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A Pocket Guide to Hate Crime - 2011(1).pdf - Netbuddy

LGBT National Youth CouncilHate CrimeA pocket guide

LGBT National Youth CouncilI swore never to be silent whenever andwherever human beings endure sufferingand humiliation. We must always takesides. Neutrality helps the oppressor,never the victim. Silence encourages thetormentor, never the tormented.Elie WieselNobel Peace Prize Winner, 19864,165 people in Scotland were chargedwith race related hate crime in 2010-11

Hate Crime – A pocket guideAbout the LGBT NYCThe LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender)National Youth Council (NYC) is a group ofyoung people who campaign for LGBT youngpeople in Scotland.LGBT NYC’s VisionChange – prejudiced views and discrimination,which cause too many LGBT young peopleharm, stress, worry or fear.Defend – the rights of all young people affectedby prejudice, discrimination, homophobic,biphobic or transphobic bullying.Enlighten – all young people and enable themto live successful, happy and prosperous lives.Empower – all young people to work togetherfor a future free from prejudice, discrimination,stereotypes and negative values.fFind us on Facebook:LGBT National Youth Council

LGBT National Youth CouncilWhat is a Hate Crime?It is a crime against you, your friends, yourfamily or your property because of your actualor presumed sexual orientation, transgenderidentity, disability, race or religion.Hate crimes can take many forms, such as:– Physical and verbal attacks– Vandalism and graffiti– Cyberbullying– Abusive text messaging and hate mail– Offensive signs or gestures– Threatening behavioursEmail us at:nyc@lgbtyouth.org.uk

LGBT National Youth CouncilSexual orientationZoe19, Edinburgh

Hate Crime – A pocket guideI was on a bus on my way to meet somemates for a night out in Edinburgh whenthis guy came up to me and called me a‘dyke’ and spat on me. I didn’t know whatI could do; did I experience a hate crime?Not that it matters, but I’m not a lesbian.Yes, it’s a Hate Crime.Why?Homophobic phrases and spitting onsomeone are examples of verbal abuse andphysical assault. Homophobic hate crimecan happen to anyone, not just gay, lesbianor bisexual people.

LGBT National Youth CouncilTransgender identityJordan15, Dundee

Hate Crime – A pocket guideI tried to join a football team. I went up to thecoach and he said he didn’t allow girls on theteam, I’m not a girl though, I’m a boy! I toldhim this and he laughed at me, called me bymy old name (Lisa) and called me a ‘tranny’. Istarted to cry and walked away and the coachtold all the boys to play a little game calledhit the ‘tranny’. I started to run but they werekicking balls at me and calling me ‘tranny’.They hit me in the face and body, it was soscary. I ended up having to go to hospitalwith a broken nose. Was this a hate crime?Yes, it’s a Hate Crime.Why?If you are a trans person and living in youracquired gender role, then you should betreated and referred to with your preferredpronoun. Deliberately referring to Jordan asLisa is discrimination. Using offensive termssuch as ‘tranny’ is transphobic. Intentionallyhitting someone with a football is assault,this makes Jordan’s encounter a hate crime.

LGBT National Youth CouncilRace and ethnicityLee16, Glasgow

Hate Crime – A pocket guideMy parents have recently opened a florist.I came to open the shop one Saturdaymorning and spray painted on our shutterswas a message, ‘GO HOME TO UR OWNF*%$£?G COUNTRY, UR NO WELCOME’My parents don’t want to call the police, aswe are new to the neighborhood. I spent2 hours cleaning the paint off the shutter.I don’t understand, I was born in Scotlandand my parents have been in Scotlandmost of their lives. I don’t know what todo? Did we experience a hate crime?Yes, it’s a Hate Crime.Why?Graffiti is vandalism and graffiti with racistmessages is an example of a hate crime.These types of behaviours are hurtful andmust be challenged. This is an example ofhate crime based on a person’s actual orpresumed race or ethnicity.

LGBT National Youth CouncilReligion or beliefBecca23, Dumfries

Hate Crime – A pocket guideI have been a Christian all my life. My boyfriendis also Christian and we are going to wait untilwe are married until we have sex. This clique ofyoung women in work keep making commentsabout my faith. Kristy, in particular just has itin for me. It has got to the point that I’m notstopping to eat lunch anymore, just to avoidher. Last week she said ‘All you Christians arefrigid. You need to test drive the goods. Religionis pointless, your lot are part of some cult!’ Thenlast night I received a text from Kristy. It said:‘BIBLE BASHER – WE’RE GOING TO GET YOU!WATCH YOUR BACK.’ Did I experience a hatecrime?Yes, it’s a Hate Crime.Why?People deserve to be treated fairly and theirreligious beliefs should be respected. This isbullying in the workplace and verbal abuse.Sending threatening texts to Becca becauseof her religious beliefs is an example of ahate crime based on a person’s actual orpresumed religious beliefs.

LGBT National Youth CouncilDisabilityHarry17, Aberdeen

Hate Crime – A pocket guideI got five A’s in my Highers the other day.I was so excited, it means I have enoughqualifications to get into uni. When I toldmy classmates, Steven from my class wasfurious. He said ‘You only got five A’s becauseyou’re in a wheelchair, they must have feltsorry for you. You think you’re a know it all’.Steven then pulled out a knife and slashedone of the tyres on my wheelchair and said‘You think you’re moving up in the world,but good luck moving anywhere now yourwheel is slashed.‘Yes, it’s a Hate Crime.Why?Threatening behaviour and damage toproperty are crimes and this is a hate crimesince the actions targeted Harry becauseof his disability. In addition to these crimes,carrying a knife is illegal.

