View Ford Catalog - Adrian Steel

View Ford Catalog - Adrian Steel

PLAN YOUR WORK READY VANTIME IS MONEY! GET ON THE ROAD WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET BACK TO BUSINESS.Adrian Steel has all the storage products you will need, and the distributor network to professionally install your interior andgraphics to get you serving your customers faster. Below is a guide to help you set up your work van with the equipment youneed to get the job done. Build your own interior with our modular products, or start with a Work Ready Van Package (pages29-40) and modify it to your specific needs. Then, utilizing the Commercial Curb Appeal design tool, create a custom vangraphic to complete your work van upfit.ZONE 6GRAPHICSZONE 1ZONE 5 ROOFZONE 4ZONE 2 ZONE 3ADDITIONAL STORAGE• Determine the space needed for specialty equipment.• Add accessories to shelving and partition• Hooks, drawers, files, screens, and more.• See available accessories on pages 18-21.• I need:ZONE 1 PARTITION• Choose partition style: solid or perforated. Do you want ahinged door? See page 6.• Choose the standard or 3” setback wing kit and add accessories.• I need:ZONES 2, 3, 4 CURBSIDE & STREETSIDE• Use layout diagrams to determine the amount of space available.• Choose from a variety of shelving units and modules that willbest organize the tools and equipment you need to carry.• Or, choose a Work Ready Upfit, complete with a trade specific,pre-designed interior and custom graphics package.• I need:ZONE 5 ROOF• What do you need to carry?• Choose from LoadsRite, Grip-Lock, Utility and Cargo racks.• Add rack accessories including step ladder kits, ratchet straps,conduit carriers and more.• I need:ZONE 6 VEHICLE GRAPHICS• Stand out in the crowd!• Vehicle graphics are the most cost effectiveform of advertising!• Go to andstart designing!FORD LONG WHEELBASE VAN1996-ON12”36”103”12” 24”63”55”15”40”Note: Dimensions for reference only. Measure your van or contact your distributor for your exact needs.INDEX3 Plan Your Work Ready Van4-5 Commercial Curb Appeal6-8 Partitions & Accessories9-13 Shelving14-17 Storage Modules18 Storage & Data FilesFORD EXTENDED LONG WHEELBASE VAN1996-ON32”36”123”12” 24”83”55”15”19 Floor Drawers20-21 Van Accessories22-28 Roof Racks & Accessories29-42 Work Ready Upfits43-44 Liner Kits45-47 Index40”Need some help?Contact your localdistributor! Theycan provide awealth of informationaboututilizing the cargospace in your workvan. Find your localdistributor online illustrations, photos and specificationsin this publication arebased on the latest product informationavailable at the time ofcontent approval.The right is reserved to makechanges at any time, withoutnotice, in materials, specificationsand models, and also to discontinuemodels.800.677.27263

MOBILIZE YOUR BRAND WITH ADRIAN STEEL’S VEHICLE GRAPHICS PROGRAM.Adrian Steel and Signature Graphics have partnered to be able to provide you with a complete, work ready van. Go on-lineto create the look you want, then have your graphics and interior package installed all at the same time at your local AdrianSteel distributor. This saves time and gets your new van in service and working for you quicker.NEW VAN,NEW LOOKThe key to commercial graphics is settingyourself apart from the competition.Effective use of color, direct messaging andsimple brand identification turn your vehicleinto a viable advertising tool.WHEN CONSIDERING YOURDESIGN, START WITH THEBASICS:Name and logoPhone number and websiteServices you offerYour essential messagePictures of your product4BRANDINGMore than just your logo, your brandis the total package presented atevery point of public contact.Brands can provide customers with instantand powerful recognition of your business andthe services or products that you offer. Whenyou take your brand to the streets, you make animpression on every person you pass.Completely redesign or just upgrade your imageas part of your brand strategy to help grow yourbusiness. When it comes to graphics, sometimesless can mean more. While full wraps are anattractive option that we offer, a budgetconscious small business owner can have asignificant impact on their image without coveringthe entire vehicle.www.adriansteel.comIT’S EASY!Step 1User logs in and selects vehicleyear, make, model, and options.The site is preloaded with mostcommercial vans and pickups.Step 2A blank vehicle will appearon the screen and you areready to begin designing. The design tool allows users to personalize aprofessionally designed template, or create a new design from scratch.Step 3Once you have finished your new vehicle design you can instantly pricethe production and installation by clicking the estimate button. Print yourquote to share with your local dealer at the time of your vehicle purchaseand include the cost in your financing. Within 7-10 days, yourvehicle will be ready to roll!Start Now at!

TO WRAP ORNOT TO WRAP?Take a look at these examples designed and priced$1800Simple design on the side.Logo on hood or rear door.VINYL produces your graphicson commercial grade vinyls that are the benchmarkof the fleet industry. Fit, finish, durability and removabilityare all critical when considering your investmentso they look as good on day 1 as day 1000.DIRECTV, Best Buy, TRANE, Geek Squad and Penskeare all produced with the exact same films. Restassured that the 3/36 warranty throught your AdrianSteel Distributor includes the graphics.$2200$4000More complex design on the side.Logo on hood and/or rear door.A full wrap with a complex designcovering all possible areas.Installation is made simple through your dealer orAdrian Steel distributor.NEED MOREREASONSWHY? allows you to personalizeyour vehicle and be sure it positivelyrepresents your business.By adding graphics to the upfitting process yourvehicle will be in service faster, saving you timeand money.Graphics through CCA can often be added toyour financing package, amortizing your newlook over the life of your vehicle.Graphics will help increase yourvehicle visibility and build brandawareness in the community.Comparatively, vehiclegraphics are more affordablethan most other advertisingoptions.BEING NOTICED ISEVERYTHING!www.commercialcurbappeal.com800.677.27265

PARTITION ACCESSORIESADRIAN ACCESSORIES FULLY UTILIZE YOUR PARTITION SPACE.CAB SIDECARGO SIDETwo 6” HingesPDK1PDK1Slam LatchFull LengthBulb SealCB2PA7PA8PA10CB2 Two Book File has a hinged retaining strap. Mounts to floor orother horizontal surface. Overall size: 6” W, 14” H, 9 3/4” D.PA7 Triangle Reflector Kit comes with a metal pocket holder, I.C.C.approved.PA10 Practice Holder is a partition-mounted holder for forms, manualsor work related papers. Overall size: 12” W, 7” H, 5” D.PA8 1-A: 10-BC Fire Extinguisher is a rechargeable, 2-1/2 lb.dry chemical extinguisher. Stops Class A, B and C fires. Completewith charge gauge and mounting bracket.PDK1 Door Kit converts M-Series fixed center panel into hinged doorwith keyed slam latch. Includes two 6” hinges, bulb seal and a slamlatch. These features reduce vibration noise.Plexiglas Partition Cover Panels (not shown)PA5-1 fits S panel.PA5-2 fits M panel.PA5-3 fits X1 Ford van partition. Includes two panels for center upperand curb wing.PA5-6 fits C2 Ford van panels and wing kit panel only.TA1PA11TA1 Hook Bar maximizes verticalstorage space. 2” x 12” barmounts to partition or other verticalsurfaces. Four weldedhooks with 2” hanger opening.File Management for ImportantDocumentsPA11 Cab File Box mounts to partitionor other vertical surface.Overall size: 14” W, 10-1/2” H, 3-1/2” D.3” moreleg roomWING EXTENSIONKITSExtend the amountof cab space by anadditional 3 incheswith Adrian Steel’sextended partitionwing kits. Econolinepartitions only.TH30TH30 Refrigerant Tank Holder 30lb–holds tank to partition orother vertical surface.TH50 Refrigerant Tank Holder 50lb.–holds tank to partition orother vertical surface.PA9PA9 First Aid Box Tray securesfirst aid box to partition or othervertical surface.Overall size: 11” W, 4-1/2” H, 3-1/8” D800.677.27267

TRANSIT CONNECT PARTITIONSTRANSIT CONNECT PARTITIONS ARE DESIGNED TO BE STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT.Four styles are available for your particular business needs. Perfect for mounting accessories and safety equipmentfor easy ChoiceP2TCS Steel Partition• Features all steel panels to safeguard the cab area against movingor shifting cargo.• Recessed design allows for maximum adjustability of frontseats.• Perforated window provides full visibility of your cargo area andrear windows.• Steel header and full perimeter wings provide optimal security.• Partition weight: 55 lbs.Note: WKTC wing kit required and sold separately.The P2TCS is the best choicefor noise reduction and climatecontrol.Wing Kits are required for the P2TCS and P2TCW Partitions.Wing Kits are available in the standard setback (WKTC) andnow with a longer setback of an additional 3 inches (WKTC3.)The WKTC3 reduces the cargo area by 3”.P2TCW Wire Mesh Partition• Provides maximum visibility whilesafeguarding your van cab area againstmoving, shifting cargo.• Recessed design allows for maximumadjustability of front seats.• Steel header and full perimeter wingsprovide optimal security and preventsaccess to the cargo doors from the cabarea orviceversa.•Partitionweight:40 lbs.P2TCFW Full Wire Mesh Partition• Provides maximum visibility whilesafeguarding your van cab area againstmoving, shifting cargo.• Recessed design allows for maximumadjustability of your driver andpassenger seats.• Lightweight and economical, withoutsacrificing safety and security.• Partitionweight:19 lbs.Note: WKTC wing kit requiredand sold separately.TWO-POSITION PARTITION FOR TRANSIT CONNECT WAGONS OFFERS EVEN MORE OPTIONS.This perforated partition can be used behind the rear Transit Connect seats, or can be slid forward with the seatsfolded up, gaining 20” of additional cargo space.See thisproduct inaction!P22PTC Two-Position Partition• Features strong steel construction and is the mostflexible partition available.• Designed to work with the fold up rear seats of theTransit Connect.• When additional cargo room is needed, the P22PTC’sflexibility makes moving to the forward position easy.• To move the partition forward, move the rear seats intothe folded position. Then, simply loosen the two handknobs at either side of the partition, and with help fromthe heavy duty ball bearing slides, easily slide the partitionforward into position and retighten the hand knobs.• The wire mesh top allows for maximum

WELDED SHELVINGADRIAN’S 44 SERIES OF WELDED SHELVING IS SOLID, STRONG AND FUNCTIONAL.Features and Benefits• All shelves welded to end panels –greater weight capacity and reducescargo noise.• Contoured end panels provide a flushfit to van wall and maximizes aisle space.• Welded back panel for containmentand reinforcement.• Shelving can be installed in any positionwithin the van.• All shelving is finished with Steel Cote TM– a powder coat, diamond-hard finishthat resists scratching and chipping betterthan standard paint finishes.• Now three sizes available – 32”, 42”and 50” wide models.46”7”12 1/4”12 1/4”4432 measures 32”W x 46”H x 14”D4442 measures 42”W x 46”H x 14”D4450 measures 50”W x 46”H x 14”D14”13”Available in32”, 42”& 50”lengthsACCESSORIES FOR WELDED SHELVINGUpgrade the 44 Series with Dividers, DC Drawer Units, Lock & Latch drawer units,Door Kits and our popular #28 Blue Bins!Plug & Play units – add accessories in minutes!#18 HEAVY DUTY UTILITY SHELF UNIT• Constructed from heavier gauge steel.• Welded dividers maximize carrying capacity.• Divided top tray is 3” deep for increased rigidity.• Measures 26” W x 22”H x 12”DSF11236DCDRAWER COMPONENT SHELVES• Create customized shelving modules withdrawer component shelves.• Built to bolt onto the DC6 and DC12, theseshelves can provide additional storage space.• The shelves are available in 18”, 24” and36” wide configurations.• Feature a 1” shelf lip.AccessoriesModelDescriptionDV44U1 Top shelf bolt-in divider (single)DV44U4 Top shelf bolt-in divider kit (4 pack)DV44U Top shelf bolt-in divider kit (8 pack)DV44L1 Lower shelf bolt-in divider (single)DV44L4 Lower shelf bolt-in divider (4 pack)DK532 Door kit for 44 series shelving, 4432DK544 Door kit for 44 series shelving, 4442DK550 Door kit for 44 series shelving, 445028 Plastic blue binSF11224DCSF11218DCModel Description Shelf SizeSF11218DC 18” wide DC Shelf 12”D x 18”WSF11224DC 24” wide DC Shelf 12”D x 24”WSF11236DC 36” wide DC Shelf 12”D x 36”W800.677.27269

