2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGForTRIMMERS &BRUSHCUTTERSMaximize your trimming and brushcutting performance with ECHO’s complete line of trimmer heads,brushcutter blades and other accessories. From the easy-loading Speed-Feed ® head to our highperformance steel brush blades, ECHO offers the right accessory for your task. Just like our trimmers,all of our trimmer and brushcutter accessories use commercial-quality components that are built towithstand daily, professional use.SEE FIT CHART ON PAGE 6.Our revolutionary Speed-Feed trimmer heads take the hassle out of refilling your trimmer headand are the easiest tap-to-advance heads to reload. In fact, the Speed-Feed reloads in under 30seconds with just three easy steps, all without taking the head apart.Speed-Feed ® 400 Head ForStraight and Curved ShaftTrimmersThe Speed-Feed 400 includes adapters to be usedon both straight shaft and curved shaft models. Ithas more capacity than the Speed-Feed 375 alongwith a thicker cover for improved wear resistance.It accepts up to 20’ of .095” diameter line with amaximum diameter of .105”.Speed-Feed 400: Part# 99944200907High-CapacitySpeed-Feed ® HeadThe High-Capacity Speed-Feedtrimmer head is identical infeatures as the standard Speed-Feed head except it has a largerline capacity. which holds upto 20’ of .095” line with amaximum diameter of .130”.High-Capacity Speed-Feed:Part# 99944200903Learn moreEasyas1.Line-upArrows2.FeedLine3.TwistTop DiscSpeed-Feed isperfectly balancedfor vibration-freeoperation and comespre-loaded with .095”dia. Cross-Fire® line.www.speedfeedhead.com2-Line Rapid Loader HeadECHO’s Rapid-Loader trimmer head offers theultimate in easy reloading. No more winding ordealing with a rat’s nest of tangled line - simply insert 8”precut sections of line into the eyelets, and you are ready to trim! The Rapid-Loader is perfect for smaller jobs or for trimming large open areas away fromobstacles. The Rapid-Loader is available for all ECHO trimmers (#21560056),as well as many competitive brand trimmers with our Universal-Fit Rapid-Loader (#21560059). For more demanding jobs, the 3-line Rapid-Loader(#99944200221) offers 50% more cutting ability.Single Pkg.: Part# 21560056Bulk Pkg. of 24: Part# 21560056B3-LineRapid Loader HeadThe 3-line Rapid-Loader has three lines of.095” dia. ECHO ® Cross-Fire ® line insteadof two, providing 50% more cutting abilitycompared to the 2-line version.Part# 99944200221Universal-fit 2-line Rapid Loader HeadPart# 21560059ECHOmatic ® & ECHOmatic ® Pro ECHOmatic ®The ECHOmatic ® and ECHOmatic ® Pro are industry standards forcommercial landscapers, with their easy bump-to-advance operation andsimple, durable construction. Our GT ECHOmatic head (#99944200240) offerscommercial durability and performance for our GT curved shaft trimmers, and ourSRM model for straight shaft trimmers (#21560070) holds up to .105” dia. line andoffers proven, reliable performance. For more demanding tasks requiring up to .130”line, choose our ECHOmatic Pro with its partitioned spool and 2-piece construction thatreduces line tangles and saves re-loading time. The ECHOmatic and ECHOmatic Pro holdup to 20’ of .095” dia. Cross-Fire ® line.GT models: Part# 99944200240SRM models: Part# 21560070Bulk Pkg. of 24 for SRM: Part# 21560070BECHOmatic ® Pro SRM models only: Part# 21560031Bulk Pkg. of 8: Part# 21560031BGET SERIOUS, WITH GENUINE ECHO ACCESSORIES5

