17TH OCTOBER // FRIDAY:OPENINTRODUCTION [Female pool] -DICK WERBNER [Turkish restrooms]“Talking Cures in the Turkish Pool”EDSEM PATHWAY EXHIBIT Q&APERFORMANCE BY ‘SHE CHOIR’ [Bar area]PERFORMANCE BY RICHARD LOMAX6pm7pm7:15pm8pm9pm10pm[CLOSE]18TH OCTOBER // SATURDAY:OPENSCREENING 1.1 [Female pool]BY THE WILLOW BED - Alex PeggeSTRANGE BEAST - Kriston JacksonSETTING THE PACE - Tess MurphyLUNCH BREAK10am11am - 1.30pm1.30pm - 2.30pmSCREENING 1.2 [Female pool]2.30pm - 5pmGREEN GODESS ODYSSEY- Jack JonesENCOUNTERS ON THE PIANOSA- Pip HareFAR FROM THE FRONTLINE- Stefania VillaCOFFEE BREAK5pm - 5.30pm

SCREENING 1.35.30pm - 7pmBACCHANAL - Eugenio GiorgianniHAVET DER SAMLER / THE SEA THAT GATHERSAnn-Kathrine Kværnø[CLOSE]19th OCTOBER // SUNDAYOPENSCREENING 2.1 [Female pool]ANOHER PLACE - Marlene WynantsTHE GOOD DAY - Clara KleiningerHARAKA BARAKA - Lana AskariLUNCH BREAK10am11am - 1.30pm1.30pm - 2.30pmSCREENING 2.2 [Female pool]2.30pm - 5pmPICTURING PLACE - Lucy CookeTHE SACRED IN THE SECULAR - Karin LeivategijaINSIDE THE WOOD - Daniel LemaCoffee breakSCREENING 2.3 [Female pool]WITHOUT THE CURTAIN - Rick SimsCITY/PLAY - Paloma YáñezMAESIL - Mayumi RobertsonCLOSING REMARKS5pm5.30pm - 7pm7pm[CLOSE]PLEASE NOTE: Each film is followed by a 5min break, withQ&A after each screening group. Due to this factor all timesare subject to change.

“He who never fails, never risks anything.What is the most interesting thing in life?Very probably to run risks. That for me is ourprofession.”— JEAN ROUCH 1967

STRANGE BEASTS - Kriston Jackson [Screening 1.1]Contact: kristonjackson@me.comGREEN GODDESS ODYSSEY -Jack Jones [Screening 1.2]Contact:

WITHOUT THE CURTAIN - Rick Sims [Screening 2.3]An immersive look into thepractices of one London’s mostrenowned community theaterorganisations; Cardboard Citizens.International recognised aspractitioners of Theater of theOppressed, their work focuseson using theater to engage withissues around homelessness andindividuals who have experiencedbeing homeless. Thisfeature documentary focuseson the experience and journeyof a group of individuals as theyundertake a week of ForumTheater. Footage is supported byadditional interviews and feedbackfrom those involved.Contact: rikjsims@gmail.comFAR FROM THE FRONTLINE - Stefania Villa [Screening 1.2]From the last 21 of November,Ukraine experienced a popularrevolution, the downfall of apresident, the annexation of animportant part of its territory, acontinuous military conflict withseparatists in the Eastern regions,the declaration of part of thecountry as an “independent people’srepublic” and the election of anew president. The film exploresthe perception and the impact of the contemporary conflict on the city of Chernivtsi,in the southwestern region of the country, focusing on the new patrioticfeeling spreading in this particular area and the reality of mobilisation.While the community rallies around the colors of the national flag, which comes tobe more than ever a symbol of identity and of the fight for the European integration,the stark reality of the ongoing war in the Eastern regions emerge through theabsence that the families of the soldiers, who have been recruited during in the lastsix months, have to endure every day.Contact:

YOURS AYE - Antonia Bruce [Turkish shower/steam area]Contact: / Online: FOR LIVING - José Luis Fajardo [Turkish Baths Suite]In 2009 the LammasEcovillage in WestWales became thefirst legal low-impactsettlement in theUnited Kingdom. Thepeople involved inthe project movedto a predominantlypasture land andstarted to re-shapethe landscape into ahome and productiveland that was able tomeet most of theirbasic living needs.In post-industrialised times, where we are apparently disconnected from the originsof the things we consume and how they and our actions impact the environment,people in Lammas are building meaningful connections with their surroundings whileproducing food and shelter in their lives.Contact: / Online:

KINK & KINSHIP - April Preston [First RIGHT of Turkish baths suite]Commercial/non-commercial BDSM practitionersand clients of sex-work have a socialworld hidden from the habitual, there is awhole new language to learn and a strict socialetiquette to uphold.By looking at the places and relationshipswhich form through BDSM practices informmy audio-visual research. Locating the interiorspaces as a photographic cue rather than confiningsomeone to my own ineffective understandingof their sexual/non-sexual pursuits.Within this body of work I wish to step awayfrom psychopathology of sexual practices.Here I hope to offer a phenomenological viewpointheld by the individual which surpassessex as merely sexual function.AUDIO: WWW.SOUNDCLOUD.COM/APRIL-SHOWERSAUDIO/KINKContact: / Online aprilshowersart.comMAESIL - Mayumi Robinson [Female Class screening Sunday]A young family of five live together in small apartment in Seoul, South Korea.This observational documentary chronicles a summer of family life. Hye Ju, theyoungest, a small queen of the castle; Si Hun, the middle child, neither young norold enough; Ye Jun, the eldest, learning how to be apart. Their mother, Eun Jung,cooks, cleans and watches over them while they play, work, fight and eat together.Joeng In, their father, sits at his desk to work, departs for the office, and vacuums.A routine sets in, in which changes are barely perceptible - a new word, a newtoy, new fruit ripens – but relentless.Contact: / Online

CRAFTING COMMUNITY - Ruth Webber [End & then RIGHT ofTurkish suite]This project involves observingand participating inthe work of a textile artistbased in Bradford, WestYorkshire, in her HeritageLottery funded project‘Fabric of Bradford’. Claire’sproject aims to explore thebenefits of learning aboutthe heritage of Bradford’stextile industry in addressingissues such as communityand wellbeing, andfocuses on 3 areas of thecity: West Bowling.One of the most deprived parts of Bradford and the location of the biggest 19 Nursery School–a mothers and children local, slow craft practice learning session, and Hive – a community artscentre in Shipley. Crafting in these examples serves as the vehicle for social cohesion, andthrough collaborative work on textile pieces, individuals have an opportunity to come togetherand talk, reminisce and make with people they would otherwise not come into contact with.Throughout all of this, therefore, David Gauntlett’s mantra of ‘making is connecting’ will becoursing through the veins of Bradford’s past the century dye works in the world, Midland Roadasexplored in its present.Contact: ruthwebber22@gmail.comGranada Centre

:-for Visual Anthropology: Baths: Info:


nMIXED BATHING, 1914. [IMAGE RIGHTS V.BATHS]A - First Class Male Pool [Closed]B - Second Class Male Pool/BarAreaC - Female Pool/Screening areaD - EntranceE - Turkish Baths/Shower suiteF - Turkish RestroomsG - Corridor/Addtional works

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