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0116 286 9900 sales@hardinge.co.uk www.hardinge.co.uk

ManufacturingBest PracticeHardingeOpen House9, 10 & 11 June 2009...because second best isn’t an option!

Manufacturing Best Practice:More than your conventional Open HousePrecision manufacturers looking to maintain theircompetitive edge have good reason to pencilHardinge’s ‘Manufacturing Best Practice’Open House in their diaries.Unlike some Open Houses which promise much,but deliver little - our Open House, taking place atour Leicester facility on 9, 10 & 11 June 2009,really does have something for everyone.New technologyThere’s new products on show for a start. Some of these, like the BridgeportGX 250 5AX (5-axis machine), and the Hardinge Super Precision QuestCHNC 42 (turning centre), will be making their UK debuts at the event! Most,if not all of the 13 different milling, turning and grinding machines on show, willbe under power, machining high-precision, complex mould tools and aerospace,medical and motorsport parts.And if you like the look of anything you see, you’ll be able to discuss yourrequirements with our sales staff, and access Hardinge’s Flexible Financeoptions and solutions right there and then at the Show.If new workholding technology and equipment is more your thing, then our newdirect-drive 4- and 5-axis rotary tables and an equally new range ofHardinge ‘quick-change’ collets will, quite literally, get you going.ACTION!To find out more about the live machine tool demonstrationsat the Open House - look out for the ‘Action’ symbol in thepages that follow.Open House • Whetstone, Leicester • 9, 10 & 11 June 2009.

Technology seminarsIf you’re not in the market for investing in new machine tool technology atthis moment in time, you’ll find our ‘Manufacturing Best Practice’ SeminarProgramme right up your street. Delivered by leading industry experts, theseSeminars are a must for every precision manufacturer looking to improve theirproductivity, performance and profitability.Whilst the Open House has been organised and is being run by Hardinge, we’vealso invited a number of ‘technical partner’ companies along to exhibit anddemonstrate their latest products so you can get wider appreciation of thelatest developments in tooling and cutting tool technology, control systems,measurement and inspection, workholding and CAD/CAM systems.And finally, because you deserve it, we’re running a number of extra-specialpromotions during the Open House, that will make your visit to our facilityeven more rewarding and worthwhile.There’s more information about everything that’s happening at the Open Housein this invitation and on our website www.hardinge.co.uk - but the best way, ifnot the only way, to see tomorrow’s technology in action today - is to attendthe Open House in person.Technical Partnercompanies attendingthe Open HouseSecoDavid Richards ToolingHeidenhainFanucSiemensDelcamIndieCAMRenishawFaroMicroLocWe’ll see you there!John McTernanEuropean Sales, Marketing and Service Director.Hardinge Machine Tools Ltd.Late night opening on Wednesday 10 June 2009.

Manufacturing Best Practice Open House:Why should I attend?Look, we know your time is precious so the last thing we want (or aregoing) to do is to waste any of it by promoting something that doesn’t hitthe mark.To find out whether this Open House ticks all the right boxes for you,take a look at the questions below.If you answer ‘yes’ to any of them - we’re confident that ourManufacturing Best Practice Open House will more than meet yourexpectations.Q1. Are you a manufacturer producing high-precision,complex components?Q2. Do you operate (in part or exclusively) in any ofthese manufacturing sectors and their supply chains:- Aerospace?- Defence?- Medical?- Motorsport (including F1)?- Mould tool and die?- Power generation?- Oil and Gas?Open House • Whetstone, Leicester • 9, 10 & 11 June 2009.

Q3. Does your company use/invest in CNC machine tools:- milling machines (including 5-axis machines)?- lathes?- multi-tasking turning centres?- grinding centres?Q4. Do you machine any of the following materials:- Aluminium?- Titanium?- Composites?- Inconel?- Heat-Resistant Super-Alloys?- Stainless Steels?- Tool steels?- Brass?- Ceramics?- Other ‘hard’ or difficult-to-machine materials?Q5. Are you looking to:- increase your manufacturing productivity?- reduce your operational overheads and costs?- improve part quality (accuracy, surface finish etc.)?- automate your manufacturing processes?- expand your production capabilities?- win manufacturing contracts in new or different sectors?Q6. Are you free on the 9th, 10th or 11th of June 2009?Late night opening on Wednesday 10 June 2009.

Manufacturing Best Practice:Milling Technology ZoneEuropean launch of theNEW! NEW Bridgeport GX 250 5-AXThe latest addition to our range of ‘one-hit’ ultra-productive5-axis machines has arrived.The GX 250 5-AX is a compact (smallfootprint), versatile, high-performance machining centre equipped withHeidenhain iTNC 530 control, 14kW 15,000rpm (20,000rpm option)spindle, fast rapids of 30m/min and 30-position ATC.X-axis 300mm;Y-axis 400mm; Z-axis 430mm;A-axis +30/-120°; C-axis 360°; Swing Ø 250mmACTION!More 5-axis!In addition to the new GX 250 5-AX, there are more 5-axis millingmachines being exhibited at the Open House. Check these out!Bridgeport XR 600 5-AX: our largest andmost powerful 5- axis machineSee the XR 600 5-AX in action machining a complexaerospace part (wing section).X-axis 855mm;Y-axis 800mm; Z-axis 500mm;A-axis +30/-120°; C-axis 360°: Swing Ø 600mmACTION!Bridgeport XR 300 5-AXSee the XR 300 5-AX in action machining a high-precisionmedical component.X-axis 410mm;Y-axis 610mm; Z-axis 500mm;A-axis +30/-120°; C-axis 360°; Swing Ø 300mmACTION!See anything you like? Ask us about our Flexible Finance