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGForTRIMMERS & BRUSHCUTTERSTrimmer HeadsHigh Capacity Manual HeadECHO’s manual-feed trimmer head offers atime-tested, traditional design for trimmingrugged terrain while consuming less line thana bump-to-advance head. Its enormous 40’capacity of .095” line (with a max. diameterof .130”) ensures that you will spend moretime trimming and less time reloading.SRM models: Part# 21560065Bulk Pk. of 24: Part# 21560065BHeavy Duty Fixed Line HeadThe optimal choice for the toughestconditions or abrasive terrain, our HeavyDuty Fixed Line Head features an aluminumbody and is our most durable trimmer head.Its simple design accepts up to .155” line ineither a two-line or four-line configuration.Fixed Line Head: Part# 99944200220For SRM-261T/265T/266T/280T: Part# 99944200225Maxi-Cut II and Pro Maxi-Cut IIThese heads feature three replaceable plastic“blades” that do the cutting versus standardtrimmer line. They are most useful for thickergrasses and weeds in open areas where a polymerline may not be thick enough.GT models: Part# 215311SRM models*: Part# 215511Replacement Blades: Part# 215712TRIMMER HEAD FIT CHARTModelFor TrimmersGTECHOmatic ®HeadSRMECHOmatic ®HeadMaxi-Cut IIWeed CutterGT-SeriesProMaxi-Cut IIWeed CutterSRMECHOmatic Pro HeadSRMFixed HeadSRMHeavy Duty FixedHeadSpeed-Feed ®400 HeadHigh-CapacitySpeed-Feed ®HeadHigh-CapacityManual Head2-LineRapid-Loader Head3-LineRapid-Loader HeadGT-225 n n* n sGT-225i n n* n sGT-230 n n* s nSRM-225 n n* n n s nSRM-225i n n* n n s nSRM-230 n n* n n s nSRM-266 n n* n n n s n n nSRM-266S n n* n n n s n n nSRM-266T n n* n n n s n n nSRM-280 n n* n n n s n n nSRM-280S n n* n n n s n n nSRM-280T n n* n n n s n n nFor BrushcuttersSRM-225U n n n n n s n nSRM-266U n n n n n n s n n nSRM-280U n n n n n n s n n nStand. Line Dia./Max Dia. .080”/.105” .095”/.105” - - .095”/.130” .130” .130” .095”/.105” .095”/.130” .095”/.155” .095”/.155” .095”/.155”Part # 99944200240 21560070 215311 215511 21560031 99944200220 99944200225 99944200907 99944200903 21560065 21560056 99944200221Standard s Optional n*Conversion Kit required, see page 7* U-handle kit or barrier bar is required for metal blade use. Blade conversion kit is required for metal blades and tri-cut blade.Application GuideCutting AroundObstacles 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4Small WeedsLarge Weeds4 4444444444444444444444Barrier BarsBarrier bars mount right to theunderside of existing left handlesand offer greater control and are requiredwhen using plastic or metal blades.2-bolt pattern: Part# C4050001704-bolt pattern: Part# 99944200455Edger AttachmentTurn your straight shafttrimmer or brushcutterinto a lawn edger.Part# 999442300016ONLY PROFESSIONAL GRADE 800-432-3246 WWW.ECHO-USA.COM

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGForTRIMMERS & BRUSHCUTTERSShoulder StrapsA shoulder strap is helpful for supporting theweight of a trimmer or brushcutter.SRM models: Part# 99944200200GT models: Part# 99944200201Brushcutter SystemIncludes steel mesh face visor and earmuffs offering excellent face and earprotection while trimming or clearing brush.NRR 24 dB(A)Part# 99988801510Brushcutter HarnessFeaturing 4-points of support (both shouldersand hips), this harness makes handling easier andmore comfortable and can be used on any trimmer orbrushcutter equipped with a harness ring.Part# 99944200202Shin GuardsFeaturing easy-on and easy-off legprotection, these guards have a washable,vinyl outer shell.Part# 103942180Trimmer LineECHO trimmer line is a premium line with outstanding cutting ability and amazing durability. ECHO line features a “weld-guard” which preventsthe line from sticking/melting to itself due to heat built up within the cutting head. Each style of line has its own features and benefits.Cross-Fire ® LineECHO Cross-Fire line’s “plus-sign shape”features eight cutting edges which sheargrasses and weeds rather than tear themresulting in a clean, smooth cut. Diametersrange from .065” to .155” in40’ loop, ½ lb donut, 1 lb donut,3 lb spool, and 5 lb spool configurations.Round LineEconomical ECHO round-shape line isprofessional-grade quality for long-lastingperformance and durability. Diametersrange from .065” to .155” in40’ loop, ½ lb donut, 1 lb donut,3 lb spool, and 5 lb spool configurations.Type Package Size .065” Diam. .080” Diam. .095” Diam. .105” Diam. .130” Diam. .155” Diam.Cross-Fire ®PremiumTrimmerLineProfessional-Grade RoundTrimmerLineRapid-Loader Precut LineHeavy-DutyPrecutFixed Line40 ft Loop1⁄2 lb Donut1 lb Donut3 lb Spool5 lb Spool40 ft Loop1⁄2 lb Donut1 lb Donut3 lb Spool5 lb Spool10 Count, 8” L20 Count, 8” L50 Count, 8” L10 Count, 21” L20 Count, 21” L50 Count, 21” L102152652306065051——————————————102152802306080052311080062314080052316080052102142802305080052310080062313080052315080052102202953102212131102222156———102152952306095053311095063314095053316095053102142952305095053310095063313095053315095053102202952102212952102222952————306105055311105065314105055316105055—305105055310105065313105055315105055102202105102212105102222105—————311130064314130054316130054—305130054310130064313130054315130054102202130102212130102222130—————311155066314155056316155056—————1022021551022121551022221551022231551022241551022251558ONLY PROFESSIONAL GRADE 800-432-3246 WWW.ECHO-USA.COM

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGForEDGERSECHO Edgers feature replaceable blades to maintain a sharp edge between the lawn and sidewalk when theoriginal blades start to wear on the corners.8” Edger BladesFor edging driveways, sidewalks, flowerbeds and other borders. Standard .090”thickness. Fits on all ECHO Edgers.Package of 2:Part# 69601552632Bulk package of 50:Part# 999442010008” Premium Edger BladesTwice as thick (.181”) as the standard blade,premium edger blades are great for edgingdriveways, sidewalks, flower beds and other borders.Fits on all ECHO Edgers.Package of 2:Part# 69601553630Bulk package of 25:Part# 99944205000Crack Chaser WireWheelFor clearing cracks in driveways,paver bricks and other constructedsurfaces. 6.875” diameter, 25mmarbor. Fits on all ECHO Edgers.Part# 99944206000ForBED REDEFINERReplacement BladeUnique, six-fingerreplacement blade– exclusively forthe BRD-280 andPAS Bed RedefinerAttachment.Part# 99944208000ForHEDGE TRIMMERSBlade ProtectorsThese guards protect the blades from contact with buildings, fences or theground. The guard does not interfere with blade performance.HC-152, HC-155 andall SHC models: Part# 99988802000HCA-266: Part# 99988802010For all Single-sided models: Part# 99988802020HC-165 and HC-185: Part# 99988802030ForTILLER/CULTIVATORKickstandECHO’s Engine Tiller/Cultivatorhas a kickstand accessoryavailable for easy storage.ECHO’s Bed Redefiner revolutionized how bed edges are re-defined after a winter’s onslaught.Use these accessories to keep it running just like new or use the Bed Redefiner for other purposes.Trimmer AttachmentTurn your Bed Redefineror PE-266S Edger intoa string trimmer.Part# 99944230000ECHO Hedge Trimmers are designed to work day in and day out and these accessories will helpmake your jobs even easier.Deflector ShieldsThese shields work exclusively with ECHO single-sidedhedge trimmers and sweep away accumulated debris asyou’re working to help facilitate clean-up.Part# 99945100010Edger AttachmentTurn your Bed Redefiner intoa lawn edger.Part# 99944230001See Edgers for replacement blades.Part# 99988800900GET SERIOUS, WITH GENUINE ECHO ACCESSORIES9

