From The Editor - Fairhaven Neighborhood News

From The Editor - Fairhaven Neighborhood News

Fairhaven Neighborhood NewsAFREE!publication of all things FairhavenIncluding event listings from Cape Cod to RIThe little paperwith a big voice!Volume 7, Issue 43 • November 15, 2012Teeming with information you need.(And some you don’t need, but will be glad you have anyway.)Fairhaven honors veteransPeople gather under the big flag at Fairhaven High School on Sunday, 11/11, for a short ceremonyafter the Veterans Day parade. See page 12 for story. Photo by Beth David. See it in color Visit us at to see more photos.• Selectboard: page 4• FinCom: page 19Also Inside:• Acushnet Special Elect: page 16• Save Livesey Park: page 13

FromThe EditorWEST ISLAND —A day late and many dollars short.Here we go again...pushingthe clock.Where to begin this week?Selectboard had aninteresting conversation withEmergency Management (Seepage 4). Turns out they sold 30cots, but no one’s admitting Beth David, Publisherthey gave permission for themto be declared surplus. It just happened by magic, I guess.Anyway the upshot is that we only have a handful ofcots for the emergency shelter in case of a storm. Guesswhen we found out? guessed it, during thestorm.Geesh. Turns out the Sheriff’s department gave us 30cots but no one looked at ’em. When the storm hit,someone discovered the cots were missing pieces and sothey couldn’t be put together.EMA: you didn’t look at the cots? Really?You’d think you’d want to look at them just for the funof it, or maybe to see how they go together instead ofwaiting for the impending storm to find the pieces (which,apparently, don’t exist).Okay, inquiring minds want to know: which pieces aremissing? Can we get those pieces, or make them? Do wereally have to junk 30 cots?Sure, what the hell, it’s only taxpayer money. Let’s justask for more of MY hard-earned money to buy 30 more cots.Heaven help us all.Next time an EMA guy tries to stop me going down theneck, I assure you, he had better get the hell out of the wayof my car. With brains like those on display at theSelectboard meeting, I see no reason to listen to any ofthose boobs wearing a FEMA hat (that’s “Fairhaven”Emergency Management, not “Federal”).Just saying. Better get a police officer there or I’mblowing by you.The high school is putting on a play this weekend.Sounds like it’s a funny one. Neil Simon is always good fora laugh. Check out page 6 for details. Those kids do a greatjob. I have to say I have never been disappointed at a playat Fairhaven High School.Ah, teenagers. They have the energy of young’uns, butthey are almost full grown. What a combination. Theycreate good entertainment. Our Performing Arts Centerisn’t that big, though, so be sure to get your tickets early.There’s all kinds of other good stuff in here, of course,meeting coverage (FinCom page 19), fun stuff (geesecrossing the road on page 16), and of course, our coverstory ( page 12).I love the Veterans Day parade. I took a bunch of greatpictures. I’ll try to get them up on Facebook for you...Iknow....still waiting for the others.On page 13 you’ll find a story about the skate park inFairhaven, along with some cool pictures of thoseyoung’uns flying throug the air with thegreatest of ease.Well, time to go. Next week isour shopping issue, so be sure tolook for it.Fairhaven Neighborhood NewsVolume 7, Issue 43Thursday, November 15, 2012Copyright 2012 Elizabeth A. 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Stop & Shop customers rack up a big pile of food for the pantryBy Beth DavidEditorStop & Shop in Fairhaven donatedthree pick-up trucks of food to theShepherd’s Food Pantry on Sunday.According to store manager TomJoseph, the items came fromshoppers who were asked by cashiersto buy a “dollar item.” The items werethen put aside for donation.When Gerry Payette pulled up inhis compact pickup, it took aboutthree seconds to realize it would notall fit. Mr. Joseph allowed two S&Semployees, Rick and Nick, to use theirtrucks to go to the pantry.Mr. Joseph said that once againCera Langton was the cashier whogarnered the most donations at herstation.“I just do my job,” said Ms.Langton. “If the boss is happy, we’reall happy.”Ms. Langton also said she had usedfood pantries in the past.“I know what it’s like to be downand out,” she said.From press release materialsAt 10:25 a.m. last Thursday, 11/8,Fairhaven Fire received a 9-1-1 callfrom the neighbor of 304 Mill Roadreporting smoke coming from thehouse and an unresponsive female onthe floor.Fire crews were dispatched to thescene. When they arrived they foundan elderly female on the floor justinside the entrance and a fire in thekitchen of the in-law apartment onthe second floor. Barbara Wilbur, 84,was transported by FairhavenParamedics to St. Luke’s HospitalLEFT: Cera Langton, a cashier at Stop & Shop in Fairhaven, carries a box of donated foodgoing to the Shepherd’s Pantry in Acushnet. Cashiers ask customers to buy “dollar items”at checkout. The food is then put aside and sent to the pantry. ABOVE, L-R: Rick,Stephanie and Eric load up Rick’s truck for the trip to Acushnet. Photos by Beth David.Woman dies in Fairhaven firewhere she later died.The fire was extinguished quicklybut the apart ment sustained con -sider able damage throughout.The State Fire Marshal’s Office wascalled in to help FairhavenInvestigators from the Police and FireDepartment investigate the cause ofthe fire. It is believed that the firestarted in the kitchen of the in-lawapartment in the area of the cookingstove.Ms. Wilbur may have tried toextinguish the fire and then tried toexit the home where she collapsedjust short of the exit door. A cleaninglady who was scheduled to workthere that day heard the smokealarms and smelled smoke as sheapproached the home. She alertedthe neighbor next door, who had akey to the home, and then call 9-1-1.Ms. Wilbur lived at the home withher son and girlfriend. Ms. Wilbur’scat died in the fire also. The home isoccupied by Cheryl Costa and BruceWilbur who were not home at thetime of the fire. Damage is estimatedat $40,000. There were working smokedetectors in the home.WayneElectric & Alarms508-997-5600 508-758-3068www.walarms.com24-Hour UL-Listed Monitoring ServiceSecurity Systems • Fire AlarmsClosed Circuit Television • Card AccessServing Bristol & Plymouth Counties for over 35 yearsCampaign kick-off Cocktail Party!BrianBowcock,SelectmanRe-ElectPeter DeTerra,Board ofHealthCash Bar • Live MusicNovember 15, 2012 • 6–9 p.m. • $40 ppSeaport Inn, 110 Middle Street, FairhavenFor tickets call: Brian Bowcock, 508-997-3600or Peter DeTerra, 508-992-1838Paid for by Peter DeTerraFairhaven Neighborhood News Thursday, November 15, 2012 Page 3

Selectboard supports Voc-Tech renovations, sets FY13 tax rateBy Beth DavidEditorThe Fairhaven Selectboard had a fulland long night of it on Tuesday, 11/13,facing several groups, public hearings,and the warrant for the special townmeeting scheduled for 12/4. The boardalso heard from resident KarenIsherwood, who has been very vocalabout the effects that the IndustrialWind Turbines on Arsene Street havehad on her property.Ms. Isherwood was accompanied byat least a dozen neighbors andwindwise members, but took issue withChairperson Brian Bowcock when hereferred to her “group.”“Why are you calling me a group?”interrupted Ms. Isherwood. “I’m just meand my daughters.”Then she apologized and said shewas “exhausted.”Ms. Isherwood, who was not on theagenda, started by asking if someonesigns a contract that has a “verynegative impact,” are they responsible.Dr. Bowcock did not answer rightaway.“You know where I’m going withthis,” said Ms. Isherwood.She said she had appeared beforeSelectboard, Board of Health and hashad no resolution. She said the impactfrom the turbines was “unbearable” forher and her family.“I hold you responsible. I’m askingyou to fix it,” she said. “I’m getting veryill and so are my daughters.”She said some people are proud ofthe turbines that are “killing my family.Killing me...and you’re going to beproud of that?”Dr. Bowcock stopped her fromspeaking and told her that “her issue”was not on the agenda, that he wouldnot allow her to continue, and said itmight even be a “violation of law tohave the discussion.”“You’re not going to come in hereand just interrupt the meeting,” said Dr.Bowcock. “You asked for soundtesting,” and the Department ofEnvironmental Protection is doing it.He said nothing would happen untilthe testing is done.Ms. Isherwood argued that thesound testing was taking months.Dr. Bowcock then simply ignored herand called on the next appointment.In another matter, representativesfrom New Bedford Regional Voca tionalTechnical High School presented plansand financial information to the boardon plans to renovate the school.The Mass. School Building Authorityhas approved funding at 80% for theproject. The three municipalities in thedistrict must vote to allow the funding.New Bedford voted yes, Dartmouthvoted yes, and Fairhaven has a specialtown meeting on Dec. 4 to vote on theissue.Voc-Tech representatives had metwith the Finance Committee last week(See page 19), but faced some opposi -tion for not having all the informationtown officials asked for.“This presentation was better thanthe last one,” at the finance commit tee,said Selectboard Executive SecretaryJeffrey Osuch, adding that the projectwas “deserving of consideration,” andthat he expected it to pass at TownMeeting.We’re not looking formore students. We’relooking to serve thestudents we have better[Linda Enos]Plans call for an expansion of thecafeteria, increase in the size of someclassrooms, a decrease in size of someareas, and reconfiguration of thescience areas.“We’re not looking for morestudents,” said Superintendent LindaEnos. “We’re looking to serve thestudents we have better.”The cafeteria was built to serve 1860students when built in 1974, it nowserves 2150.Officials also explained that evenwithout the renovation project, thedistrict was expecting to pay up to $2.9million for new air handling systems.That seemed to be the factor thatput it over the top for selectboardmembers.The total project is estimated at$17,099,808 with MSBA granting$12,736,352. The New Bedford,Dartmouth and Fairhaven would splitthe costs of the remaining $4,363,456.Representatives encouraged resi -dents to attend GNBVT’s open house onSunday, from 11-4, to see the building.The measure is article 5 on theNEW: Meeting videosavailable onlineThe Fairhaven town website nowhas meetings streaming onine. Visit: Main.aspx?ChannelID=1Special Town Meeting (STM) warrantand the board voted to support it.The board also met with PublicWorks superintendent Vinnie Furtadoabout several articles the depart menthas on the STM warrant.The board voted to support all hisrequests, which include labor contractcosts, $196,000 for the anaerobicdigester.According to Mr. Furtado andSewer/Wastewater SuperintendentLinda Schick, the digester is nowworking, 1.5 years behind schedule.Ms. Schick and Mr. Furtado told theboard that the department had alreadysaved $7,000 in October alone on solidwaste removal because of the digester.The project was paid for with a“forgiveness” loan from federalstimulus funds. Once the project meetsthe guidelines set forth in the grant, thenearly $7 million loan will be forgiven.“I’m glad to see the digester projectis coming to an end,” said Dr. Bowcock.“It’s only just begun,” said Ms.Schick.The Emergency Management Agencyalso appeared before the board todiscuss the hurricane plan and itsrequest at the STM for $1500 to buy 30cots to use in emergency shelters intown.The EMA had received 30 cots fromthe Sheriff’s department, butdiscovered they were “useless”because they were missing parts.Thirty cots also were sold as surplusproperty at the auction this fall, butEMA Director Marc Jodoin told theboard he did not do it.“I never declared them surplus,” Mr.Jodoin said. “So I don’t now how thathappened.”Selectboard Member CharlesMurphy reminded the EMA thatSouthern Mass Credit Union haddecided to donate five cots.The EMA would like to have 200.The board voted to recommend allarticles on the Special Town Meetingwarrant including repairs to theMacLean Seafood/Union WharfSELECT: cont’d on page 20Page 4Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