ADJUSTABLE SHELVINGCONFIGURE SHELF SPACING TO YOUR SPECIFIC CARGO MANAGEMENT NEEDS. Adrian Steel AdjustableShelving is available in narrow, 10” units up through extra long, 60” units and are designed to best utilize thespace within your van. Set shelf space to fit your particular needs. Shelf lips keep items from rolling off shelf whilein transit. Locking Door Kits convert a shelf into an enclosed, locking cabinet.Contoured top and bottomsteel end panels maximizeaisle space.4” lipShelves adjustableon 1” centers.ExclusiveJD SERIES JUMBO DEEP SHELVINGAvailable in 18” and 24” depths. Shelf gussets and floor rail provide extrastrength.• 18” deep units contain one14” and two 18” deep shelves.• 24” deep units have squaredend panels and two shelves.See chart.Model Overall Size Open Shelf SpaceJD42FP 42”W x 46”H x 18”D 14.58 sq ftJD52FP 52”W x 46”H x 18”D 18.56 sq ftJD48FP 48”W x 48”H x 24”D 20.21 sq ftJD60FP 60”W x 48”H x 24”D 20 sq ft4” liptop ChoiceHD SERIES HEAVY DUTY SHELVINGFeatures shelf gussets andfull floor-rail that provide extra strength, and contouredend panels thatmaximize aisle space.• Contains 12” deep toptray with 2” lip and two 14”deep shelves with 4” lip.Model Overall Size Door Door Kit Open ShelfW H D Position Model SpaceHD-32FP 32” x 46” x 14” Shelf DK532*Floor DK532A 8.89 sq ftHD-42FP 42” x 46” x 14” Shelf DK542*Floor DK544 11.67 sq ftHD-52FP 52” x 46” x 14” Shelf DK552*Floor DK552A 14.44 sq ft* Back panel included with door kittop ChoiceKD SHELVINGKD shelf racks feature shelves that are fully adjustableon 1” centers. #3 and #33 feature solid end and backpanels and four adjustable shelves. The #33W and33WB have welded, contoured end panels and containtwo welded shelves and three adjustable shelves. The33WB includes four removable plastic bins with dividers.Model Overall Size Shelf Lip Open Shelf Space3 18”W x 46”H x 12”D 2” 6 sq ft33 12”W x 46”H x 12”D 1” 4 sq ft33W 10”W x 46”H x 14”D 1” 4.71 sq ft33WB 10”W x 46”H x 14”D 1” N/A30 SERIES SHELVING30 Series shelving contains one 12” and two 14”deep shelves. Contoured end panels provide flush fitto van side. Four shelf gussets and full floor-rail foradded strength. Shelves are adjustable on 1” centersand have 2” lip for containment. See chart.Model Overall Size Position Door Kit Open Shelf Space30-32 32”W x 36”H x 14”D Shelf DK532Floor DK532A 8.89 sq ft30-42 42”W x 36”H x 14”D Shelf DK542Floor DK544 11.67 sq ft30-52 52”W x 36”H x 14”D Shelf DK552Floor DK552A 14.44 sq ftContoured top and bottom steel endpanels maximize aisle space.10OPEN END ADJUSTABLE KD SHELVINGOpen End Adjustable KD Shelving includes threeshelves adjustable on 1” centers. The top tray has a2” containment lip, other shelves have 1” lip. OpenEnd shelving can be assembled in “A” (pictured left)or “B” style for mounting over wheelwells. It has abracketed set back forth corner for improved wheelwellfit.www.adriansteel.comModel Overall Size Door Door Kit Open ShelfPosition Model SpaceMD520 18”W x 36”H x 12”D N/A N/A 4.50 sq ftMD521 24”W x 36”H x 12”D N/A N/A 6 sq ftMD521B 24”W x 36”H x 12”D N/A N/A 6 sq ftMD522 30”W x 36”H x 12”D Shelf DK530Floor DK530A 7.50 sq ftMD522B 30”W x 36”H x 12”D Shelf DK530Floor DK530A 7.50 sq ftMD523 36”W x 36”H x 12”D Shelf DK536Floor DK536A 9 sq ftMD523B 36”W x 36”H x 12”D Shelf DK536Floor DK536A 9 sq ftMD524 42”W x 36”H x 12”D Shelf DK546Floor DK546A 10.50 sq ftMD524B 42”W x 36”H x 12”D Shelf DK546Floor DK546A 10.50 sq ftShelves adjustable on1” centers.

ADJUSTABLE SHELVINGSHELVESFLOOR RAILS112423630SF11242SF1123624 SF1123012 SF11224SF11212FR1817-3/423-3/4FR1211-3/4 51-3/4FR5241-3/4FR241184236 SF11842SF11836FR3029-3/431-3/4FR4235-3/4TOP TRAYSFR32FR3626010619VERTICAL MEMBERS18221212183A184B364A3230 SF2123224 SF21230SF21224VM181814VM242412VM3030VM36364246482125242 SF2125236 SF21242SF21236VM1412VM12VM42VM46VM482145242 SF2145232 SF21442SF21432FLOOR ANGLES61214118FA6FA122FA14FA18HD SHELVESEND PANELS41236SF4123614 12111441432SF4143242SF4144252SF41452464612A2236EP143612DV1214DV14EP1446EP1246Note: All measurements are in inches.800.677.272611

ADSERIES ADJUSTABLE SHELVINGEXCLUSIVELY FROM ADRIAN STEEL: A SHELVING PLATFORM THAT ALLOWS YOU TO PUT SHELVES WHEREYOU WANT THEM, NOT WHERE WE THINK YOU NEED THEM!ADseries is the next generation of cargo management solutions, engineered to optimize your work van storage andaccessibility. Featuring truly ADjustable shelves, an ADaptable rail system, heavy-duty shelves and an ADvancedstamped steel end panel designed to accommodate the diverse range of cargo you need to get the job done.ADseries is ADrian made and backed by our industry-leading 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.ExclusiveFor the Way You Work!ADVANCED DESIGNStamped steel end panels and shelves, ADseriescomponents are strong, durable and ready to workhard. 6” knock out provides a 48” floor space toaccommodate 4’x 8’ sheet goods (up to 22 sheets of1/4” drywall or a combination of thicknesses).Contoured end panels maximize aisle space by providing36” in Ford full size vans between the panelsfrom the top to bottom.SEE THEADSERIES INACTION!

ADSERIES ADJUSTABLE SHELVINGADJUSTABLE SHELVESTools, equipment and cargo come in all shapes andsizes and until now, there hasn’t been a shelving unitthat is truly adjustable. The ADseries is the first of it’skind where, with only a screwdriver, you can simplyremove the front shelf bolts and move the shelf whereyou need it. Shelves can be adjusted in one inchincrements and provide the most flexible shelvingsolution available.Welded Shelf StudPlug and Play ShelvesTruly Adjustable Shelves All you need is a phillips screwdriver!Simply remove two bolts from the speed nutclips that come with the shelf, tilt the shelf upwards,move the shelf to your desired location, insert the rearshelf studs, reattach the bolts and you’re done!Rear Shelf Studs uniquedesign lock shelves inplace!Speed Nut ClipADAPTABLE INTERIOREveryone likes to set their work van up their own way.The new ADseries shelving lets you position theshelving where you need it. Exclusive to the ADseries,the unique rail system enables you to reposition theshelving in the van, increasing the available space fortrade specific equipment. All of this is done withoutremoving bolts, plugging holes and redrilling the van!ADD ACCESSORIESBusinesses change over time and your van interiorshould be able to change with your needs. Plug andPlay shelves have prepunched holes that allow addingstorage solutions easily! ADseries dividers simply snapin place, drawer units simply bolt in and door kits canbe added to lock your more valuable parts andequipment. Many Adrian Steel accessories can beadded to the ADseries shelving with the rail adapterkits and end panel brackets.ADseries Shelf Units and Rail KitsModel Size DescriptionAD32FP 32”W x 46”H x 14”D fits Ford FSVAD44FP 44”W x 46”H x 14”D fits Ford FSVAD50FP 50”W x 46”H x 14”D fits Ford FSVAD32TC 32”W x 46”H x 14”D fits Transit ConnectAD26TCNB 26”W x 46”H x 14”D fits Transit ConnectRKFSVFDRKFSVXLFDRKTCRK67TCRail System Ford LWBRail System Ford XLWBRail System Transit ConnectRail System Transit ConnectADseries AccessoriesModelSize/DescriptionDV14C1 Divider for ADseries/SingleDV14C8 Divider for ADseries/8 PackDK3008 8” High Door Kit/AD32FPDK3010 10” High Door Kit/AD32FPDK4208 8” High Door Kit/AD44FPDK4210 10” High Door Kit/AD44FPDK4808 8” High Door Kit/AD50FPDK4810 10” High Door Kit/AD50FPBRK14EPS End Panel Bracket To Add on AccessoriesRKA1Rail Kit Adapter/See list at rightRKA3Rail Kit Adapter3/See list at rightRKA4Rail Kit Adapter4/See list at rightRKABRK1 Rail Kit Adapter/End Panel Bracket/See listRKABRK2 Rail Kit Adapter/17ARKAWTR Rail Kit Adapter/Welded Tank RacksRKA919 Rail Kit Adapter/#9, #19, #919 Drawer Units35325-G 32” Long Shelf35327-G 44” Long Shelf35328-G 50” Long ShelfRKA1 – Rail Adapter Kit1Use with: CB2, CB3, CB4(uses 2)RKA3 – Rail Adapter Kit3Use with: #1, #12, #2, #8,DC Units, 17A, CRH2, TA19, TA5RKA4 – Rail Adapter Kit4Use with: CL1446D/R, #40,KDRH2, KD Shelving Units, #33,#3, #33W, JD ShelvingBRK14EPS – ADseries end panelaccessory attachment bracket.Use with: 17A, CB5, 43, TA19,TA20, WRH5, UH10/25/50, PA9,PA8, ACT3/4, PA11, AGSCH2,PA7, TH30, TH50, TA5RKABRK1 – Used with TA19, TA20,TA5Note: Rails are not included with the shelf units. Rail kits must be ordered separatelyNote: Shelves have the following weight rating:Shelves positioned with the shelf lips facing up have a rating of 100lbs per shelf evenly distributed.Shelves positioned with the shelf lips facing down have a rating of 200lbs per shelf evenly distributed.800.677.272613

CABINET MODULESSPECIFIC JOBS DEMAND SPECIFIC STORAGE SOLUTIONS.Cabinet and Drawer Modules provide secure storage for large and small tools and parts. The modular designallows you to get what you need now and the ability to add more when you need it. Whatever the job demands,Adrian has the storage solutions to transport your gear safely and securely.TA19TA20Vented gas storagesolutionsTank Cabinets• Provide vented storage for Propane, Mapp gas or CO2 tanks.• Cabinets feature a full door gasket with two snap latches for positive door closure.• Interior cabinet cradle and retaining straps (foam yokes for TA19) secure tanksand prevent movement.• Floor vent and tubing are included for exhausting fumes.• Propane cabinets store 20, 30 or 40 lb. tanks.• Mapp Gas Cabinets store6 1/2” diameter tanks.• CO2 Tank Cabinets store20 lb. cylinders.Model Description Cabinet SizeTA18 Propane Cabinet 14-3/4”W x 36”H x 13”DTA19 C02 Tank Cabinet 13”W x 32”H x 12-1/2”DTA20 Mapp Gas Cabinet 14”W x 26”H x 8”D1Folding T handles don’tstick out into aisles.121AShelf Cabinets• Available in 12” and 18” front to rear lengths• Can be used free standing or stacked with our lockable drawer units.• Feature locking recessed tee-handles for secure storage and receive a durablegray powder coat finish.• Cabinets feature an open side and can be combined for side-by-side use holdingitems up to 35” long.• Optional end panel can be added to close off side when required.• Include an adjustable shelfthat can be removed• Cabinets provide a solid surfaceto stack modular drawers,cabinets and bins.Model Description Cabinet Size1 Shelf Cabinet 18”W x 22”H x 18”L12 Shelf Cabinet Open Side 18”W x 22”H x 12”L1A Optional Shelf No. 112A Optional End Panel No.1240Wheel Well Cabinets• Wheel well cover cabinets are designed with an open back and bottom.• Serves as an enclosure for rear wheel wells.• Provides a solid surface to stack modular drawers, cabinets and bins.• Cabinets come with locking recessed tee-handles for secure storage.• Finished with a durable graypowder coat finish.Model Description Cabinet Size40 Wheel Well Cover Cabinet 42”W x 12-1/2”H x 14”LExclusiveCabinet Lockers• Full-door Lockers feature a 46” high storage space with 3 removable shelves.• Short-door Lockers feature a 33” high storage area and with 2 removableshelves.• Locker doors are reversible for flexibility and feature locked recessed T-handlesfor security.• Cabinet Lockers taper from 14” to 12” from front to back in depth at top and bottomto maximize aisle space.Model Description Cabinet SizeCL1446R Cabinet Locker Full Door 18”W x 46”H x 14”DCL1446D Cabinet Locker Short Door 18”W x 46”H x 14”

Exclusivetop ChoiceDRAWER MODULES9NEW GLIDES!LATCHEDLATCHED19919OPENOPEN2-1/2” deep drawers come with ABS divided and removable traysperfect for small parts.Drawer Units –Lock ‘n Latch System• Our exclusive Lock ‘n Latch system provides a choice of drawers open, drawersretained or drawers locked position.• Drawers are made of an engineered composite material for durability with ALLNEW heavy-duty drawer glides for support and smoother drawer operation.• The new drawer glides significantly increase the ease of use when opening andclosing the drawer units. They all but eliminate the rattle noise of the drawerswhen the driving the vehicle.• Drawers and glides can be repositioned within cabinet for increased flexibility.• Divide 5” deep drawers into compartments using optional metal “egg crate”dividers.DC6Exclusivetop Choice6” 12”DC12Model Description Drawer Size (Qty.)19 2 Drawer Medium 16”W x 5”D x 11-1/2”L (2)919 3 Drawer Combo 16”W x 2-1/2”D x 11-1/2”L (2)16”W x 5”D x 11-1/2”L (1)9 4 Drawer Shallow 16”W x 2-1/2”D x 11-1/2”L (4)27 Divider Kit Nos. 19 or 919 Drawer (1)13-3/4”W x 2-3/4”H x 11-3/4”LSteel outer cabinet measures 18”W x 12”H x 12”L.Drawer Components• Organize small parts with our flexible and rugged composite Drawer Components.• Drawer retention stops prevent drawers from opening while the vehicle is in transit.• The interlocking feature allows up to 2 units stacked vertically or multiple unitshorizontally.• Made of a hi-impact polymer for a quiet operation.• Each drawer comes with2 dividers and 7 dividerslots.• Choose from AdrianSteel’s pre-configureddrawer systems or createyour own drawer systemfrom the base models.Latched &LockedLatched &UnlockedDrawersUnlatchedDrawersOpenModel Description Overall SizeDC6 Base 3 drawer narrow model 6”W x 12”H x 12”DDC12 Base 3 drawer wide model 12”W x 12”H x 12”DDS06212V Drawer System (2) DC12’s 12”W x 24”H x 12”DDS36012H Drawer System (3) DC6’s 18”W x 12”H x 12”DDS46012 Drawer System (4) DC6’s 12”W x 24”H x 12”DInterlocking feature allows up to 2 units stacked verticallyor multiple units horizontally.5lb. weight capacity per drawer.#2 Cabinet Size18”W x 24”H x 18”L#8 Cabinet Size18”W x 18”H x 12”L225826Drawer Units – Locking Hinge and Hasp• Drawers are welded and have reinforced drawer slides for strength.• Can be locked with apadlock (not included) forsecurity.• Divide drawers withoptional metal “egg crate”dividers.Model Description Drawer Size (Qty.)8 3 Drawer Medium 16”W x 5”D x 11-1/2”L (3)2 4 Drawer Medium 16”W x 5”D x 17-1/2”(4)25 Divider Kit No. 2 Drawer (1)15-1/2”W x 2-3/4”H x 17-1/2”L26 Divider Kit No. 8 Drawer (1)15-1/2”W x 2-3/4”H 11-1/2”LSPT-4top ChoiceTote Trays and Cases• Take small parts and tools right to the job site with removable tote trays and cases.• Totes measure 18-1/2”W x 3”D x 12-1/2”L and are available in both steel tray andpoly case designs.• Steel tote trays feature fold-down carry handles and four large storage compartmentswith adjustable dividers.• Poly tote cases offer a see-through lid with latches to prevent spilling,, four largecompartments and twelve adjustable dividers.• Trays and cases store in a 19-3/4”W x 20-1/8”H x 13-3/8”L modular rack that canbe stacked or floor mounted.SPT-4PPortable traysSPT-4SModel Description Tote Style (Qty.)SPT-4 Combo Totes and Rack Steel Trays (2) Poly Cases (2)SPT-4P Poly Totes and Rack Poly Cases (4)SPT-4S Steel Totes and Rack Steel Trays (4)SPT-S Additional Steel TraySPT-P Additional Poly Tote800.677.272615