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGForSPRAYERSA wide variety of accessories are available, from wands to nozzles, to increase the convenience of your gas-operatedor manual ECHO sprayers.SHR-210 Gas-Operated Sprayer Accessories4-Head Ring Nozzlenon-adjustablePart# 22410110610Pistol GripPart# P050000030Adjustable NozzlePart# E0250004702-Head “T” Nozzlew/ C-35 insert (2 holes)Part# 22420310611w/ D-6 insert (1 hole)Part# 224100140112-head “T” Nozzle w/ C-35insert (1-hole) and metal capPart# 7061703796175’ Extension HosePart# 990901850252-Head “Line-type” Nozzle Part# 22420210611Long, Adjustable Jet Nozzle Part# E025000260Nozzle Pipe Part# E270000030 7-Head “Line-type” Nozzle Part# 22410410611Manually-Operated Sprayer AccessoriesAdjustable PlasticSpray NozzlePart# 99944100320Adjustable BrassSpray NozzlePart# 99944100340Fan Spray NozzlePart# 99944100350CF Valve – 15 PSIPart# 99944100508CF Valve – 21 PSIPart# 99944100509CF Valve – 29 PSIPart# 99944100510Spray GunPart# 99944100330Universal Spray Gun KitPart# 99944100470Spot Spraying Shieldwith NozzlePart# 9994410050316” Brass Wand Part# 9994410031024” Brass Wand Part# 9994410050424” Stainless Steel WandPart# 9994410050540” Polypropylene WandPart# 9994410050640” Stainless Steel WandPart# 999441005072-Nozzle Polypropylene BoomPart# 999441005003-Nozzle Polypropylene BoomPart# 999441005014-Nozzle Polypropylene BoomPart# 9994410050210 ONLY PROFESSIONAL GRADE 800-432-3246 WWW.ECHO-USA.COM

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGForEARTH/ICE AUGERSEarth AugersECHO’s Earth/Ice Augers are built to churn through both dirt and ice. A variety of augerdiameters are available with each one perfectly suited to drill the appropriate sized hole foryour application.2” dia. Augerwith Point (36”L)Part# 999449001503” dia. Augerwith Point (36”L)Part# 999449001604” dia. Augerwith Point (36”L)Part# 999449001706” dia. Augerwith Point and Spring (34”L)Part# 999449001808” dia. Augerwith Point and Spring (34”L)Part# 9994490019010” dia. Augerwith Point and Spring (34”L)Part# 99944900200Dual-Blade Ice AugersReplacement Blades and Points8” ReplacementBladePart# 999449003004” Earth AugerBladePart#999449002306” Earth AugerBladePart#999449002408” Earth AugerBladePart#9994490025010” Earth AugerBladePart#999449002608” dia. Dual-BladeIce Auger (40”L)Part# 9994490028010” dia. Dual-BladeIce Auger (40”L)Part# 9994490029010” ReplacementBladePart# 999449003101”Earth Auger PointPart# 999449003702”Earth Auger PointPart# 99944900270Ice Auger PointPart# 99944900275Extension ShaftsThese extensions add extra length to the auger bit for deeper applications.12” Extension (7/8” dia.)Part# 9994490022018” Extension (7/8” dia.)Part# 99944900210Earth Auger Adapter with SpringConverts 7/8” Dia. to 1” Dia.Part# 99944900335ForENGINE DRILLSAugers & ChucksECHO’s Engine Drills have a variety of bits/augers to make your drilling task smooth and easy.2.5” dia. Bulb andPlant Auger (24”L)Part# 999449000113” dia. Bulb andPlant Auger (24”L)Part# 999449000213” dia. Heavy-dutyAuger (18”L)Part# 999449000617” dia. Gallon PotAuger (12”L)Part# 99944900070Keyless ChuckPart# 99944900320GET SERIOUS, WITH GENUINE ECHO ACCESSORIES11