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Turkey TrotOn Thanksgiving morning the 3rdAnnual Fairhaven Turkey Trot forHealth and Hunger will be takingplace in Fairhaven. Runners andwalkers cover a 3.1 mile course,which begins in Cushman Park at 8:00a.m. to celebrate health, camaraderie,and generosity on the holiday. Therace was designed by members of theFairhaven High School class of 1999to promote fitness in our hometownand to give back to the community.All proceeds from the race go tosupport Shepherd’s Pantry, Damien’sPantry, and M.O. Life.Online registration will be availableuntil Monday, Nov 19. You may alsoregister in person on Tuesday,November 20 from 4pm-8pm at theFairhaven Rec. Center, or register onThanksgiving morning between 7amand 7:45am at Rasputin’s Tavern onMain St. and Bridge St.Visit the websit at to register.;$20.00 for individual; or give $30 foran extra donation to the pantriesStart time: 8am; Number and t-shirtpick-up: Tues, Nov 20 4pm-8pm ORThurs, Nov 22 7am-7:45amHoliday BazaarThe 21st Annual Nemasket GroupBazaar opens its doors on Sat., Nov.17th at 9 a.m.–4 p.m.. There is nocharge for admission and free parkingis available in the Nemasket GroupParking lot adjacent to the Gallery at56 Bridge Street, corner of Bridge andGreen Streets, Fairhaven. For moreinformation, please call the NemasketGroup at 508-999-4436 or learn more about The NemasketGroup visit us for breakfast and lunch!This year’s Bazaar features some ofthe finest craftspeople in South -eastern Mass., as well as the ChanceAuction and Bake Table. Deliciouslunches and baked goods will beavailable throughout the day.Bake SaleA bake sale sponsored By AtriaFairhaven Mission Council To Raisemoney for American DiabetesAssociation, will be Wednesday,November 21, from 10 AM to 12 PM atAtria Fairhaven, 391 Alden RoadAROUND TOWN HAPPENINGSFairhaven; 508-994-9238.Rocky’s Grand OpeRocky’s Ace Hardware, a familyownedbusiness, founded in 1926,proudly announces that Rocky’s willbe entering a new market with theopening of a brand new store inFairhaven, MA. Construction at thenew site began in June, on Saturday,November 17 the store will berevealed to the public. The store islocated on Huttleston Avenue, (Rte.6) in the Fairhaven Stop & Shop Plaza.The Grand Opening Sale will startat 8am on Saturday with incrediblebuys from every department.The Festivities begin promptly at10am. To start off the ceremony MissNew Bedford 2013, Janelle Guenettewill sing our National Anthem. SeveralTown Selectmen and local officialswill join our President and CEO,Rocco Falcone II, in the officialopening of the store, culminating witha unique board cutting ceremony.Unlike some stores that signify theiropening by cutting a ribbon with apair of scissors; Rocky’s takes achainsaw to lumber! The festivitiescontinue throughout the day withmusic, FUN 107 broadcasting on siteand giveaways.Food DriveThe Fairhaven Business Associa -tion (FBA) is sponsoring a Food Driveto benefit both the First Congrega -tional Church of Fairhaven andSheperd’s Pantry. Anyone wishing todonate canned and dry goods maydrop off at either Art on Center, Inc.located at 15 Center Street, Fairhavenor What a Find! ConsignmentFurniture located at 154 HuttlestonAvenue, Fairhaven now throughSunday, November 18.Play at FHSThe Fairhaven High School TheatreCompany will perform Neil Simon’sRumors on November 15, 16, and17th at 7:30 in the Performing ArtsCenter at Fairhaven High School.America’s premier comic play -wright delighted audiences with thisout-and-out funny offering. Fourcouples are at the town house of adeputy New York City mayor and hiswife to celebrate their 10th weddinganniversary. The party never beginsbecause the host has shot himself inthe head (it’s only a flesh wound) andhis wife is missing. His lawyer’s coverup gets progressively more difficult tosustain as the other guests arrive andnobody can remember who has beentold what about whom.Tickets are $10.00 for Adults; $7.00for Seniors and Students. Tickets maybe purchased in advance by calling508-979-4051, ext. 5411 or at the doorthe night of the performances. Due toadult language and content, thisproduction is recommended formature audiences.Indoor Farmers MktThe Fairhaven Farmers Marketcontinues Sunday, 11/18, with anIndoor Thanksgiving Market at TheNemasket Gallery on the corner ofBridge and Green Street in Fairhaven.The market will run from 1-4pm insidewith bakery items, cheese, eggs,honey and many other wonderfullocally produced items. Stop by topurchase some local produce foryour upcoming holiday meal.Mothers’ ClubThe Fairhaven Mothers’ Club willhold its board meeting on Tuesday,11/20, at noon, at the MillicentLibrary, 45 Center Street, Fairhaven.Accessible. Chris Richard will give atalk on Colonial medicine.Holiday BazaarSt. Joseph School PTO presents itsannual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday,November 17, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m. at the School, 100 Spring Street,Fairhaven. Events to include Santa’sWorkshop, Chinese Auction, YardSale, Open Kitchen, Performance bythe School’s Choir, Classroom Giftsand Over 20 Vendors!!! For More Info.Call (508)996-1983Christmas FairTrinity Lutheran Church, 16Temple Place, Fairhaven, MA, isholding its annual Christmas Fair onSaturday, November 17, 10:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m., Featuring Knit Goods,Crafts, Plants, Play & Learn Campus'Treasure ChestLuncheon Offerings Include:Lobster Rolls, Scallops, FriedChicken, Sandwiches & more. Varietyof Delicious Homemade DessertsPage 6Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