52” AND 42” FULL SIZE VAN MODULESSIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE BY ORGANIZING YOUR WORK VAN WITH STORAGE MODULES FROM ADRIAN STEEL.Available in 52”, 42”, and 36” lengths, these modules are useful combinations of shelving, drawers, cabinets andbins. It doesn’t matter what tools and equipment you need to transport to and from the job, Adrian has storagemodules to store and organize a variety of things. Regain control of that cargo and spend less time and stress lookingfor the parts or tools you ChoiceMD534 Drawer Rack BinModule combines theconvenience of drawersand cabinets withremovable plastic bins.Includes Nos. 9, 12(2),19, 33WB, 40, 43.Measures 52”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.MD535 Drawer CabinetModule provides easy-toscan storage with openshelf rack and book file.Includes Nos. 9, 18, 19,33WB, 40, 43.Measures 52”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.MD537 Cabinet ShelfModule offers dividedshelving and lockablestorage for tools andparts. Includes Nos.DK552, DV 14(4), 24292Measures 52”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.MD506 Drawer CabinetModule combines theconvenience of drawersand cabinets. IncludesNos. 9, 12(2), 19,40, 43.Measures 42”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.MD507 Drawer RackModule features shelvingin addition to drawers.Includes Nos. 9, 18, 19,40, 43.Measures 42”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.MD508 Workbench Modulehas masonite work topwith mix of small andmedium drawers.Includes Nos. 9, 19, 40,54.Measures 42”W, 26”H, 14/18”D.MD509 Workbench Modulehas 31” tall work surface,medium drawersand book file storage.Includes Nos. 8(2), 40,54, CB2.Measures 42”W, 31”H, 14/18”D.MD530 Drawer ShelfModule combines theconvenience of drawersand divided shelving.Includes Nos. 9, 19,DV14 (4), 29263.Measures 42”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.MD531 Cabinet Moduleprovides a lockable compartmentfor security anddivided shelf storage.Includes Nos. DK542,DV14 (4), 29263.Measures 42”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.MD532 Cabinet ShelfModule combines smalland medium drawerswith divided shelving andremovable bins. IncludesNos. 33WB, 919,DV14(4), 29682.Measures 42”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.Vehicle fit: Full-size van52” and 42” StorageModules are designedto fit over wheelwellsand areas indicated onInterior Layout Guides.Note: When planning yourlayout, consideration should begiven to options such as auxiliaryfuel tank inlets, rear cargoheater and air conditioninglocations.How to order: Specifymodule number. Includemake model and year ofvan when ordering.MD533 Drawer ShelfModule features dividedshelving, lockable compartmentand rack withremovable bins. IncludesNos. DK532, DV14(4),33WB, 29682.Measures 42”W, 46-1/2”H, 14”D.Ergonomic keymachine baseShown with optional17A Catalog File.Workbench Modulefeatures 84” of work topsurface. Module includesKMB36 Key MachineBase, two No. 54Workbenches, two No. 9Four Drawer Shallow,two No. 19 Two DrawerMedium, No. 40 Baseand No. 14 Stool. Seepackage 2255.Model DescriptionMD608 Work Bench Module84”W, 28”H, 18”

36” & 42” FULL SIZE MODULESMD501 Quad CabinetModule has large,individually locking cabinets.Includes Nos. 1(2),4A, 12(2).Measures 36”W, 46”H, 12”/18”D.MD502 Horizontal RackDrawer/ Cabinet Modulehas welded shelf dividersalong top, 1 locking cabinetand 4 medium drawers.Includes Nos. 1, 2,18, VM12 (2), FA18 (2).Measures 36”W, 46”H, 12”/18”D.MD503 Vertical RackDrawer Module has onelocking cabinet, fourshelves, and six drawers–two medium, four shallow.Includes Nos. 3, 9,12, 19.Measures 36”W, 46”H, 12”D.MD504 Rack Moduleprovides upright, dividedshelving space. IncludesNos. 18(2), 4A.Measures 36”W, 46”H, 12”D.MD505 Two Cabinet DrawerModule haslocking cabinets andeight medium drawers.Includes Nos. 2(2), 12(2).Measures 36”W, 46”H, 12”/18”D.MD526 KD Storage Unitincludes 18 pigeon holecompartments, a No. 3618-Drawer unit and threejumbo drawers.Measures 36”W, 46”H, 12”D.MD510 KD Storage Moduleincludes the No. 36 18-Drawer unit and threejumbo drawersmeasuring 11”W, 4-1/2”H, 11”D.Measures 36”W, 36”H, 12”D.MD511 Drawer CabinetModule has one lockingcabinet, six drawers - twomedium, four shallow.Includes Nos. 4B, 9, 12,19, 99.Measures 36”W, 37”H, 12”D.MD512 Rack Module providesupright dividedshelving space, shelf onbottom. Includes Nos.18, 99.Measures 36”W, 36”H, 12”D.MD513 Cabinet Modulehas two large cabinets.Key locking doors.Includes Nos. 12(2), 99.Measures 36”W, 36”H, 12”D.MD525 42” WorkbenchModule has masonitetabletop and six drawers– two medium, four shallow.Includes Nos. 9, 19,54, 98.Measures 42”W, 28”H, 14”/18”D.98 Workbench Frame(not pictured) is used tohold components of yourchoice.Measures 42”W, 24”H, 12”D.MD527 42” Shelf CabinetModule has one large,locking cabinet, shelfspace above. IncludesNos. MD524, DK546.Measures 42”W, 36”H, 12”D.MD517 KD Storage Modulefeatures No. 36 18-Drawer Unit. Includes 12pigeon-hole compartmentsrather than threejumbo drawers.Compartments measure6”W, 5”H, 12”D.Overall 36”W, 36”H, 12”D.99 Wheelhouse Framesupports the componentsof your choice(drawer units, cabinets,etc.) over the wheelhouseof the van.Measures 36”W, 36”H, 12”D.Adrian Steel Distributors canhelp you design the cargomanagement solution you need.Give them a call today.Full Size Van Vehicle fit:Full-size van 36” StorageModules are designed tofit in the forward leftsection of the van. Theycan also be placedinboard of the street andcurbside wheelwells if“flush fronts” or full centeraisle space is notrequired.Note: When planning yourlayout, consideration should begiven to options such asauxiliary fuel tank inlets, rearcargo heater and airconditioning locations.How to order: Specifymodule number. Includemake model and year ofvan when ordering.800.677.272617

STORAGE & DRIVER DATA FILESKEEP WORK ORDERS AND INVOICES ORGANIZED AND SECURE WITH ADRIAN’S DATA AND STORAGE ChoiceDriver Data Files• Designed to mount between the front seats.• Rugged steel construction with a hinged worktopand key locking paddle handle.• Convenient lid mounted clip holds papers inplace on the writing surface.• Includes built-in rails for hanging standard andlegal size file folders.• Data Files mount securely to the vehicle floor,and can be removed for service.CH1 Optional Cup HolderFits DDF12 and DDF7DDF12 Driver Data File12” W, 18” H, 22” DFits Full-Size VansDDF7 Driver Data File7” W, 18” H, 22” DFits All Full-Size, and Mini VansAluminum Lock Box• Stores valuable tools and paperwork.• Gas shock safely opens andcloses the large lid.• The large lock will accommodatea padlock or hockeypuck style lock (not included.)• Designed to mount on thevan floor facing out the side orrear doors.• Aluminum construction withpowder coat black paint.LKB1 Aluminum Lock Box20” W, 14.5” H, 25” Dtop Choicetop Choice12 3 4 5 6 7 8181: CB5 Five Slot Literature Holder Mount on partition or other vertical surface.2-1/2” deep pockets. Overall size: 12”W, 24”H, 2-1/2”D.2: CB7 Seven Slot Literature Holder Mount on partition or other vertical surface.6-3/4” deep pockets. Overall size: 14-3/4”W, 28-7/8”H, 7”D.3: 17A Six Shelf Catalog File Designed for catalogs but also serves to store avariety of materials between the 3” shelf spacings. Overall size: 11”W, 24”H,12”D.4: 43 Three Shelf Catalog File Fits in narrow spaces. It has three tiltedshelves. Perfect for binders and catalogs. Overall size: 6” W, 34” H, 12” D.www.adriansteel.com5: BH4 Four Slot Binder Holder Designed to mount on partition or almost anyvertical surface. Excellent for binders. Each pocket is 2 1/2” deep.Overall size: 12-3/4” W, 19-1/2” H, 2-1/2” D.6: CB2 Two Book File Mounts on the floor between front seats and partition.Holds folders 12”H x 10-1/2”D. Overall size: 6”W, 14”H, 12”D.7: CB3 Three Book File Mounts on cabinet tops or on the floor. Multiple unitscan be flush-mounted. Holds folders 12”H x 10-1/2”D.Overall size: 10-3/4”W, 14”H, 12”D.8: CB4 Utility Storage Box Stores a variety of printed material. Also suitablefor keeping tools, safety glasses, gloves and other items. Hinged lid.Overall size: 12”W, 12”H, 14”D.

SAJ-30RemovabledividersAnti-slam latchPush button lockFLOOR DRAWERSADRIAN’S STOW-ALL IS THE FINEST FLOOR STORAGE UNIT YOU CAN BUY.Heavy dutygrab handle• 14 Gauge steel outer cabinets are constructed with top channelcross support members for strength and rigidity.• Drawers are constructed with doublesidewalls to prevent bowing and to accommodateitems up to 48” in length.Anti-slam latch• The anti-slam latch stops drawers fromcompletely closing withoutpositive latch activation.• Heavy-duty grab handle and push buttonlock allows for comfortable, one-handeddrawer operation.• Durable powder coat finish will provide years of rugged service.• Easy glide drawers with full width recessed conveyor roller atfront and hardened steel roller bearings at rear.• Install at rear or side doors, and units can be stacked.SA-10 SA-20 SA-40Stow-All Deep SeriesModel Description Cabinet Size Drawer Size Traction Kit Divider (Qty.)SA-10 Single Wide Deep 10”W x 12”H x 51-1/2”D 9-5/8”W x 8-1/2”H x 48-1/2”D TK10 DV9(5)SA-20 Double Wide Deep 20”W x 12”H x 51-1/2”D 19-5/8”W x 8-1/2”H x 48-1/2”D TK20 DV19(5)SA-40 Full Wide Deep 40”W x 12”H x 51-1/2”D 9-5/8”W x 8-1/2”H x 48-1/2”D (2) TK40 DV9(10)19-5/8”W x 8-1/2”H x 48-1/2”DDV19(5)SAJ-10 SAJ-20 SAJ-30 SAJ-40Stow-All Shallow Series Stow-All quality in a lower profileModel Description Cabinet Size Drawer Size Traction Kit Divider (Qty.)SAJ-10 Single Wide Shallow 10”W x 8-1/2”H x 51-1/2”D 9-5/8”W x 5-1/4”H x 48-1/2”D TK10 DVJ9(5)SAJ-20 Double Wide Shallow 20”W x 8-1/2”H x 51-1/2”D 19-5/8”W x 5-1/4”H x 48-1/2”D TK20 DVJ19(5)SAJ-30 Triple Wide Shallow 30”W x 8-1/2”H x 51-1/2”D 9-5/8”W x 5-1/4”H x 48-1/2”D TK30 DVJ9(5)19-5/8”W x 5-1/4”H x 48-1/2”DDVJ19(5)SAJ-40 Full Wide Shallow 40”W x 8-1/2”H x 51-1/2”D 9-5/8”W x 5-1/4”H x 48-1/2”D (2) TK40 DVJ9(10)Traction Kits areavailable to provide apositive friction surfacefor better footing.Traction Kits are 4” wide,self-adhesive strips.Additional Dividers areavailable and are soldindividually.ALUMINUM FLOOR DRAWERS ARE LOADED WITH FEATURES!• Adrian Steel exclusive Anti-Slam latchkeeps drawer from closing without positivelatch activation. The only aluminum drawerin the industry with this feature!• An automotive grade lock keeps expensivecargo secure and the adjustabledivider helps keep contents segmented.36”• The integral latch keep the drawer openwhen you are on an incline and closedwhen your done!• Heavy duty grab handles and ball bearingslides allow the drawer to open andclose with ease.• Can be stacked to utilize large cubicstorage areas.• 24" deep units have a weight capacity of350 lbs. and the 36" deep have a 325 lb.weight capacity.18”Exclusive12”AFD181236weight 52lbs.24”24”12”AFD241224weight 46lbs.12”24”36”AFD241236weight 60lbs.800.677.272619

