Channelling the Flow of Change in Software Development ...

Channelling the Flow of Change in Software Development ...

Channelling the Flow of Changein Software Development CollaborationPracticalPerforceLaura Wingerd

IndexAaccept edited (ae) command, 60accept merged (am) command, 60accept theirs (at), 60accept yours (ay) command, 60accesscodelines, 204depots, 144–146domains, xvfiles, 144–146in other domains, 146–150accuracy of merge detection, 214active development streams, 178active modules, 252ad hoc branches, 179ad hoc codelines, 275–281add command, 33adding files, 18to depots, 32detecting, 67preventing propagation, 116addresses, 146servers, configuring, 309ae (accept edited) command, 60allocating disk space, 199alternate merge tools, configuring, 83am (accept merged) command, 60annotate command, 12annotations, release codelines, 241Apache, 163applicationscomm, 111distributed software, 149sort, 111triggers, 161version control, 163–166Windows, version control, 165applyingbranch views, 113jobs, 137–142labels, 129–136local files, 31–39P4FTP as sync daemons, 236third-party software, developmentcodelines, 263–267archiving rolling labels, 134at (accept theirs) command, 60auditing web content, 288automatically resolving files, 53automating continuous integration, 294auto-resolve, 102ay (accept yours) command, 60Bbacking outchanges, 81recent changes, 47Back-in-Time Browsing, 157backporting bug fixes, 237baseintegrating, 101unresolved files, 54behind-the-scenes version control, 163–166BETAMAIN codelines, 302binary files, merging, 61bits and pieces, synchronizing in, 27bodies of code, 188bookmarks, monitoring changes, 154We’d like to hear your suggestions for improving our indexes. Send email to is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

anch command, 113, 312branch pointslabel views for, 220labeling, 221branch views, 87, 113, 313annotations, 241development codelines, 254updating, 265normalizing, 272release codelines, 219reversing, 115searching, 114updating, 225branches command, 313branching, x, 87, 313ad hoc branches, 179codelines, 201custom-code branches, 180development codelines, 171, 175, 251,255imported code to, 265files, 88comparing, 96creating, 89–96deleting, 92integrating changes, 96–112previewing, 92redoing, 93resolving, 100reverting, 92submitting, 93undoing, 93viewing, 94viewing histories, 95patch branches, creating, 246–248posting branches, 180private branches, 179, 275redeploying, 279–281reparenting, 277release codelines, 170, 174, 217branching, 218previewing, 220sparse branches, 179static modules, 253task branches, 178creating, 242–246breaking up changelists, 112browsingBack-in-Time Browsing, 157bookmarks, monitoring changes, 154depot files, 7–14(see also navigating file trees)budgets, planning, xvibug fixes, 170backporting, 237codelines, 208–215and staging streams, 297–301task branches, 244tracking, 224(see also troubleshooting)building release codelines, 231built modules, 218, 253Ccase sensitivity, naming depots, 196centralized repositories, xiiichangelist command, 311changelists, x, 5–6additional, creating, 40breaking up, 112configurations, saving, 127content, 42descriptions, writing, 257integrating, 98jobslinking, 139marking as, 142searching numbers by, 142pending, 39–44resolving, 74submitting, 20, 76synchronizing, 74viewing, 9changelists command, 311changes, 5–6, 311backing out, 81branch to branch, integrating, 96–112checking, 225dependencies, hidden, 229descriptions, preparing, 271development codelines, integrating, 259,262documenting, 224flow of, 172task branches, 243local, merging new distributions, 266to the mainline model, 230monitoring, 152–157notification, 152–157out of order, integrating, 229parent codelines, integrating, 269preventing, 240propagation, 178resolving, 76322 | IndexThis is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