Voc-tech Open HseNew Bedford Regional VocationalTechnical High School, 1121 AshleyBlvd., New Bedford, will hold an openhouse on Sunday, 11/18, from 11a.m.–4 p.m.Moby Dick Call-inThe New Bedford WhalingMuseum’s 17th Annual Moby-DickMarathon is scheduled for January5–6, 2013, and all those interested inreading are invited to contact themuseum, starting at 12:01 a.m.Monday, November 12. Call (508) 717-6851 or email: to request a 7-10minute reading slot. Be sure toprovide your full name and preferredreading time as well as two alternatetimes.Every January, the world's largestwhaling museum marks theanniversary of Herman Melville’s 1841whaling voyage from New Bedfordwith a 25-hour nonstop reading ofAmerica’s greatest novel, “Moby-Dick.” The weekend includes threedays of activities, January 4-5-6, 2013,including a ticketed buffet dinner andlecture on Friday evening.A midwinter tradition, themarathon attracts hundreds ofreaders and listeners from around theworld. The reading begins at noon onSaturday, January 5 and finishes at1:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 6. Snowand cold will not stop this literaryhappening. Come at any time; leave atany time, or stay 25 hours and win aprize!For a complete calendar of events,visit the Whaling Museum online Theatre PlayThe Holocaust’s calamity andheartbreak come alive in YourTheatre, Inc.’s production of PeterSagal’s gripping two-act play “Denial,”which will run Thursday throughSaturday evenings Nov. 8-10 and 15-17 at 8 p.m. with Sunday matineesNov. 11 and 18 at 2:30 p.m.See ad on page 4. Ticket and otherinformation about the production areavailable by calling Your Theatre, 508 993-0772 or by sending e-mailto The theatre’sweb site is OVERTOWNRAPP ProgramsThe Southcoast Hospitals’Responsible Attitudes towardPregnancy, Parenting & Prevention(RAPPP) Program is hosting a seriesof after school activities during themonth of November. Experiencedteachers will also be available to helpstudents with math, science, Englishand history homework.Each day of the week will feature adifferent theme: Mystery Monday,arts & crafts on Tuesday, WorkoutWednesday, cultural day on Thursdayand drop in day on Friday. Thefollowing is the list of activitiesscheduled through the end ofNovember:• Friday, 11/16: Open Drop In.• Monday, 11/19: Thanksgiving Feast.• Tuesday, 11/20: String cranberriesand popcorn garland and help withmath and science homework.• Wednesday, 11/21: Workout Wednes -day and homemade granola.• Friday, 11/23: Open Drop In.After school programs take placefrom 2:30 to 5 p.m. at SouthcoastRAPPP’s drop-in center at 1208Ashley Boulevard in New Bedford.Programs are offered to tweens andteens age 11 to 19 and are free ofcharge. Snacks will be provided to allparticipants. Youth can register forupcoming activities by stopping bythe RAPPP drop-in center, howeverregistration is not required.For more information contactSouthcoast at 508-995-0306.VisitHomework HelpersThe New Bedford Cable Networkhas announced that “HomeworkHelpers,” a live show hosted by NewBedford Public Schools teachers whoprovide guidance to students seekinghelp with their homework, has begunits second season. Current andretired New Bedford Public Schoolsteachers host the half-hour call-inshow on New Bedford’s EducationChannel 17 and provide helpfulinstruction and advice to studentstackling difficult homeworkquestions.Students can call into the showfour days a week from 5-5:30 p.m. at(508) 979-1600 with their questions.Students may also e-mail questions or leave a voice messageeither before or after the show at(508) 979-1760.The show will be rebroadcast at7:30 p.m. on the night it is taped liveand again at 7:30 a.m. the nextmorning. Viewers can also watch thelive show through the City of NewBedford website.Irish ChristmasConcertSt. Lawrence Martyr Parishpresents an Irish Christmas Concertto benefit the St. Lawrence BellTower Restora tion Fund, at KeithMiddle School, Nov. 29, at 7 p.m.This concert will transport you toIreland to experience Christmas inthe true Irish tradition!Starring Tony Kenny, George Casey,Kathy Durkin, Dublin Trinity Bandand Jurys Irish Dancers.For tickets please call SuzanneSullivan at 508-525-0060 or 508-992-2451. Tickets are $25 each.This concert will transport you toIreland and experience Christmas inthe true Irish tradition!Hatch Street ShopsThe Hatch Street shops will holdtheir annual holiday sale Nov. 23–25.The sale takes place throughoutThanksgiving weekend and is a funplace to bring holiday guests. Hoursare Friday, November 23, 1:00 to 6:00,Saturday, November 24, 10:00 to 5:00,Sunday, November 25, 10:00 to 5:00. for moreinformation or email 88hatchstreet@comcast.netShort Plays MarathThe 11th Annual Short PlaysMarathon sponsored by Culture*Parkwill be held on Saturday, November24th, from 1-10:30 p.m. at the NewBedford Whaling Museum Theater, 18Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford.Accessible.Visit for a list of playsSave the DateNew Bedford PreservationSociety’s Holiday House tour will beheld on Dec. 8 & 9. Visit www.nbpreservationsociety.orgFairhaven Neighborhood News Thursday, November 15, 2012 Page 7

Free Christmas FilmOn Tuesday, November 27 atnoon, the Mattapoisett Friends ofthe Elderly hosts a free showing of“A Christmas Story” at the Councilon Aging. Pizza is available for$3.00. Pizza requests must be paidby 3:00 PM on Monday, Nov. 26.“A Christmas Story” is aboutRalphie Parker, a young boy livingin 1940s Indiana. He desperatelyyearns for a Red Rider BB gun forChristmas. His mother admonisheshim, "You'll shoot your eye out."Ralphie persists by asking,unsuccessfully, for help from bothhis teacher and Santa Claus. All thewhile, Ralphie finds himself tryingto stay out of a feud between hismother and father regarding a sexylamp. This is in addition to havingto deal with the constant taunts of apair of bullies.RVSP the Mattapoisett Councilon Aging at the Center School onBarstow Street or call 508-758-4110,even if you’re not having pizza, sowe know how many seats to set up.Auction for AnimalsAnimal Advocates is pleased toannounce its 16th Annual FourPaws Charity Auction for Homelessand Abandoned Dogs and Cats onSaturday, November 17, from 7:00pm to 10:00 pm. Viewing time forthe Silent Auction is 6:30 pm.It is being held at beautifulHawthorne Country Club, 970Tucker Rd., Dartmouth, MA.Admission is free, with compli -mentary appetizers.This year we are featuring manybeautiful items and original art fromSouthcoast’s most gifted artists andhundreds of gift certificates andmerchandise from many restau -rants, stores and shops. Many ofthe items at the Auction are unique.There will be something for every -one; with over 300 to 400 items,many of them new.Please come and join us and buyyour Holiday gifts at the Auction forAnimals, you’ll be helping to savelives. This is our largest fundraisingevent of the year; and your supportreduces the number of dogs andHAPPENINGS/OTHER LATITUDEScats destroyed in shelters andabandoned on the streets everysingle day through spaying andneutering.To donate or volunteer, pleasecall us at (508) 991-7727 or 774-888-9008, or e-mail us atanimaladvocates@comcast.netBird WalksOwl ProwlOwl Prowl at Stone Barn Farm,Sponsored by Allens Pond WildlifeSanctuary, Fri, Nov 16, 6–8:00 pmLocation: Stone Barn Farm, 786Horseneck Road, Dartmouth. Suitablefor children 0 - 18 years)Fee: Adults $4.00m/ $6.00nm,Children $4.00m/ $6.00nmJoin us at our Stone Barn Farmproperty at twilight, to explore andidentify noctural wildlife as itawakens! WHOO, who or what will wefind? We'll use our best night visionskills as we walk and listen to calls ofmultiple species of owls and willlearn more about each species, aswell as interesting facts and informa -tion about any other nighttimewildlife that is discovered! Dress foran outdoor, twilight walk.You may park in the circulardriveway in front of the house or inthe driveway in front of the tractorbarn.Bird Walks with PaulChamplinSponsored by Allens Pond WildlifeSanctuary, Sat, Nov 17, from 8:00 am -12:00 pm. Location: Allens PondWildlife Sanctuary, Westport.Instructor: Paul Champlin -Ornithologist. Audience: Adult Fee:Adults $4.00m/$6.00nmJoin guest ornithologist PaulChamplin on a guided walk alongsanctuary trails or to special habitatsnot open to the public in search ofseasonal birds. We will prowl thethickets and shoreline of theSanctuary and learn to recognizemigratory birds as well as those whowill have remained onsite throughthe winter months.IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFO:If you prefer to register for more thanone walk, a pre-paid punch card,good for 10 walks with Paul can bepurchased at the Sanctuary. Price forpre-paid card is $40 for members/$60for non-members and cards do notexpire.Meet at the field station and dressfor the outdoors. Be sure to bringyour binoculars and/or a scope andlet us know if you need to borrow oneof ours.Contact Jennifer Costa: (508) 636-2437, or jcosta@massaudubon.orgBuild A GnomeHomeChildren and parents are invited tothe Mattapoisett Library on Sat., Nov.17th to build homes for gnomes,fairies and elves. Two sessions arebeing held, featuring the artistictalent of Paula Cobb. The morningsession will be held from 10 am to 12pm. The afternoon session will beheld from 1 to 3 pm. Registration isrequired and can be done by callingthe children's department at 508-758-4171. Please bring: moss, acorns,nuts, shells, small pinecones,branches, twigs, and a platform tobuild upon, such as an empty plasticgallon milk container. Also, bringyour imagination! It’s the winterseason, so we’re building homes tokeep them warm! The library islocated at 7 Barstow Street.InspirationalWomen PhotosSome might say it’s a man’s world,but the Adams Gallery presentsanother point of view in this selectionof portraits from Bill and KerryBrett’s recent book, Boston:Inspirational Women.These photographs depict womenwho work in law enforcement,construc tion and the corporateboardroom. They are moms, activistsand public servants. Some performtheir work in the public eye; othersbehind the scenes, but they representa cross-section of the women whokeep Boston humming. And each hasa story to tell.The exhibit will be at SuffolkUniversity’s Adams Gallery, throughJan. 6, 2013Adams Gallery, avid J. Sargent Hall,Suffolk University Law School, 120Tremont St., Boston, Gallery hours: 9a.m. – 7 p.m. daily.Visit 8Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