VAN ACCESSORIESADRIAN’S BLUE BIN SYSTEM IS PERFECT FOR VISUAL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT.• 6" and 12" bins maximize the ADseries shelf space.• The innovative rail system locks the bins in place on the shelf.• The bins can nest on top of each other when at the job site or inthe warehouse getting filled to go.• Add a label to the front so you can find parts quickly• Each bin can accommodate one optional divider.Order our predefined bin systems or create your own configuration of bins.Please note that the bins and the rail are a system. To obtain all the featureslisted above, both must be ordered.SBIN120614NEW!SBIN060614BR36212 Bin System on an AD44FPADseries shelf unit.Bins lock into placealong the rail forsecure transport.ModelSBIN060614SBIN120614SBINDIVBR36212BR76012SRAILAD26SRAILAD32SRAILAD44SRAILAD50Description6” Blue Bin12” Blue BinDividerBin System: 3-6” & 2-12” bins w/railBin System: 7-6” bins with rail26” Retention rail32” Retention rail44” Retention rail50” Retention railPROTECT YOUR VAN AND CARGO WITH ADRIAN STEEL FLOOR MATS.Reduce floor wear, cargo shiftand interior noise.Commercial gradeFloor Mats are die-cut for wheelwells and meet flammabilitytest MVSS 302. Made of 3/16”rubber, diamondcorrugated pattern. Side stepwell and seatpedestals require some trimming.88-2 Ford Full Size LWB Vans88-12 Ford Full Size XLWB VansDurafloor Cargo MatsBetter thanplywood!This floor system superior to plywood or rubbermatting. It is a non-slip material that is odorless,non-toxic, easy to use and cuts like wood. Betterthan wood, it’s everlasting.• Weather and Waterproof• Chemical and corrosion resistant• Fire Retardant• Precut to fit specific interior cargo area89-FDVTO Ford Econoline (3 sections)89-FDXVTO Ford Econoline Extended (3 sections)Notes:Durafloor mats are not compatible with plastic van liners.Due to the manufacturing process of the Durafloor,there may be a slight color variance between sections.SAFELY TRANSPORT REFRIGERANT TANKS IN AN ADRIAN STEEL TANK RACK.WTR430WTR230150WTR130250WTR350Vertically carry 30-lb. and 50-lb. refrigerant tanks securelyin your van. Tank Racks can be installed for easy accessfrom the side or rear van doors. Racks feature 14-gaugetubular steel frames welded for strength with sloped cradlesand nylon straps. The optional WTRTRAY provides a storagearea mounted on top of the welded tank racks.* The traycan be mounted to any size tubular tank rack.ModelDescriptionWTR130250 (1) 30 lb & (2) 50 lb tanksWTR230150 (2) 30 lb & (1) 50 lb tanksWTR330 (3) 30 lb tanksWTR350 (3) 50 lb tanksWTR430 (4) 30 lb tanks*Please confirm the location of the tankrack and tray, some interior locations will notaccommodate the tray due to the contour ofthe

VAN ACCESSORIES41 2 31: DST21 Door Storage Tray offers convenient access to parts and tools.Overall size: 20” W, 4” D, 8” H2: Aerosol Can Tray secure cans for easy access.ACT3 - 3 Can Tray Overall size: 11-3/4” W, 4” D, 6-3/4” HACT4 - 4 Can Tray Overall size: 15-7/16” W, 4” D, 6-3/4” H3: 14 Step Stool has a wide base and is 12” high. Stool can be used as aworkbench or auxiliary step. Top measures 10” x 20” One size.4: TA2 Hard Hat Holder secures hat to partition or shelving.5: TA3 Saw Holder holds two hand saws.6: VMA36 Vise Mount Assembly is floor mounted and telescopes outbeyond side or rear cargo doors when fully opened. Measures 36”closed and 60” open.7: 53-8 Roof Vent include gasket, trim shroud, screen and a two-way,snap-open hinge handle. Prime coat finish8: Touch-Up Paint in spray cans match Steel-Cote finish. Three colors:STP12G - Gray STP12W - White STP12B - Black9: Door Tray comes with two dividers and has optional lid for containment.DT21 - Door Tray Overall size: 18” W, 4” D, 4” HDTL21 - Door Tray Lid for DT21 onlyDTWL21 - Door Tray with Lid Overall size: 20” W, 4” D, 4” H10: Parts Tray features a 2” deep shelf lip. Can be mounted to cabinetand drawer modules for added top storage.4A - Parts Tray Overall size: 36” W, 12” D, 2” H4B - Parts Tray Overall size: 18” W, 12” D, 2” HStorage for small partsREEL HOLDERS657 89 101 2 3top ChoiceWire Window Screens add security to cargo area windows.60-14 Ford Full Size Van Curb Sliding Door60-15 & 60-16 Ford Full Size Van Curb Hinged Door60-17 & 60-18 Ford Full Size Van Rear Hinged Door60-92 & 60-93 Ford Transit Connect Side Sliding Door60-90 & 60-91 Ford Transit Connect Rear Hinged DoorMounting BracketsModel DescriptionMB111 Offset, 3” x 8”MB112 L-Style, 1-5/8” x 4-5/8”MB113 L-Style, 1-5/8” x 7-5/8”MB114 L-Style, 1-5/8”x 12-1/8”MB115 T-Style, 3-1/4” x 13”MB116 L-Style, 1-5/8” x 3-1/8”HooksModelUH10UH25UH50TA1Description1” hook2-1/2” hook5” hook4 Hook BarCargo StrapsModel DescriptionCS9 9” strapCS15 15” strapCS21 21” strapCS31 31” strap.41: CRH2 Cable Reel Holder features a durable frame, twosteel shafts that holds up to a 15-1/2” diameter reel by14”wide. Overall size: 19-1/8” W, 16” D, 44-7/8” H2: KDRH2 Cable Reel Holder holds large spools up to 16”wide and 18” in diameter. Spools nest on conveyorrollers. Includes tie-down chains with neoprene covers.Overall size: 18” W, 46” H, 18” D3: WRH5 Wire Reel Holder Five removable bars hold wirespools up to 6” in diameter. Reel Holder mounts toshelf ends or any vertical surface. Overall size: 12” W, 25” H,4” D4: End Panel Reel Holder Bar mounts between ADseriesshelf end panels for easy access to spools of cable andwire.KDRH1426 - fits 26”shelf KDRH1432 - fits 32”shelfKDRH1444 - fits 44”shelf KDRH1450 - fits 50”shelf800.677.272621

LOADSRITE DROP-DOWN LADDER RACKLOADING LADDERS JUST GOT DOWN RIGHT EASY.Adrian’s LOADSRITE Ladder Racks easily raise and lower to eliminate the need to climb, stretch or reach for yourladder on top or your van. The unique design of the LOADSRITE presents the ladder in a diagonal position bringingit to a comfortable working height. LOADSRITE, the right way to load and unload ladders.1. Easy Reach Handle 2. Glide-Out Bed Platform3. Hydraulic Load Assist 4. Ladder Pivot PadLOADSRITE keeps loading and unloading from being a pain in the back.Easier to Use!Lower Handle!Less Adjusting!

LOADSRITE DROP-DOWN LADDER RACKFeatures & Benefits• Aluminum bed frame, cast aluminum grabhandle, stainless steel latch and all stainlesssteel fasteners.• Allows side and rear door access while inthe up or down position.• Ladders can be padlocked for security.• Hydraulic speed damper gently lowers ladderbed.• Steel-Cote diamond-hard powder coat finish-forquality.• Easy operation from the side of the vehicle.• There are no straps to deal with, clampingof ladder is automatic.• Rear bed lowers to present ladder at a convenientposition.Note: Full Size Van LoadsRite carries 7 to 36 foot extenstion laddersand 7 to 8 foot step ladders. 10’-12’ step ladders with optional stepladder kit LRSLK612.Note: Due to the weight capacity of the roof of the Transit Connect, theLoadsRite, Grip-Lock and Utility racks for the Transit Connect have a150 lb. weight capacity.Econoline LoadsRite Ladder RacksDescription Model Support SpacingFront to back Side to sideEconoline LoadsRite Ladder RacksSingle LoadsRite Ladder Rack LR6100WCF or WSF* 84” 70”Single LoadsRite Add-On Kit for LR6200WCF or WSF* 84” 70”Grip-Lock Ladder RacksDouble LoadsRite Ladder Rack LR6300WF 84” 70”Combo LoadsRite Ladder Rack LR6400WCF or WSF* 84” 70”10’-12’ Step Ladder Kit LRSLK612 N/A N/A*Note: LoadsRite is ordered preconfigured for the streetside or curbsideTransit Connect LoadsRite Ladder RacksTransit Connect LoadsRite Ladder Racks Model WeightSingle LoadsRite Ladder Rack - curbside only LR6100TCC 76 lbs.Combo LoadsRite Ladder Rack LR6400TCC 88 lbs.Single LoadsRite Add-On Kit for Grip-Lock Ladder Racks LR61GPTC 12 lbs.Scan to seethe LoadsRitein action!Do you currently have aGrip Lock ladder rack?Upgrade to the LOADSRITEeasily with the LR6200!800.677.272623

GRIP-LOCK LADDER RACKSGRIP YOUR LADDERS SECURELY WITH ADRIAN’S LOCKING STYLE LADDER RACKS.Adrian’s Grip-Lock racks protect the sides and roof of your van during loading and unloading ladders. All Grip-Lockracks feature a lockable, gripping mechanism which firmly secures one or two ladders to the top of the van. Rackseasily adjust for ladders of different sizes. Galvanneal plated steel. For a tight grip. For lasting quality–within armsreach!Adjustable ladder stops grip ladder rungsfor safe and secure transportation.Add padlockfor securitySHOWN:63-1 Double Grip Lock ladder rackSERIES 61 Single Grip-Lock rackprovides lock-down mechanism forone ladder.SERIES 63 Double Grip-Lock rackprovides lock-down mechanism fortwo ladders. All Grip-Lock ladderracks feature heavy-duty handle latchfor security.SHOWN:LR6100TCC withoptional LR61GPTCSERIES 64 Combo Ladder rackcombines the features of a 24” ladderrack extension for longer ladderswith the stepladder support kit on theDouble Grip-Lock ladder rack.SHOWN:63-TC Double Grip Lock ladder rackfor Transit ConnectTip:Adjusting theclamp bracketsfor yourladder isimportant tokeep theladder safeand

GRIP-LOCK LADDER RACKSFeatures & Benefits• Heavy-Duty actuating arm firmly grips ladder rungs toprevent shifting of ladder on rack.• Gripping mechanism is lockable.• Polymer adhesive pads protect ladder rails from contactdamage on full-size van models.• Composite extrusions on front and rear crossbows anduprights protect ladders on Transit Connect models.• Rung grips easily adjust to accommodate differenttypes of ladders.• Key structural members receive durable undercoatof galvanneal plating for weather protection and corrosionresistance.• Transit Connect models feature an all aluminum design.• Steel-Cote diamond-hard powder coat finish–for quality.• There are no straps to deal with, clamping of ladderis automatic.• Mounts to drip-rails on full-size vans for easy installation.• Transit Connect models mount to pre-existing holesin roof. No drilling required.Style Model Description SupportFront to backSpacingSide to sideEconoline Full-Size VansSERIES 61 Single Lock-Down 61-1 Full-Size Vans 84” 71”SERIES 63 Double Lock-Down 63-1 Full-Size Vans 84” 71”SERIES 64 COMBO Double Lock-Down 64-1 Full Size Vans 108” 71”Includes Aux. Ladder Support 24” Ladder Rack Ext.STEPLADDER KIT 68-3 Auxiliary Ladder Support N/A N/AEXTENSION KIT 69-4 24” Ladder Rack Extension N/A N/ARAIL COVER KIT 76 Protective cover for all ladder rack rail and horn N/A N/AConduit Carrier 80-1 10’ 6” Aluminum Conduit Carrier N/A N/AConduit Carrier 80-2 12’ 6” Aluminum Conduit Carrier N/A N/ATransit ConnectSERIES 61 Single Lock-Down curbside 61-TC Transit Connect, weighs 30 lbs. 54” 49-3/4”SERIES 63 Double Lock-Down 63-TC Transit Connect, weighs 40 lbs. 54” 49-3/4”Third Bar Step Ladder Kit 1BTCGL fits 61-TC and 63-TC, weighs 6 lbs.Double Lock Down Conversion Kit for 61-TC 61TCSSGL fits 61-TC, weighs 10 lbs.Utility Rack Conversion Kit for 61-TC 61TCSSUR fits 61-TC, weighs 5 lbs.Note: Due to the weight capacity of the roof of the Transit Connect, the LoadsRite, Grip-Lock and Utility racks for the Transit Connect have a 150 lb. weight capacity.Note: Grip Lock and Utility racks for Transit Connect will accommodate up to a 24 ft. extension ladder.CUSTOMIZE YOUR FULL SIZE VAN GRIP LOCK LADDER RACK FOR YOUR LADDER CARRYING NEEDS.69-4 Extension KitsLadder rack extension kitsadd 24” to overall lengthfor longer ladders. Kitincludes plastisol side railsand cross support with twopolymer ladder pads.68-3 Step Ladder Support Kitscarry step ladders shorterthan the distance betweenthe front and rear crosssupports. Kit includes onepolymer adhesive-back ladderpad.76 Rail Cover Kit includescovers for ladder rack hornand rail to protect fiberglassladder rails from contactdamage.80-1, 80-2 Aluminum ConduitCarriers feature a lift-updoor for easy access andlockable swivel closure forsecurity.800.677.272625

