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Active GBAD EngagementNAMEDATEMats FagerbergSaab Dynamics2013-04-17

Active GBAD Engagement- AgendaAir Defence in the Big PictureMixing Capabilities• Benefits• VSHORAD System - RBS70 NG• SHORAD System – BAMSEThe Signature FightThe Czech AngleQuestions

Active GBAD Engagemet- Contemporary GBAD Environment

Active GBAD Engagement- Small Target ChallengeSMALL, LOW AND SLOW TARGETS• Dominating future scenarios and conflicts?• Challenging radar and IR signature• Payload of UAS Group 1 to 5• Sensors, Counter Measures & Munitions• Signature and Survivability developmentemergingReq. Intercept >6 kmConventional SignatureGroup 4Req. Intercept >5 kmMed to Low SignatureGroup 3Req. Intercept >3 kmLow SignatureGroup 2UAV Development/ProductionMilitary Aircraft Development/ProductionGroup 5Req. Intercept >8 kmConventional SignatureReq. Intercept >1 kmVery Low SignatureGroup 1

Active GBAD Engagement- The SAAB PortfolioRBS 70 NGRBS 70BAMSE

Active GBAD Engagement- RBS 70 NG – Modular ConceptMANPADS(Man Portable Air Defence System)VehicleintegrationCommon sightmoduleRemotelycontrolledsystem

Active GBAD Engagement- RBS 70 NGRBS 70 NGMANPAD Configuration

Active GBAD Engagement- RBS 70 NG - MANPADS Missile• 100 % Compatible with RBS 70 MissilesMK 1, MK 2 and BOLIDEIFF• Modern NATO(Mod V)C3I Interface• RBS 70 CompatibleSight• Integrated Thermal Imager• Auto Tracking with Manual override• Reduced size and weight (20 kg off)• Automatic After Action Video• Computer assisted MaintenanceStand• RBS 70 stand upgradeable

Active GBAD Engagement- RBS 70 BOLIDE – The Latest Generation MissileAll-Target Capability,including:• Small & Mini targets• Armoured targets• Ground targetsUnjammable Laser GuidanceMaintenance Free >15 yearsShelf-life >30 yearsIntercept Range > 8 kmAltitude Coverage > 5,000 m

Active GBAD Engagement- All Target CapabilityTungstenSpheresShapedchargeImpact andTarget TypeLaser Prox Fuze

Active GBAD Engagement- RBS 70 NG – Vehicle IntegrationMobility to maintain pace withmechanised troopsQuick re-deployment providesprotection and unpredictabilityComfortable crewProtected crew

Active GBAD Engagement- RBS 70 NG – By Remote ControlReduced and Protected CrewTactical Adaptable Deployment• Vital objects in Urban Environment• Fixed Installations and InfrastructureTripod or VehicleExample Deployment• GBAD Operation Centre• 2 Operators• 3 Firing Units• 3 Loaders• >14 km radius maximum intercept

Active GBAD Engagement- BAMSE SHORADSA Dedicated, Ground BasedAir Defense Missile System

Active GBAD Engagement- BAMSE SHORADSMissile Launch UnitGiraffe AMB Radar(MADR Capable)15 000 m10 -15 kmMissile Launch Unit > 700 km 2Typical Battery with 3 Units > 1,500 km 2Search Radar alert at 120 km

Active GBAD Engagement– SHORADS Missile Launch UnitSensor Platform (8 m height)Launcher with six ready-to-fire MissilesTwo-Man CrewDigital Map and Terrain Data BaseC4I Functions in MCC• Compilation of LAP• Threat Evaluation• Engagement PlanningAutonomous Engagement CapabilityEmbedded test & Simulator System

Active GBAD Engagement- Winning the Signature FightRBS 70 NG THERMAL SIGHT & LASER GUIDANCE• Autonomous Engagement 24/7• Practically Unjammable Missile Guidance• (Virtually) Undetectable Laser Guidance• Dynamic intensity relative to missile distanceRBS 70 / RBS 70 NG

Active GBAD Engagement- Winning the Signature FightTarget Acquisition and TrackingMissile Guidance main BeamProximity Fuze activatedshortly before InterceptSustainer Motor Burn-outclose to maximum RangeMissile Gatheringnarrow BeamMissile Gatheringwide BeamControlled into LOSSeparation and Sustainer Motor IgnitionAcceleration Phase from 0 to > M 2.5 in

Active GBAD Engagement- Winning the Signature FightRBS 70 FIRING UNIT SIGNATURE• Low probability for detection and localisation• Very low visual, IR and radar signature• (Virtually) Undetectable guidance• Practically Unjammable guidanceBOLIDE smoke-free missile motorOther missile motor

Active GBAD Engagement- RBS 70 NG Package for Czech RepublicSuggested Package:8 - 16 x RBS 70 NG MANPADS• 2 batches over 24 Months• incl. Sight, Stand, Weapon Adapter, IFF (Mod 5) and Power Supply2 x RBS 70 NG SimulatorsBOLIDE MissilesMK 2 Missiles (for training)10 year ILS Package• Training, Spares, Test & Maintenance equipment• Seamless Supplier Support over the Life CycleC2 Integration Support16 +16 Camosphere DomesMQT Support• Possibility to combine Mk2 and RBS 70 NG MQT firingsExpanded Support of AR Combat Firings

Active GBAD Engagement- Other GBAD CooperationAnnual ScholarshipAwarded to the 2 Top RBS70 operators at the 25th ADBrigade (Winners nominated by the 25th Bde)

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