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Recipes of the WeekHot Spiced Cranberry Cider2 quarts apple cider6 cups cranberry juice1/4 cup packed brown sugar4 cinnamon sticks1 1/2 teaspoons whole cloves1 lemon, thinly slicedIn a large pot, combine applecider, cranberry juice, brownsugar, cinnamon sticks, clovesand lemon slices. Bring to a boil,reduce heat, and simmer for 15 to20 minutes. With a slotted spoon,remove cinnamon, cloves, andlemon slices. Serve hot.Original recipe makes 25 (4ounce) servings7UP Holiday OrangeSpice Punch1 quart orange sherbet1 (2 liter) bottle 7UP®12 ounces ginger ale6 ounces orange juice6 ounces cranberry juice1 pinch pumpkin spice1 cup Canadian whiskey (optional)Add ingredients to a 1 gallonpunch bowl.Garnish the punch bowl withlemon, lime, and orange slices,cinnamon sticks, and a touch ofpumpkin spice.COA honors vets at luncheonBy Beth David & Jean PerryThe Fairhaven Council on Agingand Southern Mass Credit Unionhosted a two-day luncheon forveterans on Wednesday and Thurday11/7 & 11/8. On one wall hung thepictures of town veterans, and theCOA is still encouraging veterans totake their photos to the center.COA director Anne Sylvia said theinspiration for the wall came whileshe was visiting Jan, the sister ofRaymond Gallant, a POW who did notreturn from the Korean war.“We've invited any vet from anytown to hang their picture on ourwall,” said Ms. Sylvia. “I want thiswhole wall filled.”Anne said she will make a copy ofthe photo and return the original, andshe even has extra frames.Al Borges read the names of all theveterans in attendance, andselectboard member Charles Murphyalso said a few words.“On behalf of the Town of Fairhaven,thank you very much,: said Mr.Murphy. “Happy Veteran’s Day.”Guests were treated to a buffetlunch, dessert, and music.Veterans and supporters enjoy a meal and entertainment at a luncheon sponsored by theFairhaven Council on Aging and Southern Mass Credit Union on Wednesday, 11/8. Thephoto wall, “Land of the Free Because of the Brave,” has pictures of Fairhaven veterans.Photo by Jean Perry.To share a recipe with yourneighborsMail to 166 Dogwood St., Fairhaven, MA 02719; fax to508-991-5580; email to neighbnews@comcast.netFairhaven Computer RepairA local repairman for the local community!19+ years’ experience!• Virus & Spyware Removal• House Calls• On-Site Service 24/7• Repairs • Installs• Upgrades • Networks• Laptops • Wireless508-991-0169GREAT CUTFairhavenSconticut SquareNext to Subway508-991-7200$10 95WHAT A FIND!Consignment Furniture & Home DécorLooking to downsize?Furnishing your first place?Time to redecorate?A great opportunity to recyclequality used home furnishings.Accepting consignments. Call for info.Hours: Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat 10–5:30Fri 11–7 • Sun 1–4 • Closed MondayWith CouponReg. $13.95Exp. 12/31/12NNWalk in 7 daysMon.-Fri., 9–8Sat., 9–6Sun., 10–5154 Huttleston Ave. (Rte. 6), Fairhaven • • Find us on FacebookPage 10Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

Introducing a new member of theHowe Allen Team.General ContractorLicensed General Contractorfor 32 yearsOur Services Include All Aspectsof Your Interior/ExteriorRemodeling NeedsLouise MerrickLouise E. Merrick, a native of NewBedford grew up spendingsummers on West Island whereher parents owned a home. Afterrelocating to California, Louisestrived to purchase her own WestIsland home, now affectionatelyreferred to as “LighthouseLanding”. Louise traces herheritage to Madeira, Portugalanother delightful island andspeaks fluent 508-717-5635email: louise@howeallen.comFall Roofing SpecialsMarc A. Gadbois • 508-992-0226PROUDLY SERVINGTHE SOUTHCOASTCAPE ANDISLANDS, & METROBOSTONMA Const. Sup. Lic. # 003000MA Home Imp. Lic. #127675EPA Lead Safe CertifiedFully InsuredFairhaven office: 379 Sconticut Neck Road888.491.9993 www.howeallen.comWhat Can I Do For You?• Makeyour ringsbigger orsmaller• Repair anybreaks in your jewelry• Replace skinny ring backs(shanks)• Reset stones that havefallen out• Tighten loose stones• Set new stones if youlost them• Repair wornor brokenprongsCaroline D. PercyMarcouxGraduate Gemologist, GoldsmithSince 1982• New settingsfor yourstones• Soldercharms on abracelet• Replace old clasps• Repair broken necklacesor bracelets• Reinforce worn loops(bails) on pendants• Restring necklaces• Repair pins• And the listgoeson....Call today for an appointment.114 Balsam St., Fairhaven • 508-961-0068SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET —THAI STYLE11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. • $ 10 95Open Daily, 11 a.m.–9:30 p.m. Closed Tues. • Beer & Wine Available130 Sconticut Neck Road, Fairhaven • 508-999-2527Daily Lunch Specials: 11 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Dinner: 4–9 p.m.CELEBRATING MORE THAN 50 YEARSWe serveBeer & Wine51 Main Street, Fairhaven CenterGift Certificates for all OccasionsTrusted by your friends andfamily since 1961Go where you KNOWthe food is ALWAYSgood...for EVERY meal!$2 offAll purchases of at least $20With this coupon. Exp. 11/23/12Not to be combined with other offers.Complete Menu of Chinese &American SelectionsCall 508-992-8668 for take-out.Open every day 11 a.m.-10 p.m.NOW OPEN ON MONDAYSFairhaven Neighborhood News Thursday, November 15, 2012 Page 11

By Beth DavidEditorHundreds of people showedsupport for veterans by lining theparade route and assembling atFairhaven High School for a shortceremony after the Veterans Dayparade on Sunday, 11/11. The paradestarted at Livesey Park in northFairhaven and traveled along MainStreet to the high school. At the highschool, organizers had placed 113flags on the lawn to remember the 113Fairhaven residents who were killedin wars from the Civil War to thepresent.Keynote speaker Ralph Tate toldthose assembled about his transportback home from Vietnam in 1969. Hesaid it was like the commercial withthe veteran arriving to no one around,only in his case, there eralliy was noone around. He said Boston was aghost town when they landed atnight; there was no one there towelcome him and his buddies home.He said they then split up and wenton with their lives.“Some drank a lot, some played alot,” he said. And when he arrived atthe Thanksgiving Day game, peopleasked him where he had been.“That’s what you did. You wentabout with your life.”So he read a poem called “Just aCommon Soldier,” by A. LawrenceVaincourt, that tells the country tomourn the passing of a veteran.“He will not be mourned by many,just his children and his wife,“For he lived an ordinary and quiteuneventful life.“Held a job and raised a family,quietly going his own way,“And the world won't note hisFairhaven honors veteranspassing, though asoldier diedtoday.”“When politi -cians leave thisearth, theirbodies lie instate...“But the pas -sing of a soldiergoes unnoticedand unsung.”SelectboardChairpersonBrian Bowcockrecounted the lifeand service ofFelix Witkowicz,who survivedD-Day and died on ABOVE: The Southcoast Young Marines carry the big flag along theparade route at Fairhaven’s Veterans Day parade on Sunday,10/27.11/11. BELOW LEFT: a young girl and boy watch the parade go by“Felix was a on Main Street. BOTTOM LEFT: The Vietnam Veterans reach thehero, a veteran, a high school for the closing ceremonies. BOTTOM RIGHT:Fairhaven Residents and staff at the Royal of Fairhaven watch the parade goresident,” said Dr. by. Photos by Beth David. See them in color at www.NeighbNews.Bowcock, adding com. Visit us at to see morephotos. BELOW: The small cannon is fired by the Fairhaven Villagethat Veterans Day Militia during the ceremony. Photo by Heidi a day toremember thesacrifice ofveterans.“When theircountry called,they were willingto sacrifice,” saidDr. Bowcock.“Some of themmade the ultimatesacrifice.”All branches ofthe military wererepresented in theparade, whichVETS: cont’d page 21Page 12Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

