A PASSION FOR STYLE.It’s in the detail – the balanced proportions, the elegantly stretched powerdome, the now forward-incliningdouble kidney grille, the newly designed optional headlights. It all gives the front profi le a uniquely resolutelook. This, the product of our designers’ passion, is the most charismatic BMW 5 Series ever made. TheBMW 5 Series Saloon takes this commanding presence to the road with a timeless elegance while thesporty BMW 5 Series Touring also offers impressively spacious luxury.But only you can make the BMW 5 Series truly unique – and you can do it with BMW Original Accessories.Be more than the driver, be the designer and bring your vision of perfection to life with a multitude ofsophisticated, high-quality and exclusive products. Whether it’s for the exterior or the interior, forcommunication and information or transport and luggage, your style is always your decision.

Exterior | BMW M Performance carbon rear spoilerSporty and elegant high-tech look. Carefully hand-craftedin per cent carbon, weight-optimised and providinghigh stability. White Line rear lightsThe sophisticated clear glass-look, in combinationwith the LED light conductors, give the rear sectionunmistakably sporty character. Available for the BMW Series Saloon.Recommended tyresWhen buying new tyres, we recommend that you choosethose marked with the fi ve-pointed star on the sidewalls.Extensively tested by BMW and tailored to your BMWmodel, they ensure an unforgettable driving experience.Your BMW Service partner will be happy to advise you. Wing mirror caps in chromePerfectly rounds off the individual appearance of theBMW Series. Individual roof rails in satinated aluminiumA perfect combination of form and function. Alsoavailable in black.Exterior mirror for trailer towing (not pictured)Vibration-free thanks to special bracket. Mud flapsProtect your car and the vehicle behind from dirt andloose chippings. Available for front and rear wheels. " light alloy wheels V-spoke Liquid Black, burnished. Cast. + " BMW M Performance light alloy wheelsV-spoke MAvailable in Bicolour look and Liquid Black.1 " light alloy wheels Multi-spoke Bicolor, high-gloss Black, burnished. Cast.PURE AESTHETICS.ORIGINAL BMW EXTERIOR ACCESSORIES. " light-alloy wheels Cross-spoke Cast. Available in Ferric Grey and Refl ex Silver(not pictured). " light alloy wheels Multi-spoke Cast.72 3 4 5 6

THE ONLY CHOICE FORBREATHTAKING DYNAMICS.All BMW M Performance Accessories are the result of many years of BMW motorsport experience and have been developed in conjunction with BMW M GmbH. Eachcomponent has been through the most sophisticated development and manufacturingprocesses. This, in turn, means that every feature is squarely focused onuncompromising sportiness.Bring it all to life in your BMW Series. A good place to start is where man and machinemeet: the BMW M Performance Alcantara steering wheel with its fl attened lower rim inleather, silver-grey stitching and M Performance logo. Or opt for a shining expression ofconfi dence with the -inch light alloy wheels and their sporty, individual look. Whetherit’s for aerodynamics, chassis, drivetrain or cockpit, the result is pure racing feel. This isrevealed particularly clearly by the rear diffusor, which not only optimises downforcevalues but also has a sporty and attractive design. Enjoy the thrill of upgrading yourBMW Series with BMW motor sport genes. For detailed information about the entireBMW M Performance Accessories range,visit the BMW website.

