January 2012 - Ford & Mercury Restorers Club of America


January 2012 - Ford & Mercury Restorers Club of America

DINNER DANCE EDITIONThe Rotunda TimesVolume 87 No. 12 1 The The Official Monthly monthly Publication of the Ford & Mercury Restorer’s Club of America December January 2011 2012Feature Vehicle:1970 1950 Mercury Mercury Cyclone Monterey Spoilerowned byScott Art Dodge CairoFMRCOA Dinner DanceToys for Tots Drive a SuccessA Huge Success!!byMark KoehlerMany of us saw the beautiful 1950 Mercury Montereythat Art Cairo brought to our car show (Dearborn ’11)I am proud to write about my 1970 Mercurylast July. The car has been in the Cairo family since it was new!Cyclone Spoiler as the feature vehicle for the“The car was ordered on July 12, 1950 by my grandfather,JosephRotundaCairo.Times.He tookI becamedeliveryaofmemberit from Coogan-Shumerskiof the FMRCAInc. without in Detroit a Ford on or August Mercury 25, 1950. six years The total ago purchase so a search with allof shortly the available followed options to find was a $2699.14. car. I had At always that time, dreamed grandpaof owning a 1968 to 1970 Ford muscle car. I startedwatching EBay and came across the Cyclone. At thetime, I was helping my friend Dale LeVasseur restorehis Cyclone Spoiler and liked the Cyclone styling.The auction time ran out and no one had bid on thecar. Dale and I discussed the car and determined thatit was worth pursuing. I called the seller the next dayand made a tentative offer on the car. Soon after,Dale, Dale’s wife, Deb and I headed to Columbuswith an enclosed car hauler to pick it up.Continued on on page page 7. 6Spaciousness & beauty in the interior!Treasurer Steve Rohde presents Toys for Tots Livonia CoordinatorLinda Rankin a wad of cash collected at our December meeting totherwith a matching check from the club.The Jamie Coe BandGas Station Find!Actually, Like I always more say than “The a only “Gas thing Station”… that stays theStory and photos by Vahan Nazariansame is change”. With that said, the planning went onfor he the term, Dinner/Dance. “Barn Find” Probably immediately the gets most our significant attention,party and since has us 2003. all ears. I hope What, all and that Where? attendedContinued on page 6TThe old Gas Station was pretty small by recent comparisons,but did a better job!!!Continued on page 8.Pat & Nancy Beattie dancing to the Oldies

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TheThe RotundaRotunda TimesTimesThe Rotunda Times2012 FMRCOA Meetings Events Calendar2012 FMRCOA Meetings & Events Calendar2012 elow FMRCOA is the tentative Meetings table & of Events meetings Calendar and events for2012. The newly elected Board will fill it in nextBelow is is the the tentative tentative table table of of meetings meetings and and events events forformonth.2012.NewTheinformationnewly electedwillBoardbe postedwilleachfill itmonthin next2012. The newly elected Board will fill it in next asmonth.month.CALENDARevents New andNewdates informationinformationare “firmed” willwillOFbebeup. postedpostedEVENTSBold each fonteachmonth representsmonthasaseventseventsclub sponsored andanddatesdatesare activities.are“firmed”“firmed”Also, up.up.Bold ifBoldyou font havefontrepresentsrepresentsan idea forclub cluba Club sponsored sponsoredevent, Feb. please activities. activities. 1 Club let a Also, BoardAlso, meetingif if you Memberyou have have an know!an idea idea for fora Club event, please please let let a a Board Board Member Member know! know!Jan. 4 Club MeetingJan. Feb. Jan. 421 25 Club Stahl Dinner MeetingDance Museum tourJan. 21Dinner DanceMar. 7 club meeting2012 FMRCOA Dinner Dance2012 FMRCOA Dinner DanceJanuary 21, 2012January 21, 2012St Mary’s FEBRUARY Cultural Center 25St Mary’s Cultural Center18100 contact Merriman JimRd. Rd. Crawfordin in Livonia18100 Merriman For more for detailsRd. in LivoniaFor more information,please contact 313-467-7789Mark or or Sue Sue Koehler or at atMark or Sue Koehler at734-699-6900.734-699-6900. 313-724-9117STAHL MUSEUM TOUR(hand-outs available at the meeting).YOUR CAR!YOUR YOUR CAR! CAR!he Rotunda Times would like to feature your oldTThe car Rotunda or truck Times in an upcoming would like issue. to to feature We are your your interested old old carhe Rotunda Times would like to feature your oldin car or how truck car oror truck you in truck an in came upcoming an about upcomingan upcoming issue. finding issue. We issue. your We are Weare vehicle interested are interestedinterested of choice, howin howin and you howyou what came youcame you about cameabout have finding about done finding your finding to your enhance vehicle yourvehicle of its vehicle choice, beauty, of choice,of and choice, what / orandand mechanical whatwhatyouyouhave condition. havedonedoneto Simply enhanceto enhance mail its or beauty,its e-mail beauty, us your /andor article / oryou have done to enhance its beauty, and/or mechanicalmechanical mechanical accompaniedcondition. condition. condition.Simplywith Simply a photo Simplymail mail orto: mailemail or e-mail