Community shows up to help Livesey skate parkBy Beth DavidEditorLivesey Skate Park was absolutelyhopping and jumping with activity onSaturday, 11/10, as skateboarders,scooter riders, and BMXers combinedforces to raise money to renovate thepark. The “Save Livesey” campaignbrought together young and old, tosupport the bold up-in-the-air anticsof the experienced and the tentativefirst push-offs of the beginners.Those using the park said that overthe years the cracks in the asphalthave gotten wide enough to stop askate board cold.Russ Travers, 20, said he used thepark “pretty much every single day,”since he was 12 years old.He said his skateboard got caughton one of those cracked, he flew offthe board and hit his head, giving hima “bad concussion.”“I had to get my head drained,” hesaid, because of the pressure fromthe swelling.Joel Dancour, who has been usingthe park for about eight years, said hefelt it was old enough that it shouldbe completely re-done.But not everyone agreed with that.The BMXers using the half-pipe saidall the park needed was a few extraABOVE: Russ Travers shows a bump thatcan interfere with a skateboarder on aramp at the skate park at Livesey Park inFairhaven. BELOW: The spot where Mr.Travers took a dangerous tumble andreceived a concussion because hisskateboard got stuck in this crack in theasphalt. Photos by Beth David.Matt Ostiguy (left) and Josh Benoit simultaneously take flight on their BMX bikes on thehalf-pipe at Livesey Park in Fairhaven during the “Save Livesey” fund-rasing event onSaturday, 11/10. The event raised more than $1100 to renovate the park which hascracked asphalt and aging equipment. Photo by Beth David. See it in color atwww.NeighbNews.compieces, like a hip and a couple ofquarter-pipes to complement the halfpipe(pictured above). A hip is twoquarter-pipes connected at an angle.“If you added six ramps, this placewould be nasty,” said BMX biker JoshBenoit.He said he had heard the parkmight be completely taken apart andrebuilt, but felt it was not necessaryto go to that extreme.Jarren Barboza said he gets a ridefrom Wareham to use the parkbecause Wareham does not have one.Selectboard Chairperson BrianBowcock said people complainedwhen the town decided to install thepark. He credited Notth FairhavenImprovement Association memberBob Cormier with getting a largeshare of the funding for it.“We did this on a shoestring,” saidDr. Bowcock.Now the park needs renovating, ina serious way.Ann Richard, who spearheadedorganizing the eent, said the firstpriority is to fix the cracks, then addnew ramps. If they can raise enoughmoney, Ms. Richard said they wouldlike to re-construct the whole park.They are looking into using Com -mu ni ty Preservation Funds and othergrant money, as well as help from thetown. She said $50,000 is the goal.Saturday’s event started them ontheir way. They raised more than$1,100, according to Ms. Richard.The event included music, food,vendor booths, a bouncy house, andcompetitions in scoot, BMX andskateboard.To help with future projects toraise money for the park, contact Ms.Richard at ann.richard@gmail.comBrothers Colby (above) and Cameron(below) O’Neil, strut their stuff at the “SaveLivesey” event to raise funds for the skatepark at Livesey Park in Fairhaven.Fairhaven Neighborhood News Thursday, November 15, 2012 Page 13

FairhavenRecreation CenterOpen Mon-Thurs, 6 a.m.-8 p.m.;Fri., 6 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat., 8 a.m.-2 p.m.; Closed Sunday • 227Huttleston Ave, 508-993-9269http://fairhavenma.virtualtownhall.netYouth BasketballFairhaven Recreation Youth Basket -ball League. Age is determined as ofDecember 1, 2011. Divisions will beas follows with sufficient numbers:Pee Wee (Co-Ed) Ages 6–8, JuniorGirls Ages 9–11, Junior Boys Ages9–11, Senior (coed) Ages 12–14 .Opento all Members!Please bring 2 proofs of residencyand a copy of child’s birth certificateto registration. Cost: $10.Attention!!!Calling all basketball enthusiasts!We are looking for motivated,committed individuals to volunteeras basketball coaches for this league.We are also in need of officials for theleague, pay is roughly $13 per game.For more information and to fill out avolunteer application please call orstop by the Recreation Center duringleague registration hoursKool Kids Half DayThanksgivingFairhaven Recreation is here tohelp with a half day program.Children can come to the Rec afterschool and have homework time,snack and enjoy a variety of sportsand games. Sign up for 1, 2 or even all3 days. Have any questions? Give usa call 508-993-9269. No transporta -tion availableOne day with membership $25.00sibling $20.00; Two days withmembership $45.00 sibling $42.00; Allthree with membership $60.00 sibling$54.00. Please add $5 each day forchildren without membershipProgram runs 12:30-5:30Basketball ClinicCome sign up for the Basketballclinic, for ages 4-5. This program willgive young children an introductionto the game, great for beginners.Starts Saturday December 1st. 4Weeks (Saturdays), 8-9 am @ rec.Pr –registration is required$10.00Fairhaven Senior Center508-979-4029 • 229 Huttleston AveSupportive Senior Day Care Program, 9-3 • 508-993-9455Respite Care: one day, half-a-day. Regular rates apply.Visit our new website at: Independence Mall and XmasTree Shop PembrokeKnitting Class: NEW!New activity. Knitting Class forbeginners. Bring your needles, yarnand a pattern or a project. StartsMon. 11/19 1:00-2:00 p.m.Winter Storm ClosingsIf the Fairhaven Town Hall officesare closed due to bad weather, suchas snow, the Senior center will alsobe closed. Announcements are madeon WBSM 1420 AM radio.BowlingEvery Thurs. 12:30-3:30 p.m. TheJolly Seniors at Bowlmoor LanesMattapoisett. Call Ron Swistak,508-994-7773 to sign up.Medicare open enrollmentOct. 15th–Dec. 7th. If you haveMedicare, sometime during themonth of September you will bereceiving important informationfrom your Prescription Drug Plan,your Medicare Health Plan and/orPrescription Advantage (if you are amember). Please do not ignore anyletters from your plans and save allletters you receive. During theannual Medicare Open Enrollmentyou will have a chance to changeyour coverage for the next year. Statecertified SHINE Counselors can helpMall Trips11/28: Warwick MallEntertainmentThe O.T.sThe O.T.s every Thursday at the Senior Center with Chuck Brillon, RonLaBreque, Jerry Theodore & Paul Belliveau.Special Activitiesyou understand your plan changes,as well as other options you mayhave. Make your appointment withSHINE early by calling the FairhavenSenior Center at 508-979-4029Art ClassTuesdays, 9–10 a.m. Acrylics ArtClass with artist Vickie Frazer;acrylics on canvas. First class will be$5.00 and $12.00 after that. Must haveat least 5 people to hold this class.Zen ClassTuesdays, 10:15-10:45 a.m. Zenclass with Vickie Frazer. Come learnhow to breathe your troubles away.Senior Work-Off ProgramEarn a $500.00 tax credit for 62.5hours work. Work in a town depart -ment. Looking for someone to docustodial work at the St. Center andsomeone to do street listings. Formore information call the SeniorCenter and ask for Phyllis.DietitianMake an appointment withBarbara Canuel, Dietitian. FirstTuesday of each month. 9:30-11:30a.m. You can make a half hourappoint ment to discuss one-on-oneyour specific dietary concerns. CallSenior Center for appt.Ongoing ProgramsCall 508-979-4029 for days and timesA/G Consumer Mediator; Bingo; Board Meeting/monthly; Bridge;Caregiver Support & Edu ca tion Group; Computer Training; Friends ofElderly/ monthly meet ing; A Grant is available for heating your home;Grocery Shop ping; Live Band; Medical Transpor tation; Nutrition Program/meal served; Osteo porosis class; Outreach Coor dinator; PACE FuelAssistance; Pitch; Reassurance Program; Shop ping; Supportive SeniorSocial Day Program; Tai Chi; Walking Clubs, Zumba.Page 14Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

Having Elective Surgery?Before you check in, check us out for post-op care.We provide top-notch rehabilitative care after surgery.From our home to your home...We don’t think of ourselves asa nursing home, and ouratmosphere proves it. Weare a home to our residents,OUR NEWLY RENOVATED FACILITY INCLUDES:Media Room, Computer withOn-Line Access, Full ServiceSalon, Beautiful Courtyard,Variety of Therapeutic andand we provide everythingyou need to feel comfortable,engaged and entertainedduring your short-term stay.Social Activities, Library,7 days a Week RehabServices, and Friendly andCaring Staff.Please call for a tour. We’re sure that when you visit us,you’ll want to make Alden Court your place to spendyour short or long-term stay! (508) 991-8600 Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Center389 Alden Road, Fairhaven, MA 02719 • 508-991-8600Errands & MoreCatering to Working People, Elderly & HomeboundWe are not just a taxi service, but will keep a watchful eye on mom or dadfor doctor’s appointments and other needs • CompanionshipCall Maureen at 508-994-3141Verification of CORI checkavailable on requestPine Grove ChiropracticPersonalized HealthcareDr. Carol DuphilyMassage Therapists on staff/Acupuncture508-998-8444934 Ashley Boulevard • New BedfordATRIA FAIRHAVENYou deserve the bestMany senior living communities talk about quality,but at Atria Fairhaven, it’s the cornerstone of whatwe do. With strict standards in place to ensurethe highest quality lifestyle possible, you canrest assured that Atria’s commitment to you is acommitment to excellence.Call today to schedule a visit!391 Alden Road | Fairhaven, Massachusetts508.994.9238 | www.atriafairhaven.net730-46777Fairhaven Neighborhood News Thursday, November 15, 2012 Page 15

