(in)human habitat


(in)human habitat

Emerging technologies and techniques allow a complete reimaginingof built environment. Digital design to direct fabricationis in its infancy, even within the highly advanced aerospaceindustry. An emerging group of construction fabricationtechniques, that emerged from rapid prototyping, have thepotential to revolutionize the way buildings are conceived andcreated. These techniques not only have the capacity to createvirtually unlimited geometric possibilities but also have distinctenvironmental and cost benefits. The combination of digital designand additive manufacturing techniques promises great benefits,such benefits can also be applied to developing (in)humanhabitats.open agendaaim91 011(in)human7habitat

Artificial reefs have been developed in many forms, from simplysunk ships to cast concrete bells, steel trellises using electrolysis(to speed up reef formation) to modular cast assemblies. With theexception of ships the artificial reef environments are repetitive inform and the environments they create.Free from many of the constraints of these systems, there is anopportunity to rethink the artificial reef and explore the creationof reefs with a level of multiplicity found naturally: includingdropoffs (where the bigger fish are found), shelves, depressions,canyons, caves.open agendaproject precedents91 011(in)human7habitat

The preliminary exploration of this project; has included backgroundresearch, preliminary identification of types and generationof a test project. The test project includes each of the environmentsidentified, within a defined area. The preliminary geometry wasfurther developed through running a series of structural optimizationroutines, creating an inner dense region, a mid region ofmoderate density and an outer region of significant structural capacityat the minimum density.open agendaproject91 011(in)human7habitat

The project turns a norm on its head (the tree with leaves) by invertingthis order, but generates extraordinary environmental reefdiversity onto which the coral polyps can spawn and grow. Fishwill follow and find their niche.open agendaproject91 011(in)human7habitat

Preliminary findings from this test project demonstateopportunities; reef as complex unit, rather than one of repetition.Analysis, optimisation and development of such complex geometries,through to the micro level, offers a number of benefitswithin the reef environment. New possibilities also emerge fromconsideration of (in)human projects for architecture.open agendabenefit91 011(in)human7habitat

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