Xpert SL Slit Lamp - BMS and Labomed - high quality microscopes


Xpert SL Slit Lamp - BMS and Labomed - high quality microscopes

INDEXINTRODUCTION 11.0 Safety Instructions 22.0 Packing List 33.0 Parts Description 44.0 Installation 55.0 Operating Procedure 76.0 Maintenance 86.1 Headrest / Chinrest Cleaning6.2 Changing Illumination Lamp6.3 Projection Prism Cleaning6.4 Cleaning the Slide Plate6.5 Fuse Replacement7.0 Technical Specification 9

INTRODUCTIONCongratulations on the purchase of your new Xpert SL.This instruction manual is designed as a training and reference manual for theoperation and maintenance of the instrument. We recommend that you read itcarefully prior to use and follow the instructions to ensure optimumperformance of your new instruments.Please retain this manual for future reference and to share with other users.Additional copies can be obtained from your authorized Labomed dealer orfrom the Labomed service department. Contact information is provided at theend of this guide.LABOMED Xpert SL Slit Lamp is an all-in-one Opthalmic instrument forobservation, measurement and diagnosis of Contact lens fitting, Anterior eyesegment, Cataract, Glucoma, Ratina etc.Its optimally structured design also allows the Xpert SL to be used in lasertherapy, this has been achieved by the possibility of operating the Slit projectorin the central position either with the left hand or right hand. The excellenttransmission of the optical system minimizes light loss during therapy.Together with the excellent image quality, this provides ideal conditions forcrisp, crystal clear images of even the finest structure.Considering standard work procedures, the design of this system provides youwith an optimum, ergonomically correct configurations.The perfection of the observation system and outstanding operatingconvenience ideally compliment each other. The outstanding benefits of thisdesign include a short working distance, comfortable arm and body posture,easy to grip controls for the sensitive setting of the Slit length, width androtation. Using with joystick, you can control the Xpert SL quickly and preciselyin all three coordinates and set it exactly in any position with a quick action lock.1

1.0 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSThis instrument is manufactured according to the safety norms as per CEregulations.This instrument is intended for use only as prescribed in this manual.Servicing and repair are allowed through authorised persons only.Replace burnt out fuses by fuses of the same type only.Use mains plug and mains socket with protective earth conductors only.Do not use force while fixing connectors. If the male and female plugs do notreadily connect, make sure that they are appropriate for one another. If any ofthe connectors are damaged please contact LABOMED representative.This instruments is for use in dry rooms only. Take care that no fluid enter thecomponents.The manufacturer will not accept any liability for damage caused byunauthorized persons tempering with the instrument; this will also forfeit anyrights to claim warranty.It is recommended to use the instrument only with the accessories supplied. Incase you wish to use other accessory make sure that LABOMED has certifiedthat its use will not harm the safety of the instrument.NOTE : It is requested to retain the serial no. of the instrument foridentification by the service personnel.2

2.0 PACKING LISTXpert SL Slit Lamp1 Microscope1 Instrument Body1 Illumination Column1 Table Top and Chinrest AssemblyACCESSORIES :1 Focusing Rod1 Hex Wrench1 Dust Cover1 Breath-shield1 Halogen Lamp (main)2 Guide-rail Covers2 Packages Chin Rest Paper1 Instruction Manual3

3.0 PARTS DESCRIPTION241110987652122231213141516171819213 4 201 On/Off Switch2 Intensity Control Knob3 Slide Plate4 Joystick5 Lamp Access door6 Filter Dial7 Slit length dial8 Breath-shield mount9 Eyepiece10 Focusing rings11 Fixation light12 Focusing rod13 Magnification dial14 Microscope lock-knob15 Slit rotation scale16 Slit width/rotation knob17 Illumination armlocking knob18 Microscope armlocking knob19 Instrument baselocking knob20 Guide rail covers21 Fuse holder22 AC Inlet23 Lamp Supply24 Tonometer4

4.0 INSTALLATIONThe Slit Lamp is shipped in a multi-layer foam container and it is divided intomajor components : Microscope, Instrument Body, Illumination Column, TableTop and Chin Rest Assembly.1. Take out the various parts. Remove the wrapping. Make sure the wrappingdoes not contain parts belonging to the instrument. Save the packing.2. Mount the headrest base from bottom of the table top with the socket-headscrews. and hexagonal wrench (provided) as shown in Fig. 2. Connect thetransformer ground wire under one of the screws.Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 43. Plug the wire from the headrest assembly into the connector on the back ofthe power supply unit.4. Attach head rest and chin rest assemblies with the help of screw drivers asshown in Fig. 4.5. Mount the table-top on appropriate instrument stand arm or table base.6. Position the Slit Lamp body gently on the table so that the geared rollersmate with the teeth on the guide rails. When the instrument is pushedforward or pulled backwards, the wheels should roll freely and evenly overthe guide-rails. (Refer Fig. 5)Fig. 55