LGBT National Youth CouncilWhat can we all do about it?What is Hate Crime Legislation (Law)?It means the police and courts need to take intoaccount the reasons behind the crimes, whichcan lead to more serious punishments.Hate crime legislation can be quite confusingand isn’t something you really need to worryabout, but if you are interested in the details…Here are a few key pieces of legislation and whatthey mean for you in relation to hate crimes.Offences (Aggravation by Prejudice)(Scotland) Act 2009This Act means that prejudice relating to aperson’s actual or presumed disability, sexualorientation or transgender identity is includedunder hate crime.%31% of transgender people reportedexperiencing threatening behaviour

Hate Crime – A pocket guideCriminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003This Act defines that prejudice based on aperson’s actual or perceived religious beliefsand social or cultural group is treated as ahate crime.Crime and Disorder Act 1998This Act defines that prejudice based on aperson’s actual or presumed membershipto a racial group is treated as a hate crime.fFind us on Facebook:LGBT National Youth Council

LGBT National Youth CouncilSo what can you do, now that youknow how to identify a hate crime?If you or someone you know experiencesa hate crime you have 3 main options:1. Do nothing2. Contact the police3. Contact a third party reportingor remote reporting site (e.g. mostLGBT Youth Scotland offices)I experienced a Hate Crime, but whyshould I bother reporting it?If you don’t report hate crime, it’s hard forthings to get better. If the statistics on hatecrime are not accurate, people will think thathate crime doesn’t really happen in Scotland.This means less will be done to tackle it.Hate crime is a crime and it’s wrongNot reporting a hate crime may affect yoursocial life, your family life and how you feelabout yourself.For more information, click:www.lgbtyouth.org.uk/nyc.htm

Hate Crime – A pocket guideHow to report a hate crimeIf you ever feel you or someone else is inimmediate danger, dial 999!What is Third Party/Remote Reporting?It provides another way for you to report crimesto the police without speaking directly to them.This is done through third party/remotereporting agencies, and is slightly differentin each police force area.The key benefits of this?You can choose to report a hate crime ina confidential and supportive environmentwithout giving your personal details.The police will only investigate the crimewith your consent.Third party/remote reporting agencies canrefer you to local support services.%A third of LGBT people havebeen physically attacked

LGBT National Youth CouncilThird Party/Remote Reporting contactsAberdeenTerrance Higgins Trust Scotland – 0845 241 2151Email: confidential.aberdeen@tht.org.ukwww.tht.org.uk/contactus/scotland/Multi-Ethnic Aberdeen – 01224 645 268www.multiethnic.co.ukDumfriesDumfries & GallowayLGBT Centre – 01387 255 058www.lgbtcentredg.co.ukDundeeVictim Support – 01382 305 707www.victimsupportsco.org.ukAmina – 0808 801 0301The Muslim Women’s Organisationwww.mwrc.org.ukEdinburghLGBT Youth Scotland – 0131 555 3940www.lgbtyouth.org.ukCORE – 0131 467 7990Community Organisation for Race EqualityVictim Support – 0131 668 2556www.victimsupportsco.org.uk

Hate Crime – A pocket guideGlasgowBritish Deaf Association – 0141 248 5554www.bda.org.ukLGBT Youth Scotland – 0141 552 7425www.lgbtyouth.org.ukScottish Refugee Council – 0141 248 9799www.scottishrefugeecouncil.org.ukPerthVictim Support – 01738 567 171www.victimsupportsco.org.ukScottish BordersVictim Support – 01896 751 212www.victimsupportsco.org.ukStirlingCentral Scotland Gay & Lesbian Switchboard01786 469 483 – 7pm to 10pm every nightVictim Support – 01786 445 782www.victimsupportsco.org.ukNational contactCrime Stoppers – 0800 555 111www.crimestoppersscotland-uk.orgFor further Third Party/Remote Reportingcontacts, please visit: www.scottish.police.uk

LGBT National Youth CouncilLGBT NYC contactsIf you want to find out more about hate crimeor anything else in this guide, then:Email: nyc@lgbtyouth.org.ukFacebook: LGBT National Youth CouncilWebsite: www.lgbtyouth.org.uk/nyc.htmNational online informationScottish Policewww.scottish.police.ukCommissioner for Children & Young Peoplewww.sccyp.org.uk/rightsEquality & Human Rights Commissionwww.equalityhumanrights.com/scotland/Equality Networkwww.equality-network.orgLGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeingwww.lgbthealth.org.ukRespectmewww.respectme.org.uk47% of disabled people have experienceda hate crime because of their disability

Hate Crime – A pocket guideIn Germany, they first came for theCommunists, and I didn’t speak up becauseI wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for theJews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’ta Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists,and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a tradeunionist. Then they came for the Catholics, andI didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.Then they came for me – and by that time, noone was left to speak up.Martin NiemüllerGerman anti-Nazi theologian and pastorFor more information, click:www.lgbtyouth.org.uk/nyc.htm

LGBT Youth ScotlandScottish charity number: SC024047LGBT Youth Scotland is a company limited by guarantee number: 244805Registered office: 39/40 Commercial Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6JD© LGBT Youth Scotland

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