Brochure MBA - Business School Netherlands

Brochure MBA - Business School Netherlands

A Dutch University of Applied SciencesExcitingly

Welcome to Business School Netherlands,a Dutch University of Applied SciencesWe have been active in the development of business professionals for aroundtwenty-five years, and we continue to expand our provision of Action Learningprogrammes beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands, creating a globalAction Learning community of business leaders, all following the same stepsto success, the ever revolving; diagnose – plan – do – reflectWe established the business school in 1988based upon our belief that the courses availablefailed to meet the actual training and developmentneeds of business managers. We developed ourcourseware built on a sound MBA portfolio andin the process became market leader in theNetherlands. We continue to grow to this daywith the same courage of our convictions andbelief that our Action Learning MBA is the bestoption for a business world that is constantlychanging and needs an MBA that focuses on real,complex organisational problems.We have learnt from our past experience, whichmeans that we constantly assess each newsituation, and make our decisions based on ourvision of success. With these values in mind, weendeavour to inspire our whole student body, sothat as business managers, they will grow anddevelop in the best possible way, establishingthemselves as true professionals within theircompetitive environments.Our vision is to be the best business school, sothat in turn our students will aspire to be thebest leaders and business managers; benefittingtheir personal development, professional careerand the organisations that have faith in their abilityto deliver.Juanita BouwerHead of English Programmes

Why Business School NetherlandsAction LearningAction Learning centers on the continued developmentof established talents, growing levels ofconfidence and optimising competencies. Thesimplicity of Action Learning is that as a workingmethodology, it can be implemented into mosttraining and development environments; making itone of the most flexible training tools available.Essentially, Action Learning requires asking pertinentquestions to probe deep into the issue, theproblem may appear to sit at surface level, butmore often the real issues lie buried deep. Questioningand just as importantly listening will unveilthe true issues; we will show you how. The simplesteps to the success of Action Learning are diagnosingthe problem, plan a means to resolve theissue, implement the change, and finally reflectupon the results. Most MBA programmes end atthe project write up, but the actual learning comesfrom the implementation and the reflection phase.World Institute for Action LearningWe are the first European institution to becomeaffiliates of the World Institute for Action Learning(WIAL). With such an outstanding organisationbacking our activities, these steps signal ourintent to excel even further as a rigorous practitionerof this powerful learning methodology.This strengthening of our internal Action Learningpractices, only serves to improve our efforts toenable managers in their development towardssuccess in their respective organisations.An International Business School –Dutch University of Applied SciencesFor many years, we have maintained an internationalvision and scope; outside of our Netherlandshead office campus, we are active throughoutother European countries, the African Continentand Asia. Our programmes are offered in variouslanguages, contributing to the professional growthof managers and business leaders internationally.Through the development of our ‘flagship’ EnglishLanguage International Action Learning MBA ® ,we have the potential to create Action Learnerswithin a global village context.setting, you can be confident of qualified, competentdiscussions with your sparring partners.Class interactions are always of the highest leveland because you are reviewing workplace issues,always directly relevant to your own working environment.As a manager you learn through experience,by taking action and addressing problems,you run the risks and realise the results! That isAction Learning.Life Long LearningOnce established, you will soon realise that theAction Learning methodology benefits you in allaspects of your personal life and professional career.The simple cyclical process and the research methodologieslearned, equip you like no other educationor training programme. This working methodprovides a new vision on leadership techniquesthat will benefit your career through the managementranks and beyond.Renowned FacultyBy now you will have realised that our approachis a little different compared to other businessschools, and we do not apologise for that. Thefact is our differences just make us stand outfrom the norm so it will be no surprise to discoverthat we differ with regard to our faculty too.Renowned professionals with extensive businessexperience are the requirements for our part timefaculty members. Topical, relevant information iswhat is required in a class of busy professionals,so our faculty is equipped with the most up todate references, to ensure that you the studentbenefits from the highest-level of interaction.Market LeaderWith an annual MBA student intake of approximately600, we are one of the largest businessschools in the Netherlands. Additionally with anundisputed “number 1 on programme content”consistently in the last three biannual rankingsfrom the Dutch ranking body and publication,Intermediar, no wonder we are proud of our marketleader status and regarded as experts in thefield of MBA programmes.Professional Study EnvironmentAs a business manager, you expect a professionalenvironment in which to study, and we are proudto say that our approach is professional yet personal.All class environments are established withlike-minded professionals, so when you share yourexperiences and examine your issues in a group

