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ARKANSAS Ibrarie - the Arkansas Library Association!

ARKANSAS Ibrarie - the Arkansas Library Association!

Editor’s columnRandom

Editor’s columnRandom Laura Speer, Managing EditorRemember the phrase, “you don’t know what someoneelse’s life is like until you walk a mile in their shoes(or is it mocassins?).” In January Dominique Hallett,previous editor for Arkansas Libraries, turned theeditorship over to me. I have spent the last six weekslearning my way around in Adobe InDesign. Thisexperience has been exhilarating, engaging andfrustrating.The Publications Committee chaired by KathieBuckman will spend the next year looking at ways toimprove Arkansas Libraries. It will soon be availableonline; there are some new columnists; and it will soonhave a new look.We hope to add lots of photos of people and programsthroughout the state. I would like to invite you allto share photos of new and renovated library spaces,programs, and interesting displays. You can emailthem to me (don’t crop them - send them in highestquality jpeg format, please).I have always found it much more interesting to reada journal when I can see myself, my library, or issuesthat affect me in its content. If you have any ideas thatyou’d like us to consider or if you would like to join inthe fun, please contact me, Britt Murphy(, or Kathie Buckman( Speer, an advocate for all types oflibraries and librarians, is an academiclibrarian at UCA.The Arkansas Library Association front license plate, designed by Kathe Altazan of the Baxter CountyLibrary will be sold for $20. The proceeds will be used to fund ArLA scholarships. The plate will be availablefor purchase later in 2010.4 Arkansas Libraries Vol. 67, No. 1

ALA Midwinter in BostonSampling local restaurants was easier thanks to theDining in the Neighborhood Trolley.ALA Midwinter in BostonNicole Stroud,Ron Russ & Diane Hughesat the Network CommonsALA Midwinter in BostonThere were computersavailable to keep in touch withthe folks back home.ALA Photos provided by Ron Russ.7 Arkansas Libraries Vol. 67, No. 1 Arkansas Libraries, Spring 2010 5

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