Hot new plants Chalet's New Look Garden Faire - Chalet Nursery

Hot new plants Chalet's New Look Garden Faire - Chalet Nursery

April 27 – 29Friday 9 – 8, Saturday 9 -- 5:30, Sunday 10 – 5Introducing…Garden Faire 2007CONTENTS2 Introducing…Garden Faire3 Introducing…Chalet’s New Look4 In the News…Lifestyle Trends5–6 In the News…MayDay! Incoming Cicada6 In the Know…ICN Corner7 In the Know…Fun Facts7 In the Know…Eco Facts7 In the Know…Lecture Series8 In the Garden...Calendar9–10 In Store…New plants and servicesCelebrate Chalet’s 90th Birthdaywith this unique family eventLECTURESFriday10:00am, Abc’s Of Container GardeningSue Amatangelo from Ball Seed, Sue will sign her newbook, available at this event before general release1:00pm, Garden Art with A PurposeFreya Wellin, ChaletSaturday10:00am, Secrets to Easy Rose CareJennifer Brennan, Chalet1:00pm, Four Season Garden InterestGalen Gates, Chicago Botanic GardenSunday1:00pm, Professional vs. Do-It-YourselfLandscapingKevin Marko, ChaletDEMONSTRATIONSRepeated all three days:11am, Pre-Planned Gardens12pm Unique Container Gardening2pm, Taming the Climbers3pm, Secrets of Strawberry Pots4pm, Dividing PerennialsThroughout the day:• Bella Cucina gourmet sampling – sauces & dips (midday only)• Dutch Flower Market• Chalet Landscape Designers answer questions• Garden displays and vignettes to generate ideas• Newest plant introductions• Corner Bakery lunches and snacks• Raffle prizes• Safe solutions showcaseCHILDREN’S ACTIVITIESEveryday, in Children’s Secret Garden:• Secret Garden created by Glenbrook South horticulture students• 1pm, Storytelling with Rosemarie Hohol• Tree seedling giveaways to celebrate Arbor Day• 10-1 & 2-4, Potting party, face painters and balloon artistsSPECIAL OFFERSFor Chalet Valet members only (everyone is invited to signup)Friday – 20% off: All grass seed, Orchids and Trees & ShrubsSaturday – 20% off: All Felco pruners, Greenhouse topiaries, RosesSunday – 20% off: All Pro Mix Container mixes, Cacti & Succulents,Annuals & Perennials11 In Store…New ProductsNo reservations required! Just come and join the fun.–2–

Garden CalendarMAYJUNEIn lawns:JULYIn the ornamental garden:✿ See May✿ Start grub controls now ifdamage is evident.✿ Fertilize roses but not toomuch. A slightly “hungry”rose will better surviveMidwest winters.In the ornamental garden:In the edible garden:FUN FACTS – true or falseT/F 1. Beer can be used as a plant fertilizer.T/F 2. Spraying antiperspirant on house plants allowsyou to skip daily watering for up to one week.T/F 3. Placing a lime peel in your planterswards off ants.T/F 4. A pesticide dating from 1791, of cow dung,loam, rubbish, wood ash and river sand, wasknown as Forsyth’s Composition.T/F 5. Some orchids make bees drunk and somecucumbers explode.Answers: 1 T; 2 F; 3 T; 4 F (Forsyth’s Composition was a symphony); 5 FACTSArbor Day and Earth Day are celebrated in April, but did you know that trees:• Are the longest living organisms on earth, but theaverage tree in metropolitan areas survives 8 years.• Can make buildings up to 20 degrees cooler in summer.• In one year, an acre of trees produces oxygen equalto the amount consumed by18 people, or about 260pounds a year.• In one year, an acre of trees absorb as much carbondioxide as is produced by a car driven up to 8700miles, or 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide.• Trees cut noise pollution, stabilize soil and reduceerosion, improve water quality by filtering rain andprotecting watersheds, and provide food and shelter forwildlife.This summer, Chalet will sponsor “Plant Trees,” one of the artpieces in the city of Chicago’s “Cool Globes – Hot Ideas for aCooler Planet” exhibit along the downtown lakeshore. Lookfor more information in the next issue of this newsletter, on ourwebsite or at Proceeds from the exhibitbenefit eco clubs in Chicago Public Schools.LECTURE LISTINGMay Time to Plant your Garden - no Lectures!May 31 & June 1 Summer Container Workshop.$44.99 Materials fee and pre-registration required.Call Jennifer at 847.256.0561.June 7 & 8 Herb Specialist Terry HollembaekJune 14 & 15 Vertical Gardening – Vines & ClimbersJune 21 & 22 Summer Flowering ShrubsJune 28 & 29 Watering! With Tony Fulmer and JenniferJuly 5 & 6 Earth Friendly Gardening TechniquesJuly 12 & 13 Attracting Hummingbirds with Randy PowersSee you in September!Lectures are complimentary and conducted by Jennifer Brennan unlessotherwise noted. They are first-come, first-serve. many fill up quickly soarrive early. Registration and fees are required only for workshops. Lecturesare Thursdays at 6:30 to 8pm and repeated Fridays 10 to 11:30am.For full details, go to or stop in the store.In lawns:✿ Seed lawns now.✿ Apply fertilizer at the end ofthe month.✿ Apply post-emergent herbicidefor broadleaf weed control.In the ornamental garden:✿ Plant warm season annuals afterthe frost date (May 15th) inpots, windowboxes, in theground. Use a slow-releasefertilizer.✿ Move indoor houseplants tooutdoor shade. Repot and ifneeded, fertilize sparingly.✿ Plant summer bulbs. Removespent flowers from spring bulbsbut do not remove the leaves.✿ Fertilize roses after the firstflush of blooms.✿ Cage peonies and tall plants.✿ Mulch garden beds to conservewater and reduce weeds.In the edible garden:✿ Set out tomatoes, peppers,cucumbers and herbs etc, afterMay 15th.✿ Continue to plant perennials,ornamental grasses and rosesthroughout the month.✿ Fertilize roses for the secondtime after the first flush ofblooms.✿ Deadhead spent flowers,especially roses, to stimulatere-bloom.✿ Pinch mums continually untilJuly 4th for bushier plantsthis fall.✿ Remove spent foliage fromspring bulbs when it hasyellowed.In the edible garden:✿ Weeding and deadheadingbegin in earnest. Watchcarefully for insects.✿ Pull out and compost lettucethat has bolted (sent up aflower stalk).✿ Harvest starts! Compostdying plant matter.THROUGHOUTTHESE MONTHSIn lawns and the edible garden:✿ Mow lawns to 3” and leaveclippings to return nutrients tothe soil.✿ Purchase a rain gauge; gardensneed an average of 1 inch ofwater per weekIn the ornamental garden:✿ To protect from fungal diseases,spray emerging perennials, rosesand crabapples. Use systematicfungicides like Immunox orBonomyl; or use contactfungicides like Chlorothalanil orMancozeb; or organic fungicideslike PharmSolutions and re-treatafter rainfall.✿ Prune flowering shrubs andornamental trees immediatelyafter they bloom.–8–

