tyne and wear building control building regulation charges


tyne and wear building control building regulation charges

TYNE AND WEAR BUILDING CONTROLBUILDING REGULATION CHARGES – GUIDANCE NOTE 1NEW BUILD HOUSINGPRINCIPLES OF THE CHARGING SCHEMECharges are payable for the following functions:With effect from 1 st January 2011(a) the passing or rejection of plans of proposed building work which have been deposited with the Authorityin accordance with section 16 of the Building Act 1984 (as amended).(b) the inspection of building work for which plans have been deposited with the Authority in accordance withthe Building Regulations 2010 and with section 16 of the Building Act 1984 (as amended)(c) the consideration of a Building Notice, which has been given to the Authority in accordance with theBuilding Regulations 2010(d) the consideration of building work reverting to the Authority under the Building (Approved Inspectors etc.)Regulations 2010(e) the consideration of a regularisation application submitted to the Authority under regulation 18 of theBuilding Regulations 2010(f) Chargeable advice – payable on demand after the Authority have given notice in writing.PAYMENT OF CHARGESCharges in respect of 1(a) to (d) above are required to be paid by the person by whom or on whose behalf thework is to be carried out; a charge in respect of (1)(e) is required to be paid by the owner of the work orbuilding. In relation to 1(f) the charge is payable by any person requesting advice for which a charge may bemade.The charges for the prescribed function are divided into Plan and Inspection Charges in relation to a Full PlansApplication; Building Notice Charges and Regularisation Charges.Please make payment by cash, debit card, credit card or cheque. Cheques should be made payable toNewcastle City Council.• Full Plans - The plan charge is a deposit fee payable on submission of a Full Plans application to theAuthority.• Inspection Charge – Is the balance payment for the cost of the service, required to be paid on demand,after the first inspection has been carried out, following commencement of the works. The invoice for thischarge will be sent to the owner (applicant on application form), unless requested otherwise.• Building Notice - The charge must be paid when the notice is submitted to the Authority.• Regularisation Charge - This is 150% of the Excl VAT Building Notice charge and must be paid when theapplication is submitted to the Authority.

If the basis on which the charge has been determined changes, the Local Authority may refund or request asupplementary charge. The Authority will provide a written statement setting out the basis and method ofcalculation for the refund/ supplementary charge.SCALE OF CHARGESThis information sheet is for guidance only. All charges specified are derived from the current Scheme ofCharges prepared by the Authority to which reference may be made if clarification is required, as it contains fulldetails of the scheme and the provisions of The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.All fees are subject to VAT at the appropriate rate (except Regularisation charge).There are two methods used by the Authority to establish the Building Regulation Charge:• Standard charge – see table below• Individually Determined Charge – including dwellings with floor areas greater than 300m²; and reversions.If your Building Regulation application requires an individually determined charge – please contact the relevantBuilding Control team: with the location and a full description of the proposed building work.The standard charges have been set by the Authority on the basis that the building work does not consist of,or include, innovative or high risk construction techniques and/or the duration of the building work fromcommencement to completion does not exceed 12 months.The charges have also been set on the basis that the design and building work is undertaken by a person orcompany that is competent to carry out the design and building work referred to in the standard chargestables. If not, the work may incur supplementary charges.Contact Details:Newcastle Building Control ServicesNewcastle City CouncilCivic CentreNewcastle upon TyneNE1 8PBTel: 0191 2116181, 211 6190 or 211 6184Fax: 0191 211 4889Email: building.control@newcastle.gov.ukWeb: www.newcastle.gov.uk/core.nsf/a/buildingcontrol

Number ofRegularisationPlan Charge Inspection Charge Building Notice ChargeDwellingsCharge(1) (2) (3) (4)(5)Excl VAT Incl VAT Excl VAT Incl VAT Excl VAT Incl VAT No VAT1 £178.00 £213.60 £522.00 £626.40 £700.00 £840.00 £1,050.002 £252.00 £302.40 £594.00 £712.80 £846.00 £1,015.20 £1,269.003 £327.00 £392.40 £739.00 £886.80 £1,066.00 £1,279.20 £1,599.004 £401.00 £481.20 £883.00 £1,059.60 £1,284.00 £1,540.80 £1,926.005 £475.00 £570.00 £1,027.00 £1,232.40 £1,502.00 £1,802.40 £2,253.006 £549.00 £658.80 £1,197.00 £1,436.40 £1,746.00 £2,095.20 £2,619.007 £573.00 £687.60 £1,367.00 £1,640.40 £1,940.00 £2,328.00 £2,910.008 £596.00 £715.20 £1,537.00 £1,844.40 £2,133.00 £2,559.60 £3,199.509 £620.00 £744.00 £1,707.00 £2,048.40 £2,327.00 £2,792.40 £3,490.5010 £644.00 £772.80 £1,877.00 £2,252.40 £2,521.00 £3,025.20 £3,781.5011 £650.00 £780.00 £2,047.00 £2,456.40 £2,697.00 £3,236.40 £4,045.5012 £656.00 £787.20 £2,206.00 £2,647.20 £2,862.00 £3,434.40 £4,293.0013 £662.00 £794.40 £2,366.00 £2,839.20 £3,028.00 £3,633.60 £4,542.0014 £668.00 £801.60 £2,526.00 £3,031.20 £3,194.00 £3,832.80 £4,791.0015 £675.00 £810.00 £2,685.00 £3,222.00 £3,360.00 £4,032.00 £5,040.0016 £681.00 £817.20 £2,845.00 £3,414.00 £3,526.00 £4,231.20 £5,289.0017 £687.00 £824.40 £3,005.00 £3,606.00 £3,692.00 £4,430.40 £5,538.0018 £693.00 £831.60 £3,164.00 £3,796.80 £3,857.00 £4,628.40 £5,785.5019 £699.00 £838.80 £3,324.00 £3,988.80 £4,023.00 £4,827.60 £6,034.5020 £706.00 £847.20 £3,483.00 £4,179.60 £4,189.00 £5,026.80 £6,283.50For applications with number of dwellings in excess of 20 – please contact the Building Control teamto discuss the relevant charge.An additional charge becomes payable when electrical work is not carried out by a Part P RegisteredElectrician and is set to recover additional Local Authority costs – currently set at £425.53 + VAT per unit.A Part P Registered Electrician is a qualified electrician who also has the necessary Building Regulationsknowledge to enable his accreditation body to certify his work.

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