Adobe PDF File- 618 kb - Vibro/Dynamics Corporation

Adobe PDF File- 618 kb - Vibro/Dynamics Corporation

VIBRO/DYNAMICS ®vibration and shock isolation systemsVibration and Shock Isolation Systems for theForging IndustryMRM & VPS Isolation ElementsMICRO/LEVEL ® IsolatorsFSV and FSX Spring MountsYour best way to install forging machineryfor effective control of vibration and shock

VIBRO/DYNAMICS ® offers three effective vibration andMRM & VPS SystemsMRM and VPS Systems are specially designed fordie forgers and drop hammers. These revolutionarynew products have the simplicity of a layered elastomersystem, with shock isolation effectiveness similar toviscous spring isolators.MRM Systems feature thicker, softer, elastomermodules for greater vibration and shock control.Vertical dynamic natural frequencies as low as 8 Hzare achievable. Typical isolation efficiency is 60-80%reduction compared to traditional oak-timber systems.VPS Systems use stiffer, higher load capacity, elastomermodules for very effective vibration control in a moreeconomical package.MRM and VPS Systems feature unitized construction.Each Element is constructed using alternating layers ofcustom elastomer modules and galvanized steel sheetsthat are securely fastened together. The elastomermodules are molded from proprietary compoundsfor superior shock isolation, durability, and creepresistance. Each Element is encased in a protectivefoam barrier for further protection against pit debris.The MRM Isolation Element Concept.All MRM and VPS Elements are designed to be simplylowered into the foundation as complete units. Nodifficult and time-consuming layout and “in the pit”stacking of pads and plates is required!The unique design features of the MRM and VPSIsolation Systems result in superior shock isolation,trouble-free installations and long lasting performance.MRM Element Model MRM8x9-0-GMRM Isolation Elements being lowered into a pit.Elements quickly installed and arranged in pit.

shock isolation systems for hammer installations.Viscous Damped Spring MountsFSV and FSX Spring Mounts provide the ultimate inshock isolation effectiveness. Their low stiffness and naturalfrequency results in shock isolation in the 80-90 percent range.Hammer motion is controlled by a very sophisticated viscousdamper design, providing a fast decay of motion betweenhammer blows.The heavy-duty, stress relieved fabrication is made to hold-upunder the severe operating conditions typical to the forgingindustry. The FSV coil springs feature protective covers, whilethe FSX coil springs are totally enclosed within the damper.Both models have rim mounted seals to protect the damperfrom contamination.FSV20 and FSX20Viscous Damped Spring MountsCECO #23 installed on FSV20-164-6SViscous Damped Spring Mounts.Vibro/Dynamics Engineers carefullyanalyze every application usingproprietary computer modelingsoftware. Motion and force transmissioncharts can be provided to assist thecustomer in their hammer installationand foundation design.

Forging Press InstallationsForging presses can be installed using eitherVibro/Dynamics ® Elastomer Isolators orViscous Spring Mounts, depending on theinstallation and isolation requirements.Micro/Level® Elastomer Isolators offer easier,faster installations, precision leveling andalignment; and excellent vibration and impactforce isolation.FSV and FSX viscous damped springisolators are recommended when shockisolation requirements are high. Theseisolators are relatively soft, so directmounting of the press on spring isolators mayresult in greater than desired motion causedby the press rocking forces. Motion can bereduced by using a steel plate or outriggerForging Presses can be installed usingMicro/Level® Elastomeric Isolators orFS Type Spring Mounts with outriggers.beams effectively increasing the wheelbase ofthe machine.The choice is yours! Vibro/DynamicsApplication Engineering Department isavailable to assist you in the isolatorselection process.VIBRO/DYNAMICS LLC2443 Braga Drive, Broadview, IL 60155-3941Telephone 708.345.2050 Fax 708.345.2225Toll-Free 800.842.7668 in the - www.vibrodynamics.comemail -

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