Issue 24 - October 2012 - Your Money

Issue 24 - October 2012 - Your Money Mthombo –The $10-billion Gorilla in the BayBy Lynn ErasmusPetro SA Group CEO NosizweNokwe-Macamo said that theProject Mthombo has becomethe $10-billion Gorilla in theBay, but asked for patience as theproject needs to be planned andimplemented in phases. PetroSAenvisages the refinery to start in2019.“Project Mthombo is an importantproject not only to us at PetroSA,but also to the Nelson Mandela BayMunicipality, the Eastern Cape, thecountry as a whole and, indeed,the Sub-Saharan African region,”Nokwe-Macamo said.This project, located in the CoegaIndustrial Development Zone inthe Eastern Cape, is at the heart oftrade flows and a growing economywhere the demand for petroleumproducts is rising steadily.Coega has potential to integratefragmented but growing markets. Itcan drive intra-regional crude andproduct trade and is an enabler fordistributing clean fuels into sub-Sahara Africa.“It stands to reason, therefore,that Project Mthombo, which willcontribute to security of liquidfuels supply in the SADC region, isindubitably a critical infrastructureproject for the development andeconomic growth of this countryand the SADC region,” Nokwe-Macamo said.Department of EconomicDevelopment, EnvironmentalAffairs and Tourism MEC McebisiJonas said that Mthombo willgenerate 360 000 barrels of refinedoil a day.On completion Project Mthombowill be the biggest crude oil refineryin Africa and will secure thecountry’s future fuel requirements.It is estimated that 27 500 directand indirect jobs will be created atthe height of the construction phaseand 18 000 direct and indirect jobsthrough its operation.Ayanda Vilakazi, CoegaDevelopment Corporation(CDC) head of marketing andcommunications said it will likelygenerate 5.5% economic growthfor the province and opens upopportunity for the development ofa petro-chemicals cluster.“Such a cluster, and the by-productindustries that come with it, willspawn a host of new small andmedium industries with jobs,economic growth, export andimport replacement opportunities,”Vilakazi said.Kevin Hustler, Nelson MandelaBay Business Chamber chiefexecutive said that there is muchto be done to ensure these projectshappens. “Coordinated efforts areneeded from the city’s businesscommunity, local government andthe education and training sector toensure the Bay is ready to host thismega-project,” Hustler said.In the Eastern Cape, and particularlyin Nelson Mandela Bay, the projectwill bring significant benefits injob creation, long-term povertyrelief and industrial diversification,through its construction andoperation, as well as upstreamopportunities in areas such asagro-processing and logistics,and downstream through thedevelopment of a petrochemicalsindustry.A high-level team, led byProfessor Derrick Swartz,Vice-Chancellor of the NelsonMandela Metropolitan University,together with representativesfrom Coega, Nafcoc, the BlackManagement Forum, Transnet,and the Municipality’s EconomicDevelopment Directorate, areengaging various players inthe political realm and nationalgovernment, up to the DeputyPresident.October 2012 -Volume 3 Edition 2FREE / 20 000 copies!!The Nelson Mandela Bay BusinessChamber, its members and the localbusiness community welcomesProject Mthombo to the EasternCape.From left to right: Nelson MandelaBay Business Chamber CEO KevinHustler, Petro SA Group CEONosizwe Nokwe-Macamo, BusinessChamber board members JaneStevenson, Greg Billson, BusinessChamber President Mandla Madwaraand Department of EconomicDevelopment, Environmental Affairsand Tourism MEC Mcebisi JonasIn this issue of Your Money...Investing in your future2 Time to fire the boss3What you put in is what youget out3Entrepreneur of the

4 YOUR MONEYHow healthy is yourBusiness?Corporate Project Management,better known as CPM, is a localcompany in the Bay that providesadvisory services to SMME’s andcorporate companies.These advisory services mainlyfocus on improving the areas withina business that do not add value to theoperations. CPM basically focusseson the areas of improvement andassists the business owner in turningtheir weaknesses into strengths.A typical meeting with CPM will startoff where they perform a BusinessHealth Check. This Health Checkis a measurable tool focussing on 14different areas that have proven to beof importance for any SMME.The Health Check is equallyapplicable to SMME’s that are stableand wish to simply improve theiroperations and also to businessesthat are struggling and need to getan objective opinion on how to turntheir businesses around. The CPMstaff analyse the Health Check resultsonce they have been completed,in order to compile a report on thebusiness. The results of this reportare then presented to the businessowners and contain projects that willimprove the business.The main advisory service of CPMlies in Corporate Renewals. Oncethe results of the Business HealthCheck have been discussed with theclient, CPM can be brought on boardto implement the suggested projects.This process contains two vastlydifferent paths.