The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip

Unit01The Enormous TurnipBefore You ReadRead and check.1. Turnips grow in gardens.2. We cannot eat turnips.3. Turnips are blue.TrueFalseNew Words02Listen and repeat.1 turnip:2 seed:3 entire: whole4 grab: to hold5 purchase: to buy6 enormous: very bigNew SentencesWrite a, b, or c.a b c1 An old man purchased some seeds.2 She grabbed her husband and pulled together.3 He saw an enormous turnip in the garden.UNIT 01 7

03The Enormous Turnip•Topic: Gardening•Genre: Classic TalesAn old man wanted some turnips, so he purchased some seeds.He planted them and went to sleep. The next day, he lookedoutside. He saw an enormous turnip in the garden.“I’m hungry,” he said. He went to the garden and tried pullingthe turnip up. It didn’t move. “Wife, help me,” he called. Shegrabbed her husband and pulled together, but the turnip didn’tmove. “Son and daughter, help us,” they cried together. Hischildren pulled together, but nothing happened. “Dog andcat, help,” said the old man. Everyone pulled together, but theturnip stayed in the ground. Finally, a mouse came and helpedthem. The turnip came out of the ground! They all ate theturnip for an entire week.Listening Quiz!1 a Yes b No048 Reading Plus 22 a the old man b the mouse

DetailsChoose or write the answer.1 The old man planted the seeds and went to .a garden b turnip c sleep d seeds2 Everyone pulled together, but the turnip in the ground.a stayed b planted c purchased d helped3 Who was the last one to help the old man?a his son b his daughter c a cat d a mouse4 What did the old man purchase?- He purchased some .Main IdeaChoose the main idea.a An old man and his family pulled up a big turnip.b An old man planted a turnip in his garden.c Everyone in the old man’s family ate the turnip together.d The old man has a son and a daughter.OrganizingComplete the chart.Main CharacterEventResultanmanpulled theupate the turnipfor aUNIT 01 9

VocabularyFill in the blanks.turnip purchase enormous entire seeds grab1 An elephant is the most animal that lives on land.2 She ate an bag of candy, so she got sick.3 Do you have enough money to a drink from the store?4 Please the pen and fill in the blanks.5 People plant in their gardens in spring.6 They are having soup for dinner this evening.Summary05Listen to the summary and fill in the blanks.An old man wanted some . So he planted some and grew anturnip. He tried to it up but couldn’t. His ,children, and pets helped him. But they couldn’t pull it up either. Athenhelped, and they succeeded to pull it up.TipOne-Minute Grammar!10 Reading Plus 2Add ed or d to many verbs to make the pasttense. Sometimes, for words like “study,”change the y to ied.wantwantedpurchasepurchasedcrycried

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