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Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges - Portal de Ingenieros ...

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITIONInnovative Approaches to Global Challenges29 to 31 October 2012 ~ Bilbao, SpainOrganized by:Supporting organizations:HYDRO 2012 will bring together the world hydropower community from about 80 countries, to discuss potentialand plans for future large and small-scale hydro development.• Panellists will discuss models for private hydro development: risk management; economic aspects; carbonemissions from reservoirs; communications and education; the multiple services offered by hydro plants;the increasingly important role of pumped storage; and, hydro as part of national cultural heritage.• Technical presentations will reflect innovations in technology, design trends, how to enhance safety, efficiencyand economy in operation, dam safety, AAR, tunnels and underground works, sedimentation management.• International collaboration and integrated regional development will be other key issues, along withenvironmental and social aspects. Hydro development activities (present and future) in Europe, Africa, Asia andLatin America will be well reflected in the programme.• An exciting social and cultural programme has been planned for delegates and accompanying persons.• After the conference there will be chances to visit the recently commissioned Mutriku wave powerplant,not far from Bilbao, or the major La Muela II pumped-storage upgrade scheme near Valencia.Visit us at for more details

THE AQUA~MEDIA HYDRO EVENTSThe annual conferences organized by Hydropower & Dams are the world’s mostinternational events held in Europe for the hydropower profession. HYDRO 2011, whichtook place in Prague, Czech Republic, and HYDRO 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal, both attractedmore than 1300 participants representing about 80 countries.The emphasis each year is on encouraging the advancement of carefully planned hydroplants in the less developed countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, where there is vastunexploited potential, and the greatest need for new capacity. Technical sessions arecomplemented by high-level panel discussions, debates, practical inter-active workshopsand side events.The events are co-hosted or supported by the national power authority of the host country,and also supported by the major international and national energy and water-relatedprofessional associations, such as ICOLD, IEA, ICID, IWRA, ESHA and BHA, as well as theWorld Bank, African Development Bank, EIB, the Asian Development Bank and others.Past events have taken place in: Budapest (1994); Barcelona (1995); Lausanne (1996);Portoro˘z (1997); Aix en Provence (1998); Gmunden (1999); Bern (2000); Riva del Garda (2001);Kiris (2002); Dubrovnik (2003); Porto (2004); Villach (2005); Porto Carras (2006); Granada(2007); Ljubljana (2008); Lyon (2009); Lisbon (2010); and Prague (2011).HYDRO 2012 MISSIONAs policy makers and international banks begin to take a more positive view of hydropower, andnew hydro projects are going ahead in the places where they are most urgently needed, our HYDRO2012 conference will make a contribution to the major task of turning policies into practice.These aims will be achieved through papers carefully selected by the International SteeringCommittee, working closely with the H&D team, and by the arrangement of a broad range ofsessions, panel discussions and workshops.The Iberian peninsular is currently one of the most active regions of Europe concerning hydro,particularly pumped-storage development. Many upgrade schemes are also underway, and oneof Europe’s first commercial wave powerplants is in operation in the Bay of Biscay.We look forward to welcoming delegations from more than 80 countries, as well as high levelrepresentatives of the financial community, and the water-related professional associations.WHO SHOULD ATTEND?•All those active in advancing world hydropower, through research, planning, projectfinancing, design and construction, operation and maintenance, upgrading and refurbishment.•Others advising on specialized aspects such as environmental protection, stakeholderdialogue, safety enhancement, software for planning, and maximizing economic benefits.•University lecturers and students, who together will ensure that hydropower expertiseis sustainable, and accessible in all parts of the world.ACCOMMODATIONRooms are reserved for HYDRO 2012 participants at a number of selected hotels closeto the Euskalduna Congress Centre. The main 5* hotel, adjacent to the Congress Centre,is the elegant Melia, designed by a Mexican architect. Rooms are available at hotelsin all categories, in walking distance of Euskalduna and of the centre of town(see the Registration Form or website for more details of the hotels and their locations).S. Alam, FranceJ. Antunes Sobrinho, BrazilI. Araki, JapanE. Bellendir, Russian FederationL. Berga, SpainP. Boeriu, UNESCO-IHEH. Brekke, NorwayR. Bucher, GermanyJ.M. Buil Sanz, SpainA. Carrère, FranceD. Develay, FranceJ-M. Devernay, World BankM. De Vivo, ICOLD, FranceDr E. Doujak, AustriaI. Ekpo, NigeriaM. François, FranceJ. Freitas, PortugalM.A. Gómez Balandra, MexicoINTERNATIONAL STEERING COMMITTEE INCLUDES:M. GopalakrishnanM. Gospodjinacki, SloveniaR. Grether, GermanyF. Griffin, UKJ. Gummer, AustraliaC.R. Head, UKA. Hughes, UKF. Isambert, FranceR.E. Israelsen, USAJia Jinsheng, ChinaØ. Johansen, NorwayC. Kayitenkore, BurundiH. Keck, SwitzerlandV. Kercan, SloveniaH. Kreuzer, SwitzerlandT. Kunz, SwitzerlandU Myo Myint, MyanmarR. Lafitte, SwitzerlandF. Lempérière, FranceB. Leyland, New ZealandLin Chuxue, ChinaLiu Heng, ChinaF. Louis, FranceP. Mason, UKL. Mouvet, SwitzerlandW.G. Newman, USAN. and L. Nielsen, AustraliaA. Nombre, Burkina FasoJ. Palacios Saiz, SpainA. Palmieri, ItalyJ. Päutz, AustriaB. Pelikan, AustriaB. Petry, The NetherlandsI. Phiri, ZambiaJ. Polimón López, SpainJ. Plummer, UKDo Doc Quan, VietnamV. Radchenko, Russian FederationP.J. Rae, USAJ.R. Rojas Morales, Costa RicaF. C. da Rocha e Silva, PortugalE.V. Rosico Ramon, SpainJ. Rup˘cic, CroatiaA. Schleiss, SwitzerlandK. Seelos, NorwayJ-J. Simond, SwitzerlandB. Tardieu, FranceJ. Thanopoulos, GreeceS. Tickodri-Togboa, UgandaB. Trouille, USAC.V.J. Varma, IndiaJ.G. Warnock, UKG.M. Wedam, AustriaD.A. Williams, UKJ. Yagüe, Spain

