direct, are cleverly positionedto be operated by the thumb andthird fi nger, whilst the hand restscomfortably in a natural position onthe armrest. Other features of thearmrest include the tractor terminal,through which all hydraulic valvescan be individually programmed,and a sliding lever which functionsas the hand throttle, or as CVT-lever,depending on the tractor model.VALTRA ARMFUNCTIONAL AREAS:ABCTerminalWorking hydraulicscontrolTransmissionand headlandmanagementThe handrail compliments the working environment,enhancing ease of control, especially over rough terrain.The armrest is ergonomically designed and fully integratedwithin a tractor environment that is based on the sameprincipal. At Valtra, we know that “comfort equalsproductivity”. Control operations for the transmission andhydraulics are now more precise and accurate, increasingboth productivity and safety. It also offers the driver acomfortable and logical place to rest his or her hand, whenit is not needed for control of the tractor.The armrest has an integral joystick, which can operateeither front or rear valves. Push buttons for powershfi tshifting, or for cruise adjusting and work area shiftingThe armrest is fully integrated withValtra’s TwinTrac reverse drive system,which is available as an option for allValtra tractors fi tted with the ValtraARM Armrest. Most of the essentialtransmission and hydraulic controlsare located within the armrest. Whenthe driver’s seat is rotated through180° to the TwinTrac position, thissame armrest moves together withthe seat. This makes use of TwinTraceven more comfortable, with thesame ergonomic controls available ina familiar place, whichever way theseat is facing.DEFPower lift controlCVT-lever (Direct) orhand throttle (Versu)Hand rail

HYDRAULICSNever before have such powerful hydraulics been available on four-cylinder tractors.17VALTRA NThe N Series lets you choose between mechanical orelectronically controlled hydraulics. Controlling thehydraulics is straightforward and logical. The hydraulicoil change interval is 2000 hours, which saves time andcosts. The N Series also allows for the optional use ofbio-oils.HYDRAULICS ON HITECH MODELSOn these models the hydraulics are controlled by switcheslocated on the right-hand panel. The hydraulic output is 73litres per minute. Four valves are available.A fl ow control valve on the fi rst valve is available as anoption. Two valves are available for controlling the frontloader and front implement. These valves are controlledelectronically from the driver’s armrest. The optional frontlinkage is controlled using valve 3.HYDRAULICS ON VERSU AND DIRECT MODELSThe work hydraulics on Advance, Versu and Direct modelsare controlled conveniently and effi ciently using thejoystick and push buttons located on the new ergonomicValtra ARM armrest. The joystick can also be used tocontrol the front loader or implement. Due to the sensitivejoystick controls and electronically controlled hydraulicvalves, tractor and implement functions can be adjustedwith extreme precision.The maximum hydraulics output of 115 l/min is standard,with an even higher output of 160 l/min available as anoption on both models. The output can be programmedaccording to fl ow and timing. Valtra’s load-sensinghydraulics meet all the requirements of the latestimplements and implement combinations.WORK HYDRAULICS VALVES:• Up to 4 fully programmable valves and 2 fi xed fl owvalves at the rear• 2 or 3 valves available at the front – for front loader and/or front linkage operation• Power Beyond couplings can be fi tted for maximumproductivityThe joystick on the driver’s armrest is used for controllingvalves 1 and 2 of the ancillary hydraulics and may also beused to operate the front loader or front linkage. The linearswitches in the armrest are used to control valves 3, 4and 5. The number of control switches varies according tomodel.

18VALTRA NVALTRA TWINTRACWork in both directions.Valtra’s factory-fi tted TwinTrac reverse drive system makes working in reverse easy andeffi cient. The system includes a steering wheel plus clutch, accelerator and brake pedals atthe rear of the cab. In the reverse drive position visibility over the implement and your work isexcellent. Many tractor-implement combinations are more productive when driven in reverse.The spacious cab and 180° rotating and air-suspended seat also make working in reverseeasy. The working direction can be changed without leaving the driver’s seat. Since heavy-dutyimplements are always attached to the rear of tractors, the TwinTrac reverse-drive systemoffers many additional advantages for working in reverse.On Versu and Direct models the entire powertrain is controlled from the Valtra ARM driver’sarmrest. As a result, it no longer matters whether you work forwards or in reverse – all thecontrols move with you.