or e-mailus your us your us article your articleaccompanied accompanied with with a photo a photo to: to:article accompanied with a photo to:STEVE ROHDErohdesteve@gmail.comSTEVE STEVE ROHDE ROHDErohdesteve@gmail.comROTUNDA Beth Marschner TIMESROTUNDA emarschner@twmi.rr.comROTUNDA 2955 Bateson TIMES TIMES Ct.2955 Ann 2955ROTUNDABateson Arbor, Bateson Ct. MI. TIMES 48105 Ct.Ann Ann Arbor, Arbor, 734.717.5444MI. 48105 MI. 4810517445 Norborne 734.717.5444• Redford, MI 48240MonthlyClubClubMeetingMeetingLocationLocationMonthly Club Meeting LocationOur monthly club meetings are at St Mary’s CulturalOur Our monthlyCentermonthly clubat 18100club meetingsMerrimanmeetings are at are StRdat Mary’sinStLivoniaMary’s CulturalbetweenCulturalCenter6Center at 18100and 7 Mileat 18100 MerrimanRoads.Merriman RdThis is theRd in Livoniabeautifulin Livonia betweenfacilitybetween 6where we6and and 7 Milehave7heldMile Roads.theRoads. Thislast severalThis the is beautifuldinnerthe beautiful facilitydances.facility whereMoreover,where weit haswehave ahaveheldextremelyheldthethelastlargelastseveralparkingseveraldinnerdinnerdances. Moreover, it has aextremely large parking lot enabling lot enablingdances.club cars clubMoreover,to cars be to easily beit haseasilyaextremelyparked parked together togetherlarge parking(and (and the food thelotfoodenablingis -great!). is -great!).club cars to be easilyparked together (and the food is -great!).Meetings Meetings are on are the on first the Wednesday first Wednesday of each of month each month and andMeetingsbegin begin at 6:30 at 6:30are onPM with PMthewithfirsta snack. aWednesdaysnack. And do Andofbring doeachbringmontha friend! a friend!andbegin at 6:30 PM with a snack. And do bring a friend!The FMRCOA Membership Advantage!!!!!!The our our FMRCOA Board officers Membership and and Editors Editors take Advantage!!!!!!Ytake extra extra effort effort to tobring our Board you you FREE FREEofficers Classifieds and Editors and and Schedule takeScheduleextra of Events effortof Eventstofound bring within withinyou your FREEyour monthly monthlyClassifieds newsletter. and Schedule Take Take advantage ofadvantageEventsof foundof these thesewithin benefits benefitsyour your yourmonthly membership newsletter. provides. provides.Take Post advantagePost your yourschedule ofschedulethese where benefitswhere you youyour can canmembership refer refer to to it easily. itprovides.easily. Submit SubmitPost your youryourads scheduleads at at a a meeting meetingwhere or youor mail mailcan to torefer Phil Phil Lyon, toLyon,it our easily.our ad editor. adSubmiteditor. For yourFormore adsmoreat information ainformationmeeting or on mailonbecomingbecomingto Phil a Lyon, membera memberour go ad togoeditor.tohttp://http://Forwww.fmrcoa.org/ more The Ford and Mercury Restorers Club of America, Inc.www.fmrcoa.org/information or onorwrite becomingwriteto:to:a member go to http:// The Ford and Mercury Restorers Club of America, Inc.newsletter, “The Rotunda Times”, its contents, Club logo,www.fmrcoa.org/ FMRCOA MembershipFMRCOAorMembershipwrite to: SecretaryTheSecretarynewsletter, Ford and “The Mercury Rotunda Restorers Times”, Club its contents, of America, Club logo, Inc.articles, and artwork are the property of the Ford andFMRCOA P.O. Membership Box 2938articles, and artwork are the property of the Ford andP.O. Box 2938Secretarynewsletter, “The Rotunda Times”, its contents, Club logo,Mercury Restorers Club of America. No changes, additions,Dearborn MI 48123articles, Mercury and Restorers artwork Club are of the America. property No changes, of the Ford additions, andDearbornP.O. BoxMI293848123deletions Mercury or reproductions are permissible without theDues are $25 before & $30.00 after DEC 31writtendeletions Restorersapproval ofreproductions Club of America.the Ford and Mercuryare permissible No changes,Restorers Clubwithout additions,oftheDues are $25Dearbornbefore &MI$30.0048123after DEC 31 deletionsAmerica,writtenIncapproval or reproductionsand its dulyof theauthorizedFord are andrepresentatives.Mercury permissible Restorers without Club the ofPlease Dues are mail $25 your before dues in & or $30.00 pay at after a meeting! DEC 31written America, approval Inc and of its the duly Ford authorized and Mercury representatives. Restorers Club ofPlease mail your dues in or pay at a meeting! America, Inc and its duly authorized representatives.Please mail your dues in or pay at a meeting!Page 4Page 4Page 4