CONFERENCE SESSIONSMONDAY 29 OCTOBER ~ MORNINGOpening plenary sessionWelcome and conference introduction:Alison Bartle, Aqua~Media International LtdOpening addresses:• Adama Nombre, President, International Commission on Large Dams• Dr Iñaki Azkuna, Mayor of Bilbao• Iberdrola, Spain (speaker to be confirmed)Keynote address:• IEA perspectives on sustainable hydropower - Ambassador Richard Jones,Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency(Additional guest speakers to be announced)• Title to follow - M. Gospodjinac˘ ki, President, ESHA• World Bank strategy and agenda for hydro - J-M Devernay, World BankSession 1a: Risk management and dispute resolutionChairman: C.R. Head, Consultant, UK● Perceptions of risk - J. Plummer, the World Bank/Cambridge University, UK● Modification of the FIDIC EPC/turnkey contract to allow for geologicalrisk sharing - A. Wilson and S. Renecke, Arcus Gibb, South Africa● Managing financial risks for uncertainty - A. Palmieri, World Bank● Benefits of dispute boards for hydropower and dam projects- H. Bruehl, FIDIC/VBI, GermanySession 2: Hydro development in AfricaCo-Chairmen: A. Nombre, President, ICOLD andM. de Vivo, Secretary-General, ICOLD● Hydropower project in the CDM pipeline with a focus on Africa- E. Branche, EDF, France● Lom Pangar dam storage project - J. Kenfack, University of Yaounde,Cameroon; A.A. Assouth, University of Douala, Cameroon; B. Bignom,ARSEL, Cameroon; A.G.H. Lejeune, University of Liège, Belgium● Regional Rusumo Falls hydropower project - T. Turq and J. Forget,SNC-Lavalin International Inc., Canada● Hydropower potential of the Upper White Nile, Republic of South Sudan- P. Schaefer and S. Palt, Fichtner GmbH & Co KG. Germany; S. Youziel,Ministry of Electricity and Dams, Government of Southern Sudan● Hydrology of the Zambezi river as a basis for development of the CahoraBassa North Bank power station - J. Matola and R.J. Guale, Hydropowerof Cahora Bassa SA, MozambiqueSession 3a: Environment - Fish protectionChair: L. Nielsen, Joint Secretary, IEA Hydro● How does Three Gorges reservoir affect the natural spawning ofChinese Sturgeon: New findings through systematic monitoring duringthe 175 m impounding - Gao Yong, China Three Gorges Corporation, China● Rochemaure small hydropower plant - harnessing of instream flow andfish-passage facilities - P. Richard and Y. Level, Compagnie Nationaledu Rhône, France● Model investigation of a juvenile bypass system at Urridafoss hydroelectric project in Iceland - A. Gudmundsson and S.M. Gardarsson,University of Iceland, Iceland; G.G. Tomasson, Reykjavik University,Iceland; A. Gunnarsson and H. Johannsson, Landsvirjkjun, Iceland● Alden fish friendly hydropower turbine: ready for deployment and fielddemonstration - D.A. Dixon, Electric Power Research Institute, USA;N. Perkins, Alden Research Laboratory Inc., USASession 4a: Hydro Machinery - ResearchChairman: Prof H. Brekke, Private Consultant, Norway● Assessing the dynamics of turbine components using advancedfluid-structure interaction - B. Hübner, U. Seidel and J. Koutnik,Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG, Germany● Comprehensive experimental study of instability in a reversible pumpturbine model at no-load operation - E.C. Walseth and T.K. Nielsen,Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; B. Svingen,Rainpower Technology AS, Norway● Method of calculation of forces acting on Francis turbine and pumpturbinerotors at stationary and transient operational conditions- I. Pylev and Y. Babachenko, Power Machines LMZ, Russia; S. Cherny,D. Chirkov and A. Dekterev, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia;A. Avdyushenko, State University, Russia● Investigation of the stabilizing devices influence on the flow dynamicsin a draft tube in off-design operation - G. Semenov and A. Smirnova,Power Machines LMZ, Russia; A. Dekterev, A. Minakov andA. Sentyabov, Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS, Russia● Flow simulation of the intake and spiral case with different levels at theEstreito hydro powerplant - J.C.C. Villasana and M.M. Hirai, TractebelEngineering, Brazil● Investigation of turbine switching over process to synchronouscondenser mode - I. Kuznetsov, A. Zakharov and G. Orekhov, OJSCPower Machines, Russia; A. Minakov, A. Dekterev and D. Platanov,Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS, Russia● Howell bunger valves: a collection of experimental data - P. Zenocchini,A. Guerini and F.M. Renna, ATB Riva Calzoni SpA., Italy; U. Fratino andA. Pagano, Technical University of Bari, ItalyMONDAY 29 OCTOBER ~ AFTERNOONSession 1b: Private hydro:Still struggling to find the right model?Chair: J. Plummer, World Bank and University of Cambridge, UK● Evolution of the private hydro model in Pakistan - M. Iqbal, WAPDA,Pakistan● Optimizing financial returns from hydro in a free market - A. Froeland,Tafjord, Norway; S. Danielsen, Powel AS., Norway● An alternative approach to private hydro concessions - B. Leyland,Consultant, New Zealand● Financing Hydropower: Achieving a workable balance between debtand equity - E. Branche, EDF, FranceSession 1c: WorkshopFinancing hydro in the developing world: the way aheadChairman: C.R. Head, Consultant, UKInternational panellists from financial institutions and consultancieswill lead discussions, following short presentations on the topicSession 3b: Environmental and social aspectsChair: Dr M.A. Gomez Balandra, IMTA, Mexico● Ten years of an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system:Lessons learned and trends - D. Thériault, Hydro-Québec Production,Canada● Baixo Iguaçu hydropower project: preserving the beauty of a nationalpark - L. Vieira Xavier, Engevix Engenharia, Brazil● Impact assessments, hydropower and environmental governance inwestern Mexico - J.E. Clausen, CUCBA-ITESO, Mexico; S.H. Contreras,University of Guadalajara, Mexico● Multiobjective analysis choosing the better chain of power plants forBrazilian Amazon’s Juruena river - E. Carvalho-Filho, I.P.G. Machado,L.S Masini, L. Asbahr, O. Matana, G.S.C. Rocha, and M.T.F.R. Campos,CNEC Worley Parsons Resources and Energy, Brazil● Technical solutions to enhance sustainability in hydropower- J. Schuol, B. Fischer-Aupperle and N. Riedel, Voith Hydro HoldingGmbH & Co KG, Germany● Environmental effects of a hydropower project compounded by climatechange: A case study of Reventazón reservoir - O. Obregon andG.A. Krallis, Environmental Resources Management Inc, USA;I. Barcelo, Environmental Resources Management Inc., Spain● Downstream dilemmas - S. Sparkes, Statkraft A.S., NorwaySession 3c: Environmental management– Project case studiesChairman: J-P. Chabal, Tractebel Engineering, France; andChairman, ICOLD Committee on Environment● Cumulative impact assessment of Kabeli-A hydroelectric project Nepal:some insights - P. Gautam. HydroConsult Private Ltd, Nepal● Santo Antônio hydroelectric powerplant - Facing challenges every stepof the way - A. de P.B., Guimarães, D.L.G. Gambetti, M. Capproni andW.C. Pinto, SAE-Santo Antônio Energia, Brazil; M. do. C.R. Cavalcantiand L.C.M. Leite, Furnas Centrais Elétricas SA, Brazil

CONFERENCE SESSIONS● Environmental impacts from hydro peaking and mitigation: A casestudy of three Norwegian peaking hydropower plants- A. Harby, Sintef Energy Research, Norway; J. Bogen, NorwegianWater and Energy Directorate, Norway● Foz Tua hydroelectric project – Managing the environmental and socialissues from the design to the construction - A. Freitas Costa, D. SilvaMatos, N. Portal and M.E. Resende, EDP - Gestão da Produção deEnergia SA, Portugal● The Nandi forest multipurpose dam project in Kenya - F.S. Garcia,J.R.G. Pachón, J.O. Couchoud and A.B. Couchard Grupo Typsa, Spain;J.R. Casanueva, Tecnioma, Spain● Galloway hydro scheme managing the environment across the decades- B. Wales, G. Dickie and S. Ferns, Scottish Power, UK● Social and environmental compensations in hydroelectric powerplantsin the Brazilian Amazon: the case study of Jira HPP - J.R. Auler,M.A. Bucco and L. C. Martins, Camargo Corrêa SA, Brazil; E.R. Peixotoand A. Mariot, Orbi Ltda, Brazil; M.P. Guerra, UFSC, BrazilSession 4b: Hydro machinery -Design and operationChairman: J. Gummer, Hydro-Consult Pty Ltd, Australia● Pump-turbine design for sites with large head variations - A. Wedmarkand J.T. Billdal, Rainpower Norway AS, Norway● Alternative method of hydro turbine hydraulic servomotor dimensioningbased on the dynamic conditions during servomotor operation – a casestudy - D. Dolenc, B. Hudobivnik, B. Berčič and S. Cizelj, LitostrojPower d.o.o., Slovenia● An oil water conversion of a hydro turbine main guide bearing - technicaland environmental aspects - C. Richard and S. Groves, Thomson-GordonGroup, Canada● Application of Dériaz pump turbine for low head pumped storage projects- A. Skoták, L. Motčyák and P. Troubil, CKD Blansko Engineering a.s.,Czech Republic● Assessment of a CNR bulb turbine flow: comparison of acousticscintillation, aDcp, Winter-Kennedy tests with the current metersmethod (PENELOP2 project) - P. Roumieu and G. Pierrefeu, CompagnieNationale du Rhône, France; L. Tomas and X. Cornut, Alstom Hydro,France; K. Pobanz, Altran RA, France; C. Chaize, In Vivo, France;D. Billeness, ASL AQFlow Inc., Canada● A holistic approach to hydro-abrasive erosion - K. Winkler andF. Rakusa, Andritz Hydro AG, Switzerland● The use of ring gates in large hydro Francis turbines - T. Neidhardt,Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG., Germany; X. Wang, Voith HydroShanghai Ltd., China● Successful provision of oil-free technologies in a vertical Kaplanrefurbishment with minimum outage - R.T. Martinez and J.R Infanzón,Voith Hydro, Spain; J.L. Ribalta and E.S. Recondo, EndesaGeneración SA, Spain● New operational practices accelerate modernizing of existing hydrounits - J.B. Moe, Norconsult AS., Norway● How reversible pump-turbines can support grid variability: The variablespeed approach - J-M. Henry, Alstom Hydro, France● Operation experiences with the Saxo-type turbine - J. Gale, Zel-End.o.o. Slovenia; D. Dolenc, A. Bergantand, S. Cilelj, Litostroj Powerd.o.o., Slovenia● Analysis of unstable operation of pump turbines and how to avoid it- Ch. Gentner, O. Braun and M. Sallaberger, Andritz Hydro AG,Switzerland● Francis and Kaplan turbine main shaft seals HydroSele – field experienceand testing advancements - T. Smith, P. Robinson and S. Hindmarsh,James Walker Sealing and Products & Services Ltd., UK● Highly flexible Francis turbine operation - M. Sick and W. Michler,Andritz Hydro AG., Switzerland; S. Winkler, Andritz Hydro AG., Austria;N. Désy and A. Coutu, Andritz Hydro Ltée, Canada● Inspection of HVOF coated Pelton wheels using active thermography- M. Taglione, Areva NDE Solutions, France; J. Délémonte andJ. Decuq, EDF, France● Vibration monitoring systems are not just a tool of maintenance- S.M. Peixoto and E. Joao, EDP, PortugalSession 5a: Civil works - Tunnels andunderground worksChairman: Y. Thanopoulos, Public Power Corporation, Greece● Minas-San Francisco and La Union: an example of a complex underground hydropower cascade scheme in Ecuador - N. Moutafis, PPI,Greece; E. Fornari, P. Nionelli, G. Favata and M. Cadenelli, GeodataEngineering S.p.A., Italy● The behaviour of underground structures and caverns of Cahora Bassahydroelectric scheme - E.F. Carvalho, Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa,Mozambique● Rock mass structure stability and non-steady seepage regime- M. Kalabegishvili, Georgian Technical University, Georgia● Tunnel boring machine at hydropower projects in the Himalayas- P.K. Saxena and S.K.G. Pandit, Central Water Commission, India● The Chojlla headrace tunnel rehabilitation - C. Andrade andM. Schmidmeister, AF-Consult Ltd, Switzerland● Geomechanical design of a large deep underground powerplant- E. Garin, N. Nilipour, L. Fournier-Bidoz and P. Kohler, BG ConsultingEngineers, Switzerland● Design of pressure tunnels using finite element model - T.D.Y.F.Simanjuntak and M. Marence, UNESCO-IHE Institute for WaterEducation, The Netherlands; A.E. Mynett, Delft University ofTechnology, The Netherlands; A.J. Schleiss, EPFL, Switzerland● Planning the new Assiut barrage and hydropower plant - R. Walker andR. Wigand, Lahmeyer International GmbH, Germany; I. Abu El Naga andO. M. El-Zaher, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt● Validating the modified Yudhbir-Bieniawski rock mass strength criterionfor redesign of a 1000 MW hydroelectric scheme - A.R. Lowson,Mott MacDonald Ltd., UK; Z.T. Bieniawski, Bieniawski DesignEnterprises, USASession 5b: Civil works - Materials and designChairman: Prof. L. Berga, Hon President, ICOLD, and UPC, Spain● Applications of geomembranes in the Iberian peninsula - A.M. Scueroand G.L. Vaschetti, Carpi Tech, Switzerland● Aladereçam RCC dam: when design adapts to the contractors’ methods- L. Canale and Ö. Özen, Stucky SA., Switzerland● The design and construction of the intake of San Esteban II - J. de Blasand M. Moral, Iberdrola Engineering and Construction, Spain; E. Rojoand A. Senovila, Iberdrola Generacion, Spain● The new Upper Tâmega hydroelectric scheme: hydraulic design andphysical model studies - E. Alves and L. Mendes, LNEC, Portugal;A.R. Arroyo and F.H. Matellano, Iberdrola Generacion, Spain; J. Rocha,Spain● Rockfall protection issues on the Romanche-Gavet hydropower scheme- V. Peloutier and L. Del Gatto, EDF Hydro Engineering Centre, France;P. Gaudron, EDF Maison Romanche Energie, FranceTUESDAY 30 OCTOBER ~ MORNINGSession 6: National perspectives on hydropowerChairman: J. Freitas, Deputy Director of Hydro Division of EDPGeneration, EDP Produção, Portugal● Hydropower development in Pakistan - H. Afzal and M.S. Iqbal,WAPDA, Pakistan; T.I. Choudry, MWH, USA● Hydro plants as a vehicle for sustainable development of animpoverished region - C. Grosskopf, Neelum Jhelum Consultants,Pakistan● Overview of current hydropower activities in Vietnam - (speaker to beconfirmed)● Developing methods and technologies for additional generation fromavailable water at existing hydropower facilities in the USA - R. Dham,US Department of Energy, USA● EDP’s new hydro projects in Portugal: A challenge to increase therenewable energy for a better way of life - J. Freitas, EDP - Gestão daProdução de Energia, Portugal● Norwegian hydropower for peak load operation - H. Brekke, PrivateConsultant, NorwayAdditional presentations, to be announced, will cover other countries inSoutheast and Central Asia and Latin America.

