03/05/2009 8.30pm St Hugh's JCR Meeting Trinity Term 2009 ...

03/05/2009 8.30pm St Hugh's JCR Meeting Trinity Term 2009 ...

03/05/2009 8.30pm St Hugh's JCR Meeting Trinity Term 2009 ...

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<strong>St</strong> Hugh’s <strong>JCR</strong> <strong>Meeting</strong><strong>Trinity</strong> <strong>Term</strong> <strong>2009</strong> – Week 2AGENDA<strong>03</strong>/<strong>05</strong>/<strong>2009</strong><strong>8.30pm</strong>A. Reps RemarksB. Motions1. Procedural motion to accept the Vice-President’s Report2. Room Ballot Motion3. Purchase of Mario Kart for WiiC. Vice-President’s Report on the Charities Act 2006A. Rep’s RemarksPresident: (christopher.blake@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Hello everyone, I hope you've all settled back in well. If you are interested instanding for a position on the ball committee then make sure you submit yourmanifesto as per the requirements listed in the email Joe sent out earlier this week.I'm particularly happy to see that the bar now has beer on tap and I believe that thiswill hopefully be the first of many changes designed to make your bar a better place.I hope you've also gotten a chance to check out the shiny new website and I'd like tothank George for the great job he has done on it. Best of luck to those with exams thisterm. All the best,ChrisVice President: (joseph.wales@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Ext. 23165Hopefully those of you that attended enjoyed Guest Night on Friday. Due to theUEFA Champions League match on Tuesday, I have rescheduled Sports Formal toTuesday of 4 th Week. Club captains should contact the Sports Rep for details of howto get tickets.At the <strong>JCR</strong> meeting in 8 th week, I was asked to organise an open forum to enablestudents to discuss vacation residence with the Bursar and the Accommodation andFacilities Manager. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to arrange for this meeting to takeplace before the end of term, but it did happen on Tuesday of 9 th week. A number ofpeople chose to attend, and I think that we received fairly frank answers from theCollege staff that were there. However, I am continuing to raise the issue of a lack ofinformation regarding room availability with the appropriate people, and I hope thatsome progress will be made this year. In the mean time, I would ask anyone ballotingfor MTB or RTB to bear in mind that there is a high level of likelihood that you willbe offered alternative accommodation in College over the vacations if apply forvacation residence.I am also running the elections for the 2010 Ball Committee this week, in conjunctionwith the MCR. If you would like to run for any of the available positions and youhave questions regarding the election, please feel free to contact me.The room ballot is also approaching fast, and I would refer you all to my e-mail dated29 th April, copies of which can be found in the <strong>JCR</strong>, outside the <strong>JCR</strong> CommitteeRoom and in the MGA/Wolfson link. You can also view room plans in the latterlocation. All of this information is also available on the <strong>JCR</strong> website, and, as always,if you have any queries, please send me an e-mail.As always, if you have queries or complaints about Hall, Accommodation, Facilities,the Grounds or Elections, please get in touch with me, and I’ll be happy to help.

<strong>03</strong>/<strong>05</strong>/<strong>2009</strong><strong>8.30pm</strong>Treasurer: (alexander.batten@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Amalgamated funds should have arrived in your bank accounts, if they haven't or youaren't happy with your allocation please contact me urgently. As ever, if you have anyquestions pertaining to finances send me an email alexander.batten@sthughs.ox.ac.uk.Happy revisingAxelWelfare: (giorgia.gon@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk & michael.allum@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Hi,We hope everyone had a great break.Two things this week:The Taxi funds service is not yet in place due to financial issues. Ourapologies for this delay;The new Welfare Committee is ready:Nicholas Balz: International <strong>St</strong>udents Rep, nicholas.balz@st-hughs.ox.ac.ukEmily Keenan: Women's Rep emily.keenan@st-hughs.ox.ac.ukTheresa-Megha Bangalore: Mature <strong>St</strong>udents Rep, theresa.bangalore@sthughs.ox.ac.ukAdam Cotton: LGBTQ Rep, adam.cotton@st-hughs.ox.ac.ukGeorge Ryall: Disabilities Rep, george.ryall@st-hughs.ox.ac.ukPlease contact them for any related issues or if you have any event/campaign youwant them to organize!Best wishes for those with exams,Giorgia and MikeEntz: (charlotte.tighe@st-hughs.ox.ac. & matthew.kennedy@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Thanks to everyone for coming to the bop - hope you had a good time even if itwas cut short due to technical difficulties! The last bop of term will be onFriday of third - themes to be released soon...and hope to see you all onfriday for open mic night:)enzt luv Charlie and Matt xxxDODO: (george.ryall@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)First off you may have noticed that there is a brand new website atjcr.st-hughs.ox.ac.uk. It's currently having a few teething problems butthese should be ironed out over the term (the most serious ones bywednesday). The College Will also be launching their new website ontuesday.You may also have noticed warnings when you try and visit hughsjcr.com(on which the forum is currently located). This is because the server onwhich it is hosted is infected or otherwise comprimised. This is out ofour hands (part of the reason for moving the website to college hostingis so that we can prevent things like this happening). So for now pleaseavoid visiting hughsjcr.comFinally, I have bought this terms acquisitions to the DVD library andthey are (in order of popularity):little miss sunshineCity of godPride and Prejudice/Atonement box setBack to the future Trillogy

