1. Vaccine Administration Records


1. Vaccine Administration Records

1. Vaccine Administration Records• Locating Vaccine Administration Records

Vaccine Administration Records

To Locate Vaccine Administration Records

2. Client Comments• Understanding client comments

Add as many client comments as neededClick New toadd a comment(otherwise youmay delete apreviouscomment)Click Next tosave Always include an “Applies-To Date”

Client Comment Example: Measles ImmunityIf “Applies-ToDate” is entered,immunity isrecorded.MMR is not recommended on tracking schedule.

Client Comment Example: Varicella Immunity“Applies-To Date” entered:Immunity recorded andvaccine not recommended“Applies-To Date” notentered: vaccinerecommended

3. Not Valid Doses• Investigating not valid doses

Investigating “Not Valid” DosesClick the appropriate date under the “Date Administered” column

Examples ofNot Valid Doses

4. Recommended Schedule• Dates and Color Coding

Immunization Color Coding• NCIR online help (Light Bulb Icon)• User Manual 9.4 (Chapter 9 Page 4)

5. Coverage Criteria Violation• Investigating coverage criteria violations

Coverage Criteria Violation Example: A 19 years old client, with eligibilitylisted as Medicaid, is given a publicdose of HPVWarningmessageState doseMedicaid eligibility

“Coverage ViolationIndicator” will be YesClick the appropriateicon under the “Edit”column

6. Vaccine Adverse EventReporting System (VAERS)Locating VAERS website

To Locate VAERS:ScrollDown From the NCIRhomepage, scrolldown to theVaccine AdverseEvent ReportingSystem link The VAERSwebsite opens in anew window

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