• The first path is applicable tobusinesses that are stable and isknown as a Business Turnaround.• The second path is applicable tobusinesses that are in serious troubleand is done in terms of the newCompanies Act. This is known asBusiness Rescue.At school and university we aregiven knowledge and taught certainskills by teachers and lecturers. Inbusiness you have Business Mentors.CPM provides Business Mentoringservices to business owners thatwish to improve their knowledgeand business acumen so that they canimplement what they have learnt intheir businesses.Feel free to contact them for yourBusiness Health Check Analyses.Seda NMB ICT Incubators’ success storiesBy Nkeletseng FafudiThe SNMBICTI is an Incubator that contributes to the process of creating successful small enterprises in the ICT sector, as partof the vision of its main funders; the Seda Technology Programme (STP) and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM).Blackout advertisingFor Luvuyo Booi, owner of BlackoutAdvertising, Eskom’s blackouts inJuly 2008 will always be rememberedbut with a far greater significance –the birth of Blackout Advertising.“The brand name was just a way ofsaying: “Black man coming out!” I amproud to be a Black business owner,and as such, I decided to incorporateit in the name,” Luvuyo said.One year after inception, Luvuyojoined the SNMBICT. In 2010 hebecame a full incubate and he will begraduating within the next two years.Blackout advertising specialises inbusiness marketing; mainly printingdesigns, business name development,logo development, business cards,web interface design and will soon beventuring into developing the backendof computers. Luvuyo has somegreat clients under his belt, such asthe Cacadu District Municipality’sprinting designs and SNMBICTI’swebsite development.“What I found the most helpful fromthe ICT Incubator is the subsidisedoffice space, including the use of theirboardroom, printers and receptionservices. The support they offer to theincubators, you could never pay for incash.”What makes Blackout unique isour knowledge and experience inthe industry and we understand ourclient’s needs by providing them withexceptional service at a great price,”Luvuyo said.Luvuyo Booi, Blackout was established byPiet De Jong two years ago and isan electronic components supplierdealing in sensors, robotics, andbreakout boards, Arduino, prototypingto the hobby and educationalelectronics market in South Africa andAfrica.Since growing up Piet had a knackfor fixing computers, always busytaking them apart and rebuildingthem to work even more efficiently.“I just knew IT would be the field Iwould go into after school. I mightnot be the greatest with people, butwhen it comes to computers, I am atmy best and happiest,” Piet said. Pietwas introduced to the SNMBICTI bya colleague four months ago. At firstall he had to do was to help the centrewith software solutions, but as helearned more about the company, hesaw the great benefits they could offerhis business.“It has only been four months since Ibecame incubated and I have alreadyseen great, positive changes withinmy business, especially where theexpansion of my business networksare concerned,” Piet said. Piet isnow reaching the stage where he islooking for passionate learners whomhe can pass on his knowledge, skills,expertise and experience in order forthe company not to depend on himalone for production.Piet de Jong/ 0414098627tWotchSidney Badier is a true inventor inevery regard. He holds a B.Sc.(hons)in computer science from NMMUand started his career as an engineerin artificial intelligence.Sidney officially launched tWotch inNovember 2011 to address the needthat they have spotted in the retailand entertainment markets. Thingsstarted happening for them this yearwhen they were a runner-up in thenational SedaSTARS competition.This company was run by DTI to findthe 40 top small businesses with verybig potential.