The Rotunda TimesJANUARY 2012FMRCOA MEETING MINTUESJanuary 4, 2012Happy 2012! Our newly elected president, Bob Guetschowstarted the meeting at 7:30pm.The first order of business that Bob wanted to address was theSergeant of Arms role that had been recently created. Bob felt that theNew Year was going to be a positive one and that the club membershipwas going to behave in such a manner that the Sergeant of Arms personwas not needed. The membership agreed.Bob wished everyone a happy New Year and introduced the new2012 board to the club. Those board members are: President, BobGuestschow; Vice President, Tim Pusillo; Secretary, Beth Marschner;Treasurer, Dale Lavausseur; 2yr Director, Mark Koehler; and 1yrDirectors, Jim Crawford & Rob Martoia. Bob took a moment toexpress his “vision” for the club for 2012 and his motto of “The cluband membership first!” He wants the membership to know that heand the entire board have an open door policy and anytime you havesomething on your mind, feel free to share it.In the audience of 108 members, we had several guests includingKent Draper, Paul Kuch and Bob Lowe. Welcome!Although Bob had new badges to hand out, the new members werenot present to get them. Maybe next month.It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of DonnaDurant, wife of member, John Durrant as well as previous member JimGavrilis who also recently passed away.The December meeting minutes were approved by voice vote.Dale read the December treasurers report that Steve had completed.Dale also prepared a little slide show for the members to enjoy while itwas read. The report was available to view on the big screen as well asa printed copy. The report was approved by voice vote.Terry Worful reported that the membership was now up to 378members. Due to the late mailing of the renewal slips, she is extendingthe due date to February with no late fee penalties.There was no old business to discuss so we moved into the firsttopic of new business, which is the annual dinner dance hosted by clubmember, Mark Koehler and his wife Sue. Plans seem to be comingtogether nicely. The entertainment is set, the hall is set. The clubvoted on a sit down style vs. family style dinner. Hope to see youthere!Bob has begun installing some new committees for 2012. The firstis the events committee. Jim Crawford will chair this committee alongwith Jeff Gniewek, Bill Coombe, Larry Wolohon, Linda Dicks andWally Wigand. The main focus for this committee will be to plan clubevents for the year. Their goal will be 2 per month starting in February,which can include guest speakers at meetings as well as club outings.The second committee that has been created is the By-Lawscommittee chaired by Tim Pusillo. Jim Shumaker and Curt & LaurelGottlieb will join Tim on this committee. Their main focus will beto review the current club by-laws and update them as needed. Timwill bring a suggestion box to the meetings so that club members cansubmit their ideas on what could be changed and/or added to the bylaws.We are working on getting something put together for our Januarynewsletter. Our editor and several staff contributors stepped downso if anyone is interested in writing an article or has something theywould like to see in the newsletter, please send it to Beth Marschner atemarschner@twmi.rr.com.The newly designed 2012 swap meet and car show flyers are in!!Save the date...July 21st and July 22nd. The flyers look great. Pickthem up at any meeting and promote, promote, promote!Dale Lavausseur will chair this year’s car show featuring the ‘65 -‘73 Mustang. Dale reports that he is making a few changes includingremoving the judging lane. Cars will be judged at their spot. He alsochanged the classes around a bit but there will be more details to come.Bob has agreed to oversee the swap meet this year. He also has afew changes to be made but more details on that to come as well.Rob Martoia will be heading up the car corral. The fee is $20 perday or $30 for both days. He will make sure everyone pays includingmembers.Members presented their own show and tell and we had a little cartalk before Bob adjourned the meeting at 8:40.Beth MarschnerHISTORY UNCOVEREDBy Bob GuetschowAt the last meeting during the “SHOW AND TELL”segment of the meeting one of the members, George Patrick,displayed a license plate attachment of our Ford and MercuryRestorers club emblem. This emblem was produced by anold time member Jim Ogden, who is now up in his nineties.All of this reminiscing caused me to hearken back to thevery beginnings of the club back in 1968. Jim Scott, wholived around the corner from me, advertised in the Model ANews for anyone interested in forming an old car club namedThe Ford and Mercury Restorers Club. I walked over to hishouse and discussed his ideas with him. Over the next fewdays he received other inquiries and a date was set up for afirst meeting. That first meeting was in September 1968 andnine individuals attended. We have 3 founding members stillremaining in the club today: Bob Guetschow, Joe Mooradian,and Roy Stull. In November 1968 we had a old car cruise toa restaurant in Walled Lake and about forty of us gathered,for the very first outing of the club, at my house. At least 10-15 old Fords and Mercurys were in attendance for the trip.At the restaurant I was elected President by acclamation andthe rest is History,as they say.Page 5

