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Jim Busser for BCMA Honourary Secretary TreasurerApril 8, 2013I will be pleased to serve another year for those whowant balance, and change, in the BCMA.Now that the trial judge has put on public record bothevidence and judgment in Wang vs BCMA, I wish topresent my personal views on that affair through June2008, whereafter I joined the board.In my opinion, what happened arose within a group ofwell-meaning directors who, notwithstanding their years,were unprepared to deal with questions and eventswhich then took on a life of their own.I believe that through a better combination of direction, transparency, and accountability suchsituations can in future be averted.My letters in the BCMJ, most recently the April 2013 piece “Cheques and balances in the BCMA”,reflect some of the changes required. [1]I would have us take a lesson from the CEO of Canadian Blood Services. He recently recounted how“any organization that emerges from a crisis must acknowledge the legacy, and then begin to restorethe systems very quickly”. [2] So too, the BCMA.We have a tough road ahead. My vision includes fundamental reform in the approach to health care inthis province. Spawning and focusing new vision, on a board of 37 directors, is highly challenging.I have two questions:Do we need changes?How, and by whom, will they be brought?The reforms that I’m championing are not “revolutionary”. They reflect contemporary insights andapproaches. [3] These will overcome our insularity and complacency, while improving performance andaccountability on a board better able to be populated through regular elections.While I would prefer the Board and Societies’ current directors to have had more time to work throughany concerns with me, we must concede a lack of progress on entirely viable and overdue solutions ofa kind that date back to before 2008. That a majority of current directors desire, at minimum, moretime is not, in my view, a very good reason to delay the benefits we can now bring to our Association.

.… 2We've become too tired, comfortable or disengaged.We are beyond the time where we can fiddle anddiddle.I encourage you to visit BCDDF.CA. Read the FAQsand Forum developed by myself and colleagues.If you wish to bring in change, then vote infavour of• myself, for Honourary Secretary Treasurer,and• those on record as having supported change,and• most of all, for the two bylaws amendmentsIf I can have only one of your votes, let it be in support of both bylaws amendments.Your e-ballots for the “2nd BCMA Bylaw Referendum” were emailed to you the afternoon of March14th. Search for that in your subject line and spam folders. If you did not receive or you can’t find thee-mail, or you have forgotten your PIN number, please contact Everyone Counts Canada or Jessica Cavers with the Communications Department of theBCMA at on the bylaws referendum closes very soon – Thursday, April 25th.Let us, in the next 24 hours, call on every colleague and friend we can find to support change at theBCMA.Jim Busser [1] BCMJ, Vol. 55, No. 3, April 2013, page 136 “Cheques and balances at the BCMA” (available online)[2] Globe and Mail, Feb 10 2013: “Canadian Blood Services seeks corporate transfusions” (available online)[3] Dorger Consulting, posted on July 20, 2011: “Size Matters: Right Sizing Your Board of Directors” (available online)

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