eview daemons, 152structural, reconciling, 112–117task branches, integrating, 246tracking, xi, 5–6unintegrated, searching, 228viewing, 111changes command, 8, 27changes -s pending command, 41characterscomparing, 65matching, 2special, 29–31check in command, 311check out command, 312checking changes, 225cherry-picking integration, 109chunks, 62client command, 202clients, xiprogrammable, xiiispecs, editing, 21workspaces, defining, 17clients command, 24, 312cloning directories, 34, 90codebodies of, 188reviews, 277Codeline.html files, 203codelines, 87access, 204ad hoc, 275–281BETAMAIN, 302branching, 201containerizing, 188curators, 199defining, 23developmentapplying third-partysoftware, 263–267branch views, 254branching, 251, 255branching imported code to, 265creating, 249–255delivering, 267–275modifying branch views, 260naming, 251noncritical bugs, 298ownership, 251retiring, 275soft, 275–281updating, 258–263updating branch views, 265updating workspaces, 271working in, 255–258diagrams, 180flow of change, 172grouping, 192mainline model, 169–181applying, 183–185managementbug fixes, 208–215maintenance, 199–205nightly builds, 205–208organizing depots, 189–199modules, selecting, 200naming, 200one-way, 179parentfreezing, 270integrating changes, 269integrating development codelinesinto, 273thawing, 274private, 275–281proliferation, 196relationships, 193releaseannotations, 241backporting bug fixes, 237branch views, 219branching, 217branching modules, 218building, 231creating, 216–222, 231–234creating patch branches, 246–248creating task branches, 242–246distributing, 235–237generating note information, 234integrating into the mainline, 227–231labels, 232naming, 217ownership, 217previewing branching, 220pulling late-breaking developmentsinto, 238releasing wrong builds, 236retiring, 240–242working in, 222–227remote depot, 179retiring, 205third-party, 179tracking, 203types, 178WEBENG, 288Index | 323This is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

codelines (continued)WEBVIS, 288, 289working in, 202collaboration, customizing, 74–78collections (files), 2combiningfilesdetecting, 70reconciling, 118mappings, 23comm program, 111commandsaccept edited (ae), 60add, 33am (accept merged), 60annotate, 12at (accept theirs), 60ay (accept yours), 60branch, 113, 312branches, 313bug fixes, detecting merged, 211changelist, 311changelists, 311changes, 8, 27changes -s pending, 41check in, 311check out, 312client, 202clients, 24, 312counter, 153d (diff), 60delete, 33depots, 148, 314describe, 9, 154diff2, 231, 274dir, 33dirs, 8dt (diff theirs), 60dy (diff yours), 60edit (e), 60filelog, 104, 311files, 10find, 33fixes -i, 214Folder History, 96fstat, 157get, 312group, 197have, 312info, 24integ, 314integed, 314integrate, 35, 125, 314branching files, 90integrated, 314interchanges, 230job, 138jobs -i, 214jobspec, 137label, 312, 313labels, 233labelsync, 132mark, 312open, 312opened, 32, 312P4, 311–314print, 12protect, 312resolve, 43, 314resolved, 61revert, 39review, 153reviews, 154s (skip), 60submit, 42, 140, 311troubleshooting, 42sync, 26synchronize, 312tag, 132triggers, 161user, 153comparingdepotsdirectories, 14files, 13files, branching, 96labels, 133snapshots, 128whitespace, 65configurationadditional changelists, 40alternate merge tools, 83branching, 89–96depots, 144development codelines, 249–255files, 17–20installation, xvjobs, 138master workspaces, 254P4, 82P4MERGE, 85patch branches, 246–248Perforce Server addresses, 309point releases, 232324 | IndexThis is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

elease codelines, 216–222, 231–234saving, 127–129SCM, ixspec depots, 150task branches, 242–246text environments, 305–310workspaces, 17, 20–25conflicts, 50, 62connecting servers, 309containerizing, 186–188containers, filespecs as, 189contentchangelists, 42filesreplacing and swapping, 36viewing, 12webauditing, 288executable, 289major web development projects, 302staging, 282–288visual content development, 288–297continuous integration, automating, 294controllingaccess to codelines, 204versions, 163–166conventions, depot path naming, 194copyingdepot files, 34donor files, 104filesignoring (theirs), 57resolving (theirs into yours), 55lazy, 93workspaces, skipping, 94cost, xvicounter command, 153curators (codelines), 199current workspacesconfiguring, 25labeling, 132naming, 24(see also workspaces)custom-code branches, 180customizationcollaboration, 74–78jobs, 138merging, 78–86P4Web URL syntax, 156triggers, 161workspace views, 22Dd (diff) command, 60daemonschange review, 152sync, applying P4FTP as, 236datesconfigurations, saving, 127filespecs, 5scripting, 159db module, 253decoding integration histories, 124definingclient workspaces, 17codelines, 23depots, 148modules, 23delete command, 33deletingdepot files, 33empty pending changelists, 42files, 44–45branching, 92detecting, 68editing, 71preventing target files from being, 116jobs, 141labels, 135delivering development codelines, 267–275dependencies, hidden, 229depot command, 314depots, xaccess, 144–146creating, 144defining, 148directories, comparing, 14evolution, 92filesadding, 18, 32browsing, 7–14cloning, 34comparing, 13deleting, 33, 44detecting that didn’t come from, 29editing, 18modifying, 35renaming, 35submitting changes to, 19synchronizing, 18viewing previous changes, 27filespec syntax, 1–6hierarchies, 2, 191mirroring, 192Index | 325This is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