The Rotunda Times1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler,Continued from page 1The car was in good original condition needingtires, brakes, and some TLC. I have since had Daleat D&D Restorations perform some minor work onthe car, installing the missing correct water pumpand fuel pump as well as installing the correct Ramair cleaner to bring the car even closer to originalcondition. I was amazed it still had the trunk prop rodand hounds tooth cloth on the bucket seats.I know I did. We welcome your comments as alwaysbecause this is “Your Club”.We are here for You,Mark KoehlerFMRCOA Dinner DanceContinued from page 1had a good time. Congratulations go to BobGuetschow as the next club President and the Masterof Ceremonies for the evening. Congratulations alsoto the new Board as we begin the New Year! Thankyou Dale and Debra LeVasseur for arranging thecomplementary photograph for all of the couples whoattended. It was a nice way to remember the event.Jason and his staff at St. Mary’s Cultural Center dida wonderful job with the food and the “now famous”dessert table.Everyone I talked to said they enjoyed the “TheJamie Coe Band”. It was a great way to work off theextra calories. Beverly McAuliffe said “make sureyou have them back next year”. Brian and Mary Kutadanced the night away until they said “We had to gojust before midnight.” I know some of you thoughtit may have been a little loud, but hey it’s LIVEmusic. It’s just another sign we are getting older,myself included! And for those that stayed a littlelonger would have enjoyed seeing Bob’s son, RobGuetschow, on the guitar perform with the group.Members posing for a quick group shotNEW FEATUREWe welcome RIDE ON APPRAISALS,INC.as our new Advertiser. The owner and President ofRide on Appraisals is Dennis Parus, who is also afellow club member. The appraisal service is locatedin Illinois and has an office here in Michigan. Dennisand his staff are certified by both the Bureau ofCertified auto appraisers (BOCAA) and the AmericanSociety of Certified Auto Appraisers (ASCAA).If You interested in speaking with Dennis He canreached at (630) 721-1009 or his web-site at www.rideonappraisals.com.Page 6

which was held at the home of Dom Pacitti in Dearbornwere reported. On top of the agenda for this meeting was theelection of officers. Items agreed upon at this meeting werethe color scheme of the club emblem and the annual dues of$5.00 to be paid in January. Jim Scott presented a slide showThe NoByBill Thomas Gipperich, Robertson Cars and HelpingClub Bill Timoszyk. HistorianPeoplebyHank DawsonThe Rotunda Timesof classic and not so classic Ford cars. A midnight snack wasserved by Mrs. Pacitti. (and you think our meetings run late!).New faces for this month were: Louis Ironside, O’Brien,Lastly, a list of local and not so local people and business’ toThe have no. work/services 2 issue of performed the Ford was Mercury included. Historianwas published This a in special March time or of April year when of helping 1969. No people date in needis displayed makes on the the holidays printed special. version, This year only on someone’s July 30th we hadhand written an opportunity notation. to participate The date in of a the fund meeting raiser to for support the Loveminutes INC, was an also organization not included. that provides support for needs in Livingstonpages county were including given food, to a shelter, very and complete clothing and throughSeveraldetailed a backbone list of of specifications 51 churches in for the the county. 1937 V8. Thiswas followed This is when by owning an article an antique by Roy collector Nacewicz car is on most how rewardingas from we were drag invited racing to to bring restoring our 1954 his Ford first Sunliner Ford to ahe wentantique, special a 1937 Concours ford 2 show door of sedan. Classic It cars was and very fine similar art, the “Leto our Concours recent articles de Livingston” a featured event, a vehicle. Howell Michigan fundraiserfor Love INC.The minutes for the last meeting held at the home ofDoug Muldon went like this. Reports; Roy Nacewiczon the club application form, Roy Stull on the activitiescommittee: a tour to Frankenmuth for dinner is planned,Cover of our club’s first publication issued in 1969! Fora list of suppliers in that issue, see page11.an economy run and a Chinese auction will be held.In case you aren’t familiar with this last activity asI was not, an explanation followed. Each member is tobring a part for our old Ford and Mercury’s and also apocket full of dimes. The membership forms a circleand an alarm clock is randomly set for a few minutes.Next a box is passed around and each member drops adime in each time it comes to him and before the alarmgoes off.Hank & Janet stand in front of their beautiful 1954 Ford Sunlinerat the Le Concours de Livingston event.The member holding the box when the alarm soundswins the part. The money in the box goes to the club.A The safety Concours committee show took was place formed on the grounds consisting of Steve of andmembers Patty Ken Gronow’s Templin, estate: Doug a very Muldon beautifully and landscaped Phil Lyon. settingTheir with function pines was and a stated pond and to ensure flowers each and a car magnificent driven on home.a club Of tour course was we in