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ENTRY FORMTOURIST PROGRAMJUNE 26 TH (PARTNERS) AND 27 TH (FREE DAY)Registrationnumber (when known)NameSurnameAddressCityEmailCountryPARTNER PROGRAM TUESDAY JUNE 26 THProgram Price No. of persons Total price6 Boat trip and Euromast € 29,00 €7 Blijdorp Zoo € 39,00 €10 Archiguides Rotterdam € 39,00 €TOURIST PROGRAM WEDNESDAY JUNE 27 THProgram Price No. of persons Total price1 Kinderdijk € 32,00 €2 Boat trip & Kuip € 29,00 €3 Clinic Feyenoord € 55,00 €4a Boat trip Rotterdam Harbour XL € 49,00 €4b Boat trip, maritime walk Maassluis € 49,00 €4c Boat trip, culinary walk Maassluis € 49,00 €5 Neeltje Jans € 52,00 €6 Boat trip and Euromast € 29,00 €7 Blijdorp Zoo € 39,00 €8 Industrial Tourism € 55,00 €9 Rotterdam ByCycle € 42,00 €10 Archiguides Rotterdam € 39,00 €11 The Hague € 49,00 €12 Amsterdam € 49,00 €TOTAL COSTS €These prices are valid until May 1st. If you decide to register later, we have to charge you € 5 extra per person.Payment:To complete your registration for these programs, please be so kind totransfer your money to: Stichting Tafeltennisevenementen NederlandAccountnumber ABN-AMRO bank ZaltbommelSWIFT-code ABNANL2A IBAN NL30ABNA0620960264Please do not forget to mention your name andregistrationnumber or name and date of birth.You can fax this form to+31 40 213 2062or send by mail to:Organisation EVC 2007Merijn 15663 SP GeldropThe NetherlandsDate: Place: Signature:

MEET THE NETHERLANDS1. KINDERDIJKAfter a comfortable bus trip you will get off the bus at oneof Holland’s most well-known and well-visited sites, Kinderdijk.Kinderdijk is famous for its mills. This site has recentlybeen named World Heritage by UNESCO. Here you will firstvisit a pumping station, where you will be stunned with theamount of water passing by every minute. After that, you willbe invited into a windmill, which you can also climb. Lunch isincluded in this program. (5 1⁄2 hours)4. BOAT TRIP ROTTERDAM HARBOUR XL, POSSIBLE EXIT ATMAASSLUISYour trip on a luxurious boat will start at the Erasmusbrug,from where this ship will bring you to the further-away parts ofRotterdam harbour. This trip will give you an impression of themassive size of this port. It is also possible to leave the boatat Maassluis, a nice small city where you can choose fromtwo different walks. One is the culinary walk, the other is themaritime walk. At the end of these walks you will re-enter theboat to cruise back to the starting point. (4 1⁄2 hours)2. BOAT TRIP, VISIT STADIUM FEYENOORD (DE KUIP)After arriving at the pick-up point of Spido Rotterdam, nextto the well-known Erasmusbrug, you will be able to seeEurope’s main port, Rotterdam harbour, from the water.In a 11⁄2 hour boat trip you will be surprised by the enormoussize of both ships and machinery used in the docks. After thelunch, you will visit one of Holland’s biggest football stadiums,de Kuip. This stadium has hosted some main events in thepast years, such as the EURO 2000 final and the UEFA-cupfinal in 2002. Also big artists have performed here, such asBruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Prince and Dutchsuperstar Marco Borsato. You will be taken on a tour in andaround the stadium, visiting places that are usually closed topublic. (5 1⁄2 hours)5. NEELTJE JANSAfter the massive flooding of the Netherlands in 1953, whichflooded huge parts of The Netherlands, plans were made toensure that this kind of drama would not happen again. Thelast part of these so called Deltawerken were finished andopened by the Dutch queen Beatrix in 1986. The Neeltje Janswas a big part in the defence of Holland against the water.At the venue, you will be shown a video in the visitors centreof the Neeltje Jans. After that you will visit these impressivebuildings and you will have a boat trip in a beautiful part ofnature. (7 1⁄2 hours)3. MASTERCLASS SOCCER AT STADIUM FEYENOORD (DE KUIP)At Stadium Feyenoord you will be welcomed by formerFeyenoord and Dutch team player Ben Wijnstekers. He willpresent a masterclass soccer on the pitch of Stadium Feyenoord.After this unique experience, a lunch will be served inthe restaurant at the stadium. After lunch, you will join a tourin and around the stadium. After the tour, you will receive apersonal souvenir to remind you of this special day. Suitablefootwear is obligatory. Please note that there is only a verylimited number of places for this program, so please respondearly to avoid a disappointment. (5 hours)6. BOAT TRIP AND EUROMASTYou will make a 11⁄2 hour boat trip through main port Rotterdam,in which you will see a great deal of impressive constructions.During this trip you will get some useful informationto make this trip more interesting. After this trip you will betaken to the Euromast, one of Rotterdam’s most distinctivebuildings. If the weather is right, you will be able to see Antwerpen,as well as The Hague. Your lunch will be served in therestaurant, at a height of 100 metres. (4 hours)EUROPEAN VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIPS TABLE TENNIS 2007 ROTTERDAM 25 - 30 JUNEWWW.EVC2007.NL

7. BLIJDORP ZOOYou will drive to Blijdorp Zoo with a luxurious touringcar. Youwill receive a zooplan, so you can make your own plans to seewhatever you like. You will start your visit with a tour, showingyou a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ activities and locations. Afterthis tour you will receive special “Blijdorp Zoo money” to havelunch in any restaurant in the zoo. (5 hours)10. ARCHIGUIDES ROTTERDAMIn the year of the Architecture, a walk passing some of Rotterdam’smost spectacular sites can not be forgotten. Rotterdamhas a quite interesting mix of old buildings and after-war builtstructures. You will also visit a very interesting architecturalbuilding to see from the inside, and have lunch there as well.(4 hours)8. INDUSTRIAL TOURISMWith this unique bus trip you will see Rotterdam from the roadinstead of from the water. This gives you the opportunity totake a closer look inside the massive buildings. This is whatactually happens: the bus will drive through one of the largestterminals in Rotterdam harbour. During the trip the guides willgive you a lot of useful information to make this trip a veryspecial one! After having lunch in one of the hotels, you willtake a tour, passing lots of nice places before returning toRotterdam. (4 1⁄2 hours)11. THE HAGUEOf course a visit to the residence of the Dutch parliament isnot to be missed. You will start with a visit to Madurodam,where Holland is built in a miniature scale. You can go fromThe Hague back to Rotterdam in a few steps. After lunch youwill have the opportunity to discover the city of The Hague foryourself. (9 hours)9. ROTTERDAM BYCYCLEThe best places of Rotterdam are not accessible by car. Thatis why we offer you the possibility to see the special placeswhich remain hidden to the other guests. After a nice tour, youwill see perhaps the most fascinating houses in Rotterdam,the so called Kubuswoningen, or cubehouses. You have tosee them from the inside to believe what you see from theoutside. That is exactly what you are going to do. Lunch isincluded in this program. (5 hours)12. AMSTERDAMOur last program gives you the opportunity to visit the Dutchcapital, Amsterdam. Upon arrival you will make a tour witha canal touring boat to visit typical Amsterdam waterways.During this tour, the guides will provide you with all kinds of information.After lunch you will have the opportunity to exploreAmsterdam by yourself. (8 hours)EUROPEAN VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIPS TABLE TENNIS 2007 ROTTERDAM 25 - 30 JUNEWWW.EVC2007.NL

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