Ballots for Acushnet special election availablePress ReleaseOn December 10th, the voters ofAcushnet will be going back to thepolls to answer the followingquestion:“Shall the Town of Acushnet beallowed to exempt from theprovisions of proposition two andone-half, so-called, the amountsrequired to pay for the bond issued inorder to pay costs of designing,constructing, originally equipping,and furnishing a new Police Station tobe located at 60 Middle Rd., Map 24Lot 36, including the payment of allcosts incidental and related thereto?”Absentee ballots are available, nowin the Town Clerk’s Office. If you arenot yet a registered voter and wouldlike to participate in the upcomingSpecial Town Election to be held onMonday, December 10, 2012 twoadditional registration periods will beheld:1) Tuesday, November 20th from8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.2) Saturday, December 8th from9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.In addition, the Town Clerk’s Officeis open Monday–Friday from 8:00a.m.–4:00 p.m. and every Tuesdayfrom 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.All new residents and residentswho have changed their addresswithin the town should register withthe Town Clerk. If you have anyquestions, please call the TownClerk’s Office at (508) 998-0215.In a rush? Good luck with that. This is Acushnet. Slow down.The line gets long onboth sides as driverswait patiently for ducksto cross the street onSaturday, 11/10, acommon occurrence inthis part of town: onMain Street at the Headof the River.Photo by Beth David.See it in color atwww.NeighbNews.comChocolate WorksCANDY MAKING & CAKE DECORATING SUPPLIESMunchkin ManiaThe Consignment Store forChildren & The Mother-To-Be(Located in the rear of the Acushnet Plaza)132 S. Main Street, Acushnet, MA 02743(508) 995-1626Kelli Tomlinson Exp. 11/30/12NEW WINTER & HOLIDAY ITEMS ARRIVING DAILY!!GREAT QUALITY, GREAT PRICES,GREAT SHOPPING!!!ALL UNDER ONE ROOF....New Consignors Wanted — Call for DetailsSizes from Newborn to Boys/Girls Size 14Baby Accessories • Toys & BooksFollow us on Facebook:Store Hours: Closed Sun. & Mon.; Tues., 10-7; Wed. & Thurs., 10-5;Fri., 10-6; Sat., 9-4.BROKEN VACUUM?Take it to Handy Andy's! TMALL VACUUM BRANDSSales-Service-Repairs-Parts53Years ofServiceCome by and check out ourlarge selection of Thanksgivingand Christmas candy moldsand cupcake decorationsRegister today for Basic Cake DecoratingClass Starting January 121849 Acushnet Ave. • New Bedford • 508-998-2672Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., 10-5:30; Sat., 9-4; Closed Wed. & Sun.•FREE ESTIMATES•FREE LOANERS•GUARANTEED WORK•80 NEW VACUUMS•TRADE-INS TAKENNO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANSHANDY 508-997-8011EST.HandyAndys.com1959QUALITY VAC MON-FRI 9-5, SAT 9-31693 Acushnet Ave, NearANDY'S Nash Rd, New Bedford MAFREE CUSTOMER PARKING LOTTaking care of you!"We makethe bestnew vacuumyou'llever own"$50 OFFWITH ANYTRADE-INTrade in your old vacuum and get a newHandy Andy's Quality Vac VacuumCleaner. Cleans pet hair, sand, wood floors,carpets and stairs. Handy Andy's AmazingService and Guarantee. Over 8,000 Sold!Highly Recommended. Excellent Reviews.Buy your new vacuum at Handy Andy's!BEST NEW VACUUM CLEANERBEST GUARANTEE - BEST SERVICEPage 16Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

By Beth DavidEditorSteve Gotham is living his dream.And even he is a bit surprised. The 46-year-old Acushnet man decided a fewyears ago to start training for anIronman triathlon contest. This year,all the training and getting up at 3:00a.m. paid off. He qualified forprofessional status after finishing 4thof 85 amateurs in Providence in July,98 overall, in a field of 1098.Being pro means all his travel ispaid for to the seven ironmancontests required each year for himto keep his pro status. And he getssponsors, too.“It’s something I always wanted todo,” said Mr. Gotham. “Hawaii was abucket list thing.”Oh, right, he got to go to Hawaii tocompete in the world championship,which was a full Ironman Triathlon.Mr. Gotham competes mostly inthe “70 series,” which is half of the140.6: a 1.5 mile swim; 56-mile bike,and 13.1 mile (half-marathon) run.He also ran in the PoconosIronman in Pennsylvania onSeptember 30 and came in firstamateur in his division, 23 overall in afield of 2200.An engineer by trade, Mr. Gothamhas been working on the Fairhaven-New Bedford bridge. He said he has“always run marathons,” but did hisLocal man goes pro on Ironman circuitTOP: Stephen Gotham (left) of Acushnet, eyes the camera as henears the finish line on the last leg of the Ironman Triathlon inProvidence on July 8. ABOVE: Steve gets ready to give a high fiveto John Willams of Fairhaven, while Steve’s son and parents cheerhim on and hold a “Go Steve” sign. ABOVE RIGHT: Steve’s time isup on the board as he finishes up the bicycle portion of thecompetition. BOTTOM: Steve enters the changing area, where hewill switch to his running clothes for the last leg of the competition,a half-marathon. Submitted photos. See them in color atwww.NeighbNews.comfirst ironman twoyears ago inProvidence. Hefinished in 7hours and gotaddicted.This year’sProvidence timewas 5 hours, 3minutes and 9seconds.He gets upevery morning at3 a.m. and worksout for 3–4 hourseach day, includ -ing long runs inFairhaven andNew Bedford.“I can tell youevery crack in thesidewalk,” he said.Mr. Gotham has three spon sors. Hesaid Reebok approached him afterProvidence because they are comingout with a new line of shoes formiddle age runners.“I guess I was a perfect fit forthem,” he said.He agreed to use their sneakers,and they will use his image to sell theproduct.Swiss Sports and Hooters alsoapproached him and gave him a littlemoney. He said he won’t get rich on it,not being a big name or anything, butit definitelysweetens the pot.“It’s pretty coolto be able to dosomething youlove, and to getpaid for it ispretty sweet.”Mr. Gothamsaid his parents,who are fromFairhaven, and afew friends wereable to cheer himon in person atthe Providencecompetition.Mostly, though,he’s on his own ashe travels.Mr. Gothamwill be in his firstrace as a pro inMiami in Decem -ber, and plans tocompete as a profor at least oneyear. He needs to do seven annualltyto keep his pro card, including five inthe US, one in Canada and oneabroad.“I will do all that,” he said. •••Fairhaven Neighborhood News Thursday, November 15, 2012 Page 17

Marine from Fhvn promotedBazaar raises funds for COAFairhaven, Mass., native, Lance Cpl. Eric Gebo, a motortransportation operator with 1st Platoon, Battery B, BattalionLanding Team 3/5, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, is promotedfrom private first class during a promotion ceremony on the flightdeck of the USS Rushmore, Nov. 1. The 15th MEU is deployed withthe Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group as a theater reserve and crisisresponse force throughout U.S. Central Command and the U.S. 5thFleet area of responsibility. Submitted photo. See it in color atwww.NeighbNews.comThe Acushnet Council on Aging held its annual holiday bazaar,featuring hand-made crafts and other items, on Saturday, 11/10 atthe Senior Center on South Main Street. It is one of three mainfund-raising events, including the annual yard sale and psychic fair.The fund-raisers have allowed the center to buy a van, ID machine,TV, tracking system, grill, wireless microphone system, computer,room dividers. Future goals include a stove, a new freezer, 70" TVfor the main activity room and a new lawn mower. COA directorHeather Sylvia said because of the fund-raisers, she has never hadto ask the town for anything beyond her budget. ABOVE: Jerry &Marie Tanguay staff the turkey raffle booth at the Acushnet Councilon Aging annual holiday bazaar on Saturday, 11/10, at the seniorcenter. Photo by Beth David.No JobTooSmall• Free Estimates• Fully Insured• 24-HourEmergency ServiceOnce a weekgo Greek!We deliver!We acceptcompetitors’ couponsNick’s ServicesNicholas J. CostaElectricianMA Lic. 10986B508-993-0344**OnMondaysONLY$6 99* ::“Keeping YourHometownEnergized”CompleteElectricalServicesAnnual Shopping IssueWe will be publishing our annual shopping issue next week,11/22. Be sure to order your display ad, at least a 4-weekconsecutive run, to be included in our special feature story.Deadline is Friday, 11/16. Call 508-979-5593 or for rates.Monday Night Football**LargeCheese$17pizza99*6 wingsWe now have gluten-free crustYia Yia’s Pizza Cafe381 Sconticut Neck Rd.(corner of Seaview)2 small 1-toppingBread Stick508-990-1919*Plus tax and delivery. With this coupon, one coupon perorder. Not to be combined with other offers. Exp. 1130/12CompleteAuto Repair& Used CarSales***Free Towing with repair (3 miles) ***New Location: 196 Huttleston Ave. (Rte. 6)Across from Shaw’s Plaza (Formerly Manny & Bob’s)Free pick-up and drop-off ofvehicles for repair serviceIndependently &locally ownedCheck Out Our Quality Used CarInventory On Our Website:aausedautos.comCall Alex Sarkis508-509-2292 • 508-758-9500508-992-9638 • aausedautos.comPage 18Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