Interior | Backrest bag, LuxuryYour multi-faceted companion. The bag can be fi lledwith small items before setting off and easily attachesto the rear of the driver’s or passenger’s seat. In a highquality combination of genuine leather and fi nelystructured fabric. Also available in other combinationsfor the Sport and Modern versions as well as black. Rear storage bag, LuxuryStriking design meets intelligent functionality. In hardwearingmaterial, the bag can be fi lled with items athome and attaches to the centre belt on the rear seat. Ina high quality combination of genuine leather and fi nelystructured fabric. Also available in other combinationsfor the Sport and Modern versions as well as black. - Travel & Comfort systemThis modular system is designed around a baseattachment for the headrest bars. A coat-hanger,folding table, universal hook or Apple iPad holder(see p) can then be fi tted. The coathanger allowsclothes to be transported without creasing. It canalso be detached from the mounting and used tocarry clothes outside the vehicle. The folding tablegives passengers in the rear a convenient surface toput things on and is tilt and height-adjustable. It alsoincludes a foldout cupholder with a stylish chromelookring. The universal hook offers a convenientplace to hang light shopping bags, suit hangers andthe like. The Travel & Comfort system is fi nished ina stylish matt black with silver highlights and goesperfectly with the interior of your BMW. Doorsill finishers, illuminatedWith BMW lettering, available for front and rear. All-weather floor matsA perfect fi t, dirt and water-resistant. Available in blackand beige. Floor mats, AvenueAn exclusive design that sets an elegant tone in thefootwell. Available in black. Floor mats, velourA perfect fi t, dirt and water-resistant. Available in beige,anthracite, grey and truffl e brown.1INNER VALUES, PERFECTLY ILLUSTRATED.ORIGINAL BMW INTERIOR ACCESSORIES.243 5 6

Interior | Auxiliary heatingFor warm interior comfort before you start a winter’sjourney. The pre-heated cooling circuit also means that theengine is protected during start-up and fuel consumptionis reduced. The system is controlled either by remotecontrol, programming or directly via the onboard system.Depending on model, the auxiliary heating can also beoperated wirelessly using the My BMW Remote iPhoneapp (an active BMW ConnectedDrive contract for thevehicle is required for use).1 2 SunscreenQuick and easy to attach to the rear windscreen (pic )and rear side windows (not pictured). When not in use itcan be stored in the bag supplied. A rear roller blind withelectric operation is also available., , The new Group + BMW Baby Seat with ISOFIX,Group BMW Junior Seat with ISOFIX and the Group/ BMW Junior Seat with ISOFIX anchor points arechild seats with a system – and systematic thinking.Suitable for children from - years (from approx. threeto kg), they are safe and comfortable and featureintegrated airpads for side impact protection that arealso pleasantly soft in daily use. Available in black/Anthracite or black/blue.BMW child seats Group + BMW Baby Seat with ISOFIX (pic )Ideal seating for babies from to months ( The child restraint system consists of a portablebaby seat shell and ISOFIX base. The seat can also beattached to the vehicle using the safety belt.Group BMW Junior Seat with ISOFIX (pic )Particularly secure, rear-facing seats for children fromapprox. months to three years (approx. nine to kg).Forward-facing seats are recommended for childrenfrom three years. Consisting of a seat shell with its ownfi ve-point harnessing system and ISOFIX base. Can stillbe used when an ISOFIX base is already in the vehicle.Group / BMW Junior Seat (pic )Safe and secure driving pleasure for three to -yearolds.The Group / BMW Junior Seat adapts to thevehicle and is suitable for children of up to cm inheight. The seat can also be connected to the vehicle’sISOFIX anchor points using its integrated connectors.Backrest protector (not pictured)Protects the upholstery on the back of the two front seatsfrom dirt and damage. For detailed information about the full range ofcomponents for the interior of your BMW Series,visit the Accessories section of the BMW website.45