Action Learning MBA ®This MBA is the perfect educational training programme for the busyprofessional where relevance, excellence and flexibility are key criteria.Blended study methods neatly combine with supported coaching sessions,offering a true Action Learning MBA, convenient for the business traveller.Action LearningFrom the outset, as an Action Learning MBA ®student you will focus 100% of your time on topicsof relevance to you and your organisation.Through research and discussion, you will discovermethods to resolve issues and implementnew plans; applying change through action. Youwill complete four multi-disciplinary Action LearningProjects (ALPs) during the period of yourstudies which broaden your learning and managementand leadership ability to solve complexproblems.Your final project comprises a dissertation, duringwhich time you will identify and research a strategicorganisational problem or challenge.Replicates the Global Business EnvironmentThose that address problems alone stand alone,but those that form a strong team and tackle aproblem in a cohesive, synergistic manner, askchallenging questions and devise the strongest offormulas for change, they therefore realise theirgoals in an empowering fashion. For this reason,your classmates, from various business backgrounds,are your winning team, with whom youquestion and challenge, and formulate the perfectplan of change for the toughest of workplaceissues.During the initial start-up of the programme youwill be assigned to a geographically strategic subsetof between 4 and 8 students. This will simplifythe opportunity for regular interaction, whichis a fundamental aspect of Action Learning.Continuous Professional AssessmentAt Business School Netherlands we assess yourprogress as a professional leader or manager basedon several assessment methods which include:◆ A logbook of learning for each core course inwhich you document your personal learningexperiences◆ An open-book examination at the end of eachcore course which tests your knowledge abilityof core theory◆ A number of multi-disciplinary Action LearningProjects which tests your ability to solve complexproblems within your own organisation◆ A dissertation which addresses a complexproblem that is of strategic importance to yourorganization◆ Reflection of your learning experiences at theend of your studies through a self-reflectionproject called an Evaluation of ManagerialLearning experiences during the period of yourstudiesStudent SupportFrom the outset of the programme we supportour students through bi-weekly subset meetingswhich occur throughout the period of your studies.Our students are coached by specialised learning

coaches and tutors who use Action Learning principlesand processes to encourage and motivateour students throughout their studies. Renownedbusiness and academic practitioners and our inhousestaff play a vital role during your visit withus at the international residency conference.Here you have the opportunity to ask the mostchallenging of questions, dispute theories andexchange inspirational experiences. Once backin your own surroundings, the learning coachesand tutors continue inquisitive, taxing, and livelyinteraction.Library AccessWith the additional support of our immense databaseof online journals, periodicals and managementreviews, whatever your subject of interest,there is no problem in finding topical, significantand relevant information at the click of your mouse.Demonstrate that you have fully researched yourtopics of interest, with the aid of this incrediblereference tool accessible from all corners of theglobe.AccreditationThe Action Learning MBA ® is a distance learningMBA and a derivative of the accredited DistanceLearning MBA (CROHO Registration No, 70053)via the Dutch Governmental body, the NVAO,(Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlandsand Flanders), which guarantees excellence. Thisendorsement is recognised by global accreditationbodies and ensures further study opportunitiesBOTH within the EU and internationally.Quality Validation◆ CEDEO. Center for Documentation and Evaluationof External Business Courses: a quality validationorganisation undertaking quality checksat Business School Netherlands clients.◆ BSN is a registered University of Applied SciencesThe Perfect Stepping StoneFor those looking to continue beyond Master’slevel education, the Action Learning MBA ® is theperfect stepping-stone on your journey to continuedsuccess and future learning.

Programme StructureThe phases of the Action Learning MBA ®include:Phase 1: Start-up PhaseDuring the introductory 4-day phase of your studiesyou will experience:◆ An Introduction and Overview of the programme◆ An Introduction to Action Learning from a practicalperspective◆ An Introduction to Research Methodology◆ Training in Interpersonal SkillsUpon completion of the start-up you will berequired to attend subset meetings every secondweek during which time you will be assisted bya Learning Coach who will coach the subset inthe practical aspects of Action Learning whileyou research and analyse your own organisation.As an output for this phase you will produce anOrganisational Analysis (OA) project of your ownyour company and you will also design yourown Personal Development Plan based on yourcurrent leadership skills and competencies. Youwill be encouraged throughout the programmeto continually reflect on your leadership skills andcompetencies and consider areas for personalongoing development.In addition, you will be required to undertakea literature research project to develop yourunderstanding of the theoretical fundamentalsof Action Learning and present your findings in awritten report.Phase 2: Core CoursesOn completion of your Organisational Analysisproject and your literature review on Action Learningyou will attend a series of multi-disciplinary corecourse workshops which focus on a range of HotTopics in each of the seven core course disciplines.These workshops are specifically designed for youto interact and share your experiences with ourexperienced and professional faculty and fellowstudents.As you work through your core courses you willdecide which disciplines you will focus on foryour Action Learning projects. You will continue toattend subset meetings throughout the duration ofyour studies, during which time you will be coached

