Clean Energy Innovation presentation GSE workshop ... - Corrente

Clean Energy Innovation presentation GSE workshop ... - Corrente

Australia – means opportunities

Australia is a youngvibrant country withstrong entrepreneurialspirit where the sky isthe limit.2

Source: – means opportunities 3

Big ideas and continuous innovationLife Sciences• Medical use of Penicillin• first artificial pacemaker• cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil• bionic eye• bionic ear (a cochlear implant)• spray-on skin• flu treatment drug, Relenza• Ultrasound scannerMaterialsScience• Biodegradable expanded foam• Eco-friendly cement replacement• Biodegradable shipping pallets• Magnesium components for lighter cars• Topcoat reactivation technologies• Ceramifiable plastic cables• Titanium - more from ore – technologies• Continuous Equal Channel Angular Processing technologyto refine the grain structure of metals• New generation polymetric materialsAustralia – means opportunities4

Big ideas and continuous innovationDigitalEconomyand ICTClean Energyand theEnvironment• Google maps• 802.11 technology behind Wi-Fi• Gi-Fi – Giga-bit wireless (known as radar onchip)• Open Kernel Labs – software Iinking over abillion phones worldwide• EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer Point ofSale)• Maia X-ray Microprobe Element ImagingSystem, a silicon-based quantum computer• first ‘black box’ flight data recorder• Giant Magellen Telescope Project (SydneyUniversity) Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy• with the US, a laser tracking system for spacejunk• world’s ‘father of photovoltaics’ - an Australian- holds a world record for solar panel efficiency• CETO wave energyAustralia – means opportunities5

Australia’s research and innovation frameworkStrategic Government LeadershipResilient GrowthEconomyEasy & safe businessenvironmentLocation in highgrowth Asian regionGovernment &BusinessInvestment in R&DQuality ResearchInstitutions & CentresStable democraticpolitical environmentDiversified economyStrong trade links andengagementMulticultural,multilingual societyR&D Tax IncentiveQuality EducationSystemIP ProtectionOPPORTUNITIESWorld class researchGlobal innovationprecinctsTop universitiesEntrepreneurship& track recordEarly adoptersEnabling ITinfrastructureHighly Skilled,innovative workforceAccess to capitalInnovative Business & IndustriesAustralia – means opportunities6

Strategic Government leadershipAustralia – means opportunities7

Opportunities to invest in Australian innovation• Expenditure of US$9 billion in 2011-12 on science, researchand innovation• Australian Research Council (ARC) Centres of Excellence• National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)• Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs)• Innovation Investment Fund• Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships (ESVCLP)and the Venture Capital Limited Partnerships (VCLP)• Clean Technology Innovation Program• Australia - India Strategic Research Fund• Australia - China Science and Research FundAustralia – means opportunities8

R&D tax incentive andIntellectual propertyprotectionAustralian Government R&D tax incentive• Generous benefits for eligible research anddevelopment activities (R&D activities)• a 45 per cent refundable tax offset for eligiblecompanies with an aggregated turnover of lessthan $20 million per annum• a non-refundable 40 per cent tax offset for all othereligible companiesIP protection• Private property protection and personal securitysystem - ranked 8th of 59• Intellectual property rights are adequately enforced– ranked 10th of 59• Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising theBar) Act 2012• Experimental use exemption from patentinfringement• Regulatory exemption from patent infringement fornon-pharmaceutical patentsIMD World Competitiveness Report 2012Australia – means opportunities 9

A talented, highly skilled workforceAustralia – means opportunities10

Increasing workforce skillsAustralia – means opportunities11

World-leading researchinstitutions• CSIRO• ANSTO• Geoscience Australia• Questacon• Office of the Chief Scientist• NICTA• Syncrotron• Square Kilometre Array• Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy• Australian National Fabrication Facility• The Australian Institute of MarineScience (AIMS)• Translational Research Institute (TRI)Australia – means opportunities12