depots (continued)naming, 191organizing, 189–199pathsnaming conventions, 194subscribing as reviewers, 153remote, 148reorganizing, 198scope of, 191security, 145specs, restoring and saving, 150structures, reconciling changes, 66–74depots command, 148describe command, 9, 154descriptions, writing changelist, 257designating file types, 36detectionadded files, 67combined files, 70deleted files, 68filesdepots, not from, 29missing, 28merged bug fixes, 211moved files, 70renamed files, 68developer workspaces, 223developmentactive streams, 178distributed, 150softwareapplying mainline model, 183–185mainline model, 169–181overview of, 167–169visual content, 288–297development codelines, 251branch views, 254modifying, 260updating, 265branching, 171, 175, 251, 255imported codes to, 265creating, 249–255delivering, 267–275flow of change, 173noncritical bugs, 298ownership, 251parent codelines, integrating into, 273retiring, 275soft, 275–281sub-branches, 176third-party software, applying, 263–267updating, 258–263working in, 255–258workspaces, updating, 271diagramscodelines, 180flow, 183diff (d) command, 60diff theirs (dt) command, 60diff yours (dy) command, 60diff2 command, 231, 274dir command, 33directoriescloning, 34, 90depots, 2comparing, 14files, 3listing, 8, 10mapping, 115moving, 35renaming, 35trees, adding, 33dirs command, 8disk space, allocating, 199distributed development, 150distributed software, 149distributionFTP, 236importing, 266merging, 266release codelines, 235–237streams, 179DIST-update workspace, 235doc module, 253documentationchanges, 224web content, ixdomainsaccess, xvdepots, mirroring, 192extending, 151file access in other, 146–150switching, 147donor fileschanges, ignoring, 107copying, 104merging, 103drawing timelines, 180dt (diff theirs) command, 60dy (diff yours) command, 60Ee (edit) command, 60326 | IndexThis is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

editingclient specs, 21files, 18branching, 91deleting, 71integrating, 108moving, 70opening for, 31renaming, 72resolving parallel changes, 19overview of, 124synchronization, 28empty pending changelists, deleting, 42enforcing use of jobs, 296evolution (of depots), 92exclusive locking files, 297executable web content, 289existing files, modifying type of, 37extensionsdomains, 151scripting languages, 160external databases, xivFfalse positives (bug fixes), 213features of Perforce, xiiifieldsjobs, 138Protections, tokens, 145File menus, 59File Transfer Protocol (FTP), 164distribution streams, 236filelog command, 104, 311filenames, wildcards, 2filesaccess, 144–146in other domains, 146–150adding, 18detecting, 67preventing propagation, 116branching, 88creating, 89–96integrating changes, 96–112previewing, 92changelists, moving, 41Codeline.html, 203collections, 2combiningdetecting, 70reconciling, 118comparing, branching, 96configuring, 17–20contentreplacing and swapping, 36viewing, 12deleting, 44–45branching, 92detecting, 68depots, 2adding, 32browsing, 7–14cloning, 34comparing, 13deleting, 33, 44detecting that didn’t come from, 29modifying, 35renaming, 35viewing previous changes, 27(see also depots)directory trees, adding, 33donorcopying, 104ignoring, 107merging, 103editingdeleting, 71integrating, 108opening for, 31renaming, 72submitting changes to depots, 19exclusive locking, 297generatedopening, 207storing, 195submitting, 207histories, viewing, 10hyperlinks, 155labels, applying to, 129listing, 10local, applying, 31–39locking, 36mergingforcing, 78troubleshooting, 76undoing, 80moving, 35detecting, 70neglected, integrating, 274non-text, merging, 85obliterating, 45Index | 327This is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