checked good out mechanical all the cars that condition were there before includinghand and some to very regulate rare 30’s modified & 40’s cars. and also cars from the Ken Lingenfeltercollection. We had gourmet food and drinks. Outsidelive bands played good 50’s and 60’s music while artistsDan Bartok reported on the development of ourclub constitution. Treasurers report by Phil Lyon. Thepainted on the grounds and a glass blower created beautifulmembership decided that a second signature wouldglass art pieces. In the afternoon these paintings and other artbe required on all club checks. These would be theitems and even a special vacation trip were auctioned off.Treasurer and the President.I have to say this was a car show to remember as our 54 Sunlinerdiscussion sparkled on in the the sunlight official in name a special for setting. the club We mixedApublication with some was wonderful held. No people results and saw or cars proposals at the show were that youreported. do not see anywhere else.Bob Assenmacher & Diane from our club were there workingthe show too and I want to thank Bob for his interest in usThe Rotunda TimesLastly President Bob Guetschow stressed the mostpressing issue was to locate a permanent meeting placeat this show.and urged each member to be searching. The meetingwas You closed never know and when beer and your sandwiches special car will were show consumed up at aspecial Vintage event aluminum and this gas was pedals a special brought event in for by Nick Janet Zakarian. and I thisand Jim Scott entertained with some fine Piano playing.year and we are proud of helping to raise donations for LoveINC to expand and help people in need: they raised a veryimpressive $102,000 at this event!Page 10Toys displayed by Dave Saam.Your ****** Ad WANTED ******Could Go Here!Please Contact:Bob Guetschow248-328-9113rguetschow@comcast.netLast known whereabouts of this 1960 Ford Econoline called“PACIFICA”. Needed for photo.Call Bob Fryz (313)350-3400America’s Convertible HeadquartersConvertible Tops 1946+ Cylinders, Motor Pumps, Hoses.1946-50 Pump & Valve rebuilding; 1928-50 Blue DotsAnd much, much more!941-639-0437 www.hydroe.com Fax: 941-639-0376Page Page 7 5

Lou Ironsidemonth we have a postcard showing the Pine Mountain ski jump in Ironntain, MI. Although I never skied down the jump, my wife and Ibed to the top one summer in 1970. NO WAY would I ever ski downt!! Of interest in the closest row of cars are two 1939/40 tudor sedansnext to them a 1949 Postcards Ford Coupe.Postcards fromfrom Therethethe is alsoPastPasta 1949 or 1950 Fordion wagon directly in front of the group by of cars. The license plates areilver with black letters so the plates byLou Ironside are either 1948 or 1950. Since thereseveral 1949/50Wcars in the Lou back Ironside ground I am going to guess theto was taken in e all 1950. know the Wonder connection if any between of those Henry cars Ford, made and it toThis month Harvey we Firestone. have a postcard They showing were the friends, Pine Mountainllector status”?vacationingskicompanions,jump in Iron Mountain,and also hadMI.aAlthoughbusiness relationshipI never skiedthatdownlastedthe jump, my wife and I climbed to the top one summer in 1970.up until the recent Explorer tire fiasco. This month we havea photo of the Firestone factory in Akron Ohio, where manyofthe tires on the early Fords were produced.The Rotunda TimesThe Rotunda TimesNO WAY would I ever ski down that!! Of interest in the closestrow of cars are two 1939/40 tudor sedans and next to them a1949 Ford Coupe. The There Firestone is also factory a 1949 in Akron or 1950 Ohio. Ford stationwagon Although directly there in front is no of date the group on the of card, cars. the The series license number plates ofare 64051 all silver puts with its black publication letters so in the plates 1910 to are 1915 either time 1948 period. or1950.TheSincecardtherewas producedare severalby1949/50the Detroitcars inPublishingthe back groundCompanyIam going to guess the photo was taken in 1950. Wonder if anythat remained in business until 1922 when the recessionof those cars made it to “collector status”?following WWI put them out of business. How do I knowthis ? Well, my grandfather worked there and I have some ofhis records and notes on the Detroit Publishing Company. InThe Roving Reporter:fact, he could have been the artist that re-touched the photofor Two this swap card! meets to report on, as our new year begins.First, the swap meet at the Gibraltar Trade Center. AlthoughI still consider this a “trade show” rather than a swap meet,it actually had a few The vendors Roving selling Reporter: used parts. Of course,nothing I needed! It stillEndgrindsofme2011!that the fellow that putson the Oswap nly meet one swap gets around meet to the report Gibraltar on this rule month that you as can’t basicallycharge more the than 2011 $5. season to get of in swap any event meets by has forcing come you and to gone. buy Ina two-daymid-Novemberpass. However,a friendnoandoneIhastraveledforcedtotheSpringfieldissue, so