UTILITY RACKS2BRS STEEL UTILITY RACK• The new design has eliminated much of the welding. This feature reduces corrosion up to80% more compared to similar goal-post style racks!• The uprights are fully plastisoled to protect against wear and reduce ladder fatigue.• Uprights feature a number of attachment points for securing cargo straps.• Designed to fit full size vans.• Weather resistant cross bar is not cut to fit or perforated in any way improving longevityof the rack.• Available in our durable black or white powder coat paint.• Optional center bar supports shorter lengths and provides center support.Product Model DescriptionSteel/Full-Size VanOne Bar/ Steel 1BRS-B Mid Cross BeamAssembly/BlackOne Bar/ Steel 1BRS-W Mid Cross BeamAssembly/WhiteTwo Bar/ Steel 2BRS-B BlackTwo Bar/ Steel 2BRS-W WhiteSide Stop Kit SSK-BS BlackSide Stop Kit SSK-WS WhiteFEWER WELDS MEANLESS CORROSION!2BAR ALUMINUM UTILITY RACK• Extra wide mount foot and welded tie hooks• No drilling or cutting required - prevents exposing metal to the weather• Available in our durableblack or white powder coatpaint.• Upright caps protect ladderswhen loading and unloading• Optional center bar supportsshorter lengths and providescenter support.HD 2BAR UTILITY RACKProduct Model DescriptionAluminum/Full-Size VanOne Bar/ Aluminum 1BAR-B Mid Cross BeamAssembly/BlackOne Bar/ Aluminum 1BAR-W Mid Cross BeamAssembly/WhiteTwo Bar/ Aluminum 2BAR-B BlackTwo Bar/Aluminum 2BAR-W WhiteSide Stop Kit SSK-BA BlackSide Stop Kit SSK-WA White• Features extruded aluminum cross bars, extra wide, cast aluminummounting foot, and stainless steel foot clamps.• Each cross bar includes one adjustable cast aluminum side stop forsectioning loads• No drilling or cutting required to install• Anodized aluminum finish• Optional center bar supportsshorter lengths and providescenter support.Product Model DescriptionFord Full-Size VanOne Bar/Aluminum HD1BAR Mid Cross Beam AssemblyTwo Bar/Aluminum HD2BAR Front and Rear Cross BeamSide Stop Kit SSKHDOptional side stop kit keepsload in place on rack.ALUMINUM UTILITY RACK FOR TRANSIT CONNECTThe most flexible rack in the market, the 2BTCfeatures an all aluminum design that allows you tomaximize the 150 lb. payload of the roof of theTransit Connect. No drill installation and an innovativerail system allows the user to easily repositionthe crossbows where they are needed. The2BTC shown below weighs 20 lbs.2BTC - Aluminum Utility Rack for Transit Connect1BTC - Aluminum Center Bar, weight: 6 lbs.2BTC Utility

UTILITY RACKSPUT SOME VERSATILITY ON TOP OF YOUR VAN.The full perimeter frame of Adrian Steel’s perimeter racks add strength and support to the rack and provides amplearea to tie down cargo. Add accessories to fit your specific cargo carrying needs.PERIMETER RACKSProduct Model DescriptionFull-Size VanCargo Rack VP1 Fits full-size vansRack Extension VPE1 Fits VP1 only - XLWB vansCenter Cross Bar CC17 Fits VP1 onlyCargo Rack Roller RR5 Fits VP1 onlyPerimeter RacksDesigned for all full-size vans. Gutter mounted–requires no drilling. Crossmembers spaced from frontbar are 52”, 113” and 130” to slantdown rear bar.• VP1 Cargo Rack• VPE1 Optional Rack Extension (for VP1 only)• Extend front of rack 30” with additional crossmemberfor extended long wheelbase full-size vans only.Features & Benefits• Maximize carrying capacity of van.• Frame constructed from 2” x 1” 13 GA square tube.• All racks include rope hooks for easy tie-down.• Slantdown rear section eases loading.• Steel-Cote finish for lasting protection.BS6VP Beacon/StrobeLight Stand raises lightabove rack for improvedvisibility.LS3VP Ladder Stopprovides rung stop andtie off point for ladders.Fits all Cargo Racks.AS12 Auxilliary Stepmounts to rear bumperof van for access to rack(not shown).SH12 Step HandleMounts to rear corner.Full-Size Van AccessoriesAuxiliary Step AS12 Fits full-size vansBeacon/Strobe Light Stand BS6VP Fits cargo racksLadder Stop LS3VP Fits all cargo racksRatchet Strap RS4 Fits VP1 onlyStep Handle SH12 Fits full-size vansAluminum Conduit Carrier 80-1 10’6” Conduit CarrierAluminum Conduit Carrier 80-2 12’6” Conduit CarrierRR5 Cargo Rack Rollermakes all your cargo easyonand easy-off. Fits VP1only. Includes two U-boltsfor mounting.RS4 Ratchet Strap safelyties down cargo. Lockingratchet action handlewith 7 x 1-1/2” strap.Fits VP1 only.CHANNEL SUPPORT UTILITY RACK & ACCESSORIESChannel Support Utility Rack Features & Benefits• 14-gauge steel cross supports.• 70” carrying surface on full-size vans• Galvanneal plating undercoat prevents weatherrelatedcorrosion.• Series 66 and 67 Utility Racks also include stopbrackets and chain tie-downs.• Steel-Cote finish for lasting protection anddurability.65-1 Base Set for Ford Full Size Van66-1 Single Tie-Down for Ford Full Size VanIncludes one Stop Bracket and twoChain Tie-Downs.67-1 Double Tie-Down for Ford Full Size VanIncludes two Stop Brackets and four Chain Tie-Downs.14562 31: 70-1 4” Diameter PVC Conduit Carrier Kitcontains aluminum cast hinged lid and end cap, twostainless steel “U”-bolts, adhesive sealant and fasteners.Use with 4-1/2” O.D. PVC pipe schedule 40(not supplied).70-2 6” Diameter PVC Conduit Carrier Kit Use with 6-5/8” O.D. PVC pipe schedule 40 (not supplied).2: 71 Ladder Tie-Down Kit includes one forward stopand two chain tie downs.3: 72 Utility Rack Half Set includes one cross support,outside stops and feet. Fits full-size vans.72-F Utility Rack Half Set fits ‘92-on Ford vans. Fits atcenter roof position.4: 73 Ladder Pad Kit includes four polymer pads withadhesive backs. Protects against contact damage toladder rails.5: 75 Light Stand raises light 4” above ladder forimproved visibility.6: 80-1 10’6” and 80-2 12’6” Aluminum Conduit Carrierfeatures a lift-up door for easy access and lockableswivel closure for security.27800.677.2726

LADDER KEEPERSTORING LADDERS INSIDE YOUR FORD FULL SIZE VAN IS EASY AS 1, 2, 3, WITH OUR LADDER KEEPER.Designed to be loaded from outside the vehicle, the Ladder Keeper features a spring-loaded clamp that holds theladder securely in place. Mounts to the ceiling of the vehicle to keep ladders inside and out of the elements.Ladder Keeper includes all parts needed to carry up to a 6’ ladderin a regular wheelbase van and an 8’ ladder in a long wheelbasevan. To accommodate larger vehicles or ladders, you will requirethe LKX extension that provides 4’ of additional track.LK8top ChoiceLK8 - Ladder Keeper Interior Ladder Rack for Ford FSVLKX - Four foot Extension for Ford FSVCAA Plastic coated clamps protect ladder rungsB Gas spring compresses ladder for quiet and secure transportationC Extruded track makes loading and unloading simpleBKeep laddersout of theelementsand off thefloor.Adjusts tofit all laddertypes andlengths.1Simply press ladder inward to release rearladder rung from the rear clamp bracket.Walk the ladder back as the front clamp2bracket glides on the track.Remove ladder rung from the front clamp3bracket and you’re ready to go to the job site!STORE A 6 FOOT LADDER INSIDE YOUR TRANSITCONNECT EQUIPPED WITH A PARTITION.This simple, yet effective solution replaces theexisting rear door panels with panels that allow forthe ends of the ladder to nest in the rear doorswhile protecting the wiring and locking mechanismsof those doors. The SLPTC Step LadderPanels for Transit Connect are a safe, easy andeconomical way to fit a six foot step ladderinside a Transit Connect with a partition. Theconcave shape of the SLPTC panels allowsthe feet of the step ladder to extend into therear

GENERAL CONTRACTOR UPFITSSTORAGE SOLUTIONS THAT STAND UP TO THE JOB.General Contractor packages feature flexibility with adjustable shelving and drop in dividers that can be configured forwhat you need today and adjusted for what you need down the road. Complete the package with a ladder or cargorack, a driver data file to organize your paperwork, and a graphic to turn your vehicle into a billboard for your business.GENERAL SERVICE PACKAGE4317F Ford FSV long wheelbase4317FX Ford FSV x-long wheelbaseItem Model Description Qty1 AD44FP ADseries 44” shelf unit 32 RKFSVLWB Rail Kit for AD series 13 DV14C8 Divider 8 pack 14 919 Three Drawer Combo 15 S1M2HC2FSV Partition 16 UH50 Utility Hook 27 DK4208 8” Door Kit 28 TA1 Hook Bar 19 19 Two Drawer Medium 110 DC6 Drawer Component - 6” 111 BRK14EPS End Panel Bracket 212 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 1All Trade Packages includea steel cargo partition.61113 537 7141022981112256FGENERALCONTRACTORPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase Vans2257FGENERALCONTRACTORPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase VansItem Model Description Qty.1 DV14 14” Divider 142 MD507 Drawer Cabinet Rack Module(includes: #18, #43, #40, #9, #19) 13 TA1 Hook Bar 14 DK552 Door Kit 15 UH50 Hook 5” 26 HD-42FP Heavy-Duty Adjustable Closed End ShelvingOverall Size: 46” H, 42” W, 14” D 17 HD-52FP Heavy-Duty Adjustable Closed End ShelvingOverall Size: 46” H, 52” W, 14” D 18 S1M2C2FSV Partition 19 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 1Item Model Description Qty.1 12 Open Side Shelf Cabinet 12 DV14 14” Divider 163 9 Four Drawer Shallow 14 19 Two Drawer Medium 15 UH50 Hook 5” 46 HD-32FP Heavy-Duty Adjustable Closed End ShelvingOverall size: 46” H, 32” W, 14” D 17 HD-42FP Heavy-Duty Adjustable Closed End ShelvingOverall size: 46” H, 42” W, 14” D 28 S1M2C2FSV Partition 19 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 1Graphic designed with:5 4 7 1 6 8 9 2 37 2 4 1 3 6 8 9 5 2 7 5Make your van WORK READY witha drop-down ladder rack orversatile cargo rack.Feel like you already work 24/7?You may not be able to but your van canwith a graphics package advertising you!pages 22-23800.677.272629

GENERAL SERVICE UPFITSBRING OUT THE FULL POTENTIAL OF YOUR CARGO VAN STORAGE VOLUME WITH 44 SERIES SHELVING.134135F566GENERALCONTRACTOR1210PACKAGE11Ford Full-SizeLong Wheelbase Vans3798Free up yourinterior cargo spaceby transportingladders, sheet goodsand pipe on a utilityor cargo rack.pages 26-2712Item Qty Model Description1 (1) 4442 42” Welded Utility Rack2 (1) 4450 50” Welded Utility Rack3 (1) 4432 32” Welded Utility Rack4 (1) DK550 Door Kit5 (1) DV44U4 Dividers6 (2) TA1 Hook Bar7 (1) CL1446R Cabinet Locker Tall-Door8 (1) 9 4 Drawer ShallowItem Qty Model Description9 (1) 19 2 Drawer Medium10 (1) DC12 Drawer Component – 12”11 (3) DC6 Drawer Component – 6”12 (1) DK544 Door Kit13 (3) 28 Plastic Bins14 (1) S1M2HC2FSV Partition (not pictured)15 (1) WKC2FSVFD Ford Partition Wing Kit (not pictured)44136FINDUSTRIALSERVICESPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase Vans3 4 2 6 5 1 1012 131 11 3Organize manuals,work orders, invoicesand more with aDriver Data Fileinstalled in the 18Item Qty Model Description1 (2) 4442 42” Welded Utility Rack2 (1) 4450 50” Welded Utility Rack3 (4) DC6 Drawer Component – 6”4 (1) DC12 Drawer Component – 12”5 (1) DV44U4 Dividers6 (3) DV44L2 Dividers7 (1) DK544 Door Kit98 7Item Qty Model Description8 (1) 9 4 Drawer Shallow9 (1) 19 2 Drawer Medium10 (3) 28 Plastic Bins11 (1) TA1 Hook Bar12 (1) S1M2HC2FSV Partition13 (1) WKC2FSVFD Ford Partition Wing Kit4138FGENERALSTORAGEPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase Vans1 9 10 1 7 6 412 132 11Add Wire WindowScreens for extra cargoarea security.4 5 4 8 4 3 3 4 330page 21www.adriansteel.comItem Qty Model Description1 (2) 4450 50” Welded Utility Rack2 (1) 4442 42” Welded Utility Rack3 (3) DC12 Drawer Component – 12”4 (8) DC6 Drawer Component – 6”5 (1) DK550 Door Kit6 (2) SF11218DC 18” wide DC shelf7 (1) DV44U4 DividersItem Qty Model Description8 (1) 9 4 Drawer Shallow9 (1) 19 2 Drawer Medium10 (4) 28 Plastic Bins11 (1) TA1 Hook Bar12 (1) S1M2HC2FSV Partition13 (1) WKC2FSVFD Ford Partition Wing Kit