CONFERENCE SESSIONSSession 7: Dam safety and upgradesCo-chairmen: Dr A. Hughes, Atkins Global, UK; and Dr H. Kreuzer,Consultant, Switzerland● Improved dam safety while modernizing a pumped-storage plant- I. Kusuma and R. Boutot, ABB Inc., Canada● TGP dam foundation seepage monitoring pattern and prediction - GengJun and Li Zhenghui, CTGPC, China● Scansites 3D®: a new approach for the monitoring of the structuralhealth evolution of dams - L. Hervé, Sites Espace Européen, France;S. Piot, SITES, France.● Coupling finite elements and boundary elements models: an efficientnumerical method for dynamic analysis of arch dam-reservoir interaction- R. Taherzadeh, N. Eid, L. Bouzat, C. Daux and L. Vanloup, TractebelEngineering S A., France● Behaviour of very tall concrete faced concrete dams duringimpoundment - E. Stavrotheodorou and P. Dakoulas, University ofThessaly, Greece● Dam safety project in Albania - M. Celo, KESH, Albania; H. Obermoser,AF-Consult Switzerland Ltd, SwitzerlandSession 8: Managing reservoir GHG emissionsThis workshop will present and discuss the ongoing research activitiesbeing undertaken by the IEA Hydropower International Annex to investigateissues associated with GHG emissions from freshwater reservoirs.Co-Chairs: A. de Melo, CEPEL, Brazil, and N. Nielsen, IEA HydroPresentations by IEA Hydro Country Representatives● IEA Hydro Annex XII: Managing the carbon balance in freshwaterreservoirs - J. Machado Damazio, CEPEL, Brazil● The IEA Hydro Guidelines for measurement programs and data analysis- J.Machado Damazio, CEPEL, Brazil● A tool for identifying greenhouse gas emission characteristics of areservoir - J. Alm, Finland, Tormod Schei, Statkraft, Norway,Y. Tateda, Japan and J. Machado Damazio, CEPEL, Brazil● Measurement techniques of GHG fluxes and permanent carbon burialRates in Reservoirs - M. Aurelio dos Santos, COPPE/UFRJ, Brazil● Statkraft’s initiatives to estimate net GHG emissions from reservoirs inNorway and Lao PDR - T. Schei, Statkraft, Norway● Developing a model for predicting GHG net emissions in reservoirs- J. Machado Damazio, CEPEL, BrazilPanel: The effectiveness of reservoir modelling for GHG emissionsSession 9a: Pumped-storage: New opportunitiesCo-Chairs: B. Trouille, MWH, USA; and J. Palacios Saiz,Director of Hydro Generation, Iberdrola Generación, Spain● Potential for developing pumped-storage plants in Uruguay- O. Ferreño, Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas (UTE), Uruguay● The importance of pumped-storage hydropower plants in Turkey:Balancing the uncertainty of renewable energies - S. Kucukali,Cankaya University, Turkey; C. Borcek, Zonguldak Karaelmas University,Turkey● Exploring the possibility of constructing pumped-storage projects inareas of the Greek mainland electricity grid - J.P. Stefanakos,N.I. Moutafis and E.E. Rabias, National Technical University of Athens,Greece● La Muela II pumped-storage plant: electromechanical and constructionproject - J. Navarro Torrijos and J.C. E Salmador, Iberdrola GeneracionSAU, Spain● Design concept of a modular multi-stage pump-turbine - Dr E. Doujak,P. Unterberger and C. Bauer, Vienna University of Technology, AustriaSession 9b: Pumped storage: Case studiesCo-Chairs: B. Trouille, MWH, USA; and F.J. Velasco Pascual de Zulueta,Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain● Adding a 900 MW pumped-storage powerplant between two existingreservoirs in Swiss Alps - N. Nilipour, E. Garin, T. Ihly and G. Seingre,BG Consulting Engineers, Switzerland● A colossus learns to swim at the Nant de Drance pumped-storageproject - G. Lauener and T. Ihly, AF-Consult Switzerland Ltd; S. Jucker,Willy Stäubli Ingenieur AG; G. Seingre, Alpiq Suisse Ltd, Switzerland● La Muela ll: Huge power increase of pumped-storage capacity throughinnovative solutions - T. Keitel, R. Winkler and T. Zimmermann, VoithHydro GmbH & Co KG., Germany● Expanding existing conventional hydro projects with pumped storage:a case study in Spain - M. Bhattarai and B. Trouille, MWH AmericasInc., USA; J.B. Moreno, F.J.Velasco Pascual de Zulueta andA.M. Thomas, Gas Natural Fenosa Engineering, Spain● Veytaux ll - Developing a new generation of multistage storage pumps- F. Lippold, Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG., Germany● Aligning the design of a 1 GW+ pumped-storage scheme to maintain theflexibility to install adjustable or constant-speed units - R. Bucher andK. Moeller, Lahmeyer International GmbH, GermanySession 10: Flood discharge worksChairman: F. Lempérière, Hydro Coop, France● Future of spillways - F. Lempérière, Hydro Coop, France● Hydraulic model studies of spillways and stilling basins in the lower partof the Sava river, Slovenia - M. Bombač and J. Mlačnik, Institute ofHydraulic Research, Slovenia● A guide to safe and cost-effective spillways - P.J. Mason, MWH Ltd, UK● (Additional presentations to be confirmed)TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER ~ AFTERNOONSession 9c: Pumped storage: Panel discussionAn open forum for all involved in the challenges of justifying and operatingpumped-storage plants. Questions to be discussed will include: Major investmentrisks and uncertainties; trends in operational dispatch of PS projects;Enhanced modelling of pumped storage; Variable speed and other enhancedPS technologies; and, The economic value of PS projects in integratingrenewable energies and associated financial revenues.Co-Chairs: B. Trouille, MWH, USA; and G. Koeppel, Axpo AG, Switzerland● Contribution of pumped storage units to mixed islanded power networkstability - C. Nicolet and A. Beguin, Power Vision Engineering Sàrl,Switzerland; C. Landry, B. Kawkabani and F. Avellan, EPFL, Switzerland● New challenges for hydro pumped storages taking into account renewableenergy in electricity markets and ancillary service - J.C. Sousa andV.T. Mendes, EDP - Gestão da Produção de Energia, SA, PortugalSession 9d: Pumped storage: Technical innovationCo-Chairs: B. Trouille, MWH, USA; and Zhao Zheng, HydroChina, China● Safety devices for reversible pump turbines - A.V. Paula, J. Brémondand M. Cardis, Alstom Hydro, France● S-curve characteristics of pump turbines - U. Seidel, J. Yan, J. Koutnikand M. Giese, Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co KG., Germany● Safe and stable operation of a motor-generator in a pumped-storagepowerplant - Zhao Zheng and Sha Bin, Hydrochina HuadongEngineering Corporation, China● Full size converter solutions for pumped-storage plants: a promisingnew technology - J. Hell, R. Schürhuber and A. Lechner, Andritz HydroAustria; Y. Vaillant, Andritz Hydro AG, Switzerland● Numerical comparison between model and prototype flow in a pumpturbine distributor - E. Cartelli, L. Mangani and S. Hug, HochschuleLuzern, Switzerland● Variable speed pumped storageplant; restoring power after a blackoutin the 400 kV grid - J-M. Claude and A. Mirzaian, GE Energy, FranceSession 11: Hydropower servicesIEA Hydropower International Annex is undertaking an investigative programmeon services provided by hydro projects to enhance the understandingof the economic values of energy management (ancillary services provided tothe electric grid), water management and other socio-economic services.Chair: Karin Seelos, Statkraft, NorwayPresentations by IEA Hydro Country Representatives:● Introduction to the work of Annex IX- K. Seelos, Statkraft, Norway● Water Management and other socio-economic services - K. Seelos,Statkraft, Norway● Energy Management Services - V. Koritarov, USA● Managing electricity and irrigation supply: Example of optimisation ofwater uses in the Durance valley - E. Branche, EDF, France● Optimizing the values of hydropower - R. Dham, USA