heOhiocontinuesfor thetowintermake plentyswap meetof extraatmoney.the ClarkCanCountyyou imagineFairgrounds.theoutrage if w forced people to buy a two-day pass at our FMRCLast year there was nothing but 1955 to 1957 Chevy parts…meet?or so it seemed. Well, this year was the complete opposite.There second were plenty meet was of early the AACA Ford parts, swap and meet not in Jackson, too many MI. 55-57This Chevy meet items. is always Who good would for finding have thought! the Model I found A and several Model itemsT parts, for the and Model this year A project, it didn’t and disappoint Mike bought us. I some only spotted nice itemsone for empty his 1955 table, Ford. and there The weather, was a good although crowd a little of spectators bit cool, wasall morning. bright and I sunny have been -- so attending all all a this great meet time. since 1963, andalthough it has had its “ups and downs”, it is currently on theFor me this has been a great swap meet season. I have found“up” side. Well worth the drive and $4. admission.many items I needed for my restoration projects, and have soldNext many month: un-needed Kalamazoo items at in other buildings…it meets. I look should forward be to a thegood one.Page 12Page 8

The Rotunda Times2012 season with some great local meets we put on our “mustdo” list. There is Gibraltar in early January which, although isa trade show rather than a swap meet, we go to see old friendsand just get out of the house. There is Jackson in late January,Although the City of Trenton historically was one of the sites of abattlefield Kalamazoo in the War at the of 1812, new expanded the Trenton buildings War Memorial which should seeks be tohonor the a Although great Veterans improvement, the of Foreign City of East Trenton Wars Side who historically A’s on gave March the was 25 ultimate. one th , and of of TheTrenton the Veterans course sites of our a Library battlefield own FMRCOA is now in the the meet War home of in 1812, July. to the It the isn’t Memorial Trenton too early War recently to bededicated Memorial thinking 2011. seeks about A to helping honor member the out Veterans of at our our meet, club of Foreign getting was Wars instrumental a space who to sell inbringing Although gavethe the City of Trenton historically was one of the sites of aoff theMemorialsome ultimate.toof the parts Thefruition.TrentonHewe will Veteransspent yearsnever use, Libraryfundraisingand passing is now out theas wellflyersas being battlefield on the in the committee War of 1812, doing the Trenton research War for Memorial the Memorial. seeks He tohomehonor and tothe urging the MemorialVeterans people of Foreign to recently attend. dedicatedWars The who better in 2011.gave the promotion A member ofscoured local sources such as area newspapers the and ultimate. traveled our The toWashington Trenton ourmeet,club Veterans D.C.wasthe goinginstrumentalbetter Library it through is for now inthebringingofficial the spectators home theGovernmentMemorial to and the vendors Memorial toWarfruition.alike. Records. recentlyThere dedicated are He spent 61 names in years 2011. fundraising etched A member in as the well of granite as our being club spanning on was the committee instrumental the Spanish- inAmerican, bringing doing HopeWW1, the research Memorial youWW2.had for Korea,a to safe the fruition. Memorial. holidayand He Vietnam.and spent He a scoured years greatSo, thenew fundraising local nextyear sources timein as our well yousee as fellow being such wonderful FMRCOA as area the newspapers committee hobby member of antique and Jeff doing traveled Wagar cars….see the to research give Washington you him for at a pat the D.C. swap Memorial. on going the meets! back. Hescoured through local official sources Government such as War area Records. newspapers There are and 61 names traveled toWashington D.C. going through official Government War Records.etched in the granite spanning the Spanish-American, WW1,There are 61 names Kudos etched to Our in the Roving granite Reporter!spanning the Spanish-American, WW2. Korea, WW1, and WW2. Vietnam. Korea, So, and the Vietnam. next time So, you the see next fellow time youFMRCOA member Jeff Wagar give him a pat on the back.see fellow FMRCOA member Jeff Wagar give him a pat on the back.For SaleAugust 2009Our own Roving Reporter, Louis Ironside, restored (assembled,detailed, and finished a botched restoration) this 36 Auburn forBrian’s Tip: Electrical ConnectionsEMS Classic Cars. It recently won first in class, peoples choice,and tied for best in show by at Hilton Head, S.C. The owner isthrilled, and is sending Brian EMS Kuta another car to restore this spring.