PHVAC UPFITSSTORAGE SYSTEMS THAT ARE AS FLEXIBLE AS YOU ARE.Is there anything that you don’t have in the back of your van? For all the fittings, pipe and tools that you need totransport, you need an Adrian Steel Work Ready van with the trade specific equipment you’ll use to do the job anda graphics package advertising what you do.PLUMBING, HEATING & A/CREPAIR PACKAGE4318F Ford FSV long wheelbase4318FX Ford FSV x-long wheelbaseItem Model Description Qty1 AD44FP ADseries 44” shelf unit 32 RKFSVLWB Rail Kit for AD series 13 DV14C8 Divider 8 pack 14 919 Three Drawer Combo 15 S1M2HC2FSV Partition 16 WTR230150 Welded Tank Rack 17 19 Two Drawer Medium 28 DC6 Drawer Component - 6” 39 DC12 Drawer Component - 12” 110 DK4208 8” Door Kit 211 TA1 Hook Bar 112 VMA36 Vice Mount Assembly 113 BRK14EPS End Panel Bracket 114 RKAWTR Tank Holder Adapter 115 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 114613 1 5 1378910All Trade Packages includea steel cargo partition.24210871213112251FPHVACPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase Vans2261FPHVACPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase VansItem Model Description Qty.1 DS36012H Drawer System 12 4442 Welded Shelf Rack 23 MD507 Drawer Cabinet Rack Module(includes: #18, #43, #40, #9, #19) 14 DK544 Door Kit 15 VMA36 Vise Mount Assembly 16 TA1 Hook Bar 17 TH50 50-lb. Tank Holder 18 19 Two Drawer Medium 19 WTR230150 Three Tank Rack 110 S1M2C2FSV Partition 111 DV44U4 Dividers 112 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 1Item Model Description Qty.1 4442 Welded Shelf Rack 12 DV14 14” Divider 63 MD507 Drawer Cabinet Rack Module 14 DK544 Door Kit 15 TA1 Hook Bar 16 DTWL21 Door Tray with Lid and Latches (not shown) 27 UH50 Hook 5” 28 HD-42FP Heavy-Duty Adjustable Closed End ShelvingOverall Size:46” H, 42” W, 14” D 19 S1M2C2FSV Partition 110 DV44U4 Dividers 111 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 1Graphic designed with:9 3 2 11 4 10 12 7 8 2 1 6 57 10 1 4 8 2 9 11 3 5MAKE YOUR VAN WORK READY:Have the small fittings, fasteners andparts taken over your van? Stay incontrol with a Bin Storage System!Promote your COOL BRAND!Your business name WILL BE seen with agraphics package for your van!page 20800.677.272631

CABLE TV UPFITSIF IT IS YOUR JOB TO KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY, IT’S OUR JOB TO KEEP THAT TECHNOLOGYORGANIZED AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE!Cable TV interiors are designed specifically for service technicians who need to make fast and efficient service andinstallation calls. Divided shelving and composite drawers are perfect for keeping connectors, adapters, wall plates,cables, splitters and every other small component organized and in its place.2258FCABLE TVPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase VansItem Model Description Qty.1 1 Adjustable Shelf Cabinet 22 DS36012H Nine Drawer System 13 PA9 First Aid Tray 14 4442 Welded Shelf Rack 15 PA8 Fire Extinguisher 16 PA7 Reflector Flare Kit 17 TA2 Hard Hat Holder 18 50-42 KD Shelf Rack 19 TA1 Hook Bar 210 9 Four Drawer Shallow 111 19 Two Drawer Medium 212 DDF12 Data File (not shown) 113 KDRH2 Cable Reel Holder 114 S1M2C2FSV Partition 115 DV44U4 Dividers 116 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 16 9 4 10 1 13 5 14 7 321611893230FCABLE TVPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase VansItem Model Description Qty.1 CL1446R Cabinet Locker Tall-Door 12 MD507 Drawer Rack Module 13 TA1 Hook Bar 14 WRH5 5-Bar Wire Reel Holder 15 4442 Welded Shelf Rack 16 50-32 KD Shelf Rack 17 S1M2HC2FSV Partition 18 36 18-Drawer Unit 19 39 Riser 110 DV44U4 Dividers 111 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 13 8 10 5 9 6 1 7 112 4Organize connectors, splitters,adapters and many other smallparts in an SPT Tote and tray system.Removable trays have small,divided compartments for easilyidentifying and choosingwhat you need to taketo the jobsite.All Trade Packages includea steel cargo 20COMMUNICATE YOUR BRAND!If you make a living in a highly competitivemarket you must stand out from all theothers. If your work speaks for itself,shouldn’t your van speak for you too?Graphic designed with:32Get the attention you deserve with a vehiclegraphics package from Commercial Curb Appeal!www.adriansteel.comMAKE YOUR VAN WORK READY!

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR UPFITSKEEP EVERYTHING IN IT’S PLACE AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE.Time is money, and no one wants to pay you to dig through your van to find the connectors, junction boxes or tools youneed to do the job. You don’t want to wait either, so get your interior, ladder rack and graphics wrap all done at one place.ELECTRICAL & GAS APPLIANCEREPAIR PACKAGE4319F Ford FSV long wheelbase4319FX Ford FSV x-long wheelbaseItem Model Description Qty1 AD44FP ADseries 44” shelf unit 32 RKFSVLWB Rail Kit for AD series 13 DV14C8 Divider 8 pack 14 919 Three Drawer Combo 15 S1M2HC2FSV Partition 16 WRH5 Wire Reel Holder 17 19 Two Drawer Medium 18 DK4208 8” Door Kit 29 DC6 Drawer Component - 6” 310 DC12 Drawer Component - 12” 111 9 Four Drawer Shallow 112 TA1 Hook Bar 113 BRK14EPS End Panel Bracket 314 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 161131323153179108All Trade Packagesinclude a steel cargopartition.48921113122252FELECTRICALCONTRACTORPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase VansItem Model Description Qty.1 DS36012H Nine Drawer System 12 4442 Welded Shelf Rack 13 DV44U4 Dividers 14 DV14 14” Divider 85 MD507 Drawer Cabinet Rack Module(includes: #18, #43, #40, #9, #19) 16 DK542 Door Kit 17 TA1 Hook Bar 28 19 Two Drawer Medium 19 HD-42FP Heavy-Duty Adjustable KD ShelvingOverall Size: 46” H, 42” W, 14” D 110 WRH5 5-Bar Wire Reel Holder 111 S1M2C2FSV Partition 112 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 1104 9 6 1 3 2 8 11 712572262FELECTRICALCONTRACTORPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase VansItem Model Description Qty.1 4442 Welded Shelf Rack 12 DV14 14” Dividers 63 MD506 Drawer Cabinet Module(includes: 2-#12, #43, #40, #9, #19) 14 DK544 Door Kit 15 TA1 Hook Bar 16 DTW21 Door Tray with Lid and Latches (not shown) 27 UH50 Hook 5” 28 HD-42FP Heavy-Duty Adjustable KD ShelvingOverall Size: 46” H, 42” W, 14” D 19 S1M2C2FSV Partition 110 DV44U4 Dividers 111 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 17 10 1 4 8 2 9 11 3 5Graphic designed with:MAKE YOUR VAN WORK READY:Carry ladders safely and securely on thetop of your van with a LoadsRite or Grip-Lock ladder rack.Electrify your brand with a rolling billboardat every service call.pages 24-25800.677.272633

ALARM & LOCKSMITH UPFITSTHE KEY TO BEING A MOBILE LOCKSMITH IS HAVING EVERYTHING YOU NEED WHEREVER YOU ARE.Whether you are helping stranded motorists get back into their vehicle or installing a home security system, havingeverything needed for the job will keep your work day or night operating efficiently. Both Adrian’s Alarm andLocksmith packages feature ample small parts storage and plenty of lockable storage space.2253FALARMPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase Vans2255FLOCKSMITHPACKAGEFord Full-SizeLong Wheelbase VansItem Model Description Qty.1 33 KD Shelf Rack 12 1 Adjustable Shelf Cabinet 13 12 Open Side Shelf Cabinet 14 DC6 Drawer Componet 6” 35 43 Catalog File 16 4442 Welded Shelf Rack 17 DV14 14” Dividers 88 DK544 Door Kit 29 TA1 Hook Bar 210 2 Four Drawer Medium 111 9 Four Drawer Shallow 112 19 Two Drawer Medium 113 HD-42FP Closed End Adjustable KD ShelvingOver all size: 46”H, 42” W, 14” D 114 S1M2C2FSV Partition 115 DV44U4 Dividers 116 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 1Item Model Description Qty.1 17A Catalog File 12 MD506 Drawer Cabinet Module 13 MD608 Workbench Module(includes: 2–#54, #40, 2–#9, 2–#19, #14, KMB36) 14 TA1 Hook Bar 15 S1M2HC2FSV Partition 16 WKC2FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 19 8 7 133 1 12 11 2 14 9 6 8 15 510 16 41 3 5 62 4Key Machine Base holds key cuttingmachines at a 25-degreeslope towards the operator foreasy cutting. Mounts to No. 54Workbench. Two sizes availableto hold one or two machines.KMB36 - 36” Key Machine BaseKMB18 - 18” Key Machine Base25° slope foreasy cuttingMAKE IT A WORK READY VAN!Day and night, you can lock in those leadswith a vehicle graphic wrap fromCommercial Curb Appeal.Graphic designed with:Design your own look and have it installedat the same time as your interior!

AUTOMOTIVE GLASS REPAIR UPFITSADRIAN STEEL’S AUTOMOTIVE GLASS REPAIR INTERIOR IS THE ONLY VAN INTERIOR DESIGNED AROUNDTHE AUTOMOTIVE GLASS REPAIR PROFESSIONAL.Designed to meet the challenges you face in the automotive glass repair industry, this package features a partition,an adjustable shelving storage station, a glass rack, suction cup holder and a trim weld holder.AGSS24 shown with optional #28Blue Bins AGTW4 AGR5H6L AGSCH2AStorage StationNow there’s a great place to storeall your window prep supplies likeglass primers, razor blades,cleaning supplies, power andhand tools. Removable blue binsallow you to take parts with you.The AGSS24 measures 36” highby 12” deep by 42” long.BTrim Weld StorageSafely store windshield gasketswith the AGTW4. Easily pull outthe length you need and forgetabout damaged material thatcosts time and money!Accommodates 24” by 24” boxedgaskets and most sizes of roundgasket containers.CGlass RackThe AGR5H6L Glass Rack accommodatesup to 11 windshields.Designed for modern windshieldswith six 14.5” and six 23.5”divider posts. The glass rack cantransport both taller windshieldsand smaller glass panels safely.Each post is surrounded with aprotective foam cover and a twistand lock top to keep your glasssafe and secure.DSuction Cup HolderEasily locate your vacuum cups bystoring them in the AGSCH2.Designed to fit most styles andcan be installed almost anywherein the vehicle for easy access.1 2 3 4 5 6Exclusive4145FAUTO GLASS INTERIOR PACKAGEFord Full-Size Long Wheelbase VansItem Model Description Qty.1 AGR5H6L Auto Glass Rack 12 AGSS24 Auto Glass Storage Station 13 28 Plastic Bins 54 AGSCH2 Suction Cup Holder 15 X1FSV X1 Partition 16 AGTW4 Auto Glass Trim Weld Storage 17 WKX1FSVFD Partition Wing Kit 1Graphic designed with:Make hundreds of impressions whereever your work takes you with agraphic van wrap from CommercialCurb Appeal!800.677.272635

PAINTING SERVICES UPFITSMAKE YOUR NEXT VAN A WORK READY VAN!Arrive at your next jobsite in style with a work van that has the equipment you need and a colorful graphic tellingeveryone the work that you do. A liner kit protects van walls from dings and paint splashes and a partition keeps allthose paint cans safely in the cargo area. Add a roof or interior ladder rack to keep your ladders off the floor. Wrapit up with a custom graphic from Commercial Curb Appeal and you are ready to paint the town!Poly Liner Kitpage 44Ladder KeeperInterior Ladder Rackpage 28LK8A professional lookingwork van tells customersthat the work you do willbe professional too.63-1 Grip Lock ladder rackpages 24-25Paint the townwith a colorful,eye catchingrolling billboardadvertising you!Graphic designed

CATERING UPFITSSHOULDN’T YOU LOOK AS GOOD AS THE FOOD YOU ARE DELIVERING?Presentation is everything! Let your delivery van make a great impression with a custom graphic from CommercialCurb Appeal. On the inside be work ready with a liner package to keep your van looking neat, or a shelving packageto keep your dishes organized.4316F Shelf Kit with PartitionPoly Liner Kit with PartitionTruly adjustableshelving allows you tomove the shelves tothe height you need. Removabledividers pop in and out without theuse of tools. A drawer unit can belocated on any shelf and organizessmall tools.Graphic designed with:FLORAL DELIVERY UPFITSBUILD BRAND AWARENESS WITH EACH DELIVERY!Upfit your floral delivery van with a Durafloor and cargo partition. The Durafloor provides a durable, flat surface tokeep vases, planters and displays upright for flawless delivery. The new customers that find you when you are makingdeliveries in your van with a graphic wrap from Commercial Curb Appeal will leave you smelling like a rose.Durafloor Cargo Mats This floor systemsuperior to plywood or rubber matting. Itis a non-slip material that is odorless,non-toxic and easy to 20Graphic designed with:800.677.272637

TRANSIT CONNECT ADSERIES UPFITS4529 INTERMEDIATE PACKAGEThe intermediate package features one AD32TC shelving unit (32"W x46"H x 14"D) with three truly adjustable shelves. Shelves can be adjustedto your specific cargo needs in less than a minute. The precisionstamped end panels and shelves provide lightweight, rugged anddependable storage. The intermediate interior provides 9.33 squarefeet of shelf space. One floor rail and one belt line rail is provided onthe opposite side to secure cargo with two adjustable tie down hooks.Straps not included. Easily add essential accessories listed or chooseadditional accessories including trade specific solutions, ladder racks,window screens, and more.Package weight: 61 lbs.4530 FULL PACKAGEThe full package features two AD32TC steel shelving units (32"W x46"H x 14"D) each with three truly adjustable shelves. Shelves can beadjusted to your specific cargo needs in less than a minute. The precisionstamped end panels and shelves provide lightweight, rugged anddependable storage. The full interior provides 18.66 square feet ofshelving space. Easily add essential accessories or choose additionalaccessories including trade specific solutions, ladder racks, windowscreens, and more.Package weight: 113 lbs.4531 PREMIUM PACKAGEThe premium package features two AD32TC steel shelving units (32"Wx 46"H x 14"D) with three truly adjustable shelves. Shelves can beadjusted to your specific cargo needs in less than a minute. The precisionstamped end panels and shelves provide lightweight, rugged anddependable storage. Package includes one #919 combination threedrawer unit and one DC12 three drawer unit. Also includes one TA1four hook bar mounted on the curbside rear panel that is perfect forextension cords and hoses. Easily add essential accessories listed orchoose additional accessories including trade specific solutions, ladderracks, window screens, and more.Package weight: 156 lbs.BE THE TALK OF THE TOWN!Graphic designed with:Let your Transit Connect advertise yourbusiness while are are at a jobsite, runningerrands or back at the office doingpaperwork.38Get the attention you deserve with a vehiclegraphics package from CommercialCurb Appeal!www.adriansteel.comMAKE YOUR VAN WORK READY!