Communication & Information | CONNECTED MOBILITY AND MOVEMENT IN PERFECT UNION.ORIGINAL BMW COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION ACCESSORIES. BMW holder for Apple iPadRear passengers can simply snap in any iPad model tothe base support of the Travel & Comfort system (seepage ) for ease of use. Adjustable for height and angle,the holder can also be placed in a provided stand andused outside the vehicle. Snap-in adapterDocking system for current mobile phones from Apple,Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and RIMBlackBerry ® . In conjunction with the mobile phonepreparation with Bluetooth interface, the adaptercharges the phone while optimum network receptionis ensured via the vehicle’s external aerial. Dependingon vehicle equipment and the mobile phone beingused in the snap-in adapter, music fi les stored on thephone can be played and album covers are shownon the Control Display. BMW apps can also be used.Current information on Bluetooth compatibility for yourvehicle can be found at BMW Car Hotspot LTETaking the mobile internet experience into a newdimension. With the BMW Car Hotspot LTE, you andyour passengers can go online with up to eight wirelessdevices – at the speed of LTE. All that’s required is for aSIM card to be inserted into the BMW Car HotspotLTE. It fi ts into a centre armrest dock or, thanks to itsintegrated battery, can be used outside the vehicle. Ifthe LTE network is not available, UMTS (HSDPA) orGSM can be used. Roaming while abroad can beoptionally deactivated. Tablet DVD systemTwo portable seven-inch monitors for mounting on theheadrests. The DVD player, integrated into one of themonitors, plays video DVDs plus photo and audio CDs(including MP format). Pictures and music from USBsticks and memory cards can also be viewed/played.Perfect sound is delivered by infrared stereoheadphones specially developed for the system. Theyoffer individual volume control and excellent comfort.5 6 7 USB charging adapterA highly convenient way to charge mobile devices in thecar via the cigarette lighter socket. Suitable for iPhone,iPad and many other mobile USB devices. Digital wireless headphonesIn an exclusve BMW design and made specially forthe optional Rear Entertainment system. With digital,interference-free transmission, volume control,excellent sound imaging and high comfort. Digital roadmapsUp to per cent of the road network changes everyyear, but with the latest digital roadmaps you are alwaysin the picture. Depending on country version, they offercongestion warnings and RDS/TMC (Traffi c MessageChannel) functions. Model-dependent annual updates,including certifi cate, are available via DVD or USB stick. For detailed information about Original BMWCommunication & Information Accessories,visit the BMW website.1 3

Transportation & Luggage | Trailer tow hitch with fully electric swivellingtow ballFor high trailer loads of up to ,kg, with a nose weightof up to kg. With trailer stability control. When the towball pivots to the side, the tow hitch is not visible. Touring cycle holder, lockableRobust attachment for transporting a bicycle with a framediameter of to mm. Also suitable for a mountainbike with a tyre size of inches. A bike can be quicklyattached to the holder with a simple mounting system. + Bicycle/e-bike holder for trailer tow hitchFor transporting up to two bicycles or e-bikes. Anextension set for a third bike is available. The holderand bikes are secured against theft. The holder pivotsdown to allow tailgate access and can be folded andstored in the boot. Bicycle holder for the interiorA special anti-theft mounting kit for up to two bicyclesattaches to the luggage compartment lashing rails. Racing cycle holder, lockableSuitable for bicycles with quick-release levers on thefront wheel. A holder for securing the front wheel tothe base support system is also available.14WHEN ENOUGH IS NOT ENOUGH.ORIGINAL BMW TRANSPORTATION & LUGGAGE ACCESSORIES.3 5

| Transportation & Luggage Luggage compartment trayShatter-proof, impact and acid-resistant. The tray is alsoa seamless fi t with luggage compartment. Includeswebbing on the right side for bottles etc. Multifunction fitted luggage compartment matBMW roof box , L x W x H: x x cm BMW roof box , L x W x H: x x cm BMW roof box , L x W x H: x x cmLuggage compartment system, non-slip, acid resistantand with a precise fi t. A waterproof Lines folding boxwith rubber studs and internal webbing for bottles etc. isalso available (choice of two sizes).56 + BMW roof boxesEasy loading and unloading thanks to an innovativesystem that opens from both sides. Highly securethanks to integrated, triple central locking. Availablewith a -litre (pic ) or -litre capacity in silver,black, white or titanium. A -litre silver version isalso available. - BMW base support system, lockableMaximum permissible roof load: kg. The support barsare made of high-strength aluminium tubing. The BMWbase support system is equipped with an anti-theftfeature and complies with the most stringent safetyrequirements. Simple, tool-free assembly. A separateversion is available for mounting to the roof rails of theBMW Series Touring. Surfboard holderWith board supports made of impact-resistant plastic, abuilt-in mast carrier, strap eyelets and tensioning straps. Ski and snowboard holder, lockableSuitable for carrying up to two snowboards and two pairsof skis, or up to six pairs of skis. Poles can also be carried. Raised carrier barsFor the BMW ski and snowboard holder. The extensionprovides mm of extra room for individual bindings.For even easier securing of skis/snowboards with higherbindings.Ski rests in roof box (not pictured)Available for BMW roof boxes and . Ski boot bag, LuxuryA beautifully designed ski boot bag that can also holdski goggles and a helmet. Easy to carry, it can be usedoutside the vehicle and features attractive handles and auseful shoulder strap. Available in black/silver.Luggage compartment tie-down straps(not pictured)Two tear-resistant tie-down straps secure items in theluggage compartment quickly and safely. Available withtwo different fastening mechanisms. For detailed information about the entire range ofTransportation & Luggage solutions, see theBMW website.372 4