CONFERENCE SESSIONS● Variable renewables integration (speaker to be confirmed)● Issues in economic analysis of hydropower impacts - J. Plummer,World Bank / University of Cambridge, UKPanel Discussion: The importance of valuing hydropower services to thefuture growth of hydropower.Session 12: Closing the gap between experiencedand junior staff in the hydro/dam profession:Commitment to the transfer of skillsChairman: Dr H. Kreuzer, Consultant, SwitzerlandOne of HYDRO’s objectives is to integrate the young engineeringgeneration into the hydropower community. The panel discussion aims tosupport this objective.Recent graduates, academic staff and young engineers from the hostcountry, Spain, will convene for a dialogue with a panel of experts from theinternational hydro profession. Young engineers among the delegates willbe encouraged to join the discussion. Among the planned discussiontopics will be:● the issue of transferring skills between senior and junior staff, inengineering offices (including time and budget constraints);● the concern that not enough young engineers find hydro engineeringattractive (with an analysis of reasons to become a hydro engineer, andimpediments);● the deductive bias of learning from mathematical principles‘mathemagics’ (discussion on combined deductive and inductivereasoning – combining practical experience with mathematicalmodelling: is this already successfully practiced, or is there room forimprovement?)● Transfer of skills in the ‘prediction versus performance’ challengeSpecific questions will be prepared for participants ahead of the session,with a view to stimulating valuable discussion.Session 13: Alkali aggregate reaction in damsand hydro plantsChairman: Dr R. Charlwood, Robin Charlwood and Associates, USA● Numerical modelling applied to the design of a slot-cutting rehabilitationtechnique for Salanfe dam - L-I. Boldea, Stucky, Switzerland;J-F. Seignol, IFSTTAR-Université, France; R. Leroy, Alpiq, Switzerland● The influence of trunnion distortions to the loss of spillway gate, built-inparts tolerances at Cahora Bassa dam - I.M. Tembe, Hidroeléctrica deCahora Bassa SA., Mozambique● Recent developments in the management of chemical expansion ofconcrete in dams and hydro projects - Part I – Existing structures- R. Charlwood, Robin Charlwood and Associates, USA; I. Sims, RSKEnvironment Ltd, UK● Recent developments in the management of chemical expansion ofconcrete in dams and hydro projects - part II - New approach toprevention of AAR in new dams - I. Sims and P.J. Nixon, RSK EnvironmentLtd.; R. Charlwood, Robin Charlwood and Associates, USA● A review of expanding concrete cases and consequences on damperformance - F. Amberg, Lombardi SA, SwitzerlandWEDNESDAY 31 OCTOBER ~ MORNINGSession 14: Managing reservoir sedimentationChairman: Sultan Alam, Consultant, France● Sediment transport in high alpine reservoirs over long distances –project reservoir Margaritze for Kaprun powerplant - J. Mayrhuber,Verbund Hydro Power AG., Austria● An innovative approach to restoring reservoir capacity - M. Detering,DB Sediments, Germany; C. Jokiel, Cologne University, Germany● Numerical methodology for the optimization of flushing and sluicingoperations in small reservoirs - R.G. Pacheco, ELC Electroconsult SpA, Italy● River bank erosion: measurement and costing: Theun- Hinboun casestudy - P.W. Crawford, Theun Hinboun Power Company, Lao PDR.● Analysis of the sediment dynamics in Cahora Bassa reservoir and theirrelationship with dam operation - R.J. Guale, Hydropower of CahoraBassa SA., Mozambique● Hydrosuction dredging of cohesive sediments: the case of the El Canadaplant, Guatemala - A. Jiménez, Sedicon Latinamérica AS, Costa Rica● Assessment of sediment transport load from Gomal river and its impacton the Gomal Zam dam, Pakistan - H. Hussain, M. Ibrahim and N. Ahmed,Peshawar Engineering University, Pakistan● Sedimentation management in ROR projects - R.P. Singh andR.K. Bansal, Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Electric Project, India● Turbine abrasion: one year’s experience in real-time sediment monitoiing at Hidroagoyan hydropower plant, Ecuador - Y.C. Agrawal, O.A.Mikkelsen, H.C. Pottsmith and W. Slade, Sequoia Scientific Inc, USASession 15: European small hydro developmentChairman: M. Gospodjinacki, President ESHA,● Low cost operations centre for eight small hydro plants - M. Armstrong,My Trandinh and I. Kusuma, ABB Inc., Canada● State of technology and design guidelines for the Archimedes screwturbine - A. Lashofer, W. Hawle and B. Pelikan, BOKU - University ofNatural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria● Low head hydropower plant supplying a small islanded grid throughfrequency converter - F. Pasut and A. Finco, S T E Energy SpA., Italy● Determination of small/mini and micro hydro potential of Turkey - O. Abay,M. Yaşar, N. Baykan and O. Baykan, Pamukkake University, Turkey● Building a major hydro nation in Scotland - G. Martin and C. McMaster,MWH, UKSession 16: Advanced systems for plant managementChairman: F. Griffin, Director of Hydropower, Mott MacDonald Ltd, UK● Beyond document management - project management support system- A. Hodgkinson and J. Sleightholm, SoftXS GmbH., Switzerland;J. Kaelin, Pöyry Infra Ltd., Switzerland● Long term system security of supply requirements monitoring: toolsand methodologies - J. Santos, N. Martins and S. Vilela, REN - RedesEnergéticas Nacionais S.A., Portugal● Advancements in power and energy modelling for hydropowerschemes - J. Kahler and R. McNicoll, Mott MacDonald Ltd., UK● Maintenance support of hydro station asset management -Dr R. Nowicki, GE Europe, PolandSession 17: Renewal and upgrading of hydro plantsThis workshop will present and discuss the ongoing work beingundertaken by the IEA Hydropower International Annex to investigate bestpractices associated with the renewal and upgrading of hydro facilities.Chairman: N. M. Nielsen, IEA Hydro, AustraliaPresentations by IEA Hydro Country Representatives● Introduction to the work of Annex XI - T. Akiyama, Japan● The process for collecting case histories of best practice(speaker to be confirmed)● Rehabilitation of a chain of hydro plants on the Kemijoki river -J. Ala, Finland● Upgrading and rebuilding of Embretsfoss Hydropower Plant -B. Godal Holt, Norway● Management of sedimentation and turbid water at the Asahi dam -T. Akiyama, Japan● US Department of Energy’s Hydropower Advancement Project (HAP)(speaker to be confirmed)Additional presentations:● Challenges and opportunities in using international standards inhydropower development: the case of hydropower plants in Kenya - F.Makhanu, KenGen, Kenya● Upgrading of turbine runners to enhance efficiency - a case study- P.M. Abdul Rahiman, K. Kumar and K.U. Farande, Central Water &Power Research Station (CWPRS), India● Optimized refurbishment projects for individual hydropower plants- H. Yamashiro and T. Ochiai, J-Power, JapanPanel Discussion: The value of improving existing hydro plants