VALTRA FOREST, SVC AND SVC360 CABSCabs beyond comparison19VALTRA NThe Valtra SVC cab has been designed to improve effi ciencyand safety in work where good visibility is required close tothe tractor. Unimpeded visibility is required especially whenworking in tight places in municipal and farm tasks, as wellas in the forest. The new SVC cab further enhances theversatility of your Valtra tractor in a unique new way.FORESTRY CABValtra also offers the option of a forestry cab, featuring aprotective cage around the roof, super-strong and largepolycarbonate roof glass, and an extra window in the rearof the roof. Another window below the rear windowfurther increases downward visibility.N Series tractors equipped with the forestry cab, TwinTracreverse-drive system and turbine clutch are an unbeatablecombination for forestry contracting work.NEW SVC360 CAB– BEST VISIBILITY ON THE MARKETThe new SVC360 cab offers excellent visibility to the rightside of the tractor, upwards and upwards to the rear.The SVC360 cab improves working conditions for all tasksrequiring excellent visibility. The SVC360 cab is unique onthe market, offering unrivalled visibility in all directions.And only Valtra offers the SVC360 cab combined with theTwinTrac reverse drive system. Together these featurescreate unmatched work effi ciency – regardless of whichdirection you are working in.• SVC and SVC360 cab available on N HiTech models• Forest cab available on all N Series models• TwinTrac available onN101 – N142 (CR engines), also with SVC and forest cab

20VALTRA NAGCO PARTS AND VALTRA CUSTOMER SERVICEServicing and maintenanceThe Valtra N Series is simple and straightforward forservicing and maintenance. The change intervals forthe engine, transmission and hydraulics oils are long,and changing oil is easy to do. To ensure reliable anduninterrupted running, only fl uids that have been speciallydesigned for the tractor are used. All of these aspects are abenefi t to our customers in all regions and climates.The N Series has been designed to provide easy accessto the cooling system, air cleaner, oil and fuel fi lters. Theengine cover lifts vertically to facilitate maintenance. Thecooling system can also be opened separately for cleaning.SERVICE KITSValtra offers convenient ready-prepared service kits for100-hour, 500-hour and 1000-hour services. These kitsinclude all necessary original parts, guaranteeing qualityand results. Using original parts helps ensure your safety.

VALTRA POWER PARTNERValtra at your service21VALTRA NThe Valtra Training Centre at the Suolahti factory in Finlandis responsible for the training of our international servicingand spare parts personnel. Centralised training ensureshigh-quality and consistent servicing, as well as a rapidfl ow of information from our customers to the entire Valtraorganisation.The Valtra Spare Parts also prepares all servicing, repair andspare parts manuals. Valtra literature, including our usermanuals, represents the very best in the tractor industry.Valtra’s modern and effi cient centralised spare parts systemdelivers fast and guaranteed parts and service support.Within Europe parts can be delivered within 24 hours. In manyregions our spare parts service operates 24 hours a day. Lookfor the labels “Valtra Genuine Spare Parts” or “AGCO Parts” onproduct packaging. The same parts are used for new Valtratractors. Genuine spare parts ensure the carefree and safeoperation of your tractor for as long as you own it. The ValtraEngineering Centre and Tractor Laboratory were opened in2007 at the Suolahti factory.

22VALTRA NOPTIONAL EQUIPMENT(Restrictions may apply according to model and market – ask yourlocal Valtra dealer for assistance in choosing available options)FRONT LINKAGEVALTRA LH-LINK, PIVOTING FRONT LINKAGEFRONT PTOROTATING WARNING LIGHTSCAB SUSPENSIONSPECIAL TYRESTWINTRACADDITIONAL WEIGHTSFront weights, 10 or 12 x 40 kgWheel weights rear 34-42”, 4 x 80 kgLinkage weights 650 kgMUDGUARDSFront mudguards, 4 WDRear mudguards, fi tting width 2550 mmVALVESAdditional valves front and rearTrailer brake valveTrailer pneumatic brake systemPower Beyond valvesFront loader readinessFront loaderFront hydraulics/loader electronic control left/rightFlow controlELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTPTO rear engagement/disengagementInfolight package (Xenon)1 or 2 rotating warning lights on roofElectric heated side mirrorsControl stopUpper driving lightsImplement signal coupling ISO 11786ISOBUS coupling ISO 11783ISOBUS/AG2 terminalAutoGuide 2Main switch, electricIndicator stalk on rightCruise controlElectricity socketsLower link arms, telescopic or Ball-HitchHydraulic levellingHydraulic top hitch, standard or Ball-HitchAutomatic side limiter W or LHCABTwinTracAir conditioning, manual or automaticHolder for implement monitorAir-suspended seatValtra Evolution seatLower heaterForest cab, polycarbonate side glassForest cab, tempered side glassRoof hatchSeatbeltFirst aid kitDry powder extinguisher

