AquaForce II - Thorn Lighting

AquaForce II - Thorn Lighting

AquaForce IIA new statement in reliable,value for money IP65 luminaires

ApplicationsOur tough, polycarbonate body maximisesvandal resistance in IP65 luminaires.Together with lighter weight, fast-fitcomponents and connectors, AquaForce IIis also easier to fit than ever before.General buildingareas• Under canopies• Car parks• Changing rooms• Corridors• Kitchens *• Showers• Sports stadia• Toilets• Pedestrian tunnels• Agricultural buildings *Industrial areas• Abattoirs *• Factories *• Garages• Process areas *• Warehouses• Boiler rooms• Loading bays• Plant rooms *• Transport terminals ** Consider chemical resistance information before specification

Chemical ResistanceAquaForce II is suitable for environments subject to exposure to the following chemical typesand chemical compounds:Chemical typeInorganic acids:Chemical compoundsNitric (

A new, highly durable IP65luminaire for use in wet and dustyenvironments, where reliability andpeace of mind are importantAquaForce II is a cost effective range of highly durable IP65fluorescent fittings. Its features include easy quick-fix installationbrackets with every luminaire, sturdy polycarbonate bodyand diffuser for maximum impact resistance, and a choice ofSwitchstart, High Frequency and emergency control gear.All luminaires are made in a highly automated manufacturingprocess, ensuring a consistent, seamless gasket seal set into adeep channel, giving you peace of mind that AquaForce II willhold its performance in tough IP65 environments.Performance: High lightoutput. Eliminates glareEfficiency: Quick toinstall with choice ofaccessories. Easy tomaintain. Efficient lm/WIP65. ENEC approvalComfort: Heightenssafety and comfort.Reassuring sealSimple to order:• Luminaire comes withQuick-fix brackets asstandardRapid installation:• Quick-fix bracket• Simple push to fit toggles• Clip in gear tray• High-speed ‘Connect’versions availableHigh protection:• Robust polycarbonatematerial• High quality IP65 seal• Tamper resistantstainless steeltoggles available

1.1. Cable entries2. Quick-fix bracket installed to ceiling3. Quick-fix bracket installed to fitting4. Deep channel and excellentgasket seal5. Opening toggle6. Gear tray clips into place7. Gear tray in place8. Through wire kit9. Tamper resistant stainless steeltoggles2. 3.4.5. 6. 7.8. 9.

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