files (continued)opening, 38for branching, 89submitting, 42parallel changes, resolving, 19redoing branching, 93renaming, detecting, 68resolving, 43, 49–62automating, 53branching, 100copying, 55ignoring, 57interactively, 58–60merging, 58merging binary, 61redoing/undoing, 79synchronizing, 50–52variants, 54viewing, 61viewing unresolved files, 53restoring, 44–45reverting, 39, 81branching, 92rolling labels, archiving, 134saving, 13searching, 10split, reconciling, 118submitting, 39–44branching, 93targets, preventing deletion, 116text, merging, 62–66trees, navigating, 8triggers, 161types, xv, 15–16designating, 36modifying, 37reconciling changes, 73undoing branching, 93unresolved, listing, 44unsynchronized, listing, 26versions, 3viewingbranching, 94histories (branching), 95workspacesdetecting missing, 28filters, 256listing, 28replacing, 29files command, 10filespecs, xas containers, 189syntax, 1–6filters, workspace files, 256find command, 33firewalls, xvfixesbug fixes (see bug fixes)jobs, searching, 141fixes -i command, 214flow diagrams, 183flow of change, 172task branches, 243Folder History, 9, 96forced merging, 78forcing integration after a rollback, 301formatting workspaces, 29–31formsclient specs, editing, 21spec, 20scripting, 159free licenses, xvifreezing parent codelines, 270fstat command, 157FTP (File Transfer Protocol), 164distribution streams, 236Ggenerated filesopening, 207storing, 195submitting, 207generating release note information, 234get command, 312GoodBuild label, 133graphical user interfaces (see GUIs)group command, 197groups, 146codelines, 192gui module, 253GUIs (graphical user interfaces), xiHhave command, 312help, 310hidden dependencies, 229hiding retired codelines, 241hierarchies, depots, 2, 191historiesdirectories, listing, 8filelog command, 104filesviewing, 10viewing branching, 95328 | IndexThis is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

Folder History, 9, 96integration, 89decoding, 124undoing, 119viewing, 105synchronization, 27hyperlinksfiles, 155objects, 155Iidentifying points of completion, 269ignoring donor file changes, 107importingdistributions, 266third-party software, 264incrementally integrating changes, 97info command, 24installation, xvPerforce on Linux/Unix systems, 307Perforce on Mac OS X, 308Perforce on Windows, 306integ command, 314integed command, 314integrate command, 35, 314branching files, 90syntax, 125integrated command, 314integration, 50, 87changelists, 98changes (see changes)cherry-picking, 109codeline changes in themainline, 227–231continuous, automating, 294development codeline changes, 259, 262files, editing, 108histories, 89decoding, 124undoing, 119viewing, 105history, xineglected files, 274overview of, 120–123parent codelineschanges, 269development codelines, 273records, 213redoing, 119repeating, 99rollback, forcing after a, 301subdirectories, 108task branch changes, 246interactively resolving files, 58–60interchangers, 123interchanges command, 230interfacesBack-in-Time Browsing, 157bookmarks, monitoring changes, 154GUIs, xiprogrammable, xiiiJjob command, 138jobs, xapplying, 137–142changelists, marking as, 142configurations, saving, 127–129creating, 138deleting, 141enforcing use of, 296linking, 139locking, 142overview of, 137pre-selecting, 140release codelines, generating noteinformation, 234restoring, 141searching, 139changelists number by, 142fixes, 141jobs -i command, 214jobspec command, 137Llabel command, 312, 313labelsannotations, 241applying, 129–136branch points, 221comparing, 133configuration, saving, 127–129deleting, 135files, applying to, 129GoodBuild, 133need for, 131nightly builds (codelines), 208release codelines, 232rolling, 133archiving, 134searching, 133views, 135Index | 329This is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