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONstandardoptional(x) Transport boost on power mode only(xx) Turbine clutch function in Direct23VALTRA NModel N122 N82 N142 N92 N122 N101 N111e N142 N111e N121 N121 N141 N122 N141 N142 N82 N122 N92 N142 N101 N111e N121 N1414 cyl./4.4 l engine4 cyl./4.9 l engineEcoPower engineCommon Rail engineTransport boost (X) (x) (X)Continously Variable Transmission30 + 30R transmission with 5 PS andcontrol from Valtra ARM24 + 24R or 36 + 36R transmission with 3 PS(delta powershift)HiTrol turbine clutch (XX) (XX)Robotised shifting between rangesLoad Sensing hydraulicsValtra ARMElectronic forward/reverse shuttleFront axle suspensionCab suspensionTwinTrac reverse drive systemDIRECT HITECH VERSU ADVANCE VERSUDIRECT HITECH(XX) (XX)N121HiTech (36+36R) And N122 Versu speeds with tyres 650/65R38, 40 km/h versionsN121 HiTech I II III N121 HiTech I II IIILL1 0,6 0,7 0,9 M1 3,0 3,7 4,6LL2 0,9 1,1 1,3 M2 4,3 5,3 6,5LL3 1,2 1,5 1,8 M3 6,0 7,4 9,2LL4 1,7 2,1 2,6 M4 8,5 10,4 13,0N121 HiTech I II IIIH1 9,3 11,5 14,3H2 13,3 16,4 20,4H3 18,7 23,0 28,7H4 26,4 32,5 40,5N122 Versu 1 2 3 4 5LA 0,6 0,7 0,9 1,1 1,3LB 1,1 1,4 1,7 2,2 2,6A 2,9 3,6 4,3 5,4 6,5B 5,7 7,1 8,6 10,8 13,0C 8,9 11,2 13,4 16,9 20,3D 17,7 22,,2 26,7 33,6 40,4Tractors pictured in this brochure may be equipped with optional or additional equipment. Specifi cation may change, all rights reserved.

24VALTRA NTECHNICAL INFORMATIONMotor, transmission, brakes, weights, measuresModel N82 Hitech N92 Hitech N101 Hitech N111e Hitech N121 Hitech N141 HitechEngineType, Agco SisuPower 44DTA 44CTA 44CWA 49CWANumber of cylinders / capacity, l 4/4,4 4/4,9Power kW / hp / r/min (ISO 14396) ECO POWERRated power kW/hp/rmin 64,5/88/2270 75/101/2270 81 /110/2200 91/124/1800 90/122/2200 98/133/2200 110/150/2200Max power 64,5/88/2270 75/101/2270 85/116/2000 91/124/1800 94/128/2000 101/137/2000 113/154/2200Max power with transport boost 89/121/2000 98/133/2000 106/144/2000 118/160/2000Max torque Nm/rmin 360/1400 405/1400 460/1500 570/1200 500/1500 540/1500 580/1500Max torque with transport boost 500/1500 540/1500 560/1500 620/1500PTO, options540/1000 (with engine revs) 1874/2000 - 1874/2000540/540E 1874/1539 - 1874/1539540E/1000 1539/2000Ground speedOptionalBrakesHydraulic boosted (multidisc) brakesParking brakesIntegrated to hydraulic Power shuttleWeights and measuresTyres 540/65R34 + 440/65R24520/70R38 +420/70R28580/70R38 + 480/70R28Wheelbase, mm 2535 2565Length, mm 4414 4534 4534Width, mm 2277 2277 2338Height, mm 2800 2825 2875Turning radius from, m 4,5 4,7 4,7Clearance under rear axle, mm 460 500 525Weight full tanks, kg 4700 4860 4950Fuel tanks, l 230

