best outpatient practice - Ordine dei Medici

best outpatient practice - Ordine dei Medici

Insights,Controversies and DebatesBest PracticeNews and Updates• Technology and computer science inGynecology and Obstetrics• Sexuality in pregnancy and puerperium• Sexuality in menopause• HRT in elderly• Wellness and Fitness in pregnancy• Wellness and Fitness in menopause• HPV: new indications for vaccination• Preservation of fertility• Treatment of infertility• Updates in the treatment of fibroids andof AUB• Tips and tricks for the treatment ofpersistent vulvovaginitis• Sex ormons are neuroprotective?• Nutrition in pregnancy• Cosmetology in Obstetrics• Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery inGynecology• Updates in endometriosis• Updates in HRT• Updates in contraception• Updates in chronic pelvic painMain Topics• Guidelines in Obstetrics andGynecology• Cochrane Reviews in Obstetrics andGynecology• Best Practice• Contraception• Dysfunction of the pelvic floor• Chronic Pelvic Pain• Ultrasound: Gynecology, Obstetrics, 3D• Endometriosis: management andtreatment• Gynecological endoscopy• HPV• Infections in Gynecology• Infections in Obstetrics• Menopause• Treatment of preterm birth / abortion• Osteoporosis• Poliabortivity• Pre-pregnancy screening• Stem cells in Obstetrics and Gynecology• Laser and radiofrequency• Legal medicine in outpatient settingAbstract deadline November 30, 2013

GuidelinesCochrane ReviewsEvidence Based MedicineProgram at-a-glanceTime Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Thursday, January 23, 20148:30-9:00 amPlenary Lecture:Antiageing Therapy9:00-10:00 amSession 1Chronic Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis10:00-10:30 am Discussion and clinical cases10:30-11:00 am Coffee break11:00-11:30 am11:30-12:30 pmPlenary Lecture:Gynecological Office in the futureSession 2Sexually transmitted disease12:30-1:00 pm Discussion and clinical cases1:00-2:00 pm Lunch2:00-2:30 pmPlenary Lecture:Dialogue between brain andimmune system2:30-3:30 pmSession 3Contraception3:30-4:00 pm4:00-4:30 pmPost Graduate CoursesDiscussion and clinical casesCoffee break4:30-5:00 pmPG-1 Menopause and HRTPlenary Lecture:PG-2 Reproductive Medicine Living more than one-hundredPG-3 Breast Diseaseyears and happyPG-4 HysteroscopySession 45:00-6:00 pmHormonal Treatment inGynecology (post-menopause)6:00-6:30 pm Discussion and clinical cases7:00 pm Welcome Ceremony Social Event

Insights,Controversies and DebatesBest PracticeFriday, January 24, 2014 Saturday, January 25, 2014Plenary Lecture:SERMs and SPRMsSession 5Obstetrics 1Discussion and clinical casesCoffee breakPlenary Lecture:Desire for a child: which are the limitsSession 6Obstetrics 2Discussion and clinical casesLunchPlenary Lecture:Prevention in the very elderlyPlenary Lecture:Gender identity: an anthropologicalpoint of viewSession 9Gynecological OncologyDiscussion and clinical casesCoffee breakPlenary Lecture:Wellness and enzyme activationSession 10CosmetogynecologyDiscussion and clinical casesLunchClosing CeremonySession 7Diagnostics: ObstetricsDiscussion and clinical casesCoffee breakPlenary Lecture:Past, present and future of HRTSession 8Diagnostics: GynecologyPost Graduate CoursesPG-5 Sonography in GynecologyPG-6 Sonography in ObstetricsPG-7 CosmetogynecologyPG-8 Gynecological Office in the FutureDiscussion and clinical casesSocial Event

GuidelinesCochrane ReviewsEvidence Based MedicinePost Graduate CoursesPre-CongressWednesday, January 22, 2014PG-1Menopause and HRTJoin this Course to get the ultimate news on postmenopause andthe use or hormone replacement therapy and alternative treatments.Also, insights on physiopathology and sexuality in postmenopausewill be provided.PG-2Reproductive MedicineThis Course will cover all the steps of the diagnosis and treatment of theinfertile couple. The information given will be evidence-based and willfollow strictly current guidelines on the topic.PG-3Breast DiseaseA full coverage of breast diseases will be proposed in this Course.Epidemiology, screening, diagnosis, bening disease, breast cancer,management of breast cancer survivors will be the topics coveredby the renowned Faculty.PG-4HysteroscopyBoth lectures and hands-on sessions will be the core of this Course.The lectures will cover the main aspects of modern hysteroscopy, fromdiagnostic to office-procedures, to major operative procedures in theoperating theater. The hands-on sessions will enable the participants topractice on inanimate models with the latest technology and instruments.

Cochrane ReviewsEvidence Based MedicineBest PracticeHonorary PresidentG. BenagianoPresidentsP. Benedetti PaniciG. C. Di RenzoS. PecorelliV. Scotto di PalumboInternationalScientific BoardR. Angioli, ItalyS. Arbel Alon, IsraelS. Arulkumaran, United KingdomL. Balaguero, SpainC. Bastianelli, ItalyZ. Ben Rafael, IsraelC. Benedetto, ItalyJ. M. Brincat, MaltaV. Bruni, ItalyA. Brzezinski, IsraelM. Busacca, ItalyL. Cabero, SpainD. Cibula, Czech RepublicP. Devroey, BelgiumJ. Donnez, BelgiumM. Franchi, ItalyM. Gambacciani, ItalyU. Gembruch, GermanyA. Genazzani, ItalyS. Guaschino, ItalyM. Kurtser, RussiaD. Loutradis, GreeceJ. F. Magrina, United StatesC. Marth, AustriaG. B. Massi, ItalyG. Murat, TurkeyL. Muzii, ItalyR. Nappi, ItalyK. Nicolaides, United KingdomS. Palacios, SpainP. Patrizio, United StatesA. Pellicer, SpainM. Pelosi, United StatesF. Petraglia, ItalyM. G. Salerno, ItalyJ. Prat, SpainD. Querleu, FranceE. Sartori, ItalyJ. Sehouli, GermanyM. Sideri, ItalyK. Tamussino, GermanyC. G. Trope, NorwayB. Van Herendael, BelgiumI. Vergote, BelgiumF. Zullo, ItalyLocal ScientificCommitteeF. BellatiV. Di DonatoP. F. Di RobertoL. ImperialeC. MarchettiI. PalaiaG. PerniolaR. TripodiM. A. ZulloOrganising Secretariat- via Ferdinando Liuzzi 23, 00135 Romaphone +39 06 36490488, phone/fax +39 06 36382006 - - www.ellesseeventi.itromafocusmeeting@ellesseeventi.itInformationDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynecology, La Sapienza University of - phone +39 06 4940550Abstract deadlineNovember 30, 2013Instructions for abstract submission available on www.romafocusmeeting.itRegistration Fees until November 30, 2013 Registration Fees after November 30, 2013Delegate € 400,00 vat includedDelegate € 550,00 vat includedStudents/Residents/Nurses € 150,00 vat included Students/Residents/Nurses € 200,00 vat includedAdditional fees may be requested for Post Graduated Courses.Registration form available on and

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