By Jean PerryNeighb News CorrespondentA Special Town Meeting article,which could block the borrowing offunds for the New Bedford Voc-Techrenovation project, is still withoutrecommenda tion from the FairhavenFinance Commi ttee, after membersheard a presentation from Voc-Techrepre senta tives on 11/8 detailing theproject.Because Voc-Tech is a regionaldistrict, the authorization process forborrowing is different than when thetown okays borrowing for a town onlyproject. Under the regional schooldistrict borrowing authority, after thedistrict (Voc-Tech) votes to borrow,the municipalities have 60 days todisapprove the borrowing. If the towndoes not hold a vote, it is consideredan approval by the town. So the voteat STM on 12/4, is actually to disap -prove. It does not require a 2/3 votes.FinCom Chairperson JohnRoderiques said some questionsremained unanswered and, until theVoc-Tech representatives appearbefore the Selectboard on 11/13, hewould hold off on a vote.Voc-Tech Superintendent LindaEnos was accompanied by SchoolBusiness Administrator PaulaGendreau, Principals Michael Murphyand Michael Gagliardi, and ArchitectCal Olsen. They handed out spread -sheets highlighting the project budgetand an amortization schedule for 10,20, and 30-year loans at percentagerates from 2.99 to 3.99%.The project total is about $17.1million, which will be reimbursed 80cents to the dollar by a Massachu -setts School Building Authority(MSBA) grant.“It’s an opportunity that I hope wecan take advantage of,” said Ms. Enos.Executive Secretary to theSelectboard Jeffrey Osuch attendedthe meeting and had some seeminglydifficult questions for the Voc-Techrepresentatives, as they were unableto give definitive answers in anawkward moment of fumbling forspecific numbers and silences.Mr. Osuch asked about such thingsas “soft costs,” which are not eligiblefor grant reimbursement, and whythey were so high, in his opinion.Mr. Roderiques let out a grumbleand buried his face into his handsduring the presentation not once, butthree times. Mr. Osuch recommendedFinCom won’t vote on Voc-Tech fundsthat Voc-Tech have all the specificnumbers to be able to answer furtherquestions before the Selectboardmeeting.Mr. Roderiques freely expressedhis discontent about the Voc-Techschool committee’s failure toapproach the Town during the twoyearperiod the school had beenplanning the use of grant money for arenovation project. He said he felt likeit was sprung upon the Town, leavingFairhaven only 60 days from the dateof the school committee’s vote to calla Special Town Meeting.“This has been in the loop for twoyears,” said Mr. Roderiques shakinghis head. “Why is this the firstmeeting with the Town?”Ms. Enos replied that the schoolhad invited various town officialsover the past two years to attend“information days” at the school,which Mr. Roderiques later said heThis has been in theloop for two years.Why is this the firstmeeting with the Town?[John Roderiques]did not consider valid attempts toinform the Town.Mr. Roderiques pointed out thatnot a single member of the Voc-Techschool committee was present thatnight and shouted, “I don’t carewhere they are,” after Ms. Enos toldhim several members were out oftown that night.“I’d be a lot happier if they showedup to a [Selectboard] or FinanceCommittee meeting once in a while tolet us know what’s going on,” said Mr.Roderiques before slamming his softdrink cup on the table.Mr. Roderiques did make somepositive remarks about the project,saying that it merits considerationbecause of the 80% reimbursement.He reminded the board that the STMvote was not a debt exclusion vote,rather a vote to disapprove the loan.In another matter, Mr. Roderiquesannounced that the Mass. Departmentof Revenue had still not released theirfindings report from a financial auditperformed on the efficiency of thefinancial processes of the Town.The committee also addressedother articles on the draft of the STMwarrant.The Conservation Committee isexpected to withdraw an articlerequesting $2,000 to pay a recordingsecretary, after the committeepointed out to ConCom ChairpersonJoe Taylor that the secretary salarywas never removed from theirbudget. Mr. Roderiques said it was amiscommunication and ConCom canonly withdraw the article after a voteat their next meeting on 11/19.The committee voted unanimouslynot to endorse the article.Mr. Roderiques stated, once again,that they would hold off on taking avote for the Voc-Tech project.After a brief discus sion, Mr.Roderiques announced, “I was toldthere will never be a Finance Commit -tee meeting taped live becausethey’re afraid they won’t be able tobleep me out in time.”A rather heated topic of discussionwas prompted by Theresa Szala,when she strongly opposed recom -mending funds to repair the formerMacLean Seafood Building at UnionWharf, which sustained more damageafter the second powerful storm thisseason.“There is no redeeming value forwhat’s standing there now,” she said.Mr. Osuch pointed out that BillRoth, Director of Planning andEconomic Development, is attemptingto secure some funding to repair thebuilding and reminded everyone thatthe building sits on what he said wasthe last piece of waterfront publicproperty the town owns.“I get your argument but…you losethat footprint, you’re losingpotentially… millions,” Mr.Roderiques said to Ms. Szala,He said everyone should wait ayear to see if Mr. Roth’s efforts tosecure funding pan out.“I’m not willing to give up on thatdilapidated building just yet,” said Mr.Roderiques.The committee decided to hold offon the vote in light of possible FEMAreimbursement for storm damages.FinCom voted swiftly to recom -mend an article for $85,000 for theVerizon court decison over TownFINCOM: cont’d next pageFairhaven Neighborhood News Thursday, November 15, 2012 Page 19

BOS/Street AcceptBoard of AppealsThe Fairhaven Board of Appeals will hold aPublic Hearing on WEDNESDAY, December 5,2012, at 6:00 PM in the Town Hall to considerthe following petitions:1. Petitioner: William J. Alphonse, 1 MinaStreet; Plat 37A, 612-615; Book 6787 andPage 246; 198-18: Short 11’ of the required100’ frontage and 2,856 sq ft short of therequired 15,000 sq ft for a buildable lot in aRA District.2. Petitioner: Kathleen Melanson, 87 GreenStreet; Plat 8, Lot 56; Book 2692 and Page150; 198-23: A Special Permit is required fora Home Occupation in the Building Trades.3. Petitioner: Roberta & William J. Martin,Trustees of the Roberta Martin & William J.Martin Revocable Trust, 10 Gilbert Street;Plat 29A, Lot 220, Book 10481 and Page 318;198-18: Short 13’ of the required 30’ frontsetback, short 10’ of the required 20’ westside setback and 22% over the maximumallowed lot coverage of 15% in a RR District.4. Petitioner: Jurrinus & Geraldine C. TenBrinke, 4 Misty Bay Road; Plat 43C, Lot 86;Certificate #19766; 198-18: Short 11’ westside and 4’ east side of the required 20’ sidesetback; short 8’ of the required 30’ frontsetback; 8% over the maximum allowed lotcoverage of 25% and 7% over the maximumassessment of lines and poles.The committee then voted torecommend an article for a streetlight installation on Elliot Lane, whichis poised to receive tentative CPCfunding for improvements to thegravel street. Ms. Szala opposed thearticle, and told the committee that astreet with only one house didn’tdeserve a street light.“You know what? Buy a spotlight,”she said.Mr. Roderiques stated that it wasnot town policy to install street lightsbased on the number of houses.“The purpose of a streetlight is tolight a street,” he said.SELECT: cont’dFrom page 4building, $3,600; and a bylaw change toredefine the position of Treasurer/Finance Director.The Board is considering combin ingthat position with the tax collectorposition. Treasurer John Nunes hasalready left for a new position, andTown Collector Carol A. Brandolini hasannounced she will retire next year.The article leaves open the jobdescription, and allows the board toamend the bylaw to “conform andcomply” to the recommendations of theDepartment of Revenue, which hascompleted an audit of the townsfinancial procedures. The report hasnot yet been released.Legal Notices/Public Hearingsallowed building coverage of 15% in a RRDistrict. Special Permit required for expan sionof a non-conforming lot.5. Petitioner: Pamela Proulx, 25 ManhattanAvenue; Plat 28A, Lot 261; Book 1394 andPage 296; Certificate #4640; 198-16: SpecialPermit required for the keeping of chickens ina RA District. 198-22: Short 5’ of the required5’ property line setback for an animal pen.6. Petitioner: Louise Merrick, 111 BalsamStreet; Plat 43A, Lot 114; Book 22 and Page341; Certificate #22341; 198-18: Short 19’ ofthe required 20’ north side setback, 14% overthe maximum allowed building coverage of15% in a RR District. Special Permit is re -quired for expansion of a non-conforming lot.Peter DeTerra, ChairmanNotice of Public HearingStreet AcceptanceNotice is hereby given that it is the intentionof the Selectmen to accept the layout of NorthStreet from Cherry Street to Adams Street, asshown on a plan entitled “Layout of North Stfrom N. Main St westerly to Cherry St.” and asshown on a plan entitled “Layout of North Stfrom N. Main St easterly to Adam St.”, Scale:1”=40’; Dated: July 2012; prepared by KennethR. Ferreira Engineering, New Bedford, MA.It is the intention of the Selectmen to layoutsaid area as a town way and they will meet in theBanquet Room at Town Hall, 40 Center Street,FINCOM: cont’d from previous pageThe committee acknowledged thatthere would be no initial costs to theTown for the CPC-funded streetlight,only subsequent electricity costs tolight the LED street lamp, and that theresidents of the street were in favor.The motion passed with Ms. Szalaopposed, and Kevin Costa abstaining.Mr. Osuch added before adjourn -ment that there may be an additionalarticle added to the warrant by theSelectboard to purchase emergencycots.Mr. Roderiques made it clear hewas not in favor of buying cots. Hesaid eight cots were lent to the townduring Hurricane Sandy, “seven moreThe two openings at the same timeoffers a “unique opportunity” for theboard to make changes, said Dr.Bowcock.The complete Town Meeting warrantwill be available on the town’s websiteat http://www. other business, the board:• Approved the tax rate increase of 50cents on residential and 95 cents oncommercial property, bringing therates to $10.77 res. and 21.58 comm.for FY2013.• Decided not to take the Hathaway-Braley property for back taxes asoriginally planned in 2008, as thetown may then be held liable foron Monday, November 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM tohear interested parties. Copies of the plan areon File in the Town Clerk’s Office.Brian K. Bowcock,Chairman Board of SelectmenFAIRHAVEN PLANNINGBOARDPUBLIC HEARING NOTICENotice is hereby given that the FairhavenPlanning Board will conduct a Public Hearing at6:30 P.M. on November 27, 2012, in the Ban -quet Room, Town Hall, 40 Center Street, Fair -haven, MA.The purpose of the hearing will be to receiveinformation and public comment on thefollowing application. The applicant, VRJP, LLC,d/b/a Pharmahealth Specialty/LongtermCare, Inc., is requesting Special Permit approval,to add a 19,224 s.f. addition to the rear of theexisting building, reconfigure the parking lot andadd landscaping. The location of the property is132 Alden Road, Map 24, Lot 240.A copy of the application is on file for publicreview at the Planning Board Office, Town Hallfrom 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday throughFriday. For more information or to schedule anappointment to review the application call thePlanning Department at (508) 979-4082.Wayne Hayward, Chairman of thePlanning Boardthan they needed.”Mr. Osuch explained that only oneperson occupied a cot at theemergency shelter during the storm,and only one during last year’s storm.“What happened to the cots we didhave?” shouted Mr. Roderiques.“They were sold for peanuts at thetown auction! I know who boughtthem and they were happier than thepig in the proverbial mud.”The fire department withdrewtheir article requesting a videosurveillance security system. Severalother articles will be voted on at thenext FinCom meeting.hazardous waste clean-up costs.They voted to have town counselrespond to the letter from theDepartment of Justice. The propertyabuts Atlas Tack, a superfund site.• Voted to allow the police chief torequest the civil service list.• Voted to allow harbormaster DavidDarmofal to file suit against boatowners using Union Wharf who havenot paid fees and to allow him towrite off older non paid bills. (Seeletters at• Announced that the state has agreedto make safety improve ments toAdams Street in the area where aHastings student was struck the firstweek of school.Page 20Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

