insulating Tubes made of plastic Insulating hoses ... -
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insulating Tubes made of plastic Insulating hoses ... -

Flyer_Hahm_DIN_lang_5 05.04.2006 11:52 Uhr Seite 1insulating Tubesmade of plasticInsulating hoses with fabricGlassfibre tapesCable protection andbundling EMI ShieldingPVC - Insulating TubeV: 85°C longtime, short duration 105°CVH: 105°C longtime, short duration 120°CVH/S: 120°C longtime, short duration 150°CPVC - Tube thick wallH 6:H 65:PVC-tube, clear with Polyester inlay(100% Polyester)PVC-tube, clear without inlaySilicone - Insulating TubeSi:180° C longtimeFluoroplastic Insulating Tubesuch as PTFE, PFA, FEPPolyurethane Insulating TubePu:105° C longtime , short duration 130° CPolyamide 11/12 - Insulating TubeHeat Shrink TubeHCX 50:HCX 55:HCX 135:SSh:SST:For use in industrial process measurementand control technique, pneumatics and hydraulicsPolyolefine, 105° C longtimePolyolefine, 125° C longtimePolyolefine, 135° C longtimeShrink ratio 2:1; 3:1; 4:1with or without inner gluePVC hard 80° C longtimeShrink ratio 2:1Fluoroplasticsdifferent shrink ratiosFibre hose DDKDD:GDD:Rayon fibre with Polyurethane lacquer130° C longtime , short duration 150° Cglassfibre with Polyurethane lacquer155° C longtime , short duration 180° CGlass Fibre hose SiliconeGSil:GSilFlex:GlsiH:Glass Fibre hoseGls:Glssf:Glass Fibre TapeBgls:Bdd:Quarz Fibre hoseQSl:Aramid Fibre hoseArS:with Silicone rubber lacquer 220° C longtimeexpandable, with Silicone elastomere220° C longtime, expandable by 1:1,7with Silicone resin against frayingno electrical insulation, 250° C longtimeraw glass fibre450° C longtimetreated by heat against fraying450° C longtimeraw glass450° C longtimeglassfiber with Polyurethane lacquer150° C longtimeraw quarzsilize fibre1.000° C longtimePara-Aramide, extreme resistant againstcutting and tearing300° C longtimeMonofilament braided sleeving HMSModern Cable protection with high mechanical strength andat the same time flexible harnessing.HMS/PP: Polypropylene ( -30° C to + 105° C )black, grey, single- and multicolouredhalogene free, selfextinguishing.switchboards, shipbuilding and railwaysHMS/PA Polyamide 6.6 ( -40° C to + 180° C )black, grey, single- and multicolouredhalogene free, selfextinguishing.For high temperatures and high mechanicalstress. E.g. automotive, robots and aircraft.HMS/PET Polyester ( -40° C to + 150° C )halogene free, flame retardentFor standard applications and wiringHMS/ECT ECTFE ( -70° C to + 150° C )for satelite wiring and arctic applicationsEMI Shielding, high frequency protectionHMS/AG:TVServicePolyamide 6.6 with silvercoating.Properties as HMS/PA, but conductive forshielding of wires and cables.Highly flexible and light weight.conductive wall papers made of Polyamidecoated with silver or copper for EMIshielding of rooms and cabinets.with or without adhesive backsuch as cutting hoses on customersdemand, coating of parts from PA 6.6,twisting of wires with glassfibres or plastics.

Flyer_Hahm_DIN_lang_5 05.04.2006 11:52 Uhr Seite 22006Product LineWe not only have a wide range of (highquality)standard products which we alsoproduce in a variety of colours butour greatest strength lies in manufacturingto your individual specifications.By giving our entire attention to yourneeds, we are able to offer you solutionsto your problems which will placeyour business up-front.We look forwardto receiving your enquiries.Werner Hahm GmbH & Co. KGElektro-IsolierwerkBornberg 88-92 · 42109 WuppertalPostfach 13 12 14 · 42039 WuppertalTelefon: +49 (0) 202 / 75 00 78 - 79Telefax: +49 (0) 202 / 75 52 40e-mail: info@hahm-co.dewww.hahm-co.deInsulating TubesWire ProtectionHarnessEMI Shielding

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