labels (continued)views for branch points, 220web sites, rolling back published, 301workspaces, naming, 136labels command, 233labelsync command, 132languages, scripting extensions, 160lazy copying, 93level of file access, configuring, 145linage of codelines, 193lines, merging moved, 64linkingfiles and objects, 155jobs, 139Linux, installing Perforce on, 307listingbranch views, 114directories, 8, 10files, 10in workspaces, 28labels, 130unresolved files, 44unsynchronized files, 26workspaces, 24local changes, merging newdistributions, 266local files, applying, 31–39local syntax, 29–31location of codelines, 193lockingfiles, 36, 297jobs, 142labels, 131logical changelists, submitting, 76lowercase, naming depots, 196MMac OS X, installing Perforce on, 308MAINmerging, 267workspaces, integrating changes, 228mainline model, 169–181applying, 183–185changes to, 230codeline changes, integratinginto, 227–231flow of change, 172maintenancecodelines, 199–205(see also bug fixes)(see also troubleshooting)major web development projects, 302managementcodelinesbug fixes, 208–215maintenance, 199–205nightly builds, 205–208organizing depots, 189–199SCM, ixmappings, 3combining, 23directories, 115mark command, 312markingchangelists, jobs as, 142configurations, 127–129marshalled output, 158master workspaces, 201, 219creating, 254(see also workspaces)matching wildcards, 2menus, File, 59merged bug fixes, detecting, 211merging, 50alternate merge tools, configuring, 83customizing, 78–86distributions, 266donor files, 103filesbinary, 61non-text, 85resolving (theirs into yours), 58text, 62–66troubleshooting, 76undoing, 80forced, 78MAIN, 267moved lines, 64P4MERGE, configuring, 85preventing, 297text, 103mirroring depots, 192missing workspace files, detecting, 28mixed case, naming depots, 196models (mainline), 169–181applying, 183–185flow of change, 172modifiers, types, 16modifyingbacking out changes, 81branch views, developmentcodelines, 260depots, reconciling changes, 66–74330 | IndexThis is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

files, 35reconciling type changes, 73types, 37monitoring, 152–157notification, 152–157offline changes, reconciling, 46recent changes, backing out, 47modulesactive, 252built, 218, 253codelines, selecting, 200containerizing, 186db, 253defining, 23doc, 253gui, 253private, 252release codelines, branching, 218reshaping, 198static, 252branching, 253sub-modules, 188test, 253top-level, 187unneeded, 252utils, 253virtual, 252WebKeeper, 163monitoring changes, 152–157moved lines, merging, 64moving files, 35from changelists, 41detecting, 70multiple pending changelists, 41Nnaming, 146codelines, 200depots, 191path naming conventions, 194development codelines, 251files, renaming, 35release codelines, 217workspaces, 24, 136navigating file trees, 8neglected files, integrating, 274NFS (networked file sharing), xivnightly builds (codelines), 205–208noncritical bugs, 298non-text files, merging, 85normalizing branch views, 272notification of changes, 152–157numberschangelists, marking, 142pending changelists, submitting, 42OObject Database Connectivity (ODBC), 165objects, hyperlinks, 155obliterating files, 45ODBC (Object Database Connectivity), 165offline changes, reconciling, 46one-way codelines, 179open command, 312opened command, 32, 312openingexclusive locking files, 297files, 38for branching, 89editing, 31locking, 36submitting, 42generated files, 207operating systems, xviorder, integrating changes out of, 229organizing depots, 189–199out-of-sync workspaces, 52outputmarshalled, 158tagged, 158ownershipdepots, organizing, 197development codelines, 251release codelines, 217PP4changes, monitoring, 154commands, 311–314configuring, 82P4FTP, applying as sync daemon, 236P4MERGE, configuring, 82, 85P4WebURL syntax, customizing, 156version control, 163packaging streams, 179parent codelineschanges, integrating, 269development codelines, integratinginto, 273flow of change between task branchesand, 243Index | 331This is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

parent codelines (continued)freezing, 270thawing, 274patch branches, 175creating, 246–248paths, 146depot reviewer, subscribing as, 153pending changelists, 19, 39–44numbered, submitting, 42Perforce Proxy, 151planning budgets, xviplatforms, xviplug-ins, xiii, 165point of completion, identifying, 269point releases, creating, 232points in time, branching from, 91posting branches, 180preparing change descriptions, 271pre-selecting jobs, 140preventingadded files from propagating, 116changes, 240merging, 297target files from being deleted, 116unchanged files from being submitted, 40warnings, 117previewingbranching, release codelines, 220files, branching, 92pricing, xviprint command, 12private branches, 179, 275redeploying, 279–281reparenting, 277private codelines, 275–281private modules, 252process rules, xvproduct distribution, xvprogrammable interfaces, xiiiprogramstriggers, 161(see also applications)proliferation, codeline, 196propagationadded files, preventing from, 116changes, 178protect command, 312protectionscodeline clutter, reducing, 197depots, 145retired codelines, hiding, 241Protections field, tokens, 145protocols (FTP), distribution streams, 236publishing web sitesrolling back, 299updates, 287Rrecent changes, backing out, 47reconcilingcombined files, 118file type changes, 73offline changes, 46split files, 118structural changes, 66–74, 112–117record integration, 213redeploying private branches, 279–281redoingfilesbranching, 93resolved, 79integration, 119reducing codeline clutter, 197references (labels), need for, 131relationships, codelines, 193release codelinesannotations, 241branch views, 219branching, 170, 174, 217previewing, 220bug fixes, backporting, 237building, 231changes, integrating into themainline, 227–231creating, 216–222, 231–234distributing, 235–237flow of change, 172labels, 232late-breaking developments, pullinginto, 238modules, branching, 218naming, 217ownership, 217patch branches, creating, 246–248retiring, 240–242task branches, creating, 242–246working in, 222–227wrong builds, releasing, 236release cycles (web sites), 284remote depots, 148, 179removing (see deleting)332 | IndexThis is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