The IALMBA Timeline ®Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3Start-up Phase (4 Days)Organisational Analysis, Marketing Management; Human Resources Management;Personal Development Operations Management; Information Management; DissertationPlan & Action Learning Financial Management; International Management &Literature ResearchStrategic ManagementProject2 Months 16 Months 6 Months24 Months ** Note: A maximum of 48 months is available for the completion of the IALMBA ®** Note: Students are required to complete four multi-disciplinary Action Learning Projects and attend all core course workshopsand write exams for all core course subjects.through a Learning Coach who will assist you in thedevelopment of your Action Learning projects. Youwill be required to write an open-book examinationprior to the start of each new core course.Compulsory Core Courses include:◆ Strategic Management (SM)◆ Marketing Management (MM)◆ Operations Management (OM)◆ Human Resources Management (HRM)◆ Financial Management (FM)◆ Information Management (IM)◆ International Management (Int. M)In addition, the core course workshops maybe supplemented with specialist Master Classelectives to ensure that you receive the latestcutting edge thinking and interactive discussionin specialised areas of business management andleadership.International Conference in HollandYou are required to undertake an internationalstudy tour to Holland for a period of six days aspart of your academic studies. During this studyblock you will attend the following:◆ A workshop on International Management◆ A summary workshop in strategic management◆ A Dissertation Dipstick workshop◆ An advanced workshop on Research Methodologyin preparation for your dissertation◆ Master Classes on specialised topics◆ Field visits to Dutch organisations and meetingswith other international studentsPhase 3: DissertationThe final phase of your studies requires you toidentify a strategic problem within your organisationand then research and write a dissertation. You willbe allocated an internal examiner who will provideyou with support and feedback during this phaseof your studies.

Action Learning in ActionHaving graduated over 2300 Action Learning MBA managers from variouscontinents, we have demonstrated the flexibility of Action Learning as a highlyeffective method for training and development of leaders and managers withinorganisations.Through the Action Learning process, individualsare open to and respond better to change andchange management. Apply this principle to a set ofbusiness leaders and the results are empowering.Whilst change is occurring in the first instanceat a local level, it is the learning process and thelearning outcomes that have a proliferative effecton organisational changes of a strategic nature.Therefore, an organisation that implements ActionLearning processes, at its heart of defining change,only serves to potentiate the abilities and motivationof its staff. Not only does the organisation benefitfrom having Action Learners within its managementteam, the added value is the return on investmentdemonstrated; whilst changes occur in time, onbudget and in-house.Imagine your own internal consultancy team,keen to discuss issues, challenge decisions andimplement changes that work to the good of theorganisation, all based upon referenced reviewsand the experiences of fellow experts. Few MBAprogrammes can offer such a beneficial return oninvestment to an organisation.The following list of organisations have benefittedfrom having one or more employee follow an MBAprogramme with Business School Netherlands:AdidasAkzo NobelCap GeminiDaimler ChryslerDelta LloydKPMGHeinekenINGJohnson & Johnson MedicalRoyal Dutch Ministry of DefenceNike EuropePhilipsPricewaterhouseCoopersRabobankUnilever

Confucius was the original action learnerI hear, I forget, I see, I remember,I do, I understand.It is an age-old issue, how does an organisationfoster the continued focus of key personnelwhilst encouraging them to optimise skills anddevelop diverse perspectives; our programmeswork harder for your organisation so that you canwork smarter. Whilst following our Action LearningMBA ® your managers will continue their dailyworkload and carry out a series of change projectsas they progress through the programme. They willdiagnose problems and offer educated solutionsfor implementation. They now have a stake in theongoing change process and development of theorganisation; your investment is their investment.How the Action Learning MBA ® can benefityour Organisation:◆ Return on Investment is directly measurablethrough implementation of the Action Learningprojects◆ The application of Action Learning thinking willspill over into other areas of your organisation,thereby resulting in the development of managementskills and competency development◆ The six-day international conference at the conclusionof your studies presents our studentswith significant networking opportunities◆ Action Learning is a highly effective tool forleadership development◆ Personal development and career developmentaspirations are met, ensuring retention of keypersonnelAdmission Criteria for the Action LearningMBA ®◆ Hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualificationfrom a recognised institution◆ Be in a managerial role; management traineesare considered candidates for this programme◆ We will consider applications from suitable applicantswho may not hold an undergraduatedegree, who have extensive management experience,subject to certain terms and conditions◆ Professional management qualifications arehighly regarded in the application processFor non-English speakers a TOEFL or IELTSlanguage test is required. The minimum passmark for TOEFL is 550 (paper); 213 (computer) or79/80 (internet) and IELTS 6.0. Exemptions can beconsidered should your mother tongue be Englishand you have successfully completed your degreein English.

Need to find out more?If you would like discuss enrolment proceduresfor the Action Learning MBA ® , or learn moreabout our programmes, contact us today:Email: international@bsn.euWebsite: will you join us?Business School NetherlandsHerenstraat 25 BurenPO Box 709 4116 ZJ BurenThe Netherlandst +31 (0)344 579 030f +31 (0)344 579 action learning business school

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