New PlantsChalet’s Garden offers over 5,000 typesof plants and services each year. Here aresome “must haves” new this season:ROSESNew ServicesSpecialty Garden Care. Let’s face it. Planting, deadheading andweeding can be hard work. Chalet now offers ongoing gardenbeautification. We will transform any size ho-hum landscape intoa spectacular garden space. And save you a trip to the chiropractor.Call Laura at 847.688.0561.Artful Container Design. Chalet’s Garden picks up your pots,plants them and delivers them to your home. Or our Garden CareTeam comes to your home each season to keep your containersgorgeous year-round. Stop in Chalet’s Garden for one-time plantingsor call Laura for ongoing plantings at 847.688.0561.Special Orders Don’t Upset Us. If it’s obtainable, we’ll try tofind it for you. Ask our Garden staff to locate unusual or hard-tofindselections.Design by Appointment. Avoid the long lines on busy MaySaturdays…if you want a little help with a garden design that you’llbe installing, call Chalet’s Garden for a private appointment. Notsure if you need professional landscape services? We can help youdetermine that too. 847-256-0561 ext. 240.PERENNIALS‘Good n’ Plenty’Deep pink, white centeredblooms cover this compact(2’ high) mounding roseall season. Good diseaseresistance.‘Sheer Magic’ Jackson &Perkins’ “Rose of the Year.”Tea rose. Flowers of coral andcream with a red blush spiralup the plant and brighten upmore in sunlight. Magical inthe vase, too!‘Piglet’ dwarf Fountain GrassAdorable at only 18” tall,this new introduction is invery limited supply.Baptisia ‘Starlite Prairieblues’Soft blue flowers glow whiteat the base for a fetchingdisplay. The latest introductionfrom Chicagoland Grows,hybridized at the ChicagoBotanic Garden.‘Golden Zebra’ DaylilyStriking green and whiteleaves in light shade (greenand yellow in sun) clusteredwith clear gold-yellow flowersin summer. 1’ tall. Variegationis very stable.‘Moondance’ One of the AllAmerica Rose selections, thistall floribunda presents largetrusses of beautifully formedcreamy white flowers. Gooddisease resistance and greatcut flowers.‘Sky’s the Limit’Unusually hardy for a yellowrose, this climber with cleangreen leaves skyrockets to10’ or more. Free floweringwith a slightly fruity scent.WOODIESDeutzia ‘Pink-A-Boo’a very choice multi-stemmedshrub with showy star-shapedpink flowers in spring.Hydrangea ‘Lemon Daddy’This robust plant lights upthe shade garden with shiny,thick lemony foliage. Growsto 4’ x 4’ – limited quantities.Hydrangea ‘Blushing Bride’The newest in the EndlessSummer Series! Purewhite blooms mature to asoft pink. Reblooms on newwood for endless summercolor! 3-6’ x 3-6’.photography: © 2007 White Flower Farm, Photo Credit: Peter A Hogg Photography, Gene Sasse, Copyright 2000-6 Carole Novak, Chicagoland Grows–10–

PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER Design: Danielle Kiefer DesignNew ProductsAvailable now at ChaletThere are organics and then there are organics!Pharm Solutions is the first and only lineof pesticides to be certified by the USDA.Chalet also carries Pharm Solutions organicfertilizers, herbicides and repellents.Illinois’ own Ball Seed Company hascreated Circle of Life Compostable Pots madefrom rice hulls. They can be plantedin the ground to decompose over timeor thrown in the compost pile.

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