“We saw the huge potential ofcommunicating directly with thewalker-by traffic passing by shops.The business was guided from theoutset by Seda (mentor; BlancheNeels) and then the SNMBICTIIncubator (mentors Ellen Fischat andcentre manager Sipelo Lupondwana).Without the involvement of theseindividuals where we stand nowwould not have been possible.What is tWotch, you asked? Well itis all about “making shopping sexy”,Sidney said. tWotch allows shoppersto use their cellphones to interact 2012 - Volume 3 Edition 2 October 2012 - Volume 3 Edition 2Richard Branson“My interest in life comes from settingmyself huge, apparently unachievablechallenges and trying to rise abovethem.”Bill Gates“Success is a lousy teacher. It seducessmart people into thinking they can’tlose.”promotions. Once a shopper interactswith one of the promoters, they makeshopping a rewarding and socialexperience.The marketing guru for tWotch is LaraKamateras, whose approach to gettingthe idea out there is fresh and bold.tWotch has recently acquired twoinvestors; Wayne Le-Page and NicciPackwood, two dynamic internationalbusiness people who own theinvestment company that have takena share option in tWotch. tWotch hasstirred the interest with one or twomajor nationals with whom they aretalking to currently. Meanwhile it isliterally all hands on deck as they arepreparing systems and launching theirmarketing campaign at the end of thismonth.Sidney Badier: tWotch 041 4098626For more information on SNM-BICTI, contact Ellen Fischat, theEnterprise Development ManagerICT Incubation at: 041 – 4098600/email: / Nkeletseng FafudiLaduma is a product of the Bay,brought up by a knitwear designer,his late mother, Lindelwa Ngxokolo.He would watch his mother workwith fascination, and being a fastlearner, he picked up the skills whilehe was still in High School, LawsonBrown in 2001.“My first experience of being anEntrepreneur was when I startedselling scarves and beanies to myfriends at school. Lesson numberone, don’t mix friends with business,as they would never pay me. I didn’tcare too much, I was just happy forthem to wear it,” Laduma laughed.Due to his love for blending arts withfashion he enrolled for a diploma inTextile design at Nelson MandelaMetropolitan University (NMMU)and completed his Bachelor ofTechnology in Textile design in2010.As a Btech student Laduma wasrequired to come up with his ownunique design. He then went fora more traditional men’s knitwearwhich was inspired by the culture ofXhosa initiates. For his design titled:‘The Colourful World of the XhosaCulture’, Laduma decided to focuson African beadwork made frommohair and merino wool.‘The colourful world of the Xhosaculture’ design was then entered fora Society of Dyers and Colourists(SDC) Design Award, Laduma’swork won the first league whichwas the national league held inSouth Africa as well as the secondInternational league that was heldin London.Laduma won first placeout of eight finalists from aroundthe world. It was through his workthat he managed to win himself twobursaries, one from Cape WoolsSouth Africa and Mohair SouthAfrica in recognition of his flair forknitwear design.Because of his achievementsLaduma was invited to an annualDesign Indaba Exhibition in CapeTown. ‘The colourful world ofthe Xhosa culture’ designs weredisplayed amongst seven otherinternational projects. Laduma wasvoted as one of the three keynotespeakers at the conference. One ofhis Xhosa-inspired knitwear designswas nominated for 2011 DesignIndaba’s top 10 Most BeautifulObjects in South Africa (MBOISA)competition.His latest range: AmaXhosa byLaduma was recently featured in theinternationally distributed, Italian’smen’s publication; L’oumo VogueMay/June 2012 edition.“It was during the annual conferencethat I received the national andinternational media exposure whichhas put my work on the map andopened up so many more doors forme. It takes most designers at leastfive years to become established, Ihave achieved it in one year! It takesa lot of hard work and belief in MONEYYour Money’s October Entrepreneur of the Month:Laduma Ngxokolo Owner of “AmaXhosa by Laduma”Like dreams are woven into a pattern in order to reach fulfilment, Laduma’s jerseys are woven withpassion and dedication making his dream of being a successful designer comes true.product. I have also been blessedwith a great support structure andmentors, such as Colen Shroden,who believe in my product,” Ladumasaid.Even though Laduma’s hard work hasbeen recognised on an internationalscale it has only recently gainedrecognition national.Amongst others SiyabongaNgwekazi is one of South Africantelevision and radio personalitieswho have been spotted wearing oneof AmaXhosa’s designs and