The Lab Report - Chemistry - Emory University

The Lab Report - Chemistry - Emory University

Faculty ProfileReflecting on Prof. Daphne Norton’scontributions to EmoryJennifer BonThis fall Daphne Norton will beleaving the Chemistry Departmentto take on a new challenge at theUniversity of Georgia, runningtheir general chemistry labs andteaching other undergraduatecourses. Over the past tenyears of overseeing Emory’sgeneral chemistry laboratories,she has taught thousands ofundergraduates and mentoredmore than a hundred graduateteaching assistants, encouragingthem in their pursuit of scienceand science education. Beyonddeveloping and writing her own lab manual, she also taughtan Analysis of Ancient Art class in collaboration with theCarlos Museum. Her abilities in the classroom are so wellregarded that in 2007 she was awarded a Natural ScienceExcellence in Teaching Award by the Center for Teachingand Curriculum, which recognizes outstanding teachingthroughout Emory College.Daphne’s work on campus extended beyond the ChemistryDepartment. She was also the Director of the EmoryScholars Program, which offers enrichment activities andresearch opportunities for undergraduate students receivingmerit scholarships: “I was also involved in many programssponsored through the Office of Sustainability. I servedon the Sustainable Foods Committee, the Emory ClimateAction Plan Committee and also co-led the Piedmont TATTOprogram. I taught a course in the summer Pre-CollegeProgram entitled Science and Sustainability.” Daphne alsoworked with Mike McCormick to host regional ScienceOlympiad competitions at Emory for High School students inthe area.EMORY ChemistrySummer 201310 years. As classes got larger and larger the experimentsthat could be carried out became limited, but she anticipatesthe new building should alleviate some of those strugglesin the years to come: “I know the renovated space will allowsmaller sections and more inquiry-driven experiments.” Asshe moves to take over the general chemistry laboratoriesat UGA, she will face a new set of challenges. Everysemester more than 2000 students take general chemistrylabs, making it a big jump from a few hundred at Emory.“This is exciting and also a bit daunting” Daphne says. “Ilook forward to teaching an Honors Class and designingexperiments for a majors section of general chemistry lab.”As she goes into this next chapter of her life, the Emorycommunity will certainly miss her. “I will definitely miss thepeople at Emory. The students at Emory are incredible! I’veenjoyed working with some wonderful colleagues and facultywho are focused on undergraduate education. It was anamazing opportunity to teach in Siena. The graduate TAshere are truly outstanding. Their dedication and hard workmade my job much easier.”She won’t be gone forever though: “I will not say that I willmiss Science Olympiad because I promised Mike I wouldbe back in the spring to run an event. Science Olympiadwas my favorite event on campus with so many faculty andstudent volunteers coming together to promote science.”Before arriving at Emory, Daphne taught at GeorgiaPerimeter College for five years. She became interested inmoving to Emory after attending a workshop sponsored bythe Center for Science Education: “I met Emory faculty therewho were doing some interesting things in the classroom. Iknew a research university would provide resources that I didnot have at a smaller college.”During the years she spent here, one of the biggestchallenges she faced was the ever-growing class size;enrollment in General Chemistry increased 30% in less thanDepartment of Chemistry • 1515 Dickey Drive • Atlanta, GA • 303222

EMORY ChemistrySummer 2013Spotlight on the UndergradsA ChEmory ReportAmanda Mui 14CIn the 2012-2013 academic year, ChEmory strived to introducethe wide applications and divisions of Chemistry to theEmory community and increase student involvement in andexcitement for Chemistry. ChEmory has been very successfulin accomplishing this through the hard work of its officers andgreater collaboration with Pi Alpha, the Chemistry Department,and the local Georgia ACS Chapter.ChEmory hosted several new and well-received events thisyear. One highlight at Mole Day was a non-Newtonian fluiddemo, where students experienced how chemistry allows youto “walk on water”. We hosted interactive events, such as silveretching and organic soap making, providing students betterunderstanding of the applications of Chemistry. Dr. CassandraQuave (Biology) furthered this exploration, introducingethnobotany, the chemistry of spices, and their medicinal effects.ChEmory expanded its outreach to the community with asuccessful expansion of itsdemonstration program, hostingthe most demo shows andscience nights since gainingits perpetual charter in 2002.Demo chairs, Kristoffer Leon15C and Jessica Elinburg 15Corganized shows for Fernbank,Morningside Elementary,the Latino Youth LeadershipConference, and others, a totalof 11 outreach events this year.Through a Community OutreachGrant from ACS, ChEmoryChEmory President AmandaMui 14C at ACS New OrleansStudent Chapter AwardsCeremonyparticipated in the IMAGEProgram, aimed to introducescience to underrepresentedK-12 groups.This year we also collaboratedmore with Pi Alpha. Traditionally, the two groups collaborate tocoordinate Mole Day, but we also co-hosted a graduate schoolpanel and participated in joint outreach events. The graduateschool panel allowed undergraduates to learn more about thelife of a graduate student and consider if graduate school is theright choice for them. We also co-hosted Carolyn Burton 02C02G, who offered a different perspective on career choices whenshe spoke of her non-traditional career path from Chemistry.(Left to Right) Yeji Park 16C, Thomas Partin 16C, and Taylor Werkema14C at ACS New Orleans Demo ExchangeAt the 2013 national ACS conference in New Orleans, ChEmoryreceived the Outstanding Student Chapter Award and the GreenChemistry Award for its work in the 2011-2012 school year. Wehope to achieve the same awards for the 2012-2013 academicyear.Next year, ChEmory will be led by newly elected presidentSandy Jiang 14C. It aims to continue spreading its excitementfor Chemistry to Emory and the greater Atlanta community andaid students in their Chemistry careers.(Left to Right) Sandy Jiang 14C, Elisabeth McClure 14C, Prof. DougMulford, Hannah Ferguson Johns 16C at a silver jewelry etching eventChEmory has also been working closely with the Georgia StateChemistry Club and the local ACS Georgia chapter to plan andorganize the undergraduate portion of the Southeast regionalACS (SERMACS) Conference in Atlanta in November 2013.Amanda Mui, 2012-2013 president, is spearheading ChEmory’sSERMACS efforts.Department of Chemistry • 1515 Dickey Drive • Atlanta, GA • 303223

