GROUP PrimaryMake your Money Count Poster - Cafod

GROUP PrimaryMake your Money Count Poster - Cafod

GROUP PrimaryMake your Money Count Poster - Cafod


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Registered charity no. 285776Lettering: www.ruthrowland.co.uk Photograph: Marcella Haddad Printed on 50:50 recycled + sustainably sourced paperHPSO5

Registered charity no. 285776Every Fast Day we count on schools like <strong>your</strong>s toraise money for people who need it most all overthe world. For Harvest Fast Day 2009, we arevisiting Brazil, and finding out how children therehave a brighter future thanks to <strong>your</strong> support!Your money counts towards projects that provide food,water, homes and health care, as well as education,training and support for people to earn a living.Right now, the poorest people in the world aresuffering the most because of the global economic crisis. It’smore important than ever for everyone to do their bit to help…Put up this poster in school and organise fundraising activitiesfor everyone to enjoy. You’ll find help, inspiration and everythingyou need online.Your money counts!Here’s just some of the great stuff we’ve created for <strong>your</strong> Fast Day. Get toknow our work through the eyes of children in the Amazon, Brazil. Then findall the support you need to raise money.Every penny counts and YOU CAN make a real difference!VictorFrom children in Brazil:• Meet Victor (5) from a little village in the Amazon –watch a film and a slide show.• Find out about his family and friends, and learn about lifein his village.• Find out how we are making sure Victor and his friendshave hope for the future.For <strong>your</strong> fundraising activities:• Online Fundraising Toolkit – all you need to know for a successfulfundraising event!• Loads of fundraising ideas to make <strong>your</strong> event unique and fun.• Online banners and widgets to promote <strong>your</strong> event on <strong>your</strong>school website.• Online game – be a Brazilian drummer!• Recipes for delicious Brazilian party food.• Incredible Brazilian music to download.BrazilTEACHERS!Fast Day is a BIG opportunity to learn and have fun with <strong>your</strong>class and school – and really make a difference.Show our work in action, using our exciting resources based on children inBrazil. Everything we’re providing for you clearly demonstrates how raisingmoney counts in their lives.We’ve got lots of resources to help you inspire <strong>your</strong> children:• Lesson notes – all about our work in Miratu in the Amazon –identifying key themes such as sustainable living, child rightsand climate change.• Animation of a poem exploring big issues of child/youth rights.• Film clips and slideshows to use in the classroom.• Reflections and activities for assemblies and specialFast Day gatherings.Top ideas for <strong>your</strong>fundraising…Fast Day school saleSell <strong>your</strong> baking, knitting, jewellery, artwork, pottery, crafts, customised fashion,plants, books and mags, jumble and second-hand goods…Lunchtime snacks saleOrganise a sale of fairly traded products, or make some ofthe delicious Brazilian recipes and charge people to trythem – online for Harvest Fast Day.cafod.org.uk/moneycountFashion showSell tickets for an after school or lunchtime event – use recycled clothesand have an eco-show – or try a Brazil theme.Face painting competitionPut <strong>your</strong> artistic talents to good use and paint people’s faces. You couldhave a themed face painting day such as animals or characters from a book.Guessing gamesHow many balloons in a car/sweets in a jar? Get people tobring in photos of themselves as babies and guess who’s who!Players pay to enter, and win prizes.Line of coinsGet everyone to collect spare change at home in a CAFOD<strong>Money</strong> Box, then bring it in and line it up to see how long<strong>your</strong> line is… or design a brilliant pattern with <strong>your</strong> coins.Nature trailLearn about the plants, animalsand insects around <strong>your</strong> school.Then organise a nature trail and getlocal people to pay to come along.International eveningCelebrate the countries where CAFOD works. Decorate the hall with world flags,sell international snacks and play world music. How about aquiz on big global issues? Sell tickets to come along.Rich/Poor mealEveryone pays the same to join in a simple lunch with a difference…A few randomly chosen people get an upgrade to a tasty sit-down meal!It will help to demonstrate global inequality.Check out our Fundraising Toolkitonline for all you need to know about puttingon a fundraising event – with loads moreideas too!Lettering: www.ruthrowland.co.uk Illustrations: Alex Amelines Photograph: Marcella Haddad CAFOD is a member of Caritas InternationalHPS05

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