AUCTION2007 TAMGLASS PLATE GLASS TEMPERING LINEGLASS PRODUCTIONEQUIPMENT2007 TAMGLASS Complete PlateGlass Tempering Line, including GEDMWASH 4060 stainless steel 60" wide x12' glass washer, Tamglass WO-06tempering oven with quenching station,rocker cooling station, PLC controls.2006 GED Intercept TemperedInsulated Glass Panel Spacer ChannelMaking Machine, including twinpneumatic powered aluminum reelpayoff stands, laser sensor indexinghead, 2-head pneumatic notchingpunchingstation, 10-stand roll former,Video Jet XL high resolution inkjetencoder, desiccant and butyl mixingand pumping stations with heaters andPLC controls, dual head “Smart Series”sealant extruder, all associatedconnecting conveyors, frame conveyorto washer and curing oven (4 moreavailable, 1998–2006 model years).(2) 2006 GED MCUT14072 AutomaticGlass Cutter, 6-station auto glassloader, 78" x 126" vacuum scoring tablewith bridge style scorer, manualbreakout table, CNC controls.(4) GED M901-1550 Automatic GlassCutter, manual glass loader, 78" x 126"vacuum scoring table with bridge stylescorer, manual breakout table, WincutII 3X CNC controls.BILLCO 100-050 96" Glass Washers,2-stage with PLC controls automaticinfeed and outfeed conveyors.GED Series 3500 MHM 03500416RCuring Oven-Roll Press, IR heating,ceramic rollers, automatic thicknessadjustment, infeed and outfeed speedadjusted conveyors, PLC controls.GED INTERCEPT LINE (WIDE VIEW)For complete catalog and more information visit or call 1.800.300.6852

VINYL WELDING& BENDING EQUIPMENTSYN-TEC OMEGA 2000 Vinyl Arch Bending Table, with Omega6000 IR heat tunnel, assorted tooling and jigs.(4) URBAN AKS-1400 EL CNC Vertical 4-Point Welder.(5) SAMPSON SW-7000 CNC 4-Point Welders, Allen-BradleyVersa-View 1500 controls.(3) SAMPSON SW-6000 CNC 4-Point Welders, Nematron controls.(3) URBAN AKS-4030 4-Head 3-Point Welders, 12 Kw, 84" table.(11) SAMPSON SW-2000 2-Point Welders.(4) SAMPSON SW-1000 Single-Point Welder.CORNER CLEANERS(10) SAMPSON CM-1000 1-Point Corner Cleaner.(2) SAMPSON CM 2000 2-Point Corner Cleaner.(7) SAMPSON PC4000 4-Point Corner Cleaner, with Compumotor4000 controls.(3) SAMPSON CM4000.URBAN SV-280 Corner Cleaner, with PLC controls.SAWSJOSEPH MACHINE CO. Dual-Head Pneumatic CNC MiterCut-Off Saw, 17' infeed.JOSEPH MACHINE CO. Pneumatic Up-Acting Cut-Off Saw.(3) JOSEPH MACHINE CO. SFMC – Custom 8–16-HeadPneumatic-Hydraulic Vinyl Extrusion Saws, withprogrammable CNC controls, top-mounted hydraulic air tanks.(6) JOSEPH MACHINE CO. CGM-2000 CNC ProgrammableAluminum Extrusion Grid Cutting-Notching Saws.(3) PISTORIUS Dual-Head Cut-Off Saws.(3) PISTORIUS SC-12P 12" Cut-Off Saws.(2) SAMPSON MN-14 14" Chop Saw.(4) SAMPSON M-2 Chop Saw.(3) WEGOMA DMS-16 Twin-Head 16" Cut-Off Saw.(12) SAMPSON SCA-12 12" Chop Saw,R-C programmable pusher fence.(2) SAMPSON UC16-S Pneumatic Up-Cut 16" Miter Saw(3) SAMPSON MN-12 12" Dual-Head Miter Saw with DRO(11) SAMPSON MN-14 14" Dual-HeadMiter Saw, with R-C programmable fence.Hundreds of Pneumatic End MillFinishers, Punches, Grinders, Drills,and Related Vinyl and AluminumExtrusion Finishing Equipment.(4) 2006–2007 COLORTRONIC 40 HPPlastic Granulators, with grinder motor, 5HP blower, cyclone recovery hopper, and2-bag dust collector.LIVEONLINE BIDDINGAVAILABLE!URBAN AKS-1400 EL CNC 4-POINT VERTICAL WELDERSAMPSON CNC 4-POINT VINYL WELDERSAMPSON SINGLE CORNER CLEANERSAMPSON 2-POINT CNC CORNER CLEANERJOSEPH DUAL HEAD MITER SAWWITH PROGRAMMABLE FENCE – COMPUTER CONTROLS2007 COLORTRONIC 40 HP GRANULATOR,WITH DUST COLLECTORRECLAIMER-HOPPERSYN-TECH OMEGA VINYL BENDING TABLE WITH HEATTUNNEL AND TOOLINGDo you want to hold an auctionbut don’t have enough equipment?Please visit crgauction.comor call 1.800.300.6852for more information on holding an online only auction.For complete catalog and more information visit or call 1.800.300.6852