CSIRO - Australia’snational research agencyCSIRO innovations• Wireless Lan• Polymer bank notes• Relenza Flu medicine• Extended wear contact lenses• RAFT polymerisation• BarleymaxThe Organisation• Employees >6550• Research Divisions 13• Locations 57• National Research Flagships 9• National Research Facilities 3• Expenditure $1.3 billion, 2013-14 budgetAustralia – means opportunities13

CSIRO Energy FlagshipCSIRO Energy Flagship conducts activities across the entire energy chain, from extraction right throughto consumption, focusing both on conventional energy and emerging low emission technologies.Low Emissions Technology Alternative Stationary Energy• Solar Technologies – CSP & PV• Geothermal• High Efficiency Energy Systems – Direct Injection Coal Engine & Direct Injection Fuel Cells• Energy Modelling – grid & scenario modelling• Technology in Society – social sciences behind acceptance of new technology Local Energy Systems• Energy for Buildings – e.g. Solar Cooling• Energy Management – e.g. microgrids, VPS• Storage for Renewables – battery technology, renewable energy resource forecasting Fuels & Products• Sustainable Transport Fuels – e.g. Biofuels• Gasification & Syngas Technologies – e.g. Waste to energy• Gas Processing• Source: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

CSIRO Energy Flagship• Conventional Energy Coal Mining• Improving recovery efficiency & safety• Enhancing Coal Mining Technologies• Minimising Environmental Impacts• Enhancing Coal Cleaning Petroleum Exploration & Production• Unconventional Petroleum• Petroleum Exploration• Gas Processing Carbon Capture & Storage• Post Combustion Capture• Geological CO 2 StorageSource: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities• Demonstration Projects• As part of our goal to create impact and have a measurableeffect in reducing Global GHG emissions, CSIRO Energy Flagship arelooking to establish collaborations with organisations to developsolution based projects that would be eligible to attract funding fromARENA, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.• ARENA have significant funding available to support their goalof driving the uptake of renewable energy in Australia. Based onARENA’s current round of initiatives, CSIRO is focused on significantscale CSP projects.• We expect this opportunity to be of interest to globalorganisations looking to establish operations in the Australianrenewable energy space.Source: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities• Solar Technologies – CSP• Among our most notable developments we are currentlycommercialising, CSIRO has developed world leading Heliostattechnology with class leading optical performance, cost and functionality.• Our ongoing CSP research is focused on:• receiver technology• brayton cycle generation• super critical steam• solar reforming of natural gas• high temperature (>800⁰C) solutions• Useful linksSolar-Brayton-CycleCSIRO EnergySource: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities• Solar Technologies – PV• CSIRO is heavily involved in research into Organic and Thin FilmPV. We have built up extensive fabrication, testing and analysisfacilities enabling us to work at the leading edge of research inthese areas. Current research focus includes:• Manufacturing efficiencies enabling LCOE reductions• Efficiency improvements• Temperature performance• Integration of thin film into building materials• Useful linksSolar BlogSource: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities• Grid Planning• CSIRO are developing, or have developed, modelling tools to supportgrid planning activities. We an interested in exploring opportunities totake these capabilities globally to countries such as India, either viacommercialisation of models, or other appropriate channels.• PV & renewable penetration• Future energy mix• Stakeholder engagement• Technology integration modelling• Micro-grid design• Useful linksFuture Energy MixSource: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities• Micro-Grids• Using the facilities of our Renewable Energy Integration Facility(REIF) in Newcastle, CSIRO have developed a number of solutionssuitable for the management and control of smart grid and small gridsolutions which we are looking for partners to commercialise:• Virtual Power Station (VPS)• Aggregation of small scale generation and storage• Demand ResponseSource: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities• Energy Efficiency• With building responsible for a significant proportion of energyconsumption, up to 40% in some area’s, CSIRO is focused onreducing building energy consumption and providing low cost, GHGefficient energy solutions. Examples of our work in this area include:• Solar Cooling• Development and maintenance of building energy models• Technical standards development based on TRNSYSmodelling capability• New methods of evaporative coolingSource: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities• Renewable Resource Forecasting• CSIRO has built up significant critical mass in in climate and earthsystem science ensuring globally competitive capability in thisspace. We have extensive weather, climate and earth systemsimulation capability with our modelling rated world class by the2010 External Science Review panel.• CSIRO modeling capability is delivered through our proprietarymeso-scale model (called CCAM). CCAM is a global meso-scalemodel with a non-hydrostatic module and a stretchable grid, whichcan reach very high resolutions locally. This model is regularly usedfor regional climate simulations as well as for providing wind andsolar estimations.• Ongoing research in this area is focused on developing• reliable renewable resource forecasting:• Short term (minutes)• Medium term (up to 7 days)Source: CSIROAustralia – means opportunities