Burn after ReadingThe simpsons movie21Harry potter and the order of the phoenixAmerican PsychoCitizen kaneAirplane/Top Secret/Police Squad/Naked gun Trilogy Box setThe good the bad and the uglyHarry potter and the goblet of fire<strong>03</strong>/<strong>05</strong>/<strong>2009</strong><strong>8.30pm</strong>GryallPublication Rep: (christopher.jones@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Hey guys,The design for the Freshers' Guide is well on the way to completion, with somechanges to be made as the cover and exact content are decided.The first issue of <strong>Hugh's</strong> News should be out by now, and if not will beimminently. If anyone has comments or suggestions, or wishes to submit articlesfor the next issue, email me.Finally, the deadline for the bar sign competition has been extended untilFriday of third week, offering you all an extra fortnight to indulge yourcreative side and help to save the bar!ChrisSecretary: (marco.gazzola@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)OUSU/NUS: (henry.harding@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Charities: (sophie.dickinson@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)First Year: (aran.bates@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Environment & Ethics: (james.pearson@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Sports: (matthew.gold@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)Access & Academic Affairs: (ben.chappell@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)B. MotionsMotion 1 – Procedural motion to accept the Vice-President’s ReportThis <strong>JCR</strong> accepts the Report written in part C of the AgendaMotion 2 – Room Ballot MotionThis <strong>JCR</strong> notes that:1. In the past, the Ball Committee Executive (President, Secretary and Treasurer)have been placed on the Room Ballot Order between ii) Returning CommitteeMembers and iii) Mature <strong>St</strong>udents requesting Quiet Rooms;2. The <strong>JCR</strong> is currently holding elections for the <strong>St</strong>. Hugh’s College Ball Committee2010;3. The 2010 Ball Committee Executive may be made up of both <strong>JCR</strong> and MCRmembers;4. This motion will not affect the Room Ballot Procedure until 2010.

<strong>03</strong>/<strong>05</strong>/<strong>2009</strong><strong>8.30pm</strong>This <strong>JCR</strong> believes:1. Members of the <strong>JCR</strong> who dedicate a significant amount of their personal time toan event such as a College Ball should be rewarded in the manner described inNotes 1;2. People may be more willing to stand in the current election if they can see atangible benefit to doing so.This <strong>JCR</strong> resolves to:1. Mandate the <strong>JCR</strong> Vice-President to insert “iii) Any member of The BallCommittee Executive (President, Secretary and Treasurer) who is a full memberof the <strong>JCR</strong> and entitled to ballot for a room if the Ball they are organising hasoccurred in the year of the room ballot” into the Room Ballot Order, and torenumber the remaining groups appropriately.Proposed by: Joseph WalesSeconded by: Christopher BlakeMotion 3 – Purchase of Mario Kart for WiiThis <strong>JCR</strong> notes that:1. The Wii games currently owned by the <strong>JCR</strong> are frequently played2. Mario Kart would be a popular addition to the current collection of Wii games3. We currently own only 5 games for the WiiThis <strong>JCR</strong> believe that:1. Wii games are awesome2. Mario Kart is a Wii game3. Therefore Mario Kart is awesomeTherefore this <strong>JCR</strong> resolves to:1. Purchase Mario Kart for Wii at a price of £45.98 (including additional wheel)Proposed by David FreebornSeconded by Emily HunterC. Vice-President’s Report on the Charities Act 2006THE <strong>JCR</strong> CONSTITUTION (CHARITIES ACT 2006)Conference of Colleges recently received a report from Farrer & Co. LLPoutlining the effect of the Charities Act 2006 (“the 2006 Act”) on <strong>JCR</strong>s and MCRs, andthe options available to them. This report seeks to outline the options available to <strong>St</strong>.Hugh’s College <strong>JCR</strong> (“the <strong>JCR</strong>”), and to make a recommendation on a course of action.The first issue raised by the report is the <strong>JCR</strong>’s compliance with the EducationAct 1994 (“the 1994 Act”). The 1994 Act’s definition of a students’ union includes arepresentative body in an Oxford college that has the principal purpose of promoting orrepresenting the general interests of its members as students of the college. Whilst this isclearly the role of <strong>St</strong> Hugh’s College <strong>JCR</strong>, the current constitution does not name this asits principal aim, and it would therefore be prudent to insert a clause making this the<strong>JCR</strong>’s principal aim.The <strong>JCR</strong> is currently a charity, but is exempt from registration with the CharityCommission. However, Section 11 of the 2006 Act, which is expected to be implementedon 1 October <strong>2009</strong>, removes this exemption. Subsequently, the <strong>JCR</strong> will become an“excepted charity” under Section 3A of the Charities Act 1993, and, since the <strong>JCR</strong>’sincome is below £100,000, it will not be required to register with the CharityCommission, or to file annual returns and accounts, but will otherwise be subject to the