morerecently, his knitted jerseys wereworn in one of Castle Milk Stout’stelevision advertisements. Someof his big projects have been theknitting 200 pieces for Merchant onLong, a Cape Town based boutiqueand being part of the Nelson MandelaBay Museum Exhibition held inApril.Three of his knitwear pieces wereexhibited by international designtrend forecaster and curator LidewijEdelkoort at the Milan Design Weekin April 2011. His designs were alsoshowcased during the London artexhibition week and he was one ofthe five designers in the Helsinkiexhibition. “I am proud that myknitwear is appreciated in the higherend markets, I don’t want it tobecome just another mass producedproduct. These are Xhosa-inspiredauthentic products that look distinct,they are a celebration of the Xhosaheritage,” Laduma said.In expanding his business Ladumahas started to designing knitwearfor women. For 2013 he has alreadydesigned a waterfall sample withthe aim of making dresses and coatsespecially for 2013 Design Indabaexhibition.“As a young Entrepreneur, you haveto be able to deliver on time. The onlyreason I have been able to achievethis, is by insisting that my clientspay 50% upfront before productionstarts. Cash flow is crucial in anybusiness!I also believe that my product speakswith honesty and I recently turneddown a magnificent offer, where Iwould have received instant riches,but it would perhaps not have beensustainable. It also went against myvision for my brand,” Laduma said.AmaXhosa’s designs are aimed atcreating job opportunities as well ashonouring the mohair and merinowool industry in the Eastern Cape.At this moment his samples aremade in Port Elizabeth and the finalproducts produced in Cape Town.However, he said he would like tochange this and have the productionteam in the Bay as soon as he has thetechnological and economic supportavailable.As an emerging business manLaduma says he looks up tosuccessful brands for inspirationand he is confident enough to knowthat one day he will build his ownempire. For someone who has evenwon awards such as Marie ClaireEmerged Designer of the year 2011,Laduma is aware that it takes a lotof hard work to be an entrepreneur,including working till the followingmorning.“Endurance is important because onemight work hard for nothing; lovealso helps the business grow morethan making money because somerewards come later. Be persistent,creative, enhance your skills and beinnovative. I also think you need toknow your product and its massage,be energetic about your work, stayconnected to your customers even ifit means communicating via socialnetworks and lastly write down whatyou have to do even if what you’redoing seems obvious!” Laduma said,Laduma Ngxokolo“I am proud that my knitwearis appreciated in the higher endmarkets, I don’t want it to becomejust another mass produced product.These are Xhosa-inspired authenticproducts that look distinct, they area celebration of the Xhosa heritage,”5

“ we just doing it better”October 2012 - Volume 3 Edition 2MyPE’s Movers and Shakers CelebratedBy Allan is inviting YOU to nominate your company’s up and comingMovers and Shakers in the Bay. Simply go to and fill inthe registration form online.Noluthando Masimini and Michelin Starchef, John Hodder.Deon Joubert was recently appointedVice Chairman of the Exporters Club.Deon is the Managing Director of InternationalAutomotive Component Manufacturer, SJM FlexSA. The Exporters Club is a non-profit makingorganisation for persons/companies involvedin exporting, either directly or indirectly, or forpersons/companies with an interest in exporting.The Club’s mission is to encourage more localfirms to prepare themselves to take on thechallenge of exporting whilst assisting existingexporters to become more globally competitive.Simpiwe Vikilahle is one of NelsonMandela Bay’s top achieving youngscriptwriters.The KwaZakhele-born artist is enjoyingrecognition for his work after winning an awardat the Cape Town Zabalza Festival. This festivalis run by the Baxter Theatre which aims topromote cultural diversity from different spheresof community including drama, music andscriptwriting. He was nominated under severalcategories including best director, best actor/actress, best producer and best scriptwriter forthe Zabalza Festival. He successfully claimedthe best scriptwriter award for his production,“The Ghost House”.Leandie Buys from Leandie Buys ClinicalSexologist.Since setting up her practice in Cape Roadover five years ago, Leandie Buys has becomerecognised as one of the Bay’s top relationshipexperts. The public’s