CONFERENCE SESSIONSSession 18: International small hydro developmentChairman: D. Williams, CEO, British Hydropower Association, UK● Micro hydropower: Alternative for climate change mitigation anddevelopment of marginalized local communities in the DominicanRepublic - A. Sanchez, Programa de Pequflos Subsidios (PPS),Dominican Republic● Hydropower for the promotion of agriculture and irrigation projects:Case study Kunar river - M.Z. Baharei, Tooss Ab Consulting Engineering,Iran● Baykal region’s small rivers water resources development - I. Blyashko,Joint Stock Company INSET, Russia● Optimization of energy generation from water supply and distributionsystems - M.van Dijk and SJ. Van Vuuren, University of Pretoria, SouthAfrica; B. Barta, Energy and Water Resources Development, South Africa● Hydropower development in irrigation at the downstream of Jatiluhur damCase study of Leuweungseureuh mini-hydropower plant -E.A. Djajadiredja, Jasa Tirta Public Corporation, Indonesia● Mini hydropower projects developed for displacing diesel generators ina remote area: the case study at Myanmar’s border area withThailand - C. Chutachindakate and N. Yanpriat, TEAM ConsultingEngineering and Management Co Ltd, ThailandSession 19: Hydropower as part of cultural heritageChairman: D. Fleetwood, Historic Scotland, UKThis session focuses on communicating the role of heritage in the modernday hydro industry and explaining how the history of renewables can beharnessed as a revitalising force for the future development of the industryrather than an obstacle to its growth.Perspectives will be presented from regulators, curators and companiesaround the world on various ways in which the history of the industry isalready playing a positive role in its contemporary development. It will alsoplace hydropower in its international context, exploring the impact of theinternational ownership and development structures which support thesector, and considering if it has really been international from the beginning.Presentations:● Revitalising renewables: Communicating the contemporary and historicalvalue of hydroelectric power - D. Fleetwood, Historic Scotland, Scotland● Fala hydro plant: concession granted in 1912 and 100 years of operatinglife - J. Rosina, HSE Invest, Slovenia; D. Taljan and V Vujanovi, Dravskeelektrame, Slovenia● Launch of digitizing industry - D. Fleetwood, Historic Scotland, UK;Bartvedt, Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Energy, Norway● The aesthetics of hydropower - H. Nynas, Norwegian Water Resourcesand Energy Directorate, Norway● Hydropower as an educational resource: inspiring and empowering thenext generation of employees - R. Stearnes, Tacoma Public Utilites, USA● Managing the historic resource, using heritage to add value to supportthe regeneration of the industry - D. Fleetwood, Historic Scotland, UK● The international legacy of hydropower - E. Bjorsvik, The NorwegianMuseum of Hydropower and Industry, Norway● Hydropower and industrial history: learning lessons from the past andsetting a standard for the future - M. Oglethorpe, Historic Scotland, UKWEDNESDAY 31 OCTOBER ~ AFTERNOONSession 20: Electrical engineeringChairman: R. Bucher, Lahmeyer International, Germany● Calculation of the vibration behaviour of the end windings of large hydrogenerators - F. Neumayer, G. Maier and M. Himmelreich, Andritz HydroGmbH., Austria; B. Schlegl and A. Stermecki, Graz University, Austria● The Itaipu experience in black-start test: problems, solutions andimprovements - E. Bordin Filho, Itaipu Binacional, Brazil● Black box for electrical machines - A. Elez, S. Car, J. Študir andI. Poljak, Končar Electrical Engineering Institute, Croatia● Ageing due to start-stop and regulation cycles in lifetime estimation ofhydro generators and generator-motors - V.L.J. Kokko, Fortum Powerand Heat Oy, Finland● Lifetime assessment of a pole rim connection in a pumped-storage unitexperiencing many starts and stops - H. Walser, S. Déplanque andS. Binder, Alstom Ltd., Switzerland● Transformer explosion risk assessment of Frades II HPP - F. Chillè, GexConAS., Italy; F. Duarte, EDP, Portugal; A.L. Fuglestad, GexCon AS, NorwaySession 21: Marine energy and synergy betweenthe renewablesChairman: Øivind Johansen, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Norway● Paimpol-Bréhat: Development of the first tidal current array in France- L. Terme and N. Gerard, EDF CIH, France● Developments in marine energy - Mutriku wave energy plant - M. Seedand A. Young, Voith Hydro Wavegen, Scotland● Tidal power at Antwerp - L.F. Mooyaart and T. Van Den Noortgaete,Royal Haskoning, The Netherlands● The Swedish/Norwegian electricity market for promoting investment inrenewable electricity to 2020 - impacts on Norwegian hydropower -T. Jensen, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Norway● HydroBalance: A research project on the use of the Norwegian hydroreservoirs for large scale balancing of future wind power developmentin NE Europe - Å. Killingtveit. Norwegian University for Science andTechnology (NTNU), Norway; A. Harby, E. Solvang and M. Korpås,Sintef Energy Research, Norway● Integration of renewable generation in Spain. The role of hydro Sola- J. Paradinas, Iberdrola Generacion, Spain● A wind-hydro hybrid plant that is being developed in Canary Islands- M.A.F. Centeno and A.M. Quevedo, Idom, Spain● Coordination of hydro and wind in the Iberian market of electricity:potential and feasibility assessment - C. Lanza, Taller de IngenieriaPotencial, Spain; J. Contreras, Universidad de Castila, SpainSession 22: Communications and educationChairman: Prof B. Pelikan, Vice President, ESHA, andUniversity of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria● The present mindset of Orissa people towards hydropower andscrapping of the Sindol hydro project: A comparative case analysis- M.K. Mishra, OHPC Ltd, India● Social media for hydropower operators – an opportunity to improvecorporate communications? - C. Orschler and C. Patzner, E.ONWasserkraft GmbH., Germany● Using effective public relations tools to enhance public perception ofhydropower - R. Stearnes, Tacoma Public Utilities, USA● Hydropower community in the Faculty of Engineering, BilbaoN. Alegria and I. Peñalva, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU),Spain; A. Silveiro, Ingeniería y Derecho Corporativo, S.L., SpainSession 23: Operational issuesCo-Chairs: F. J. Coellho da Rocha e Silva, Permanent Technical Advisor,REN’s Board, Mozambique; and B. Leyland, Consultant● Quality control procedure to supervise the installation of the electromechanicalequipment in a hydro electric power station underconstruction - J.C.C. Villasana, M.M. Hirai and A.S. Patti, TractebelEngineering, Brazil● Hydro acoustic pressure pulsations in penstocks: practical cases andmonitoring - M. Dupont, J-L. Ballester, EDF-DTG, France● Operation of run-of-river hydropower plants in transition- H. Hildebrand and S. Palt, Fichtner GmbH & Co KG., Germany;Z.S. Gutina and A. Shapavalov, PJSC Ukrhidroenergo, Ukraine● SEE Hydropower project: Set of informatics tools available for improvingHP energy production - M. Peviani, J. Alterach and A. Danelli, RSE SpA- Research on Energy System, Italy● Primary and secondary reserves in short-term hydropower scheduling- M. Belsnes, M. Sandanger and I. Honve, Sintef Energy Research,Norway; T.J. Larsen, Statkraft, Norway● Peculiarities of management of the Angara-Yenisei cascade ofmulti-purpose projects - A. Asarin, Hydro project Institute, Russia● Medium-term hydro-scheduling in Iberdrola - A. Perea, R. Bellido,P. Sanz and E. López, Iberdrola Generacion, Spain; J.M. Latorre,A. Ramos and Y.S. Cerisola, Comillas Pontifical University, SpainClosing plenary session● Conclusions by Conference Chairmen and Aqua~Media International● Programme Update on AFRICA 2013 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia● Welcome to HYDRO 2013 - Innsbruck, Austria (7-9 October 2013)EveningFor more information regarding the evening social programme for eachday, please refer to the page opposite.

PRE-CONFERENCE EXCURSIONSunday 28 October: available for all participants (Sightseeing, Guggenheim Museum and lunch cruise on the Nervión river)For those who arrive in Bilbao on Saturday, orearly on Sunday morning, this half-day trip willprovide an excellent opportunity to have anoverview of this vibrant city, full of contrasts ofold and modern architecture, art and culture.Before leaving, there will be a chance toregister for HYDRO 2012, as the registration deskwill be open from 09.00 hrs on Sunday.We strongly recommend pre-registration onSunday, to avoid long queues on Monday morning.At 11.30 hrs, the group will depart from theEuskalduna Conference Centre and will be takento a high point overlooking Bilbao, from whichthere is a spectacular panoramic view of thecity, a chance to observe some of the capital’sgreatest architectural features.The group will then move on to the worldfamous Guggenheim Museum for a guided tourof some of the most important exhibits.Designed by North American architect FrankO. Gehry, the limestone, glass, and titaniumbuilding is described as one of the mostmagnificent examples of groundbreakingarchitecture of the 20th century, and aninnovative architectural landmark for the city.Its opening, 15 years ago, played a role in theoverall rejuvenation of the City of Bilbao; it haswelcomed more than ten million visitors.The Guggenheim Bilbao's collection spansmid-20th century to the present day, concentratingon post-war painting and sculpture inAmerica and Europe. There are both permanentand visiting exhibitions by Spanish and Internationalartists.The Guggenheim overlooks the Nervión river,and after the museum tour, participants will beable to enjoy a relaxing lunch cruise. Duringlunch, the boat will sail through some picturesquevillages throughout the greater Bilbaoregion.The group will have a chance to absorb animpression of the city’s industrial past beforereaching the final stage of the excursion at theTransporter Bridge of Biscay (the oldesttransporter bridge in the world) and enjoyingmagnificent views to the sea.The return to the Conference centre will be ataround 16.30 hrs, and there will be timeeither to relax or to join any company orassociation side-meetings.EVENING SOCIAL PROGRAMMEThe centre contains a library, small studios,cafés, other cultural facilities, and a glassbottomedswimming pool on one of the upperfloors, giving the impression from below of a‘human aquarium’!Our reception, co-sponsored by Indar andIngeteam, will include cocktails, a buffet supper,and musical entertainment, as wellas a chance to see some of the art exhibits.MONDAY 29 OCTOBERWelcome Reception:Alhondiga Cultural CentreThis year’s Welcome Reception will take placeat Bilbao’s Alhóndiga centre for art and culture,well known for its large ornate pillars, and itsmodern art gallery. The building was originally awine warehouse, designed by the Basquearchitect Ricardo Bastida in collaboration withThibaut Matthieu. Today it is a multipurposevenue, redesigned in modernist style by Frenchdesigner Philippe Starck. As well as the artgallery, which can be visited during our Reception.TUESDAY 30 OCTOBERExtra networking opportunity in the ExhibitionAfter the close of technical sessions on Tuesday,the Exhibition will remain open, with theatmosphere of a party, and pintxos (the Basqueequivalent of tapas) will be served with drinks.This will give participants a valuable, extraopportunity to make contact with the internationalhydro experts taking part in the exhibition.The Azurmendi complex has the largest Txakoliwine cellar of the Basque region, and delegateswill have a chance to taste the some of thewines before dinner.To add to the appropriate character of thisrestaurant for HYDRO 2012 participants,the Azurmendi restaurant is based on a conceptof sustainable development, including extensiveuse of solar power, recycling of rainwater, andthe use of home-grown organic vegetables.The HYDRO 2012 Conference Dinner will behosted by Iberdrola.WEDNESDAY 31 OCTOBERConference Dinner: Azurmendi restaurantThe HYDRO 2012 Conference Dinner will be anexceptional gastronomic experience, in theelegant Azurmendi restaurant, which is theproud holder of 2 Michelin stars. World famousBasque chef Eneko Atxa (see photo below left)is considered an important reference in internationalhaute cuisine.