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGFUELS, OILS AND LUBRICANTSECHO offers a variety of fuel mix oil, bar and chain oil, and gear caselubricant to get the ultimate performance from your unit.PowerBlend® XTended Life is an all synthetic blend fuel mix oil and is certified for use in all aircooled,2-stroke, outdoor power equipment engines. It meets and exceeds ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345/FD requirements and has superior cleaning capabilities while minimizing exhaust port blockage. It alsoprotects against rust, wear, and corrosion and provides low smoke emissions.2.6 fl ozPowerBlend ®XTended Life Oil1 gallon mixPart# 64500015.2 fl ozPowerBlend ®XTended Life Oil2 gallon mixPart# 64500026.4 fl ozPowerBlend ®XTended Life Oil2.5 gallon mixPart# 645002513 fl ozPowerBlend ®XTended Life Oil5 gallon mixPart# 645000516 fl ozPowerBlend ®XTended Life Oil6 gallon mixPart# 64500061 gal.PowerBlend ®XTended Life Oil50 gallon mixPart# 64500505 gal.PowerBlend ®XTended Life Oil250 gallon mixPart# 645025055 gal. DrumPowerBlend ®XTended Life Oil2,750 gallon mixPart# 6452750Oil measuring cup4 fl oz capacityPart# 6450009ECHO PowerFuel Pre-mixed fuel, containing 93 octane gasand premium Red Armor oil, that’s readyto-useright out of the can! It is specificallydeveloped at a 50:1 ratio and is the only premixedfuel that uses ECHO Red Armor oil.ECHO Red Armor Oil begins removingperformance-robbing carbon deposits with thefirst use. Red Armor engine oil incorporatespowerful detergents that quickly removeexisting carbon deposits, without sacrificinglubrication or film strength, and protectsagainst future buildups. It also features a fuel stabilizer that allows keeping fuelin your equipment for two years! This powerful new oil is recommended for use inall air-cooled 2-stroke and 2/4-stroke (hybrid) engines. The oil is JASO FD andISO L-EGD rated.Learn moreredarmoroil.comPowerFuel1 quart canPart# 74500012.6 fl ozRed Armor Oil1 gallon mixPart# 65500016.4 fl ozRed Armor Oil2.5 gallon mixPart# 655002513 fl ozRed Armor Oil5 gallon mixPart# 65500051 gal.Red Armor Oil50 gallon mixPart# 65500505 gal.Red Armor Oil250 gallon mixPart# 6550250Biodegradable Bar& Chain OilEnvironmental choice made froma vegetable oil base with anti-wearadditives and tackifier. Meets OECD301 biodegradability specification.Bar and Chain OilA special blend of lubricants anddetergents that maximizes lubricity,reduces heat caused from bar andchain friction, minimizes resinbuildup and facilitates chip and dustremoval.ECHO XTended Protection LubricantECHO Lubricant is a multi-function, lithium-basedgrease that provides long lasting protection in allECHO gear cases and cables. It is virtually imperviousto water washout and will not combine with water.1 gallonPart# 64580061 quartPart# 64590121 gallonPart# 64590068 oz. TubePart# 9101414 oz. cartridgePart# 91015Grease gun(for 8 oz. tube)Part# 9101612 ONLY PROFESSIONAL GRADE 800-432-3246 WWW.ECHO-USA.COM

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGPERSONAL PROTECTIONSafety GlassesECHO offers a variety of personal protection including safety glasses, gloves, and vests.ECHO Safety Glasses are lightweight and impact resistant. Hard-coated optical-grade, abrasion resistant,polycarbonate lenses offer 99.9% protection from the most intense UV rays. All models meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 performance criteria.Clear GlassesEconomical, clear glasses same asthose included with ECHO units.Fit over most prescription glasses.Part# 102922051Tech GlassesIntegrated nose piece, non-sliprubber template tips, gray tintedlens and frame.Part# 102922451Pro II GlassesMulti-color tinted lens with grayframe.Part# 102922452Traveler GlassesSeamless curved lens for increased sideprotection, nose buds, length-adjustabletemple pieces.Part# 102922453Tiger GlassesCurved suspended gray tint lens,cushioned flexible temple pieceswith five-position ratcheting angleadjustment, nose piece with threepositionwidth adjustment.Part# 102922455Turbine GlassesMatte black plastic frame with graytint