ISSN 0108-2701Volume 69Part 3March 2013Inorganic compoundsMetal-organic compoundsOrganic compoundsjournals.iucr.orgInternational Union of CrystallographyWiley-BlackwellEMORY ChemistrySummer 2013Faculty and Staff NewsJohn Bacsa’s research was featured on thecover of Acta Crystallographica Section C inMarch 2013.Huw Davies was awarded the 2013 EROS BestReagent of the Year Award. He was the featuredscientist in the month of May as part of theDivision of Organic Chemistry of the AmericanChemical Society ‘s Eminent Chemists videoseries.Craig Hill collaborated on an opinion piece “Artificial Photosynthesisas a Frontier Technology for Energy Sustainability” (Energy Environ.Sci.) with leading European, Australian and American Universitiesand national laboratories. The article has been one of the mostdownloaded articles in technology worldwide. In addition, Hill’s 1995“Homogeneous catalysis by transition metal oxygen anion clusters”from Coord. Chem. Rev. has reached over 1000 citations.David Lynn was awarded the ACS Herty Award, given by the GeorgiaSection of the American Chemical Society in recognition for the workand service of outstanding chemists who have contributed significantlyto their chosen fields. Graduate student Tolu Omosun won two travelawards this summer, and Postdoc Jay Goodwin was awarded theAAAS Policy Fellowship at the National Science Foundation for twoyears in Washington, DC.David Lynn, Meisa Salaita and Sarah Peterson are spearheadingthe inaugural Atlanta Science Festival, a weeklong celebration ofscience scheduled for March 22-29, 2014. Learn more at Mulford featured on CNN and CNN Radio discussing“anhydrous oxide,” the fertilizer believed to have caused the explosionin TX. Padwa was featured in Emory Wire article on “Thriv(ing) in Anti-Retirement” Weinert received a University Research Grant to investigatethe role of oxygen in marine biocorrosion. Undergrad Shawn Walsh15C received an International Research Experience for ScienceStudents award from the Emory SIRE program and is spending thesummer doing research at the University of Marburg in Germany.Willie Jin, a junior at Gwinnett School of Math, Science, andTechnology was awarded 5th place from the American Society forMicrobiology at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.Student NewsActa Crystallographica Section CCrystal StructureCommunicationsEditor: Anthony LindenTwo teams of students from Emory Chemistry made the NSF GrandChallenges Finals. Omar Villanueva (MacBeth group), RolandoRengifo (Lynn group), and Felicia Fullilove (Davies group) submitted“Redefining Graduate Education” and Katie Chepiga (Davies group)and Jen Bon (Blakey group) submitted “Career-Targeted ScienceEducation for Graduate Students.”Science Conference in Cambridge, MA.Yoshie Narui (Salaita Group) has been selected to attend the 63rdLindau Nobel Laureate Meeting that is set to take place in Germanythis summer. She will get to meet 35 Chemistry Nobel Laureates thatare attending this meeting.Pravin Muthu (Lutz Group)contributed work to the EmorySchool of Medicine’s Art Exhibit ondisplay this spring.Omar Villaneuva (MacBeth Group)was awarded a Dean’s TeachingFellowship for 2013-2014. He willbe teaching CHEM 141: GeneralChemistry this fall.Kevin Yehl (Salaita group) received the NSF East Asia and PacificSummer Institute Award (NSF EAPSI) This award covers allexpenses (and stipend) to allow Kevin to work in the lab of Prof.Xiaogang Liu at the National University of Singapore for 8 weeks tohelp establish an international collaboration.ChEmory received an ACS travel grant to attend the National ACSmeeting in New Orleans this spring and will be spearheading theundergraduate program at this fall’s Southeastern ACS Meeting beingheld in Atlanta.Eduardo Garcia 13C was awarded the Lucius Lamar McMullanAward, made possible by the generous gift of Mr. William Matheson‘47G. The award recognizes Emory College graduates who showextraordinary promise of becoming our future leaders and rarepotential for service to their community, the nation, and the world.The winner of the McMullan Award receives $25,000 at the time ofgraduation to be used for any purpose of his or her choosing.Under the leadership of Pi Alpha Vice President of Outreach, MarikaWieliczko, a group of graduatestudents have been busy sharing theirpassion for chemistry around Atlanta.Jack Trieu , Chen Liang, ShawnnaJoynt, Xin Jia, Kyle Giesler, BryantChica, and Fish Pan volunteered forSTEM Days at Toomer Elementaryand Whitefoord Elementary. Marikaand Josh Bartlett then returned toToomer for Science Night where theydid an activity called “Polymer Party.” We have also hosted morethan 100 students from the School of Medicine’s Summer ScienceAcademy this summer. With the help of members of the NSF Centerfor C-H Functionalization, NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution,and a team of dedicated students and postdocs, these studentshave visited three labs and participated in a Penny Lab with MarikaWieliczko, Omar Villanueva, Charlie Modlin, Elliot Glass, JessicaElinburg 14C, and Rolando Rengifo.John Mancini (Bowman Group) was one of 50 graduate studentsselected from more than 700 applicants to attend the CommunicatingDepartment of Chemistry • 1515 Dickey Drive • Atlanta, GA • 30322 6