(4) VALUABLE REAL ESTATE PACKAGES AVAILABLE!1620 Wilco RoadStayton, Oregon 97383MANUFACTURING/DISTRIBUTION FACILITY• 170,000± Sq. Ft. on 15± Acres• 5,000± Sq. Ft. OfficeBROKER INFORMATION: Preston C. Greene, CB Richard Ellis503.221.4887150 Westside DriveAsheville, North Carolina 28806MANUFACTURING/WAREHOUSE FACILITY• 142,450± Sq. Ft. on 19± Acres• Office: 5,850± Sq. Ft.BROKER INFORMATION: Tom Evans, CB Richard Ellis, 704.331.1213Robin Boylan, NAI BH Commercial, 828.258.6377524 Phillips Industries DriveChester, South Carolina 29706INDUSTRIAL FACILITY• 108,600± Sq. Ft. on 12± Acres• 2,300± Sq. Ft. OfficeBROKER INFORMATION: Tom Evans, CB Richard Ellis704.331.12131501 Patman DriveClarksville, Texas 75426INDUSTRIAL FACILITY• 122,000± Sq. Ft. on 12± Acres• (2) Adjoined Buildings• 2-Story Office Area, 4,000± Sq. Ft. Per FloorBROKER INFORMATION: Renee Harvey, Century 21 Harvey Properties, 903.785.8484

auctioneersa p pra i s ersa d v i s o r s16 5 4 King S treetEnf i eld, CT 0 6 0 82Plants ClosedAUCTIONLIVEONLINE BIDDINGAVAILABLE!PresortedFirst Class MailU.S. PostagePAIDEugene, OregonPermit No. 17COMPLETE LIQUIDATIONOF (5) LOCATIONS(4) Major Vinyl Window& Sliding Door Mfg. Plants(1) Ultra-Modern Tempered& Insulated Glass Panel Plantcrgauction.comPlants ClosedCOMPLETELIQUIDATIONOF (5)LOCATIONSTERMS OF SALETo be sold in accordance with CRGTerms of Sale as published on ourwebsite and in the auction catalog.A buyer’s premium will apply.crgauction.com1.800.300.6852QS-0003374BID ONLINE ATAmerican Societyof AppraisersAUCTION(4) Major Vinyl Window & Sliding Door Manufacturing Plants(1) Ultra-Modern Tempered & Insulated Glass Panel PlantHIGHLIGHTS:n 2007 Automatic GlassTempering Linen GED Intercept ® ChannelSpacer Making Linesn PLC Controlled IG Washers& Curing Dryer-Pressesn CNC Glass Cutting Linesn CNC Vinyl Welders& Corner Cleanersn Double & Single MiterCut-Off Sawsn Air Float Tables& Glass Handling Equipmentn Complete Machine Shopsn Forklifts, Bridge Cranes,Material Handling Equipmentn Wrapping, Labeling,& Shipping Equipmentn Test & Measurement Equipmentn Spare Parts & Storesn Warehouse Racking & Fixturesn Office Furniture, Fixtures,Computers, Copiers, Fax MachinesSAMPLE VIEW OF GLASS INVENTORYSAMPLE VIEW OF ALUMINUM INVENTORY

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