7. Place the guide-rail covers over the guide-rails. Tightening the instrumentbase locking screw.8. Mount the microscope head on the microscope arm by sliding it intoposition, making sure it is up against the stop. Then, tighten lock-knoblocated on the right side of the microscope.Fig. 69. Plug the cable from the lamp arm into the connector on the back of thepower supply unit.10. Connect the power cord to power supply and plug into a wall outlet or theinstrument arm.Fig. 76

5.0 OPERATING PROCEDURE1. Turn the power using the ON/Off switch located on the front of the powersupply. Brightness can be adjusted by rotating the illumination level knob.NOTE : The maximum position is for intermittent use only. Continuous usewill be shorten lamp life.2. Insert the focusing rod in the pivot post of the instrument body to makerough PD and focus adjustments. Position the light onto the flat surface ofthe focusing rod and adjust the pupillary distance and focus of theeyepieces to suit the needs of the operator. Remove the focusing rod.3. To position a patient, adjust the chinrest height by turning the control knobon the post of the headrest assembly until the patient’s canthus is in linewith the canthus mark on the headrest post.4. Microscope elevation is adjusted by rotating the joystick and observing theSlit image through the microscope until the slit is centered on the patient’scornea.5. Move the Slit lamp with the joystick held firmly and slightly angled towardthe patient, until the slit appears sharply on the cornea. The accuracy ofthis rough adjustment should be checked by the naked eye. The fineadjustment is performed while observing the slit through the microscope.6. Tilt the joystick, which is now held lightly at its upper end, until the slitappears sharply at the depth of the eye which is to be observed. Thehorizontal motion of the base can be locked by tightening the base lockingscrew. Lock the base whenever the lamp is not in use.7. The slit width can be adjusted by rotating the slit-width control on eitherside of the instrument.8. The angle between the illumination system ad the microscope can be0 0varied between 0 to 90 to either the left or to the right. The angle isindicated on the scale of the slit lamp arm.9. Magnification is altered by rotating the dial on the microscope head. Themagnification of each click-stop position is engraved on the dial.10. Three filters are provided for cool and comfortable view. This can beachieved by turning the filter dial.7

6.0 MAINTENANCE6.1 Headrest / Chinrest CleaningFor hygienic reasons, wipe the headrest and chin rest with an alcohol wipeafter each patient.6.2 Changing Illumination LampEnsure the Slit Lamp is switched Off and remember that some parts may behot. Do not touch the glass of the new bulb.Open the bulb access door. Swing the retaining spring towards the arm pivotand pull the socket and bulb from the housing. Not the position of the notch inthe metal collar of the bulb. Replace the bulb with a new one. Make sure thenotch is in the same position. Insert the bulb and the socket into the lamphousing and move the retaining spring back into position. Close the bulbaccess door.6.3 Projection Prism CleaningGrasp the narrow shank of the projection prism and pull upwards. Whencleaning the prism, blast with clean, dry air, then gently wipe with a soft linencloth.6.4 Cleaning the Slide PlateIf the plate is dirty, it may cause a rough feeling when maneuvering the base ofthe Slit Lamp. Clean the slide plate with soft cloth lightly dampened with a mildsoap and water solution.6.5 Fuse ReplacementLocate the black fuse holder in the rear of the power supply. Insert small screwdriver at each side of the fuse holder and gently pry edges to dislodge. Replacefuses with the same type and rating.CONTINUOUS POWER SUPPLYThe Labomed Slit Lamp can be operated from 120 to 230 VAC. This is achievedby unintruppted power supply. So there is no need of adjusting the settingsaccording to the supply line voltage of the destination country.NOTE : Two fuses are used in this unit. This is recommended to replace theblown out fuses with the fuses of same rating and type i.e. T 2.5L 250More information on replacing the fuses can be found in the maintenancesection of this guide.8

7.0 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSMicroscope TypeMagnification ChangerGalilean3 Step Drum RotationEyepieces 12.5XMagnification RatioIPD RangeSlit IlluminationSlit WidthSlit LengthSlit Apertures10X 16X 25X50 to 77mm6V 20W Halogen0 - 14mm0 - 14mm0.3, 5.5, 9, 14mm0 0Slit Rotation 0 - 180FiltersRed Free, Heat Absorbing, Cobalt BlueMOVEMENT RANGES :Longitudinal (In/Out)Lateral (Left/Right)Vertical (Up/Down)Chin rest RangeVoltageFrequencyTable Base DimensionsWeight83mm100mm29mm73mm110V to 240V AC50 / 60 Hz465mm x 350mm25.0kg9

www.laboamerica.comOur policy is one of continuous development. Labo America, Inc., reserves the right to change design and specifications without prior notice.LABO AMERICA, INC.920 Auburn Ct.FremontCalifornia 94538U.S.A.Fax : +1(510) 445 1317E-mail : sales@laboamerica.comwww.laboamerica.comLABOMED, DIGIPRO and Xpert SL are registered trademarks of Labo America Inc.With a policy of continuous development, Labo America Inc. reserves the right to change design and specifications without prior notice.2006 Labo America Inc.

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