ACCOMPANYING PERSONS’ PROGRAMMEAn inclusive package of three excursions has been planned for accompanying persons; lunch will be included on each dayMONDAY 29 OCTOBERThe first trip will leave from the EuskaldunaConference Centre in the morning and head to thetraditional coastal fishing village of Bermeo whichis characterised by narrow, winding streets. Aftera short visit, the tour will continue on to the townof Guernica. On a small hillock in the town is theMeeting House and the famous Tree of Guernica.According to ancient tradition, Basques, andother peoples of Medieval Europe heldassemblies under a tree, usually an oak,to discuss matters affecting the community.TUESDAY 30 OCTOBERThis full-day tour will take participants to thepicturesque coastal town of San Sebastián, witha stop at the fishermen’s village of Getaria. Herethere will be a visit to the museum dedicated tothe world renowned fashion designer, CristobalBalenciaga.The permanent exhibition includes aselection of Balenciaga’s work including QueenFabiola of Belgium's wedding dress, and thedresses designed for the Princess of Monaco,Grace Kelly.WEDNESDAY 31 OCTOBERThe final excursion will be dedicated to thefamous wine region of Rioja. Beginning witha visit to the Dinastia Vivanco wine museum,participants will learn the secrets behindgrowing, harvesting and bottling Rioja wine.Lunch will be at a typical regional restaurant,in the charming medieval village of Laguardia.Laguardia is a walled town, strategicallylocated on a small hill overlooking the plains ofRioja Alavesa. Populated since neolithic times,the town became particularly important in theDuring the trip there will be time to see theSacred Tree of Guernica, which became asymbol of peace after the Spanish civil war.In the afternoon the tour will continue to theBiosphere of Urdaibai, a conservation areawhich has been declared by UNESCO as aCultural Heritage site. Lunch will be in apicturesque restaurant overlooking the heart ofthe biosphere, known for its excellent cuisine.The return to Bilbao will allow time forshopping or to relax before the WelcomeReception in the evening.The group will then have a tour of thehighlights of the city, including a walk aroundthe old quarter. Participants will enjoy atraditional lunch at the Basque GastronomicSociety, where the chef will reveal some of thesecrets of the local cuisine.After lunch there will be some free time toexplore the city and enjoy the shops or cafés,before returning to Bilbao at around 17.30 hrs.The evening will be free for private parties, or toexplore the city of Bilbao and have dinner in oneof the many excellent restaurants.middle ages, when kings of Navarra built afortress there to defend the area againstMoorish and Castilian invaders.After lunch there will be a visit to a Rioja winery,centuries old, where participants will have anopportunity to taste some of the wines.The group will arrive back in Bilbao at around17.00 hrs, in good time to relax at the hotelbefore leaving for the Conference FarewellDinner at the 2 Michelin star Azurmendirestaurant, a short coach ride from the city ofBilbao.

The group will leave Bilbao after breakfast andhead towards the coast, passing by the villageof Zarautz along the way. There will be a chanceto see the charming fishing village of Getaria,where participants will make a short stop.After refreshments on one of the many terracesoverlooking the port and the sea, the group willcontinue along the coast, passing picturesquevillages including Zumaia and Deba, beforearriving at Mutriku, on the Bay of Biscay,for a visit to the Mutriku wave powerplant.Mutriku represents a milestone in marineenergy development. Owned and operated bySTUDY TOUR AA one-day visit to the Mutriku wave powerplant - Thursday 1 NovemberEnte Vasco de la Energia (EVE), the BasqueEnergy Board, the 300 kW plant is equipped with16 machines supplied and commissioned byVoith Hydro’s marine energy subsidiaryWavegen. The machinery is based on Wavegen’sNearshore Oscillating Water Column technology.The breakwater structure is equipped with 16integrated 18.5 kW Wells turbines, locatedabove a large chamber, with an opening whichis submerged below the water.Commissioned in 2011, Mutriku is the world'sfirst breakwater wave powerplant with a multipleturbine arrangement. Electricity is supplied tothe grid, and is enough to power 250 homes.After the visit, the group will continue to thetown of Lerida (Lleida in Catalan) for dinner andan overnight stay. Lerida, built on the banks ofthe Segre river is the oldest town of Catalonia,and is an important regional centre for textilesand agricultural. The old city has two cathedrals,and several palaces and castles.Participants will be given a briefing and guidedtour of the plant. It is estimated that the plantavoids the emission of 600 t/year of CO 2 .After the technical visit, the group will travel tothe nearby coastal village of Ondarroa for alunch of Basque specialities.In the afternoon thegroup will return to Bilbao, where the tour willend.Those departing for home will be able to takeafternoon or evening flights. Others wishing tostay on in Bilbao should remember to book atadditional night’s accommodation whenregistering for the conference.STUDY TOUR BA three-day tour to the Mequenenza and La Muela schemes - Thursday 1 November to Saturday 3 NovemberTHURSDAY 1 NOVEMBERCoaches will depart early from Bilbao and headthrough stunning scenery towards Mequinenza,with a stop en route in a village for morningrefreshments. Lunch will be taken close to thehistoric town of Mequenenza, in the province ofZaragoza. The town is at the confluence of therivers Segre and Ebro.After lunch there will be a technical visit to theMequenenza hydro plant, operated by ENDESA,which was recently uprated with the addition offour new 81 MW units. Maximum output at theplant was increased by about 30 per cent, to 324MW, at the rated head of 47 m.The reservoir is famous for its large catfish.FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBERThe group will leave after breakfast and headtowards Valencia, with a stop for refreshmentsat Peñiscola close to the port and castle.After check-in at a hotel in Valencia, there will bea guided tour of the old quarter of the town.This Mediterranean seaside town, founded as aRoman colony in 138 BC, is on the banks of theTuria river. Among local landmarks are therestored ancient towers of the medieval city, andthe San Miguel de los Reyes monastery, whichnow houses a library. After lunch the group willbe taken to the ‘Ciudad de las artes y lasciencias’, and there will be a guided tour of theOceanographic and Science Museums.There will then be time to relax in the hotel,before dinner at a restaurant specializing inpaella and other local dishes.SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBERThe tour will continue to Iberdrola’s La Muela IIpumped-storage scheme, on the river Jucar,about 80 km from Valencia. The original La Muelaplant was completed in 1989, with three 210 MWunits. The current extension project involves theaddition of four new 210 MW units, bringing thegenerating capacity to more than 1400 MW,making this one of the largest pumped-storageschemes in Europe. There will be a briefing andtour of the site, including the new undergroundpowerplant, which will be nearing completion.After lunch in Valencia, the group will travel byhigh-speed train to Madrid, where the tour willend, and there will be a transfer to the airport .

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONAn important element of HYDRO 2012 is the major international Technical Exhibitionwhich will extend throughout the Congress Centre, close to the conference rooms.About 140 companies active in the hydro and dams profession will demonstrate theirexpertise and scope of supplies or services.• All lunch and refreshments will be served in the Exhibition Halls. Delegates are encouraged to move around all exhibition areas over thethree days, to have a comprehensive overview of the expertise on display, and to make new contacts among the international hydropowercommunity.• A cocktail reception with ‘pintxos’ will take place in the Exhibition Halls after the conference sessions on Tuesday afternoon.• As we went to press, a few stands were still available. Exhibitors are entitled to one free conference registration, and additionaldiscounted rates (see registration form for more details).UPPER EXHIBITION LEVEL• Exhibition space is sold in units of 6 m 2 . The price per unit is €2900,which includes the fabricated stand, a table and two chairs, panels suitablefor mounting posters, a name sign, and an electricity supply. Additional furniturecan be ordered from our recommended sub-contractor.• A few co-sponsorship opportunities were still available as this brochure wentto press: one coffee break, apéritifs, one bag co-sponsor. This is a memorableway to bring your company to the attention of the international participants.For details of the few remaining places in the exhibition areas (as we went to press)or sponsorship opportunities, contact:Dr Lukas Port, Mrs Maria Loredo or Miss Melanie Tel: +44 20 8773 7250 / 51 / 52InternetStands available: €2900Stands soldCatering areasInternet stationsColumn size φ 0.75mTablesPoster displaysMAIN EXHIBITION LEVELInternetRoom 1(Sala 1)Room 3(Sala 3)Room 2(Sala 2)InternetPoster displayConferenceroom 4 & 5UPPER EXHIBITION LEVEL(See plan above)AccessAccess