EMORY ChemistrySummer 2013168th Emory University CommencementMay 13 th 2013We had 70 Chemistry majors graduate in the class of 2013.Five graduated with an Honors designation: Matthew Birnbaum(Highest Honors), Samantha Green (Highest Honors), SarahKlass (Highest Honors), Ismael Loera (High Honors), andVictoria Jiang (Honors). Departmental awards were announcedat our annual Undergraduate Awards Ceremony and ResearchSymposia on April 26, 2013.Outstanding Chemistry MajorHannah Moore 13CExcellence in Undergraduate ResearchMatthew S. Birnbaum 13CExcellence in Undergraduate Educational SupportSandy Jiang 14CErica L. Ditkoff 13CShoheera J. Khaliqdina 13COutstanding 1st Year Chemistry StudentJeongseok (Edward) Lee 16CHyper Cube (Outstanding Physical Chemistry)Hannah Moore 13CEarly Career Achievement Research GrantIan C. Wagner 15CUndergraduate Award in Analytical ChemistryKristoffer Leon 15CWilliam Jones ScholarshipCarolyn Cohen 14CJames Sanders 14COutstanding Poster PresentationDaniela Ruiz (Intern from Gwinnett School of Math, Science &Technology) (1st Prize)Carolyn Cohen 14CJames Sanders 14CThe Lucius Lamar McMullan AwardEduardo Garcia 13CEleven new doctorates were officially granted during the May2013 Commencement Ceremony though many completedrequirements for the degree in 2012.May 2013Ivan Antonov (Heaven Group)“Spectroscopic Studies of Molecules that Challenge ComputationalChemistry”Keith Freel (Heaven Group)Gas Phase Molecular Spectroscopy: Electronic Spectroscopy ofCombustion Intermediates, Chlorine Azide Kinetics, andRovibrational Energy Transfer in AcetyleneDecember 2012Rose Santangelo (Liotta Group)Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Subunit SelectiveN-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor ModulatorsKelly Kluge (MacBeth Group)Ligand Design Strategies for Regulating Small Molecule Bindingand Reactivity at Transition Metal CentersSavannah Johnson (Lynn Group)Amyloid Conformational Diversity Accessed By Truncations of aNative Protein Fold’John Frederick Briones (Davies Group)Transition Metal Catalyzed Stereoselective Transformations ofAlkynes and Donor/Acceptor CarbenoidsJiaye Hu (Davies Group)Rhodium (II)-Catalyzed Asymmetric Transformations and TheirApplications in The Development of Novel CNS Drug CandidatesHengbin Wang (Davies)Synthesis of Cyclopropanes and Dihydrofurans by Metal CarbenoidReactionsAugust 2012Chantelle Anfuso (Lian Group)Orientation and Vibrational Dynamics of Rhenium Bipyridyl CO2-Reduction Catalysts on Model Electrode SurfacesJin Liu (Liotta Group)Use of Receptor-Based Drug Design and Applications in the Studyof finding antagonists for MD-2/TLR4, GLP and CXCR4Xianyu Chen (Ryan Group)I. Development of a passive sampler and static sampling chamberto measure personal exposure to gaseous PAHs. II. Methoddevelopment for determination of current-use and persistentpesticides in cow milk, human breast milk, baby formulas,and human serum using gas chromatography tandem massspectrometryCongratulations to all of ourgraduates and their families! Wehope you will stay in touch.Share your stories.Department of Chemistry • 1515 Dickey Drive • Atlanta, GA • 30322 7

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