<strong>03</strong>/<strong>05</strong>/<strong>2009</strong><strong>8.30pm</strong>Commission’s regulation. This exception from regulation will remain until at least 2011,when the Charities Act 2006 is subject to its five year review. Subsequently, the CabinetOffice may seek to lower the regulation threshold for excepted charities to graduallybring this into line with other charities, which are required to register if their annualincome is over £5,000, and would include the <strong>JCR</strong>.The report outlines two options for <strong>JCR</strong>s on the assumption that they will berequired to register in 2011: either they may become an emanation of their college, orthey may register as a charity in their own right. The former option could raise seriousissues for the <strong>JCR</strong> in terms of its compliance with Section 22 of the 1994 Act, itsaffiliation to OUSU and the NUS, and the role of Governing Body in determining the<strong>JCR</strong>’s actions. I would therefore recommend that the <strong>JCR</strong> avoids this option, and insteadfocuses on registering as a distinct charity.In registering as a distinct charity, the <strong>JCR</strong> is likely to have three options. Firstly,the <strong>JCR</strong> could register separately from the college, and obtain a separate charity number.Pursuing this option would require the <strong>JCR</strong> to submit annual regulatory returns, and tofile account annually with the Charity Commission, though the precise requirementsdepend on the <strong>JCR</strong>’s income at that point. In any case, registering in this way is likely toincur significant costs, both in terms of the time required for the <strong>JCR</strong> committee to putthe returns together, and in financial terms.Alternatively, the <strong>JCR</strong> could register as a charity and request a uniting direction tomake the <strong>JCR</strong> a subsidiary charity of either the college or OUSU. This would mean thatthe <strong>JCR</strong> would not have to submit any annual returns as they would be consolidated intothe college’s or OUSU’s returns. This raises an important issue with regards to OUSU, asit may be administratively difficult to consolidate the <strong>JCR</strong>’s accounts with OUSU’s.Furthermore, aligning the <strong>JCR</strong> with OUSU may undermine the assumption that the <strong>JCR</strong>’sactivities are ancillary to the educational purpose of the college, thus affecting the <strong>JCR</strong>’scharitable status. Permanent affiliation to OUSU in this way may also breach Section 22(l) (ii) of the 1994 Act, which effectively requires the <strong>JCR</strong> to provide a mechanism fordisaffiliating from external organizations.Requesting a uniting direction to make the <strong>JCR</strong> a subsidiary charity of the collegewould therefore be the preferable option, as it would raise none of the issues outlinedabove, and the advice from Farrer & Co LLP also suggests that they believe it would beunusual for the Charity Commission to refuse such a request. Whilst this would stillrequire the <strong>JCR</strong> to complete the application form for registration and a trusteedeclaration, it would remove the burden of annual returns from <strong>JCR</strong> Officers.In conclusion, I believe that the <strong>JCR</strong> should work towards registering with theCharity Commission and request a uniting direction in advance of the 2006 Act’s 5 yearreview in 2011. I therefore recommend that:A. The <strong>JCR</strong> reviews its constitution to ensure that it complies with the 1994 Act.B. The <strong>JCR</strong> seeks to work with the college with a view to registering with theCharity Commission within the next 18 months.C. The <strong>JCR</strong> requests a uniting direction to make the <strong>JCR</strong> a subsidiary charity ofthe college.D. In undertaking A, the <strong>JCR</strong> reviews the content and form of its constitution.Joseph Wales<strong>JCR</strong> Vice-PresidentApril <strong>2009</strong>

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