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WHEN THE DREAMBECOMES REALITY...THE VRX Z-180Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a Formula One racingcar? Well now you can! Brought to you by VRX, manufacturers of the world’smost advanced simulators, the dream really has become reality. If you wouldlike to experience the adrenalin rush of braking sharply to take the next bendbefore accelerating to 200mph past the grandstand and feel the powerfulforce of 2G’s dynamic motion, then this is for you.Quality ConstructionThe VRX Z-180 is our flagship model that has been developed using onlythe very highest quality materials in manufacture. The chassis is made up ofcarbon fibre, hand polished stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminiumcomponents providing a lifetime of durability that is covered by the industryleading VRX five year warranty.

TAKING HOME ENTERTAINMENTTO THE NEXT LEVELSurround Vision DisplayTotally immerse yourself in the raceas you guide your vehicle through eachchallenging lap.The seamless 4.5 metre wraparound screen,powered by three overhead projectors, displays avision of such realism it is hard to believe you are notphysically on the track.

The ControlsFormula One and Clubsport steering wheels,manual/automatic gearbox with paddles, realclutch, brake and accelerator pedals exude afeeling of enhanced involvement that is usuallyonly reserved for the chosen few. A powerful500watt surround sound speaker system simplycomplements the experience.Motion SystemThe A4 actuator commercial grade D-BOX motionsystem delivers the most authentic and realisticexperience to challenge your driving skills to thevery limit.Race OnlinePassword protected online racing allows youto invite only those you wish to compete against,meaning you can take on friends, family or anyoneelse you wish to challenge. Lap times, pit stopsand tyre changes can all be incorporated tosee if you are up to speed. There are literallydozens of cars and circuits to choose from, allaccessible at the touch of a button.

THE VRX Z-55This model is slightly smaller than the VRX Z-180 but performs to the sameexacting standards.It is constructed replicating all the materials and components, the maindifference is that the viewing is powered by three back lit 50” HD TV screensrather than the overhead mounted projectors used on the larger version.This simulator is available to hire for events as well as to purchase.Reach For The SkiesBelieve you can fly? Well it’s not onlyangels that have wings! Each simulatorallows for an optional flight packagethat will test your ability to take offand land safely at airports around theworld as well as performing numerousother manoeuvres. Don’t those pilotsmake it look easy!PLEASE CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MOREAND BOOK A DEMONSTRATION:CONTACT: NEIL SMITHTELEPHONE: 07768 665548EMAIL: NEIL@PMRSIMULATIONS.CO.UKWEB: WWW.PMRSIMULATIONS.CO.UK


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