initial reaction to therelationship expert and clinical sexologist wasone of caution, but her regular show on localradio and public talks have helped her builda strong following. Over the years she hascounselled over 1000 couples in Port Elizabethand surrounding areas. However, Buys feels thatit is time for her practice to be taken in a newdirection.Lebogang Gontsana and the deputy generalmanager of the Beach Hotel, Mark Stevens.Lebogang Gontsana and Noluthando Masimini from WildernessFoundation.Hospitality students from the Umzi Wethu hospitality academy have been given thechance to be mentored by Michelin Star chef, John Hodder from Ginger restaurant,and Mario Paul from the Beach Hotel’s Crest Restaurant. This is through a relationshipthat Umzi Wethu has developed with the PE Hotel group. The Umzi Wethu modelis one of the Wilderness Foundation’s benchmark social intervention projects and isaimed at empowering vulnerable youth through work skills and lifeskills training ineither the hospitality or conservation industry.YOUR MONEYThe Incredible Race 2012Introduction:+- 500 kmx 80 Contestants40 x Teams2 x DaysR170 000 Prize MoneyWe present to you the most soughtafter 2nd annual event for the region.Incredible Race15 – 16 December 2012History:What makes us unique is that wehave high profile celebrities as ourcontestants who are doing this in aidof charity. Each of our contestantswill choose a charity they will racefor and those bespoken charitieswill receive R2 500 before the racecommence.Each of our celebs will be teamed upwith a member of public/corporatesponsor who will be their team matefor the two day race. The contestantswill receive various challenges tocomplete before being handed theirnext clue/destination. The entirerace will be worked out on a pointsystem and none of our teams willbe kicked out during the event. Therace will be filmed for televisionpurposes.After the 2-day race, the 40 teams’points will be tallied up and thewinning team will be announcedat the Grand Finale Party, hostedin the Nelson Mandela BayMetropolitan on 16 December, infront of the thousands of fans.We have R170 000 in total for theprize monies, of which R2 500 willgo to 40 charities, the winningteam’s charities will win R50 000and the second team will receiveR20 000 for their representedcharity.Return on Investment for yoursponsorship: R5 500• Receive a branding spot at theGrand Final Party worth R1500.• Receive 2 tickets for your staff/friends to attend the Grand FinaleParty, worth R200.• Receive all the contact detailsof our suppliers, contestants,stakeholders involved and the guestsat our media launch as well as thosepresent at The Grand Finale Party.• Be part of our media launch.• Featured on the YouTube linkswhich will be put up every day of therace on our website and Facebookpages.• Certificate of completion andpicture of your two teams.• Be promoted on our FacebookGroup: The Incredible Race –Eastern Cape, where we alreadyhave over 1200 members signed up.• Receive a promotional DVD to usefor your various marketing tools,worth R500.• Team worth R5 500. You can inviteyour top employee to take part in therace/ invite your loyal customer oryour supplier to take part in the race.• Your team will be coveredfor the following: Food, petrol,accommodation, activities, brandedT-shirts for your team on both days,the celebrities flights and time,including the R2 500 which will bedonated directly to their charity.The Nelson Mandela BayIncredible Race itinerary:Mosaic Tourism and NelsonMandela Bay Tourism has puttogether various challenges over thespecific two days.At 6am on Saturday, 15 December,the 40 Incredible Race teamsand crew will arrive at their firstdestination, conveyed to thecontestants at a later stage.Proudly brought to you by: Driven by: Supported by:9You will together complete thechallenges and find the clues to yournext destination. You will use variousforms of transport, from using a taxi/busses/ friends/dedicated vehicles,proudly sponsored by Eastern CapeMotors Group to motorcycles andon foot!Through the Incredible Race wewish to showcase our beautifulcity to locals and our IncredibleCelebrities who have come all thisway to compete for their chosencharities.You, as the corporate sponsor willalso receive a fantastic opportunityto get additional exposure for yourbusiness, via the various brandingopportunities and at the same timeuse it for team building purposes/ asan incentive for your hard workingemployees to take part as well as agreat networking platform. You willbe spending two days with yourfellow