lens, non-slip rubber pads ontemple tips, gray tint side lenses.Part# 102922456Jet GlassesMatte black plastic frame withrubber nose piece, removable foampad around the lens, removableelastic head band, mirrored tintedlenses with anti-fog coating.Part# 102922457Aviator GogglesRemovable full-wrap foam pad around lens,foam nose piece, mirrored gold-tint antiglarelens with anti-fog coating, four-positionratcheting angle adjustment, full wrap-aroundadjustable elastic headband, length-adjustabletemple pieces.Part# 102922458Safety ShirtsSafety GlovesAvailable in long sleeve or short sleeve. Meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2010standards.Short Sleeve – Medium: Part #99988801809Short Sleeve – Large: Part #99988801810Short Sleeve – Extra Large: Part #99988801811Short Sleeve – Double Extra Large: Part #99988801812Long Sleeve – Medium: Part #99988801813Long Sleeve – Large: Part #99988801814Long Sleeve – Extra Large: Part #99988801815Long Sleeve – Double Extra Large: Part #99988801816ECHO Safety Gloves provide protection and comfort to your hands while using equipment.Sport/LandscapeGlovesFlexible nylon with form-fittingfingers and Velcro -type wristband for tight fit.Medium: Part# 103942194Large: Part# 103942196XLarge: Part# 103942197Vibration-reducingSport/Landscape GlovesPremium, padded leather palmto reduce vibration, form-fittingfingers and Velcro -type wristband for tight fit.Medium: Part# 103942195Large: Part# 103942198XLarge: Part# 103942199Chain Saw GlovesGloves feature two layers of Kevlar ® onthe back for cut resistance, foam padson the palm for vibration reduction,100% goat skin leather on the frontfor a firm grip, reinforced finger tipsand knuckles for durability and aVelcro wrist closure for a secure fit.Medium: Part# 99988801600Large: Part# 99988801601XLarge: Part# 99988801602XXLarge: Part# 99988801603Heavy-duty Work GlovesHeavy-duty leather palms and fingers.One size fits all.Part# 103942074Earplugs with CaseANSI and OSHA approved.Carrying case keeps earplugsclean and ready to go.Part# 103942210Hearing ProtectionNoise Reduction RatingNRR 29 dB(A). Lightweight,padded earcups andpadded headband.Part# 99988801520Safety VestsHighly visible vestfeatures 5-point tearawaypanels for safety.L: Part# 99988801400XL: Part# 99988801401XXL: Part# 99988801402Shin GuardsFeaturing easy-on and easyoffleg protection, theseguards have a washable,vinyl outer shell.Part# 103942180Equipment BagConvenient carryall foraccessories includes plasticinterior for carrying muddyboots.Part# 103942145GET SERIOUS, WITH GENUINE ECHO ACCESSORIES13

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGKeep your ECHO products running in peak condition season afterseason. Yearly maintenance of wearable parts is made simplewith genuine ECHO RePower Kits.RePower Filter Kits contain an air filter, pre-filter (if necessary),and fuel filter.RePower Tune-up Kits contain an air filter, pre-filter (ifnecessary), fuel filter, and spark plug.ForCHAIN SAWSRePower Filter KitAir filter, Fuel FilterModelSerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilter KitRePowerTune-up KitCS-271T C21112 A226000051 -CS-271T C21211 A226000051 -CS-271T C21313 A226000051 -CS-303T C26111 13031039132 90164BPCS-303T C26012 13031039132 90164BPCS-303T C26013 13031039132 90164BPCS-330T C04212 A226000291 900100CS-330T C07711 A226000291 900100CS-330T C08611 A226000291 900100CS-330T C09613 A226000291 900100CS-330T C14509 A226000291 900100CS-330T C48910 A226000291 900100CCS-360T C04412 A226000291 900100CS-360T C07811 A226000291 900100CS-360T C08711 A226000291 900100CS-360T C09713 A226000291 900100CCS-360T C14609 A226000291 