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ON ROTARY - Rotary Club of Stirling

Rotary Club of Stirling Weekly BulletinDistrict 9520www.stirlingrotary.org.aui-FOCUSON ROTARYNo. 1726 20th FEBRUARY 2012Our Core Value is “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”EDITOR: Ian CogdellEstablished on 13th September 1974PEACE IS POSSIBLE:JOIN ROTARY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCEClub Meetings Stirling Hotel Apologies to Mark RamseyMonday 52 Mt Barker Road Email: amram@bigpond.net.au6:00 pm for 6:30 pm Stirling by 12noon MondayPRESIDENT OF ROTARY INTERNATIONALKalyan BanerjeeDISTRICT 9520 GOVERNORBruce Richardson

February is World Understanding MonthN o 1 7 2 6 2 0 t h F eb r u ar y 2 0 1 2i- F O C US o n R o t ar yP a g e 3Meeting Duties 20th February 27th FebruaryProperty Rod Cooper Rod CooperAttendance Don Reid Don ReidSergeant Garry Thomas Garry ThomasChair Mike Steer Colin FraserGUEST SPEAKERTHIS WEEKThis week‟s guest speaker is AlexWestin one of the students wesponsored to the National YouthScience Forum. In a recent emailAlex says - “I have just returnedfrom the NYSF in Perth. I had anamazing time, it was a great experience.I would like to thank you so muchfor supporting me with the trip. Iwould definitely recommend it toeveryone else interested in science.I'm looking forward to the NextStep programs. I am hoping to visitHobart and Sydney, to have a lookat ANSTO and radio astronomy,and maybe even going overseas withthe forum.”Club and Meeting InformationNEWS FROM KEN AND PAULINEWe have done a couple of tourist drives so far. One was called the LariatLoop , it's about 65ks and takes it in a lot of normal stuff, Buffalo Bill'sgrave and Coors Brewery, a look out on the top of Lookout Mountain fromwhere it's said you can see four states, but the stand out is an a amazingplace called the Red Rock Amphitheatre. This is a natural geological featurethat has been modified with seating ( 9500) between two great rockyout crops. It has 393 steps , with a heart rate monitor at the top - notsure how they measure any thing if you are face down on the floor. At themoment we are sitting home trapped in our house under 36 inches ofsnow. Most school districts and businesses are closed - so Pauline gets aday off. Traffic reports are full of road closures and accidents, and the airportis also closed until at least tonight. They are expecting the heavysnow to keep up until 11:00pm tonight, then taper off to light snow tomorrow.Guess the snow blower will be getting a workout in the next coupleof days! They're big on celebrations over here - Groundhog Day yesterday,Chinese New Year last week, and everything's gearing up for Valentine'sDay. Red hearts everywhere in all the shops - crazy! We have anotherpublic holiday coming up for President's Day on 20th Feb and twoweeks ago was Martin Luther King day.Hope this finds you all well and soaking up the sun.LUCKY NUMBER JACKPOT DRAWRound 8 lucky number is 8 (again!)Maximum 10 weeks per round.NumberROUND 8 DateenteredDrawerpickednumberResult $ added JackpotCum. ClubReturn$Week 4 6/2/12 26 Rob Hill 8 won $13.00 $62.00 $63.00BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARYBirthdaysJill Cogdell - 4thLinda Malcolm - 11thRobyn Patterson - 20thInduction AnniversariesDeane Foote - 12th (2007)John Osborne - 14th (2005)Wedding AnniversariesDavid and Belinda Clarke - 4thPaul and sally Willoughby - 5thDennis and Vivienne Liddle - 28th

N o 1 7 2 6 2 0 t h F eb r u ar y 2 0 1 2 i- F O C US o n R o t ar yP a g e 4CURRENT VOLUNTEER ROSTERSThe volunteer rosters, events and ordering requests currently seeking volunteers are: February 25 th . Bunnings Sausage Sizzle March 24th Bunnings Sausage Sizzle April 24th to 29th Stirling Rotary Annual Photo ExhibitionSTIRLING BUSINESSASSOCIATION NEWSUPCOMING FUNCTIONSWe had some interesting facets that impressed the judges ofthe Santos TDU Best Dressed Town Innovation Category:Consistent use of the TDU orange and blue colours in thestreet decorations.Using recycled materials – the blue and orange pre-loved bicyclesand the AHC oversized „monster bike‟.Community groups involved with food stalls. Thanks go to Rotary,The Hut, the Anglican Church, plus member businessesBarossa Fine Foods, Brock Harcourts, BroadfootFine Foods, Chemmart Stirling, Oak Tree Truffles,Stirling Chickens and Westpac.Our TDU Ride for a Reason bikes initiative raised just under$3,000 for Cancer Council SA on our 9 Charity Spin stationarybikes courtesy of EFM Fitness.Having the Channel 9 Today Show broadcast live with theirweather reports, each half hour from 5am to 8am from TheStirling Hotel. There was also a quick cook-up with theSticky Rice Cooking School and one with the local memberIsobel Redmond wearing the Cancer Council jersey riding aSpin bike. Lots of great exposure, thanks to the team at TheStirling Hotel.POLICE OFFICER OF THE YEARAWARDWe have received information about the "SA Police officer ofthe Year" award. An initiative of Unley Rotary Club. Nominationsare now open for the 2011 award. Services Clubs, communitygroups etc are invited to make a submission by March30th 2012. See Susanne Marie with you suggestionsStirling Players is having their usual fundraiser and encouragementto groups to help get bums on seats for their alwayshigh quality productions. We want to see if there issufficient interest in getting a group together to attend onone night. Play runs from 16th - 31st march and includes 2Sunday matinees on 18th and 25th march at 4pm Fridaysand Saturdays 16,17, 23, 24, 30, 31 March. Normally $20per ticket, conc $16, group of 10 or more $14.We can just get a group (min 10) together or sell a largeblock..However in light of photo expo and timing maybe thistime just a group of 10.. We need to choose a night too. Wewill pass around a sheet to see if enough interest. We canthen just book seats if a min of 10. Play is the AustralianPremiere of "Compleat Female Stage Beauty". A bold,Bawdy comedy set in 17th century England.LAUGHTER THE BESTMEDICINEAfter being married for thirty years, a wife asked her husbandto describe her.He looked at her for a while... then said, "You're A, B, C,D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K."She asks... "What does that mean?"He said, "Adorable, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, Elegant,Foxy, Gorgeous, Hot.She smiled happily and said... "Oh, that's so lovely... Whatabout I, J, K?"He said, "I'm Just Kidding!"The swelling in his eye is going down and the doctor isfairly optimistic about saving his private parts.THOUGHT FOR THE DAYPeace cannot be achieved through violence; it can only be attained through understanding.Ralph Waldo Emerson

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