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FormerlyChris’ Variety235 Main St.FairhavenFairhaven Bicentennial CommitteeThe Fairhaven Bicentennial Committee gratefullyacknowledges the financial support of United Way ofGreater New Bedford and the Fairhaven CulturalCouncil.Four of Fairhaven’s Bicenten -nial Events — the IncorporationCeremony, Maritime Day, theGrand Bicentennial Parade, andGood Ol’ Family Fun Day — werefunded in part by the United Wayof Greater New Bedford Community Building Mini-Grants Program.The participation of Connecticut Valley FieldMusic in Fairhaven’s Grand Bicentennial Parade wassponsored in part by a grant from the FairhavenCultural Council, a local agencywhich is supported by theMassachusetts Cultural Council,a state agency.Dorothy Cox’s ChocolatesGift BasketsHomemade Chocolates, Candies& Other Confections.Located at Fairhaven Business Center across from WalmartFamily owned and operated for four generationsBest Chocolate in Town!Now located at Fairhaven Business Center63 Alden Road, Fairhaven, MA 02719 • 508-996-2465www.dorothycox.comNOW OPENMini-Mart & Laundry Hours:7 a.m.–8 p.m., 7 days/weekNewly renovated • Lottery • GroceriesDairy • Seasonal ItemsCoffee: 99¢Wide-screenTVWiFiATMHallforRentCoin drop laundryLarge selection ofMachinesParking lot behind buildlingQuality Remodeling & Finish Work • Kitchens • Bathrooms • DecksAll Types of Interior & Exterior Remodeling • Fully InsuredMA H.I.C. Reg. #125134 • MA Const. Sup. Lic #007769 • EPA Lead-Safe Cert.Moby Dick • www.mobydickmarina.comVFWFairhaven Post 2892109 Middle Street • Fairhaven • 508-997-1707Entertainment & EventsNov 16:ClamboilDec. 1:Grand Army CDRelease508-992-6622OVER 30 YEARSEXPERIENCEFairhaven, MAWinter Boat StorageIndoor storage: Building open from 10–2 onSaturday & Sunday to get those projects done.Outdoor yard storage: remote gate openerto come and go at your leisure.2 River Ave. • Fairhaven • 508-994-1133MeatRaffleEveryThurs.,7 pmDec. 9:Breakast withSantaPage 22Thursday, November 15, 2012Fairhaven Neighborhood News

“WE GO WHERE THE PROBLEM TREES GROW”• TREE REMOVAL • LOT CLEARING• AERIAL BUCKET TRUCK & BOBCAT SERVICE• FIREWOOD• PRUNING OF LARGE HISTORICAL TREES• YEAR ROUND SERVICESPECIALISTS IN LARGE DIFFICULT TREE REMOVALFree Estimates508-993-3588FairhavenEURO SHIP STORE/PHOENIXTHE place for UNIQUEitems. From clothes to toys andeverything in between!We have UGGS!24 Center Street • Fairhaven, MA 02719508-992-1714 • Fax: 508-992-1652 • eurship@aol.comSt. Anthony of New BedfordFederal Credit UnionYour Community Credit UnionHEATING OIL & DIESEL$3.40GalPrice maychangeWe strive to maintain our competitive reputationby reducing costs24-Hour Servicewww.luzofuel.com508-996-8042 •126 MacArthur DriveNew Bedford, MA 02740Over 15 years’experienceDr. Brian K. BowcockFairhavenChiropractic Office• Auto Injuries• Low BackInjuries• Job Injuries• Board Certifiedin Orthopedics• NeckInjuries• HeadachesNow offering Massage TherapyCall 508-997-3600Nos falamos PortuguesMost insurances accepted, including United Healthcare & HMO BlueKitchens To Fit YourLifestyle & Budget• Full Service ComputerizedKitchen Planning• Free In-HomeMeasurement ServiceVisit Our Showroom• Fine Cabinetry in as Littleas 3 Days• Custom Cabinets &CountertopsFairhaven Lumber Co.508-993-2611120 Alden Road • Fairhaven, MAAmerican Legion Post 166Function HallHall for rent.Open to thepublic anytimeEntertainment & Upcoming EventsEvery Thurs., 7-11Sat., 11/17:& Every Sat., 2-6:Karaoke with DJ Brie8:30-12:30, no coverKaraoke withCowboy Al, 7–11.Every Tues & Fri.: Wicked Weezy, karaoke, 9 p.m.54 Main Street • Fairhaven • 508-993-0046Fairhaven Neighborhood News Thursday, November 15, 2012 Page 23

MAC’S SODA BARand Custom Catering116 Sconticut Neck Road • Fairhaven • 508-992-8615FALL HOURS: Open Every Morning at 6:30 a.m.• Sun., Mon.,Tues., Wed., closing at 2 p.m. • Thurs., Fri., Sat., closing at 8 p.m.HappyThanksgivingThursday, November 22.Serving breakfast untilnoontime closingARE YOU UNABLE TO COOK ONTHE HOLIDAY?The staff at Mac’s would be honored to do the job for you.Call Jevon at 774-473-0393 anytime before 2 p.m. onWednesday, Nov. 21 to reserve COMPLETE turkey dinnersfor your family and guests (ham also available).$13 per serving (packaging and meals tax included).Your order will be ready for pick-up between 11 a.m. & 3 p.m.Thanksgiving Day, according to your schedule.For those unable to travel, delivery service can be arranged.OPEN WED. EVENING THANKSGIVING$7EVEPre-Holiday Specials:95Baked Stuffed Sole or Our Famous LasagnaIncludes Beverage & DessertFairhavenBicentennialGrand ParadeVideo DVDJust $10.00 eachOver 1-1/2 hours ofparade professionallyproduced andnarrated.Own a piece ofFairhaven’s200thAnniversaryOn Sale at: the Old Time Holiday atTown Hall on December 8thAnd available at Mike & Wayne’s Uniform163 Huttlesston Ave., FairhavenCall 508-997-2688 or e-mailWayne.Oliveira@comcast.netFine Jewelry and DiamondsNautical and Cape Cod JewelrySilver and Bead JewelryWatch Repair and BatteriesAppraisalsNEW DROP-OFF CENTERNOW OPENIN MATTAPOISETT145 Fairhaven Road • 508-758-2025Hours: Mon.–Fri., 9–5 • Sat., 9–2Or you may continue to visit our New Bedford LocationWall-to-Wall • Orientals • Area Carpets • BraidedAt ourplace oryoursYou may also count on us for:• Floors: Wash/Wax/Strip • Heavy Cleaning• Fire/Flood Rehab • Carpets & Upholstery• Emergencies (Fire, Flood, Furnace Backup)CYCLONE CLEANING SERVICESProudly serving Greater New Bedford for 40+ yearsCyclone: a name you can trust.833 Mt. Pleasant St. • New Bedford508-995-8816 • Anthony DavidVisit to learn about all our cleaning services

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