“I did all the test miles on the Auburn and what a fabulous car!I Electrical would love ignition to own systems one, but utilize seem computerized to be a little modules short of theand $350,000 other components that they that bring are at subject auction,” to failure, Lou commented. but more oftenthe problem may be in an electrical plug. Corrosion between theconnectors inside the plug can create electrical resistance, andthe engine could run erratically or fail to even start. Unplug allconnectors, clean them, then Classifiedrough up the connector surfaceswith emery paper or a wire brush, then final wash clean withspray contact cleaner December (usually carbon 2011 tetrachloride). Afterthe•connections1929 FordareRoadsterdry, applypickup.siliconeAlldielectricsteel body,compound,mustang,availablerunningat mostgear,partsall rebuild.stores and3,400dealerships,miles. $17,000.and reassemble.James Robb.The silicone improves electrical conductivity, and keeps313-291-3147.oxygen from getting to the surfaces. Without oxygen corrosion(oxidation)• 2006 Chryslerwill not300occur.Hemi.DependingNever drivenon climatein salt,conditions39,000 miles,in the14areamonthswhereof warrantyyour car operatesleft. Blackandwithresides,gray interior.this relativelyExcellentsimple condition. maintenance $19,500. procedure Chuck at Niehaus. regular intervals 248-765-3802. will eliminateone • big 1978 common Cutlass cause supreme of engine brougham unreliability. V-6. 56,600 Lastly, miles. and PS/perhaps PB, cruise, most importantly, PW, new do tires, not ever AM/FM, forget complete your ground new straps brakes,and new wires. alternator, Bad grounds new battery, can cause fuel all pump, kinds starter. of crazy $2,200. things to Markhappen, Zagar. not 313-999-7314.happen correctly, or not happen at all.Page 913

applause, it was agreed thatwe should continue doing showand We had tell in several this manner. members bringin some great show and tell The Rotunda Timesitems, which they presentedthemselves. JANUARY By round SHOW of AND TELLapplause, it was agreed thatWe had several members bring in some greatwe should continue doing showshow and tell items, which they presented themselves.and tell in this manner.By round of applause, it was agreed that we shouldcontinue doing show and tell in this manner.Mark Sapienz brought in somebooks and articles on racecardriver, Joy Fair, who recentlypassed away.Mark Sapienz brought in somebooks and articles on racecardriver, Joy Fair, who recentlypassed away.MarkMarkSapienzSapienzbroughtbroughtin somein somebooksand articles on racecar driver, Joy Fair,books and articles on racecarwho recently passed away.driver, Joy Fair, who recentlypassed away.Old spoke wheel brought in by NickZakarian. Origin unknown.Old spoke wheel brought in byNick Zakarian. Origin unknown.Old spoke wheel brought in by NickZakarian. Origin unknown.Photos of Comet AFX cars broughtin by Stan Miller.PhotosPhotosof Cometof CometAFXAFXcarscarsbroughtbrought in by Stan Miller.in by Stan Miller.The Rotunda TimesNick also brought in thisbeautiful cruiser fender skirt.Nick also brought in this beautifulcruiser fender skirt.• 1956 Photos Ford convertible, of Comet fresh AFX rebuilt cars 292 cid, brought 4 barrel whitew/black top. Excellent in by condition. Stan Miller. Don Olson. 586-752-7919.• Autorama carpet. 10X20 white shag with border. Nice!$150 or best offer. Nick Zakarian. 313-468-3687.• Heated dry alarmed storage. FMRC members only. $75/month.Van Born/Telegraph area. Ray Mickiewicz. 313-278-0221.• 4 mustang, 4 lug renal wheels. Lug cover locks, blackcenter with aluminum rims. 87-93 mustang. $150. Gary L.Holmstrom. Tom 313-277-3475. Erikson’s die cast models• 1970 T-bird. Tom 4dr. Erikson’s black w/red die interior. cast models Rare-factory moonPage 10roof. 1 of 3 includes marty report, excellent condition.$12,500. Paul Coleman. 313-820-6712.Nick also brought in this beautifulcruiser fender skirt.

The Rotunda TimesFor SaleClassifiedCLASSIFIEDNovember FOR SALE 2011• 1979 Thunderbird 2dr. hardtop – A/C, PS, PB, PW. 302engine. • 1986 Florida Old’s Cutless car. Betty Supreme. Toth. 2dr. 734-516-5255. Minto. 11,000 miles. Call• 1951for information.Ford 2dr. sedanPaulparts.Conforto.Doug313-801-8131.Leach. 313-600-2839.• Complete• 2 1955airMercurysystemfrontfor 1968bumpers,big block2 rearmustang.bumpers. $100 each.OriginalJohn Durrant.parts except810-599-7400.compressor. $900.Scott• 1970Vorrath.T-Bird734-770-8519.4dr. Rare factory moon roof. Black w/redinterior #2 condition. Must sell, lost storage. Jeff Coleman.• 1956 Mercury Montclair 4dr. sport sedan. No rust.313-820-6712.All power except air. Charles Rivers. 248-446-1534.• 1969 Ford full size left front fender NOS . Charles Rivers.• 1947 Mercury Club coupe. 20K miles, like new with248-446-1534.Columbia, gun metal gray. Radio, heater and power• Rumble seat cushions for 1932 Ford coupe. Make offer.brakes. Charles Rivers. 248-446-1534.Steve Wolski. 586-876-0040.• (2) 1940 Ford right front fenders. $600 each. 1939 Ford• 1969-1971 Ford full sized gas tank NOS. Charles Rivers.frame.248-446-1534.Brian Lange or Joe Drenzer. 248-421-1055.• C6• 1949auto transPackard,that fits$21,000.small block.1964 Chrysler$150.Imp $2,500. 1952Paul Packard Kuch. $4,000. 313-565-4706. Nick Nichols. 734-748-5664.• Ford • 2 vintage Model spoke B 4 cylinder wheels 16 engine inch w/tires. with clutch 2 vintage and partial 20 inch spoketransmission. wheels no tires. $400. Make David offer. Pempeit. Nick Zakarian. 