ARENA – EmergingRenewables ProgramThe EmergingRenewables Programfunds activities to supportthe development,demonstration and earlystage deployment ofrenewable energytechnologies with thepotential to lower the cost,and thereby increase thesupply, of renewableenergy in Australia.ARENAAbout the Emerging Renewablesprogram:• From 1 July 2013 open to activities thatremove or reduce roadblocks to thedelivery of ARENA's strategic initiativesand activities to fill critical knowledgegaps within the industry.• Applications submitted electronically viaARENANet, ARENA's grantsmanagement system.• In light of the program’s expansion,funding allocated to the program hasincreased from A$126.6 million toA$215 million.Australia – means opportunities23

ARENA – EmergingRenewables ProgramThe EmergingRenewables Programfunds activities to supportthe development,demonstration and earlystage deployment ofrenewable energytechnologies with thepotential to lower the cost,and thereby increase thesupply, of renewableenergy in Australia.ARENAAbout the Projects funded by ARENA: have been funded for:• Solar• Bioenergy• Geothermal• Hybrid/Enabling• Hydropower• Ocean• Renewable Energy Industry CapacityBuildingAustralia – means opportunities24

Clean TechnologyProgramThe AustralianGovernment’s CleanTechnology Programprovides incentives formanufacturing businessesto reduce emissions andinvest in clean energy, aswell as for innovativebusinesses in all sectorsto develop new cleantechnologies andservices.About the Program:• provides $800 million until 2017-18 to helpmanufacturing businesses invest in energyefficient capital equipment and low emissionstechnologies, processes and products.• provides $200 million until 2016-17 to helpfood and foundry manufacturers invest inenergy efficient capital equipment and lowemissions technologies, processes andproducts• provides $200 million over five years until 2017-18. The innovation program helps businessesin all sectors undertake applied research anddevelopment, proof-of-concept and early-stagecommercialisation activities that develop newclean technologies and servicesAustralia – means opportunities25

Australian Research Council(ARC) Centres of ExcellenceARC Centres ofExcellence areprestigious foci ofexpertise through whichhigh-quality researchersmaintain and developAustralia’s internationalstanding in researchareas of national priority.About the Australian Research• A statutory government authority since2001• National Competitive Grants program• $809 million grants in 2011-12• Excellence in Research program• 13 ARC Centres of Excellence,including:Climate System ScienceGeotechnical Science and EngineeringAustralia – means opportunities26

Cooperative ResearchCentres (CRCs) ProgramCRCs bring togetherresearchers, industries,communities andgovernments to solvemajor challengers facingAustralia.Cooperative Research• CRC program since 1991, 38 activecentres• Industry examples:Advanced ManufacturingAdvanced Composite StructuresContamination assessment andRemediation of the EnvironmentGreenhouse Gas TechnologiesPolymersEnergy Pipelines$165 million government funding in 2011-12and $3.4 billion since program inceptionAustralia – means opportunities27

High quality scientific researchAustralia – means opportunities28

Cutting-edge research specialisationAustralia – means opportunities29

Clustering for enhanced research-industrycollaboration – innovation precinctsAustralia – means opportunities30

World-classinfrastructureGovernment infrastructure programs• The National Broadband Network• $37.4 billion investmentScientific Research Infrastructure• The National Collaborative ResearchInfrastructure Strategy $542m• Super Science Initiative $1.1bnAustralia – means opportunities31