Index SPA TREATMENTFOR YOUR BMW.AN ATMOSPHEREOF PURE WELL-BEING.BMW Natural Air products are the most convenient wayto create a refreshing interior atmosphere. Fragrancesticks can be placed in a special holder that attachesquickly and easily to any BMW ventilation grille. Thesticks are interchangeable and the intensity of their scentcan be adjusted by hand. The BMW Natural Air starter kitcomprises a holder, colour-matched to the interior, and afragrance stick in either Purifying Green Tea, EnergizingTonic or Balancing Amber. And there’s no chance of anyleakage because the sticks contain no fl uid.Create an atmosphere of well-being and an even moreenjoyable ambience – with scents extracted from essentialnatural oils and made exclusively for BMW.BMW NATURAL AIRINTERIOR FRAGRANCES.EQUIPPED WITH THE BEST IDEAS.THE ORIGINAL BMW ACCESSORIES RANGE AT A GLANCE.ExteriorCarbon rear spoilerExterior mirror for trailer towingIndividual roof rails in satinated aluminiumLight alloy wheelsMud fl apsWhite Line rear lightsWing mirror caps in chromeInteriorAll-weather fl oor matsAuxiliary heatingBaby seatsBackrest bag, LuxuryBackrest protectorChild seatsDoorsill fi nishersFloor mats, AvenueFloor mats, velourRear storage bag, LuxurySun screenTravel & Comfort systemCommunication & InformationApple iPad holderCar Hotspot LTEDigital roadmapsDigital wireless headphonesInfrared stereo headphonesSnap-in adapterTablet DVD systemUSB charging adapterTransport & Luggage solutionsBase support systemBicycle/e-bike holder for trailer tow hitchBicycle holder for the interiorLuggage compartment tie-down strapsLuggage compartment trayMultifunction fi tted luggagecompartment matRacing cycle holderRaised carrier barsRoof boxesSki and snowboard holderSki boot bag, LuxurySki rests in roof boxSurfboard holderTouring cycle holder, lockableTrailer tow hitchCleaning & CareGlass cleanerInterior careNatural Care ProductsPaint and wheel careSpecial applications Find inspiration at whereyou can check out more pictures anddetailed information about the full range ofOriginal BMW Accessories.Sparkling paintwork, immaculate leather, a highly polished look. With Original BMW Care products, you can give your BMW somevery special treatment. Perfectly designed for high-quality materials, they provide gentle care and strong protection. And whether it’sfor the interior or the exterior, the wheel rims or the windscreen, you will always fi nd exactly the right solution for any task.PREMIUM CARE WITHORIGINAL BMW CARE PRODUCTS.THE RIGHT ACCESSORIES.THE RIGHT SERVICE.The excellence of BMW cars is matched only by the quality of BMW Service. When you visit your BMW Service Centre, you can expectexpert professional advice from highly trained staff using the very latest in diagnostic technology. And the global BMW Service networkmeans help is always at hand, wherever you are in the world – for the unlimited joy of driving.For more information on what is available from BMW Service, please contact your BMW Service Centre, or visit

More about PleasureYour BMW Service Centre will be happy to advise.The models illustrated in this brochure may show items of optional equipment which are not part of the standard specifi cation. Subject tochanges in design, equipment specifi cations and content. Errors and omissions excepted. Apple ® , iPhone ® , iPad ® and iPod ® are registeredtrademarks of Apple Inc. © BMW AG, Munich, Germany. Not to be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission ofBMW AG, Munich. Part number , BB-. Printed in Germany /.

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