enamingdirectories, 35filesdetecting, 68editing, 72reorganizing depots, 198reparenting private branches, 277repeating integrations, 99replacingcontent, 36files, 29repositoriescentralized, xiii(see also depots)reshaping modules, 198resolve command, 43, 314resolved command, 61resolvingauto-resolve, 102changelists, 74changes, 76files, 43, 49–62automating, 53branching, 100copying, 55ignoring, 57interactively, 58–60merging, 58merging binary, 61redoing/undoing, 79synchronizing, 50–52variants, 54viewing, 61viewing unresolved files, 53parallel changes, 19restoringconfigurations, 127–129files, 44–45jobs, 141specs, 150retiringcodelines, 205development codelines, 275release codelines, 240–242reusing labels, 133reversing branch views, 115revert command, 39reverting files, 39, 81branching, 92review command, 153reviewingchange review daemons, 152code, 277depot paths, subscribing to, 153task branch changes, 246reviews command, 154Revision Graph, 104revisions, 28changelists, 5client specs, 21files, 3, 18branching, 91integrating, 108moving, 70opening fro editing, 31resolving parallel changes, 19overview of, 124rolling back published web sites, 299rolling labels, 133archiving, 134Ss (skip) command, 60savingconfiguration, 127–129files, 13specs, 150scales, tofu, 176scheduling files, resolving, 52SCM (software configurationmanagement), ixscope of depots, 191scripting, 157–163searchingbranch views, 114files, 10jobs, 139changelist numbers by, 142fixes, 141labels, 130, 133unintegrated changes, 228Secure Shell (SSH), xvsecuritydepots, 145firewalls, xvselecting modules in codelines, 200servers, xiaddresses, configuring, 309connecting, 309requirements, xivscripts, troubleshooting, 160test environments, setting up, 305–310shelving works in progress, 275skip (s) command, 60skipping workspace copying, 94Index | 333This is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

snapshotscomparing, 128release codelines, 231workspaces, naming, 136soft codelines, 275–281softwaredevelopers, ixdevelopmentmainline model, 169–181, 183–185overview of, 167–169distributed, 149version control, 163–166(see also applications)software configuration management (seeSCM)sort program, 111spaces, comparing, 65sparse branches, 179spec forms, 20scripting, 159special characters, 29–31specs, 20, 313restoring, 150saving, 150scripting, 159triggers, 161speed, xiiisplit files, reconciling, 118SSH (Secure Shell), xvstabilization, 170staging, 179streams (bug fixes and), 297–301web content, 282–288static modules, 252branching, 253storing generated files, 195streams, 87active development, 178distribution, 179release codelines, 235FTP, 236packaging, 179staging, 179bug fixes and, 297–301WEBLIVE, 285rolling back, 301WEBMAIN, 284, 294WEBQA, 286bug fixes, 298structural changes, reconciling, 112–117structures, reconciling depot changes, 66–74sub-branches, development codelines, 176subdirectories, integrating, 108submit command, 42, 140, 311troubleshooting, 42submittingchangelists, 20, 76files, 39–44branching, 93generated files, 207pending changelists, 39numbered, 42sub-modules, 188subscribing as depot path reviewers, 153swapping file content, 36switchingdomains, 147between workspaces, 25sync command, 26sync daemons, applying P4FTP as, 236synchronization, 28changelists, 74files, resolving, 50–52histories, 27nightly builds, 206revisions, 28workspaces, 18, 26–29, 74synchronize command, 312syntaxfilespecs, 1–6integrate command, 125local, 29–31P4Web URL, customizing, 156scripting, 157–163Ttabs, comparing, 65tag command, 132tagged output, 158targetsdonor filescopying, 104merging, 103files, preventing deletion of, 116task branches, 178creating, 242–246templates, customizing jobs, 138terminology, 311–314test environments, setting up, 305–310testing web site updates, 286tests module, 253textfiles, 62–66merging, 103334 | IndexThis is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