A sophisticated, dependablefinancial sector• A sophisticated financial services sectorwith 5.5 trillion in assets, providesaccess to financing:• A$3.2 trillion banking industry• A$1.1 trillion free-floating stockswith 2,188 listed entities• A$2 trillion funds managementindustry• A$ is fifth most traded currencyglobally• 16 domestic banks and 40 foreignbanks for business banking– includes leading banks from Asia,Europe and North America• Banks are some of the most secure inthe world and remained profitablethrough the financial crisisAustralia – means opportunities32

Australians are early adoptersAustralia – means opportunities33

International businessinnovating and collaboratingin AustraliaExamples include:Boeing 22 year partnership with the CSIROBayerCanonIBMGEcollaboration with the CSIRO todevelop a new generation of crops20 years of R&D in Australia withthe CSIRO, USydney and UNSWcollaborating with the Umelbournedeveloping sequencing technologyusing supercomputersR&D alliance with the CSIRO toaddress global challenges like anaging population, waterconservation & clean technologiesAustralia – means opportunities34

CaseStudiesAustralia – means opportunities 35

Proud history in solar R&D• Australia has contributed toinnovations in solar photovoltaiccell design and in solar thermaltechnology.• Our universities hold records forhigh performing silicon PV cells.• Companies developing largescale concentrating solargeneration systems andphotosynthetic dye solar cells• CSIRO led consortia developingprintable solar cells on polymermaterials.Australia – means Australia opportunities Unlimited

Pluto Solar Cells – Case Study• University of NewSouth Wales• Suntech Power• Australian SolarInstitute• Dr Zhengrong Shi and Professor Martin GreenAustralia – means Australia opportunities Unlimited

GE chooses Australia toinvest in strategic R&Dalliance• GE and CSIRO A$20 million coinvestment• R&D for global challenges - agingpopulations, water and cleantechnologies“Australia is an easy place to do businessand it provides an excellent source ofhighly–skilled technologists.”Mr Ben Waters, GE’s Commercial Director“CSIRO was able to offer GE amultidisciplinary skills base and industryfocusedresearch.”Mr Damien Thomas, CSIRO’s Group Director BusinessDevelopmentAustralia – means opportunities38

Boeing and CSIRO – a globalmodel for researchcollaboration• Boeing partnership with CSIRObegan in 1989• Development of a practical model forR&D collaboration• May 2011, Boeing names CSIRO‘Supplier of the Year’“We view our suppliers as an extension of ourproduction facilities. They bring us acombination of quality, capability, capacityand technology that enables us to meet andexceed customer expectations.”Stan Deal, Vice President and General Manager of SupplierManagement for Boeing Commercial AirplanesAustralia – means opportunities39

Sustainable materials –CSIRO• Developing innovative sustainabletechnologies for the chemicals and plastics,infrastructure and aerospace industrysegments• Australia’s national science agency and oneof the largest and most diverse researchagencies in the world. It has over 6,500 staff,located across 55 sites throughout Australiaand overseas• In commercial partnerships has provided thefollowing solutions:– zero-waste powder coating technology– ceramifiable plastic cables– eco-friendly materials“With state-of-the-art facilities CSIRO’sSustainable Materials group enablesmanufacturers to capture market opportunitiesby developing technologies that maximiseresource efficiency and minimise negativeenvironmental impact”.Australia – means opportunities40

Zero-waste powdercoating technology• CSIRO in commercial partnership hasovercome a long term sustainabilityissue for the automotive, plastics andfurniture industries by replacing wetpaint finishes on heat-sensitivesubstances, such as plasticcomponents, with zero-waste powdercoating technology• In 2008 CSIRO was awarded theprestigious Banksia Award for itsenvironmental sustainability work inpowder coating technologyAustralia – means opportunities41

Ceramifiable plasticcables• CSIRO in conjunction with itscommercial partners, has developed apolymer composite that transforms intoa fireproof ceramic in a blaze• This technology has been successfullypatented and commercialisedAustralia – means opportunities42

Eco-friendly materials• CSIRO has produced a bio-derived andbiodegradable starch-based packagingin the CRC for International Food andManufacture & Packaging Science• Other similar eco-friendly materials arenow being developed for the packagingindustries and for semi-structuralapplicationsAustralia – means opportunities43

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