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONHydraulic and transmission25VALTRA NModel N82 Hitech N92 Hitech N101 Hitech N111e Hitech N121 Hitech N141 HitechRear linkageAutocontrol B, drive balance controlLift capacity at link ends, kg 4000 5800 7700Optional, kg 5800 7700 -Work hydraulicsOpen system, mechanical controlsMax pump output, l/min 73 73 or 90 76 or 90 73 or 90Hydraulic oilsJoined with transmission, 40 litres available for implementsHydraulic valves rearStandard 2 valves / optional 3 rd and 4 th valvesHydraulic valves frontOptional 2 or 3 electronic control for front loader or front linkageFront linkage Optional, lift power 2,8 t Optional, lift power 3,5 tTransmissionNumber of gears36F + 36R (0.6-40 km/h)50 km/h or 40 km/h, EcoSpeed - OptionalRange changeMechanicalClutchWet multidisc clutchPower shuttleElectrohydraulic computer controlledPowershiftThree step computer controlled (Delta Powershift)4 WD Manual and automatic operation (with brakes and differential lock)Differential lock, rearFive step computer controlled (with linkage)Differential lock, front Automatic Automatic or hydraulic (HiLock) HiLockFront axle suspension N/A Optional

26VALTRA NTECHNICAL INFORMATIONMotor, transmission, brakes, weights, measuresModel N122 Versu / N122 Direct N142 Versu / N142 DirectEngineType, Agco SisuPower 44CWA 49CWA-4VNumber of cylinders / capacity, l 4/4,4 4/4,9Power kW / hp / r/min (ISO 14396)Rated power kW/hp/rmin 98/133/2200 110/150/2200Max power 101/137/2000 113/154/2200Max power with transport boost 106/144/2000 118/160/2000Max torque Nm/rmin 560/1500 600/1500Max torque with transport boost 600/1500 650/1500PTO, options540/1000 (with engine revs) 1874/2000540/540E 1874/1539540E/1000 1539/2000Ground speedoptionalBrakesHydraulic boosted (multidisc) brakesParking brakesIntegrated to hydraulic Power shuttleWeights and measuresTyres 580/70R38 + 480/70R28Wheelbase, mm 2565Length, mm 4536Width, mm 2538Height, mm 2945Turning radius from, m 4,75Clearance under rear axle, mm 550Weight full tanks, kg 5350Fuel tanks, l 230

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONHydraulic and transmission27VALTRA NModel N122 Versu N142 Versu N122 Direct N142 DirectRear linkageAutocontrol D, drive balance control, slip controlLift capacity at link ends, kg 8100Work hydraulicsLoad sensing, electronic controlMax pump output, l/min 115 ( optional 160 )Hydraulic oilsSeparate, 47 litres available for implementsHydraulic valves rearStandard 2 fully adjustable valves and 1 fixed low flow valve / Optional 3rd & 4th valves, extra fixed low flow valve and Power BeyondHydraulic valves frontOptional 2 or 3 electronic controlFront linkageOptional, lift power 3,5 tTransmissionNumber of gears 30F+30R Stepless (CVT), same speed forward as reverseSpeeds 40 km/H, 50 km/h or 40 km/h, EcoSpeed 0-40 km/h or 0-50 km/h, both with EcoSpeedRange changeElectrohydraulic controlClutchWet multidisc clutchPower shuttleElectrohydraulic computer controlledPowershift Five step computer controlled Stepless (CVT) transmission4 WD Manual and automatic operation (with brakes and differential lock)Differential lock, rearManual and automatic operation (with linkage)Differential lock, frontHydraulic (HiLock)Front axlesStandard, HeavyDuty or suspension

AGCO LtdAbbey Park StoneleighKenilworth, England CV8 2TQTel: 02476 851202, Fax: 02476 852435Sales: valtrasales@uk.agcocorp.comAftersales: valtraaftersales@uk.agcocorp.comWebsite: 1801Valtra is a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation

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