734-287-8509. 313-468-3687.• 1957 • Vintage Mercury Ford 2dr. toys wagon. and pedal Have many cars. 100’s parts. of 430 toys engine, to chooseneeds from. restoration. Dave Saam. Very 419-343-6019. rare. Art Cervi. 248-553-8897.• 1955 • Mercury Ford 2dr. crank. Ford Choice O Matic of new 3. $300. part/ Ford 3 speed trans. 9 towaterfall choose from. blue. 1949 Nice and drive. up. Asking $50 each. $13,500 8BA o.b.o. rods and 59A rods.Hank Call Dawson. for details. 810-231-3184.Hal Stambaugh. 419-583-7892.• Four • 1959 Dunlop Edsel Graspic Corsair winter 4dr. 332 tires. FE 205/70R15. motor automatic. Like Red &new, white. low New miles, door mounted panels, and carpeting, balanced rechromed on Ford Aerostar rear bumper.wheels. Looks $300 good, o.b.o. runs good. Brian $4,500 Baker. 248-924-0577.o.b.o. Dennis Kemle. 810-• 1966 765-0686. Thunderbird grill and misc. trim parts.Good • 1929 condition. Ford 1 ton Harry pickup, McAuliffe. runs/drives. 313-534-5974. Very solid body. Niceframe and suspension, new tires, no roof, no bed. $4,500o.b.o. Roger Kuclo. 313-215-1864.WANTED• 1946 Mercury 4-door (69M). Second owner. Approx. 65k• Usedmiles.oilMostly(wasteoriginal.oil). BringStoredto thesincemeetings.1971. $11,000. Email:JohnJLinfo7@yahoo.comMiller. 586-756-4279. (Paidorad.)313-891-2640.• Pair of operating electric bucket seats for a 1940Ford Wanted Coupe. Mfgr not important. Width of both seatstogether• Schwinnmustbicycles.be lessVintagethan 40 inches.50’s, 60’s,Seat70’s.heightHotatwheels. Gregfront Sanchez. edge 313-382-4420.should be about 13-15 inches. Brown orgrey • ’68 leather GT Mustang preferred tac. but Jeff others Gnewik. will be 313-563-6569.considered.Tom • Vintage Bauld. toy 734-879-0638. collection or smaller amounts from the 20’s to• Old 70’s. school Dave mini Saam. bike 419-343-6019. or parts. Projects okay. Any brandor • condition. ’39 Mercury Jeff hood Martoia. trim, 734-812-9255. part #’s 99A-8217 L.H. & 99A-• Rear 8218 window R.H. NOS and molding or excellent for preferred. ’51 Ford 2dr. Also sedan. need ss grill trimDoug bars, Leach. any or all. 313-600-2839. Larry Pyzik. 352-527-6692.• Need • 1937 pair engine of painted Prefer race complete mirrors engine, for 1970 but Torino will buy Cobra. just theGordon block. That Leslie. ‘s the 313-505-7551. one with the water pumps in the block and• 1949 21 stud Pontiac heads. streamliner John Miller radio. @ Need 313-891-2640 not be working. (shop) or 586-Art 756-4279 Cervi. 248-553-8897.(home)Federal Industrial Services, Inc.Specialize in Sandblasting &Powder CoatingLarge and Small Orders – Fast Turnaround11223 E. 8 Mile Rd. • Warren, MI 48089(586) 427-6383Michael EatonPresident1555 Michigan Ave. 313-963-3839Detroit, MI 48216 Fax 313-963-7047www.eatonsprings.come-mail: mike@eatonsprings.comPage 15Page 11

unda Timeste9.e!h.ckL.nn.Ford and Mercury Restorers Club of AmericaP.O. Box 2938Dearborn, MI 48123To:The Rotunda TimesThe Rotunda TimesFIRST-CLASS FIRST-CLASS MAIL MAILU.S. U.S. POSTAGEP A PI ADI DANN ARBOR, YPSILANTI, MIPERMIT NO. 37 10113.to8.wesed.ueck0.gang5.d2.tesoore.er.s,k.9.der• 1956 Ford convertible, fresh rebuilt 292 cid, 4 barrel whitew/black top. Excellent condition. Don Olson. 586-752-7919.• Autorama carpet. 10X20 white shag with border. Nice!$150 or best offer. Nick Zakarian. 313-468-3687.• Heated dry alarmed storage. FMRC members only. $75/month.Van Born/Telegraph area. dECEMBEr Ray Mickiewicz. MEEtinG 313-278-0221.• 4 mustang, 4 lug renal wheels. Lug cover locks, blackcenter with aluminum rims. 87-93 mustang. $150. Gary L.Holmstrom. 313-277-3475.• 1970 T-bird. 4dr. black w/red interior. Rare-factory moonroof. 1 of 3 includes marty report, excellent condition.$12,500. Paul Coleman. 313-820-6712.• Cap-6 ft. short box F100 truck. $50. Jim Milligan. 248-494-1983.• 4 Gartmaier 18X9 wheels, 4 ½ in. bc with 265/352 R18 nittoextreme 2r tires. $400 or best offer. Roger Hodyka. 517-282-4738.• 1955 Ford 2dr custom. New paint, new brakes & lines, newgas tank, new interior, new scuff plates, new mirrors & handles& tail lights. Ford-a-matic/223 cid. Very clean southern storedcar-“driver” asking $14,500. Hank Dawson. 810-231-3184.• New, in boxes, made in the USA white with red & bluestripes, wagon wheel style 14”-7” set of 4. $220. Y-blockoil pump g.c. $20. Car brochures, all brands. 70’s to 2000.$1.00 and up. 1955 Ford rear bumper. Needs re-chromingand straightening. $60. Model Airplanes-Grumman guardian3 line throttle with supertigre .40 engine. $125. Solid wingtrainer 3 line with tank ready for .35-.40 size engine. $45.R/C home build cosmic trainer ready for radio new tank andengine. $125. Hank Dawson. 810-231-3184.• ’75 NOS fuel pumps $300 for all. Hal Stambaugh. 419-583-7892.• 1949 Mercury engine totally rebuilt by John Price. CompletePage engine. 14 $2800. Gene Johnson. 734-261-8334.• Ford and Mercury ads from 1946 and up. $1.00 each. AlsoThe Rotunda TimesFEaturE vEhiClEsaylor’s Body shop

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