L1 Solar Wind, Kp, Aurora and GNSS Error Alerts - AFFECTS

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L1 Solar Wind, Kp, Aurora and GNSS Error Alerts - AFFECTS

L1 Solar Wind, Kp, Auroraand GNSS Error AlertsL1 based short-term warnings of extreme space weather and its effectsM. Venzmer, V. Bothmer, J. Hesemann, E. BosmanInstitute for Astrophysics, Göttingen University, GermanyContact:0049 551 39 5062mvenzmer@astro.physik.uni-goettingen.deACEAFFECTS User Workshop / 28. Feb. 2013 / ROB Belgium

OverviewProvision of short-time warnings of severe spaceweather effects via RSS feeds● L1 ACE solar wind data● RSS feed alerts:● L1 Solar Wind Alert (established)● L1 Kp Alert (preliminary)● L1 Aurora Alert (preliminary)● L1 GNSS Error Alert (in progress)AFFECTS User Workshop 2

L1 ACE solar wind dataAdvanced Composition Explorer(ACE)Spacecraft at L1 since 1997Provides real-time data onlineIn-situ solar wind parameters allowshort-term forecast (> 10 min):●●~3 min data delay to availabilityat SWPC serverL1 to Earth travel time 12 - 60 mindepending on speed (2000 - 400 km/s)ACE satellite position around Lagrange 1.Credit: NASA/H. ZellAFFECTS User Workshop 3

ACE solar wind dataMeasured solar wind parameters byMAG and SWEPAM instruments:- Magnetic field strength- Magnetic field orientation- Proton density- Bulk speed- Ion temperatureACE dynamic real-time solar wind plot for the last 3 days.Credit: SWPC/NOAAReal-time data available from SWPC/NOAA:http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpmenu/lists/ace.htmlAFFECTS User Workshop 4

L1 Solar Wind AlertRSS feed: L1 Solar Wind AlertCreates a new alert if thresholds of specified solar wind parametersare exceeded.Uses 1-minute real-time data from ACEUpdate interval: 5 minutesActual thresholds: |B| = 15 nT, Bz = 10 nT and V = 600 km/s- 31 warnings triggered since September 2012Example warning:RSS subscription link:www.astro.physik.uni-goettingen.de/~mvenzmer/rssfeed/rssfeed.xmlAFFECTS User Workshop 5

L1 Kp AlertRSS feed: L1 Kp AlertExtreme solar wind affects the Earths magnetosphere.Kp is a geomagnetic disturbance index, introduced by Bartels in 1948at the Institute for Geophysics, Göttingen University.Feed provides warnings of possible strong Kp conditions.Creates a new alert if the estimated Kp exceeds a specified threshold.Actual threshold: Kp = 7-- No alerts since October 2012 Kp scale ranges from 0 to 9 with +/- substeps:Example warning:RSS subscription link:www.astro.physik.uni-goettingen.de/~mvenzmer/rssfeed_kp/rssfeed_kp.xmlAFFECTS User Workshop 6

L1 GNSS Error AlertRSS feed: L1 GNSS Error AlertGlobal navigation satellite system (GNSS)- Ionosphere positioning error is up to 30 mError scales with Total ElectronContent (TEC)TEC data is provided by DLRWork on RSS alert is in progressGlobal map of the total electron content.Credit: DLR/SWACIAFFECTS User Workshop 8

RSS feedsRich Site Summary (RSS) web feeds:●They are used to publish frequently updated news.RSS icon●Their standardized XML file format can be viewed by many differentfeed readers.●The RSS reader automatically checks the user's subscribed feedsregularly for new content.●RSS allows users to avoid manually inspecting all of the websitesthey are interested inAFFECTS User Workshop 9

New RSS messageScript:- download of real-time data- processing of data- writes to XML fileRSS feed readerXML-RSS fileAFFECTS User Workshop 10

RSS subscriptionSubscription via mobile feed reader, browser or email-clientCan be accessed with ThunderbirdSubscription in FirefoxAFFECTS User Workshop 11

Thanks!Questions?SummaryWe provide short-time warnings of severe space weather effects via differentRSS feed alerts:●●●●L1 Solar Wind AlertL1 Kp AlertL1 Aurora AlertL1 GNSS Error AlertAFFECTS User Workshop 12

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