businesses in the Bay, as wellas top profile celebrities, who youcan get to know and introduce yourproducts/services to, on a one-ononebasis.This truly will be an experience ofa life-time which very few peoplecan afford to do on their own and allin aid of the most needy, our localcharities in the Bay.For More Information,please contact: Lynn on:C: 0745820319/E: to to read more about MyPE’s otherMovers and Shakers in the Bay.076 861 1300083 979 4440Fax:043-365“Financial peace isn’t theacquisition of stuff. It’s learningto live on less than you make, soyou can give money back andhave money to invest. You can’twin until you do this.”Dave RamseyBy being modest in your spending,you can ensure you will have enoughfor retirement and can give back tothe community as

10 YOUR MONEYLeave your worries behind and indulge -Coffee Shack, TranskeiBy Lynn ErasmusI packed my bags two nightsbefore I left for Coffee Bay – I wasthat excited! Even though I havebeen warned that the road fromPort Elizabeth to the Transkei istreacherous and long, I still couldn’tsleep; being too excited to leaveat 4am, (and also the fear of notwaking up in time.) The DieselFord, sponsored by Eastern CapeMotors Group did us proud; she didthe 8 hours of travelling in absolutecomfort and even manoeuvred usgently through the potholes on theroad.As we entered the Coffee Baysign along the N2, the landscapesand simplicity of life becomeoverwhelming obvious. I rolleddown my window and breathed inthe fresh country air. I knew we werealmost there when I tasted the faintsea-air and drove about 50km perhour, honestly making you feel likeyou went back in time. When you arein the Transkei, please do yourselfa favour and leave your watch,cellphone and laptop at home...We eventually found the CoffeeShack Backpackers, situated neatlyon the top of the hill, yet with thebeach right at their doorstep. Wewere warmly greeted by the localswho offered to carry our luggage toour cottages. The owners, Belindaand David took us on a tour of theirvenue, from the little shops nextdoor, to their veranda where theguests have drumming lessons andable to enjoy scrumptious meals.We met backpackers from all overthe world, from Sweden to Holland;they also could not get enough ofCoffee Bay.The next day our tour guide, John,escorted us to the neighbouringvillage and made us do loads ofwalking and climbing. Unfortunatelyfor me, I had a spout of vertigo andcould not climb down to the caveswhere the ocean constantly rushesin and created natural Jacuzzis. Inmy defence, I was daring that samemorning though and felt like ateenager running into the icy watersfor a quick swim before we departed– very liberating indeed!As we packed the car for our trip backto the Bay, I felt an immense sadnessleaving this untouched beautifulplace behind. However, I have madea promise that I will be back and thistime for at least a week to truly enjoythe venue and surrounding areas.Places to see and things to do at theHole in the WallCoffee Shack Backpackers:• Day Trip and Hiking on the WildCoast• Coastal hike to Hole-In-The-Wall(Hole in the Wall is a spectacularnatural feature carved out of a hugemass of rock by millions of years ofpounding waves.)• Mapuzi cliffs and caves• Canoeing through the Mangroves• Cultural ToursTo book your perfect get-away:contact Belinda at the Coffee ShackBackpackers Lodge in Coffee Bayon: Tel: 047 5752048 or,, Coffee ShackOctober 2012 - Volume 3 Edition 2 October 2012 - Volume 3 Edition 2YOUR MONEY 11DID YOU KNOW???During the Financial Literacy andEducation Summit 2012 in Chicago,the results of the 2012 GlobalFinancial Literacy Barometerwere released. The data rankedthe financial literacy levels of 28nations.According to this report, thenation of Brazil topped the list ashaving the most financially literatepopulation, followed by Mexico,Australia, United States and Canada.The survey, sponsored by Visa,was conducted between Februaryand April of 2012 with 25,500participants.It also reported on issues, includingthe amount of reserves andemergency funds people averaged,whether or not parents speak withtheir children about financial literacy,and if teenagers and young adultsunderstand money management.Source: winner for Creative Colours Award 2011 & 2012.Davines TrainingAcademyEastern Cape nowOPENCutting collectionsCourses now availablefrom29 October 2012For more info contactTrico Sale on:041 365 0247 or to manage time more efficiently• Recognize you can’t do it all.Decide what roles and activities areimportant to you and live your lifeaccordingly.