TRANSIT CONNECT VOCATIONAL UPFITS4508 PLUMBING PACKAGEThis package features lots of drawers for small parts storage, open shelving and alocking door kit to enclose a shelf for secure storage. Blue bins keep small partsorganized and are removable to take to the jobsite. Includes Steel partition kit.Package weight: 345 lbs.10 72 16 5 6 5114 9 12 438Item Model Description Qty.1 WKTC Partition Wing Kit 12 P2TCS Steel Partition Panel Kit 13 HD32TC 32” Shelf Unit, TC 24 DC6 Drawer Component 6” 75 DC12 Drawer Component 12” 26 28 Plastic Blue Bin 87 919 3 Drawer Combo 18 RK67TC Rail Kit 67”, TC 19 HD26TC 26” Shelf Unit, TC 110 UH50 5” Hook 211 FPKTC Floor Plate Kit 212 DK26TC Door Kit 8”x24” 14510 TELECOMMUNICATIONS PACKAGEThis package features lots of drawers for small parts storage,divided shelving, lockingdoor kits for security and removable blue bins. A reel holder and hooks roundout this specialty package. Includes Steel partition kit. Package weight: 310 lbs.61413741314132119108125Item Model Description Qty.1 WKTC Partition Wing Kit 12 HD32TC 32” Shelf Unit, TC 23 P2TCS Steel Partition Panel Kit 14 CK3208 Cab Door Kit 15 RK67TC Rail Kit 67”, TC 16 HD26TC 26” Shelf Unit, TC 17 28 Plastic Blue Bin 28 DV12 Divider 89 DK26TC Door Kit 8”x24” 110 KDRH1226 KD Reel Holder 111 FPKTC Floor Plate Kit 212 UH50 5” Hook 213 DC6 Drawer Component 6” 514 DC12 Drawer Component 12” 2Graphic designed with:PROMOTE YOUR BRAND!So, you are a better plumber than you area sales person. That’s ok! Let your TransitConnect do the talking for you while youare making service calls with a vehiclewrap from Commercial Curb Appeal!800.677.272639

TRANSIT CONNECT VOCATIONAL UPFITS4512 ELECTRICAL PACKAGEThis package is designed to transport a variety of cargo in the Transit Connect .Open and divided shelves keep items organized and the blue bins allow for contentsto be carried directly to the jobsite. Locking door kits and drawer units roundout this versatile package. Includes Steel partition kit. Package weight: 280 lbs.1 92 10 7 5 61131283 134Item Model Description Qty.1 WKTC Partition Wing Kit 12 P2TCS Steel Partition Panel Kit 13 HD32TC 32” Shelf Unit, TC 24 FPKTC Floor Plate Kit 25 DC6 Drawer Component 6” 36 DC12 Drawer Component 12” 17 CK3208 Cab Door Kit 18 RK67TC Rail Kit 67”, TC 19 HD26TC 26” Shelf Unit, TC 110 28 Plastic Blue Bin 811 DV12 Divider 812 KDRH1226 KD Reel Holder 113 TA1 Four Hook Bar 14513 LOCKSMITH PACKAGEThis package for the Transit Connect features a 42" workbench with plenty of drawers for small parts storage. A locking Cab Door Kitencloses a shelf for secure storage. Includes Steel partition kit. Package weight: 220 lbs.1 2 3 8 6 7 45Item Model Description Qty.1 WKTC Partition Wing Kit 12 P2TCS Steel Partition Panel Kit 13 MD611 Workbench Module 14 HD32TC 32” Shelf Unit, TC 15 FPKTC Floor Plate Kit 16 DC6 Drawer Component 6” 37 DC12 Drawer Component 12” 18 CK3208 Cab Door Kit 1Maximize your storagespace with a Utility Rack!Graphic designed with:page 2640www.adriansteel.comMAKE YOUR TRANSIT CONNECT WORK READY!

TRANSIT CONNECT GENERAL SERVICE UPFITS4509 GENERAL SERVICE PACKAGEThis package features drawers for small parts storage, divided shelving for organizing and a locking door kit to enclose a shelf for securestorage. Blue bins keep small parts organized and are removable to take to the jobsite. Includes Steel partition kit. Package weight: 370 lbs.31161 2 7 9 10123 412Item Model Description Qty.1 WKTC Partition Wing Kit 12 P2TCS Steel Partition Panel Kit 13 HD32TC 32” Shelf Unit, TC 24 DC6 Drawer Component 6” 65 RK67TC Rail Kit 67”, TC 26 HD26TC 26” Shelf Unit, TC 27 28 Plastic Blue Bin 68 DV12 Divider 89 TA1 Four Hook Bar 110 919 3 Drawer Combo 111 DK32TC Door Kit 10”x30” 112 FPKTC Floor Plate Kit 2854517 COMMERCIAL SHELVING PACKAGEThis package for the Transit Connect features two 32" shelving units with open and divided shelves. Versatility for changing needs and varyingcargo. Includes Steel partition kit. Package weight: 180 lbs.1 2 3 54Item Model Description Qty.1 WKTC Partition Wing Kit 12 P2TCS Steel Partition Panel Kit 13 HD32TC 32” Shelf Unit, TC 24 FPKTC Floor Plate Kit 25 DV12 Divider 8Make your Transit ConnectWORK READY with a dropdownladder rack.Feel like you already work 24/7?You may not be able to butyour Transit Connect canwith a graphics packageadvertisingyou!Graphic designed with:pages 22-23800.677.272641

TRANSIT CONNECT HVAC UPFITS4511 HVAC PACKAGE #1This HVAC package features ample open shelving for large parts and tools, and divided shelving for organizing a variety of cargo. A tank rackaccommodates 3-30lb. tanks and drawer units organize small fittings and connectors. Includes Steel partition kit. Package weight: 295 lbs.11 10 9 2 1 8 7 36 4 5Item Model Description Qty.1 WKTC Partition Wing Kit 12 P2TCS Steel Partition Panel Kit 13 HD32TC 32” Shelf Unit, TC 14 FPKTC Floor Plate Kit 25 DC12 Drawer Component 12” 16 RK67TC Rail Kit 67”, TC 17 DV12 Divider 48 919 Three Drawer Combo 19 HD26TC 26” Shelf Unit, TC 110 HD17TC 17” Shelf Unit, TC 111 TS3T1S Tank Rack 3-30lb. 144496 HVAC PACKAGE #2This HVAC package features ample open shelving for large parts and tools. Adjustable shelving lines both sides and creates a barrier separatingthe cab from the cargo area. The tank rack accommodates four 30lb. tanks. Includes Steel partition header kit. Package weight: 360lbs.43 2 6 5217Item Model Description Qty.1 RK67TC Rail Kit 67” TC 22 HD30TC 30” Shelf Unit, TC 33 HD17TC 17” Shelf Unit, TC 14 TS4T Tank Rack 4-30lb. 15 HD27BTC 27” KD Shelf with back 16 HPTC4496 Partition Header Kit 17 FPKTC Floor Plate Kit 2Make your Transit Connectmore secure with WireWindow Screens.Graphic designed with:42www.adriansteel.comwww.adriansteel.compage 21Keep your business running hot with a Commercial CurbAppeal graphics package. Increase your brand awarenesswhere ever you are!

LINER PACKAGE - TRANSIT CONNECT4522POLY LINER PACKAGEFORD TRANSIT CONNECTMinimize the damage to your Transit Connect with the Poly LinerPackage from Adrian Steel!• The liner is molded to conform to the shape of the Transit’swalls, and runs from floor to the headliner for a neat installation.• E-track and straps are included for securing large cargo.• The liner is designed to work with the OEM floor mat and a plywoodfloor.• Easily add accessories including ladder racks, windowscreens, and more through your local Adrian Steel distributor.• Includes two poly wall panels, two full length E-tracks and twostraps.• Partition not included. You can choose from steel, wire orhybrid partitions.Graphic designed with:Add a Commercial Curb Appealvehicle wrap to advertise yourbusiness where ever the jobtakes you!See pages 4-5 to learn how!800.677.272643

LINER PACKAGE - ECONOLINEFORD ECONOLINE POLY LINER KITProtect your Ford Econoline with this Poly Liner Kit from AdrianSteel!• Fit and finish of Adrian Steel’s Poly Liner is superior to othervan liners.• Poly Liner protects valuable cargo during transportation.Cargo vans equipped with Adrian Steel’s liner protects theinterior appearance of the van itself.• Molded liner conforms to the shape of the van walls.• Seamless one piece street and curbside panels provide aclean fit and finish. The rear corners of the van have their owncorner panels. Pre-cut holes for the jack.• Compatible with Adrian Steel shelving.• Side and rear door panels currently not available.• Liners designed to work with OEM or after market floor mat.• Liner Package includes wall liner panels and headliner.• Optional E-track and straps available.• Available for long and extended long wheelbase FordEconoline full size vans.FDRWLNR1 - Liner Kit for Ford Regular Wheelbase vansFDXWLNR1 - Liner Kit for Ford Extended Wheelbase vans39063 - E-Track and straps for Ford RWB39335 - E-Track and straps for Ford XWBNote: Vehicles with rear air will require major modifications toaccommodate liner.MAKE YOUR VAN WORK READY!pages 22-24Choose from the Grip-Lock or LoadsRite ladder racks toget your ladders out of the van and on the roof for 28Keep the cargo floor openfor transporting largeitems. A Ladder Keeperwill keep a step laddersecure on the ceiling andout of the way!

INDEXModel Page Description Model Page Description Model Page DescriptionACT3 21 Aerosol Can TrayDTL21 21 Door Tray LidLRSLK612 23 Step Ladder KitACT4 21 Aerosol Can TrayDTWL21 21 Door Tray w/LidMB111 21 Mounting BracketAD26TCNB 13 26” ADseries-TransitDV12 11 Divider 12”MB112 21 Mounting BracketAD32FP 13 32” ADseriesDV14 11 Divider 14”MB113 21 Mounting BracketAD32TC 13 32” ADseries-TransitDV19 19 Divider/Stow-AllMB114 21 Mounting BracketAD44FP 13 44” ADseriesDV14C1 13 Divider/SingleMB115 21 Mounting BracketAD50FP 13 50”ADseriesDV14C8 13 Divider/8 PackMB116 21 Mounting BracketAFD181236 19 Aluminum Floor Drawer DVJ9 19 Divider/Stow-AllMD501 17 Quad CabinetAFD241224 19 Aluminum Floor Drawer DVJ19 19 Divider/Stow-AllMD502 17 Module, Rack/DrawerAFD241236 19 Aluminum Floor Drawer DV9 19 Divider/Stow-AllMD503 17 Module, Rack DrawerAGR5H6L 35 Glass RackDV44U 9 Divider/8 packMD504 17 Module, RackAGSCH2 35 Suction Cup HolderDV44U1 9 Divider/upperMD505 17 Module, Cabinet DrawerAGSS24 35 Storage StationDV44U4 9 Divider/4 packMD506 16 Module, Drawer CabinetAGTW4 35 Trim Weld StorageDV44L1 9 Divider/lowerMD507 16 Module, Drawer RackAS12 27 Auxiliary StepDV44L4 9 Divider/4 packMD508 16 Module, WorkbenchBH4 18 Binder HolderEP1246 11 End PanelMD509 16 Module, WorkbenchBR36212 20 Bin SystemEP1436 11 End PanelMD510 17 Module, KD StorageBR76012 20 Bin SystemEP1446 11 End PanelMD511 17 Module, Drawer CabinetBRK14EPS 13 End Panel BracketFA6 11 Floor Angle 5”MD512 17 Module, RackBS6VP 27 Light MountFA12 11 Floor Angle 12”MD513 17 Module, CabinetCB2 7,18 Two Book FileFA14 11 Floor Angle 14”MD517 17 Module, KD StorageCB3 18 Three Book FileFA18 11 Floor Angle 18”MD520 10 KD Shelf Unit/KD 18”CB4 18 Utility Storage BoxFDRWLNR1 44 Ford Liner KitMD521 10 KD Shelf Unit 24”CB5 18 Literature HolderFDXWLNR1 44 Ford Liner KitMD521B 10 KD Shelf Unit 24”CB7 18 Literature HolderFR12 11 Floor Rail 11-3/4”MD522 10 KD Shelf Unit 30”CC17 27 Center CrossbarFR18 11 Floor Rail 17-3/4”MD522B 10 KD Shelf Unit 30”CH1 18 DDF CupholderFR24 11 Floor Rail 23-3/4”MD523 10 KD Shelf Unit 36”CL1446D 14 Cabinet LockerFR30 11 Floor Rail 29-3/4”MD523B 10 KD Shelf Unit 36”CL1446R 14 Cabinet LockerFR32 11 Floor Rail 31-3/4”MD524 10 KD Shelf Unit 42”CRH2 21 Cable Reel HolderFR36 11 Floor Rail 35-3/4”MD524B 10 KD Shelf Unit 42”CS9 21 9” Cargo StrapFR42 11 Floor Rail 41-3/4”MD525 17 Module, WorkbenchCS15 21 15” Cargo StrapFR52 11 Floor Rail 51-3/4”MD526 17 KD Storage Unit 36”CS21 21 21” Cargo StrapHD1BAR 26 HD CrossbarMD527 17 Module, Shelf CabinetCS31 21 31” Cargo StrapHD2BAR 26 HD Utility RackMD530 16 Module, Drawer ShelfDC6 15 Drawer ComponentHD-32FP 10 32” Shelf UnitMD531 16 Module, CabinetDC12 15 Drawer ComponentHD-42FP 10 42” Shelf UnitMD532 16 Module, Cabinet ShelfDDF7 18 Driver Data FileHD-52FP 10 52” Shelf UnitMD533 16 Module, Drawer ShelfDDF12 18 Driver Data FileJD42FP 10 42” Shelf UnitMD534 16 Module, Drawer RackDK3008 13 8” Door KitJD52FP 10 52” Shelf UnitMD535 16 Module, Drawer CabinetDK3010 13 10” Door KitJD48FP 10 48” Shelf UnitMD608 16 Module, WorkbenchDK4208 13 8” Door KitJD60FP 10 60” Shelf UnitP22PTC 8 Two-Position Partition, TCDK4210 13 10” Door KitKDRH1426 21 End Panel Reel Holder P2TCFW 8 Full Wire Partition, TransitDK4808 13 8” Door KitKDRH1432 21 End Panel Reel Holder P2TCH 8 Hybrid Partition, Transit Con.DK4810 13 10” Door KitKDRH1444 21 End Panel Reel Holder P2TCS 8 Steel partition, Transit Con.DK530 10 30” Door KitKDRH1450 21 End Panel Reel Holder P2TCW 8 Wire Partition, Transit Con.DK530A 10 30” Door KitKDRH2 21 Reel HolderPA5-1 7 Plexiglas PanelDK532 10,9 32” Door KitKMB18 34 18” Key Machine Base PA5-2 7 Plexiglas PanelDK532A 10 32” Door KitKMB36 34 36” Key Machine Base PA5-3 7 Plexiglas KitDK536 10 36” Door KitLK8 28 Ladder KeeperPA5-6 7 Plexiglas KitDK536A 10 36” Door KitLKB1 18 Aluminum Lock BoxPA7 7 Reflector Flare KitDK542 10 42” Door KitLKX 28 Ladder Keeper ExtPA8 7 Fire ExtinguisherDK544 10,9 Door KitLS3VP 27 Ladder StopPA9 7 First Aid TrayDK546 10 42” Door KitLR6100WCF 23 LoadsRite/Single-curbside PA10 7 Practice HolderDK546A 10 42” Door KitLR6100WSF 23 LoadsRite/Single-streetside PA11 7 Cab File BoxDK550 9 Door KitLR6200WCF 23 LoadsRite Add-on Kit - CS PDK1 7 Partition Door KitDK552 10 52” Door KitLR6200WSF 23 LoadsRite Add-on Kit - SS PS1FSV 6 Partition, PolysteelDK552A 10 52” Door KitLR6300WF 23 Double LoadsRiteRK67TC 13 Rail System Transit ConnectDS06112V 15 Drawer SystemLR6400WCF 23 Combo LoadsRite - CS RKA1 13 Rail Kit AdapterDS36012H 15 Drawer SystemLR6400WSF 23 Combo LoadsRite - SS RKA3 13 Rail Kit AdapterDS46012 15 Drawer SystemLR6100TCC 23 LoadsRite/Single, Transit RKA4 13 Rail Kit AdapterDST21 21 Door Storage TrayLR6400TCC 23 LoadsRite/Combo, Transit RKABRK1 13 Rail Kit AdapterDT21 21 Door TrayLR61GPTC 23 LoadsRite/Add-on, Transit RKABRK2 13 Rail Kit Adapter800.677.272645