Our latest 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling machines are being exhibited at theOpen House. Here’s what we have in store for you.UK launch of the GX 1600NEW! The GX 1600 is our largest capacity machining centreand features an impressive 18.5kW 10,000rpm spindleand 30-position ATC. See it in action machining a complex mouldtool for a helicopter propeller.X-axis 1600mm;Y-axis 700mm; Z-axis 635mmACTION!More 3-axis milling!In addition to the new GX 1600, there are more 3-axis millingmachines being exhibited at the show.Bridgeport XR 1000Our powerful and big capacity XR 1000 machining centre,equipped with fast rapid rates (43m/min); a 21kW 12,000rpmspindle and 30-position ATC will be demonstrating its fastmaterial removal capabilities at the Show.ACTION!X-axis 1020mm;Y-axis 610mm; Z-axis 610mmBridgeport GX 600See the GX 600 3-axis machine in action a complexmulti-featured aluminium component.X-axis 600mm;Y-axis 540mm; Z-axis 540mmACTION!options...

Manufacturing Best Practice:Turning Technology ZoneGlobal launch of theNEW! Hardinge Super Precision Quest CHNC 42The Super Precision Quest CHNC 42 lathe deliversexceptional performance and high accuracy for precisionmanufacturers who won’t settle for second best.The machine has alarge tooling capacity (octagonal multi-tool top-plate) for increasedproductivity and manufacturing flexibility.Bar working diameter: 42mm; X-axis 114mm; Z-axis 311mmACTION!More lathes!In addition to the new Quest CHNC 42 there are more lathesbeing exhibited at the Open House - check these out!Hardinge GS 200MSYCost-effective turning technology is doesn’t get much better than this.See the GS 200 MSY with its sub-spindle and Y-axis capabilitydemonstrating its high accuracy, volumetric removal capability atthe Show.Bar working diameter: 51mm; Chuck size: 200mm; X-axis 217mm; Z-axis 600mm;Y-axis ±50.8mmACTION!See anything you like? Ask us about our Flexible Finance

The very latest and most advanced lathes and turning centres fromHardinge will be exhibited at the Open House. Check these out!Hardinge Super Precision RS 42 SPWith one tenth of a micron resolution, this Super Precision CNCcollet-ready lathe is the ultimate in delivering ‘grinding’ results toyour hard turning applications. See it in action at the OpenHouse.Bar working diameter: 42mm; chuck size 150mm; X-axis 189mm; Z-axis 638mmACTION!Hardinge RS 51 MSYOur multi-tasking, collet-ready RS 51MSY turning centre isequipped with Live Tooling,Y-axis, sub-spindle and full C-axiscapability on both spindles. See it in action machining autosportcomponents (wheel hub) at the Show.Bar working diameter: 51mm; chuck size 200mm; X-axis 189mm; Z-axis 638mm;Y-axis +50.8/-34.9mmACTION!Hardinge GT 27 SSee the GT 27 S (sub-spindle) machining brass components anddemonstrating its Super Precision capabilities.Bar working diameter: 27mm; X-axis 304mm; Z-axis 281mmACTION!options...

Manufacturing Best Practice:Grinding Technology ZoneHardinge has a rich pedigree in grinding technology (jig, universal,cylindrical, ID/OD etc.), and our grinding machines (Kellenberger,Hauser,Tripet,Tschudin and Bridgeport) are always in high demand.FGC 2The highly-successful FGC 2 (Flexible Grinding Centre) will be exhibitedat the Open House where it will be shown undertaking 5-axiscreep-feed grinding operations as well as highlighting the machine’sin-process automatic grinding wheel-change capability.ACTION!Productivity gains from using the FGC 2• Reduce machining operations by as much as 75%• Reduce total machining times by up to 50%• Reduce lead times by up to 60%• Reduce setup times by 90%• Reduce inventory by as much as 60%• Improve accuracy through single setup operation• Reduce total cost of blade grinding operations by 50% or more• Reduce number of machines required by 80%• Reduce cost per part by as much as 75%See anything you like? Ask us about our Flexible Finance

Manufacturing Best Practice:Rotary Table Technology ZoneEuropean launch: DD3 (Direct-drive)NEW! 5-AX rotary trunnion tableThe DD3-5AX dual-axis rotary, tilting trunnion tableprovides manufacturers with high productivity, exceptionalperformance and guaranteed process reliability.The direct-drivetable is fast and powerful, provides zero backlash and delivers+/- 3 arc-second accuracy and +/- 2 arc-second repeatability.Direct-drive 4-axis unitsHardinge’s DD 100/200 and 300 Direct-drive 4th-axisindexers help manufacturers increase their flexibility andproductivity...fast.All units have been designed to deliver rapid (bi-directional) indexingcapability (4,500 degrees-per-second), and are ideal fordrill and tap, high-speed machining and laser processing operations.ACTION!Rotary technology appliedTo demonstrate the flexibility and productivity potential of ourdirect-drive rotary torque tables - see a XR 760 verticalmachining centre, equipped with 18.5kW 12,000rpm spindle(40 taper), fast rapids (43m/min); 30-position ATC and a newDD300 Direct-drive 4th-axis Rotary Table Indexer - machiningcomplex helical forms and features.ACTION!options...