thawing parent codelines, 274theirsintegrating, 101unresolved files, 54third-party codelines, 179third-party softwaredevelopment codelines, applyingto, 263–267importing, 264three-way merges, 62tidy views, 190Time-lapse View, 12timelinesdrawing, 180task branches, 242timesfilespecs, 5scripting, 159timing web site updates, 287tofu scale, 176tokens, Protection field, 145top-level modules, 187tracking, 5–6bugs, 224changes, xicodelines, 203treesbranching, 88creating, 89–96integrating changes, 96–112directories, adding, 33files, navigating, 8triggers command, 161troubleshootinghelp, 310jobs, 141merged files, 76out-of-sync workspaces, 52scripts, 160submit command, 42versions, 170views, 221tunnels, xvtypes, 146codelines, 178files, xv, 15–16designating, 36modifying, 37reconciling changes, 73modifiers, 16Uunchanged files, preventing from beingsubmitted, 40undoingfilesbranching, 93merging, 80resolving, 79integration histories, 119unintegrated changes, searching, 228unique labels, archiving rolling labelswith, 134Unix, installing Perforce on, 307unneeded modules, 252unresolved fileslisting, 44viewing, 53unsynchronized files, listing, 26updating, 245branch views, 225development codelines, 258–263workspaces, 271task branches, 245web sites, 285publishing, 287release cycles, 284testing, 286timing, 287workspaces, 245upgrading release codelines, branchingfrom, 174uppercase, naming depots, 196user command, 153utils module, 253Vvariants, unresolved files, 54vendor drops, xvversionscontrol, 163–166files, 3release codelines, branching from, 174sync command, 26troubleshooting, 170viewingchangelists, 9, 42changes, 111depot files, 7–14Index | 335This is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

viewing (continued)filesbranching, 94content, 12histories, 10, 95resolving, 61integration histories, 105labels, 130previous file changes, 27unresolved files, 53views, x, 3, 198branch, 87, 113, 313annotations, 241development codelines, 254modifying development codelines, 260normalizing, 272release codelines, 219reversing, 115searching, 114updating, 225updating development codelines, 265labels, 135, 220tidy, 190Time-lapse View, 12troubleshooting, 221workspaces, customizing, 22virtual modules, 252Virtual Private Network (see VPN)visual content development, 288–297VPN (Virtual Private Network), xvWwarnings, preventing, 117web contentauditing, 288documentation, ixexecutable, 289major web development projects, 302staging, 282–288visual content development, 288–297web sitesrelease cycles, 284rolling back, 299updating, 285publishing, 287testing, 286timing, 287WEBENG codeline, 288WebKeeper module, 163WEBLIVE stream, 285rolling back, 301WEBMAIN stream, 284, 294WEBQA stream, 286bug fixes, 298WebReview, 162WEBVIS codeline, 288, 289whitespace, comparing, 65wildcards, 2expansion, 29–31Windowsapplications, version control, 165Perforce, installing on, 306working incodelines, 202development codelines, 255–258release codelines, 222–227works in progress, shelving, 275WorkspaceCheck, 162workspaces, x, 245configuring, 17, 20–25labeling, 132copying, skipping, 94developer’s, 223development codelines, updating, 271DIST-update, 235filesdeleting, 44detecting missing, 28filters, 256listing, 28replacing, 29reverting, 81filespec syntax, 1–6formatting, 29–31listing, 24local files, applying, 31–39MAIN, integrating changes, 228master, 201, 219creating, 254naming, 24, 136nightly build, 205out-of-sync, 52reshaping modules, 198switching between, 25synchronizing, 18, 26–29, 74viewscustomizing, 22reshaping modules, 198writing changelist descriptions, 257Yyoursintegrating, 101unresolved files, 54336 | IndexThis is the Title of the Book, eMatter EditionCopyright © 2005 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

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