INDEXModel Page Description Model Page Description Model Page DescriptionRKAWTR 13 Rail Kit AdapterSSK-WS 26 Side Stop Kit4A 11,21 Parts TrayRKA919 13 Rail Kit AdapterSTP12G 21 Paint, Gray4B 11,21 Parts TrayRKFSVFD 13 Rail System Ford LWB STP12W 21 Paint, White8 15 Drawer UnitRKFSVXLFD 13 Rail System Ford XLWB STP12B 21 Paint, Black9 15 Drawer UnitRKTC 13 Rail System Transit Connect TA1 7,21 Hook Bar12 14 CabinetRR5 27 Cargo Rack RollerTA2 21 Hard Hat Holder12A 11,14 End PanelRS4 27 Ratchet StrapTA3 21 Saw Holder14 21 Step StoolS1M1C1FSV 6 Partition FSVTA18 14 Propane Tank Cab.17A 18 Catalog FileS1M2C1FSV 6 Partition FSVTA19 14 CO2 Tank Cabinet18 9 Utility ShelfS1M2HC1FSV 6 Partition FSVTA20 14 Mapp Gas Cabinet19 15 Drawer UnitS1M2C2FSV 6 Partition FSVTH30 7 Freon Tank Holder25 15 Divider/#2S1M2HC2FSV 6 Partition FSVTH50 7 Freon Tank Holder26 15 Divider/#8S2M2C2FSV 6 Partition FSVTK10 19 Traction Kit27 15 Divider/#19S2M2HC2FSV 6 Partition FSVTK20 19 Traction Kit28 9 Plastic Blue BinSA-10 19 Stow-All/Single/DeepTK30 19 Traction Kit30-32 10 32” Storage ShelfSA-20 19 Stow-All/Double/Deep TK40 19 Traction Kit30-42 10 42” Storage ShelfSA-40 19 Stow-All/Quad/DeepUH10 21 Utility Hook30-52 10 52” Storage ShelfSAJ-10 19 Stow-All/Sgl/ShallowUH25 21 Utility Hook33 10 KD Shelf RackSAJ-20 19 Stow-All/Dbl/ShallowUH50 21 Utility Hook33W 10 Shelf RackSAJ-30 19 Stow-All/Triple/Shallow VM12 11 Vertical Member 12”33WB 10 Shelf Rack w/binsSAJ-40 19 Stow-All/Quad/Shallow VM14 11 Vertical Member 14”40 14 Wheelhouse BinSBIN060614 20 6” Plastic BinVM18 11 Vertical Member 18”43 18 Catalog FileSBIN120614 20 12” Plastic BinVM24 11 Vertical Member 24”53-8 21 Roof VentSBINDIV 20 Plastic Bin DividerVM30 11 Vertical Member 30”60-14 21 Window ScreenSF11212 11 Shelf 12” x 12”VM36 11 Vertical Member 36”60-15 21 Window ScreenSF11224 11 Shelf 12” x 24”VM42 11 Vertical Member 42”60-16 21 Window ScreenSF11230 11 Shelf 12” x 30”VM46 11 Vertical Member 46”60-17 21 Window ScreenSF11236 11 Shelf 12” x 36”VM48 11 Vertical Member 48”60-18 21 Window ScreenSF11242 11 Shelf 12” x 42”VMA36 21 Vise Mount Assm.60-90 21 Window ScreenSF11836 11 Shelf 18” x 36”VP1 27 Perimeter Rack60-91 21 Window ScreenSF11842 11 Shelf 18” x 42”VPE1 27 Perimeter Rack Ext60-92 21 Window ScreenSF11218DC 9 DC Unit ShelfWKC1FSVFD 6 Wing Kit60-93 21 Window ScreenSF11224DC 9 DC Unit ShelfWKC1FSVFD3 6 Wing Kit 3”61-1 25 Grip-Lock RackSF11236DC 9 DC Unit ShelfWKC2FSVFD 6 Wing Kit61-TC 25 Grip-Lock Rack - TransitSF21224 11 Top Tray 12” x 24”WKC2FSVFD3 6 Wing Kit 3”61TCSSGL 25 Conversion Kit - TransitSF21230 11 Top Tray 12” x 30”WKX1FSVFD 6 Wing Kit61TCSSUR 25 Conversion Kit - TransitSF21232 11 Top Tray 12” x 32”WKX1FSVFD3 6 Wing Kit 3”63-1 25 Grip-Lock RackSF21236 11 Top Tray 12” x 36”WRH5 21 Wire Reel Holder63-TC 25 Grip-Lock Rack - TransitSF21242 11 Top Tray 12” x 42”WTR130250 20 Tank Rack64-1 25 Grip-Lock RackSF21252 11 Top Tray 12” x 52”WTR230150 20 Tank Rack65-1 27 Utility RackSF21432 11 Top Tray 14” x 32”WTR330 20 Tank Rack66-1 27 Utility RackSF21442 11 Top Tray 14” x 42”WTR350 20 Tank Rack67-1 27 Utility RackSF21452 11 Top Tray 14” x 52”WTR430 20 Tank Rack68-3 25 Step Ladder KitSF41236 11 HD Shelf 12” x 36”WTRTRAY 20 Top Tray69-4 25 Rack Extension KitSF41432 11 HD Shelf 14” x 32”X1FSV 6 Partition70-1 27 Conduit KitSF41442 11 HD Shelf 14” x 42”1 14 Cabinet70-2 27 Conduit KitSF41452 11 HD Shelf 14” x 52”10619 11 Top Tray 18” x 60”71 27 Tie Down KitSH12 27 Step Handle1A 14 Shelf72 27 Cross SupportSLPTC 28 Step Ladder Panels-Transit 1BAR-B 26 Crossbar/Black72-F 27 Cross SupportSPT-4 15 SP Tote/Combo1BAR-W 26 Crossbar/White73 27 Ladder Pad KitSPT-4P 15 SP Tote/Poly1BRS-B 26 Crossbar/Black75 27 Light StandSPT-4S 15 SP Tote/Steel1BRS-W 26 Crossbar/White76 25 Rail Cover KitSPT-S 15 SPT Steel Tray1BTC 26 Crossbar - Transit Con. 80-1 25,27 Conduit CarrierSPT-P 15 SPT Poly Tote1BTCGL 25 Step Ladder Kit - Transit 80-2 25,27 Conduit CarrierSRAILAD26 20 Bin Retention Rail 26” 2 15 Drawer Unit88-2 20 WorkmatSRAILAD32 20 Bin Retention Rail 32” 2BAR-B 26 Utility Rack/Black88-12 20 WorkmatSRAILAD44 20 Bin Retention Rail 44” 2BAR-W 26 Utility Rack/White89-FDVTO 20 DurafloorSRAILAD50 20 Bin Retention Rail 50” 2BRS-B 26 Utility Rack/Black89-FDXVTO 20 DurafloorSSK-BS 26 Side Stop Kit2BRS-W 26 Utility Rack/White98 17 Wheelhouse FrameSSK-BA 26 Side Stop Kit2BTC 26 Utility Rack - Transit Con. 99 17 Wheelhouse FrameSSK-HD 26 Side Stop Kit3 10 KD Shelf Rack919 15 Drawer UnitSSK-WA 26 Side Stop Kit3A 11 Top Tray 12” x 18”2251F 31 PHVAC

INDEXModel Page Description Model Page Description2252F 33 Elect. Pkg4317FX 29 Gen Svc Pkg FORD2253F 34 Alarm Pkg4318F 31 PHVAC Pkg FORD2255F 34 Locksmith Pkg4318FX 31 PHVAC Pkg FORD2256F 29 Gen. Contr. Pkg4319F 33 Electrical Pkg FORD2257F 29 Gen. Contr. Pkg4319FX 33 Electrical Pkg FORD2258F 32 Cable Pkg4432 9 32” Welded Cabinet2261F 31 PHVAC Pkg4442 9 42” Welded Cabinet2262F 33 Elect. Pkg4450 9 50” Welded Cabinet3230F 32 Cable Pkg.4496 42 HVAC Pkg. #2, Transit35325-G 13 32” Shelf ADseries4508 39 Plumbing Pkg, Transit35327-G 13 44” Shelf ADseries4509 41 General Svc Pkg, Transit35328-G 13 50” Shelf ADseries4510 39 Telecomm. Pkg, Transit39063 44 E-Track Kit - Ford RWB 4511 42 HVAC Pkg. #1, Transit39335 44 E-Track Kit - Ford XWB 4512 40 Electrical Pkg, Transit4135F 30 44 Series Pkg4513 40 Locksmith Pkg, Transit4136F 30 44 Series Pkg4517 41 Comm. Shelving Pkg, Transit4138F 30 44 Series Pkg4522 43 Poly Liner Pkg, Transit4145F 35 Auto Glass Pkg4529 38 Intermediate Pkg, Transit4316F 37 Shelf Kit FORD4530 38 Full Package, Transit4316FX 37 Shelf Kit FORD4531 38 Premium Package, Transit4317F 29 Gen Svc Pkg FORD800.677.272647

ADRIAN STEEL COMPANYQUALITY• Adrian Steel is proud to be the first and only van equipment manufacturer to obtain TS16949 certification.• Our products are durable and reliable. Warranty claims are less than 1% of sales.• Our warranty covers our products for three years or 36,000 miles.INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS WITH FEATURES THAT MATTER• Drawers that stay closed while in transit.• ADseries truly adjustable shelving platform.• LoadsRite and Grip-Lock ladder racks that load and unload the safe and right way.• Interior ladder storage.• Plug and Play accessories.• Anti-slam drawer latches, and much more!COMMITMENT• At Adrian Steel, we are committed to you beyond the upfit!• A dedicated Customer Care Team at corporate headquarters.• A network of highly qualified distributors to support you locally.• Our commitment to provide the best cargo management solutions in North America.EXPERIENCE• Over One Million vans upfitted, and counting! It’s a fact that an organizedvehicle increases work flow efficiencies and reduces inventory damages.• Recognized as a National Truck Equipment Association MVP.SERVICE• Adrian Steel Products can be purchased throughout North America at authorized Adrian Steel distributors.• Adrian Steel Customer Service Representatives are available M-F, 8am - 5pm EST at 1-800-677-2726.• E-mail us at with questions, comments and feedback.• Visit for the most up-to-date product information, distributor locator, product catalogs, videos and more.PROUDLY DISTRIBUTED BY:906 James StreetAdrian, Michigan 49221-3996517-265-6194 Fax: 517-265-5834Toll Free info@adriansteel.comFORD 5M FEB13

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