Manufacturing Best Practice:Workholding Technology ZoneReliable, cost-competitive and versatile - Hardinge’s range of highperformance,high-productivity workholding solutions is second to none.Check-out the impressive range of workholding equipment andsystems at the Open House, and in particular look out for these newproducts.FlexC Collet SystemsNEW! Fast, accurate and easy to use, the FlexC family of collets,Step Chucks and Collet Chucks deliver 0.010mmconcentricity, and have a +/-0.5mm gripping range, and quickchangeover time (20 seconds).ACTION!Force-Limiting Step ChucksDesigned for machining (turning) thin-walled parts, Hardinge’s Force-LimitingStep Chucks prevent ID/OD concentricity problems caused by excessive anddamaging gripping forces.Hardinge workholding solutionsIn addition to the above, you can see the full range of Hardingeworkholding solutions at the Open House:• Sure-Grip Expanding Collets• Swiss-style Collets, Bushings and Bar Loader Collets• HQC Quick-Change Collets & Collet Adaptation Chucks• Sure-Grip 3-Jaw Power Chucks and Jaws• CNC Tooling and Collet Blocks• Range of compact high-precision vicesOpen House • Whetstone, Leicester • 9, 10 & 11 June 2009.

Manufacturing Best Practice:Special ‘In-House’ promotionsThere’s lots to see and do at the Open House, but that’s not all. Checkoutthese special promotions, available only, to Open House attendees.Ready to take-away!Special deals are available on all display machines purchased during the Open House.Ask for details.Free Tooling - Prize DrawHere’s a couple of promotions to get you going.a) Win £500 worth of tooling - free - in our Free Tooling Prize Draw!b) Get a £1000 tooling voucher, and redeem it when you purchase anew Hardinge machine tool before the end of 2009!Take a break...on us!Confirm your attendance at our Open House by registering on-line(www.hardinge.co.uk) and you could win one of the followingspecial prizes:• SuperBike weekend-away (for two)OR• Three-day pass to the 2009 British Grand PrixOR• UK City Break weekend-away special (for two)* All prize draws will take place at 3pm on Thursday 11 June 2009 at the Open House.Prize Draw winners will be notified by email and will be posted on Hardinge’s websitewww.hardinge.co.ukPrize draws are subject to terms and conditions - for full details contactHardinge Machine Tools Ltd.Late night opening on Wednesday 10 June 2009.

Manufacturing Best Practice:‘Technical Partner’ companiesTo make the ‘Manufacturing Best Practice’ Open House ascomprehensive and as relevant as possible to visitors, we’ve invited anumber of our Technical Partners to the Show.So if you want to find out more about the latest developments inCAD/CAM, Control systems, measurement and inspection, cutting toolsand tooling technology, and workholding equipment - these’s no betterplace to be than at the ‘Manufacturing Best Practice’ Open House.Here’s a list of technical partners attending our Event:Cutting toolsToolingDavidRichardsToolingControl SystemsCAD/CAMMeasurement and inspectionWorkholdingOpen House • Whetstone, Leicester • 9, 10 & 11 June 2009.

Manufacturing Best Practice:Seminar programmeAs well as seeing new products and new technologies being putthrough their paces at the ‘Manufacturing Best Practice’ Open House,we’ve organised a series of incisive and highly-topical seminars,delivered by leading industry experts, that will run and be repeatedover the three days. (To avoid disappointment, book your seminarplace(s) now as spaces are limited).Below is a list of the seminars that we’re running everyday(9, 10 & 11 June 2009), and the table at the bottom of this pageidentifies when each of these seminars will be taking place.Seminar ASeminar BSeminar CSeminar DSeminar ESeminar FSeminar GSeminar HSeminar ISeminar JSuper precision and hard metal machiningCost reductions and accuracy improvements when machininggas turbine components on a Flexible Grinding CentreCutting tools for the Aerospace sectorAerospace component machining using CAMCAD/CAM in ToolmakingMedical components and CAD/CAMTurn/mill applications on FeatureCAMOn-machine workpiece inspection and process optimisationSC21 implications for Aerospace supplyEmerging medical products manufacturingOpen House Seminar Programme: 9, 10 & 11 June 2009Time10.00am11.30am2.00pm3.00pmTuesday 9 JuneFocus:Tool makingAGEHWednesday 10 JuneFocus: AerospaceBCDIThursday 11 JuneFocus: MedicalAFJLate night opening on Wednesday 10 June 2009.

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