900100CS-360T C49010 A226000291 900100CCS-341 020010 13031039132 90076CS-341 040010 13031039132 90076CCS-341 C04112 13031039132 90076CS-341 C07611 13031039132 90076CS-341 C08511 13031039132 90076CS-341 C09513 13031039132 90076CS-310 C04511 P021016500 90121CS-310 C04612 P021016500 90121CS-310 C04713 P021016500 -CS-352 C19411 A226001420 -CS-352 C19612 A226001420 -CS-352 C19711 A226001420 -CS-352 C19813 A226001420 -RePower Tune-up KitAir filter, Fuel Filter, Spark plugModelSerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilter KitRePowerTune-up KitCS-370 090010 13030039730 90109CS-370 100010 13030039730 90109CCS-370 C06212 13030039730 90109CS-370 C08011 13030039730 90109CS-370 C08911 13030039730 90109CS-370 C09913 13030039730 90109CCS-400 C08111 13030039730 90109CS-400 C09011 13030039730 90109CS-400 C09212 13030039730 90109CS-400 C10013 13030039730 90109CCS-450 C05713 13031038331 -CS-450 C05812 13031038331 -CS-450P C06312 13031038331 -CS-450P C06413 13031038331 -CS-500P C19312 A226001090 -CS-500P C19413 A226001090 -CS-550P C10712 A226001610 -CS-550P C14113 A226001610 -CS-590 C25182 P021016370 90167BPCS-590 C25913 P021016370 90167BPCS-600P C03603 P021016370 90167BPCS-600P C03704 P021016370 90167BPCS-600P C22312 P021016370 90167BPCS-600P C22413 P021016370 90167BPCS-620P C26712 P021016370 90167BPCS-620P C26813 P021016370 90167BPCS-620PW C26912 P021016370 90167BPCS-620PW C27013 P021016370 90167BPCS-680 C03203 A226000070 -CS-680 C03304 A226000070 -CS-8000 C48003 13030330831 -Note: BP kits are not in retail packaging.For More RePower Kits for older models, please visit ONLY PROFESSIONAL GRADE 800-432-3246 WWW.ECHO-USA.COM

2014 ECHO ACCESSORY CATALOGFor TRIMMERSForSerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilterKitRePowerTune-up KitModelGT-225 S09313 90008 90074GT-225 S09812 90008 90074GT-225 S09911 90008 90074GT-225 S53912 90008 90074GT-225i S08612 90008 90074GT-225i S54711 90008 90074GT-225i S54813 90008 90074GT-230 S13205 90008 90074GT-230 S13607 90008 90074GT-230 S85712 90008 90074GT-230 S85811 90008 90074GT-230 S85913 90008 90074SRM-225 S03912 90008 90074SRM-225 S04011 90008 90074SRM-225 S04113 90008 90074SRM-225i S08712 90008 90074SRM-225i S54911 90008 90074SRM-225i S55013 90008 90074SRM-230 S65611 90008 90074SRM-230 S73112 90008 90074SRM-230 S80613 90008 90074SRM-266 T41913 - 90125SRM-266 T42011 - 90125SRM-266 T42112 - 90125SRM-266S T42211 - 90125SRM-266S T42312 - 90125SRM-266S T43313 - 90125SRM-266T T42411 - 90125SRM-266T T42512 - 90125SRM-266T T43413 - 90125SRM-280 S66511 - 90125SRM-280 S74012 - 90125SRM-280 S81513 - 90125SRM-280S S66611 - 90125SRM-280S S74112 - 90125SRM-280S S81613 - 90125SRM-280T S66711 - 90125SRM-280T S74212 - 90125SRM-280T S81713 - 90125For BRUSHCUTTERSSerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilterKitRePowerTune-upKitModelSRM-225U S79012 90008 90074SRM-225U S79111 90008 90074SRM-225U S79213 90008 90074SRM-266U T42611 - 90125SRM-266U T42712 - 90125SRM-266U T43513 - 90125SRM-280U S67511 - 90125SRM-280U S75012 - 90125SRM-280U S82513 - 90125ForForPOWER PRUNERS ®PRO ATTACHMENT SERIES For BLOWERSForSerialNumberPrefixHEDGE TRIMMERSSerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilterKitRePowerFilterKitRePowerTune-up KitModelPPF-225 S63212 90008 90074PPF-225 S63311 90008 90074PPF-225 S63413 90008 90074PPF-280 E09511 - 90125PPF-280 E09612 - 90125PPF-280 S09713 - 90125PPT-266 E04111 - 90125PPT-266 E04212 - 90125PPT-266 E04313 - 90125PPT-266H E04411 - 90125PPT-266H E04512 - 90125PPT-266H E04613 - 90125PPT-266S E04711 - 90125PPT-266S E04812 - 90125PPT-266S E04913 - 90125PPT-280 E08011 - 90125PPT-280 E08612 - 90125PPT-280 