• Prioritize.Not everything is of equal importance,sift through your calendar and seewhat is crucial to be done today andwhat can be completed tomorrow.• Learn to say “Yes” and “No”.The inability to say “No” is thecause of an incredible amount ofmisunderstanding and frustration.Make it a general rule not to say“Maybe” at all when you’re asked tocommit to something. Learn to makequick decisions and say “Yes” or “No”instead. A simple “No, I can’t do that”is enough.• Take time off.The success of your business dependson what you do, not on how much timeyou spend doing it.•Time Management TechniquesEquals More Time?No. You won’t magically get moretime in a day when you put thesetime management techniques intoaction. But you will be able to moreeffectively manage the time you have.• Find out where you’re wastingtime.Do you spend too much time ‘Internetsurfing, reading email, or makingpersonal calls?• Create time management goals.Remember, the focus of timemanagement is actually changingyour behaviours, not changing time.For one week, for example, set a goalthat you’re not going to take personalphone calls while you’re working.• Prioritize ruthlessly.You should start each day with a timemanagement session prioritizing thetasks for that day and setting yourperformance benchmark.If you have20 tasks for a given day, how many ofthem do you truly need to accomplish?• Learn to delegate and/or outsource.No matter how small your businessis, there’s no need for you to bea one-person show. For effectivetime management, you need to letother people carry some of the load.Determining Your Personal ROIexplains two ways to pinpoint whichtasks you’d be better off delegating oroutsourcing.• Establish routines and stick tothem as much as possible.Get in the habit of setting time limitsfor tasks. For instance, reading andanswering email can consume yourwhole day if you let it. Instead, set alimit of one hour a day for this task andstick to it.• Be sure your systems are organized.Are you wasting a lot of time lookingfor files on your computer? Take thetime to organize a file managementsystem.• Don’t waste time waiting.From client meetings to dentistappointments, it’s impossible to avoidwaiting for someone or something.Always take something to do with you,such as a blank pad of paper that youcan use to plan your next marketingcampaign. Technology makes it easyto work wherever you are; your PDAand/or cell phone will help you stayconnected.Puzzle Solutions!1:2:

Drive with careeverydayBeing car considerate shouldn’t stopafter the break-in. Drive with careevery day and your car will rewardyou with longer intervals withoutrepair.• Do not race your car’s engineduring start-up. This is a quick wayto add years of wear to your engine,especially if it’s cold outside.• Accelerate slowly when you beginyour drive. The most wear to theengine and drive train occurs inthe first ten to twenty minutes ofoperation.• Warming the engine by letting itidle in the driveway is not a smartidea. The engine doesn’t operateat its peak temperature, resultingin incomplete fuel combustion,soot deposits on cylinder walls,oil contamination, and ultimatelydamaged components.• Put less strain on your engine andautomatic transmission by shifting toneutral at red lights. Otherwise, theengine is still working to push thecar even while it’s stopped.result in more frequent repairs.• Extend the life of your tires withcareful driving. Observe postedspeed limits. Avoid fast starts,stops, and turns. Avoid potholes andobjects on the road. Don’t run overcurbs or hit the tire against the curbwhen parking. And, of course, don’tburn rubber.• When turning your steering wheel,don’t hold it in an extreme right orleft position for more than a fewseconds. Doing so can damage thepower-steering pump.• Consolidate your short drivingtrips. Most of the wear and tear— as well as the pollution yourcar generates — takes place in thefirst few minutes of driving. Doingseveral errands at once, during lowtraffic hours if possible, will keepyour engine happier longer.Source:• Avoid driving at high speeds andaccelerating quickly, especiallywhen it’s very hot or very coldoutside. Such driving behaviour willADVENTURE COMES STANDARDALL NEW MAZDA BT-50TEST DRIVETODAY!UNDISPUTED CLASS LEADER!! - BY MILESEASTERN CAPE MOTORS- Class Leading • Performance• Build Quality• Interior Space• Safety & Security- 5 year / 90 000km Service Plan- 4 year / 120 000km Full Comprehensive WarrantyNorth ENd 041 484 4326 • William moffEtt 041 399 1200 • UITENHAGE 041 922 9100 •

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