EXHIBITION STANDS BOOKED(status September 2012)ABB AG, Austria 167Agudio SpA, Italy 036Alstom 140AquaVision Engineering, Switzerland 016Amitech, Switzerland 197Andritz Hydro, Austria 110Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali SPA, Italy 156Arcus Gibb, South Africa 127ASL, AQFlow, Canada 108ATB Riva Calzoni SpA, Italy 107Basler Electric, France 059Bernard Bonnefond, France 151Böhler Welding, Austria 178Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany 123British Hydropower Association, UK 031& UK Trade & InvestmentBruel & Kjær Vibro, Austria 209Carpi Tech, Switzerland 093Cesari Hydro SpA, Italy 128CG Electric Systems, Hungary 030Chesterton International GmbH, Germany 155CNC Tvar s.r.o., Czech Republic 085Cotelsa, Spain 111d2fc Energy valves, France 105DFME Sp zoo, Poland 134DSD Noell, Germany 042Dutch Dredging, Netherlands 165Damen Dredging Equipment, Netherlands 165Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH 010Dyrhoff Ltd, UK 177Eisenbeiss, GmbH, Austria 132Elledi, Spain 050Elprom-ZEM Co, Bulgaria 188Emerson, Europe 038Energomashexport Corp LLC, Russia 067Energi Teknikk, Norway 090Engevix Engenharia SA, Brazil 062EPFL-LMH, Switzerland 016European Small Hydropower Association 012Farab Co, Iran 194Federal Mogul Deva, Germany 106Feugier Environnement, France 142FGTI, France 193Flame Spray S.p.A., Italy 181Franke-Filter GmbH, Germany 135Gamesa-Cantarey-Reinosa, Spain 185Gardner Denver, UK 031GE Energy, Power Conversion Business, France 086Gess-CZ s.r.o., Czech Republic 141GGB Bearing Technology, Brazil 060Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon, UK 031Global Hydro Energy, Austria 192Glual Hydraulics, Spain 162Hef-Durferrit, France 049Hibbard Inshore, USA 020Hongcheng Hydro Valves, China 176Hutchinson Transmission, France 205Hydreo, France 023Hydroenergi, Norway 018Hydro Energia SRL, Italy 017Hydro Engineering SA, Romania 143Hydroplus, France 118Hydropower & Dams, The Int. Journal on 094Hydroventuri, UK 031HydroVision GmbH, Germany 053Iberdrola, Spain 200IDG, France 193IES, Italy 066IMHP, Spain 063IMOSS AG, Switzerland 210IMS-Autalem, S.L. 179Indar Electric, Spain 109Industrial Info Resources, Ireland 164Ingeteam, Spain 113Ingos, s.r.o., Czech Republic 130Intpow, Norway 090James Walker, UK 083Jeumont Electric, France 119KGAL, UK 031Kinemetrics Inc, USA 158Kon˘car, Croatia 089KTI-Plersh, Germany 122Kuenz, Austria 095Landsvirkjun Power, Iceland 136Litostroj Power, Slovenia 069LLC Altens 161Lloyd Dynamowerke GmbH & Co, Germany 203Lufkin, France 169Manitowoc, Canada 117Mannvit, Iceland 136Marelli Motori SpA, Italy 157Mavel, Czech Republic 186MC Monitoring SA, Switzerland 206Mecamidi, France 145Meggitt, Switzerland 147Montanhydraulik GmbH, Germany 160Mott Mac Donald, UK 146National Electric Coil, USA 150Norconsult, Norway 090Nord-Lock, France 163Norplan, Norway 090Numeca International, Belgium 129Obermeyer Hydro Inc, USA 175Oiles Deutschland GmbH, Germany 034Pan Italia di G. Dalla Pozza, Italy 076Pan Metallgesellschaft & Co. KG, Germany 076Panolin Swiss Oil Technology, Switzerland 027Powel AS, Norway Powel AS, Norway 090Power Machines, Russia 051Power Vision Engineering, Switzerland 016PXL Industries, France 159Rainpower AS, Norway 025Repack-S, France 138Rittmeyer AG, Switzerland 035Rubberart Ltd, Brazil 101Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH, Germany 088Savatech, Slovenia 180Sedicon, Norway 090Sequoia Scientific, USA 202Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH, Germany 171Scope Hydro, Russia 021Simem, Italy 036Simulaciones y Proyectos SL, Spain 204SKF Sealing Solutions, Austria 133S M Seals, UK 031Stahlhandel Gröditz GmbH, Germany 171Stern Hidráulica, Spain 82Studio Pietrangeli, Italy 092Talleres Aratz, S.A., Spain 075Tamanini Hydro Srl, Italy 009Thordon Bearings In., Canada 131TES Vsetin, s.r.o., Czech Republic 187Tractebel Engineering S.A. / Coyne et Bellier, France 87Trelleborg, UK 031Tyazhmash, Russia 058Uljanik Tesu DD Pula, Croatia 008VAG-Armaturen, Germany 207Vaphydro, Bulgaria 081Veidekke Asphalt Core Dams, Norway 174Verkís Consulting Engineers, Iceland 136Veski Ltd, Croatia 173Voith Hydro Holding GmbH, Germany 120Walo Bertschinger AG, Switzerland 144Water Gen Power, Italy 033Willowstick Technologies, USA 189Worthington Products Inc, USA 054WWS Wasserkraft GmbH & Co KG, Austria 37Yapi-tek Group, Turkey 015Zeco, Italy 065ZRE Gdansk SA, Poland 208

HYDRO 2012Innovative Approaches to Global ChallengesBOOKING CONDITIONSThe? ???? Conference HYDRO 2012 - Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges,is being organized by The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams withIberdrola, ENDESA and Spancold as local supporting partner, and SureFireEvents, UK, for event management.On-line RegistrationYou can register on-line at also accessible via theHydropower & Dams website at: Registrations willbe handled by SureFire Events. These are secure server websites. You mayreceive an acknowledge ment of registration on completion of this process;however, this is not a confirmation.Registration by post or faxComplete the registration form and return it, with payment, to the ConferenceSecretariat. Please complete one registration form per delegate, including anyaccompanying persons. Please photocopy the form if you need further copies, ordownload a form from: or www.surefire-events.comThe total fees for Conference registration, accompanying persons’ pro gramme,cultural excursion and/or study tour (if applicable) should be calculated andtotalled in the ‘Total Euros’ column on the second page of the registration form.Picking up registration documentsThe desk will be open from 09.00 hrs on Sunday 28 October 2012, at theEuskalduna Congress Centre.Pre-registration is generally required, by one of the methods mentioned above.PaymentPayment for all services (fees, hotels, tours) must be made in Euros (€) andreceived in advance of the Conference. Payment is possible by the followingmethods:• On line by Visa or Mastercard• Banker’s draft to SureFire Events (see details on the registration form);All fees paid by credit card will be charged in Euros (€).AccommodationThe Conference organizers have negotiated rates at a wide range of hotels invarious price categories in Bilbao. Accommodation bookings are being handledby SureFire Events. Please include your hotel booking at the time ofregistering (either on-line, or using the Reigstration Form in the brochure).We anticipate a high demand for HYDRO 2012 accommodation, and stronglyrecommend that bookings are made before the end of September.DisclaimerAll best endeavours will be made to present the programme as printed.The HYDRO 2012 organizers and their agents reserve the right to alter or cancel,without prior notice, any arrangements, timetable, plans or other items relatingdirectly or indirectly to HYDRO 2012 for any cause beyond its reasonable control.The organizers and agents are not liable for any loss or inconvenience resultingfrom such alteration. The Conference and Tours are subject to minimum numbers.Tour places are subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis. Full paymentfor tours must be received at the time of registration.CancellationsCancellations must be made in writing to SureFire Events. Cancellation chargeswill be payable as shown in the Table below. Substitution of delegates after areservation has been made is acceptable before the Conference, and no extra feeis payable. Any necessary refunds (see Table below) will be made after theConference.Liability/InsuranceThe registration fees do not include the insurance of participants against personalaccidents, sickness, cancellations by any party, theft, loss or damage to personalpossessions. The organizers accept no responsibility for death, injury, loss oraccident, delay arising from any act or default of any person, or any other matterarising in connection with Conference services or transport. The organizers makeno warranty in this connection.All services provided are subject to local laws. Arrangements for the Conferencehave been made in accordance with UK Law.Delegates, exhibitors and tour participants are strongly advised to take out adequatepersonal insurance to cover risks associated with travel, accommodation, cancellationand theft or damage to personal belongings.The organizers reserve the right to amend any part of the Conference programmeor arrangements, if necessary.In the very unlikely event that it is necessary to cancel any of the Conferencearrangements, an appropriate refund will be made and thereafter the liability ofthe organizers will cease.Passport and Visa Requirements for SpainSpain is a member of the European Union and is a signatory to the SchengenAgreement. It is the responsibility of all participants to check their own passportand visa requirements. Please contact the Spanish consulate in your country if indoubt about requirements.Please note that in some cases, letters of invitation from Aqua-Media in the UKand one of our partner organizations in Spain may be necessary, as well asspecial clearance from the relevant authorities. The process could take severalweeks, so we strongly urge participants requiring visas to start the applicationprocess in good time.For detailed information about visa requirements, visit: http://www.maec.esApplying for a letter of invitationIf you do require a letter of invitation from the organizers to facilitate your visaapplication, please let us know at the time of registering. Please note that lettersto assist with obtaining visas can only be provided to registered or invitedparticipants, and these letters per se do not imply an invitation to the Conferencewithout payment of registration fees. If you need a letter from the host country,as well as the organizers, please notify us as soon as possible and supply yourfull name, date of birth, passport details, and proposed dates of arrival anddeparture.Date cancellation receivedOn or before 31 August 2012From 1 September 2012On or after 30 September 2012Registration for the Conference10% of fee is forfeited50% of fee is forfeitedNo refundTechnical Excursions (Study Tours)10% of fee is forfeitedNo refund unless place can be resoldNo refundAccommodation10% of fee is forfeited50% of fee is forfeitedNo refundNB: Separate booking conditions apply to Exhibition Stands, and these will be notified direct to Exhibitors by our Sales & Marketing Department.A reduced registration fee is available for current subscribers to Hydropower & Dams.See registration form for details.CONTACT DETAILSFor enquiries concerning registration and accommodation, contact:Mr Miles Halton, SureFire Events, Unit 8, Hinton Business Park, Tarrant Hinton, Blandford DT11 8JF, UKTel: +44 (0)1258 447040 • Fax: + 44 (0)700 349 7034 • Email: hydro2012@surefire-events.comNB: Registration forms and payment should be sent to SureFire Events Ltd.On-line registration at: www.surefire-events.comFor further details of the programme, please contact:Mrs Margaret Bourke at:Hydropower & Dams, PO Box 285, Wallington, Surrey SM6 6AN, UK.Tel: + 44 (0)20 8773 7244 • Fax: + 44 (0)20 8773 7255 • Email: hydro2012@hydropower-dams.comWebsite:

Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges29 to 31 October 2012 ~ Bilbao, SpainREGISTRATION FORM(Deadline for early booking discount: 31 August 2012. On-line booking is strongly recommended)This registration form is a self-billing order form, which should be sent to SureFire Events Ltd with payment for all items booked.By completing this form you are agreeing to the Booking Conditions within this brochure. Fees are payable in Euros.Each participant should complete a separate form.PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM IN CAPITAL LETTERS, AND EMAIL A PORTRAIT PHOTO (JPEG FORMAT) TO BE USED ON A PHOTOBOARD AT THE CONFERENCETitle (Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr/Prof/etc): Given name: Family name:(surname)Name as it should appear on your badge/in correspondence:ie, Mr John BROWN or Mr LI JishangJob title within organization:Organization:Organization’s postal address (inc. post code and country):Tel (inc. country code):Fax (inc. country code):Mob (for use by organizers only):Web site:Email address:Data Protection: I do not wish my email address to be passed to any third party ❑ I do not wish any contact details to be passed to a third party ❑FEES Until On/After Total31 Aug 1 Sep € (Euro)FULL DELEGATE FEE: Includes attendance of the Conference and Exhibition; documentation and CDof papers; morning and afternoon refreshments; lunches during the Conference; social programme. € 995 €1100REDUCED DELEGATE FEE: For existing subscribers to Hydropower & Dams.H&D Subscription No: ....................................................€ 935 €1100FEE INCLUDING NEW SUBSCRIPTION TO H&D: (6 issues from No. 5, 2012 + Atlas + Maps)(if booking early this represents a saving of more than 40% on the normal H&D subscription rate). €1105 €1210SPEAKER FEE: Includes all facilities described above for Full Delegates, plus an additional receptionon Sunday 28 October. NB: This fee applies to one person per paper (main author or presenter).FIRST EXHIBITOR FEE: (One full participant fee is included with exhibition booking).Stand No:......................€595€0SECOND + THIRD EXHIBITOR FEE (Fee per person for up to 2 additional exhibitors): (Covers attendanceof Conference sessions, CD of Conference papers, evening social programme and lunches). € 670Stand No: .......................ACCOMPANYING PERSON FEE: (For family members or friends not attending the Conference or Exhibition)The fee includes excursions during all three days, with lunch (see programme), and the evening social € 350events. NB: Accompanying persons who do not register by completing this section are not eligible toattend lunches or social events.Name to appear on badge (inc. title Mrs/Miss/Mr/Dr/etc): ....................................................................................HALF DAY EXCURSION: GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM + LUNCH CRUISE (Sunday 28 October) €Overview of Bilbao, Guggenheim tour, and river cruise with lunch. I wish to book ............... places at € 82 per personOPTIONAL DONATION TO THE AMI HYDROPOWER FOUNDATION €This is a charitable foundation, set up by Aqua-Media and governed by international trustees. It exists to facilitate the participation ofdelegates from the less developed countries at the hydro conferences. (More details at: TOTAL THE COSTS ON THIS PAGE AND CARRY THEM OVER TO THE SECOND PAGEEuros (€)

SUB-TOTAL OF FEES CARRIED OVER FROM PREVIOUS PAGEACCOMMODATION Please state category of room you require (rates are per room per night, and include breakfast, service, tax).SOLE USE BEDROOM WITH PRIVATE BATHROOM(includes taxes and breakfast)TWIN OR DOUBLE ROOM WITH PRIVATE BATHROOM(includes taxes and breakfasts for two people)❑ 5* Meliá Bilbao (2 minute walk) € 140 per night ❑ 5* Meliá Bilbao € 154 per night❑ 5* Silken Gran Hotel Domine (10 minute walk) € 155 per night ❑ 5* Silken Gran Hotel Domine € 170 per night❑ 5* Carlton (13 minute walk) € 130 per night ❑ 5* Carlton € 142 per night❑ 4* Hesperia Bilbao (20 minute walk) € 127 per night ❑ 4* Hisperia Bilbao € 139 per night❑ 4* Miró (8 minute walk) € 122 per night ❑ 4* Miró € 135 per night❑ 4* NH Villa de Bilbao (11 minute walk) € 120 per night ❑ 4* NH Villa de Bilbao € 132 per night❑ 4* Ercilla (14 minute walk) € 105 per night ❑ 4* Ercilla € 117 per night❑ 3* Abba Parque (9 minute walk) € 96 per night ❑ 3* Abba Parque € 108 per night❑ 3* Best Western Conde Duque (19 minute walk) € 65 per night ❑ 3* Best Western Conde Duque € 75 per nightPreference: ❑ Twin ❑ Double (cannot be guaranteed)Check-in date: ........... October 2012 Check-out date: ......... October/November 2012 Total number of nights: ................Special requests (eg, non-smoking room): .................................................. Twin occupancy: Name of partner .........................................(If you wish to share a room with another delegate, then you must both request the arrangement, and register both people at the same time.Only one person should make the payment for the hotel.)TECHNICAL TOURS See brochure for detailed itineraries. Prices include all transportation , meals, guides, entrance fees duringsightseeing trips, and accommodation.Euros (€)Tour A - 1 day, Wave power scheme, west of Bilbao. The trip ends back in Bilbao on the same day.Visit to the innovative 300 kW Mutriku wave power installation; lunch in the coastal town of Ondarroa. Return to Bilbao in the afternoon............ € 110 per personTour B - 3 days, Lerida - Valencia - Madrid. Upgraded hydro and major pumped storage upgrade under constructionVisits to the Mequenenza dam and hydro plant ; and, La Muela II pumped-storage, a major upgrade under construction.............. Single room € 545 per person ............. Sharing twin room € 515 per personName of person sharing twin room ...............................................................................................................................................DIETARY REQUIREMENTSParticipant : Vegetarian meals required ❑ Other dietary requirements / special needs ...................................................Accompanying Person: Vegetarian meals required ❑ Other dietary requirements / special needs. ..................................................VISA REQUIREMENTS (complete this section only if you will need an invitation letter to support a visa application)(Delegate) Full name as in your passport: ................................................................................................................................. Passport No: ......................................Date of issue: .................................... Place of issue: ................................. Expiry Date: .................................. Nationality: ..................................................................(Acc person) Full name as in the passport: ................................................................................................................................ Passport No: .......................................Date of issue: .................................... Place of issue: ................................. Expiry Date: ................................ Nationality: ..................................................SOCIAL EVENTS (Main costs included in the registration fee; only available for registered participants)I/we will attend (please tick boxes as applicable): Participant Accompanying Person ContributionMonday 29 October Welcome Reception at Alhóndiga Yes ❑ No ❑ Yes ❑ No ❑ € 10Tuesday 30 October Apéritif in the Exhibition Halls Yes ❑ No ❑ Yes ❑ No ❑ FreeWednesday 31 October Farewell Dinner at Azurmendi Restaurant Yes ❑ No ❑ Yes ❑ No ❑ € 10NB: A nominal contribution is requested this year towards the cost of the Reception and Dinner, so that we may accuratelyassess numbers for catering. We require an accurate estimate of who will attend, to avoid food wastage; the small chargeis to encourage delegates to make a firm decision on attendance!TOTAL PAYMENT FOR REGISTRATION AND EXCURSIONS (include total from first page)(Please ensure that this box is completed, so that your registration can be confirmed)Please quote your company VAT / Mwst / TVA / ALV / IVA/ BTW / MOMS number:PAYMENTPayment is possible by the following methods:• On-line by Visa or Mastercard. All on-line fees will be taken in EUROS (€).• Bank transfer to: SureFire Events Ltd, Barclays Bank, Blandford, UK Sort Code: 20-96-96 • Account number: 76109233• IBAN: GB53 BARC20969676109233 • SWIFT BIC: BARCGB22SureFire Events Ltd, Unit 8, Hinton Business Park, Tarrant Hinton, Blandford, DT11 8JF, United KingdomTel: + 44 (0)1258 447040 Fax: +44 (0)700 349 7034 E-mail: hydro2012@surefire-events.comOnline registration at:

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