E09213 - 90125RePowerTune-up KitModelHC-150 050010 90008 90074HC-150 070010 90008 90074HC-150 080010 90008 90074HC-150 100010 90008 90074HC-150 S69811 90008 90074HC-150 S76112 90008 90074HC-150 S83613 90008 90074HC-155 S68011 90008 90074HC-155 S76212 90008 90074HC-155 S83713 90008 90074HC-165 S69411 90008 90074HC-165 S76611 90008 90074HC-165 S76612 90008 90074HC-165 S84013 90008 90074HC-185 S69511 90008 90074HC-185 S76812 90008 90074HC-185 S84113 90008 90074HC-235 S64811 90008 90074HC-235 S72312 90008 90074HC-235 S84313 90008 90074HC-245 S64911 90008 90074HC-245 S72412 90008 90074HC-245 S85113 90008 90074SHC-225 S85312 90008 90074EDGERS & BED REDEFINERSSHC-225 S85411 90008 90074SPRAYER & WATER PUMP SHRED ‘N’ VAC ®SHC-225 S85513 90008 90074ModelSerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilterKitRePowerTune-upKitSHR-210 S55105 90008 90074WP-1000 W15103 90008 90064SerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilterKitRePowerTune-up KitModelPAS-225 S59511 90008 90074PAS-225 S59612 90008 90074PAS-225 S86813 90008 90074PAS-230 050010 90008 90074PAS-230 060010 90008 90074PAS-230 070010 90008 90074PAS-230 S67711 90008 90074PAS-230 S75212 90008 90074PAS-230 S82713 90008 90074PAS-266 T44211 - 90125PAS-266 T44312 - 90125PAS-266 T44413 - 90125PAS-280 T44551 - 90125PAS-280 T44612 - 90125PAS-280 T44713 - 90125SHC-225S S86012 90008 90074SHC-225S S86111 90008 90074SHC-225S S86213 90008 90074SHC-266 T43911 - 90125SHC-266 T44012 - 90125SHC-266 T44113 - 90125HCA-266 T43011 - 90125HCA-266 T43112 - 90125HCA-266 T43213 - 90125ForForSerialNumberPrefixSerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilterKitRePowerFilterKitRePowerTune-upKitModelPE-225 S78611 90008 90074PE-225 S78712 90008 90074PE-225 S78813 90008 90074PE-230 050010 90008 90074PE-230 060010 90008 90074PE-230 070010 90008 90074PE-230 S68311 90008 90074PE-230 S75612 90008 90074PE-230 S83113 90008 90074PE-266 T41813 - 90125PE-266 T42811 - 90125PE-266 T42912 - 90125PE-266S T43611 - 90125PE-266S T43712 - 90125PE-266S T43813 - 90125PE-280 S63012 - 90125PE-280 S63111 - 90125PE-280 S83413 - 90125BRD-280 S70711 - 90125BRD-280 S70812 - 90125BRD-280 S70913 - 90125RePowerTune-upKitModelPB-250 P05412 - 90074PB-250 P30911 - 90074PB-250 P31013 - 90074PB-250 P33112 - 90074PB-250 P33211 - 90074PB-250 P33313 - 90074PB-255 P06213 - 90107PB-255 P07711 - 90107PB-255 P09112 - 90107PB-265L 090010 - 90107PB-265L P06313 - 90107PB-265L P07811 - 90107PB-265L P09312 - 90107PB-460LN 030010 - 90071PB-460LN 040010 - 90071PB-460LN 090010 - 90071PB-460LN 100010 - 90071PB-460LN P06613 - 90071PB-460LN P08211 - 90071PB-460LN P08212 - 90071PB-460LN P09712 - 90071PB-500H P01913 - 90070PB-500H P02112 - 90070PB-500H P02311 - 90070PB-500H P31312 - 90070PB-500H P31513 - 90070PB-500T P01813 - 90070PB-500T P02011 - 90070PB-500T P02212 - 90070PB-500T P31212 - 90070PB-500T P31413 - 90070PB-755SH P04311 - 90070PB-755SH P04412 - 90070PB-755SH P04513 - 90070PB-755ST P04011 - 90070PB-755ST P04112 - 90070PB-755ST P04213 - 90070PB-760LNH P39511 90124 90150PB-760LNH P37812 90124 90150PB-760LNH P39313 90124 90150PB-760LNT P39611 90124 90150PB-760LNT P37912 90124 90150PB-760LNT P39413 90124 90150PB-770H P02912 90124 90122PB-770H P05211 90124 90122PB-770H P30612 90124 90122PB-770H P30613 90124 90122PB-770T P03012 90124 90122PB-770T P05311 90124 90122PB-770T P30713 90124 90122SerialNumberPrefixRePowerFilterKitRePowerTune-up KitModelES-250 P33612 - 90074ES-250 P33711 - 90074ES-250 P33813 - 90074ES-255 P00811 - 90107ES-255 P07213 - 90107ES-255 P18812 - 90107GET SERIOUS, WITH GENUINE ECHO ACCESSORIES15

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